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HIGHLIGHTS REVIVING THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY BON VOYAGE! NEXTONSCENE TRAVELS TO COSTA RICA & AUSTRALIA SPRING/SUMMER GUIDE 2021 NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

r lette from the r o t i d e Hey NEXTonSCENE Fam! 2020/2021- what a ride! SO honored to have you along for the adventure! Issue 18: New Beginnings Out with the OLD. RELEASE IT. BRING ON THE NEW! This issue is filled with amazing entrepreneurs who impact our world for the greater good PLUS a spotlight Mental Health, Sobriety, and so much MORE. I am so excited for your feedback and can't wait to see what's NEXT! Happy reading! xo

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One-On-One with Steven & Sharon Zukerman

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15 Costa Rica Travels with our Editor in Chief

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Making Business Profitable Through Astrology, Deb Peretz 4 Empower Your Life Through Art, Meet Award Winning Artist & Designer, Diana Stelin 5 The Woman Behind Helen's Recommendations, Meet Helen Hennigan 6 Home Decor & Accessories Boutique That Provides After Care Services For Victims & Survivors Of Human Trafficking, Meet Shabranae Patton 8 Creating Wealth Through Home Ownership, With Rising Loan Officer, Jim Casale 11 Married To Real Estate With George Group Boston with Amanda George 12 Make Your Closet Work for You with Founder of Total Image Consultants, Ginger Burr 14 Meet Co-Founders of LIFE The Place To Be, Steven & Sharon Zukerman 29 The Photographer Behind the Cover, Ivan Piedra Photography 33 Meet Rockstar Latina Plus Size Model, Carmen Rosas 34

From Foster Care to Six Figures with Jesse Setaro


NEXTonSCENE from Sydney, Australia with Henry & Friends LIVE

8 Meet Anchor'd Inc a home decor & accessories boutique providing after care services for victims & survivors of human trafficking.

NEXTonSCENE Exclusive Wellness Features From Foster Care To Six-Figures, Meet Rising Personal Trainer, Jesse Setaro 3 Unconditional Love - How Dogs Improve Our Mental Health with Lessons by Laney 9 Feeling Isolated with a Newborn? Gentle Giraffes Newborn Care Has Got You Covered 10 TOP 3 TIPS TO #GETFIT This Season, With Jenine Wright, Owner of Fit Life 36 Heal Your Skin with Mayur Naturals 37 Heal Your Life With Reissential Oils 38

NEXTonSCENE Exclusive Travel Features NEXT STOP: Costa Rica , Editorial Travels From Your Founder 15 NEXTonSCENE From Sydney, Australia With Henry & Friends LIVE 43

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Unconditional Love How Dogs Improve Our Mental Health

Reproduction by permission only NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Photographer, @ivanpiedraphotography Makeup/Hair, @kristystrate

NEXTonSCENE TEAM: Editor in Chief: Jackie Zukerman Delory Editors: Cecilia Federico, Laney Zukerman Intern: Marissa Madison

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from foster care to six-figures! meet rising personal trainer, Jesse setaro How do you differentiate yourself in the personal training market? "I’m half the cost of commercial gyms and I guarantee results unlike any other personal trainer In New England. In addition to Exercise Science, I also have a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and care deeply about my clients not just physically, but personally as well."


How has your business changed since the pandemic?

Jesse is 100% self-made, something we LOVE to spotlight at NEXTonSCENE. Jesse grew up in the foster care system and currently makes 6 figures owning his own Fitness Studio in the North End, MA working with clients from the States to Australia! What inspired you to become an entrepreneur in the fitness industry? "I love being a personal trainer but working at a commercial gym stole my joy. They took the majority of the income I generated, there was no sense of community, I hated the music, and I missed my dog by my side. I knew opening my own gym meant I could fix all of those things. So I worked my butt off and my dreams become a reality."

"Aside from all the regulations, it hasn’t changed at all. We’ve actually grown and gotten better since the start of covid." What advice would you give to someone who is going through foster care and/or mental health to come out on top? "Seek support. The worst thing you can do is suffer in silence. I know this is bold but I mean this genuinely, if you’re suffering alone you can text me (617) 903-2812 - you’ve got a friend in me." What is your goal as a business owner over the next year? "Get my gyms roster of clients to 100 members. " How can people hire you for a consultation? "Call or text me! (617) 903-2812 or through my Instagram!"

#GETSOCIAL with Jesse IG: @jessesetaro

Photos: Property of Jesse Setaro


Making Business Profitable Through Astrology with Top Astrologer Coach, Deb Peretz, PhD What inspired your latest venture, the Planets and Profit podcast?

Not long ago, I came to a crisis point in my career and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to remain in higher education. Tarot cards, which have been my friends and consultants since I was 20, led me back to astrology. As did messages from the psychic mediumship circle I belong to, they suggested I might want to teach others about spiritual growth with the help of astrology. It’s kind of funny, because I’d studied my birth chart many times before, but didn’t truly see it until then. Teaching, language, writing, was definitely my path, but I was missing the Pisces piece. The spiritual piece. My life’s purpose had to do with teaching others about their karmic path, not preparing public school teachers. That’s when I decided to create my own coaching business where I could integrate astrology and tarot as well as positive psychology and applied neuroscience.

"I wanted to expand my astrology-based business coaching, I found that while prospective clients were intrigued by the idea of astrology helping them with their business, they didn’t understand what that really meant or how it would work. My goal with the podcast is to show entrepreneurs how astrology relates to business with real life examples."

What is the goal of your podcast? "Planets and Profit is for entrepreneurs who want an inside edge to growing the best business for themselves. Those who aren’t afraid to think outside the box. It’s for business owners who know that personal development is a key factor in their success. They understand that they are here on earth for a purpose and that if they align with that purpose, they will experience less stress and more joy as well as success. I hope that by listening to the podcast episodes they’ll be intrigued and want to learn more."

How can people tune in to listen? "Planets and Profit is published as a video show on YouTube. It’s also a podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the other podcast platforms. You can get to both from the website"

What's NEXT for Deb in the foreseeable future in terms of business goals? "Planets and Profit podcast is like an amuse bouche. A small taste of my unique approach to business astrology. The next step is to publish my book that goes more deeply into it. I’ve been interviewing women business owners to refine my model of the astrology of business."

#GETSOCIAL with Deb: FB: @astologycoaching | IG: @debperetzphd


Empower your life through Art Meet Award Winning Artist & Designer, Diana Stelin "When the time came to submit portfolios for FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), they said: “You don’t even know how to sew!” and didn’t accept me. All the art schools, on the other hand, welcomed me with huge scholarships, so that was a natural way to progress."

... On the other hand, with the emergence of Clubhouse and varied Facebook groups, the world became smaller. The connections between gallerists, curators, critics and artists from all over the world are much more transparent and profound. The opportunity to teach/travel virtually has created more opportunities to connect to larger audiences."

We love that you have taken all your talents to pay it forward through teaching art classes! What types of classes do you teach?

Photo: Eve Photography

Diana Stelin is a Professional Landscape Painter, Best of Boston Educator, Published Author and Fashion Designer. Stelin is known for constantly pushing boundaries in the art world. From organizing art auctions benefiting mental health , catering to clients like Kanye West, to working on large scale public art projects for the Venice Biennale. Stelin reinvents herself constantly through pivoting in her varied business ventures while learning from the best minds in the business world. She just finished Seth Godin’s AltMBA program, holds a Masters’ from Boston University and a BFA from Cornell University.

What inspired you to fall into the world of Art? "I dreamed of being a fashion designer since I was six. When I was thirteen and our family moved to New Jersey from the former Soviet Union, my mom didn’t quite know how to support me, so she found an art teacher who convinced her that I need to learn everything. I started taking art classes twice a week. I really loved moving from painting portraits to still life, to being outdoors and creating landscapes."

"I teach both kids and adults, in person and virtually. We have a super popular boutique summer camp filled with art and dance, and ongoing programs during the school year.

We know you love and specialize in landscapes, what was your favorite one you painted? "Landscapes are by far my favorite. There’s something about being outdoors, breathing the crisp air, listening to the sounds of birds chirping, crashing waves, or the bustle of a busy city. It's almost like performance art in a way. I think my recent favorite was being surrounded by Asian tourists in Toledo, Spain, who commented and offered to buy my watercolors as they took me for a street artist!"

How has the artist world shifted since the pandemic? "Things have moved to virtual platforms, virtual studio visits and exhibits. It became harder on one hand to connect and demonstrate the texture of pieces. As light plays a huge part in the layers that aren’t quite apparent in the online format...

I am in the midst of designing a really great immersive art project connected with Venice Biennale. It’s happening virtually this year, and will happen in person in 2022. Additionally, I’m translating this project into immersive art rooms for corporations and museums. I think our work environments, when we get back to the office, needs to be balanced and offer us an opportunity to be mindful, regroup and refocus to stay productive and innovative throughout the day. Adegunpeople don’t want to just Similarly,Photo: in artCaroline museums, look at the art anymore and be mere observers. They want to feel like they’re part of the experience, and truly respond to the work. These immersive art rooms complete with materials, and video prompts and lessons will do just that."


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the woman behind helen's recommendations one-on-one with Boston REaltor, helen hennigan When you are not working in real estate, what can we find you doing?

C l e Helen comes from a background of m O family owning an insurance n business since 1926! o j e She started in real estate because it g allowed her to do the things she h u always wanted. She knows that with o

her skills, experience, and job, she can help a family find a place to call home for the rest of their lives.

Helen is glad to be a trusted person for someone who is making one of the most important purchase of their lives. What inspired Helen's Recommendations in your content? "There is nothing more rewarding than finding an event that you know people would enjoy. I've always had enthusiasm for sharing unique and fun events and will continue to do so. Keep your eyes open for the next hot tip!"

"When I'm not doing real estate, I'm getting together with friends, going on walks, traveling, going to Film Festivals, volunteering and sometimes just relaxing with a good book or watching a great series on Netflix." What advice do you have for people who are looking to buy or sell their home over the coming months? (Spring 2021-Summer 2021) "I read an article by Colin Roberson, who had some great feedback on being a seller in 2021. He says that the market and selling houses difference between this year and last might lead to more bidding wars and increased desperation from home buyers willing to spend more. In other words, expect more offers, and perhaps, fewer days on the market, before an offer arrives. You should still be reasonable and, maybe, even list below a key pricing threshold to drive interest to get your house listing to hit “Hot Home” status.

What is a goal you have for yourself this year?

"DECLUTTERING! This is such an overwhelming task that I’ve hired a professional to help me actually declutter. How many bags of clothes have I donated to Savers? Too many to count! This isn’t just my closet - decluttering my basement of all the “stuff” that I put down there over the years is something I have put off and finally want to address. Maybe I’ll finally be able to have another party in my bar downstairs. I can’t tell you how freeing it is once I’ve finished decluttering an area!"

As for buyers, research neighborhoods for a good fit. After you have found some homes for sale in your price range, be careful not to make a decision based on the property alone. According to an NAR survey, home buyers are more willing to compromise on a home’s condition (23%) and size (19%) than on the quality of its neighborhood (7%) and distance from a school (2%). Make sure you factor neighborhood quality and location into your final decision." How can people reach you? Call/Text: (617) 460-0361 Email:

#GETSOCIAL with Helen FB: Helen Hennigan, Realtor IG: @helenhennigan77

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A modern coastal themed home decor and accessories boutique that provides after care services for victims and survivors of human trafficking. One-on-One with Co-Founder, Shabranae Patton How can we, as readers, help support and share your story?

We are honored and excited to spotlight Anchor'd Inc., a company founded by an amazing couple, Shabranae and Myron Patton. The boutique provides aftercare for victims and survivors of human trafficking.

Tell us about the amazing care packages you put together.

How have you pivoted your business in the pandemic? "During the pandemic our business has done some pivoting as we no longer were able to connect with customers in person at festivals, events, etc. We’ve had to beef up our social media presence, and online marketing/advertising to stay viable and relevant during this time."

"Our care packages are geared towards women and children sexual assault survivors. They include necessary aftercare products such as feminine hygiene products, undergarments, PPE, and more. To date, we have created a total of 967 care packages and we have another 20 that we are starting working as of today."

What inspires your designs? "My designs are inspired by my lived experiences and things that continue to help me in my journey to heal. For example, long baths are a staple for me, so designing for that space was essential to my journey. The same can be said about my walks...I take those sights, feelings, & emotions and I just let the creative juices flow."

"Over the next year, our goal is to continue to provide more care packages for survivors. We also hope to partner with more safe homes to assist in their journeys. On the business side, we have some big news on the way as we begin to scout out a space for our first retail store front. Furthermore, we are looking to start the process of finding land to purchase and break ground on for our very own survivor care retreat."

What is your goal over the next year for Anchor'd Inc?

"This biggest way to join in is simply support. Sharing and interacting with our social media post is huge, the more people interact the more our business and cause is pushed out to he masses. Purchasing items from our 2021 collection (each purchase results in a care package made), as well as spreading awareness about human trafficking." "Anchor’d Inc was inspired by my personal healing journey from sexual and domestic assault as well as my love for all things coastal."

How can we follow and stay up to date on social media? "You can stay up to date on the latest from Anchor’d Inc by following us on social media @anchordinc as well as via our blog and website listed below!" Interested in supporting Anchor'd Inc? #GETINTOUCH FB | IG | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | YOUTUBE @anchordinc

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Unconditional Love - How Dogs Improve Our Mental Health Lessons by Laney Some historians claim that this may date back as far as 40,000 years ago! Over 10,000 years ago, dogs were often used as herders and guardians for sheep, cattle, and goats. Their loyalty, hard work, and commitment paid off as many of these dogs became invaluable and much loved companions.

When we cuddle with our dogs and look into their eyes, the bonding chemical oxytocin is released from both human and dog, so our connection is emotional AND biological!

Did you know that dogs sense of smell is 40x that of a human? They can also hear 4x the sound distance of human hearing. Bonus: they are clever, funny, loyal, and loving! “Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”- Orhan Pamuk Our family loves dogs! Both Charlie (my dog), and Hershey (Jackie and Drew’s pup) are such an important part of our lives! Research shows we are in good company! In a recent survey in the US, nearly 85 million Americans have a dog!

Dogs help reduce stress and help to heal us! According to dog historians, in the late 1800’s, Dr. Sigmund Freud was one of the first medical professionals to note the positive effect dogs had on many of his patients. He even found that some of his patients who had trouble communicating their distress to him, would talk to his dog!

The history of dogs as part of the family began a long time ago. Historical records show that around 15,000 years ago, certain breeds of wolves (that are ancestors of dogs) became more domesticated over several generations. It seems that the first domesticated dogs originated in Central Asia according to DNA research.

Whether we suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, or needing calmness and cuddles, having a dog as part of your family can positively change your life! Dogs are known for helping those with blindness, deafness, high blood pressure, seizures, PTSD, dementia, as well as many other afflictions. Many hospitals, schools, daycares, senior centers, and prisons have incorporated dog visits and pet therapy. This results in a positive effect on increasing wellness and lowering of stress.

Canines have a rich history of serving our country in the military, becoming emotional assistance or service animals, and at the very least, one's best friend! They are loving, caring, non-judgmental and will be there for you through life’s ups and downs. They also insist that we keep fit and exercise with them through walks and playtime! Raising children with a dog as part of the family has many benefits too. It helps children understand empathy and responsibility. Having a furry buddy in the home brings that extra bit of love and comfort.

They began to protect families from predators that gave them food scraps. Florence Nightingale also kept medical records on the significant role that dogs played in helping patients recover more quickly. Especially children. Back in the 1960’s, Dr. Boris Levi actually began a formal research project on the effect that dogs had on patients who suffered from emotional disturbances and trauma. When his patients were in the presence of a dog, they would have very positive reactions and their issues improved dramatically.

There are millions of animals in shelters around the country that need of a forever home. Stats during the pandemic showed adoptions of shelter dogs and cats surged, which is wonderful news! If you are interested in adopting a pet, be sure to contact your local animal shelter.

We bond with dogs through oxytocin.

Laney Zukerman, The Relationship Coach


YOU is a great site for anyone interested in volunteering with their pets. Having a dog as part of your family is an amazing experience and comes with a guarantee: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE



Feeling Isolated with a Newborn? Gentle Giraffes Newborn Care has got you covered. Second, do your best to stay away from very stimulating places, like a mall, a coffee shop or where there would be lots of people. I even said this before the pandemic. Overstimulation can be hard to work through at times, it's best to avoid it if possible. Fresh air, birds chirping, sun and other noises in nature can give newborns just the right about of stimulation.

Seventh, join either in person or virtual new parent groups to have coffee hour and or gain information on breastfeeding, formula, and other tips on caring for your baby. Eighth, as hard as it may seem, try and take a shower and put on clothes to feel refreshed and ready to go. A shower daily or every other day and “real” clothes can really do wonders for one’s emotional health and well-being.

Meet Erin Carroll Manning, The Founder of Gentle Giraffe’s Newborn Care and Family Services. Erin and her team advocate for families to have both day and night support from professionals. "As a Master Newborn Care Specialist, I have completed the three-year Mentorship Program with Newborn Care Solutions, a highly selective and intense training program which specializes in newborn care education. I come with substantial and unique expertise in all aspects of newborn care, parental education, and support, my role to help nurture newborns toward optimal growth and development while providing guidance and education for parents, and on occasion, the extended family as well. I do this through consultations in addition to daytime hours, overnights, and travel with babies and their families." Even before covid, many new parents feel isolated. They feel they can never leave the house as the baby needs something, be it a diaper change, soothing, eating or sleeping or they are not fully confident in breastfeeding in public yet. That is true, these are the things newborns need around the clock, at least for the first 2-6/8 weeks. Over the years I have witnessed many families really itching to get out, let's face it fresh air is really good, and it feel great to stretch our legs and just feel "free". Below I have listed a few ways families can get themselves and baby out without feeling like they just packed the entire nursery sans the crib, lol. And other ways to feel like one is getting out while still staying in doors for various reasons.

Assuming you will be out and about for a couple of hours these will help you not feel so overwhelmed. First, only pack essentials, diapers, wipes. an extra blanket (good weight for the current weather), bottle of breastmilk or formula. If formula, pack the water and the scoops separate. This way you don't waste it. extra change of clothes, and the shusher.

Third, unless going into the car, use the bassinet section of the stroller. This way you can mimic the sleep environment while out and about. I encourage you to do this with the mid-morning nap or the last cat nap of the day. Fourth, if possible, take a nice little stroll daily either in the later morning for that nap or the later part of the afternoon, if not both. These two times are usually good for everyone. You feel you are rested from the night and early morning feedings and in the evening is always another good time when the sun is setting, and you have some energy to release.

Fifth, open the windows to allow the fresh air to flow through with a cross breeze, this helps freshen up the place and give you the feeling of being outside while also listening to the birds sing and chirp in harmony. Sixth, do some coffee zoom calls while at home as if your friends and family would be sitting next to you. This is great to schedule while baby is napping of having independent play time. Yes, it’s great to start independent play at this age. It allows the baby to learn, explore and process what they are interested in looking at. It gives them the time to stare off into space or at a wall or light for however long they see fit for their mind and body.

Ninth, Make it a point at least twice a week for you and your partner to connect. Put baby to bed about 6:30=7:30pm in their spot be it a bassinet in your room or theirs. Have your partner order takeout or they cook a nice simple meal and eat at the table while. Connecting together. As much as a new baby changes your world and your relationship, it doesn’t have to take away from your closeness and connection you had before. Try to make this time for your two, no baby talk for at least an hour. Your relationship and needs as a couple doesn’t stop growing or evolving just because you became parents Lastly tenth, If you have experts to help you, utilize them during the day when you are able to run out for a coffee or just go for a walk without the baby and get some self-care, baby free time for your own mental health can be a game changer. Doesn’t need to be long or far, it can be a time to be the part of you that you were before the baby arrived.



Creating Wealth through Home Ownership With Rising Loan Officer, Jim Casale

Photo: PARLR

I was a week away from taking the Civil Service test & gearing up to pursuit a career in law enforcement when an old baseball coach of mine called to ask me if I would be interested in hearing about an opportunity and program unique to Fairway Mortgage. At the time, I had already paid for the test and invested four years of college education into what was a lifelong passion of mine. In short, I was sold on opportunity. At our sit down, I was drawn to the concept of getting what I was willing to put into a career with no ceilings & without limitations. A competitive work environment that warrants around the clock service and attention to detail has always been attractive to me.

What did you notice and want to change in your industry?

Let's hear about the amazing year you had despite the pandemic!

I wanted to change the dynamic of the Loan Officers' role & erase misconceptions that seemingly came with the territory. After hearing some of the horror stories folks had experienced elsewhere where buyers were left completely in the dark on what is arguably the most important financial decision of a lifetime, I knew I wanted to lead a team that went the extra mile and made a point of answering the unasked questions.

2020 came with highs, lows, and a roller coaster of emotions that challenged all of us on both a personal & professional level, beyond the numbers & to our core. As one of the several sets of hands involved that made a year possible were our team. We multiplied closed volume by 5.2x, closed unit by 4x, and funded 86% purchase business during a refinance boom. We grew sustainably, embraced change, and financed many client success stories!

What are your predictions for the 2021 Spring/Summer Market? I think we will continue to see a rise in inventory as seller's gain confidence with vaccine accessibility & a gradual return to the new norm. As far as the million dollar question, I see a return to a less volatile rate climate ranging across the mid to low 3% range in the forecast. The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the same concept can be applied when considering the thought of buying a home.

Proud doesn’t touch it and success is a planned event. It’s a team sport. Our agents, legal partners, the Fairway United family, supporting cast, and a few ladies leading our team all found fuel in empty tanks this year and made it possible. For trusting us during a time where home is more important than ever, thank you.

"As far as visions for the future, growth is exciting but we’re firm on serving quality over quantity. I’m lucky to have a team, process & management group in place that allows us to have both on the menu." Call/text (774) 245 – 2123 or email to schedule a consult, quick insight, or for feedback.

#GETSOCIAL: | FB: @Jim Casale | IG: @CasaleHomeFinancing




Married to real estate with george group boston! Amanda george discusses working with your partner, off market & more Meet the two founders behind George Group Boston! Amanda is a former real estate paralegal. She has a deeper understanding of what goes on between the offer to purchase and closing, thus enabling her to anticipate potential bumps in the road much earlier in the process. This has proven to be especially useful when dealing with the many relocation clients she have been fortunate to work with. Gerard comes from a background as a business manager for two different power equipment repair companies that stretched almost 20 years! The skills he learned as a manager were invaluable and have helped him growing his and Amanda's business in real estate. What makes them so unique is really when you work with them you get two realtors for ONE! These rockstars are inspiring parents and crushing it as entrepreneurs which is why we wanted to spotlight them today!

What goes into finding an off market property?

"There's no crystal ball. You just have to have it on your radar. We use a combination of our network of other Realtors, and prospecting. Once people know you have clients looking, they'll start bringing them to you, so you've got to make that known too."

What are top 3 reasons to explore off market then going on MLS? This has been such a HOT Sellers market, so of course the real benefit is to the Buyer! 1. You can get in, and hopefully with less competition. 2. The Seller in this case is asking a fair price, not expecting a bidding war, value exclusivity and may have other priorities other than price. 3. In 2020/2021, keeping traffic to a minimum has been most appealing, they'll start bringing them to you, so you've got to make that known too!"

So excited for the launch of your new Team, George Group Boston. How would you say you differentiate yourself in the market of realtors? What inspired you to work with your significant other? "What inspired you to work with my significant other? I was getting really busy and we just had my daughter, Emilia. Gerard happened to be at a point in his career where he was thinking of making a change and we just ripped off the bandaid and he went all in! I wouldn't have been able to handle the volume form 2019 without him, and it really led to the birth of our 2 for 1 philosophy."

What words of wisdom advice do you have for couples who go into work together?

"People ask us all the time what it's like to work together. It's not often we are actually "at work" together. As long as we both remember who's the Boss, it's all good ;) Laugh, Have fun, and Talk it out!" How can people reach out and stay up to date with everything you are doing? Head to where you can get in touch by phone or email, and check out our off market listings, and coming soon features. Also follow us on instagram @myrealtorgerard, @amandatherealtor, and of course @georgegroupboston.

Why Real Estate as a career? "For me the prospect of flexibility, and also have no real ceiling. You can truly take it in any direction you want to. In most industries you eventually get to a point where you can't get a raise or another promotion, you have to move on or put in more hours. With real estate, your paycheck is commensurate with the effort you put in. You're in full control."

"Our team isn't like any other! We literally live and breathe our clients transactions day in and day out. And since we have the ability to operate as one in all aspects of our professional lives there's no confusion! We're both here for it- and we wouldn't have it any other way! We have a tag team approach, we both know the important details, so in the event of an emergency no one's going to miss a beat- but at the same time we each run point with our own clients."



Make Your Closet Work for You! WITH FOUNDER OF TOTAL IMAGE CONSULTANTS, GINGER BURR Second: Assess your current needs. What you wore this time last year might still feel right, but given the year we’ve had it’s possible your needs or your body have changed.

C l e Imagine opening your closet every m O morning and loving everything you n see. Maybe you already do love it o j and you smile as you look at your e clothes. Or, maybe you cringe g because there’s too much in there h u or you don’t wear half of what you o

For example, I live near the ocean and we are lucky to get sea breezes in the summer. But sometimes the air is hot and still even with the ocean so close. There were times the temperature in our living room reached 95 degrees. It was brutal.

Remember, you can only wear so many things in a season or fit so many things in your closet! If you have too many clothes, getting dressed can feel overwhelming because there isn’t enough time or occasions to wear everything or you can feel frustrated because you can’t find things easily.

have and you feel guilty and overwhelmed.

If the latter is true for you the beginning of a fresh season is the perfect time to make a few changes.

Use these 3 tips as a guide for maximum results:

As a result I wore many sleeveless tops to keep cool. Then, a few years ago, we invested in air conditioning and suddenly it was comfortable no matter what the outside temperature and I rarely wore sleeveless tops anymore. So, I assessed which tops still worked for my new situation and removed the rest. What about you? Has anything changed?

Third: As you handle each garment, ask yourself these 7 questions:

When you refine your wardrobe to the pieces that bring you joy to wear and with which you can easily make an outfit you love, getting dressed will be easier and more fun. In fact, by using the questions above not only to organize and cull your current wardrobe but also to shop, you’ll be happier with your choices. Imagine opening your closet to find clothes you can’t wait to wear. What a great way to begin each day! With over 30 years experience, Ginger Burr is here to help empower your new wardrobe. Ginger's styling focuses on using the latest fashion tips, tools and trends while still embracing the elements of compassion, gentleness and intuition.

First: See what you have to wear!

Unless you have a gigantic closet or very few clothes, ideally you keep your spring/summer clothes separate from fall/winter. Or, at the very least tuck the off-season clothing to the back of your closet. If you keep everything mixed in together it feels confusing, messy and harder to get dressed.

1.Do you love it ? 2. Does it spark joy when you put it on? 3. Does it fit? 4. Can it be tailored to fit better? 5. Is it comfortable? (This has become even more important in the past year.) 6. Does the color look amazing.. ..NOT just okay on you? 7. Does it feel like YOU? When assessing an item, be sure you can answer yes to every question above. If not, it’s time for that piece to go or be packed away to see if you miss it.

Many of her clients often do not even know where to start in the overwhelming sea of fashion. Ginger helps women cut through the noise and the clutter to find things that really work for them. Get on the Waitlist Take Your Closet from Chaos to Calm and Have Fun Doing it!

Get in Touch: @gingerburr or @totalimageconsultants Websites:



next stop: costa rica editorial travels from your founder We chose to stay at Secrets Papagayo which is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the country, only twenty minutes from Liberia airport!

For an all-inclusive, and the food was DELICIOUS and so fresh! No diets needed. Walking those hills everyday for cardio, resulted in having lost weight when we came home despite eating ALL the time !!

After a year of staying at home, it was time for the Editor-in-Chief to get some time away in warm and sunny Costa Rica! If there is one takeaway from this experience, it's that you have to LIVE and take chances. Life is too short to NOT enjoy it. I hope if you are reading this you are taking a trip in the near future! YOU DESERVE IT.

The resort featured very secluded accommodations with bungalows scattered throughout the rolling hills of the ocean-front property.

Although the beach and water were clean, the natural volcanic ash in the ocean water causes the sand to be black. The beach always left us waiting for something more. For this reason, the main pool and swim-up pool bar is definitely where the action happens.

As a first time visitor to Costa Rica the main takeaway is... what a BEAUTIFUL country! Costa Ricans have a special relationship with their natural surroundings and import very little as a country, relying on the abundant land and the natural resources as the primary supplier.

The resort is definitely designed to create peace and separation to help guests recharge. But even with the resort still recovering towards full occupancy, the staff worked hard to have activities every day and night! Above was karaoke night where we dropped some classic Juicy by Notorious B.I.G! Not everyone needed the words. The spa was also excellent. The sauna and an eighty-minute hot stone massage definitely does the mind and body good. A great trip for the explorer, Costa Rica has Volcanos, Rainforests, Exotic Animals, Ziplining, Hot Springs, Fishing and and Beaches.. and we almost tried them ALL!!!


next stop: costa rica editorial travels from your founder Whether you are looking to hike up a volcano or venture into the rain forest to see some sloths and monkeys, Costa Rica offers so many fun activities, it can be overwhelming to choose.

On a day we were feeling particularly brave we decided to venture into the rainforest where we had the potential to see many kinds of monkeys, sloths, birds, butterflies and other animals.

After our amazing excursion, our amazing tour guide Rosbin took us to a great local restaurant offering authentic Costa Rican food. The real treat was that the restaurant also had a butterfly sanctuary.

After our journey back to the resort that evening, Rosbin made us an offer that we could not refuse, dinner at the nearby ultraexclusive Four Seasons Resort! Little did we know that some parts of the Four Seasons like their steakhouse, Nemare are open to the public. Amazing food, drinks and maybe there was even a celebrity sighting or two!

Another amazing experience we had was a beautiful sunset catamaran cruise. Relax and unwind as you watch the sun drop into the Pacific Ocean for what feels like hours (above). If you have not experienced Costa Rica, now is the time. We Highly recommend you put it on your bucket list!

There is no guarantee if or how many animals you may see on you trip so each experience is truly unique. Our trip had many sloths, like the baby sloth below, but no monkeys. Only a few other birds and creatures.

Until next issue ..Hap py Sprin g/Sum mer Seaso n! PURA VIDA!

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with Release Recovery & LIFE The Place To Be

Photography: Ivan Piedra Photography

NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

"It is SO important to create a safe space for healing and know exactly what's going on with everyone." JG

NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

"I don't like bullying. I am all about fighting for what's right." ZC

NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

"We want to show people recovery is about change and connection. The sooner we can show that, the faster our clients evolve." JG

NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

"Sometimes people need to be just told that they are enough, loved, and worth it." ZC

NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

Meet Zac Clark & Justin Gurland Co-Founders of Release Recovery These two Rockstars, Zac Clark and Justin Gurland, founded Release Recovery in 2017 with the goal of helping people reclaim their lives from addiction. They are an unlikely pair: Zac is a former college athlete who intended to pursue a career in sports; Justin obtained a Masters Degree in Social Work from Hunter College. When they met seven years ago, they discovered a shared conviction that the message of recovery is one best conveyed through simple language. Drawing from their years of experience in the recovery field, as well as from their own personal journeys in recovery, Zac and Justin made it their life’s work to share the gift of recovery with as many people as possible. Congratulations on 4 years in business! A lot changes in year one vs year four. What advice do you have for people who are starting their business? Justin: Ask for help! One thing that continues to help us is having the humility to know that there are things that we don't know or don't know how to do. Fortunately, we have people in our lives who are able to guide us. Having mentors is very important. And sometimes, you just have to take chances and roll the dice! Zac: Nothing is ever as it seems. The sh-t that used to keep me up at night early on is not even on my mind these days. I truly subscribe to a win or learn attitude. There is no losing. You are going to make mistakes, so keep it simple, treat people fair and always bet on yourself. The last thing, which has been huge for us, is what we call “The Road to Yes.” Too many have a default response of “no”. Do it and understand it later! At Release, you have activities available from early in the morning until 11pm. Can you discuss the importance of having a routine? Justin: If you think about it, active addiction involves a routine, although a very negative one. It is a vicious cycle repeated day in and day out. Part of our motivation is to retrain the mind, body, and spirit to have a healthy routine that starts with the simple things like making your bed, eating healthy, exercising, self care. It may seem like second nature to many, but this stuff takes time. Recovery is so much more than simply being 'sober.' What we are after is CHANGE. Zac: Agree with Justin. I remember when I was newly sober, a mentor of mine asked me how much time in the day I committed to getting high and my answer was, "All day, every day." He then asked if I was willing to subscribe the same commitment to my new life and I said, "Yes." The rest is history.

P R O D U C T I O N Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate


Meet Zac Clark & Justin Gurland Co-Founders of Release Recovery What keeps you centered when you get those thoughts that can potentially derail and push you off track? Justin: We like to operate by something called Rule 62 which says, "Don't take yourself too damn seriously." We really try to put things in perspective and remember that we can only control what we can control, which it turns out, is not much, and there is always a solution! Having a dedicated meditation practice and being grounded in recovery is crucial as well. And of course, we lean on each other constantly. Zac: It has taken some time, but we have done a great job of getting to a place where we understand that we are just not that important. All we can do is show up and give our best; that energy is contagious. Recently, I have also seen the importance of putting work down and disconnecting; the reboot is key. We strive for perfection knowing full well that we are not perfect. What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence of seeking help? Justin: Let's just start with a conversation. Recovery is so misunderstood for those who aren't around it and sometimes it just takes a simple conversation to get the ball rolling. Zac: The best thing we can do is just hold a mirror up to people. Typically, people do not come to us on winning streak. Asking the individual questions about their lives and helping them get to place where they can really see that they need some help (or not in some cases). Most of the time, the conclusion is that they are willing to give it a shot and that is all we can ask for. What's NEXT for Release Recovery, Zac & Justin? Justin: We are so trained to live a day at a time. A goal is to be available and open. Reach as many people who need our help as possible. We are also in the process of developing an app as well. Zac: We raised a lot of money through the Release Recovery Foundation and are giving scholarships to people who are seeking help. We also want to continue to grow our team. It is beautiful helping people, but it's awesome to see our staff grow. It is NEVER too late to ask for help! #GETINTOUCH IG: @releaserecovery | @releaserecoveryfoundation Podcast:


Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

Dance & Marvel Jewelry: BE.ELLIS


NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

Meet Steven & Sharon Zukerman Co-Founders of LIFE The Place To Be The hospitality industry continues to be heavily impacted during the pandemic. NEXTonSCENE is putting the spotlight on an amazing couple who brought LIFE to so many people. It is time to bring LIFE back into LIFE The Place To Be. What is LIFE The Place To Be? LIFE The Place To Be, based in Ardsley, New York, is a modern industrial event space on the cutting edge of special event venues. As Westchester’s first alternative to traditional ballrooms and event spaces, LIFE features 29,000 square feet of flexible event space offering all of the conveniences and requisite technology of a full-service banquet facility. This innovative venue sets the tone for any contemporary celebration. LIFE provides modern amenities including wireless internet, permanently installed plasma, projection screens, LED lighting technology, and a state-of-the-art sound system. LIFE offers an abundance of fun for all ages; arcade games, AMF Mini-Bowling, Laser Tag, and a climbing wall are just a few of the numerous event activity possibilities. Whether you’re planning a meeting, gala-fundraiser, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, LIFE is the perfect location for any celebration. LIFE also offers a range of pricing & services for everyone. The space allows both adults and children to enjoy every minute of an event from dinner to games with a separate area for adult cocktails equipped with ultra-modern seating and lounge furniture. Ideally suited for out-of-the-box fun and/or team building and creative brainstorming, LIFE is a perfect location for executive meetings, product launches, and fundraising celebrations. Designed to accommodate cocktail receptions, auctions, and seated dinners with ease, break-out capacity allows events from 20 to 1000 people work perfectly. LIFE is the ultimate venue for inspiring any benefit or corporate event. How was LIFE The Place To Be born? Sharon: We had an entertainment company and we wanted to look at a space of our own so that we could bring events to us versus going to events. We wanted to incorporate decor, our music, and DJ entertainment, so we went around and searched all different buildings and sought out something that was different. Steven: We did this business on the road for many years and identified a niche that was needed outside of Country Clubs and Hotels. We wanted to bring the loft experience to our marketplace and, you know, with funky lighting, funky furniture, great sound, and great lighting, it just kind of came together.

Blazer: Sophia Nubes Shirt: Karigam Jewelry: BE.ELLIS

How did you fall into the event world? Tell us about your backgrounds. Steven: I was entertaining at events as a mime and a break dancer and then did it through college. After college, I started a business full time, and then never thought, that's how I make my living and just set my my sights on doing something that I enjoy doing and eventually made a living doing it. Sharon: I was in fashion and design and merchandising when we had our first child. I used to travel a lot and I wanted to be home more. I decided to work with Steven and work three days a week. It kind of fell naturally together with event planning and design and doing decor. So I started working with the company and it was a lot of fun and I still enjoy it.

P R O D U C T I O N Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate


NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Reproduction by permission only. Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

Meet Steven & Sharon Zukerman Co-Founders of Life The Place To Be What did you find missing in the location and industry that you wanted to change in your own space? Sharon: I think that we agreed, especially in Westchester, there were so many country clubs, and not many of the loft spaces that there were in the city. There wasn't a space that was all-inclusive. We wanted a place where you could just walk in and not have to worry about bringing anything to enjoy everything. We have all the LED lighting in the room. That was important to us - that you could walk in and just change lighting in the room. It could be red or blue or it could be pink versus having to bring in lights into a room. Steven: We do so much custom content. We had been doing projection mapping before it became a thing! Our clients love it because it is constantly changing the room during the party. It personalizes the party as it becomes part of the room. It is custom moving wallpaper in the room during the entire time of the event. It's a great feature!

How have you guys pivoted your space? Steven: Truth is, the restaurant, hotel and hospitality industry have been hit really, really hard. We've been actively working with government programs, but the truth of the matter is, the hospitality, hotel, and restaurant industry programs were not made to help us survive. The money that we've gotten from the government is going to end up being about 30 percent of what we need. To answer the question, we have tried various things from live music, and food trucks. All were great, but didn't pan out. We were able to have some small events at limited capacity outside in a tent but that was it. Sharon: We want to create programs for the local schools and even the tri-state area right now for Proms. A hundred and fifty can come together as of March 15th. We feel that by June, the number will be more correlated to the amount of space, which we have a lot of. So we're hoping that we could do maybe up to three hundred people so we could do an all-inclusive Prom with food, decor, and the dance floor. We could do tenting outside or do it inside. We just want everyone to come for a great night with your friends. This year's seniors have had it rough. Our daughter's a senior. They deserve at least one night to get dressed up and feel beautiful. We really want to do that for them and for the local communities that want to do it so we're working on that right now.

What does living your best LIFE mean to you? Sharon: Living my best life is doing what I love. I think the one thing we realize is that Steven and I, love what we do. We love making people happy. It's not easy and it takes a lot of hard work, it's a lot of hours and a lot of detail. You demand a lot from people, but in the end, you're creating one of the happiest days in people's lives and it's for the entire family. That is priceless. Steven: To piggyback that, you know, I was given a book when I went traveling after high school and it was called "Do What You Love. Money Comes Later." My mother always told me I was really good at partying. I figured if I could make a living, throwing parties, doing parties, and being at parties, it's not a bad way to live. #GETINTOUCH IG: @thelifetheplacetobe.official Podcast:


Photographer: @ivanpiedraphotography | Makeup/Hair: @kristystrate

Dance & Marvel Jewelry: BE.ELLIS


The Photographer Behind the Cover Meet The Fabulous, Ivan Piedra What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

What was the first photography gig you ever worked?

Funny thing is, I think I never inspired to be a "entrepreneur." It just happened! My love for art and ability to offer my unique services just morphed into a awesome company.

LIFE the Place to Be. Over 10 years ago. A mitzvah. It was nerve racking, but I did it and it was the beginning of my photography career! What is one of you most memorable photography jobs?

Definitely shooting WWE at MET Life stadium. That was really amazing experience.

Ivan is the founder of AGNYC Productions.

When you aren't working, where can we find Ivan and what is he doing?

Ivan and his team offer several party packages to make planning your next party even EASIER! They can help you add some excitement to your next party or event!

I love spending time with my kiddos. Super huge Yankee fan and love my guy time late nights playing warzone How have you pivoted the your business during the pandemic? It was tough moving from events every weekend, but I saw a need in personal branding and helping small business build content for their online services, so I began offering professional headshots, social media content, and of course family portraits.

Where in the US do you service your clients and how can someone book with you? I serve the entire USA and internationally. I can be reached at

What advice do you have to other photographers who have also had to pivot in the event industry? Don't stop the hustle...keep shooting and keep posting...the work is out there!

Why Photography? Photography is just another form of creating art for me. Whatever the job or project, I enjoy all aspects of finding a shot that will make me feel some emotion. As I shot more, more people asked me to photograph their special events and occasions. I then take that same approach to shooting and usually it results in a job well done!

Why photography?

What is NEXT for Ivan and how can one stay in touch? Hmmmm next ..good question. Let's see how the event industry bounces back and get back to me. And the only way to really reach me is via text!

#GETINTOUCH WITH IVAN:| | IG: @ivanpiedraphotography | @agnyc

Dance & Marvel Jewelry: BE.ELLIS


Meet Rockstar Carmen Rosas Latina Plus Size Model Where is your favorite place to shop? I’m a Torrid girl from my head down to my shoes, so Torrid hands down! What advice do you have for women who want to step into the plus size modeling world? First. Most importantly, you must learn how to love yourself fully no matter what size you are! Photo: Kayla Clarke

Ready to be inspired by one amazing woman empowering Plus Size women & Latinas globally? I’ve always had a love for fashion, modeling, and the camera ever since I was very young. I even took a chance in entering my very FIRST virtual plus size contest (Monique's Fat Chance) when I turned 18. It wasn’t until I discovered Rosie Mercado, (my favorite plus model turned life coach) and really latched on to her fearless spirit that I really starting to believe more in myself and believing I too can be a plus model just like her! Where do you get your confidence from? I think about how it makes me feel to do the things I love rather than worry about what people are going to think of me.

Second. Appreciate every curve, every inch, every unique part of yourself. Third. The mirror is your training wheel; practice your poses in the mirror and then once you're comfortable, let that mirror go and work your craft in front of the camera. Fourth. Don’t let ANYONE tell you can’t do it!!! Do you ever get negative messages/comments/bullies? Negative messages, oh yeah, I’ve gotten some. Not everyone thinks the same way as I do and I always have to remind myself of that so I won’t put much focus on the negative commentary. Bullies simply don’t love themselves enough therefore they don’t care for anyone else’s feelings which is unfortunate so I always keep that in mind and tend to ignore them for the most part.

Photo: Caroline Adegun

#GETINTOUCH with Carmen IG: xocarmentcitaxo Email:


MARKETING/MEDIA MASTERMIND grow your following, get more clients, grow your network and so much more!

"I keep rejoining the mastermind because as a business owner I am looking for TWO things. First: Is it run by someone who is incredibly knowledgeable, energetic and a great person to be around?? Second, does it bring in other incredibly knowledgeable individuals to continue teach me things I didn't know while running my business. The answer to both is YES! " Bonnie Wims, Wims & Associates

"Jackie is a social media guru she has helped us increase our social media presence tremendously." Maria & Chuck Reiss, Independent Distributors of Young Living

Are You Ready To Let Our Marketing Magic In? "Jackie puts her all into her clients... helping them create a vision, solve problems, and get excited about future business endeavors! Through Jackies programs, I have been connected to so many amazing entrepreneurs and know it's just the beginning of long term relationships! Jackie is a 20 on a scale of 1-10... Thank you Jackie... forever grateful!" Meg Fox, Meg Fox Fitness

"Thanks to Jackie's Mastermind it is changing the way I post on social media and how I present myself online. I have been doing things in a way I never thought I would! This has also increased the number of clients coming my way!." Connie Aramento, Intuitive Self Awareness Coach

we launch june 8, 2021 n e x t o n s c e n e . c o m

"When I started my company, I came in with 18 plus years of sales experience. I love how much she cares. You get a ton of great ideas that work! The way that she also networks people, is really inspiring. I found this value SO early on and I know there is much more for us in the future. " Jackie Roby, Inspired Journey Consulting.

"I learned so much from Jackie and the people she brought on. It gave me guts to move forward and do the things I need to do for my company to progress. The teachers are fabulous, she is a boss woman and I have put things I learned into action and am starting to see results! Try it!" Shelley Henshaw, Chalk Me Up

TOP 3 TIPS TO #GETFIT This Season With Jenine Wright, Owner of Fit Life Jenines TOP 3 TIPS to #GETFIT

FIRST: Stop looking for a quick fix and the next fad. There is nothing that can get you in better shape and improve your health like living a healthy lifestyle! Moving every day, eating real nutrient dense food, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and managing stress! Photo: Merissa Conley

Jenine and her team at Fit Life Melrose & Winchester, MA, believe to be truly healthy & well, you should live a clean, sustainable, and conscious life. Health begins on the inside - from what is put into our bodies to how we care for the environment is part of the overall mission. Fit Life cares about your fitness AND mindfulness.

SECOND: Commit to doing something healthy for yourself every day i.e., getting outside and moving, taking a class, meditating. Don't require a minimum time; if you find 15 min. or 2 hrs, be happy with it! Something is better than nothing and leads to more healthy habits.

THIRD: Choose nutrient dense foods like vegetables and fruits to snack on rather than high calorie processed food products. Eating foods that are high in nutrients will leave you feeling satisfied and looking your best. What differentiates Fit life is that we are committed to providing the utmost quality training, education, and overall healthy environment! Our highly educated and credentialed team is committed to providing results driven programming, corrective, and functional exercise. Our commitment is to science based programming and information not trends and fads! #GETSOCIAL WITH FIT LIFE FB: @FITLIFEMA IG: @FITLIFESTUIDOS

Through her education and experience, she's learned that achieving your highest level of health is a multifaceted approach. This includes movement, healthy eating, sleep habits, stress management, and, most importantly, the support of educated professionals to guide and support you!


OFFER VALID 4/5/21-9/15/21

Photo: Nick Cosky

Make your Home Healthier For Dogs. YOUR DOG. OUR PASSION. "Things have moved to virtual platforms, virtual studio visits and exhibits...

Women Owned & Founded, Einstein Pets are all-natural organic treats. We use only pure, delicious, and nutritious ingredients that you will recognize immediately from your own grocery list. We are proud that all our products are 100% natural . We use only human-grade ingredients like protein-packed peanut butter, sweet potato, and heart-healthy oatmeal. We also add chia seed to every batch for a boost in nutrition & fiber for healthy digestion.

DISCOUNT CODE: NEXTONSCENE for 15% off all products For everyone. One use per customer NEXTonSCENE 36

Heal Your Skin with Mayur Naturals Meet Founder, Manjari Saha What were you doing before skincare? "I spent about 23 years in Corporate America. I started at what is now Wells Fargo along with other Fortune 20 companies like JPMC. I fell in love with the online world in the mid-90's and built my career managing EBusiness globally for major companies. The stress and lack of integrity finally got to me and I had to exit." From start to finish, how long does it take to make a product?

After a year of being in an extremely polluted country, Manjari returned to the US in October 2015 very ill. She made her own products for fun a couple years back and began to see the rapid change in her skin with use. She was reminded again, that contrary to her previous beliefs, nature cures far faster than chemicals and without any side effects. She even made bottles for her family to utilize!

"It really depends on the product. My Hair Rescue Scalp Serum takes about 6 months to make. I make my Body Butters differently than most others. (Which is also why it's more effective!) About 20 units of my Body Butter takes all day to make and package. That does not include the sanitization process which takes days depending on the container."

What inspired the name of the company, Mayur Naturals?

"I used to literally have, not drawers, but closets full of skin care products from all over the world. It was an interest. Making my own skincare became a passion and stress relief from work. It was creative but also scientific. I read and read and read about natural ingredients from all over the world. I also remembered what my Grandma would use – all from the kitchen. As stated above, I got very ill after traveling overseas. It manifested on my skin as Urticaria, Eczema and Alopecia followed soon after. My ingredients are very pure because of my experience. I wanted to bring something to the average consumer that would help them without breaking the bank. I think it is unfair to have to pay such high premiums for something that exists in nature in it’s purest form."

"I became allergic to pretty much everything with chemicals. I am not a fan of Mineral Make Up; I have some but I don’t like using them. It does not go on well, it gets all over my carpet, can be blotchy and collects in lines. I started using natural makeup and my skin improved further. One Halloween, we had a couple of parties to attend. On the first night, I dressed up and, as in most Halloween events, you may use makeup you normally don’t. The next day, I started feeling unclean in a way - my cheeks had little bumps, face felt like I want to keep scrubbing it all day long. I used the Walnut Scrub, it felt a bit better. Later that evening, when I was getting ready for the second Halloween party, I saw a MAC Blush sitting on my dresser. That’s when I realized what had happened. I had used that blush unconsciously the night before and my skin was reacting to it.

Not being able to work a regular job due to her illness, at age 48, she reinvented herself to turn her passion into my way of making a living.

What inspired you to work in the skincare?

What inspired you to add makeup products to the line?

"That's a funny story! I put this business together in about 10 days, from idea to execution. The only thing that stumped me was what to call it. I am not very creative in coming up with cool names. I wanted it to start with M but I am too shy to put my own name out there. I was in my car, driving to an acupuncture appointment and the name Mayur came to me. I was surprised, first, because it's a Sanskrit/Indian word and I don’t think in my language anymore, but mostly because it means a peacock. I am as far away from my then perception of a peacock as you can get - pretty, glamorous, showy, I am not! But I tucked the thought away and on returning home, I Googled the spiritual meaning of a peacock. The first thing I read was "Integrity" and then I read "Beauty from within." It also means elegance, rejuvenation, resurrection - all words that spoke to me - Integrity was why I wanted to start this business - to bring purity to the everyday person. Beauty from within - That's what the formulations are about. And resurrection - I felt like the Phoenix at that time in my life, recreating my entire existence."

I know full well the toxicity of conventional makeup. I wanted to create a line that would be a complete system for anything you put on your body. I added the makeup products and then hair care, which is a line that is still developing."

#GETINTOUCH with Mayur Naturals FB: @Mayur Naturals IG: @mayur_naturals Dance & Marvel Jewelry: BE.ELLIS

All photos are property of Mayur Naturals


heal your life with reissential oils meet maria & chuck reiss #4: They replace pricy, chemically laden products. We can create a variety of natural, plant-based DIYs for our home and self-care routine. Homemade soaps and cleaners infused with essential oils are cost effective and get the job done while being extra gentle on our skin. #3: They are positively uplifting! One drop of essential oil is tiny and mighty! We feel good about what we put in and on our bodies. We want to share this with everyone we meet!

Hello from Long Island, NY! We are Maria and Chuck Reiss. Our love of authentic essential oils and our desire to share them with others became the foundation of the Reissential Oils Team!!


We are Independent Distributors of Young Living Essential Oils! Essential oils are the most powerful part of the plant. They are HIGHLY concentrated liquids filled with unique compounds particular to that plant. Did you know it takes about 75 lemons to make a 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil?? So why essential oils? We want to be proactive on our health and wellness journey. We are always looking for a more natural way of doing things. Essential oils are the sensible choice. Did you know they have been used by some of the oldest cultures on this planet? Here are OUR top 5 reasons for using essential oils: David Letterman Style ☺ #5: They smell so darn good!!! This is the easiest reason to use an essential oil! It’s nature at her best. To be able to breathe in all of the beautiful aromas by applying them topically (on our skin) or aromatically (in the diffuser).


#2: They help create a toxin free living environment -inside and out- better for us, better for the planet. Reduce, reuse and renew! We are the gatekeepers of our home. We do our best to kick chemicals to the curb! And the #1 reason we use essential oils: For our health and wellness!! They are a natural supplement for our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social well- being. Essential oils can support every system in our body, the way God intended. They are fast acting, effective, simple to use, convenient, affordable and beneficial.


#GETINTOUCH and SOCIAL with Reissential Oils! FB: Reissential Oils Team IG: @reissentialoilsteam

Photos: Property of Jesse Setaro

Photos: Property of Maria & Chuck Reiss


HAVE YOU REACHED THE FINAL STAGE VOICE A RON E THE YO U ARABIA/AMERICA NEXT? AND OR ARAB/AMERICAN IDOL AND GOT REJECTED? Alanod LLC. is a new American Music Production company owned by a female originally from the Middle East. "Alanod" supports new young talents who graduated from talent shows without winning such as "The Voice." She is currently releasing a song for twins from "The Voice Arabia" Season 2 Abed & Khaled Almari. YouTube Channel: Alanod FB & IG: @alanod_one

Photo: Caroline Adegun

Photo: COB8 in Lebanon


Alice Grande Earrings $77.00

Malionne Hair $9.50-18 per product

The Alice Grande earrings line are handmade and adorned with Swarovski crystals and Miyuki Japanese beads. This piece elevates the most casual look and completes the dressiest outfit. Available in a range of colors on their site!

The Modern Royalty Collection & Headband was made as an ode to the beautifully filmed Bridgerton Series. Our custom-made jacquard designs & patterns recreate a beautiful look for Modern Royalty.

Malionne Hair Ciel Combs $14.50 per product

YOUZEY is a new, online accessories brand focused on self-expression, inclusivity, and good vibes. These hair clips add an element of glamour to any look!

Harper Earrings $195 per product Dramatic freshwater pearl hoops with 14K gold wire. Also available in silver.


GIFTS F OR EVERY ONE These combs are made with Italian cellulose acetate engraved with our brand on one side and our heart logo on the other. They are sustainable and nonallergenic! The comb is sturdy and does not electrify hair. Extremely easy to comb through hair even when wet!

Blue Hydrating Mask 1.4 oz $29

Youzey Hairclips $12/set

Nuggie Shop $15-$30 per product

CRYSTAL Magnesium Enriched Deodorant $10.99

CRYSTAL Magnesium Enriched Deodorant Sticks feature Magnesium which is a naturally occurring element used to create an easy transition from conventional antiperspirants and 24-HOUR odor protection without the downsides of aluminum or drying irritants like baking soda! These vegan deodorants leave skin feeling soft, with no white marks or stains! Available in 5 luxurious scents!

Mindful Intentions Crystal Jar $19.99

This extra moisturizing mask provides much-needed hydration for any type of skin. Packed with active ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and superantioxidants like Methylene Blue and supplemented with anti-wrinkle peptides this mask will leave your skin supple and radiant, soften wrinkles and stimulate collagen production.

Paw Balm 3 oz: 100% organic, no scent and lick safe homemade balm, perfect for paws and nose! Their balm is poured in a push-up tube and designed for easy application; Additionally, our balm is packaged in 100% biodegradable eco-friendly material so we help pups and our planet! Reverse Tie-Dye Shirt: 100% preshrunk cotton, Unisex Classic Fit, taped shoulder-to-shoulder, double stitching throughout, seamless rib at the neck, hand distressed shirts.

The Sodalite, Smoky Quartz, Angelite, Lepidolite & Fluorite stones work together to ease the mind and body of worry & helps in controlling feelings of stress and anxiety when they become overwhelming. Keep these crystals handy in stressful situations or after a stressful day to rebalance and relax the body & mind!


Wine Bag $175

Our signature wine bag handcrafted to perfection. With an upscale touch a soft leather liner.

Carrera GO!!! Official Licensed Mario Kart - Battery Operated $62.50 Currently Available on Amazon

JEANROSS $25 per candle

JEANROSS candles was founded in 2019 with one goal in mind: providing high-quality, beautiful + clean burning candles. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning + continues to drive us into the future. We know that every present should be special + strive to make the designs for every gifting need. HAND POURED WITH LOVE IN MASSACHUSETTS. A PORTION OF OUR PROCEEDS SUPPORT MASS GENERAL HOSPITAL Dept of Psychiatry ..

Elixir $29.98 per product

ELIXIR: Our signature product. Facelift in a bottle. Powerful vitamins, Omega oils and nutrients melt away the years, nourishes your skin and gives you a healthy glow. Replace all your facial and neck skin care bottles with this simple and highly effective formulation. Feel the difference with your first use; see results in a few days of regular use.

Polina Pro Prints $16.54



This is fast-paced car racing action on 14.10-ft of track. It has realistic cars that reach scale speeds of 370-mph The Carrera battery technology gives you the same speed and power as electric sets to provide thrilling racing action in every race! It is two-player racing with your favorite Mario Kart characters that family and friends both young and old will enjoy.

Huggaroo 's Microwavable Heating Pad with Lavender & Microwaveable Neck Wrap $29.99- $35.99 per item

It includes a 2-piece removable jump ramp and is compatible with all Carrera GO!!! cars and accessories allowing you to customize and expand up to 32.8-ft.

This is a pillowcase based on the oil painting called “Autumn Dream” by Polina Kudelkina. It has such a title because Polina once had a dream about this beautiful place – she walked in this autumn forest on the hill and swam in the lake. This kind of pillowcase can turn any pillow into a decorative one. Polina Pro Prints has online stores on both Etsy and Amazon offering original pillowcases based on Polina’s original artworks and prints.

Serving Tray $60.00

It also has a complete slot car racing system includes cars, speed controllers, track layout as shown, guardrails, and jump ramp.

Handmade Custom Sized Leather Belt $45 per product

A classically designed and simple leather belt from Leather Unleashed. Handcrafted, this belt has the edges are rounded, painted and burnished. Handcrafted with care to your custom size.

This Neck Wrap molds to your neck and shoulders and provides deep, moist heat to sore muscles. It is filled with flax seeds for heat retention and lavender, chamomile, lemongrass and peppermint for aromatherapy. Create your own spa experience at home by using your Huggaroo daily for stress relief and relaxation while watching TV, cooking dinner or unwinding before bed. This Heating Pad wrap is covered in soft, cozy and luxurious minky fabric and filled with clay beads and flax seeds for heat retention. It also includes a blend of four natural herbs for stress relief and relaxation: lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and chamomile. The wrap is fitted with Velcro for you to adjust to the perfect fit around your temples, sinuses and head for pain relief.

This handmade decorative tray is both a stand alone work of art and a functional piece for any room in your home. Made by mixing epoxy resin, custom selected pigment powders and the perfect splashes of silver metallic leaf, this piece exudes luxury and tranquility. Each tray is custom made with your color palette in mind. Quotes available upon request directly through our site.


Self Love Janet & Jo Nail Polish $18

Self Love is a creamy raspberry nail lacquer that serves as a subtle reminder to be kind to yourself! Perfect for all skin tones, this vegan, cruelty-free, radiant shade will make you want to relax and show yourself a little TLC.

Trusso Swimwear made from thousands of recycled water bottles! $84-228 per item

Flower Bouquet Greeting Cards $10 per product

Send someone a colorful and whimsical earth-friendly flower bouquet with FreshCut Paper™, an innovative, environmental option to cultivated flowers or a traditional greeting card, offering beautiful, life-sized, pop-up paper flower bouquets. All FreshCut Paper bouquets, envelopes and enclosed note cards are 100% recyclable, with a portion of every purchase going to the earth-saving organization 1% For The Planet. And as an extra-special thank you, FreshCut Paper plants one tree in your loved one’s honor for every bouquet purchased.



Palermo Set (left), Bermuda Suit (right) are two of Trusso Swim's latest hot ticket items! The Palermo is a detachable sleeve top that can be worn several ways to the pool or a night out! The bow is detachable so you can wear it as a bandeau or use as a tie headband. The two piece bottom comes with a high waist seamless and soft mesh overlay with a tie that provides coverage. All made from 100% sustainable Italian fabrics made from thousands of recycled water bottles! The Bermuda lace back adjusts to any size with a ruched back bottom. Made 100 % faux suede fabrics rom thousands of recycled water bottles!


Relax, restore and revitalize the mind and body with this wellness-focused tea collection, inspired by the elegance and holistic knowledge of fine luxury spas. Organic green tea blends and herbal tisanes come together to support a glowing complexion, enlivened spirit, fortified defenses, calm state of mind and purified sense of tranquility. The Wellbeing Collection includes the following blends: Defense (green tea), Invigorate (green tea), Purify (herbal tea), Radiance (herbal tea), and Serenity (herbal tea). All teas in this collection are USDA Organic and Kosher Certified.

Blissy Brand Pillowcase Set Dream Set (king) $189.95

ROAM Homegrown Self-care Kit $46.00

Manifestation Bracelet $29

Our Manifestation Bracelet includes genuine Goldstone, Citrine & Super Seven stones on a stretch cord. The combination of these stones create a powerful band of energy that influences manifestation, abundance & dreams. It sparks the passions of the soul and serves as a magnet for attracting the heart's deepest desires!

Tea Forte Wellbeing Presentation Box $22-$34 per set

Blissy Dream Set in Pink , Size King! The ultimate beauty sleep set which includes the world's best silk pillowcase, sleep mask, scrunchie and skinny scrunchie!

Create space and time for you with our self-care ritual kit. This curated self-care essentials box will be delivered right to your doorstep with hand-selected products focused on enhancing and deepening your self-care practice. You're self-care kit will include: An inspirational self-care workbook with exercises, tools and positive affirmations to increase your emotional intelligence and create habits that benefit your wellbeing. ROAM Homegrown all-natural artisan self-care essentials in your choice of scent including: Soy blend candle (4 oz), Nourishing body oil (4 oz) , Lip balm, Bath salts (2 oz) , French clay facial (1 oz), Decorative matchbox, Torie & Howard organic hard candies.

Blissy silk products are handmade and crafted from high quality 22-Momme 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. We have spent countless hours prototyping, testing and using our products to ensure the highest quality and durability. A completely natural and hypoallergenic silk pillowcase designed by our team of experts that does wonders for your hair, skin and overall health while you sleep, what could be better? Oh yeah... it's machine-washable too! Includes: 1x King Pillowcase, 1x Sleep Mask, 1x Scrunchie, 1x Skinny Scrunchie Fabric: 100% 22-Momme 6A Grade Mulberry Silk Color: Pink Certification: OekoTex® certified: Safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic Care: Machine Washable


nextonscene: sydney, australia editorial reports from henry & friends LIVE. Henry Weinreich, Host of Henry & Friends LIVE is an accomplished professional author, broadcaster and wedding gown Designer. Extremely well celebrated. Let’s try not use “that” word here, but let’s all agree that we are all living in a new normal. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder and let me tell you boy do we miss you world!

Whether you are sailing under our Sydney Harbour Bridge, enjoying a concert at the spectacular Opera House, a morning walk on Bondi Beach, checking out the amazing hip cafes, galleries, fish shops and designer boutique stores the little nooks and crannies are the places to check out!

You may know Henry Weinreich as wedding dress designer, ‘Henry Roth’, who’s gowns are featured in association with his sister Michelle Roth on the top rating discovery show, ‘Say Yes To The Dress’. Henry was the original Mentor on project runway Australia. Henry is a personal branding expert and is now adding, author to his broadcasting and Designer tool kit. He is soon to publish the memoir the stories I told my son, which has been a sit down project of almost 3 years with his father Joseph Weinreich. His current broadcasting project is heard across the world, Henry and friends live. Jackie Zuk is an invited guest soon to be featured on his show.


The interesting thing about Sydney is if you stay in downtown, or what we call the CBD, Central Business District , everything that you’re about to see, in our feature here, is literally 15 to 25 minutes maximum via Uber or a taxi to these world-class venues! Every city grows and we are now a city of nearly 6,000,000 people! That Australian smile, that warm hospitality and a form of English spoken will tell you that what you’ve heard about is absolutely true.

Melissa’s passion is street food, with an aim to discover every market, every alleyway, and every incredible foodie destination that Sydney and Australia has to offer. Come and be a part of our culinary journeys, exploring the flavours, meeting the people, and experience the cultures of our international palette that live and thrive here in Australia. Communities like Vietnamese, Lebanese, Chinese, Italian, and Turkish, all at our doorstep. With over 30 years of industry experience, Mia Cucina Food Tours showcases the latest foodie eateries, cafes, markets, and what's hot in the city.

Sydney also has over 200 speaking languages from over 180 nationalities, celebrating diversity and living in harmony!


As borders start to become more flexible and the yearning to travel has become more heightened, we are thrilled that NEXTonSCENE asked us to do an expose of the city that I was born in. I have lived in London, New York City for a time in France, Melbourne and now I am back home in Sydney, Australia. Let me tell you all, Sydney is a city that thrives on its visitors. They love guests from all over the world and no other city in my opinion is quite purpose-built to welcome you all back as soon as we can get you here!


What makes this food tour to different than from all others?


Founder and Director of Mia Cucina Food Maps and Tours, Melissa Don Port supports diverse, local communities. Ranked Top 5 Food Tours in Australia, join our immersion of local cultures, the stories, and its rich authentic, diverse cuisines.

Melissa Don Port actually has developed relationships that she’s has built over the years with store owners, the cooks, the chefs and people that serve the tables with sharing their stories as refugees. Where they have fled from and how they arrived that warm at our Australian g’day shores regardless of the language let’s discover together.. Tours can be booked:


nextonscene: sydney, australia editorial reports from henry & friends. Third STOP: Walk on the South Head through Sydney Coast Walks

Fifth and FINAL STOP: The stand Arcade enclosed shopping alley!


First STOP: The Opera House

This is a two hour tour around 3 miles long! According to, this tour also includes:


"Fusing ancient and modernist influences, and situated on a site sacred to the Gadigal people for thousands of years, The sculptural elegance of the Sydney Opera House has made it one of the symbols of twentieth century architecture - a building that, to quote US architect Frank Gehry, “changed the image of an entire country.” . Check out more here:

Stroll along Sydney’s famous Watsons Bay Experience Camp Cove where the Birrabirragal mob met the First Fleet Look into a sandstone chasm and enjoy endless harbour and ocean views from Gap Bluff Discover Sydney’s wartime history See two of Australia’s first lighthouses, including red and white striped Hornby Lighthouse Spot whales during migration season.


The Strand Arcade is an enclosed shopping alley between buildings! It comes from british tradition of bespoke couture shopping! Check out : We can't wait to see you soon!

Fourth STOP: Opera Bar

Second STOP: Sydney Ferries



"With NSW TrainLink you can travel by train and coach to 365+ destinations across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT." Two of my favorite places you can go to : the Sydney Zoo and Manly Beach

Completely accessible next to opera house, ferries, luna park and the harbor bridge! You can relax with a schooner of beer , a cappuccinotini or a vegan passion fruit and mango crush cold pressed juice! Check out : Opera Bar: Australia's Most Iconic Bar

You can follow and stay up to date to hear my latest shows here: Instagram: @henryandfriendslive Facebook: @henryandfriendslive LinkedIn : @henryweinreich Subscribe to YouTube Henry and friends live Email:





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"I am active on social media, but sometimes I feel like there are too many plates spinning and I’m struggling trying to keep them all in the air. Jackie’s calm approach helped me see where I could do more and where I could do less! I could stop guessing at what needed to be done and have a plan. Now, thanks to Jackie, instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel relieved and excited by the possibilities – probably for the first time EVER when it comes to marketing! I recommend her highly." Ginger Burr, Total Image Consultants

"Jackie treats your business as if it were her own. She meets you where you are and helps you grow and allows you to grow at your own pace. Everything that she recommends for you to do, she has already tested on herself as a case study. She has completely transformed my presence online and beyond which has resulted in direct business. My investment in her has paid back 100 fold! I can't recommend enough." Ali Joyce, Realtor

work with jackie one on one to grow your ORGANIC audience and engagement to make $ online and beyond. " It was by happenstance that I found Jackie. I thank my lucky stars to have her in my corner. I always feel like my small and growing business and my successes are as important to her as they are to me. I feel like she is my partner, friend and biggest cheerleader and having her guide me has given me clarity and direction. She's the most amazing, energetic and dedicated woman- everyone would be lucky to have her in their corner too." Patty Burns, Leather Unleashed

g e t

"I have taken all of Jackie's advice and I have to say, my business has seen significant growth on social media and I have new business coming directly from it." Andrew Delory, Esq. Delory Law

o n a c o n s u l t t o d a y N E X T O N S C E N E . C O M

"After giving it my best shot for more than a year without the results I’d hoped for, I contacted Jackie for a marketing intervention. Jackie helped me define and refine my brand, and then she taught me how to grow my target audience and share my message with them in a strategic, effective way. I’ve worked with Jackie individually, taken two of her workshops, and participated in her Marketing Mastermind. Her incredible knowledge base, huge-hearted community focus, and great sense of fun-as-welearn will keep me coming back." Diane Amelia Read, Mindset & Wellness Coach

"I am so happy with Jackie. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She has made me such great connections and NOW my company even has ambassadors for my brand. She is so inspiring. If you work with Jackie and NEXTonSCENE she is a woman of her word." Latasha Mcrae, Peeks Cosmetics.


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