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Mari Cartagenova, Medium + Animal Communicator


The REAL, SWOLLEN, UN-EXERCISED TRUTH About The Pregnancy Journey

Tips For Women To Consider When Working Out Post Birth Fitness Artist, Penny Meletlidis


NEXTonSCENE 2022 Exclusive

18 From Radio To Real Estate Real Estate Rockstar, Kim Douglas

15 M

NEXTonSCENE Exclusive Lifestyle Features 3 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Plan On Going On A Summer Cleanse or Detox with Body-Peace Coach, Nina Manolson 8 Why Join A Real Estate Team with Ali Joyce 9 Getting Dressed with Ease When You Have NO Time! with Image Consultant Ginger Burr 10 The REAL, SWOLLEN, UN-EXERCISED TRUTH About The Pregnancy Journey with Eliza B 23 Happy Parents - Happy Baby - Six Ways to Navigate Emotional Health with Lessons by Laney 25

Breast Cancer Survivor Empowering Women Through Fashion Spotlighting Shauneen Donlon

8 3 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Plan On Going On A Summer Cleanse or Detox with Body-Peace Coach, Nina Manolson


Top Cleaning Tips This Season with Camila's Cleaning Services

Special Mother's Day/Father's Day Gift Guide 4 Rising Entrepreneurs To Know 2021 11 Meet Mari Cartagenova, Medium + Animal Communicator 12 Top Cleaning Tips with Rising Entrepreneur Camila Machado 14 Breast Cancer Survivor Empowering Women Through Fashion Spotlighting, Shauneen Donlon 15 What to consider when it comes to purchasing a home with Senior Loan Originator, Judy DiRubio 16 Tips For Women To Consider When Working Out Post Birth with Fitness Artist, Penny Meletlidis 17 From Radio To Real Estate Real Estate Rockstar, Kim Douglas 18 One Amazing Birth Doula Changing The Industry, Rebecca Coluntino 20 Life Changing Newborn Care + Sleep Specialist, Erin CarrolL-Manning 22 NEXT STOP: Motherhood, Editorials From Your Founder 27

NEXTonSCENE Preferred Vendor Directory Wellness, Business, Beauty/Fashion 28

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Issue 20: The FIRST ever Family Issue featuring Rising Entrepreneurs to know and so much more! This issue is jam packed with lots of new parenthood inspiration, inspiring tips and stories behind our NEW Rising Entrepreneurs to know a gift guide packed with ideas for parents, kiddos and even your pets! Can't wait for your feedback, Happy reading! xo Cover Photo-Modern Brand Photography

Modern Brand Photography

Some of our favorite snaps of our Fall/Winter 2021 Issue! Use @nextonscene & #nextonscene to tag us with your copy!

NEXTonSCENE Spring /Summer 2022 Gift Guide

Air & Anchor Cool Mom Status Adjustable Necklace $62

Sling on this beaded necklace and announce your status to anyone who may be questioning your level of badassery. Status achieved? Cool mom. This necklace is adjustable up to 24" and available in a Vintage Gold or Vintage Silver finish. Air & Anchor jewelry is handcrafted in the USA..

StaySafe’s 5-in-1 Portable Fire Extinguisher $29.99 Having a portable fire extinguisher within reach is one of the most effective means to controlling small fires. Lifesafe Technologies StaySafe’s 5-in-1 is a revolutionary, small and easy-to-use, portable fire extinguisher that is no bigger than a can of hairspray. This extinguisher does not require complicated removal of pins, or time-consuming directions. Users simply point and spray to extinguish a fire. The StaySafe 5-in-1 is compact and lightweight..

VIVIA Animal Print Thigh Highs $34.95

Women's Cross Band Slippers Soft Plush Furry Cozy Open Toe Faux Rabbit Fur Warm Comfy Slip On Breathable $22.99 0M?ref_=wl_share

STASH TEA Comfort Tea Sampler Trio $12.95

There's no need to leave the comfort of home to find a little spot of heaven in the midst of the hustle and bustle. These stylish slippers fit standard foot size and available in 7 colors. Chic and elegant slippers is also a great gift idea for a friend, mother and or co-workers to pamper their tired feet. Eco-friendly thick plush fleece and breathable fur keeps away from coldness and give you a soft and dry touch.



Simply settle in with your favorite cup from our comfort tea trio and let the aromas and flavors carry you away! The warm spice of ginger coupled with tart lemon makes for a delectable brew that warms you from the inside out in our Lemon Ginger herbal tea blend. Notes of cinnamon and apple intermingle with soothing chamomile for a cup of tea reminiscent of warm apple cider. For a little more of a pick me up, savor the familiar flavors of chai spice blended with vanilla and ginger as you enjoy the added boost of caffeine from yerba mate in our Ginger Fire Chai.

DreamSky Compact Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port for Charging, 0-100% Brightness Dimmer, White Bold Digit Display, 12/24Hr, Snooze, Adjustable Alarm Volume, Small Desk Bedroom Bedside Clocks. $19.99 91H?ref_=wl_share

Print Art Kids Custom Note Cards $19.95-$32.95

Gift your loved ones with creating a custom note cards of your child's art. Print Art Kids personalized Note Cards are perfect for invitations, birthday cards, thank-you notes or simply to send a thoughtful "hello." Note Cards are 4 5⁄8 X 6 1⁄8, printed on recycled paper with your kid’s brightly colored artwork, your own "masterpiece" or a favorite photo on front; inside is blank or add a personalized message. Note Cards are available in sets of 8 or 16, and include recycled bright white blank envelopes.

Who needs a phone when you have this by your bedside? This Large Display Electric Alarm Clock has a Smart Dimmer and a Corded plug in clock with compact streamline design yet large number display. It also has 2” jumbo illuminated LED digits to ensure the time is easy to see even for impaired vision people. The patented smart brightness dimmer design allows you set the brightness of display from 0-100 level by easy turn wheel. .

Fabulous animal print stockings made in Italy. This pair of stockings are incredibly soft and resilient. Most importantly, these thigh highs really do stay up!


Nanducket Maverick shorts $42

In briar blue these are the perfectly preppy look for spring heading into summer. The classic New England-style pull-up Maverick short with pockets is equal parts sturdy and soft, with a broken-in feel so it's super-comfy to wear on day one. Available in sizes 2T through 6

Nanducket Margeaux Everly Dress $78.00

Rascal + Friends Premium Diaper $7.97-$39.97

Rascal + Friends premium diapers are designed with no nasties, without compromising that all-important performance. With no chlorine, latex, lotions, or fragrances, Rascal + Friends diapers are gentle on sensitive skin! Designed with premium features, all to help prevent sneaky leaks (and big explosions) - keeping your rascal dry all night and comfy all day! Premium performance, feather-soft and no nasties. Try us, love us!


This traditional Nantucket-style lightweight pink dress is in a delicate cotton blend. The Margeaux Everly's vintage-inspired details include briar blue hand-smocking across the chest and fun flutter sleeves, plus a charming bow sash on the back. Available in sizes 2T through 6

Tella Couture “Loki” Human Pajamas $51.00 (Matching Pet Set : $31.00)

The “Loki” human pajamas are perfect to lounge in luxury with your four-legged friends! This ruby red satin two-piece set includes the brand’s signature white trim. The short sleeve top includes a traditional collar and pocket with a matching pair of oh-so comfy shorts! Tella Couture is a fashionable line of apparel for pets and owners. All the clothing is vibrant, comfortable, and ever-so perfect, allowing folks to match with their pet from head to toe.


Supermom vs. Cancer $15

A Cancer diagnosis is frightening for anyone but when a parent with young children is diagnosed, the fear is overwhelming. While we are grappling with this new reality, reading all we can to learn how to fight for our lives, our children are reading us. Finding the right way to explain, educate and comfort our kids isn’t always clear but if left undone, our kids will imagine the worst. Supermom vs. Cancer is a children’s book created to lead parents in a gentle way into the conversation with their children. This story explores a difficult disease without hitting young children head-on. Books, like this one, should begin conversations - sometimes silly, sometimes educational, and sometimes, like Cancer, which can be quite profound.

Senna Case Ever Reversible Set $63

Brass Monkey The Real MVP Dog Bandana $15.00

This durable dog bandana features a double-sided cotton construction, a 30” tie-ribbon to fit almost any size dog, and is machine washable. The bandana measures 9" wide by 6" tall (not including the ribbon), and an adorable two-color “The Real MVP” design in applique and embroidery.

Senna Case is a gender-neutral apparel brand with matching elements for kids and adults. The Ever Reversible Set is a two-piece set with stripes on one side, and a solid green on the reverse. The ultra-cozy apparel is designed to be oversized and grow with your child over time, and durable enough to be passed down and worn again once your child outgrows it. The Ever Reversible Set is part of the ReCased initiative by Senna Case, through which the brand aims to reduce waste by using deadstock fabric that would otherwise be discarded. The Ever Reversible Set is available in sizes 0-3 months - 3-4 years.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JACKIE ZUK!!!! I’ve been working with her for 1.5 years and think she’s FABULOUS!! I am SOOO THANKFUL for all of Jackie’s help!!! She was AMAZING throughout my branding shoot too!! We got SO MUCH ACCOMPLISHED!!! Ginger Burr, Founder of Total Image Consultants

"Jackie treats your business as if it were her own. She meets you where you are and helps you grow and allows you to grow at your own pace. Everything that she recommends for you to do, she has already tested on herself as a case study. She has completely transformed my presence online and beyond which has resulted in direct business. My investment in her has paid back 100 fold! I can't recommend enough." Ali Joyce, Realtor

work with jackie one on one to grow your ORGANIC audience and engagement to make $ online and beyond.

Jackie Zuk was a TRUE inspiration this past year. She taught me about the importance of partnerships and collaborations! I also enjoyed her helping me organize and simplify my offers with her “golden nuggets” in her follow-up emails!

Thanks for always THINKING and being so CREATIVE with this work and not just doing it in automated or in an impersonal way!

Diana Stelin, Artist, Educator and Designer

Nina Manolson, Body-Peace Coach

g e t

I really appreciate YOU!

o n a c o n s u l t t o d a y N E X T O N S C E N E . C O M

Jackie is an absolute godsend when it comes to making connections with businesses. As a makeup artist, customers expect high quality products available during their appointments. I spent an entire year looking to connect and collaborate with makeup companies in order to offer their products to my customers. I contacted Jackie and she had a list available at my request!! I was blown away!!! Creative Contour By Carla , Makeup artist

NEXTonSCENE is phenomenal!!! As a new business owner, JACKIE ZUK WAS THE EXACT SUPPORT I NEEDED to get my social media strategy in order. She also kept my long-term vision in mind and encouraged me to build more and more. It's because of her support that I've been able to EXPAND my services!!! Jackie Roby, Inspired Journey Consulting


or DETOX with body-peace coach expert, nina manolson Perhaps you’ve been on a diet or cleanse before and know how it goes...


C l e Nina helps women end the food & m body war so they can FINALLY O n experience Body-Peace. o j The process is about relearning how e g to be in an authentic, respectful & h caring relationship with your food u o and body.

In this issue, Nina brings light to a topic that almost EVERYONE thinks about as the warmer weather approaches: Summer Cleansing and Detoxing.. As we move into warmer weather that we start seeing the messages to join a… DETOX! CLEANSE! DIET-CHALLENGE! The underlying message is that your body as it is right now, is "not acceptable" for public viewing and needs to be improved. “Improved” in our culture most often means, made smaller. So the selling proposition of all the detoxes and such are “If you just eat this ‘right’ way, you’ll be thin and happy and your summer will be fantastic.” It’s so alluring, isn’t it?

There’s the: Enthusiastic-phase of having a plan. Industrious-phase of executing the plan. The shopping and prep. Lastly, comes the Elation-phase, the high of feeling like you’re really taking care of yourself. Unfortunately, right on the heels of the elation is the frustration-phase and failure-phase. PROPERTY OF NINA MANOLSON

You might know these two phases all too well. It’s that feeling of not being able to stick to a restrictive diet and being disappointed in yourself. And then comes the shame-phase.


It’s this shame-phase that keeps us from the beach, keeps us from accepting the invitation to the pool party. Summer Body-Shame keeps us from feeling comfortable in sleeveless shirts and bathing suits, but most importantly, Summer Body-Shame keeps us from feeling comfortable in our OWN body.

It shows up with moms hiding behind kids in the vacation pics

SUMMER SHAME It creeps up with talk of bikini bodies

It stays invisible but deeply felt in the resistance of “I don’t want go to the beach or that pool party, with everyone in their bathing suits.” Body-shame gets louder in the summer It’s that feeling that your body should be different than it is.

So, if you’re tempted by the cleanses, reboots and quick starters start by exploring these 3 questions before you jump in.. Question #1: "How have past cleanse, detoxes, diets worked out for you…after 3-6 months?"

That it should look like that image of perfection in your head. For me it was… no stretch marks no belly no hair no jiggle Which basically meant…

The reality is 95% of people who go on diets gain their weight back and more within 2-5 years. Restrictive eating is not a sustainable approach. Question #2: "What’s the outcome you’re looking for from your detox?" If your answer is “I want to lose weight” ask yourself: “If I lost weight, I would feel….” It’s those deeper answers we are looking for. Are you looking to feel more confident? Less selfconscious? More at home in your body? Let’s look for what you are really going after, the diet is a placeholder for a deeper desire. Question #3: "What would be a more effective way (that doesn’t have a 95% failure rate) to move towards your deeper goal?" If you want to feel more at ease in your body or more confident in a swimsuit, then it’s time to do the powerful inner work of creating an authentic, caring, supportive, nourishing and respectful relationship with your body. Stepping into the latest “jumpstart” program will only jumpstart the diet cycle.

no me no pleasure no freedom no body ease But there’s an antidote to Summer Shame It’s not a new you It’s not a new body It’s not the last 5-10-15 lbs

It’s summer feeling Naming your body-image wounding and shame It’s summer healing Choosing to heal instead of looking for the next way to fix yourself It’s summer outrage Speaking out against the rules and limitations you put on your body It’s summer compassion Creating gentleness and connection with your body It’s letting the warm air, the gentle breeze, the water’s edge soften the conversation you have with yourself. Make space to breathe fully, flow, and live in your body with ease. You deserve summer freedom.


Website: - FB Group: Nourished Woman Nation - IG: @ninamanolson- Email:


Want A career in real estate? Join One of Boston's Top Producing Agents. Ali Joyce So you want a career in real estate? Many people are drawn to the real estate industry because of its promises for endless wealth and the apparent freedom of your schedule. Why is it then that there are thousands of agents and only 10% of them are making 90% of the income produced from real estate sales? Or why do 87% of agents quit in the first five years?

You have to stay consistent and do the same things over and over again without reaping any reward.

Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing without change? I guess everyone who succeeds in real estate sales must be a little insane then.

I look back at my career in real estate and think about all of the ups and downs and all the times I wanted to find an easy way out or an easy way to get business. The reality is there is no easy way. It is a long game.

Having successfully closed almost 200 transactions on my own and over $80 Million in sales in the course of my career I have transitioned my passion to build a team and help agents grow their own careers without having to make the mistakes I made along the way. Once you have established your business, working in real estate is dynamic and rewarding, and I want to help other people achieve that kind of satisfaction in their careers. My success has been driven by accountability and mentorship along the way, and I’m looking to provide that to other agents.

If you are an agent looking to grow your business through mentorship, cutting edge resources, and hands on experience, then contact me directly to learn more about joining the Ali Joyce Team!

#GETINTOUCH with Ali : Website: IG: @alijoyce1 NEXTonSCENE 9

Getting Dressed with Ease When You Have NO Time! WITH Expert IMAGE CONSULTANT, GINGER BURR Second, Wear Your Happy Color!

Last but not least, Try ONE New Thing

Whether you are tossing on a basic t-shirt and jeans or you live in your workout clothes, the next time you shop, look for a color that makes you happy.

C l e m When you get busy with life what O often falls to the very bottom of n oyour priority list? YOU and j ESPECIALLY your wardrobe.! e g h You want to feel comfortable AND u olook good in your clothes, but

when you are pulled in a million different directions, that doesn’t always happen.

It’s so easy to settle for what’s comfortable, handy and clean and anything beyond that feels overwhelming. You make a promise to yourself that someday you’ll find a wardrobe that makes your heart sing, but today just isn’t the day! Here are my FOUR ways to make getting dressed each day feel more satisfying!

You might even have that special color in your closet and you’ve been ignoring it. Skip the black, navy or white and instead choose a pretty shade of blush, teal or cobalt blue or whatever makes you happy. Maybe you’re excited about the current ‘Pantone Color of the Year:’ Periwinkle which, in the mid-tone range, is a universally flattering color. Third, Let Comfort Guide You…But Don’t Stop There!

When you’re pulled in a million different directions, the chance of overhauling your wardrobe anytime soon is unlikely. But you can make small incremental steps in the direction of bringing beauty back! Commit to trying one new thing such as: New flattering color Comfy wide leg pants or a blouse style you haven’t tried before. Charming accessory like a versatile necklace or a cozy scarf. Imagine how delighted you’ll feel the next time you open your closet and find one new (or uncovered from the back of your closet!) thing that brings you joy to wear and is versatile enough to pair with your basics. It’s a simple way to pamper yourself a bit as you meet all the demands of your busy life.

First, Evaluate Your Essentials! What are the basic items in your wardrobe that are daily go-to’s? Maybe it’s your jeans, yoga pants, leggings and a simple cardigan. Whatever it is, don’t change that. Let’s find ways to make them feel more special.

If it isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to wear it, right? When you have a lot going on, the last you want is to feel like you can’t wait to change your clothes! The good news is that comfort can be found everywhere not just in t-shirts or athletic wear. A pretty cardigan, stretchy faux leather jacket, simple cotton blouse or cozy sweater in a lovely color can be your new best friend.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you get dressed and see what you discover about what works for you! Get Social & In Touch : @gingerburr or @totalimageconsultants Websites:




Rising Entrepreneur Mari Cartagenova

Medium and Animal Communicator

We love that you can connect to animals who are here and have passed on as well, can you share one of your favorite animal readings? "I love working with animals it's one of my favorite types of readings. I have so many different stories of amazing connections to the animals but one of them that stands out is the story of a little dog named Phil that had passed away. I've done a few readings for this dog’s mom and in one of the readings she was asking me if Phil was going to be able to help her pick out a new puppy that she was thinking of getting. Areti Bratsis

Mari is one amazing Medium and we couldn't wait for you to get inspired through her story! "I got involved in Mediumship because as I like to say “I was born this way”. I have memories even as a little child of talking with Angels and Spirit. I would talk to the plants, connect to the animals and for me this always felt natural and normal. It wasn't until later when I got older that realized this wasn't something that everybody was doing. That's when I started to hide my gift and not really talk about it. "

Now usually it’s very common that the passed pet helps to lead you to your new pet. However my client was very interested in having Phil also pick out the new name of her new dog! As I tuned into the energy of Phil, I saw Spirit write the word “Olive” in my energetic field. I told the pet parent the name I was getting was Olive. She started to break down and cry. She told me that had been thinking of some names and had written one on a sticky note that she had put underneath the keyboard of her computer. When she pulled that sticky note out and turned it over the name that was on the sticky note was Olive. That was a confirmation from her dog and the spirit world that was to be the name of her new pet."

If someone is interested in a reading but never done one before, what are TWO suggestions you have for them to best prep and or things to consider if they are on the fence about a reading?

"First, what I would suggest about getting a reading is How did you fall into the world of mediumship? number one rely on your intuition. If you are being led to "As I got older, I kept getting nudges from Spirit feeling like you need a reading, don't second-guess that I really needed to pursue this work. They say yourself. That is usually your spirit letting you know that if you're in the right place all the doors open and you need some type of guidance. that's how it's been for my mediumship practice. Not to say that it hasn't been a lot of work, "Second, if you decide that you want to connect to a because there's always work when you are loved one that has crossed over (a mediumship reading), developing a skill, but as I got involved more and what I recommend my clients to do is to spend some more into the spiritual realm everything felt right time in the week before putting out energy and trying to and just seemed to fall into place." connect energetically to the loved one that you would like to hear from during the reading."

Areti Bratsis

"As mediums we can't guarantee what Spirits come through- it’s not like 1-800-Dial-A-Spirit, but usually whoever comes through is who you need to hear from the most. "

What kind of sessions do you offer? "Currently I offer sessions for Mediumship which is connecting to lost loved ones and Animal Communication, which is connecting to animals that are here or have crossed over. One of my unique specialties I offer is helping to find lost pets with the help of Spirit. I also offer, Intuitive and or Psychic sessions which focus more on questions about an individual's life, relationship job etc. I also can provide Past Life readings and readings about your Souls Purpose. I am also trained in Reiki so I can also offer distance healings as well. "

What is NEXT for Mari ? "I'm very excited about what's coming next. I am in the process of starting a new show on my YouTube channel called "Spirit Chat" with my friend Winter Brook Ryan. We will talk about all things Metaphysical and also do some readings for audience members. I've also been approached by a number of producers about working on television series and I'm excited about what the future will hold for these opportunities!!"

#GETINTOUCH with Mari: Website: IG: @mediummari888 - Tiktok + FB: @mediummari


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How did you BECOME NEXTonSCENE to know about?! Up your marketing game by sharing your story with our listeners

Email for more information.

TOP CLEANING TIPS FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2022 WITH RISING ENTREPRENEUR, CAMILA MACHADO What unique services do you offer? "We individually assign cleaners to a house, not a job and send the same person to clean your home or business each and every time! It is our experience that YOU want to KNOW who’s going to be working around and in your home. We want you to feel safe, so we send match employees to clients. We also always pay individual attention to your cleaning preferences. Whatever your house cleaning needs may be Camila’s Cleaning has the expertise for you.

if you are local to the Boston area or just need some inspiring cleaning hacks, Camila the Founder of Camila's Cleaning Service has got you COVERED! "I always wanted to help others in a way I was never able to be helped.

We specialize in move out cleaning, house cleaning, construction cleaning and more. We love what we do and have been doing it for many years now!" What are your TOP 3 Cleaning Tips For The Spring/Summer 2022 season? "First, Clean the windows and windows sills!"

Everyone use to tell me when I started out in business, you "had to suffer." I never thought like that. I think everyone deserves a chance to learn and get paid well to be able to achieve their dreams! (that's what I like to do!) It makes me really happy when I see someone that works for me achieving what their goals and dreams are!"

Second, Deep clean your refrigerator is a MUST at least 2 times a year !!"


How did Camila's Cleaning Service come about?

"I started by helping others clean their homes, offices you name it! These companies were great experiences for me but they weren't good with the details of treating their employees well. They usually wanted us to clean 5-6 houses a day for the money! I remembered the one day I quit with two other ladies I worked with. They had us clean 14 houses!! I was so exhausted that I decide to launch my own business and work the way I always wanted and since then I NEVER looked back!"

"Lastly, a general deep cleaning when Spring starts and then a deep cleaning before the Winter is ideal!" #GETINTOUCH and SOCIAL with Camila's Cleaning Services! PHONE: 617.909.3490 FB: Camilas Cleaning Services IG: @camilascleaningservices

Photos: Property of Jesse Setaro

Photos: Property of Camila's Cleaning Service


Breast Cancer Survivor Empowering Women Through Fashion

Meet Rising Entrepreneur, Shauneen Donlon What foundation are you involved in?

Meet this amazing Mom of three who is empowering women through fashion at her lifestyle boutique Revel in Winchester, Massachusetts! "Being a breast cancer survivor, it also gave me gifts that I am blessed for. Professionally, I’ve learned to persevere. experience and acknowledge hard work. These are key factors to running a successful business. Personally, my husband & I are closer, I have an appreciation of how precious life is, and am grateful to be able to give back to foundations/my own community thru out the year." "When you come to Revel, it’s like you're visiting my home. We take care of you! I remember everyone by name, their story, what they do, married, not married, kids, no kids..I make sure I get to know their lifestyle. "

“Giving back is so important to me. I am proud to be a supporter of Uncommon Threads, located in Lawrence, MA. It's a non-profit that empowers low-income women to live their best lives by utilizing personal development coaching and individualized wardrobe styling to build self esteem & self-worth. Revel donates new clothing & jewelry throughout the year to support this program, I also plan to donate my time once a month, to be an in person stylist for them."

"Second, lots of denim options that are soft and not stiff, especially with elastin in them so they move with your body. Pull on pant options also are big now." "Third, colors or prints are strong for this Spring/Summer season, A top that looks great for a zoom, but can be worn out to do errands or can be transitioned for a night out, with the right accessories or layered. Muted, heather grays or neutral tones, are always a staple too!"

Who is Revel’s ideal customer?

What are top 3 trends you are seeing for New Moms or Moms working from home? "First, Moms need easy, machine washable clothing, line dry, that flatter their bodies, and make them feel good."

“Revel’s ideal customer is the woman who needs help pulling her wardrobe together. She relies on us for style advice, so that she’s dressed well in clothes that fit her body, lifestyle & budget. I want Revel to be a destination for a total shopping experience. Giving each Customer an exceptional, personalized service, with a curated assortment of goods, for one- stop shopping!"

#GETSOCIAL & SHOP WITH REVEL: EMAIL: IG: @revel_winchester PHONE: 781-570-2117

ARE YOU NEXT? NEXTonSCENE® Magazine 24k readership NEXTonSCENE Events Join our nationwide community: Jackie Zuk Community on Facebook @nextonscene #nextonscene


What to consider when it comes to purchasing a home ...

with Senior Loan Originator, Judy DiRubio What are THREE things to consider when it comes to purchasing a home with our finances? "1. How much can I afford to pay every month? 2. How much can I put down? 3. How is my credit?"

"I am currently training for a cycling trip to climb the Apennines in Tuscany in the spring. This will be very intense and will require a lot of preparation.

Judy has one amazing career in Real Estate as a Senior Loan Officer at Academy Mortgage.

The longest 1 day rides I have done were the B2B. A 148 mile ride from the Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA to the Harpoon Brewery in VT! Leaving at 4:30AM and arriving at 2:00PM in VT! A long day for a beer!"

She has been in the lending world for 37 years!

What is a goal you have for yourself over the next year?

Talk about a real estate resume! When it comes to purchasing a home, Judy has got you covered. We are so excited to spotlight Judy as a Rising Entrepreneur to know ! This year she is rebranding and truly stepping out in the social media world! What inspired you to become a Loan Originator? "Around the time that my mom became a real estate agent in the 90's, loan origination was born. A couple of my bank colleagues jumped ship and I soon followed. There we were in the new world of mortgage originators! I never looked back!"

How much time does a hybrid closing save? "We are just doing the hybrid closings as of January 2022. So far, the consumer has been loving it! I am guessing, it saves about 30 to 45 minutes at the closing!" "Outside of being a Loan Originator, we know you are also one inspiring cyclist! Can you share with us what you are currently training for and the longest ride you have ever done?"

"Personally, training for the Tuscany trip is a huge goal along with riding my 19th PanMass Challenge (PMC) ride and raising $10,000 for cancer research for Dana Farber. In my 19 years I have personally raised over $124,000! Professionally, I am refreshing my look and reaching out to new ways of doing business!"


NEXTonSCENE Production. Photographer: @modernbrandphotography | Makeup @creativecontourbycarla


tips for women to consider when working out post birth

meet rising entrepreneur fitness artist, penny meletlidis What is a Fitness Artist? "I’m a graphic designer and a fitness trainer and equally as passionate about both professions. Although I work with many clients for design work and health & wellness separately, I also have clients who need both of my services at the same time. For example, a bride-to-be may need wedding invitations while also training to feel good in her wedding gown before the big day. Or a new mom may need baptism or first birthday invitations for her child while also aiming to shed some of that baby weight!


As for fitness training in particular, I’m always working with my clients to keep my workouts unique, fun and effective all at the same time." Photo: Ali Sohrab


We nominated Penny as a Rising Entrepreneur because she has overcome so much through becoming a Mom and inspiring others through

her weight loss journey. She also has had an amazing comeback re-opening her graphic design business post pandemic!

What inspired your fitness journey to begin after designing invitations for so many years? "During the pandemic, I saw my passion shifting from graphic design to fitness training, especially since all of my design work had sadly faded away. It was a scary time not knowing what would happen to my design business that I had built from scratch over 10 years ago. Events had all been canceled and it was so unclear as to when life would go back to normal. I expanded my expertise as a group fitness instructor at a boxing studio known as Title Boxing Club, where I not only became a boxing instructor but also became a personal trainer and expanded my business as a coach in personal training and nutrition. The one missing puzzle to all this was the ownership aspect. My graphic design business is my very own, while the studios are not. In working with Jackie Zuk, I realized that I didn’t want to give up on my design business and decided to do… both! That’s where my title as Fitness Artist came into play."

What are your tips for women to consider when working out post birth? "The best advice I can possibly give is to be patient, be consistent, and remember that self care is necessary and makes you a better mom (and person in general). Results take time. Start small. Create mini goals to reach that big goal. For example, if your ultimate goal is to lose 40 pounds, start by losing 5. Be consistent with the good choices you make. Keep it simple. Drink water. Rest. Exercise. Eat healthy. Practice self care. Repeat daily. We mothers are so hard on ourselves. We are so good at putting ourselves last and yet so bad at being kind to our bodies. We are sleep-deprived and brain-fried, all while caring for our families. Many of us mothers are also working high-stress jobs and then rushing home to feed our kids, do laundry, wash dishes. It never ends. Therefore, it’s so important to understand that sometimes we’ll have good days and sometimes we simply won’t. Get up, dust off your shoulders, try again. It’s not always going to be easy, but when you reach that goal it’s always so rewarding."

What is NEXT for Penny? "My professional goal is to expand my growing business and to hire more help. I want to be able to help my kids with homework while invitations are still being designed. I want to be able to train a client at the gym while a logo design is being designed for another client at the same time. My ultimate goal is to have a community-based facility for fitness training but also a design and print shop. I want to offer both of my passions as services under one roof. If you can dream it then you can achieve it! I’m excited for what’s to come. I just have to practice what I preach: I have to be patient and understand that it’ll take time to achieve my goals. I have to be consistent and know that even if I fail I can still get back up and try again. Giving up is simply not an option."

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From Radio To Real Estate Meet Rising Entrepreneur, Kim Douglas What were you doing prior to real TOP three things people should consider when looking to buy or sell a home in one of the estate? BUSIEST seasons: Spring-Summer 2022? "I was an on air personality in radio in Philadelphia for 20 years. I was on a First, Make sure you’re armed with a good team of few different stations with various including a lender, realtor and real formats, mostly on in the morning as a professionals estate attorney! part of an ensemble group. I also did some television with appearances on Second, No matter how “hot” the market is, the local stations doing entertainment Photo: PARLR has got to be priced right from the start, news and traffic. As the industry was house After being in Radio for 20+. years, we changing, I felt it was time for me to as you’ll never lose money that way! were so excited to nominate Kim as a well. I started taking real estate , If you’re buying, don’t get frustrated with a Rising Realtor to know! This issue she classes while I was in radio and when Third busy market. is sharing the TOP three things people the time was right I dove into real should consider when looking to buy estate full time." Share one of your most memorable stories or sell a home in one of the BUSIEST with a client. seasons: Spring-Summer 2022! "It’s very uncommon anymore for buyers and sellers to meet. In this case, my seller walked the new Kim takes pride in knowing she buyer around the house, sharing little stories and makes each of her clients feel like tips about the house. They laughed, got along so well they are the only people she is and even hugged, I needed to capture it….I took a working with. "I do not have a picture of the two of them and told them just how team, so I make sure that I am rare it is to see buyer and seller bonding like that. It available to them for one of the was so heartwarming to see my seller passing the MOST important transactions baton!'

they may ever be a part of. I also consistently level up to make sure I’m always using the best possible technology to market my client’s properties to the biggest possible group of potential buyers."

Photo: Alex Dusterfeld

Check out Kim's podcast 'Bold Like Her" LIVE every Monday on Apple Podcast, Spotify and MORE.

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One Amazing Birth Doula Changing The Industry Meet Rising Entrepreneur, Rebecca Coluntino So for those unfamiliar with a Birth Doula, What is a Birth Doula? "A Birth Doula supports families through the birthing process, through pregnancy, labor and some postpartum. Whether someone has an epidural or not, hospital vs. home birth, vaginal birth or cesarean, we help all families feel fully prepared for their birth experience. Research shows that when you have someone at your birth who was not related to you, and not a staff member of the hospital, but an outside person such as a Doula, who is there to solely support you and your goals it can lessen your chance for a cesarean birth.

Becky was a HUGE asset to our Editor in Chief's son's birth and beyond. We are so excited to spotlight her as a rising entrepreneur to know! Becky has been in the medical field almost 13 years as an occupational therapist, now doula and business owner. She lives in Melrose, MA with her husband and two sons. They had such positive experiences using doula services and felt fully informed of their choices and what to do at each stage of labor as well as in her postpartum recovery. She wanted to give back to her community the kind of support they had and this turned out to be a perfect fit with her OT background. She is the founder of Capstone Doula Services. They service families in Boston, the Northshore, and surrounding areas.

They also help people use less pain medication, and resulted in a more satisfactory birth experience overall. Having a Doula at your birth, you’re able to have the benefit of mental distraction through your contractions (meditation, reiki, visualization) and using hands-on skills of counter pressures massages, and position changes. Whether they're in or out of bed."

Leading up to Birth, how else do you help families? "We’re not only there for the birthing person. We teach both parents how to self advocate for their wishes and how to ask the right questions to make informed decisions. We teach coping skills and important hands-on techniques that you can use even prior to going into the hospital when you’re in early labor. We also teach how to best support your partner while they’re in pain and educate the families on what to expect to see at each stage of labor. At the end of the day, we really look out for everyone in the room to make sure everyone remains alert, healthy and present, but also rested when needed."

How do Birth Doulas differentiate themselves in the birth room vs. the nurses and doctors? "Doulas are really doing all of the hands-on assist and coping skills through labor. We don’t provide medical advice...

We also don’t work for the hospital. We are solely at the birth to support the family and give unbiased, non-judgmental support. We give silence when it's needed and can remind you of your birth wishes in labor. Our goal is to keep the environment calm, keep the mood light in the room, and help everyone to work as a team. "

If people are on the fence of hiring a birth doula, what are two things they should consider around their birth? "1: Believe it or not, a lot of things on your registry you might not end up using. Mental and Physical Support are so important. Birth and Postpartum Doulas are definitely two people you should consider having on your registry! Having a support system is so important for having a positive experience not only during labor but these experiences can also affect you in your postpartum recovery. Having support sets you up for success. 2: Especially with a pandemic, people feel really isolated when they’re pregnant and having babies right now. I think as Doulas we’ve had a positive impact on the labor experience and also postpartum depression and anxiety. Being able to recognize when someone needs to reach out for help, not only for mental health but with breast-feeding, etc. We are trained to recognize these things and we have resources to recommend so that people can get the help they need, early on."

What other services do you offer? Labor Doula, Postpartum and Infant care Doula and Child Birth Classes, Newborn Education + Overnight Postpartum Doula.

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Life Changing Newborn Care + Sleep Specialist Meet Rising Entrepreneur, Erin Carroll-Manning If you don't know Gentle Giraffes Newborn Care and Family Services yet, you should!

How does an NCS differentiate from a doula or a nanny?

Gentle Giraffes has been a major asset to our Editor in Chief's postpartum support.

A Postpartum Doula (PPD) traditionally mother's the mother and supports the household as a whole. They educate families on birth recovery, basic newborn care, keeps the household running by doing household chores, sibling care, helping the parents with time management, allowing them to eat a hot meal, sleep in or snuggle with the baby while the parents get a hot shower. Lots of times a PPD is trained in mood disorders and lactation. They typically work with families the first 6 weeks postpartum. There are many PPD's who do overnights too.

We couldn't wait to share more with you if you are not familiar on who and what Erin and Gentle Giraffes offers! Erin is the Founder of Gentle Giraffes Newborn Care and Family Services and has been in the Newborn Care Industry for over 25 years! Erin is a trained Master Newborn Care Specialist (NCS), trained Postpartum Doula (PPD), Car Seat Tech, and a lactation support specialist. In addition to these she is trained in Respectful Care for Newborns, Infants and Toddlers.

Photo: Gentle Giraffes

What is a Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)? "A seasoned NCS educates, guides and supports parents to make the transition into parenthood as smooth as possible whether it's their 1st child or even their 5th! Most people think an NCS just allows them to get sleep, in reality NCS's do a whole lot more. They are the middle person bridging the gap between the Docs and the Books. Most NCS's do overnights but many work around the clock 3-7 days a week. Each NCS typically supports a family for 12-16 weeks but many stay as long as 6 months or even a year. When clients work with Gentle Giraffes Newborn Care, we strive to bring them top notch quality care guiding them in different avenues of support the newborn may need all while troubleshooting colic, fussiness, over tiredness, overstimulation, feeding difficulties, physical body tensions from being in the womb as well as delivering, and setting up a secure attachment environment for the baby to thrive and the family to enjoy the first 12-20 weeks."

A nanny is someone who comes in during the day. They usually have little to no training in child care and they take full direction from the family and are employees of the family. There are many professional nannies who are highly educated in the emotional, physical, and mental development of children. They work as a team with the parents helping and guiding them to raise these children, like a 3rd "parent". They normally have knowledge and understanding in many forms of discipline as well as child rearing philosophies. Professional nannies are employees of the home/families and do take direction from the family, they have more input on kids activities, schedules, nutrition and development than others. Being a professional nanny is not at all about just playing with babies and toddlers all day long, There is so much more that goes into the well being of the child. Anyone who is with children 25+hours a week are having a HUGE impact on these children's lives forever. That takes way more skills in effective communication, healthy firm boundaries that leaves the children feeling strong and confident, navigating toddler tantrums that supports healthy emotional development rather than just playing all day.

If someone is on the fence about hiring a NCS what are things they should consider? "This type of service is an investment into the well being of the family. These types of services have been known to help reduce postpartum mood disorders and depression as it allows the birthing parent to get more sleep which also aids in recovering better and reduces the internal stress. They empower the family to be even better parents as they have an expert in their home they can rely on for education and encouragement. They can learn from an expert on some of the small tips the books and Docs don't tell you. Qualified and Seasoned NCS's help navigate many of the obstacles newborns present that are not deemed medical hindrances. There are a plethora of reasons to consider when discussing this type of investment for your family."

Photo: Gentle Giraffes

When should parents start the sleep training process? "Six months is when sleep training should begin. That's when the circadian rhythm has fully developed, they are over the fourth trimester and really settling in. However, we start healthy sustainable habits from day one, when we do this and clients follow our suggestions, the newborns are sleeping 8-12 hours between 12-16 weeks old. We can't guarantee this as many factors go into it. This has been the majority of our results with healthy babies."

How did Gentle Giraffes Newborn Care and Family Services come about? "Gentle Giraffes Newborn Care is a vision I have had since I was a young girl. I have always loved working with children and supporting families. I also always thought of and wanted to start my own company. For years I just never knew how I could do both until about 2013/2014 time frame. That's when I set out on a mission to be where I am today. It's been a labor of love and all my own blood, sweat and tears. I literally have had no one help me build this besides my own two hands. My husband is there to support me and take over the day to day things that a typical wife does so I could work 100 hours a week, could travel to take top notch classes and could network and learn as much as I could in my position. At this point it has taken me almost 10 years to build what I have. Many have tried to stop me from pushing through to achieve the vision I had at 10/11 years old.but here I am ;)"

What services do you offer? "Overnights, Day support, Travel, Healthy sleep Habits, 24/7's, Nutrition, Lactation 101, Baby 101, Birth doula + Virtual support."

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Who is Eliza B.? She is one of our newest Editors at NEXTonSCENE. In this article she shares her journey about her unexpected pregnancy. Although finding out I was pregnant turned out to be great news, it was completely unexpected! My husband and I had just shaken off the wedding jitters and had barely even unpacked the clothes in our new house when I got those two blue lines. So as I said, it was completely unexpected!! And I’m here to give you the REAL, SWOLLEN, UNEXERCISED truth of it! SO NOW WHAT? While most people start thinking of who to tell the big news first, one of the most important steps of my pregnancy journey has been finding and taking advantage of the support system I never knew I needed. It’s different for everyone. For some, it’s their parents or other couples. For me, it was mostly my sisters. But the most surprising to me, was my neighbors! Moving an hour away from your home of 30 years, and not knowing anyone in your area can be scary- pregnant or not! But I quickly learned that I had the best support system I needed right on my own block! From baby swings to cribs, to daily check-ins and advice, they have been the biggest help to me! I am beyond lucky to these caring and genuine ladies in my life!

As important as the positive support in your life is, I do want to mention the other side of this that a lot of people tend to ignore. The reality is, not everyone in our lives are a positive influence. Whether it’s a family member or a long time friend, it is important- especially during pregnancy- to set boundaries and protect your mental health. The first step to motherhood is making sure you and your baby are your first priority. Sadly, sometimes that means distancing yourself from certain people, even just temporarily, to ensure your pregnancy is as stress free as possible. You have enough to worry about!

Possibly one of the hardest times in history to find out your pregnant is during Covid! We are all already feeling isolated and unsure of surroundings. Finding out that it’s not just your health you have to worry about may be very scary! I feel that it is important to stay calm and not become frantic and overwhelmed by fear. Find healthy and safe ways to fill your time, especially with the pandemic still lingering. Finding a doctor was one of the most daunting and stressful parts for me. I was over an hour away from my lifetime gynecologist, and I had to find someone who took my new health insurance and fast. I’ve had some less than satisfactory experiences with doctors in the past, and it was honestly really scary for me to take on this hugely important task. I used a website called "zocdoc" that showed me who accepted my insurance, a photo of them and their availability. I could just scroll through the list at my own pace in the comfort of my home. It made the process so much easier! I ended up connecting with a great doctor- he even gives out special cookies at the end of each visit! What a way to win a pregnant woman’s heart!!

There are also many potential “problems” that can be easy to get worked up over, especially when hearing these medical terms for the first time. During my journey, it felt like every time I went to the doctor they told me something was wrong “but not to worry”. A lot of the time I got a sonogram, they mentioned my ‘baby was breech’sounds scary right?! A breeched baby just means that he’s facing down or backwards. This is nothing to get worked up over. The baby is still constantly moving around inside of you, mine moved before the end of my ultra sound a lot of the time! A breech is not a big deal at all until the end of pregnancy! Another issue I had was “having too much cord near the baby’s face”. So they scheduled me for a high risk ultrasound. A few days later and by that time there was no cord near the baby’s face. They said he was probably just playing with it!! My point is, when talking about babies, we all worry, including doctors! There’s tons of extra precautions taken during this time! But try to remember to stay calm, and in the words of Grey’s Anatomy “let’s not worry until we have to”. Create A Realistic Birth Plan That Works FOR YOU: Whether you're having a vaginal or c-section birth, it is important to have some sort of plan in place for yourself. This is where getting yourself a birth doula can be helpful. Figuring out ideal goals for your birth. Sometimes everything never goes as planned, so being flexible is key. Having guidelines and a prepped birth bag in case of an emergency is important. As someone that’s not big on group classes or professional help, it was a bit of an overwhelming process to come to terms with my pregnancy. I was a drinker and cigarette smoker and enjoyed living my life on my terms. That all came to a crashing halt when I got those two blue lines, and to be totally honest it wasn’t something I was entirely ready for. I definitely want to emphasize this because I want any moms/ moms-to-be who are reading this, that may be struggling, to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


The REAL, SWOLLEN, UN-EXERCISED TRUTH ABOUT THE PREGNANCY JOURNEY with Eliza b. Body changes are obvious and expected during a time like this.

You think you can see your baby maker?! THINK AGAIN. See you in a couple months! Feeling big and swollen doesn’t stop at the boobs and belly! Even on my most rested days, my legs feel SO HEAVY! Elevating your feet is so important! It helps with circulation and to relieve the pressure. It’s been super helpful for me! It is also so important to try and keep active. Whether you are super active or on bed rest, just be sure you talk to your doctor about potentially doing light exercise and be patient with yourself.


Pre-pregnancy, I have to admit, that my favorite vegetable was potatoes and I was not a fan of many others! Fast forward 7 months into my pregnancy, the ONLY thing I want to eat, everyday single day, is Brussel sprouts! It’s been a complete 180 degree turn! Something takes over inside of you and makes you want things you have never even tasted before. It’s crazy how the baby knows you like a food before you even know! It’s not always pickles or pizza, sometimes it’s something totally simple you would’ve never eaten before.

5 things you might not realize until you go through it! 1.The waddle is REAL! A lot of the time, we don’t see women truly waddling until they look like they’re about to pop. Personally, I started ‘waddling’ before even 6 months! This could be because I was small before my pregnancy or because my body became so full. Regardless, I quickly learned that THE WADDLE IS REAL! 2. You’re gonna need backup for your back up - Constipation! I have always been one of those people who has pooped every morning, right on schedule. Since the beginning of my pregnancy, things started to back up immediately. This was super frustrating. My OB actually gave me this all-natural, easy recipe for “poop paste” that her OB gave her when she was pregnant. It was a life changer and I’ll share it with you!

Who knows you better than yourself, right? You would think that pregnancy cravings are something you’d be able to predict before actually getting pregnant, but boy was I wrong!

3. MOISTURE CONTROL! If you think constipation is something you don’t want to talk about, there are other things in private parts that can be most aggravating, including "the sweats." There’s not enough panty liners or showers in this world that can solve this problem! And if this happens to you too, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

4. Google is LIFE! Though some may disagree and advise against it, Google has become my most used ally during this pregnancy! It can be hard to reach out to doctors or friends (especially non-pregnant ones) about all of these strange, new changes your body is going through. Google has been a life saver for finding quick answers for the things I’d never want to ask! Use your discretion and if something seems confusing check with a medical professional. 5. Financial stability: Even with the best health insurance, you’re still looking at monthly and weekly copays. For someone on a budget, the extra $100-$200 a month can add up fast. And that’s before the baby is even here! Be sure to plan ahead for this. POOP PASTE RECIPE 1 cup corse ground wheat bran (amazon) 1/2 cup apple sauce 1/4 cup prune juice And mix!! Add some cinnamon to make it taste better! Refrigerate and take 1 tbsp each night and increase daily until you have regular poops.

In conclusion, no matter what your situation is, it can be hard to know what to expect especially if your pregnancy is unexpected!! Everyone’s journey is unique, and it should be! No matter where you in your journey, I hope this article gave you some insight. I wish you the best of luck on this amazing next step in your life. .

Eliza B.


Happy Parents - Happy Baby - Six Ways to Navigate Emotional Health with Lessons by Laney As much as you love and are in awe of the newest family member, it is vitally important to remember to take care of YOU too! This is key to your success as a parent and navigating your emotional health.

SECOND: Sleep must be a priority (even if it is reduced for awhile).

Here are 6 important reminders on your journey: FIRST: Understand that it is not uncommon to feel stressed, sleep deprived, anxious, depressed or overwhelmed at times. On November 24th, 2021, I officially, with great honor, took on the roll of GiGi-mom to our amazing little A.J.!

It is important, actually vital, for you to take some time for yourself. Though you will want to spend as much time as possible with your baby, be sure to carve out “me” and “we” time. Words cannot express the joy and wonder of Andrew Benjamin Jr’s adorable and magical addition to our family! Jackie and Andrew Sr. are doing an amazing job and they are certainly learning that becoming a parent is one of life’s most rewarding yet challenging ventures! Starting a new family or welcoming another child into the clan is a huge milestone! Though there will be many joyful moments, it isn’t always easy! There are many changes and adjustments on the horizon.

Ask a family member, friend or hire someone that you trust (and have thoroughly checked out with references) that can help you.

One of the most important components to keeping up with positive mental and physical health is to make certain we rest our bodies and minds so they can heal us, regenerate us and keep us healthy. Anyone with babies will tell you that sleep is often a luxury in the early months. If the baby is not sleeping through the night yet, create a schedule with your partner, friend or family member to alternate taking care of the little one. If you are fortunate to have a Doula, they can also be of tremendous help during the early weeks and months. Also, be sure to take advantage of baby’s nap time during the day. Even if you can’t take a nap yourself, try to rest up or do something relaxing during those intervals. THIRD: Reach out to other parents.

Even just a few hours each week of taking care of you can have a huge impact on improving your mental, emotional and physical health. Though it’s normal to feel some stress from time to time, keeping calm and being relaxed around the little one as often as possible is essential.

New Parent? We want to hear from you! W W W . N E X T O N S C E N E . C O M NEXTonSCENE 25

Happy Parents - Happy Baby - Six Ways to Navigate Emotional Health with Lessons by Laney Whether online, on the phone or in-person, talking with other parents can be immensely helpful and a relief. Sharing experiences, suggestions, difficulties and just knowing someone can relate and listen can be invaluable. You will feel less alone and more connected. FOURTH: Have a go-to person.

These positive, loving moments are crucial for both baby and parent and will pave the way (and neural pathways in the brain) to strong emotional and psychological health for your life and your baby’s. This will help immensely with something called secure attachment. This can greatly help your child throughout their lifespan. Research has shown that “secure” attachment in a baby leads to strong self-esteem and healthier relationships during adolescence and adulthood. SIXTH: Carve out YOU time on the calendar!

Whether this is your partner, best friend, a close family member, a mentor or professional, be sure to reach out to that person when you need to talk. Being a new parent brings so many new experiences and can stir up lots of emotions and feelings. Talking and being reassured can bring a sense of calm and relief. FIFTH: Bond with your baby.

Bonding with your baby during quiet, feeding or playful moments are so important to the health and wellbeing of your baby and YOU. Whether it is singing a song, talking to them, holding them, reading or playing with them, these wonderful moments can have a lifetime positive impact moving forward. Research shows that the first five years of life, a child’s brain develops over 90%.

ARE Don’t forget on your must do list that it’s important to plan date nights, get togethers with friends, simple things like going to the gym, taking a long walk or go get your hair done! Don’t just make “me” time about your career. Yes, time will be more limited and of course you want to leave your child with a loving, trusting adult, but remember that part of keeping a healthy mind, spirit and body are crucial to being a good, loving parent. Children learn from example. The new journey and path that is ahead can be rewarding, loving, exciting, challenging and demanding. The healthiest path to being a loving, empathic parent is to be your best self and you will only get there by remembering it really is OK and a necessity to take good care of yourself now and always.


With best wishes, Laney Z.

Laney Zukerman is a Self Published Author, Relationship Expert and has over TWO MILLION VIEWS on

W W W . N E X T O N S C E N E . C O M

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next stop: motherhood editorials from your founder The importance of really finding your "birth tribe" as my doulas say, could not have been more important during this time. I am so grateful to my Birth Doula and Newborn Care Specialist. You can read more about (Capstone Doula Services and Gentle Giraffes Newborn Care + Family Services) in this issue as well!

Talk about one of the most life changing experiences you could ever have, parenthood is it!

Having a Birth Doula is so KEY to speak on your behalf and know the ins and outs of questions to ask, positions you can try, calm and relax you during an overwhelming and stressful time.

There is also this new role you take on as a parent and business owner. Who you are now versus who you use to be. Your priorities change. Your body changes. You can be one of the most reliable people on the planet and still not get your to-do lists completed the way they use to. I truly never realized how flexible my life was until I had my son! Those late nights of going out with your friends and family, watching endless TV /Netflix series, The flexibility to schedule work meetings, sleeping in.. that is DEFINITELY something that takes a backseat at least in the early years.

As I am writing this editorial, I can't help but share I am having writers block as my life has taken a huge turn of events in a beautiful way but also an overwhelming way. My original fur mom and business owner life now has a human baby. My priorities and my life have COMPLETELY shifted. What usually took me 1-6 hours to do now can take me days. As my little guy is currently sleeping on my shoulder, at 4.5 months, all I can say is that this age is by far one of my favorites!! These are some of the most amazing moments you could ever have.

I think the first four months were some of the hardest moments I have ever experienced in my life. The minimal sleep factor was exhausting. No matter how much help you can have, for someone who loves routine you need to learn PATIENCE and FLEXIBILITY!

Your Birth Doula is there for YOU, your partner and or friend/family member. The hospitals are amazing but at the end of the day they have tons of other patients to attend too. They also help prep you for your birth, things to put in your birth bag not only for you but for your partner. They share signs to know when you are heading into labor and movements to help dilate the baby faster. Even with all my prep work, we were never prepared that my labor would be 36 hours. Knowledge is power and It is better to know you have options rather than feeling pressured to make immediate decisions. It is so crazy to think no matter how intense our experiences are, it completely stops as soon as the baby is born! Our little AJ (Andrew Jr.) was born on the 24th of November.


next stop: Motherhood editorials from your founder Have a pet? Are you worried they going to get along? That theory you heard about of "bringing something home to your pet before coming home with the baby" definitely works! Also, before you go into your house with your new family member, go in and greet your pet first to make them know how loved they are and all is okay.

For those of you who read this magazine that are parents, and those who run their own business; I have to share that juggling both has been a whole experience of it's own! I am NOT at all suggesting this but I truthfully have not taken a real maternity leave. Days after leaving the hospital I was still overseeing behind the scenes of my business. I love what I do at the end of the day, so truthfully it doesn't feel like work.Even if you have a lot of help with a growing business, there is still that factor that if the job doesn't go smoothly it does fall on you at the end of the day. If you can allow yourself to TAKE THE TIME OFF-DO IT! REST AND TRUST. My clients and team overall were so supportive even though I was working behind the scenes, I didn't take in-person meetings for 6 weeks. Trust everything works out because it always does.

When we got home, we put the car seat on the floor and let the dog sniff him to get familiar with his smell! She gave him kisses right away, it was the absolute cutest! Now she gives him endless love and are his guardian! The next thing you should consider is a Newborn Care Specialist.

As I am in the midst of searching for a Nanny, I can't help but be grateful for all of these moments I get to share with my son. I am a work horse for those who know me, but at the end of the day nothing can replace your family and moments together. Life is too short to not be present. These moments go so fast and each day I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to get to share this story with you and reflect on my life the past few months.

They are here to educate and help you post baby. Helping you with overnight and day support. Our NCS has been nothing short of amazing. She has helped us with sleep training and bottle Feeding AJ since he was born. Now he is sleeping through the night ! With her help, we got the rest we needed and she also let us focus on SLEEP right after coming home from the hospital. She also helps care for AJ certain days during the week so we can have some sort of normality we had prior to having a child.

Women are amazing humans that create life. To everyone who reads this who is a parent and or wants to be a parent I commend you endlessly.

Until next issue..Happy Spring/Summer Season :)

J ac ki e





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Be Fully Prepared and Supported for Birth & Beyond

Burpees and kale are not the holy grail to fitness success.

We Bridge The Gap Between the Docs and the Books

with Kathrine Bright

with Becky Coluntino



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Professional Wellness Chef, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Concierge Services


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Explore the Art of Your Being

with Carla Chalah


with Erin Carroll-Manning



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Caring For Moms With Cancer

Founded by Alison Fitzgerald, Trish McCoy and Jill Pine




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Wellness Where Art and Medicine Meet

with Erin B.


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Online Counseling Psychologist

Turning Your Sips into Your Sidehustle

with Alisha Phipps


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Master Your Mindset Manifest Your Dreams

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The Relationship Coach Laney Zukerman

with Bonnie Wims

"Have a Treat and a Smile. Dog Treats Powered by Chia."

Bee 🐝 Beautiful, Healthy + Toxin Free!

with Body Peace Coach, Nina Manolson


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Never Stop Even at 50! Senior Application Analyst By Day.. Wellness Lifestyle Blogger by Night.

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Wellness See, Believe and Walk Your Path International Psychic Medium Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

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Fashion & Beauty Your way to dissolve into the world

Shoes that make you Smile! with Carla Balzano Feel as beautiful as YOU look!

with Mauryn Kkira with Artist, Educator, Designer, Diana Stelin





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Let me show you how to remove the stress from getting dressed and replace it with more joy and ease.

With Image Consultant, Ginger Burr

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Luxury Spray Tans with Kate Egan


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A lifestyle boutique selling women’s clothing, gifts & personal luxuries.

with Shauneen Donlon

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Business "Creating financial security for generations to come"

Technology + Experience= Great Results!

with Judy DiRubio with Phoebe Story


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Ali The Agent

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Have A Successful Sales Transaction

Married To Real Estate

with Realtor, Kim Douglas

with Amanda & Gerard George

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Helping you protect your family and your legacy.


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with Joan Vaccaro

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"Let's Make Your Real Estate Dreams Come True"

D E L O R Y L A W . C O M

with Andrew & Paul Delory, Esq.

with Michelle Reed & Kendra O'Toole


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You Own It, We Do Everything Else! with Andrew Delory



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Business Tap into the power of Influencer Marketing!

with Chelsea Marrs & Rob Grann.


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Made Fresh, Made With Love

Design. Print. Inspire. With Penny Meletlidis

with Emma Jean



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with Mari & Anthony


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Remember, Gemz are everywhere!

This could be YOU! DIY Event Planning For Any Budget Plan and host your parties like an Event Pro! With Melissa Cossette

With Host, Michelle Sofi


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