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34 Celebrity Stylist, Justin Anderson

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Get It Girl TV


How does the color you wear effect your mood by Laney Zukerman 9 5 Activewear Trends for Spring by Toni Ferrara  11 Handbags and   Health with Chiropractor, Suzanne Cosmos 12 NEXTonSCENE Beauty   5 Steps to Smooth Spring Skin by Kayla Paine 27 Exclusive Interview with Makeup  Artist, Chelsea Corbett 28 Exclusive Interview with Hair Stylist with Carolyn Vitello 31 Exclusive Interview with Makeup Artist, Carla Balzano 32

Recipes by Rosa Spring Cocktails


ARE YOU NEXT?! We want to hear from for our SUMMER ISSUE !

LONG-LASTING, PROUDLY VEGAN, 5-FREE SHADES Premium hand-blended formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl pthalate or camphor. WWW.DELUSHPOLISH.COM


Some favorites who have been "SEEN" since our last issue! #nextonscene

Letter from the Editor



Spring 2018 is upon us and better then ever! This issue we have an exclusive interview with Former Real Housewife, Gretchen Rossi. We learn about her latest ventures with her NEW vegan nail polish line with Twila True Beauty and her NEW vegan bag line with Gretchen Christine Collection! We also have some AMAZING designers we are showcasing who's lines and boutiques are NEXT to know about. We also can't forget to give you an exclusive DIVE into my getaway to the Dominican Republic reviewing the Majestic Mirage!  Exciting news coming this summer and fall: EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE ON OUR SPRING FASHION SHOW this summer AND MY WEDDING this fall! Until next issue, Happy READING!

Cover Design: Adrianna Gonzalez-Shreeve Cover Photo: Mario Barberio


Majestic Mirage

Majestic Mirage

PUNTA CANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Photo by: Meaghan Alexandria Huculak at Majestic Mirage Resorts


If you are looking for a romantic getaway or even a nice, relaxing vacation with the family,the Majestic Mirage in Punta Cana is the place for you. 

The Dominican is PRIME time vacation season from January-April. If you are looking for the best weather, I recommend planning your vacation around then.

An added bonus to make your feel like royalty, you will be assigned your own private butler (more on our fabulous private butler in a minute) .

I have never been to Punta Cana in my life so I didn't really have much to compare it too. All I can tell you is everything you need is in this resort or the two neighboring resorts when it comes to restaurants and activities. 

Now of course, we can't forget that this resort is ALL inclusive! You can go to any restaurant at any time of the day pending their schedules.

The grand entrance area is BEAUTIFUL with waterfalls and engravings.

What I love most is the privacy this resort offers. You can be on the family side and have your enjoyment of quality family time OR across the path on the other side of the hotel offers an adults only section for honeymooners, anniversary celebrations and more. 

You can expect FRESH, ORGANIC food available from room service to restaurants at ALL times! 

Your butler then gives you a private tour of the hotel showing you the restaurants, schedules, live music, concert times and much more. 

For this article I am going to speak from the adult side of the vacation as I attended my friends wedding at this resort in January.  

We were so fortunate to have a butler who got us whatever we needed, whenever we needed it. 

Upon arrival at the hotel, you are greeted with complimentary glasses of champagne.

Make sure to check out The Hibachi/Sushi Restaurant, it is the best one at the Mirage. 5

My other personal favorite restaurant was at their neighboring hotel, the Majestic Elegance's Steakhouse.



They both book fast so be sure to plan ahead, tell your butler and make your reservations!

What is it like being a private butler? Well, lucky me, I got to interview Reynaldo. Reynaldo lives eight hours away from his wife and daughters and works fifteen days on and then three days off. On his days off, he goes home for family time and during the work week, he got a place closer to the resort. 

 As the sun begins to set, and your day at the beach is coming to a close, be sure to check out the gorgeous pool bar and cabanas.      YES, this is me above in my favorite pool cabana! You can say for SURE, I was enjoying my down time out of the office!  

 Now, what I didn't tell you was that we had nice surprise and were upgraded to a duplex suite. This included a private balcony with our own cabana and jacuzzi.  One night our butler, Reynaldo decorated our whole staircase with rose petals leading up to the jacuzzi! He even surprises guests on their honeymoon and anniversaries with some special decor as well that you can see above on the right. 

 Now let's talk about our private butler, Reynaldo.  When traveling there are always higher rates on your cellphone for being out of the country. Therefore, all of the butlers use "whatsapp" which is a free app on the iPhone or Android to access one another at all times! From the minute we checked in to our hotel room,  Reynaldo was there to make sure we always had a stocked fridge, our room was cleaned, he was able to get us impossible reservations and even helped me schedule my spa appointment.

Overall Reynaldo and The Majestic Mirage gets FIVE STARS!   

Book your trip today, you won't regret it.    


TOP 3 SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS FOR SPRING By Dash of Social Founder, Ashley Mason With warmer weather, comes our motivation to get back onto social media and start marketing the heck out of our businesses! The constant algorithm changes for both Instagram and Facebook, have caused us to change up how we do social media. Follow these three tips to stay ahead of the game.

#GETSOCIAL with Ashley TW: @dashofsocial FB: @dashofsocial IG: @dashofsocial

Encourage conversations. Just a few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook did some research and discovered that users want to see LESS content from brands and MORE from family and friends – which means things are changing. However, if your content encourages interaction and pushes people to have conversations, your reach will not be harmed. Engage with others. In order to GET, we have to GIVE! We all want people to follow us, like our posts, and leave comments – but that isn’t just going to magically happen. If we want to get genuine engagement across our social media channels, we need to do the same. Start with following like-minded business owners or ideal customers, like and comment on their posts, and build a relationship – because it’s those small relationships that translate into sales further down the line.

Track your analytics. Social media is all about trial and error. Don’t be afraid to test new types of content, but make sure you’re tracking how they performed, too! It’s important to view your analytics at the end of each month to see which types of posts performed well and which ones didn’t so you’re able to tweak your content strategy for the next month.

Start with these small tips and you’ll be rocking your social media! Remember that it takes time for results to start showing so don’t get discouraged too quickly. You’ve got this! 7



As a woman entrepreneur myself, I find it so empowering to support other women sharing their stories! I had heard about "GET IT GIRL's" TV segment and knew I had to feature it in our spring issue! I also had the fabulous pleasure of interviewing the ladies behind it all: Vivi, Ana & Fiona! Who are the ladies behind Get It Girl?

From left to right: Ana, Vivi and Fiona

How did Get It Girl come about?

 Vivi  is originally from Ecuador! She relocated to the states for school. She stayed after school in the Los Angeles area and currently produces stories in different formats through videos, interviews, conversations, and photographs.      Ana  is a Dominican-American actor from NYC residing in LA. She was raised by a single Mom in the inner city and was instilled from early on the importance of hard work, positivity, creativity and a competitive spirit.    Fiona has been telling stories since she was four years old.  She was to graduate high school early, go to college for theatre and become an actress. Fiona now lives in Los Angeles, with her 2 cats Lily and Denver and has a solid commitment to authenticity.

Vivi: "I started at LATV producing and hosting a quirky segment called Who is someone you look up to as a "BizarreBiz" for their talk show, "The woman in the business world and why? Zoo". It was going very well and the network approached me to say they had Fiona: "Dr. Brene Brown. You may been wanting to do an all-girl talk show have seen her TED talk about and asked if I would like to take on the vulnerability. Brene's a Research project. I did so very gladly! I have Professor and Fellow Texan who has always wanted to work on a talk show spent the past sixteen years studying and really liked the idea of creating a courage, vulnerability, shame, and female-empowerment show. I developed empathy (which I also think are like Get It Girl.  It has been an extremely the 4 most important things fulfilling and an epically fun ride. I love everrrrrrrr). She also founded Brave hosting it with the girls too. We are Leaders Inc. an organization that different in so many awesome ways and brings evidence based courage it always turns into a very dynamic building programs to communities." discussion. "

Available on LATV/KVMD DTV/HDTV, DirecTV, DishNetwork (you can also check your local listings for more info).

If you reincarnated as the Spice Girls, what additional spice would you be? Vivi: "I would be Cinnamon Spice, baby! It's versatile, it tastes good in savory and sweet cuisines, in food and in drinks. You can't go wrong with cinnamon. sounds kinda sexy ;)" Ana: "Kick Ass Spice!" Fiona: "Either eat Scary Spice and then become her... OR Soy Sauce Spice.. if thats not PC (politically correct)....Stoner Spice for sure."

What do you want the takeaway to be by watching Get It Girl? Ana: "Women are capable of doing anything in life, if they believe in themselves. They don't allow the world to turn them into what it wants them to be. Women can be powerful and vulnerable simultaneously. They can kick butt and hold no prisoners."

#GETSOCIAL WITH GET IT GIRL FB: @getitgirltv IG: @getitgirltv 8

Psychology, Color and Mood  with Relationship Expert, Life Coach & Best Selling Author,  Laney Zukerman

  You may not realize it but often when you open your closet, your mood may be the biggest predictor of the colors and styles you reach for!    Personality and color has been studied and researched as far back as the 1800’s. Henry James, The Father of Fashion Psychology (yes, it really is a career) believed that one’s color choices, fashion, outfits often reflect personality and mood. Johann Wolfgang Goethe created a personality color test for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals back in 1947. This helped with assessing character traits and thoughts of clients.    I personally found this so interesting, and hope you will too! So here are some things to think about next time you are putting yourself together in the morning.

  FIRST: The Color BLACK: From the sexy little black dress or classy black tuxedo, the color black is universally known as timeless and mysterious. It also is often worn in many cultures and societies to represent grieving during times of loss. It is the color of sophistication and it doesn’t hurt that it helps us to look thinner!

  SECOND: The Color WHITE: Though white is really considered a neutral hue, throughout history it has been representative of peace and purity. It also reflects light, so almost anyone that wears it will look brighter! For generations, Brides wore white on their wedding day. White is a great color to wear any time of year and research shows it makes you more approachable!   THIRD: The Color RED: Want to stand out from the crowd? Wear something Red! Red is a vibrant, exciting color that often represents love, passion, and romance. It also signifies power and confidence. Have a public speaking engagement coming up? Want to impress a date? The color Red is often worn by people who tend to be extroverted. It is a feel good color.   FOURTH: The Color PINK : For many years, the color pink (all hues light and hot) were connected to all things girly. Not true any more say the experts! Many men are wearing pink ties and shirts (including shades of purple). Something of interest: Pink may look very pretty when worn as a dress or blouse, but research shows that men who choose pink ties and shirts often reflect confidence, prestige and influence! Want to help snag the job interview? Wear something with pink in it! 9

Psychology, Color and Mood  with Relationship Expert, Life Coach & Best Selling Author,  Laney Zukerman

EIGHTH & LAST:  The Color YELLOW:  Attention grabbing! Usually those who reach for something yellow feel flirty and fun. It is a powerful color (think the sun). Choosing yellow will certainly brighten your mood!

Interesting Fact:  The least favorite color (according to more recent research) is Orange.  It is important to note that many people do choose orange hues to incorporate in their fashion, especially in the warmer months.

 FIFTH: The Color BLUE: When we think of the color Blue we often reflect on the beauty of nature.. think blue sky and ocean waves. Blue is another universal color that is popular and gender neutral. It means calming, dependable and committed.  Whether you want to take on the world, have a chill day or just make a fun statement, you can influence your mood and help your personality shine with the fashionable colors you choose!     SIXTH: The Color GREEN: Green is a beautiful color that has become very popular this past year. You will see more and more of it in gowns on the runway and media journalists wearing it on the air. Just as all of the colors, it comes in various hues. Green is also the color of money in the United States, the color of nature (trees, grass, leaves of flowers). It is a color of peace and is very calming on the eyes.

Happy Spring!

#GETINTOUCH WITH LANEY  Website:    Laney is a best-selling author " Lessons for an Urban Goddess" &     "The Urban Goddess Lesson" Both available on Amazon:    10

5 Activewear Trends for Spring with Creative Director for Cardio Couture, Toni Ferrara Toni is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the fitness blog Her love affair of fashion & fitness propelled her to put her passion into print inspiring women who love activewear. Most notably recognized for her "Get The Look" breakdowns, she teaches women how to get the replica, the budget friendly, and size inclusive versions of today's celebrity trainers hottest gym looks. From a young girl who rocked hot pink leg warmers and leotards trying to keep up with her mom and Jane Fonda's latest and greatest fitness program, she's cultivated her love affair with activewear. One of her prized possessions is her mom's vintage record of Olivia Newton John's "Physical". (Although back then, she thought the song was about working out.) We were so excited to feature Toni's Top Five Activewear trends for spring! FIRST: BLUSH!  A great transition color from winter to spring is a soft, feminine shade of pink known as blush. It can be treated like a neutral. Pair it with black, navy or grey for a perfect combo! SECOND:  Florals! Floral! Florals! Yes, shocking! Florals for Spring? But this time it’s not just in ready-to-wear, this goes for your gym attire too! From Cynthia Rowley’s beautiful take on cherry blossoms to Aerie’s playful abstract prints, there is a bloom for everyone! THIRD:  Varsity Blues. Those letterman jackets in ready-to-wear have trickled down into the activewear/athleisure space. Preppy stripes are all the rage and anything with patches is pretty cool too! Sporty and chic never looked so good! FOURTH: 90’s. Yes, the 90’s are back! Labels that ruled the school back in the day are revamped and making a comeback. Adidas, Puma, and Tommy Hilfiger have gotten back in the game to show everyone that they are here to stay! FIFTH: That 70’s Show. Matching jumpsuits are back and they are groovy baby! This is not just for the ladies either! The men get some fun 70’s inspired gear too. Mustard, green, and red reign supreme! #GETSOCIAL WITH Cardio Couture: IG: @cardiocouture

ARE YOU NEXT?! NEXTonSCENE's podcast showcases start-ups to celebrities LATEST ventures! Looking to share your story to 300,000+ LISTENERS?! Inquire:

Handbags and HEALTH with Doc Cosmos So what is it that makes us so obsessed with handbags? Is it the style, status or brand name of the bag that we love? Or maybe it's  how a handbag makes us feel on the inside?! Rent, own or borrow, a purse is a means of carrying essentials ... or is it more? Once upon a time, I bought a dress for my new handbag. Yes. Read that line again. I bought a dress for my handbag because I Ioved that bag so much. Is it called a purse, pocketbook or handbag? Whatever you name them, we love them for all kinds of reasons. Trending, are gently used designer bags for sale or rent which certainly makes up for the high cost of a new designer bag. I love them all. The answer is Yes to all of it. “Handbags speak louder than words”. On a casual day, it’s not uncommon to be seen sporting jeans and flats with a huge bag as your number one accessory. Just check out Meghan Markel's classic fashion statement noting that her DeMellier London handbag was sold out within hours of her social media picture.

Dr. Suzanne M. Cosmos aka Doc Cosmos Chiropractic Care 12 W Central St Rt. 135 Natick Center 508-650-9794

An organized, clean & tidy handbag is a girls best friend. Especially when you’re at the grocery store and your bag runneth over in front of the whole line including your neighbor & cashier. Dust, crumbs and a host of germs hide in the dark recess of your bag. Faithfully, I dump my bag everyday and tidy it up. Never place your bag on the floor. A healthy handbag is a happy handbag. I reach for my handbag with my dominant hand multiple times a day, my neck, shoulder and arm muscles get tired from overuse. So what’s the solution?! Switch arms. Maybe a few arm curls while in said grocery line. Gentle neck and upper back cat stretch are welcome to alleviate tightness caused by heavy handbags. Avoid elbow overload. Hold your bag on your shoulder instead of the crook of your arm to avoid elbow injuries like tendinitis, Try carrying two small bags instead of one heavy handbag. Tension headaches are commonly caused by lifting heavy bags, so try carrying two smaller bags or once and a while, leave one bag at home or the office. Take a break. While proper fit of your handbag includes the size, shape and structure of the bag, it also includes convenience of closure, wide handle and style, lightweight materials used & overall comfort. Keep your core engaged, with your weight centered over your feet and shoulders relaxed. A strong core will carry more load. In turn, your lower back is less stressed. Good posture is the key to looking good and feeling great. Try on a few bags and see which one you feel the most comfortable wearing. According to the American Chiropractic Association, a bag should weigh no more than 10 percent of your body weight. Whether it’s over the shoulder or under the arm, a great handbag is a chic accessory that will enhance your overall look. Keep your head up, exhale, shoulders relaxed and handbag in front and center. Stretch, strengthen and get adjusted for carefree days. Both you and your handbag will be well adjusted! 12


By: Jonathan Berger – Intellectual Property Lawyer     Furthermore, even if you and the Contractor orally agreed that you would own all rights to the website’s contents and designs immediately upon payment, the Contractor still would own the rights to the contents and designs because there must be a document that evidences your agreement in writing.

  Suppose you hire an independent contractor (the “Contractor”) to design a website. You and the Contractor reach agreement on payment amount for the website design based on a handshake. During that conversation, you and the Contractor also orally agreed that you own all rights to the contents and designs on the website upon your payment to the Contractor. Shortly thereafter, the website is completed, and you pay the Contractor as promised. Do you now own the intellectual property rights to the contents and designs on the website? Most likely no.     The Copyright Act protects all of kinds of works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works such as novels, poetry, music, movies, computer software, and architecture so long as the work is affixed onto something. In a nutshell, a copyright applies only when an author’s original expression of an idea is affixed onto some tangible medium. 17 U.S.C. § 102(a). However, the term “original” only requires that the author create the work on her/his own regardless of whether the work is similar or identical to another person’s independently-created work. There is no requirement that the work be unusual or unique.     In this case, since the Contractor designed the website, the Contractor is still the author. Even if you paid the Contractor for the services rendered, courts in general deem the Contractor to still be the owner of all rights to the website designs and contents. If anything, you probably acquired a license to use the website’s contents and designs. 

   Thus, in order to acquire ownership to the website designs and contents, you need a document signed by you and the Contractor that identifies the Contractor as the author and you as the purchaser of the Contractor’s ownership rights. In addition, the document should clearly state that the Contractor transfers ownership to the contents and designs to you in exchange for payment that is identified. Finally, it should be clear in the document what contents and designs are being transferred to you. We suggest that you have a copy of the contents and designs be attached to the signed document.     Ideally, you want to have the agreement drafted and signed before the Contractor begins work on the project or before making payment to the Contractor. Otherwise, if you and the Contractor only discussed terms of the agreement orally and agreed based on a handshake, you would need to later create the agreement.     On the other hand, if you and the Contractor already have a signed, written agreement that makes no mention concerning ownership of the website designs and content, you would need a second agreement. In addition, you would need to make additional payment to the Contractor just to acquire the Contractor’s ownership rights to the websites designs and contents.     Otherwise, if you do nothing and those designs and contents become valuable over time, you may not be able to exploit those assets since you do not own them.

Have a question? Email: Jonathan Berger works at Levisohn Berger LLP, where his practice focuses primarily on intellectual property and business matters. He is an experienced trial lawyer and problem solver. Jonathan also advises companies and startups on intellectual property and business issues. Prior to joining the firm, Jonathan served as a lawyer for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. In his capacity as a prosecutor, Jonathan tried numerous cases and managed the investigations and prosecutions of a wide variety of white-collar criminal, cybercrime, and counterfeiting matters. In addition, Jonathan consults with Starry Bytes and Angry Ant Media. Starry Byte is a software development company that provides solutions for platforms in the form of desktop, mobile, and web, and specializes in multiplatforming and crossplatforming solutions. Angry Ant Media is a full service consultancy that provides a wide range of branding and marketing services for 13 businesses.

NEXTonSCENE Chirin Ashkar Chirin is a woman of many talents! She is a Film Associate Producer, TV Floor Director, Producer, MC/Host, Buyer, Wardrobe Coordinator, Stylist, Stage/ Set Manager; Designer, Fashion Shows Producer, Fashion Show Choreographer, Event Planner, Brand Ambassador & Publicist.  We had the fabulous opportunity to interview Chirin and talk about her inspirations and WHAT'S NEXT for her! How did you fall in the world of media?      "I was a private tutor for a couple of years and  had a lot of free time during the day so I read a lot!  One of the student’s moms told me that I  could have gotten a degree with all of the reading that I did! After she told me this, she got me to thinking. With an original degree Photo: Kelly Dutra-Leal of KDL Photography  in Computer Programming, she inspired me to go back and  pursue Television. Every time the "I look up to my Mom. She is news was on I would think to myself that  I’d wise beyond her years, well actually like to sit there and deliver the news.      After I went back to school and graduated rounded, tough yet extremely with a Bachelors in Communications -Mass compassionate. She lived a long Media, I realized that I didn't want to just be  News Anchor, I wanted to do something fun and tough life." Chirin with television. I first interned for channel 12 Now of course your latest and greatest with consumer reporter, Susan Hogan. Then show is The New You Show on TV 9 in interned with TV9 Seekonk.  At the time I was interning at TV9 Seekonk, the Executive Seekonk! Tell us one of your most Director kept telling me that the camera loved memorable guests?f! me and I should produce and host my own show. It took me a couple of months to agree. I      "Most memorable guests are told him that I wanted a show about style and  Dena Raimondo Paolino, Cindy beauty. He discussed that previously in New Burke & of course the Editor of York he Co-Directed a show extremely similar NEXTonSCENE , Jackie!" to that and it used to be called the New You I would love to discuss your latest Show, so I went for it !" ventures in the film world as well! What are your short films about and what inspires them?

We know you are also in the fashion world! Tell us about the shows you have produced and been a part of! "The New You Show opened up doors wide open to the fashion world between interviewing talent and attending events. I got to meet and work with designers, models, photographers and hair and makeup artists in Paris Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, FashionweekRI and Styleweek NE!" #GETSOCIAL WITH CHIRIN IG and FB:  @The New You Show Email: Or private message her on her social media channels! 

  "I wore a few hats in a couple of films! First was  "Part of Humanitarian Mission." I was an Associate Producer, in charge of costumes and was Wardrobe Coordinator. I also was an Associate Producer and Wardrobe Coordinator for another film called "Bent".     Recently, I was also a Prop Master Assistant and an Actress in a film called "Fireflies." View them on Vimeo or email me for more information!" Photo: Kelly Dutra-Leal of KDL Photography 

Photo: Kelly Dutra-Leal of KDL Photography


RECIPES WITH ROSA from Oh Jolie Catering! Rosa Silvie Peguero has been one of our FABULOUS Caterers since she founded Oh Jolie Catering last year in Peabody, MA! We are honored to have her part of our NEXTonSCENE Team! This issue, we are starting Recipes With Rosa. You can learn some inside tips and tricks for making some delicious food & drinks right from your own home! For spring, we are focusing on Blueberry Lime Jolieto! Blueberry Lime Jolieto by  Oh Jolie Catering serves 4 ----Ingredients: 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice 1 cup loosely packed mint leaves 1/2 cup fresh blueberries 1/4 granulated sugar 1/4 cup blueberry syrup 1 cup light rum 1 bottle of Prosecco, Cava, or Champagne ice cubes  Directions: You need special equipment: 28 ounce/800ml (or larger) cocktail shaker Muddle --------------------------------  Add first five ingredients to cocktail shaker. Muddle well to bruise mint and berries and to dissolve sugar. Add rum. Fill shaker with ice, cover, and shake vigorously. Strain evenly into ice filled glasses. Top each glass with Prosecco. --Garnishing suggestion - skewer blueberries onto mint stems 

#GETSOCIAL AND BOOK ROSA FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT! FB: @ohjoliecatering IG: @ohjoliecatering Photo: Joseph Silva Photography Wooden platters: Joaquim De Jesus Neto


Boston Restaurant Reviews with Doc Cosmos This issue we are highlighting Grille 23 in Downtown Boston with Executive Chef, Brian Kevorkian.

   It’s 2am, I am wide awake so I reach for my iPhone to google food videos. First up in my search was Grille 23. Here is where Executive Chef, Brian Kevorkian delivers his technique for Rye Whiskey and Tomahawk Rib Eye.  It is a dream come true for Rib Eye lovers like myself.       Located in Back Bays historic Salada Tea Building, Grille 23 is one of the city’s most iconic steak houses & bar. In 2017, it won The Wine Spectators Coveted Award for their extensive wine list.

Tomahawk Rib Eye

 The old school, knowledge and attentive waitstaff are looking sharp in their crisp white coats including Sevan, our bartender.  A glass holding a four finger pour of rich red wine certainly went the extra mile. Quick tip , trust the bartenders. They know a thing or two about their "award winning" wine list.            For starters,  we had a classic Caesar Salad with brown butter crouton and anchovy marmalade was superb.

  My four questions for the Chef. When are you happiest at work?    "I am happiest at work when we are busy and the restaurant is firing on all cylinders." One kitchen tool can’t live without ?   "My recipe book. I have spent over twenty years putting together some of these recipes and notes. I can't live without it. There are so many memories I get  from looking at the outside of the book." Midnight snack?   "You will laugh but almost every night I get home I have a Roast Beef Wrap with Dill Pickles, American Cheese, Ranch and Red Hot.  I also love a burger!" Favorite cut of steak ?   "Rib Eye, I love the flavor and texture of a good Rib Eye." Anything else you would like to add Chef?    "On top of good training a great chef needs a good personality and to be able to take criticism from everyone."

 A quick check of the menu and it’s Tomahawk Rib Eye all the way. Yes, all 42 ounces of aged Brandt Beef with “barrel spices and flavors from the whisky” accompanied by Grill 23 onion jam, Brilliant.     The Tomahawk Rib Eye was more magnificent than in the video. Quality, presentation, seasoned to perfection and cooked just right. The best steak in Boston bar none. To keep my food dream alive, I ordered 2 desserts. Vanilla bean creme brûlée and red velvet cake. Simply, the perfect way to end a dream come true. 5 stars all day. Thank you Chef. Don’t wait for your friend to move to Boston like I did! Treat yourself to Grille 23 today and tell them Doc sent you. Located at: 161 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116 Interested in having the DOC feature your restaurant?


NEXTonSCENE's Spring Products of the Season! Words with Boards allows you to give great, unique and personalized gifts and doesn't have to be hard! This personalized Cutting Board will be loved for years to come! Personalized Cutting Board Size: 12.5" x 16" x 1 1/8� Made with butcher block, using sustainably forested American hardwoods Made in Baltimore, MD $159.00

Dog Gone Breath promotes an overall healthier and happier dog. Bad breath in dogs has many causes, which are typically symptomatic of an underlying health issue. The two most common causes of halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, in dogs come either from the mouth (periodontal) or the gut (gastrointestinal tract). While most products sold in the marketplace mask the symptoms by giving the dog a mint, Dog Gone Breath goes after the root causes and works on eliminating the source of the problem. Made in the USA. 60 tablets - $19.99, 120 tablets - $34.99

Allow 7 days to make the personalized cutting board! If needed sooner email

Artisan Organics Calendula Healing Oil. Organic calendula infused in sweet almond oil, Vitamin E Oil. 4oz glass bottle. Apply the calendula remedy oil to clean, dry skin on your face or body, or spot treat on wounds, bruises, bug bites or any other redness inflammatory skin issues. Soothing Rose Milk Exfoliant. This polishing powder will deliver you powerful results, but in a gentle way that will leave your skin balanced, brightened, renewed and refreshed. Artisan Soap. For every season. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Artisan's signature. $8.00-$28.00

Belli Beauty has created Stretchmark Minimizing Cream specially formulated to decrease the appearance of existing stretchmarks of any age! This Cream features darutoside & regisstril, ingredients shown in research studies conducted by Phybiotex Labs, Sederma Group, France, 1997 to visibly reduce the appearance of stretch mark depth by up to 72% and stretch mark length by up to 52%. $49.00 Dr. Sniff’s first product, the Freshening Spritz. It is alcohol free, paraben free, sulfate free and made from consciously sourced ingredients. Each product is made in small handcrafted batches to ensure freshness in true apothecary fashion. Dr. Sniff believes that dogs should be entitled to smell as good, if not better than, their humans. Use anytime you want to freshen up the pup. You simply spray a light amount directly on your pup, or more to freshen the air, bed or anything else from 4-8 inches away! Allow for spray to dry, can take up to one minute. For face and ear application, spray on a towel and wipe on fur, avoiding eyes. Fresh Pup Price $12.99 Girls Chronically Rock are inspired t-shirts and collections of apparel items for women, mothers, sisters and friends celebrating Muscular Dystrophy and any chronic illness. This line was founded by Keisha Greaves who currently has Muscular Dystrophy. She wanted to make something to help motivate, encourage and let let people know you rock and you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. This t-shirt line is a everyday reminder that you rock, and to believe in yourself. Each month 10% percent of the proceeds will go towards the Muscular Dystrophy Association. $30.00


NEXTonSCENE Designer,CheresseDeniseStyles   If you attended our Fabulous Fashion Show April 5th,   you got to see the beautiful CheresseDeniseStyles in ACTION!    We had the exciting opportunity of getting to know her on a more personal level.

 #GETSOCIAL WITH CDS FB: @cheressedenisestyles IG: @cheressedenisestyles

"I can't live without peace, my headphones, music and most important my bible." Cheresse

What inspired your new line out this season? "I don't have one particular thing that inspired me. I am inspired all around. Everyday life inspires me. Right now, I am working on my spring collection of jackets, which is a mixture of bomber jackets and long duster jackets. I guess you can say the inspiration for those are the colors of spring, oriental prints, a mixture of street style and class."

What was the first piece you ever designed?  "The first piece that I ever designed was a long royal blue dress with a shawl to go with it. It was for my pastor's birthday celebration which consisted of everyone wearing elegant evening wear." If you could spend a day with any designer in the world dead or alive who would it be and why?    "If I could spend a day with a designer, it would have to be Christian Louboutin.  When I was learning about him in school, he's a rule breaker and I think that is pretty cool! Learning about how he came up with the concept of making high heeled shoes with a red bottom was pretty exciting. He is bold and knows how to make a statement and I look up to that. I want to make a statement with my clothes and designs and break some rules along the way too!     I always say fashion will forever be around. The designer is the artist and the garments are the masterpiece!"

How did you fall into the world of fashion design? "I fell in the world of fashion design when I was a junior in high school. I started off with home decor and my first project was making an arm rest pillow. I was so proud of the pillow at the time! After making the pillow I said to myself "if I can do this then I can do clothes and come up with my own designs!" Soon after, I started making a royal blue dress for a special event that I was attending. I had gotten so many compliments on the dress and thought, yes, I can do this and make this into a life long career!" 18

Photo: Mario Barberio

NEXTonSCENE Gretchen Rossi As we head into Spring, we were SO excited to interview former Housewife of Orange County, Gretchen Rossi on her latest ventures.  Lets learn about Gretchen starting her bag line, Gretchen Christine Collection and nail polish line with Twila True Beauty. So tell us, how did the Gretchen Christine Collection brand come about?!  "Gretchen Christine was a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I have always wanted to own my own company, especially in the beauty and fashion space. When I was on Housewives, I was constantly being asked about my makeup, hair, fashion and fitness routines. When I started to respond to the fans with the products I used, I could feel the disappointment from them. They felt like they could never afford the expensive makeup I was using or the designer handbags I was carrying. This sentiment disheartened me and made me feel like every women should have access to high quality makeup and high end fashion without breaking the bank. Thus the inception of #GretchenChristine." I LOVE the fact that you use vegan leather for your bags/luggage which are GORG the quilted leather is amazing !! Tell us what made you stand strong behind this? I am a super animal lover myself, so I am loving the whole backbone to this brand! 

Now lets talk about your polish line with Twila True! I am loving that they are a 5 Free Formula, No Camphor, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Toluene, Chip resistant long wearing shades and last Up to 7 days! How did this come about?

  "This is a funny story, I was brought in to meet Twila about hosting an event with her, and     "Gretchen Christine is trying to do their small part in while I was in her office, her and I being more eco-friendly and also socially responsible. I just hit it off and we quickly myself am a huge animal lover and since a segment of our realized that we had the same type customer base was requesting the option of a vegan leather of business acumen and really liked collection, it was an easy choice to make.   what each stood for in our     It took a full year to develop this collection because I was respective businesses. We definitely so particular with how I wanted the vegan leather to look, had a great synergy together and I feel and perform. I sent samples of real leather bags to the have always wanted to do a nail factory and we went through many rounds of sampling polish line for Gretchen Christine.  different ingredients and fabrication processes before we After talking about that, she said found the perfect material, that looks and feels like real “what a great way to collaborate What is your favorite Real Housewife leather... together” so we curated colors that tag line aside from your own? matched my current handbag collection. It was like a match made     "I really like the year Lisa in heaven.  Not to mention that her Vanderpump said something like formulas are vegan and five free on “Send me out to the wolves and I will top of it, so it just made the whole come back leading the pack.”   partnership feel extremely     It resonated a lot with me because authentic to what we stand for." I feel like I was always being attacked and thrown out to the wolves by the other women on the show but somehow I always managed to bounce back from it."        The new technology being develop in the manufacturing process is quite extraordinary. This How do you come up with names of collection contains materials that have no animal biyour bags?! products, they have a similar strength and feel to real     "The names I used for this bag line leather.  Our material actually holds its structure were inspired by the women on my better and doesn’t break down over time like real team. They all gave great input with leather. This allows us to do so many more things this collection and this was my way of when it comes to design. It’s the perfect blend of saying thank you and honoring them." 20 durability with flexibility."

NEXTonSCENE Gretchen Rossi So when you aren't working, what do you like to do in your free time ? "I really enjoy traveling, but basically just being outside, walking the dogs or really connecting with nature. It truly calms me and brings such a sense of peace. I also love designing and creating beautiful things inside my home. I constantly am changing up my decor in the house. It brings me happiness and is a creative outlet for me. I just love hosting parties so my space needs to feel beautiful at all times and of course I always have a theme based off of what holiday or type of party  I am having. My home is decorated to match." What is your biggest pet peeve?     "Two-Faced or fake people. My whole philosophy is just tell it like it is.  Don’t be one way towards me and then turn around and say something different behind my back. Even if you don’t like me, I will respect you more if your honest about it and not two-faced. Fake people really get under my skin." If you were stranded on an island, what would you would have to take with you and why?     "Does Slade count?! I would want him because he always finds a way to take care of me and make everything ok. He is very resourceful and kind of like Mcgiver.  At the end of the day no matter what, we would find a way to be laughing together even in our most dire of circumstances and that alone would help us survive." Who is someone you look up to in the fashion world and why?

Photo: Mario Barberio

"I really admire and look up to Kathy Ireland and the empire she has created with her brand. She is such an intelligent & savvy business woman who has built her success from hard work, dedication and treating people the right way. I value and appreciate that kind of work ethic because I pride myself on that as well.  Now fashion wise I would say I have always been a fan of J-Lo and her fashion sense, it is always on point from hair, to makeup, to the styling right down to the shoes and purse.  Now if only I could get her to rock a Gretchen Christine Handbag. " Where can one purchase Gretchen Christine products?! "All the sets of nail polishes are available at as well as all of our beautiful vegan handbags." 

#GETSOCIAL WITH GRETCHEN! FB & IG: @gretchenrossi FB: @gretchenchristinecollection IG: @shopgretchenchristine IG: @twilatruebeauty 22

Are YOU Next? Lets share your story in our NEXT issue! Out July 2, 2018! Deadline is June 1st to submit! Share WHAT'S NEXT to know about * Fashion, Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Products, Music* YOU NAME IT. WE WANT TO SHOWCASE IT!

NEXTonSCENE Designer, Vo Stewartbaxter Originally from Mexico, this rockstar designer has already hit the states by storm with her designs! We had the fabulous opportunity to interview Vo, learn about her inspirations her latest designs and more!  What was the first design and product you ever made? "When I was 15 I designed a mini skirt made of super stretch sequined fabric with a bow in the back, was the first product I designed and actually made it with the sewing machine my parents gave me for Christmas." What inspires you work ? "Usually I try to express past feelings in my collections, like my actual collection "look mom i'm pretty" its about how I grew up with a totally different concept of beauty from my friends. express myself and make another humans feel happy and super extra sexy with my clothes its what makes me feel more inspired every day." How long does it take to design a product? "Depends in what its what i'm designing, It could take from 1 hour to one week, because I unusually make by myself the patterns from scratch, but I love every second of it, its exciting!" What inspired you to become a designer? "History and my love of art.  All the changes of the world won't be forgotten because of fashion. Fashion is the easiest way to recognize an Era.  It is how we used to dress, from gowns and corsets, to no bra and bell bottom pants, to start using technology for new silhouettes and materials for fabrics. History its what inspires me the most to create and life in general,  after all it's really colorful!" Who is someone you admire in the fashion world and why? "The first time I realized that fashion was art after seeing Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring collection of 2004 for the first time.  The designer behind that beautiful  show was John Galliano.  I must say I admire him the most because of his endless creativity. I also admire Elsa Schiaparelli that made 1930's woman fashion more fun!" Where can people purchase your designs? "Right now i'm taking orders via DM on instagram and via email, we also make custom pieces!"

#GETSOCIAL with Vo! FB: @Vo Stewartbaxter IG: @vostewartbaxter89



It’s a bit counter-intuitive but a small, well-planned suitcase gives you a plethora of options plus the ability to feel unhindered by your baggage. Keep it to a carryon and make sure everything you take with you is worthy of a place in your bag.

5 Strategies For Feeling FABULOUS No Matter Your Destination:

Helena Grant is the founder of the personal styling company H.GrantStyle and creator of the online course BE YOUR OWN STYLIST. She is on a mission to ensure every woman everywhere feels like a rockstar every day.

1: PACK FOR THREE DAYS.  Prepare for one hot, one cold, and one rainy day (apply as necessary). What you need for three days is the same as what you require for TEN. Therefore,  focus on minimalism.  Align your itinerary with the weather and it helps to select a tonal palette of colors. Choose a capsule of three base neutrals and two accent colors. This will also aide you in accomplishing strategy #2. 2: IT’S A BIG PUZZLE.  Think of packing as a game. Each item needs to serve more than one purpose. Lay it all out on the bed or the floor. Walk through each day’s activities and envision the outfits. Interchangeability a plus i.e. a dress for evening becomes a day dress depending if it's paired with heels or sneakers. 

3: FOLD & ROLL. Maximize space and minimize wrinkles by turning every item into a burrito-sized roll. Stuff shoes with smaller items like socks and underwear. 4: PRIORITIZE.  Sometimes our imaginations are bigger than the suitcase; put the most important, must-have pieces in first so you don’t end up cramming the essentials in at the end. #GETSOCIAL WITH HELENA & H.GRANT STYLE Website: FB: @H.GrantStyle IG: @hgrantstyle

5: TRAVEL OUTFIT. Look nice for the best treatment but go for comfort. Who do you think will get the upgrade? The woman in yoga pants and sneakers or the one in skinny jeans, ballet flats and a perfectly draped scarf? Layers are key for fluctuating temperatures and en route is the best time to transport bulky items like sweaters, outwear and shoes.


NEXTonSCENE The Jewelry Bx We have had the fabulous opportunity to work with the mother and daughters behind the fabulous accessory line, The Jewelry Bx! Founded by Mari & Jenna Kuhn with Nina Kuhn as their designated model, they are a mom and daughter power team. We were so excited to feature them in our SPRING ISSUE being all things fashion, lifestyle and accessories! As a mother and daughter working together, How do you find a balance? What are you strengths ?

Left to Right (Mari & Jenna)

"I have always worked very hard at "finding balance". When I was raising the girls and working full-time in the corporate world, it was a daily struggle. I think my strength is in business experience. You learn alot about yourself and others and how things should work. Jenna has so many amazing qualities that help this business grow. Her creativity helps keep us ahead of the trends and paying attention to the details."

I love the mother/daughter ownership and how you guys come up with the names of your new pieces! Can you share with our audience how you come up with them? "We select each piece of jewelry very thoughtfully. We decide what style it is for and how would we wear it or where are we going. When we wear all of the jewelry, we get a sense of how it feels, moves, shines, etc.  It’s important for us to know it well before we name it.  We then pour a glass of wine and let the brainstorming begin! "

I also have to PLUG the wedding custom accessory side you guys have created! I have personally bought them for my bridesmaids and they were a super success, are you What inspired you to open your own planning on expanding this side of the brand?  jewelry business?      "We have a large family and special occasions including weddings happen. We wanted to offer "Our business plan was born out of affordable, beautiful pieces to a bride who may have to dress for an engagement party, shower, wanting more job satisfaction, bachelorette party, rehearsal, wedding, honeymoon and everything else in between! We were so autonomy, and a desire to focus on happy to work with you on the "Tie the Knot" earrings for the bridesmaids!  A wedding is the a female dominated industry. We happiest time of your life, but the expenses add up astronomically! We want to take some of that are inspired by all women and their pressure off of the budget without sacrificing style." stories. Both of us are hardworking Where can one get and have complimentary skills such Jewelry Bx accessories? as Jenna’s digital marketing background, and my We would love it if you shopped us at operational/supply chain We are currently management. We have always showcasing our products out in several loved fashion and styling, so going spas/stores that are on the website: Marisa's into jewelry wholesale/retail Skin Care (N. Attleboro), Sloane & Ivy seemed like an exciting opportunity (Wellesley), Airbrush One (Newport), for us!  We believe in the shop Humanity Boutique (Lowell).   High-Low concept.  Our price point #GETSOCIAL & SHOP of all products under $50.00 allows with The Jewelry Bx! women to spend the money on the trending leather pant or those FB: @thejewelrybx designer boots!" 26 IG: @thejewelrybx

5 Steps To Smooth Spring Skin! By Beauty & Lifestyle Contributor, Kayla Paine Winter. Beautiful to see; harsh on the skin. However, now is the time to prep for great skin for spring! Step 1: Exfoliate. Your skin gets drier in the winter due to the warm indoor temperatures and cold air outside, so you need to get rid of those dead skin cells. Products like Kate Somerville's ExfoilKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment 2oz $85 is a great one to try. Kayla has been writing for NEXTonSCENE for two years this April! Kayla is the girl behind polished & bubbly which covers ALL lifestyle and beauty products! She is also book lover, a nail polish addict, a fashion freak, & a champagne drinker who is beauty obsessed.

Step 2: Treatments. You could skip to moisturizing, but winter skin needs more love than just two steps! Using a magnetic mask like Onyx Youth Magnetic Mask kit $89.99 can help add elasticity back into your face.

for any inquires; FB: @polishedandbubbly IG:@polishedandbubbly

Step 3: Sheet Masks. Sheet masks have taken the skincare world by storm because they are quick and easy to use. Creme Shop Glow Up, Skin! Unicorn Sheet Mask $4 and Simple Hydrating Water Boost $3.29 are just some of your options. Step 4: Moisturizer. This is a must and the most important step. You should be moisturizing in the morning and before bed. ELF Daily Hydration Moisturizer $8 packs a punch with purified water and vitamin E.

Step 5: Eye Cream. Really a bonus step, but eye creams can help the skin around your eyes smooth and tighten. ELF Illuminating Eye Cream $10 also adds a brightening effect that will last for hours. Following these simple steps will help you put your best face forward this spring! Use hashtag #nextonscenebeauty on social media to share your skincare routines!



Chelsea Corbett  We got some glamspiration from one of the NEXT fabulous makeup artists to know, Chelsea Corbett!    What is trending for spring makeup? Especially with fashion and film work you do?    "Right now, working in the fashion industry I’ve noticed bold eyeliner, pastel colors, and natural dewey beauty are trending for Spring 2018. I’m loving the natural movement. Especially that a LOT of highlighter is needed to recreate this look. I really enjoy the editorial side where it is paired with flowers, gemstones, or glitter. Spring of 2018 will bring a lot of bold, glowing fresh new faces."

"I fell in love with makeup when I was 14 years old. My grandmother used to take me shopping with her all the time! She made me fall in love with the world of fashion and makeup. She bought me my very first eyeliner and mascara and ever since then I could not get enough." CC

What out of your makeup routine can you NOT live without?   "Out of my makeup routine I could NOT live without my false eyelashes. I feel completely naked without them. They not only complete a look but are a look in and of themselves!"  What are some of your favorite products to use?    "I have so many favorite product lines it’s hard to choose. I would have to say my top three are Morphee, Kryolan, and Mac cosmetics. All three of them are so different, but necessary for any makeup look . Morphee is not only affordable but has excellent quality. My favorites are their brushes and eyeshadow palettes.  The 35F palette is always my go to Mac cosmetics.    The Kryolan is  perfect for creating more dramatic looks with their pigments.     Mac has an array of colored shadows of course my guilty pleasures of  lipsticks and eyelashes. Get the Mac 35 lash, I’m obsessed!     Kryolan is perfect for a more artistic visage. I go there every time I need my supply of body paint and glitter. Who doesn’t love glitter? Trust me, you will not be disappointed in any of these product lines." 

#GETINTOUCH WITH CHELSEA IG: @cutcreasechelsea


NEXTonSCENE Chic Boutique Dolls With Stylist & Owner, Yris Alvarez

If you are looking for an awesome online boutique and pop up shop, Chic Boutique Dolls is IT!! If you were at our Annual Spring Fashion show, you saw their amazing spring inventory out on the runway!  Here is our exclusive interview with Yris Alvarez the Stylist and Owner behind it all! How did your own boutique come about and what inspired the name?  "My friends always would ask me to dress them every time we would go out, or if we had a special event. I started selling different unique  items that I would find and the boutique started. The name was hard. I first named it Image Boutique but it wasn’t catchy enough, so I started looking around and ended up with the name Chic Boutique. "

"I always loved the world of fashion. I was that weird kid in high school who would always wear different things." Yris

How do you choose what products/clothing you are going to carry? "I love buying clothes that are stylish, chic, modern and sexy. I also love unique pieces that I know you wouldn’t find anywhere else but at my shop." What is the price range of your styles? "The prices range from $10-$150 depending on the item." Who is someone you look up to in the fashion world and why?  " OMG,  there’s so many people. I can’t pick just one. But as far as entrepreneurs, I look up to nasty gals owner, Sophia Amoruso."

Where can one purchase items? "You can shop only at or you can text me and I’ll hand deliver the items in the Boston area. I also do styling, so if a client needs a special dress that I don’t have, I do the shopping for her. #GETSOCIAL  & SHOP with Chic Boutique FB: @chicboutique0 IG: @chicboutiquedolls 30

NEXTonSCENE Hair with Carolyn Vitello We had the pleasure of having Carolyn on our Hair Glam Squad for our Annual Fashion Show this Spring! We got to have a one on one exclusive chat so you can get to know her better! If you could spend a day with anyone in the hair world, who would it be and why?

" I would have to say Chris McMillian. He is behind so many looks in the industry. Just to spend a day with him and see what his thought and creative process is behind it all would be would be an amazing opportunity.  Plus who doesn't want to meet the guy responsible for  "The Rachel Cut." " Hairdressing has always been

What is your personal favorite look for the Spring season?

something that I was drawn to naturally. One of my first memories is pulling my moms hair through a foil cap. Thinking back through every event like school dances,

" I am most excited to see if this "bejeweled' jean look truly does come back in style. Every pair of jeans I owned growing up had some type of sparkle or jewel design on them.  I would be giddy to see this come back. Not so much as a day to day outfit, but definitely an enjoyable statement piece!"

proms, formals, and weddings, I was always the one who would be doing everyones hair. It was something that I was good at and I genuinely enjoyed doing."- CV

What was the first hair look you ever did on a client and who was it for?

 "Fresh out of hair school, one of my first clients actually ended up being my kindergarten teacher. It was a simple style that I did. I shortened up the length and gave her some more movement with layers. It was texturizing but, more than the cut; it really showed me that as hairstylist you can really make lasting connections with people. That's something you really can only learn from being behind the chair."

What is something you CAN'T live without in your morning routine when it comes to your hair?

"Oribe Dry Texture Spray!!!! I love this stuff, I spray it on my hair all the time. It adds so much texture and volume. It actually helps keeps the style in your hair all day. It not only makes your hair look cleaner it also smells lovely. I cannot get enough of it." #GETINTOUCH WITH CAROLYN TODAY!  IG: @CarolynElizabethDesign Website: 31


Carla Balzano We have had the pleasure of continuing to work with Carla on a few different projects and appreciate nothing more then to feature this talented makeup artist in our Spring Issue! Now we know what makes you different as an artist is that you offer Airbrushing! Tell us about the process and what goes into it?

Cindy Ringer of LJR Images

Who was the first person you did makeup on? "While I was in school, I practiced on family members and friends. Once I was licensed, I assisted a bridal makeup artist. In 2014, I did my first bride!"

"Airbrush makeup is great! First of all, there are two types of airbrush foundation: Water-based and Silicone-based. The Silicone-based foundation tends to be heavier, and provides maximum coverage. I personally like to use the Water-based foundation because it doesn't feel as heavy and still gives you a high definition finish. Once complete, you're going to look like a model! The process is very easy! For the entire face-neck area, I normally use up to 4 drops of foundation. I spray the area, then buff in the foundation for a flawless finish. Some clients say it tickles when the machine sprays, but in general it is a light mist over the skin. That's all there is to it!" Photo Courtesy: JS O'Connor

What is your daily routine for makeup? Who do you use?   "Great question! First of all, let me start with primer! I use Too-Faced 24-hour shadow assurance eye primer and Smashbox Photo Finish face primer. These primers hold my makeup all day, even through the gym!      I myself still have problematic skin, so I need to use a full coverage foundation. I've found that the best foundation for my skin is Tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation. It has a matte finish and really lasts all day!      For eyeshadow, my longtime obsession has been the Urban Decay Naked Palettes--I own all four!  For my brows, I SWEAR by Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.    For concealer, I've officially given into the Tarte Shape Tape trend, that stuff is amazing!      For my lippies, I love love love Too Faced Melted Matte liquid lipstick! I use Makeup Forever Lip Perfector Liner as my lip liner.    Then I set my entire face with Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray!  These products truly last all day! I put my makeup on in the morning, and it lasts into the night, even after the gym!"

"I've always loved to play with makeup! When I was a kid, I used to play with my mom's makeup all the time! By the time I was in middle school, I was that girl who was wearing all the colorful, sparkly eye shadows from Claire's! Also, in all honesty, I had the cystic acne at that time and didn't know how to properly cover it. For me, it was the best way to distract people from my acne." CB

If you were able to spend one day with anyone in the makeup world, who would it be and why? "Pat McGrath! She always works Milan, Paris, and Tokyo Fashion Week. She also branded her famous 'Labs,' which are these really cool pigments that you can use for anything. The reason I would want to spend a day with her is because my biggest dreams are to have a successful brand just like hers with revolutionary products!" There is nothing more inspiring then a young entrepreneur chasing their dreams! #GETSOCIAL AND BOOK CARLA TODAY! FB: @creativecontourbycarla IG: @creativecontourbycarla TW: @CCbCMUA 32


Justin Anderson Wow! Who is ready for spring?!?!

   This issue I wanted share part of my journey, creating C.H.O.L.A.K.I Amethyst Hair Serum. This is a first of its kind hair product that is infused with the healing properties of Amethyst gemstone bringing your hair natural shine, heat protection, eliminating frizz, & static! C.H.O.L.A.K.I is launching this April!

"I wake up every day and focus on the fact that I get to do something I love. I get to be creative every day and I'm so grateful for what I have. I love doing hair. I love being around creative energy. I love pampering clients at the dphue house and making women feel beautiful." Anderson  Justin not only welcomed me to shadow him but also was open to being interviewed to get the inside scoop on creating a product, working for amazing hollywood stars and much more! 

   Recently on my trip to California, I had the honor of getting to shadow the "King Of Blondes" Celebrity Colorist, Justin Anderson! Justin's clientele includes Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie, Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Handler to name a few...      Justin is also the Creative Director of "Dphue" Hair Products. "Dphue" was created to maintain your color until your next visit to the salon. It is the first product that creates its signature AVC rinse used as a replacement for shampoo when you need to feel freshened in between lathers.

Q. Justin what advice would you have for someone creating a product and entering this competitive market?   "It should be something you really stand behind. It should be something you absolutely believe in and something there's a need for."      Q. What do you do on a daily basis  to help you feel empowered?           "I think constantly about the positive and constantly focus on positive. I surround myself with the right people. I love collaborating with other creatives as I always want to keep growing & learning too."

  Overall, this was an unforgettable experience. I am truly thankful to Justin for having me and to the NEXTonSCENE Team for having this platform to promote our latest ventures!      Learn more about my latest product at Instagram: @cholakibeauty   Inquire for product : Interested in following Justin and learning more? Instagram: @justinanderson During this fabulous phase of creating a product,  I really want to emphasize how open and awesome Justin was to allow me into his private salon space.

Spreading Love - Hugs & Sparkles, Jamie


NEXTonSCENE Spring 2018  

What's NEXT for Former Housewife Gretchen Rossi? Who are the NEXT designers and fashion boutiques to know this season? What should be your N...

NEXTonSCENE Spring 2018  

What's NEXT for Former Housewife Gretchen Rossi? Who are the NEXT designers and fashion boutiques to know this season? What should be your N...