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Well, the holidays are a SUPER exciting time for everyone. We are so excited to share you are going to start seeing us more visibly in PRINT, in 2019! We can't wait to share where you will be able to find US! Stay up to date by following us @nextonscene ! This issue you will read lots and lots about amazing up and comers in the beauty industry, film , fashion along with some great wellness tips to kick you into gear for 2019!

Melina Cortes-Nmili Latinas On The Move Contributor

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Publisher & Editor in Chief

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Holiday Hangover Cure


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NEXTonSCENE Holiday Approved Gift Guide 5 Model, Actress & Host, Rafaela Salvadori 6 Who is our Cover Girl, Eileen Sandoval? 15 Coach, Talk Show Host, Author and International Speaker, Steph Palermo 20 NEXT: Film Star on the Rise, Zach Avery 21 Chef J.Rex 24 Professional Model, Jim Melton 28 From Corporate America to Thriving Entrepreneur , Lisa Christine Somerville 29


17 30 A day to pay gratitude to those we love...

Holiday Hot Rollers with Official Hair Contributor, Jamie Cholaki 8 Good Janes Beauty review with Creative Contour by Carla 9 Insider's Guide to Holiday Botox with Nurse, Stephanie Kim 10 One-on-one Interview with Abode Beauty Bar 25 One-on-One Interview with Brittney Eileen Makeup Artistry 26


5 21 NEXT: Film Star on the Rise Zach Avery

Holiday Fashion Hacks with Stylist & Fashion Blogger, Tiffany DeBerardinis 11 Latina's on the Move, Carina Lopez Rose JP Boutique Owner 13 Latina's on the move, Rosanna Ortiz, Founder of Style Week North East 14

NEXTonSCENE Wellness Holiday hangover cure with Jen Block and Jill Gordon 11 A day to pay gratitude to those we love, Valentine's Day by Lessons by Laney 30 NEXTonSCENE COVER PHOTO: Mario Barberio Photography @mariobarberiophotos

20 Coach, Talk Show Host, Author and International Speaker , Steph Palermo

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NEXTonSCENE: Rafaela Salvadori

New York-> lOS ANGELES host, model and actress Who is Rafaela Salvadori?! "Her eagle spirit has gone from Brazil to Paris, where she took a business Master’s degree at Sorbonne, and then NY and LA, where she swings residency as a powerful actress. " MAXIM We had the fabulous opportunity to get one-on-one with Rafaela and learn more about her career and how she got to where she is. What was your first gig in the field? "Simply Sandra was a short film, I had a beautiful connection with the director and we went together to present the film at the Petit Marche at Cannes Film Festival".

What's NEXT for Rafaela, what are you currently working on? "I will be recurring on a reality show: SUNSET CONFIDENTIAL (Entourage meets Miami Vice). I will be playing myself as I pursue my career in acting while auditioning, networking and all that comes along with chasing that big break! I am also a recurring-guest host on a beauty, lifestyle, magazine show: WINSTON ALLURE, "Rafaela In Character". Here is where they showcase as I try new adventures, test treatments and dive into all things lifestyle."

What advice do you have for people wanting to get into the same career? "To be or not to be that is the question and will always be, and that is to be present. If you want to be an actor, be present, stay focused and know that everything is possible, it is already happening right now. Enjoy the process. Be grateful."

" I am fascinated by truth in all of its forms and through acting I can be vulnerable and allow divine inspiration to work through me, I can get out of myself and let spirit work its magic." RS #GETINTOUCH with Rafaela Email publicist, Angie Pimentel IG: @rafaela_salvadori

Photo: Chris Keller


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hot rollers for holiday season editorials from our official hair contributor Wow! I can't believe the winter season is upon us!! In this issue of NEXTonSCENE, I’m sharing my FAVORITE and simple go to hair hack! How to recreate the blow out look with HOT ROLLERS! I have been using hot rollers for over 20 years because they are so fun and easy! All you do is plug them in, let them heat up and section and place them with your dry hair ! See below for the steps!! PS. Always work with a heat protectant! A great one that doesn’t weigh the hair down is of course my latest product: CHOLAKI Amethyst Hair Serum!! BEFORE STEP 1

Hot rollers work great with all different hair lengths and types. They also give hair bounce and volume in between shampooing days!


I like to use this time to put on my make up or figure out what I’m going to wear for the day or event.

As you can see above, Let them set for 15-20 mins. Allow time for the hot rollers to cool down.

Follow and inquire with Jamie: @cholakibeauty @thehealthyhairexpert @studiotenboston


Furthermore, while setting in the hair, your hands are free.


It’s beauty multitasking at its best!!! My favorite hot rollers are by T3. They’re an investment and worth it! I’ve had my personal set for 5 years! Want to learn more about how to use hot rollers on your hair...learn more by following above! NEXTonSCENE 8

good janes beauty beauty contributor, carla balzano Our fabulous beauty contributor, Carla Balzano from Creative Contour by Carla had a fabulous experience reviewing Good Janes Beauty latest lashes and make up mirror!

Hey there beauties! So fun to be reviewing these products from newcomer GoodJanes Beauty! But first, a little bit about me! My name is Carla, I am a Boston based makeup artist who specializes in airbrush makeup application. I own a business named Creative Contour by Carla. So why am I writing this review? Well, I happen to have a serious love of lashes! When given the opportunity to try out and review lashes, I take it! GoodJanes Beauty is based in Texas but sells their product all over The United States! They are lash gurus and specialize in Mink lashes. For those of you who do not know this, mink lashes are very high end—they can cost up to $40. I am always looking for quality over quantity, which is why I was so excited to try out these lashes!

Did you know all of Good Janes products are made with naturally derived ingredients? They are also vegan, 100% cruelty-free and do not contain sulfates or harsh chemicals. They consistently strive to create and produce only the best beauty tools and products to help keep you and your skin looking young, healthy and beautiful.

The lashes are packaged in beautiful little boxes with ribbons tied into bows. You think you are holding a small gift! Untie the ribbons and open the box: there are your lashes! The lashes have a flexible band, which makes application very easy. I received two pairs: ‘Cool Chick’and ‘Lash Vegas.’ For this review, I tried ‘Cool Chick.’ What I really liked about this specific pair was that the individual lashes are varied lengths. They looked natural, but still had a full appearance. I personally love long, full lashes. This pair totally delivered that without feeling heavy and really enhanced my eyes nicely.

As a makeup artist, I have heard every excuse in the book from clients as to why they do not want lashes. I always tell them to try a natural pair, specifically for enhancement. This pair takes the cake! The flexible band keeps the pair feeling lightweight and the mink lashes’ appearance mimic real eyelashes. The brand itself is also environmentally friendly and cruelty free. Let me also mention the mirror! This mirror is literally the coolest product I have ever seen! As a lash enthusiast, I know the importance of a great mirror. This mirror makes lash application super easy! Setup is easy and convenient and includes an easy-to-read manual. The mirror attaches to the stand via magnets and stays put. All you have to do is adjust the neck of the stand and you are ready for lashes! Try this brand out for yourself beauties, would make an amazing gift for the holiday season. As you can tell, I love it! Want Carla to review what's NEXT?! @creativecontourbycarla on FB & IG


smoothing into the holidays EDITORIALS OF Certified aesthetic nurse injector, STEPHANIE KIM Hey Beautiful People! My name is Stephanie. I’m nurse with 12 years of clinical experience, and most recently became a certified aesthetic nurse injector offering procedures such as Neurotoxin injections (Botox), dermal fillers injections, and soon to come - Kybella (fat busting injections). What are your staple beauty products? Let’s talk about a beauty product that I love - Botox! Botox is the #1 most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure given in the US and other countries. In 2002, neurotoxin became FDA approved as the anti-wrinkle treatment, which is generally known to people as Botox. There are a few other neurotoxins as well - Dysport and Xeomin are also commonly used to treat wrinkles or fine lines.

Let’s talk about the benefits of Botox! Botox can be injected into the forehead, frown lines (between eyebrows), smile lines or crow’s feet (sides of the eyes), bunny lines (top of the nose form squinting), Masseter muscle (for jawline slimming), and so many other indications for it’s use. By precisely placing and dosing Botox, especially in preventative treatments, it allows for muscles to get stronger over time and for muscles to age more evenly. In preventative Botox treatments, it is common for clients to come back less and less over time. Because Botox is able to even out your skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, your makeup, therefore, will appear smoother, leaving you with a refreshed and sometimes, airbrushed makeup look. It’s a great adjunct product to your beauty routine!

VATICAN CITY As the holidays are approaching, don’t miss out on your Botox treatments! Don’t let the stress of the holidays be visible to others! Schedule your 1:1 consultation with me or catch me at my next Botox & Bubbly party! #GETINTOUCH with Stephanie IG: @StyledByStephanieKim Text for appointments (781) 439.7322. Where can you find me #NEXT?? For details about my #NEXT Holiday Botox & Bubbly party, follow @CutSplice salon on Instagram for dates and details! Looking forward to making you look and feel your best self!






holiday fashion hacks with stylist & fashion blogger, Tiffany DeBerardinis Who is Tiffany DeBerardinis? Known as @tiffyg77 on Instagram, this forty year old petite mom loves to shop for herself and others! She believes that women over thirty can be just as trendy as they were at twenty-one! However, she views shopping as a hunting mission. She hunts for the best bargain to keep you stylish and make you feel like the prettiest “you” that you can be! This issue Tiffany has four fashion holiday hacks you NEED for your closet. She also wants to preface with three of the four outfits she utilized the same black bodysuit that she bought at Marshalls for $9.99 as the base!

Look #2: Vintage fur collared sweater/vintage pencil skirt (on the right) Vintage clothing is usually unique and made with high-quality material. Sometimes, I feel like vintage clothing gives off positive energy because it is filled with a person's happy memories. For example, this sweater was my grandmother's from the 1950s. Head to a consignment store to find a classic pencil skirt, such as this black one from Madison Ave. of Melrose, and don't hesitate to shop in your grandmother's, mother's, or aunt's closets for some old treasures that won't cost you a dime. *Sweater: Free *Pencil skirt: Madison Ave. of Melrose $50.00 Look #3: Graphic T-shirt/Leather Leggings

Look #1: Plaid Skirt/Black bodysuit

Red plaid is a classic holiday print that will remain timeless in your closet. The ruffles in this outfit add a flare to a basic, knee length skirt. Add black hosiery for cooler December weather. The red plaid print will really pop against the black hosiery and black bodysuit. *Bodysuit: Marshalls $9.99 *Hosiery: Vienne Milano $25.00 Skirt: Charlotte Russe: $12.99

Look #2 #GETINTOUCH with Tiffany FB: @Tiffany Deberardinis IG: @tiffy77

THE THRILL OF THE HUNT Look #4:: Black bodysuit/Sequin Joggers

Leather leggings should be a wardrobe staple in every woman's closet. Add a fun graphic shirt that is related to your favorite winter holiday and you will have a fun, upbeat (and comfy) outfit. *Bodysuit: Marshalls $9.99 *Sequin joggers: Macys $34.99 Styling: Tiffany DeBerardinis Photography: Gabby Baglieri

There is no better time to wear sparkles and shiny clothes than during the holiday season. These sequin joggers work perfectly for a holiday dinner party of girls' night out. Joggers are super trendy....and super comfortable. Add a printed heel for a pop to your all-black outfit. *Bodysuit: Marshalls $9.99 *Sequin joggers: Macys $34.99 NEXTonSCENE 11

holiday hangover cure with jen & jill editorials by jen block & jill gordon Who couldn't be more excited for the Holiday Season?! Jill Gordon and Jen Block are both wellness business owners with Isagenix. Jill has a background as a registered dietitian and Jen has a background as a Master Connector and Director with Musiker Tours/Summer Programs based in New York. Since starting this incredible lifestyle that our founder is also on, Jen and Jill wanted to share some easy, Holiday Hangover Cures when it comes to food and drinks during one of the most popular seasons to INDULGE!

HANGOVER CURE: After a night of drinking see the amazing results of what Isagenix offers: Mix Ionix, Cleanse for Life and Replenish. Drink before bed. Next morning. Have an e-shot and Isalean Shake. you will feel as good as NEW.

As a registered dietitian, one of the things I hear so often is, the Holidays are my downfall, I will just wait until January 1st to go on my diet. Let’s shift our thinking here. The Holidays don't have to be your downfall at all. This is the time when I encourage people to focus on their nutrition and their goals so they go into January feeling strong and empowered with their health. When you actually think about the Holidays, they are really only actually a couple of days. Thanksgiving, Christmas and maybe a few days of being on vacation. A bad meal or a bad day is not going to ruin anything. I try to get people focused on maintenance during the holidays – maybe it is not the right time to set huge ambitious goals but it is the time to still stay focused on nutrition and health and feeling good. What I love about Isagenix is that we have the tools, the community, the inspiration and motivation to keep you going all season long. EXCITED to embark on this Holiday season and THRIVE yet not DEPRIVE! I'm a "foodie" from spending over 15 years in NYC, how can you not be, the BEST of everything, in my opinion. What I love so much about Isagenix is the lifestyle, not a life sentence! I know that I will be able to still enjoy this special time of the year while incorporating some of my daily "staples"; 2 shakes a day, vitamins with Isagenisis and ionix supreme. This will help keep me on track and maintain without gaining!

#GETINTOUCH Some other quick tips on being mindful of alcohol. Make sure to focus on low calorie options which means mixers like club soda and splashes of juice and wine rather than creamy holiday drinks – even though they are so good. Ensure that you are keeping yourself hydrated in between drinks. I always recommend having a glass of water in between cocktails. This will not only slow you down but keep you hydrated as well. Be mindful set your intention on what you are going to allow yourself to do. Just gotta throw in the Isagenix hangover cure – it truly is a lifesaver as it helps to cleanse out the toxins and increase the hydration status too and get you up and running the next day. You will need Amped Hydrate and Cleanse, e-shots and Isalean shake in your arsenal, tools that are part of my daily wellness regimen. This is also an awesome healthy snack and a great for gifting are the protein energy bites.

I know it's a festive time of year with many alcoholic beverages. Having the"Hangover Cure" is a must after a night of a few cocktails. NEXTonSCENE 12


Who's NEXT? Carina Lopez @shoprosejp

What are you up to these days?

Who is your biggest influence?

"These days I'm up to growing a garden! I have two roses to look after; Rose Jade my three-nage daughter, and “Rose JP” our new family business launched in October. I strive to see them both flourish to be ROSE (Resilient, Original Sophisticated, & Empowering). "

"I cannot attribute influence to only one person. I continue to be influenced by many amazing people around me. It’s so important to find mentors for the different areas of your life; spiritual, relationships, motherhood, & business. One of the most influential people in my life has been my fiancé John. He has showed me that you can obtain anything your heart desires with persistence and hard work. He has believed in me through the times I haven’t believed in myself and also provided me with his unconditional support to go after my dreams."

How do you balance family, career and dreams? Who's the NEXT Latina on the move for winter season? Carina Lopez! Who is Carina Lopez? "Carina is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, as Marie Forleo likes to call it. I’m a visionary fueled by love and creativity. The beauty, fashion and entertainment industry have provided me a platform to explore my passions and I cannot choose one!"

Styling: Melina Cortes-Nmili, lalla bee Photography: Jeamou Photography

"I believe balance is achieved by incorporating the things that make you happy into your every day life and through prioritizing daily. There is a time for everything which is not easy to accept for someone as impatient as myself. I have tried to do it “all” and succeed at none. Smalls steps, one day at a time." So you have mentioned before that you want to business to be more than just a business.. can you explain what that means? "When I say I want my business to be more than just a business, I mean that I want it to make a difference. Most people get caught up in a very monotonous lifestyle that brings them no joy or fulfillment, specially us women that tend to put ourselves last. I created a business to offer other women and myself a space where we can connect and support each other. Shopping is only the common interest. Yes who doesn't love a good deal, but there's nothing better than being around people who understand your daily struggles and genuinely want you not only to look good, but also feel your very best!"

What advise would you give your younger self? "There are two pieces of advice I would give my younger self. First, to stop trying to please everyone. Second, "Bloom where you are planted." What is your biggest goal for 2019? "My biggest goal for 2019 is to stay focus! For me this means saying NO more to others and even myself. My mind is always coming up with the next "big thing" to do & its very easy to get sidetracked." Visit Rose JP or join us at any of our next events! For more info visit NEXTonSCENE 13

NEXTonSCENE LATINAS ON THE MOVE Who's NEXT? Rosanna Ortiz @rosannamortiz


Who's the NEXT Latina on the move for winter season? Rosanna Ortiz Founder of StyleWeek North East! Who is Rosanna Ortiz? "I am originally from Southern California and moved to Providence in 2009 from Boston. I am married to a wonderful man and have a Scottish Terrier who thinks she is a German Shepard. I am a lover of Yoga, Ancient Aliens and California Cabernets! What is your background? "My background is in Public Relations and Marketing. I attended Suffolk for Advertising and Public Relations. My ethnicity is half Native American, Spanish, Mexican and Southern European."

How would you describe the Fashion scene in RI as opposed to New York? "In New York, the fashion scene is all about business. In Rhode Island its about arts and culture. I find that the Rhode Island fashion scene could get there eventually, but that’s why we started STYLEWEEK, to merge the arts and culture with the business component. We work closely with the City of Providence and the state of Rhode Island to ensure this process continues.

How did you decide to get into fashion? "What’s most interesting is this industry actually found me. I was a shoe representative for Franco Sarto and that parlayed me to write a small column for Color Magazine in Boston. I continued to write small fashion articles since I was in the footwear industry at the time and that lead me to get more well versed in the local fashion scene. I moved to Providence and decided to end my footwear career after 6 years to start STYLEWEEK Providence at the time. I was covering local fashion shows for a Boston blog and started to take notice of what could be done differently for the designers, sponsors and attendees. I felt Providence was more receptive to a fashion week since they really didn’t have one in place, so utilizing my experiences I constructed what is now STYLEWEEK Northeast to encompass the entire region but be based in Providence.

Who is StyleWeek Northeast for? "STYLEWEEK is for the designers, the partners, sponsors and the attendees. We focus on making every designer who shows on our runway feel they received something from partnering with us. We treat them as a client, as they are and they trust us to properly showcase their collections in a professional manner and leave with images, press and video that they can use to build their brand. The sponsors are imperative to the business and they receive branding opportunities by becoming involved with STYLEWEEK. The attendees receive an experience that parallels that of a metropolitan city fashion event and everyone feels like a VIP at STYLEWEEK. Even though I hate the term VIP! However it’s important to me that the attendees have a wonderful time and always feel that they belong. We have a no Diva policy at STYLEWEEK and I intend and work hard to keep it that way." Photo credit for all: Myke Yeager Photography

"Starting a business is easy, making it last by making smart choices is the hardest part. Consistency is important to build credibility, as credibility can be your most valuable business asset. Make sure to curb the ego, as the ego can be a credibility killer. Most of all, almost all negative feedback has some (even though it might be minute) truth. Make sure to look at all negative feedback about you or your business to assess the negatives and turn them in to opportunities" RO

Who is your ideal designer to showcase on your shows? "The most desirable designers for STYLEWEEK, are those who utilize their passion when constructing their collections but also understand how to communicate in real world environments in order to turn that passion in to a business opportunity." Amy Lane Designs


Top: H&M Ring & Earcuff: H&M

NEXTonSCENE: Cover Girl Celebrity Makeup Artist Eileen Sandoval @honeybeileen <--NEXT: The feather/Sparkle look (to our left) Holiday, Christmas, NYE. DID SOMEONE SAY PARTY? This look is fun for any holiday party. Sequin, feathers, gold and color: "A dress like this has to be played up with glam to match. I couldn’t resist using the colors of this dress in my makeup. I was so excited to use my Natasha Denona Gold Palette for this look. I added some of the blues from my Morphe 35V palette. As you can see, it was complete perfection! Don't be afraid to have some fun with your makeup. Make sure if you use bright colors on the eyes, you keep the lips more neutral and light. I used the gold in the dress as my lip inspiration. I also applied NARS powermatte Lip luster in “Hardcore,” and topped it with Becca Cosmetics Glow Gloss in “Champagne Creme." Dress: Wow Couture Showroom: Maison Privée PR

THIRD: Classic Holiday

Celebrity Makeup Artist Eileen Sandoval (@honeybeileen) specializes in Film, TV, Print and Bridal. Well known for her work on E! hit reality series "Total Divas" & "Total Bellas" . Working mainly along side (The Bella Twins) Brie & Nikki Bella, she has also worked with many other celebrities and has experience teaching. For over 10 years Eileen has worked in the beauty industry focusing primarily on weddings, red carpet, special events, print and television. You have probably seen Eileen in our magazine since we started our brand back in 2016! It has been such an honor to continue to work side -by- side with her and we thought if anyone deserved a cover girl issue this winter, it is Eileen! What better way to share some favorite holiday glam with our cover girl , Eileen Sandoval. FIRST UP: The Show Stopper Look for NYE (on the left side of this page) For the girl who’s daring and wants to be sure she’s seen, or for those who are typically more simple and want to make an entrance: "I pair an intense smokey eye with some fun sparkles. I added little stars that I picked up at Ricky’s in NYC . You can be methodical about how you place them or just have fun There’s no “correct” way of doing it, just have fun and make sure to use a cosmetic glue to stick them."

Dress: Wow Couture Showroom: Maison Privée PR Compact: Charlotte Tillbury Coat: Topshop Heels: Louis Vuitton


NEXTonSCENE Spring/Summer 2019 is coming...

Want to be seen? Want to be heard? We want to hear from you. Deadline March 1st!

NEXTonSCENE: Cover Girl Celebrity Makeup Artist Eileen Sandoval @honeybeileen As you saw on our cover and on the previous page, I call the Wow Couture on red background, the Classic Holiday Look. "This is the effortless but classic glam that you can rock at any holiday party. Keep the eye makeup light, load up on your favorite mascara (if you’re up for a bit more glam, add a pair of flattering lashes). The key to this look is to apply a bold red lip. I went for “Milan” liquid lip from Ofra Cosmetics. Bronze and glowing is the goal here; add a liquid highlighter and some bronzer to finish off this look." FOURTH : CHARMING NYE BABE

Jumpsuit: Nadine Merabi

FIFTH: CHARMING NYE BABE This look is all about the GLAM from head to toe. It’s NYE so I say go for a fun hair style that you don’t typically rock, pair that with a fabulous sparkly jumpsuit and makeup to be sure the glam flows. I opted for a dark Smokey eye with a little bit of sparkle paired with a nude lip and of course I had to bronze it up.

#GETINTOUCH with Eileen: IG: @honeybeileen FB: @honeybglam

Dress: Nadine Merabi Boots: H&M Ring: Topshop

NYE is all about glitz and sparkle! Choose a dress with some sparkle in it and pair it with a fun smokey eye. Let the colors of your dress inspire your makeup. I opted for a purple smokey eye with a pink lip. I used the Il Makiage Color Boss Pro palette in “ready or not” topped with a dramatic lash. I finished off the look with NARS “Hot Tryst” cheek palette and a glossy pink lip.

Eileen Sandoval Shoot Credits Photographer: Mario Barberio @mariobarberiophotos Makeup: Eileen Sandoval @honeybeileen Hair: Danny Newsham @dannynewsham Stylist: Madison Dixon @madisondixonstylist For a full product list/ beauty breakdown please visit NEXTonSCENE 18

who's NEXT: Steph palermo coach, talk show host, author and international speaker

Who is Steph Palermo? Why is she NEXT to know about! Steph is an empath, a highly sensitive intuitive who understands peoples’ struggles. As a coach, talk show host, author and international speaker, she taps into her gifts to help clients and audiences navigate life to Feel Groovy every day!

FIRST: You chose this life because you have a purpose. You bring value to the world, and you owe it to yourself and all of us to live in that purpose and become the best version of you. SECOND: You are meant to be happy and enjoy life. That is YOUR right! LASTLY: Life is not a spectator sport. It is meant to be lived. You are the owner, coach, referee, player AND cheerleader.

#GETINTOUCH WITH STEPH FB: @juststeph IG: @juststeph1

As we know, the new year is approaching! Here are THREE REASONS why you should bother to make changes in your life:

Isn’t time to start enjoying YOUR JOURNEY? Subscribe to Steph's newsletter at using the promo code: Groovy and get your free download of Steph’s 10 Groovy Do’s to Get You in the Groove.


Zach Avery Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard


Photo: Bobby Quillard Who's Zach Avery? Widely known for his character acting in various roles over the last few years, Zach Avery is taking his career to the next level with multiple movies set for release later this year. Starring opposite Kate Beckinsdale and Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje in FARMING. Our founder had the fabulous opportunity to get one-on-one with Zach and ask about his latest ventures and how he got to where he is! Congrats on your latest films!! One being Farming ! Tell us about your character and your experience working side by side with Kate Beckinsale! ! "Thank you so much! I was cast in the role of Martin Fellows who is a parole officer of sorts for Damson Idris’s character, Enitan. Since the film is a true story based on the director’s life, there was so much put into bringing authenticity to the role even when the subject matter was extremely dark at times. Martin’s ideologies are harshly racist and honestly cruel throughout but I had to stay within his headspace rather than judge him, which wouldn’t have worked for the role or film. Working with Kate Beckinsale and the entire cast (including Adewale who directed and acted) was truly a dream come true and a master class to watch them work. Incredible experience all around!" How do prep do act as your roles to get into your character mode as good advice to our readers who want to become actors!

"For me it all starts on the page. When you read a good script with layered characters and story; the writer has given you such a solid blueprint to bring that character to life. I steal any “crumbs” that the writer left me as to who this person is and then I work from the inside out. Where did he grow up, what was his childhood like, did he have brothers or sisters, was he into sports, etc. Based on these details in his backstory, I then craft what he looks like physically. What kind of clothes he wears, hairstyle and cut, physical build and everything else that makes us who we are. Once I can basically picture the character in my head (as if he is a friend or relative); I’m ready to dive into the dialogue and start working with the other actors." Tell us about your first acting gig, what were you placed on and tell us about the experience? "The first “real” aka paid acting gig was a short film that I did just after I moved to Los Angeles called “Shifter”. I was cast in the lead role as a military type guy named “Striker” in the not so distant future that had the ability to “shift” into a clone body of himself if at any point in time his heart stopped aka was killed in action. It was a pretty bad ass role to be plunged into coming straight from the theatre in Chicago to stunts, explosions and fight scenes straight out of the gate. The producer and director (Julio and Diego Hallivis) became great friends and we have worked together multiple times since."

What inspired you to become an actor? "I think it all started with my extreme (almost obsessive) interest in psychology and sociology. Why people do the things they do, react to situations the way that they do and how we individually interpret what the outside world gives us. I’m in love with the idea of being able to create the nuances of a character and then try to bring that person to life in an authentic way. Acting allows for that creation and there is nothing else I would or could be doing." What is your food guilty pleasure over the holidays? "My mom’s sweet potato yams with brown sugar, honey and melted marshmallow on top and her pumpkin pie is a dead lock tie. Both are simply heaven in your mouth." What is your favorite thing to do over holiday season? Do you have a favorite tradition? "My wife’s family is from a small town in southern Indiana called Santa Claus, IN and they always have a big and (extremely festive as you could imagine) party around Christmas that is always a good time and something we look forward to when we go back there." What’s else is NEXT for Zach that we should know about In the coming months? "I have a couple films that will be premiering in the beginning of 2019 titled “Last Moment of Clarity” and “Shookum Hills”. Then I have 2 feature films start filming top of 2019 in Check outthat the entire Blue Monarch Virginia andline Toronto I am beautiful extremely product beforethat for your excited about and then possibly a big action debut as a bride. film that will shoot in Spain late Spring so fingers crossed. Lot of exciting things ahead!"


who's next: Chef J.Rex Editorials of Chef Justin Rexroad When you have a really special dinner you need to plan for there is really only one choice to make sure that dinner is exceptionally special and memorable. Sure, you can call for reservations at one of your favorite places and hope that they have the space and availability or suffer the fate at any place that may be able to accommodate. But lets first address all the possible disasters that may strike. You or your guests’ favorite dishes or wine may not be available, maybe you get stuck by a drafty door or noisy entrance to the kitchen, maybe a less then stellar server that your stuck with all night, and of course the big who’s stuck driving?

What if I told you, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to receive superior service and food to have a perfect evening? We make a menu to suit your exact wishes and can provide staff to serve, bartend, clean and cook as many courses as you wish for as many or few guests as you choose. I have also partnered up with a wine school and retail store so I can provide a tasting with education..

...and excellent pricing on wines in your own home! We can also provide an offsite private event space for your events as well.

In addition to providing incredibly memorable meals for any sort of event, one of our other popular services is our family meal planning. We custom build a menu to suit the needs of any family. Aside from dinner service, we can also create simple, quick, nutritional, and tasty breakfast, snacks, and packable lunches.

Did you know, the average family of four spends over $300 per week and over 15hrs between shopping and preparing?

Lots of that involves processed food. We give you back that precious time that your family craves and requires, especially this day and age! We ensure that you get a quality meal for all to enjoy. Your family will rush to the table every night! Among my many stops and pop ups, recently I have been part of Bacon Bourbon Fest Boston, WGBH Food and Wine Fest, The Hampton Beach Seafood Festival and St. Anthony’s Feast in the North End, Feast with 45 (Pedro Martinez Charity event at Fenway Park).

I still do several pop ups across New England in addition to all sorts of other major events, so make sure to keep tabs on the website and social media for the next great spot you can find us! #GETINTOUCH with Chef J.Rex Email: NEXTonSCENE 24

NEXTONSCENE : ABODE BEAUTY BAR ONE-ON-ONE INTERVIEW WITH FOUNDER, ASHLEY Melanson "Hair is 90% of your selfie. So you better invest in it. Founder, Ashley Melanson, of Abode Beauty Bar knows how important having great hair is. With her successful training at highly revered Goldwell Salon, Ashley continues to take classes to perfect her craft and refine her skills as a stylist. It’s fun being able to do something new at work everyday, and Ashley feels happiest when making others feel good about themselves while doing it." Abode Beauty Bar


Ashley, tell us about abode beauty bar and what makes your business so unique? "Abode Beauty Bar is an at home beauty bar that brings the salon right to the client. It is very clear, people are busy, and life doesn't seem to be slowing down for anyone - myself included! I noticed a pattern in the way people are spending their time and how they are shopping and it was obvious, convenience is key. From that moment on, my brain was constantly turning. How could I make the salon work for the modern day gal ?? Just like that, Abode was born! Abode Beauty Bar understands life is crazy/ kids get sick/ or you get stuck working late {banging your head off of your desk} & NEED your hair done for that big meeting the next day. It is our mission to cross "hair" off your to do list while providing luxe hair styling services right in the comfort of your own home.

What inspired you to fall into the world of hair? Hair was something that I accidentally ran head first into! There was definitely no thinking involved I just kinda jumped! Looking back, I can't believe.. long it took me to realize that this was something that I was meant to do! I couldn't stand working at a desk any longer. I had no idea what I was doing, but I took a job managing a salon on the south shore. I had no intentions on ever being a stylist or going to hair school; however, not even a month into the job I was enrolled in a cosmetology program! CRAY-ZAY!!

Favorite winter hairstyle? For special events, like holiday parties, I have been loving the look of a pulled apart fishtail braid! Pair this style with a bold lip and you are ready to combat even the most inappropriate of family jokes!

new year? new you! because who doesn't want to have great hair before new years eve? inquire with abode beauty bar to come to you for a new years blow dry party. IG: @abode_beautybar fb: abodeBeautyBar minimum of 5 guests and blowout would be discounted from 50 to 40 per person


WHO'S NEXT: Brittney Eileen Makeup Artistry ONE-ON-ONE WITH BRITTNEY EILEEN Most memorable makeup experience?

"Personable, passionate and professional, Brittney is a Boston based makeup artist and business owner with just over 9 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her dedication to excellent service and perfect application allows her to connect one-on-one with each and every one of her ever-growing clientele of brides in the Massachusetts, North Shore are area."

What type of work in makeup do you mainly do weddings, film, editorial? "My main focus is weddings, I enjoy it and there is a consistency to it. But if you check out any of my social media sites or website you’ll see I have a love for editorial and avant-garde makeup as well. I try to work on as many photoshoots and fashion shows as I can during my slow seasons."

"I have a few I can think of. I think one of my most memorable ones was my uncle’s wedding to his longtime fiancé this year. It was a surprise backyard wedding, he invited everyone over for a cookout and didn’t tell anyone that they were actually getting married! I was one of the only people to know because he asked me if I could his fiancé’s makeup. I had to keep it a secret from everyone and go over there early to sneak my entire kit into their house! I did her makeup in a bedroom in secret while everyone was outside. It was a really fun and emotional day. It’s definitely something I will never forget."

What inspired you to get into the field of makeup? "I started my career wanting to be a hairstylist. Makeup artistry wasn’t even on my radar at that point. After a couple of years assisting at a salon on Newbury Street, I started to realize I didn’t have a passion for hair. I started to take on more and more makeup clients. Therefore, I switched it up and began working at Sephora! Sephora was definitely one of my favorite jobs. It was such a fun place to work, I was able to do makeup all day every day on so many different clients. That was a time where it really hit me that I wanted to be a makeup artist. I knew then that this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. "

TV guilty pleasure? "I guess it would be Gossip Girl. I just recently binge watched it and couldn’t look away! The glam, drama it’s like a soap opera for teens and it’s definitely my tv guilty pleasure."

Someone you admire in the makeup industry and why? "There are a lot of incredibly talented artists that have been in the industry for a long time that I admire but the one that always comes to mind first is Ve Neil. I used to watch her on the show Faceoff on Syfy and she just really stuck out to me. She has worked on iconic movies such as Beetle Juice, Mrs.Doubtfire and The Hunger Games. Her artistry is obviously a lot different than mine since she does a lot of SFX but she’s just so talented and creative. "

Where do you see yourself in the next year ? "I am hoping with the new knowledge and resources that I’ve gained over the past year, I can start to move forward with getting into a position where I can open my own studio. I’m not sure if that will be accomplished within the next year but I think I’ll be closer to that goal within the next year for sure! "

#GETINTOUCH with Brittney Email: IG: @specofmakeup NEXTonSCENE 26

Photographer | Jay Lamour Model | Jim Melton Art Director | CL Styles Makeup | Carla Balzano Location | Je’ Amou Photographic Studio Clothing : Suit Supply Boston HAVANA GREY STRIPE SUIT: $699.00 DARK BROWN BRIEFCASE: $369.00 DARK BROWN DOUBLE MONK STRAP: $299.00 BURGUNDY TIE: $69.00

WHO'S NEXT: jim melton insight on professional modeling These actions can separate you from the riff raff and allow you to be the most effective in your field of expertise. As a model, I take pride in my profession by maintaining a higher fashion sense, being early, and being prepared. It is one thing to work as a model, it is another is to be seen as a model. You have to show respect for yourself before anyone can respect you. By looking the part, I’m prepared, as a model should be. Furthermore, all eyes should be on me! Imagine a model that does not have pride. It might be that suit, that rugged stare, or the smile I practice with the eyes that “does it” and does it good. It was Jahangir Khan that stated, “without hard work and discipline it is difficult to be a top professional. That being said, having a professional mindset plays a big part in everything that you partake of and involve yourself in. In high school, I cannot count on my fingers the number of times that the cashiers which demonstrated any aptitude of customer service moved on and stopped being my server at the lunch counter. You kind of miss those good people but you knew they demonstrated that aptitude to do more. A professional mindset set them apart and you felt it, no matter the stature of their employment in life at that moment.

In conclusion, being professional is part of the battlefield of life. Being prepared is having that soldier vision, having that pride of work is the equivalent of Carpe Diem! Seize that day and don’t forget to be a professional. You might be the NEXTonSCENE. Photographer | Jay Lamour Model | Jim Melton Art Director | CL Styles Makeup | Carla Balzano Location | Je’ Amou Photographic Studio

Clothing: Stoughton Army Navy Store Rothco G.I. Type Enhanced Alice Pack w/ Frame-Olive Drap $149.99 Rothco Paracord Keychain & CarabinerNow you know, it is safe to say a king or Olive drape; Black $4.99 Each queen of the people can lead from the Rothco Flightsuit- ACU Digital Camo Color $44.99 heavens or from the depths below. It is the Genuine G.I. 3 Piece 1 Quart Plastic inflection of their vocabulary, or the actions Canteen- Olive Drap $4.99 which set them as leaders and directors of Rothco Insulated 8 Inch Side Zip Tactical life’s matters. Boot- Extreme cold weather conditions (black) $89.99 The professional mindset also relies on it would be Gossip Girl, Rothco Draw Vest MOLLE Tactical "I guess I just Cross recently taking pride of your work, and also VestCoyote Brown $72.99 binged it and couldn’t look away! The glam, setting rules for yourself.... Rothco drama it’s like a soap opera for 8-24X50MM teens and it’sZoom Binocular -Black $74.99 definitely my tv guilty pleasure." NEXTonSCENE 28

from corporate america to thriving business owner who's next: lisa christine summerville

"I was very blessed in my corporate career to have a role as an "intrapreneur" at AT&T and IBM where I got to work on many initiatives that were right out of the labs or new ideas. It was so fun to build teams, drive revenue, and to build momentum. I also enjoyed the international travel but I realized after my last role as Engagement Officer for an MIT startup group that what I was doing, I should be doing full time for myself. More rewarding in many ways, both professionally and personally. And now I get to make an impact in the lives of many women and help them be more successful, gain clarity and increase their confidence!" Upon leaving Corporate America, Lisa started an amazing women networking community in the Newburyport, MA area called 28 Carrots. What makes 28 carrots stand out as a women's group? 28 Carrots is an entrepreneurial feeder for likeminded women to gather, inspire one another and collaborate, contribute and celebrate! Many of our attendees and members love that our "secret sauce" is collaboration over competition --- something we wholeheartedly believe in. We also give back as mentors, are very supportive and are really growth focused. We have a woman share her entrepreneurial journey at each event, we choose high end, unique venues and we also focus on learning...

...We not only have monthly "Cocktails & Conversation" events, but we just hosted our first ever Leadership Retreat in a stunning, restored 1855 barn and have hosted the SBA InnovateHER Pitch Contest for the last two years where entrepreneurs can win up to $70,000 in cash. Additionally, we have both local and virtual Power Play Peer Mentoring Circles which provide for clarity, building confidence, creativity, and accountability. They are part mastermind and part strategy allowing you to stay on track and exceed goals. Overall, 28 Carrots provides empowerment, encouragement, and an amazing success mindset! When you join, you are gifted an engraved "success" charm and each member of 28 Carrots is recognized, promoted, and truly welcomed and loved as a gift to our tribe." We heard you are now expanding 28 carrots coaching/consulting! What type of programs are you offering? "I've been consulting and coaching since 2002 when I left IBM under my other company, Bateau Ventures. Many members started asking me for 1:1 coaching and other programs to help them build long-term relationship that deliver results. I launched my coaching programs and to help women use their passions for prosperity and to bring in more net new revenue. Some sample programs based on my talents and sweet spots: "how to pitch to investors", "how to sell and close deals", and "how to form strategic partnerships". Working with entrepreneurs for over 10 years now, and with over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, I am very confident in my "grit & grace" experience to help other women move to the next level in their career or business. "

What is Lisa's guilty pleasure? What do you enjoy when you aren't working? "I love playing with my fifteen month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Jasper. I love his innocence and unconditional love. During the summer, you can find me on the water sailing on my Cal 2-30, "Miss Mooring Glory", spending time with my boyfriend, Michael, and cooking. I am indeed a "foodie" and was nominated and featured as "Cook of the Month" a few years back here in Newburyport. Traveling to France and Italy are two of my favorite places and my future plan will allow me to live abroad 6 months of the year and Newburyport /Plum Island the other 6!" How can people get in touch with you and follow you on social media?! If you are hungry to go higher, We should have a 30 minute VIP call to discover your next steps and see if we are fit for a coaching collaboration.

You can sign up to be on the email list FB: @28Carrots IG: @28carrots & @colorfulchicka


valentines day: A day to pay gratitude to those we love. EDITORIALS WITH LESSONS BY LANEY

Valentine’s Day. A day to pay gratitude to those we love. Unfortunately, the day and it’s meaning has gotten a bit lost and commercialized. Expectations often run high due to media hype and competition. Why not create your own, special day (or week)! You get to design your unique ideas that have important meaning without breaking your budget or creating stress. Here are my TOP FIVE tips to get you started!



Whether coupled or singled think about volunteering for a few hours. Being grateful and sharing the love never fails! Whether a senior home or animal shelter spread the warmth and good intentions!

Bake! Even if you are not a top notch bakery chef, baking cookies and desserts to share at the office or with your neighbors is a great way to show gratitude and bring smiles.

THIRD. Go to the movies! Whether at home watching Netflix or the big silver screen at the theatre, viewing a romantic movie or comedy can lift your spirits, increase laughter and lighten your mood!


FIRST. Whip up a fabulous meal for your special someone or small group of friends. Show off your culinary skills and enjoy! Be sure to include a romantic theme!

Get together with a small group and exchange gratitude letters. Have everyone read them out loud and don’t forget to include some yummy warm cocoa or fav drinks!

Photo: Robin Terhune

Of course you can always go the traditional route of a fancy dinner and gifts but the memories and message of doing things that are different are often more impactful and longer lasting. Create a little romance and laughter throughout the day by incorporating small things that matter. So make this Valentine’s Day a unique and giving one. Be creative, think outside of your comfort zone to create new and lasting memories and enjoy this special day, your way!

#GETINTOUCH @lessonsforanurbangoddess Her books are available on Laney has over 300,000 hits on Quoted in Brides, Bustle, Redbook & MORE. NEXTonSCENE 30

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