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Beauty Contributor Carla Balzano

Chef. JREX Chef Contributor

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What an exciting time for NEXTonSCENE! We got into our first airport, we have officially printed the MOST issues EVER!!! We are also growing our subscriber base to a level unlike any other! This issue you will discover Tulum as your NEXT destination of travel. You will find a new way to walk your pets, Learn how to cook crab cakes. Read lots and lots about amazing up and comers in the fashion, beauty industry. PLUS some great wellness tips to kick you into gear for this SPRING/SUMMER 2019! Publisher & Editor in Chief

Special thank you to my amazing Los Angeles and Boston Teams for incredible shoots for this issue.




NEXT STOP: Tulum, Mexico

Founder of Skin-eez Skincare Wear

29 Chef J.Rex

8 Owner of Scout and Molly's Boutique in Lynnfield , MA

NEXTonSCENE Special Features

5 Anti-Aging for Men with Bluxe Aesthetics

Anti-Aging with Bluxe Aesthetics 5 Owner of Scout and Molly's Lynnfield, Lisa Larocca 8 Hair Spotlight: Alana Zucco 10 Videographer On The Rise: Julia Alpern 11 NEXT Opera Singer, Heather Poduska 12 Famed Comedian, Michael Petit 14 A New Way To Walk Your Pets With Megan O'Brien 17 NEXT STOP: Tulum, Mexico 21 Founder of Skin-eez Skincare Wear, Michelle Moran 24


17 A New Way To Walk Your Pets

Spring into Summer Fashion Hacks with Stylist, Tiffany Giannato DeBerardinis 16 Latina's on the Move by lalla bee designer, Melina Cortes Nmili Featuring Rosanna Nieves 25


Beth Bender Beauty Review by Makeup Artist, Carla Balzano 9 Hair Accessories are all the rage for this spring with Official Hair Contributor, Jamie Cholaki 15 Your NEXT Curly Hair Routine with Selina Sigaran 26 Top Three Makeup Tips for spring by Julie Zenga 28


NEXTonSCENE Lifestyle

5 ways to reduce stress NOW 6 Chef J.Rex Meal Planning and Private Dining 29 Chef J.Rex Infamous Crab Cake Recipe 30

Famed Comedian , Michael Petit


12 Opera Singer, Heather Poduska

Photographer: Javier Rosa Cover Model: Mirlene Thermidor Outfit: Chic Boutique Dolls ARE YOU NEXT?! We want to hear from you for our FALL ISSUE ! Inquire for: FASHION/WELLNESS DEADLINE JULY 1ST!

NEXTonSCENE: anti-aging for men I have realized over the years that when it comes to aging and health, men and women have a lot of the same concerns. Men are definitely more aware of the signs of aging and their appearance. However, there is still a bit of a stigma attached, especially when it comes to things like botox and filler. There hasn’t been a forum for men to discuss these issues. Not only that, but also to seek professional advice, so that they are more aware of their options. At Bluxe Aesthetics, we have created an environment where men can come in and have their concerns addressed without judgement. All of our treatment plans are individualized to our patients needs and concerns. We actually have a separate treatment room for our male patients as well. There are a variety of treatments available including botox, filler, skincare, and IV vitamins. The easiest way to present the services we offer is to break it up into commonly asked questions and concerns that men have.

The most common question and concern: What can I do about ingrown hair and irritation from shaving? This is a huge issue for men and their skin. First off try and use a fragrance free natural shaving cream and after shave. Fragrance is nice but can be irritating to the skin especially when combined with the alcohol in shaving cream. Exfoliation between shaving is also key. We have a glycolic based scrub that we recommend. The glycolic acid unclogs pores without drying out the skin and takes off dead skin cells to prevent hair from being trapped under old dead skin. We also offer a gel that soothes irritation, decreases inflammation, kills bacteria, hydrates, and contributes to anti-aging.

Owner and master trained injector Bianca Paraison RN, BSN has TEN years experience as a Registered Nurse in a Boston teaching hospital. After specializing in ear, nose, and throat, oral maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery and cardiac surgery, she broadened her scope of practice to Aesthetics. After training with Dr. Micheal Lum of the Esthetics Skin Institute as well as extensive training with industry leaders Galderma and Allergan she has brought her advanced nursing and aesthetics skills to her very own practice in Belmont, and Stoneham Massachusetts. At Bluxe Aesthetics she specializes in botox, dermal filler, and medical grade skincare.

SPOTLIGHT IV Vitamin therapy is our newest addition to the practice. Our male patients are loving it. It was originally brought in with athletes in mind as it’s The simple answer, if done correctly and in great for performance and hydration, but really anyone can benefit from it. moderation, no. Getting botox and filler is not always All our IV infusions are tailored to your about freezing the face. It’s also about softening the needs. They are great for immunity, lines and wrinkles. You can still retain natural anti-aging, muscle building, muscle @nextonscene #nextonscene expression without harsh wrinkles, and guess what?! recovery, mental sharpness, energy All treatments that happen in our office are levels, and mood improvement. We confidential. We promise our lips are sealed! can even recommend supplements to take at home to maintain the benefits *All of the above mentioned skincare of your infusions. So whether you have a demanding job or workout regimen, products are available in our men's pack. fighting a cold, or are an athlete we have you covered.

Will people be able to tell if I’ve had Botox or filler?

What can I do about wrinkles? This can be approached in two ways. Botox and Skincare are usually the combo I recommend. Most men notice wrinkles around the eyes first, then the forehead, & the “angry lines” between the eyes. If you’re not up for botox we have some great skincare options.

#GETINTOUCH with Bianca and BLUXE Aesthetics IG: b_luxe_aesthetics_ PHOTOS: KASEY CANZANO


Emotional Spring Cleansing 5 ways to Reduce Stress Now! EDITORIALS WITH LESSONS BY LANEY SECOND. "What’s on my mind?" Journal your thoughts.

Spring is a time of renewal. Why not set a goal to put things in perspective and lighten your emotional baggage? Ask yourself some questions and take action! We often “think things through “ a little too often and too long. All that does is extend our procrastination and increase unnecessary stress.

Here are my TOP FIVE ways to reduce stress now! FIRST. "How can I become more worry free?" Increase solitude.

Life is full of daily challenges but you can reduce the time you dwell on it. Begin with self-care. Perhaps daily meditation or walking, listening to your favorite music. Maybe try a new route while walking your dog or explore that new art exhibit. Take some time each day to quiet the inner critical voice and bring more solitude in.

Journaling is a perfect way to spell out what’s swirling in your mind. It helps to make sense of confusion, hesitation and even reminds us of happy thoughts and experiences. Just taking a few moments to acknowledge our experiences can help us get closer to the answers we need.

THIRD. " Do I really need that?" Reduce your expenses and purchases. Yes, many people stress over monthly expenses and it often causes additional and unnecessary stress. It can have detrimental effects emotionally and physically. Take a few moments to evaluate your spending. Carefully go through necessities versus indulgences. By living on a more realistic budget, limiting unnecessary spending and saving more money you will reduce stress naturally.

FOURTH. What makes me happy? Each day we commute to work, get stuck in traffic or take public transportation. Even if we work at home, we spend a lot of time on the computer or on the phone. These environments can create an atmosphere of day in and day out stress. Start to think about small things that bring you joy and incorporate them into your world. Perhaps displaying a fun piece of art, a plant, a memorable photo or lamp with soft lighting for your work area. Pick up a book of interest for your train ride or listen to something motivational while driving. Incorporate short breaks throughout the day by getting some fresh air. Plan at least one fun adventure a week. Maybe try a new restaurant or create your own new recipe. Take the time to connect with friends and family regularly and plan some fun get togethers. Always have something to look forward to.

FIFTH. How can I instantly relax? No matter where you are or what your doing, if you find yourself getting anxious or stressed, breathe! Yes, research has proven time and time again that just pausing your thoughts, taking a few deep breaths and being mindful in the moment can rejuvenate your being. It brings instant calm and helps you to reconnect to self in a more relaxed state.If we worry too much about life, it has an uncanny way of getting in the way of quality living. Don’t let it control and consume you.. Take charge and do some emotional cleansing this Spring. It’s a great first step to create a lifestyle that reduces stress and increases serenity in your world.

#GETINTOUCH @lessonsforanurbangoddess Her books are available on Laney has over 700,000 hits on Quoted in Brides, Bustle, Redbook & MORE. NEXTonSCENE 6

NEXT BOUTIQUE TO KNOW: SCOUT AND MOLLY'S one-on-one interview with owner, lisa larocca Tell us about your first buying experience?

We had the fabulous opportunity to interview Lisa and get to know more about her inspirations!

"Fur (faux or real), a great pair of cigarette pants and very high heels."

TOP 3 SELLERS: Bailey 44 (Date Night Tops) Spanx Anything camo

We are so excited to showcase the NEXT boutique to know about. As seen on the runway at our Spring 2019 fashion show! Newly opened this past September 15, 2018 , Lisa has given Scout and Molly's a WHOLE new outlook to the Boston fashion market!

Favorite guilty pleasure outfit to wear?

"It was Coterie in 2018. Being exposed to so many brands and vendors was very overwhelming. Navigating styles, size breaks and color stories is a constant learning experience."

What inspired you to open a boutique? "I love to shop and I love fashion. It seemed to me that most of the stores to shop at and/or online shopping choices are very 'cookie cutter'. I wanted to open a boutique where a woman can come in and get something not only unique but something she may not have considered for herself before, or not had exposure to."

Top 3 Spring Trends you are seeing for spring 2019!

Tye Die Utility Earth Tones/Neutrals

What inspired you to fall into the world of fashion? "Although I don't consider myself a creative person, I've always loved fashion and clothes. I feel like I have a good eye for putting things together and matching clothes to the people who wear them - I feel it's sort of an extension of their personality. Lets face it...clothes make most people feel good. I love the high that people get after buying clothes at my boutique that make them feel good about themselves."

How can people get in touch and follow Scout and Mollys Lynnfield! Facebook: @scoutandmollyslynnfield IG: @scoutandmollyslynnfield Email: Phone: 781-334-2601 NEXTonSCENEÂ Â 8

beth bender beauty review beauty contributor, carla balzano Our fabulous beauty contributor, Carla Balzano from Creative Contour by Carla had a fabulous experience reviewing Beth Bender Beauty's Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils!

Hey Beauties! I’m back in NextOnScene for another awesome review! This time I am reviewing Beth Bender Beauty’s Eye Candy Gentle Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils. Folks, these are SO cool! These stencils help you create the perfect winged eyeliner! Before I gush on and on about these amazing stencils, let me first introduce you to Beth Bender Beauty! Owner Beth grew up around TV and Film and found a love for makeup! She eventually branched out as a freelancer in the 1990s and at 23 created her first company! She was recruited by Bobbi Brown’s Creative Editor and worked on women of all ages and skin tones. It was in this position that she learned that women struggled to achieve perfect eyeliner in their makeup looks. That was her inspiration for creating these fabulous stencils!

So let’s get into it beauties! I personally am not a fan of winged eyeliner because—as you all know and feel my pain —it is hard to achieve perfect, matching wings! Well look no further! I LOVE how easy they are to use!



All you have to do is peel the adhesive off and place it on your eye. Depending on your eye shape, you may have to maneuver the stencil a little until it sits just right. When you place the stencil, make sure your eye is open about ¼ . Leaving your eye open this amount insures that you will have a clean, even line. Once you have your stencil in place, it’s time to start filling! I used the Beth Bender Gel Eyeliner Frosting and a special brush from her collection. You don’t have to stick to gel eyeliner to fill your stencil; a lot of women also use various colors of eyeshadow! You can be as expressive as you want! I’ve seen some women use multiple colors to create ombre, rainbow, etc.!

Photo: lr images

Once your stencil is filled, simply peel it off! It’s THAT EASY beauties! Now you have beautiful, perfect eyeliner! You can have a fun eyeliner look in just minutes! When you order your package, you get 16—yes, SIXTEEN —stencil sheets in your package! Now you can have fun eye looks for date nights, girls’ nights, family brunch, you name it!.

I am really impressed with this product and have since changed my opinion on winged eyeliner!

Now that I have this stencil, I will be slaying my wings! Later beauties! Want Carla to review what's NEXT?! @creativecontourbycarla on FB & IG NEXTonSCENE 9

NEXTonSCENE HAIR SPOTLIGHT Who's NEXT? Alana Zucco AsWho's a stylist, I specialize in cuts, I am atotwenty-three year old Zucco! one of the NEXT hairstylists know about? Alana colors, updos and extensions, hairstylist at Salon Eleven, which is She is for sure NEXT to know about on the NorthShore of Boston! however, I would say I am most located in Wakefield, MA. Starting known for my updos. I am in the out as an assistant at the salon, I salon five days a week but also absorbed all of the knowledge from travel for weddings and special my amazing stylists to mature into events in my spare time. the notorious hairdresser I’ve become today. I genuinely focus on what style you are looking for and strive to make sure you walk out adoring yourself as well as most importantly your hair! I am known by my clientele for being very expedient with my work and appreciate that they are not in the chair for hours on end. What sets me apart from other hairstylists in my industry is my calming presence, especially for brides during the last crazy hours before the wedding. I encourage conversations, so without a doubt I know that they are walking out content. Conversation is also important to get a look into the client’s style, wants, desires, and needs. It helps me execute my job that much better! You deserve to have it look the way you desire! I am here to guide you to your own ideal hairstyle. The representation of my work is on my client’s head, for all to see, and I never forget that!

Salon Eleven, and my own perseverance and will power, gave me the opportunity to begin this incredible journey. Over the years I have established a satisfied and recurring clientele to show the world what abundant unique creations and varieties Alana Zucco can truly do!

I love making my clients feel beautiful every single day, inside and out. I am confident in saying that you will leave my chair feeling fabulous every time!

The most important piece of advice I would give to anyone attempting to become a hairstylist is to have confidence in yourself and your finished product. Diligence always pays off and no matter how tiring and numbing it may be to progress, just keep going and your clients and brand will follow! - AZ

Come see me at Salon Eleven, 16 Albion Street, Wakefield, MA!! #GETSOCIAL and in touch IG: @salonelevenwma

u o y r o f I cant wait ir! a h c y m to be in NEXTonSCENE 10

NEXTONSCENE VIDEO Videographer and Editor, Julia Alpern Julia Gabrielle Alpern is a 25-year-old video editor, photographer, videographer and musician, originally from Western MA, now living in Boston. She is a kind, down-to-earth and friendly young professional who loves working with others and creating stories.

How did you become a videographer? "I became interested in videography and photography as a child, often documenting family vacations and editing lip-dub videos with friends. That led me to the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Television-Radio and a concentration in Media Production. Throughout the summers I got hands-on internship experience in both film and editing, even producing a season of my school’s pop culture TV game show. I loved the whole process from start to finish research and planning, the technical side of shoots, and especially the intricacy of post-production. I now work at a corporate video production company where I assist with editing and some administrative duties, while maintaining a successful freelance business on the side."

Why do you feel videography is important in today's society? "I think video fuels the digital age that we live in, with a tremendous amount of media online through streaming sites and social platforms. There’s something about the way one can capture and convey meaning and emotion through film. Short and simple videos, when well done, can have a profound influence on the viewer. With the right skills and equipment, and the patience and attentiveness of a good editor, anything is possible."

Favorite TV guilty pleasure? "Some current shows right now are Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Manifest, and This Is Us, but I love a good Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or Cutthroat Kitchen episode. My tastes are pretty diverse." Favorite Food? "I’m a pretty healthy eater but I do love dark chocolate." If you could pick only ONE entrepreneur in your life to have lunch with who would it be and why? "Probably Taylor Swift; as cliché as that sounds, she’s one of my musical role models and has provided me with some great songwriting inspiration over the years."

What makes you stand out as a videographer? How do you differentiate yourself? "I’d like to think that I stand out through my outgoing nature, client communication skills, easy-going attitude and strong work ethic. I’m a great editor, efficient yet thorough. I’m always happy to discuss new ideas with clients, and love broadening the types of projects I’m involved in. As I work independently, I am willing to travel and can be more agile and flexible than larger corporations."

Something you have to do in your daily routine? "I keep in touch with my family and friends on a regular basis, we text a lot. It’s important to have good communication!"

#GETINTOUCH with Julia Facebook:@JuliaAlpernMedia

Tell us about the clients you are currently working with? "As I write this, I’ve got a variety of client projects, from WWII veteran interviews, to high-end cosmetic product videos. I also collaborate with Sofar Sounds to film small, intimate concerts every month or so. Along with shooting live music, I do have a wedding booked for June 2019 in New Jersey, and a local one in the fall. I tend to do a few per year." PHOTOS: Brandon Johnson


who's NEXT: HEATHER PODUSKA OPERA SINGER ON THE RISE Who would you say your music sounds like and why?

We have the absolute honor to have Heather perform at our annual fashion show this Spring, WHY is she NEXT to know about? Read More NOW. How did you discover your opera singing talent? I started voice lessons when I was thirteen, however, I had no clue about opera. I’d never even heard of opera until my senior year of high school when I won a congressional scholarship to study in Germany as an exchange student. While there, I wanted to continue my vocal lessons. I found a teacher who was an American opera singer on tour in Europe at the time. He heard my talent and introduced me to opera and operatic singing. Adele’s aria from Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss was the first operatic piece I ever learned. Of course, my voice has changed a lot since then. Now I sing much fuller repertoire, but that’s how it all began.

In terms of tone, I’ve been told several times I sound a bit like Maria Callas which is high praise. However, as any good singer will tell you, the goal isn’t to sound like someone else, it’s to sound like yourself, to find your own unique color. In terms of music, I love sensual music. Much of French repertoire is absolutely gorgeous. Debussy is to die for and Massenet is melt-in-your mouth lucious. I also really like the idea of combining genres to make new experiences for the audience and keep things fresh for me as an artist. I do a pretty theatrical rendition of the song “Mama’s Broken Heart” made famous by Miranda Lambert. It’s a quirky mix of opera and country, but it’s fun.

Honestly, I feel so blessed to be able to sing any operatic music. It’s really important to me to bring more access and understanding to a wider audience. People don’t know what they’re missing

Share your NEXT goal as an opera singer?

How does one even train to become an opera singer? Operatic singing, in my opinion, is the most refined form of singing. It is the only kind of singing that allows a voice to be heard above an orchestra, across a crowded theater, all the way to the back wall, without using a microphone. All the projection comes from the focused tone and breath support of the singer. It requires athleticism, excellent musicianship, a working knowledge of many languages, stamina, the ability to act and move gracefully onstage and of course, talent.

ome a "To b ec era sfu l o p su cces ny, a m ta k es singer ea rs o f many y e and disciplin your m en t to it m m o c HP craft."

Favorite Opera song to sing? I’m having a lot of fun with Carmen right now. She's sassy and you don’t have to be so precious with the voice. Charlotte from Werther is incredible music. Feels like buttah to sing!

My next goal as a singer is to curate really fun, beautiful programming to perform for private, high-end events. I often donate house concerts for charitable causes which is both fulfilling and a blast to perform. The guests are watered and fed, the atmosphere is relaxed and there’s a ton of room for play and intimacy. I’d love to be flown in for customized destination events. My dream has always been to perform on a yacht! I also want to start shooting classical music videos with a modern, edgy twist. I shot a rap video last year which was a total riot. Book Heather for your next event or private function: Website: IG: heatherpoduska


NEXT COMEDIAN to know: michael petit If you didn't see this amazing guy perform at our Spring fashion show, you definitely need to get him on your RADAR! Who is Michael Petit? Michael is an entertainment professional with over 30 years experience! His career started in the Boston radio market and has blossomed to national headlining comedian. Originally from Massachusetts, he grew his reputation in Hollywood and performing as a regular at the legendary Comedy Store, as well as performances in Las Vegas, and numerous TV appearances on Comedy Central, ESPN and NESN to name a few.

Tell us what inspired you to become a comedian? "I started my career in Boston radio in the 80's as a sidekick on the morning shows. I helped produce comedy segments and weekly features . As a gifted impressionist, my work was recognized via listeners and expanded from studio into to LIVE remotes and promotions. This became the other LADY in my life known as Comedy."

We know you also do GREAT impressions! Who is your favorite person to impersonate? "Thank you. Some of my favorites are Will Farrell, my Mom and my Dog Big Murphy :)"

What do you feel has best helped you become as successful as you have? "Like any profession it requires experiences both good and bad. Continuing to work your skills, honing in on them and always trying to keep your finger on the pulse of current events."

How does one train for improv?

Do you remember your first LIVE comedy experience? Where was it? What was it like? "Yes, in Providence at a club called Periwinkles IN 1989. Nervous of course but immediately became smitten with LIVE AUDIENCE interaction!"

"Comedy has a format of timing and delivery as comics must tell a story, and take the audience down a road with a punchline. Improv can be an interaction that sometimes make sense with hopefully and a humorous ending....its a slippery slope! When it happens, it's PURE COMEDY GOLD. I enjoy walking the tight rope of audience give and take. It's like going to the gym. Stretch & stay hydrated!"

Where can we find Michael NEXT? "I am performing across New England and currently in development on some exciting original TV programs." #GETINTOUCH with Michael NEXTonSCENE 14

Hair accessories are all the rage this spring! with official hair contributor, jamie cholaki MONDAY: With great hair you can conquer anything! Embrace your bouncy wavy hair! Thanks to the magic of hot rollers, prep the hair using CHOLAKI amethyst hair serum for frizz free crystal shine and set hair in hot rollers.

THURSDAY: Have some fun and add some extra sparkle to your work braid. Pro tip: Accessories look best in odd numbers.

Hair accessories are all the rage this spring! From the runways of NYFW, to the Grammys, and the Oscars! Our Official hair contributor Jamie Cholaki shows us how you can incorporate one of today’s hottest looks into your every day hairstyles.

SATURDAY: Don’t hold back! Make your messy bun stand out! Pro tip: Focus all the accessories on the side and back of your head

SUNDAY: Enhance your braid with a scarf ! Pro tip: You can also make a head band using your scarf!

TUESDAY: Create a deep side part with a fancy barrette!

WEDNESDAY: “You CAN sit with us.” Add some sass to your midweek style by placing barrettes under your ponytail!

FRIDAY: Show the weekend who’s Boss! Pro tip: This look is great with bobby pins that are the opposite of your hair color. Black looks great on blondes. Gold or silver looks great on brunettes.

#GETINTOUCH IG: @cholakibeauty @studiotenboston @thehealthyhairexpert Cholaki Amethyst Hair Serum coming this SUMMER 2019

Photography: Jn-Francois Pierre Model: Haley Schram Hair: Jamie Cholaki NEXTonSCENE 15

spring into summer fashion hacks with stylist & fashion blogger, Tiffany DeBerardinis Who is Tiffany DeBerardinis? Known as @tiffyg77 on Instagram, this forty year old petite mom loves to shop for herself and others! She believes that women over thirty can be just as trendy as they were at twenty-one! However, she views shopping as a hunting mission. She hunts for the best bargain to keep you stylish and make you feel like the prettiest “you” that you can be! This issue Tiffany has four fashion spring into summer hacks you NEED for your closet. Preface this with the fact that she used her favorite tank top from Lululemon as a base for many of these outfits. It has a built in bra with cups and is form fitting and slimming."Free To Be" Tank $58.00.

Look 1: "Hard To Miss Neon"

Tank Lululemon $58 Tulle skirt Charlotte Russe $15 Scarf Madison Ave of Melrose Price Available Upon Request Heels by Dream Pairs $25

The spring and summer catwalks showcased a variety of retro of them being "hard to miss" neon. This trend goes along with the 80's resurrection that is currently happening in the fashion world. Neon is known to turn heads, but it can be accomplished in a subtle, modern, wearable way, such as adding a color pop in a pair of heels or a scarf. Get ready to embrace shades of lime, lemon, tangerine, and fuchsia.

Look #2: Logomania

To the right you will see that wearing Logomania is back and better than it was in the 2000's. Once considered tacky is now considered trendy and "on point". The bolder the logo....the better! To the right, you will see, wearing logos pairs nicely with the retro sportswear and streetwear trends of the 90's. Fendi, Gucci and Dior are on everything from tshirts to belts to hats to scarves and much, much more. I suggest taking a peek in a consignment store because you can find many designer brands with logos for affordable prices.

Look #3: Layered Chains

Tank Lululemon $58 Necklaces Madison Ave.of Melrose $88

Layered chains of all shapes and sizes will be making an appearance this spring and summer, especially ladylike necklaces in gold or rose gold tones. Religious, spiritual, and protective symbols are highlighted on these necklaces, as well as on jewelry in general, this upcoming season.

Styling: Tiffany DeBerardinis Photography: Gabby Baglieri

Tank Lululemon $58 Pants Loft $39.99 Gucci Scarf Madison Ave.of Melrose Price Available Upon Request

Look #2

#GETINTOUCH with Tiffany FB: @Tiffany Giannato DeBerardinis IG: @tiffy77

Look #4: Belt Bags

Tank Lululemon $58 Leggings Lululemon $98 Denim Jacket Madison Ave of Melrose Price Available Upon Request Chanel Belt Bag Madison Ave. of Melrose Price Available Upon request

Belt bags are here to stay and will not be exiting the style scene anytime in the near future. These can be worn across the chest or as a belt. Every brand is currently making their own version of the belt bag or fanny pack, which makes the trend available at a variety of price points. This is an amazing accessory for the busy woman because the "hands free" option makes it functional while still being a perfect fit for all your essentials, such as lipstick, keys, and a cell phone.




Who is Megan O'Brien?

What is the dogipack?

I'm someone that likes to keep busy, I also love solving problems to make life easier. Back in 2005 I had the very first beauty blog, It was a review site that completely changed the way people bought cosmetics. It took the risk out of wasting money on something that wouldn't work. I didn't change the world but if you ever have spent $50 on a crappy lip plumper and wanted to avoid doing that again then it was something useful. I could only write "smokey eye" so many times and after a great thirteen year run, I was ready for a new challenge. I haven't completely jumped ship on beauty. I run a marketing and PR company out of Los Angeles and almost half that time, out of New York City. I continue to cover beauty for a number of women's magazines. I spend money like I think I'm JLo on my hair extensions, so yeah, never leaving the industry.

"The dogipack is an all-in-one fashionable way to walk your dog! We have a carabiner if you want to stick the leash on there and go hands-free. It's like a super organized dog belt. It comes with a collapsible water bowl, poop bags and a place for your cell phone. At night, you can put your cell phone's flashlight on and it illuminates the walk. We also have several pockets for treats and money and I.D. I never bring a purse with me hiking. The dogipack is perfect for around the block, on a hike and fabulous at the beach. It's Amazon's choice and we have amazing reviews."

I grew up in Ashland, MA and I refuse to fly in or out of Los Angeles without stopping to see my 92 year old Grammy Peg O'Brien (the hit of the senior center) and my childhood friend Emilie Hann. How fun it was to model the gorgeous Lalla bee dresses with her, thank you Jackie! That was such a blast.

What are the styles available?

We have great colors, Charcoal Chihuaha is our bestseller. For those of us that like a little more color in our walks, we offer Rescue Rover Red, Poodle Pink and Cavalier Camo.

What's NEXT for dogipack? You know what is annoying? When you run out of poop bags. Then you're in the kitchen searching to see if you have ANY plastic bags and grab for the Ziplocks. That is not going to be a problem anymore when you join our Dogipack's Party Poopers Waste Bags Club. We are Number 1 at picking up Number 2! Available this spring, once you check out on Amazon with your dogipack, you can add our Party Poopers to be delivered to your door once a month. We send just the right amount so there's no panic at the dog park and we are going to be low price with high quality. I never thought I'd get so excited about waste bags but why not?

I am most proud that the dogipack allows me to support rescues and give back to the dogs that need it the most! We have also been working with veteran groups because dogipack is absolutely invaluable to those in wheelchairs with full-time service dogs. -MB What inspired you to create a product for dogs?

In a superficial industry you start to gravitate for simple joy. My joy is rescuing dogs from the high-kill, crowded shelters in Los Angeles. I have been doing this for twenty years. I rescue the dog, get it cleaned up and healthy and then earn it's trust in people back. When I'm done placing these dogs in loving homes they usually end up doing better than I do! The last three are in swanky, loving families and have their own airplanes. Hows that for a happy ending? I really see the rags to riches over here. Nothing makes me happier than saving these souls. #GETINTOUCH with Meg and Dogipack Website: IG: @dogipack& @megsmakeup1 Photography: Michael Rose


If the impending arrival of your little one has you filled with both excitement and anxiety, we have a list of great items to make baby life easier. Everything from warding off allergies to getting your post baby look down. We don't have a recipe for sleep though, so as they say...Nap when the baby does! Ready, Set, Food! Childhood Food Allergy Prevention System Great news! Recent studies have shown that parents can prevent 70-80% of childhood food allergies by introducing allergenic foods like peanut and egg to infants as early as 4 months and continuing exposure for ~6 months. Ready, Set, Food! makes it easy for parents to follow the process from the studies that prevented most peanut, egg, and milk allergies.


$18 for the 2 week Introduction Pack on Amazon $199 for a 6 month subscription on Legendairy Milk Tea-Ta's Wild Crafted Lactation Blend In Guatemala, women know of a long-kept secret learned from their ancestors: an herbal tea made from ixbut to support the flow of mother's milk. In ancient Maya medicine, healers believed in treating like with like and since ixbut excretes an abundant milky sap from its broken stems and leaves, it was fitting that it would be recommended for promoting breast milk production. In studies of 1,800 Guatemalan women who had experienced trouble with breastfeeding their babies, 50% indicated they could not nurse at all without ixbut, 35% showed a notable improvement in milk production with ixbut, and 15% showed no benefit. With your first sip of this delicious and refreshing tea, you'll discover why countless generations of women have sung ixbut's praises. In studies of 1,800 Guatemalan women who had experienced trouble with breastfeeding their babies, 50% indicated they could not nurse at all without ixbut, 35% showed a notable improvement in milk production with ixbut, and 15% showed no benefit. With your first sip of this delicious and refreshing tea, you'll discover why countless generations of women have sung ixbut's praises. $19.95

Belly Bandit® Mother Tuckin' Leggings These ultra-soft leggings are specifically designed to be worn during pregnancy and happily ever after! The built-in belly panel provides support while working out and can also be worn under the belly for a gentle lift. After delivery, you’ll enjoy comfy nursing coverage and anytime wear! $99

Coverplay Sheets & Play yards Coverplay invented the only washable slipcover for play yards. Our slipcovers not only updates the look of the play yard, but most importantly they keep the play yard clean. Traveling, who wants to put their child in a gross hotel play yard or worse, lug your 25 lbs. play yard with you? With Coverplay slipcovers, all you need is to throw our slipcover in your bag and off you go. Coverplay also makes play yards. Our play yards are super easy to use, comfortable and safe. Coverplay play yards are JPMA certified, which means that our play yards are tested to meet the highest safety standards.

Mina Baie Kinney Luxury Diaper Bags Convertible Baby Bag: Backpack to Cross-body The Kinney Backpack is designed for mamas who love to have options. It can be worn any way your heart desires: cross-body, shoulder, or as a backpack. The soft vegan material used on this backpack strikes the perfect balance between structured and relaxed, making it easy to find your things, but not so stiff it feels bulky. The spacious center compartment and laptop sleeve make this top rated diaper bag perfect for any occasion; whether you're attending a business meeting, traveling the world, or toting around your kids. $178


NEXT STOP: TULUM, MEXICO NEXTONSCENE TRAVELS WITH JACKIE ZUK First experience - in Tulum you need to make time for, is the SIAN KA'AN Biosphere reserve BOAT TOUR!

My personal Mojito recommendations : The Watermelon Mojito and The Jalapeno Pepper Mojito! Stepping completely out of my comfort zone with with the Jalapeno was for sure the way to go!

THIRD STOP: Tulum Ruins I don't know about you, but as an original East Coaster, I always make sure to book a little winter getaway!

This past March, my husband, cousins and myself had a fabulous experience in Tulum, Mexico! If you haven't heard of Tulum, you will, as this place is truly exploding with tourists and growth.

The Tulum Ruins are the remains of the ancient Mayan shipping port. The ruins consist of several of the most important Mayan structures including: The Castillo (Castle) which overlooks the entire Carribbean. Behind the Castillo, there is an amazing beach for you to enjoy after a sun filled afternoon of sight-seeing.

Located a half hour South of Tulum is a town called Muyil. Here is where they offer you a private boat tour along the Biosphere Reserve. We were able to swim down a half mile lazy river, see Manatees and even Crocodiles!

It was so fascinating to see ten miles of natural beauty well taken care of by the Mayans who protect the reserve. NEXT STOP: Batey's Mojito Bar!

I never really enjoyed a Mojito in my life until I experienced Batey's!

Tulum is located on the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. "Being both on a sea and land route, it had major historical importance as a centre of trading. The city flourished between the 13th and the 15th centuries, fading only 70 years after the Spanish army started conquering today’s Mexico." Tulum Ruins

Below you will see how they make the natural sugar from the sugar canes right inside the bar during ALL the action! I was even able to help make some.

Fourth Stop: Scuba Diving in Dos Ojos.

I never went snorekeling before and had an awesome experience. I am happy I made it through! There really is a whole procedure that goes into learning how to breathe out of your mouth with the snorkel. Once we were in and out of swimming in the Cenotes, we ended up in a BAT CAVE. Yes, I was cringing...believe it or not they are HARMLESS and only eat fruit! I am just glad no one told me before hand we were ending up in a Bat Cave or I probably wouldn't have gone and missed out seeing the cool fish!


NEXT STOP: TULUM, MEXICO NEXTONSCENE TRAVELS WITH JACKIE ZUK Let's talk about MEXICAN FOOD! Mexico is KNOWN for their guacamole. On our trip we made sure to eat guacamole and ceviche at EVERY restaurant.

Fifth Stop: Playa Del Carmen The one place you MUST eat at if you stay here or even go for a visit is Carboncitos! Whenever you order a cocktail , your server brings them to you LIKE THIS. How fun right? Playa has one of the longest 5th Avenue shopping I have ever seen! From boutiques to souvenirs, to pop ups, they have it all and it seems like it never ends. You just can't describe it until you experience it!

We also tried out this phenomenal Salsa wheel at Carboncitos! All different kinds of Salsa you can imagine!

You know what else is pretty cool? Tulum had AMAZING PIZZA!

I was so impressed with the fashion buys in Mexico. Some of the best buys were only $10 (American Dollars). This was also the first time we had rented a house from Home Away in the Caribbean. It was a fabulous experience. We had our own pool and were about only 20 minutes from the beach!

If you are looking for the NEXT Destination to travel: Tulum is IT! There is so much to do! NEXT time we go back, I want to check out XEL-HA the amazing water park everyone was raving about! Until NEXT STOP Travels with NEXTonSCENE, stay up to date at @jackiezuk on Instagram!

It was delicious...we all got our own! Now of course we had to get a drink in a REAL coconut. It was as fresh as can be: coconut milk, rum and lots of other authentic juices! NEXTonSCENEÂ Â 22




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NEXTONSCENE : skin-eez skincare wear ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEW WITH FOUNDER, michelle moran Have you ever heard of skincare in CLOTHING? Michelle Moran has created it, Skin-eez Skincare Wear!

We have had the honor of having Skin-eez walk our runway this Spring in our annual fashion show.

Don't tell us all your secrets but how does one even start to put skin care into clothing?

Skineez Skincare Wear includes: Retinol, Vitamin E, Caffine, Shea Butter , Apricot and Rose Hip Oil!

What is Skin-eez?

"Smart fabrics have been around for a long time from spf fabrics to protect us from the ultraviolet rays to mosquito repellant fabrics that are used for soldiers and gardeners

"Skin-eez Skincarewear is patented, wearable compression clinically proven to repair relieve and hydrate your skin"

I took the same philosophy of smart fabrics and patented solution to have the fabrics deliver cosmetic nutrients to the skin while wearing say and night

How did Skin-eez come about?

After ten washings, you can apply the skincare back in for another ten washings."

"I had surgery and the doctors put a painful compression garment on me that dryed out my skin"

What was your first item you ever created? "We created a thigh and waist smoother to be worn under your favorite dress and apparel."

LOVING IT! Tell us about fabric that makes the leggings different! "Our fabrics combined with the soft , supple skincare ingredients allow the Skin-eez fabrics to breath in the heat and in the cold. All Skin-eez compression styles are seamless, so they feel like you are not wearing anything. Compression fabrics make you look slimmer and are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off."

"This brand is my fourth brand I founded under Clothes For A Cause. My first was Legends and Heroes where we licensed hall of fame legends and heroes and gave back to the real hero children with literacy issues as I have dyslexia. The second was the pink ribbon collection where we gave back to women with no insurance and had mobile units in front of the stores to get checked and third was the red dress collection where we donated cholesterol checks and had nurses donating these are store level as well." -MM Currently Skin-eez NOW carries FDA approved compression, diabetic and therapeutic socks! Skin-eez is available in hospitals and pharmacies nationwide and at your favorite stores such as Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart They also sell fabulous fashion items to HSN, FabFitFun, TJX and Specialty stores!

#GETINTOUCH: myskineez .com @skineezskincarewear NEXTonSCENE 24


Who's NEXT? Rosanna Nieves


At what age did you decide you wanted to get into modeling? "At the age of 9, after my first pageant, I knew I wanted to continue modeling. It is a very freeing experience."

What is your signature style? "My signature style is business casual." Who's the NEXT Latina on the move for spring/summer season? Rosanna Nieves! Rosanna is EXTRA special to us as one of our FIRST models ever to work with us so we knew it was time to spotlight this amazing girl.

Who is Rosanna Nieves? "Rosanna Nieves is a young Latina woman who lives and does everything with passion. I see art in every aspect of the world and I live to share that light, color and brightness with others."

What advice would you give to little girls that dream with being a model? "My advice to little girls who dream to be a model is to follow their own heart, and to always love themselves and believe in themselves before anything else."

What has been your biggest learning experience in the fashion industry? "My biggest learning experience in the fashion industry has been to never let the opinions of others change the way you think or look at yourself. The fashion industry is changing constantly - therefore it is extremely important to stick to what you feel is right and be confident within yourself."

Do you have a model inspiration? "My model inspiration would have to be Adriana Lima. She is simple, yet absolutely stunning and raw. I really love how important health and wellness is to her. Being healthy is crucial and something that the fashion industry has had many issues with."

"At this time, I feel a lot is changing in the fashion industry. Everyone is becoming a lot more open minded when it comes to body positivity and treating everyone as equals. I feel that is the most important thing, individuality and the beauty everyone has to offer. I feel we’re in a great place right now." RN

What can we expect next from Rosanna? "What is to be expected from Rosanna is the transition from model to fitness model. As I mentioned earlier, body positivity and health and wellness is so important, for everyone not just models. I want to be able to spread the positive vibes and be an example to other young girls on what your mind and body is capable of & again the importance of self love. Balance of the mind, body and soul"

#GETINTOUCH with Rosanna

Styling: Melina Cortes-Nmili, lalla bee NEXTonSCENE 25

your next CURLY HAIR ROUTINE with hairstylist, selina sigarian

Hairstylist, Selina is BACK to showcase some must haves in beauty routine when it comes to your curly hair!

Now for the rest of the hair I love to go for some sort of curl creme and sometimes even just an oil, some of my favorites would be the Oribe Curl Silkening Creme or Living Proof's No Frizz Nourishing Oil. Lastly, I love to finish with the one and only Oribe Dry texture Spray! After the product run-through, here's how to get the look!

I like to also set the blow dryer to the cool setting at the end just to lock in any additional shine. Finally, after your gorgeous curls are nice and dry go ahead and spray some of the texture spray in and fluff your hair with a hair pic or your fingers (root area only) this will help you finalize the overall shape of your hair and give you that last bit of volume as well!

First and foremost: I love to start using a great shampoo and conditioner! I start with Plumping Wash and Plumping Rinse by Kevin Murphy. I use this system of shampoo and conditioner in order to prepare my hair in order to give it a bit more volume and thickness while still giving my hair the necessary moisture without the weight. Next I like to focus on my root area first, I usually reach for any type of thickening mousse or spray, some of my go-to products: Bumble and Bumble Thickening Full Form Soft Mousse, Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, and if not I love me some Kevin Murphy Body Mass spray. (A girl's got to have options)

Ideally you should only dry your hair about 75-80% and let the rest air dry, but as long as you stick to the medium or low settings you can go ahead and diffuse your hair completely dry.

Remember you can always use more product if necessary, it's always better to build on the product than using too much to begin with. You can comb the product through your hair using a wide tooth comb if you'd like, I love to just use my fingers. After the product is all set, whip out your diffuser and flip your head over. By doing this, I find you will be able to create more volume for you hair. Make sure to use low to medium heat, if you use high heat it will create frizz and will not beautifully define your curls. Also make sure you do not have your blow dryer at it's highest setting.

GETINTOUCH WITH SELINA Website: IG: dontlookatsjs Check out Selina at Cut-Splice in Charlestown, MA! NEXTonSCENE 26

top 3 makeup tips for spring with boston makeup artist, julie zenga FIRST. A rose or a peach toned blush really livens up your face, gives you color and is perfect to go with any Spring outfit. Morphe has some of my favorite blush pallets in both warm and cool tones, and my all-time favorite blush is a pressed one from Becca, color: Songbird. (I think it compliments every skintone) things lifestyle."

SECOND. As the warmer weather approaches, your skin can get a bit oilier/makeup will slip off a bit more easily. Try an oil free primer and a setting spray to lock in your look. My favorites are Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer & Urban Decay All Night Setting Spray, creamy and intact. Another way to keep makeup staying fresh all night: setting powder. THIRD. A glossy lip! This is one of my favorite Spring trends. A nice, sexy glossy lip goes with any outfit, day or night. I love the Buxom lip plumper, Kylie Cosmetics gloss in “so cute” and any pink Dior gloss. (I will sometimes apply a nice clear gloss over a matte lip to really amp up the color and bring more attention to my pout)

I apply mine under my eyes with a damp sponge to prevent creasing, and all over the face to keep my makeup creamy and intact. TIP: I always pack a little extra on my nose and this is the first place where foundation begins to melt away due to hugs, kisses, drinks, food, etc. My favorite is Laura Mercier Setting Powder, but Airspun from your local drugstore is an amazing dupe.

#GETINTOUCH with Rafaela Email publicist, Angie Pimentel IG: @rafaela_salvadori

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EDITORIALS FROM Chef J.Rex With a quickly growing field like Private/Personal Chef’s, a field that has had and is expected to continue to grow at a rate of more then 10% over the next 5+ years (one of the fastest growing fields) there are lots of things to consider, understand, and educate yourself on prior to hiring one. Aside from the obvious questions like education, previous restaurant experience, client referrals (Not Yelp! Yelp is one of the worst things to hit the restaurant/hospitality industry as a whole in history) and types of cuisine they are capable and comfortable creating. You should also take some time to truly qualify what exactly your needs, wants, and expectations are. There are so many things to consider when hiring a Chef and in order to make the process efficient and accurate.

That helps narrow down things like diet restrictions, allergies, things people just do not like, and includes things like what types of cuisine do they enjoy, what some of their favorite restaurants are, etc. These questions really help come up with detailed menus, quality service, and ensures smooth and efficient weekly transactions.

Another popular service is of course the Private Chef Dinners where we come in and create customized dinners for you and your guests in your home where you get to show off your host skills and have world class food served to your guests out of your kitchen in the comfort of your own home. One of the more popular services from Chef J. Rex that’s being utilized by families all over the Greater Boston area is the weekly family meal services. What we do is custom design menus for each family or individual based on what they want for courses (ready to go breakfast, lunches, snacks, dinners) and for how many days they would like each course. In order to provide great food and great service to meet and exceed the client’s needs I first have them fill out a questionnaire.

The process is similar to the weekly meal service in that I send out a questionnaire that has some similar questions...

..and a few different ones like “how many courses, style of service (plated, buffet, family style, etc), time of first course, etc”.This helps us create the perfect dining experience for everyone. Once people experience the fun and excitement of having a Private Chef, they usually prefer that over going out to a restaurant for the next big event.. or just to get a great customized meal! Just think of the money you save on the “beverages” not to mention you can have that extra glass and not worry because your already home! In closing, the concept of hiring Private Chefs is becoming more and more common and accommodating to people of all financial levels and dietary needs. When you have given your Chef info regarding your dietary restrictions, dislikes, allergies, allow your Chef to create a menu and run with it. Nine out of ten times there is a purpose for every single ingredient and contributes in some way to the dish.My advice, if you really want to enjoy the skill of the Chef, just go with the menu even if you don’t usually like that type of mushroom vs. another.

#GETINTOUCH with Chef J.Rex Email:


INFAMOUS CRAB CAKES RECIPE WTH CHEF J.REX Method of Preparation: If your using canned Crab (I would recommend Lump) make sure you strain and press the liquid out of the can as much as possible (think can of tuna) prior to mixing. Mix crab with egg, cream cheese and allow to rest under refrigeration for at least an hour.

Ingredients: 16oz Crab Meat 1 Egg 3oz Whipped Cream Cheese or Mascarpone Cheese 1 cup panko or any preferred cracker/bread crumb (I would recommend something the same size as Panko or larger) Vegetable Oil (for cooking)

I prefer a size of about 3.5 – 4oz size cakes. I like to ensure they are at least 2 – 3.5” high personally. Once the portions are separated roll them one at a time in the panko (or whatever bread/cracker crumb you wish to use) and begin to shame them. In a pan heat enough oil to cover the crab cakes half way (use a smaller diameter pan to fit maybe 3-4 cakes at a time to use less oil to cover higher up on the cakes). Cook till medium golden brown crust, turn over and repeat. Set on paper towel or something absorbent and salt and pepper to taste. I keep these crab cakes relatively simple to allow the flavor of the crab to steal the show. They will have a light but crunchy coating and a soft and moist center. Serve with a lemon wedge and the Roasted Red Pepper, Shallot, Garlic Remoulade.

#GETINTOUCH with Chef J.Rex, Email: