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Letter from the Editor

Thank YOU, thank you , thank YOU! We officially have made it through our FIRST year in business. Super exciting time for all of us at NEXTonSCENE. We can't thank you all enough for your support, feedback and shares! We have made it to 3k readership since December!! This issue you will get a lot of insight on the world of fashion including an exclusive interview with the CEO of Poshmark, Manish Chandra! You also will get also insight on music to download, wedding season, beauty tips & tricks, finances, trademarking and how age is just a number thanks to our 90 year old rockstar, Ray Lepore. We look forward to your feedback and #GETSOCIAL with us! @nextonscene, @jzsocialenterprises All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage & retrieval systems, without permission in writing by the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote a brief passage in a review For more information regarding permission:


Spring Issue 2017

Editor in Chief, Jaclyn Zukerman

Editor & Love & Relationship Contrbutor Laney Zukerman

Beauty Contributor Kayla Paine

Hair Contributor Jamie Cholaki

Makeup Contributor Alexandra Dale

Trademark Law Contributor Jonathan Berger

Cover Designer Adrianna Gonzalez- Shreeve

Wedding Contributor Erica Caligiuri

Financial Contributor Nicole Peterkin


#NEXTonSCENE SPOTLIGHTS Exclusive Interview with Poshmark CEO, Manish Chandra

Founder of Facechairs 21 90 year old Rockstar, Ray Lepore 23 Poshmark, CEO Manish Chandra 28 Products of the season 30 Mothers Day Gift Guide 31 Singer/Songwriter Brooke Moriber 35 #BOSSCHICK Workouts with Portia SIngh 41

#NEXTonSCENE Designers to Know

NEXTonSCENE Products

lalla bee 6 Giblees Menswear 15 QueensKnow 23 Tallulah & Poppy 25 Timeless Bridal Creations 55

#NEXTonSCENE Beauty Spring Hair Looks by Jamie Cholaki 37 Spring Makeup Looks by Alexandra Dale 38 Facial masks by Kayla Paine 40 Timless Bridal Creations

#NEXTonSCENE Weddings 5 Tips to Prep for Wedding Day by Laney Zukerman 46 Wedding Vides with Generations Cinemastories 48 Wedding Travel 50 Spring Wedding Planning by Erica Caligiuri 51 Oh Jolie Catering Spring Eats 52

#NEXTonSCENE Business Tips Singer/Songwriter Brooke Moriber

Trademarking & Fashion by Attorney Jonathan Berger 9 Fashion & Finances by Nicole Peterkin 36

#NEXTonSCENEÂ "Look" for Spring

Dresses: lalla bee Hair: Hair By Cholaki Make up: Alexandra Dale Diamonds: Tesoro Boston Models: @fashology, @blondemeetscity

#NEXTonSCENE with lalla bee  with an EXCLUSIVE interview with International Designer, Melina Cortes-Nmili "Rather than following the latest trends in fashion, Melina’s designs are intentionally timeless. They are developed and made in New York from quality fabrics sourced directly from the finest factories across the U.S. and Europe." Our Editor in Chief had the fabulous opportuntiy of connecting with Melina and got to get some insight on her life & designs!

"Hahahaha this is a good question and I have gotten in Q. How did you fall into the world of fashion? trouble before for oversharing. "I always knew I would end up doing Let's try this again. Lalla means something related to beauty / fashion, I just didn't Mrs in arabic. So as a sign of know exactly what that was. I come from a very respect, if you were to address modest background, so I really never thought me you would call me "lalla growing up I could have my own fashion line. I Melina" bee really means who I followed the path the women in my family set for associate with as a woman. I me: college, grad school, corporate job which I believe we do so much as am very grateful for. However, as an adult I kind women, we are mothers, of got close with myself again and thought "ok managers, corporate women, this is my time. How can I do what I love, help lady bosses, we really are not others, and leave my mark in the world". This is just worker bees... we are when I decided to do started out very Queen Bees." slowly because I was terrified and I knew very Q. What are your goals as a little. I had all these ideas but I didn't quite know fashion designer? how to develop them. It wasn't until I started meeting professionals in the industry, trying out "My goal is to stay true to myself and things, failing, trying out new things and failing to connect through people this way. If again and then all of a sudden to see my first I can connect with someone through collection completed - I knew this is where I am something that I have genuinely meant to be and what I am meant to be doing." created that comes from my heart Q. How did the name lalla bee come then I have accomplished about? What does it mean? something...

#NEXTonSCENE with lalla bee  "... I have said it before, I am not crazy about following specific trends... As a designer I would like to continue to grow steadily not only in the US but eventually in other markets as well." Q. What can we expect from you in the coming seasons?

Q. What inspires your looks this season? " Well, my favorite color is black... which is a struggle for me because frankly sometimes i have to be pulled back otherwise I would end up with an entirely black collection.The Spring 2017 is very colorful and this was super fun for me to do. I don't consider myself to be the girliest girl out there so it was like playing dress up and just letting my imagination run a little wild with the colors while also offering some styles that are more signature styles in color and silhouette."

" Evolution. If I evolve as a woman, as a human being i have to evolve as a designer. I have to try new things... so you can expect to be very entertained!" Q. What do you like to do in your free time when you aren't working? " When I have me time: I like to read and honestly I just enjoy the sound of silence sometimes. I know this sounds weird but I love to just sit and think, visualize, process things that have happened. Oh and of course shopping for shoes."

Melina's Happy Place

Q. What was the first product you produced as a designer?! What did it resemble? "My very first design is the Beeatrice dress. and it resembles a bee :)"

Beeatrice Dress Photo: Jessie Southwick

#GETSOCIAL: FB: @lallabee IG: @lalla.bee

#NEXTonSCENE PHOTOGRAPHY with Creativepreneur, Sonya Highfield Sonya Highfield has been running her commercial and fine art photography business (Sonya Highfield Photography) since 2012. With her reputation for creating easy-going shoots and clean, colorful images she's been honored to work with great clients such as Taj Hotels, WestJet Magazine, Harvard University, Thrillist and tons of New England businesses! Sonya shoots on-location, so whether it’s coming to your business or choosing a fun spot to meet, it’s always convenient for clients. She loves to help clients brainstorm and bring their visions to life, making sure their images highlight their unique appeal. Her specialties include: food, interiors, head shots, products, workshops and events. Fine art images can be purchased through her website so your walls can look beautiful too!



#GETSOCIAL @sonyahighfieldphotography


#NEXTonSCENE Trademarking WIth Attorney, Jonathan Berger This article provides a brief map as to THREE ways to protect your fashion items. Fashion designers should look into design patents if they wish to protect the overall appearance of their fashion items because trade dress and copyright law do not offer the same levels of protection. 1. DESIGN PATENT. This is a product of the U.S. Patent Act and protects the overall appearance of fashion items such as handbags, shoes, and jewelry but not apparel designs. For instance, Yves Saint Laurent owns design patents for the overall appearance of its handbags. Design patent protects decorative features integrated on, or applied to a fashion design so long as such decorative features are (1) novel, (2) nonfunctional (e.g., not practical or mechanical), and (3) non-obvious to a designer who has the normal skills and knowledge in that field. For apparel designs, however, designers can only protect decorative elements or designs fixed on garments. If a garment has several different decorative elements on it, a designer can file several design patents to protect them individually rather than one design patent to try to protect all the elements and designs on the garment. 2. TRADE DRESS. This is a type of trademark and seeks to protect the visual appearance or characteristics of a product that are not functional (e.g., not practical or mechanical) so long as those appearance or characteristics alert the consumer as to the source of the product.

Trademarks protect brands & the goodwill associated with the brand. To qualify for trade dress, the designer must show that the appearance or characteristics of such product have acquired secondary meaning and is immediately identifiable in the purchaser’s mind. For example, the Hermès’ Birkin handbag alerts consumers that it comes from Birkin because it is so well known. Generally, one can acquire secondary meaning through strong sales and marketing over time. Proving secondary meaning for fashion products can be difficult since fashion trends are whimsical. Finally, COPYRIGHT LAW. This can protect color arrangements, patterns, original prints, and particular arrangements of decorative elements used on fashion items....

#NEXTonSCENE Trademarking WIth Attorney, Jonathan Berger The Copyright Act generally does not protect the overall appearance of fashion designs such as handbags and garments with the exception of jewelry. The unique design features on fashion designs cannot play a role in or be essential to the basic function of the underlying item. Jonathan Berger works at Levisohn Berger LLP, where his practice focuses primarily on intellectual property and business matters. He is an experienced trial lawyer and problem solver. Jonathan also advises companies and startups on intellectual property and business issues.

For instance, decorative elements on a shirt collar may be protected, but not the shirt collar itself. There are ways to protect and exploit your fashion designs to your benefit. The key is to understand the levels of protections afforded for the type of fashion product such as apparel items versus handbags.

Disclaimer: This article and its contents do not constitute legal advice, nor do they create any attorney-client relationship. This article expresses the personal opinion and views of the author and should not be attributed to NEXTONSCENE, clients or the sponsors of NEXTONSCENE.

Prior to joining the firm, Jonathan served as a lawyer for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. In his capacity as a prosecutor, Jonathan tried numerous cases and managed the investigations and prosecutions of a wide variety of white-collar criminal, cybercrime, and counterfeiting matters. In addition, Jonathan consults with Starry Bytes & Angry Ant Media. Starry Byte is a software development company that provides solutions for platforms in the form of desktop, mobile, & web, that specializes in multi- platforming & crossplatforming solutions. Angry Ant Media is a full service consultancy that provides a wide range of branding and marketing services for businesses. Jonathan also serves on the Board of Directors for Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Omega Digital Studios came together with several friends with a common interest in photography. Located on 97 Holmes Street, Suite 2F, Quincy, MA. ODS offers many beneficial factors for anyone who is interested in the ultimate experience. We do all types of photography events ranging from portfolios to concerts to weddings as well as indoor photo shoots. We also provide studio rentals which include lighting solutions and backdrops. There are ample parking spaces. We are only a few minutes walking distance from the MBTA. There are also plenty of variety amenities in the area as well. You can say we are a one stop for all your needs.

Founders: Jeff Moy , Robert Parris & Michael Bausemer

#NEXTonSCENE Model Casting

NEXTonSCENE with GIBLEES MENSWEAR Interview with Owner, Alan Gibeley Located in Danvers, Massachusetts, we had the fabulous opportunity of connecting with the owner of GIBLEES MENSWEAR, Alan Gibeley! What inspired you to become an entrepreneur ? "My Grandfather and father who were in my position prior." How did Giblees come about? "My grandfather started the company as a hatter during the depression." How long have you been in business? "60 years." What were the first items you ever had in stock? What was your first product sold? "Hats!" What are some goals you have for the business over the coming year? "To be Omnipresent." What is currently trending for spring looks at Giblees? "Casual Unconstructed Sport Coats. Sport coats are now an accessory like a cardigan sweater!" What do you like to do when you aren't working? "Golf!" - @giblees

"Giblees has been providing the finest of men’s wear and personalized service in the New England area for more than 50 years. From causal to formal, Giblees offers one of the largest inventories and selections of men’s designer clothing in all of New England. The unique merchandise is chosen from around the world and not commonly found in a typical men’s store. The service is just as upscale as the clothing. All the sales associates have extensive fashion training and help customers choose items that best meet their style and budget requirements." @giblees @gibleesgetdressed

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MAST Restaurant 45 Province St, Boston, MA 02108 Large, two-story space with a modern-industrial decor serving Italian dishes & wood-fired pizzas.

#NEXTonSCENE Face Chairs With Jennifer Graylock We had the pleasure of connecting with Jennifer for an exclusive interview on her Custom Limited Edition Art Furniture, As seen on Billion dollar Buyer. Fun Fact: Jennifer is also a top celebrity fashion photographer !

Q. How did Face Chairs come about? "Face Chairs came about at a gallery showing in Naples, Florida. The gallery had insisted that I use celebrity images though I wanted to showcase my art. So, to be funny and to poke fun at pop culture I created a fabric and upholstered the images to the seats of the chairs and Face Chairs was born!" @turleentrailerparkqueen

Q. What was the first Face Chair created? What inspired it? " Angelina Jolie and George Clooney. Both are sexy, interesting celebrities with beautiful faces. Thought, if I was going to have a dinner party, might as well have one with my Celebrity Friends‌ and no I am not friends with Angie and George, but I have photographed them both numerous times and respect their work and style."

Q. What inspired the name of the business? " The name is straight forward, it’s a chair with a picture of a face on the seat, voila Face Chairs."

Q. What's next for Face Chairs? " We are working on a commercial collection for a Florida client as well as our residential collections. We are also creating more art pieces with our fine art inspired images and, of course, a few of our faces! We are inspired by pop culture and the environment, so what comes next will come natural. "

Q. Where can we get them? " Face chairs can be purchased online at and at Brunos in downtown Naples, Florida."

#NEXTonSCENE 90! with Raymond Lepore By day our Editor in Chief works part time at the Chamber of Commerce in Everett, MA. There, she has become best buds with Board Member, Navy Veteran Ray Lepore who just turned 90 this past September. At the end of the day, age is just a number right?! Ray is a great person to showcase because of his charisma & his endless energy. Ray goes out every Friday Q. Tell us about your experience night and just traveled to Florida this past February. He of how you ended up in the Navy drove across the state by himself to see his business partners, family & friends. " Long story short. In 1942, we were seven NEXTonSCENE is all about showcasing what makes one unique, Ray is sure one we wanted to interview! Q. Being 90 with so much energy and being active what's your secret?!! Haha " Haha, wouldn’t you like to know. One thing for sure, stress will kill you! If you have a problem, understand fully the base or cause of it and take the necessary positive action to eliminate it. You may not like the solution, but do it! Remember, age is but a number created by man. A lifetime is but a clock with hands that go around only once. Where they stop only God knows" Q. Where are you originally from? "Heaven. God’s gift to mankind! If you believe that, I’ll tell you another one. Actually, I was born at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the original Buifinch Building, located in the West End of Boston. We moved from the West End to Everett within two years. My first residence was located on Valley Street. Happy to say, theoretically, I am a lifelong resident of Everett."

months into WWII. I was promoted to the 11th grade at Everett High School and summer vacation had just begun. It can be best described by an old song, “Gee but I’d give the world to see that old gang of mine….”. Yes, that old gang on the corner (corner of Baldwin and Main) were fast disappearing into the various branches of the armed forces. Well, after about a month of loneliness and despair and with the help of a few of my buddies, we were able to obtain blank certifiable birth certificates from city hall and forged them as necessary to enlist. You see, I was only fifteen years old, one month short of sweet sixteen when I was sworn into the Regular Navy on 5 August 1942. Discharged 26 February 1946. Baby look at me now, I am still sweet sixteen with 74 years of experience." Check our Ray and His Navy Veteran, George Bush! May we ALL get to reach 90 and be as healthy & active as Ray Lepore! Thanks so much for sharing your story!

NEXTonSCENE with Queensknow with Designer, Keisha Jean-Louis

How did you fall into the world of fashion? "I don’t think I fell into the world of fashion, it was a world I created when I was a young girl not knowing what would come of it. For years I never had enough. My parents came to America with no family and no jobs, just their faith. Having to raise 5 children in poverty I felt like I was forced to become creative with what little I did have... and that is how I was introduced into my world of fashion."

What was the first product you ever made/put together? "Although my first official products were T-shirts, when I was younger I would make alterations on the items I already had and would use them in ways most didn't. Due to the fact I was taller than my peers, if my jeans were too short, I would take my jeans and cut them to make them into capri pants. When my shoe laces wore out, I would use them as hair accessories. I guess you can say I was an undercover seamstress."

#GETSOCIAL @queensknow

Who is someone you admire in the fashion industry and why? " I admire a lot of plus size clothing lines. One of my first encounters was with Monif C. The first time I walked into Monif C. I was assisted by one of their sales associates, Bobby. I was there for a graduation dress and was treated like a queen. The care and thought that went into my shopping experience left a lasting impression."

What inspired the name QueensKnow? "I used to post on my blog about my struggle as a plus size woman and the correlations I had with my followers. QueensKnow is about understanding a common struggle regardless of what it may be."

NEXTonSCENE with Queensknow with Designer, Keisha Jean-Louis

What are you finding are looks that are in style this spring? " I am finding that off the shoulder looks are definitely in style this spring, which is something I plan to use in my upcoming spring line." What do you like to do for fun when you aren't working? "I love music, so if I’m not out dancing at a bar or a club, I’m at home singing my lungs out to all my favorite tunes." What are the goals for the upcoming year for QueensKnow? " I am looking forward to providing a platform for young queens. I want to provide them with a brand that creates a positive platform and organize consistent meet ups where queens get together to network and shop!" What are some words of wisdom you would like to share to our audience as an entrepreneur?

" Do not let fear control your outcome, if you fear it, get near it! There is nothing you can’t do! Don’t wait until you have enough money or time. If that is the case, you will never have enough."

#NEXTonSCENE with Designer, Meghan Doyle We had been following Meghan on social media for awhile, our Editor in Chief was so intrigued by her designs and passions that she reached out to Meghan to connect and learn more about her new line soon to be released, Tallulah & Poppy!

Q. What inspired you to become a fashion designer? "I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer and have my own line since I was about 14 or 15 years old. I was constantly sketching designs and outfits including jewelry, shoes, and accessories – the whole kit and caboodle. I also started deconstructing my own clothes that I didn’t like anymore and reconstructing them into new designs that I would wear. The process would start with sketching out my idea, cutting my clothes apart, and sewing them into my new designs. I would also do the same thing when I would go shopping. I would find clothes that had certain attributes I liked, such as the fabric or aspects of the silhouette, and change the areas that I didn’t like, such as hem length or neckline shape, to create my own design. I didn’t know the proper way to sew though so I started taking sewing lessons when I was 16. The sewing lessons were great because not only did they educate me on professional sewing techniques, but also taught me about creating a garment from concept to creation as well as patterns and pattern making. I continued sketching, deconstructing/reconstructing garments, and sewing lessons throughout all of high school and my love for the whole process is what inspired me to be a fashion designer." Q. What was the first product you ever made?

"The first product I ever made was a wrap skirt." Q. What are your favorite color schemes for the spring? "Bright colors! I’ve always loved a bright, vibrant color scheme. The combination of bright colors, prints, patterns, and textures are even better!" Q. We know your new line Tallulah & Poppy will be launching VERY soon! (So exciting) tell us about it... "Tallulah & Poppy is a women’s apparel line founded on the concept of slow fashion, with a commitment to sustainability,...

...ethical labor practices, and the environment. We place a major emphasis on quality, premium workmanship, and timeless design. Additionally, Tallulah & Poppy is a direct-to-consumer, made-to-order platform, providing complete transparency of our supply chain and factories to our customer. We believe our customers have a right to know, as well as value knowing, where and how their garments are produced. As a matter of fact, all of our production is done here in Massachusetts! We’re extremely proud to have all of our garments manufactured locally. These elements play a vital role in the slow fashion model and are the root of our company values." "Vivienne Westwood said it best “buy less, choose well.” That’s exactly what we’re about at Tallulah & Poppy. There is way too much waste happening in the fashion industry. There are over 15 million tons of textile waste each year to be exact, and increasing at an annual rate of 3%. Tallulah & Poppy is committed to being a part of the solution and not contribute to the problem." Q. What inspired the name of the line? What does Tallulah & Poppy mean? "It took a lot research to find the most appropriate name(s) to represent the brand. I decided on Tallulah ..

#NEXTonSCENE ... because it means to live a fulfilled and abundant life, and Poppy because it means spunky and fun. I felt those meanings truly represent who the Tallulah & Poppy woman is. Someone who enjoys life and everything it has to offer, isn’t afraid of new experiences or taking risks, and has fun doing it – someone who really lives life to the fullest! It was very important for the name to reflect who the Tallulah and Poppy woman is because that’s what it’s all about - the customer."

" A goal that is very important to Tallulah & Poppy is helping to contribute to the fashion industry in a positive way through corporate social responsibility initiatives. One of these initiatives includes donating a percentage of our proceeds to an ethical labor standards and environmental organization/charity. A second initiative we’re working toward is encouraging people to help keep clothing out of landfills by donating their used clothing to a charity, secondhand clothing store, etc, rather than just throwing it out. We are developing a program where each time someone donates their used clothing, takes a photo of themselves donating their clothing as well as the name of the charity or secondhand store, and then hash tags the name of our program we will give them a percentage off their next order."

#GETSOCIAL with T&P @tallulahandpoppy

NEXTonSCENE SPOTLIGHT with Manish chandra Our Editor in Chief had the fabulous pleasure of connecting with Manish this season! For those who aren't familiar with Poshmark, Manish tells us all about his background, how Poshmark is changing the world of shopping & future goals for the business! What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? "When I was growing up, I spent many summers hanging out in my grandfather's wholesale shop in India helping pack boxes and seeing deals be made, but everywhere I looked, I saw things I could change and improve. When I was about 12, I created my first mini business. a neighborhood magazine that was a mix between Time & People. It took off, but soon had half a dozen imitators in the neighborhood. Winning that battle by focusing on innovation and who we were as a brand was fun then, and still is today. My entrepreneurial drive comes from wanting to change things, fix things and help people. Both of the companies that I founded have had a simple focus: to change something that is hard or impossible to do, and by doing that, help millions of people achieve their goals!" How did Poshmark come about? "Before launching Poshmark in 2011, I started a company called Kaboodle that pioneered the concept of social shopping. I sold Kaboodle to Hearst in 2007, and wanted to next build a community-centric platform that combined a social entwork with a robust marketplace, where anyone could turn their unique style into a boutique." "The idea of Poshmark was realized when the iPhone 4 came out. WIthin it I saw the perfect platform where people could connect in real time, take real photos, merchandise and market their items, discover new inventory & buy & sell ALL from their palm of their hands...

"To me, the world is full of opportunties to help people , serve them better and change the way things are done." Manish Chandra

..I was introduced to Tracy (through our first investor in Mayfield) who believed our interests and perspectives would be complimentary, and she was absolutely right. We combined Tracy' fashion experience with my product and business vision, recruited technology superstars (my two co-founders, Gautam Golwala & Chetan Pungaliya) and launched Poshmark from my garage in 2011. Together we took a huge bet to build an end to end fashion marketplace entirely inside an easy to use mobile app with two simple guiding principles: buying and selling on Poshmark should be simple and FUN." What was the first product ever sold on Poshmark? "A Prada Handbag."

NEXTonSCENE SPOTLIGHT with Manish chandra What are the goals for Poshmark in the coming year? "At Poshmark we don't think of ourselves as a fashion company, but rather a partner in creating millions of fashion businesses; we're rewriting retail in a way that hasn't been done before, to become the largest fashion platform in the world that is powered by people, and we are growing at RAPID speed! The same way Facebook has recreated how we consume media and information, we are doing it for the fashion industry. Empowering everyone to be a consumer, a producer and a curator. We are empowering everyone to reinvest the business of style." "As we continue to fuel our community with features that focus on connection and discovery, we're generating an entirely new type of marketplace where everyone's style is shoppable, from anywhere at any time. " "We'll continue to focus on building our retail business growing the kids' and men's categories, in addition to breaking out into new categories. We are looking into international expansion in the near future."

"First, double down on your strengths and fully embrace who you are. I call it "embracing your weirdness." It is the core ingredient to pursing your journey. Secondly, when you focus on love , money comes. If you focus on money, nothing comes. This value makes the journey fun & enjoyable everyday. Lastly , grow and enable everyone around you: your team, your customers and your partners. This leads to success for everyone." "These are the core values that drive us here at Poshmark and also drive our comunity of over two million entrepreneurial Seller Stylists!"

What do you like to do for fun when you aren't working? "I read books and listen to music avidly. I'm always discovering new authors & artists. I also love revisiting my favorites. You also can find me snorkeling or scuba diving because I love being in the water as well."

Download Poshmark TODAY & #GETSOCIAL

@poshmark What advice would you give someone interested in going the entrepreneurial route?

NEXTonSCENE Products As seen on Shark Tank Nicepipes are the premiere line of performance fabric leg and arm warmers for fitness fanatics everywhere. Arm Warmers: $38.00 Knee High: $42.00 Thigh High: $46.00 Pet-Trek combines a stylish and removable pet carrier with a 4 spinner wheel foldable trolley-cart, making it easy and convenient to transport small pets just about anywhere. Available in four styles and colors of black, brown red and grey so your furry friend can travel in style! $185

The Vibe Spray was created by 4th generation Psychic, Linda Lauren to remove negative energy from a space including hotel rooms, your car, office or your home. Made with essential oils and is all natural! $19.99 Large, $9.99 Small

The AKC Paw Tech Dog Boot demonstrates the ultimate paw protection with your pet’s comfort in mind. The non-skid rubber soles help to keep dogs safe on their feet especially on those wet or slippery occasions. Thanks to the waterresistant design, dogs wearing these innovative boots will maintain warm and dry paws in inclement weather. XS-L Black, Red, Blue $29.99

BiPlate's patent pending design has hundreds of oil collecting pockets and improves the health of your food without affecting the taste. It’s like that napkin you use on your pizza to blot surface grease with, only better. You can reduce up to 90 calories calories a day, which adds up to 10 lbs of fat per year.; Set of 2 is $29.99 and a Set of 4 is $39.99.

Migraine Hat: Invented by perpetual migraine sufferer, Lisa Jacobson, the Migraine Hat uses ice packs and a hat that hits pressure points and can cover eyes and ears to help migraine sufferers feel relief. $29.95

#NEXTonSCENE Mother's Day Guide Nourishing Rosewater Mist Wake up your complexion with Beautycounter's skin-softening toning spray, made with organic rose essence, purified water, and moisturizing sodium hyaluronate."Spritz it on to set makeup or whenever your skin needs an instant pick-me-up." $35

Mom Must Haves allows YOU to appreciate your glass of wine even more!This stemless wine glass holds 21 ounces, "so drink up mama!" $13.99

Spiritual Diva exists to spread the knowledge about the healing power of Reiki crystals to the world. Founder, Jen Traino is a certified Reiki practitioner. She has studied the properties of healing crystals for a number of years. Each piece is hand made with a healing crystal carefully selected crystals of the highest quality and vibration. Kunzite Moonstone Energy Healing New Mother Baby Energy Crystal $63 Healing Crystal $40 for Single Moms

Seacoast Sweets is a handmade chocolate company with an original family recipe. A portion of proceeds get donated to local Boston charity, DreamBig! $35 for assorted box

"Make healthy meals for your family without spending all day in the kitchen with The Original Pressure Pro 6-Quart Pressure Cooker. It cooks food up to 10 times faster than conventional methods and features easy one-touch button operation."$99

#NEXTonSCENE Mother's Day Guide "Lugabug is a child’s travel seat that secures to luggage – creating the experience of fun, safe and efficient transport for kids. It’s a collapsible, economical and multi-purpose family travel accessory for quality-conscious buyers who prefer a compact product that minimizes their load – not adds to it – and reduces chaos while traveling." Lugabug It is intended for children aged 2 or older; maximum weight of 60 lbs. Made in the U.S.A. It is available for $64 at

Summer Lulu is a small business bringing fashionable and functional teething accessories to stores across the country from Somerville to Honolulu. Founded by two mamas who wanted to support each other, Summer Lulu strives to build a community of support for women struggling with balancing work and motherhood. TWO of our favorite Oval Necklaces $34 each Kissables by MinxNY fluffy chenille 2 pair packs include a solid color pair or the fun heart pattern! "Lavender infused capsules calm the senses & our grip-em treads make moving on any surface much easier!" Keep a pair for yourself & share the other your mom ! $14.99 Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream "combines powerful peptides to minimize the appearance of crow’s-feet, helps reduce the appearance of both puffiness and dark under eye circles while special optical diffusers noticeably brighten the eye area." $62

To defend against the telltale signs of skin aging, Redefine Hand Treatment Regimen visibly "brightens, diminishes visible redness, and reduces the appearance of brown spots, wrinkles and thin, crepey skin." This package also includes hand brightening treatment and Redefine Age Shield Hand Balm. $70

#NEXTonSCENEÂ Music with NYC Native Singer/Songwriter Brooke Moriber Brooke Moriber is an amazing Singer/Songwriter based out of New York. At our fashion show this April, we were very fortunate to have Brooke come up and showcase some of her latest songs! Our Editor in Chief had the pleasure of connecting with Brooke on a deeper level to learn more about her amazing career and some amazing life experiences she has faced thus far in her life. Q. How did you decide you wanted to become a singer? "I have been singing ever since I can think back to my first memory. It never occurred to me to do anything else. My mom used to sing me to sleep, she was a performer as well, and my parents were always playing music. I am sure that had a huge impact on my love for music." Q. What was the first song you ever performed? " My first professional gig was on Broadway in Les Miserables. I got to play Young Cosette and sang "Castle on a Cloud." Q. How do you write a song? Do you put yourself in a specific room? Lets hear more from "behind the scenes" of songwriting with Brooke! " Songwriting is a funny thing because there is no "go to" formula for it. I usually sit at my keyboard with a general idea of what I want to write about. Then I start playing some chords, singing to them, & seeing what words flow out. Sometimes a melody pops in to my head when I least expect it and then I try to write around that. I have a million voice memos on my iphone of me humming fragments of songs at random moments before I forget them. I sometimes come up with ideas in my sleep and wake myself up to record them. I hear that's how Paul McCartney came up with "Yesterday". It's amazing how ideas can hit you in the middle of a deep sleep! I value my sleep A LOT so it's not the most convenient time to be creative."

"Don't ever be in competition with anyone but yourself. What makes you stand out is what is individual and special to you and only you. You will drive yourself nuts if you try to be anyone else." Brooke Moriber

Q. We know you recently launched a new song as of February 14 "Up All Night" tell us what inspired this song. " This was one of those moments where the melody and lyric came to me first. "You keep me up all night". It's a song about not being able to sleep because you can't stop thinking about someone who has been giving you mixed signals. I was actually struggling over coming up with a hook for another song and then this one just popped in to my head. I think I subconsciously wrote this about losing sleep over my writing! #GETSOCIAL with Brooke for latest tour updates & MORE @brookemoriber on FB & Twitter

#NEXTonSCENE Finances With Nicole Peterkin Feeling Guilty About Shopping? I like to categorize people into three types of spenders: 1. People who spend every penny because they have to in order to survive- they have an income problem 2. People who spend every penny and more (thank you, credit cards) because they’re living above their means and they think they have an income problem 3. People who spend below their means and regularly save and invest (either according to a plan or by accident) @Peterkin Financial, LLC Whether you’re in category 1, 2, or 3, I’d be willing to bet you feel guilty about your spending. If you’re not someone who regularly saves and invests, you might be wondering why someone who does would feel guilty about their spending. It’s simple: these people just aren't sure if they’re putting away enough in the right places to actually be financially secure so they still carry the same guilt when they buy what they love and often they go without. This is the fashion issue and guilt is never in style. So whether you’re in category two or three, I’m not here to tell you not to buy that Gucci bag you’ve been eyeing. I’m here to tell you that if you want that bag, budgeting is the best way to get it. All budgeting is making decisions about what you are and aren’t willing to spend money on.

Joanne is a Power Pilates and Yoga Works certified instructor in Boston with over fifteen years of teaching experience. IG: joannedraperyogapilates

#NEXTonSCENE Finances With Nicole Peterkin Feeling Guilty About Shopping? It’s committing to eat out one less night per week to buy the item you’ve been coveting. Bottom line, it’s all about choices. I look at people’s money for a living, and I’d be willing to bet that the bag of your dreams can be found in that bag of clothes you’ve been forgetting to return, that gym membership you never use, and the multiple trips to Whole Foods every week among other places. Find $100 per month and the bag is yours- guilt free. If you can’t go find $100 hanging around your house or on your monthly credit card statement after reading this article, you're not looking hard enough. I’ve yet to find someone who can’t, but if you’re really stuck shoot me an email- I love a challenge.

@Peterkin Financial, LLC

Nicole Peterkin is the owner of Peterkin Financial, where she provides comprehensive financial planning for a flat fee that isn’t tied to assets or income in an effort to make financial advice more accessible. In 6 years in business, she has helped over 500 clients improve their financial lives. Most of Nicole’s clients are sole-proprietors and closely-held businesses looking for planning that balances their competing business and personal needs. Nicole is also an author and speaker. Her first book, “If You Love Your Family, Save Like It” is her guide to modern money management for America.

#NEXTonSCENE Spring Hair Looks WIth Hair Contributor, Jamie Cholaki Jamie Cholaki has over 17 years of hair experience . She specializes in California sun kissed highlights & bridal beauty . Her bridal beauty concierge's approach allows her the freedom to travel to you and be on location for your wedding day, staying until the veil is placed. She's been featured in Connecticut's Bride Magazine, Nantucket Magazine, and is the official HAIR contributor for #NEXTonSCENE magazine. After attending the Long Beach, California hair show this past January. It became very clear that braids are here to stay! This spring feature inspires you to step out of your every day routine and have fun. Mix up it up & get creative....braid a necklace or rings into your hair.

"The Super Star"

"The Shut Up & Kiss Me"

"Love Is In The Hair"


"Put Your Own Ring On It"

Joico insta-tints ( temporary) color spray was used with stencils to achieve "The Super Star" look. FATBOY HAIR (boss dog) was used on hand to help sculpt to braids. PRO-TIP : Tiny hair crimper was used at the base of the root to help give lift & texture to the braids. For more information on how to put the looks together and or hire Jamie for styling email "Diamonds are a girls best friend"

#NEXTonSCENE Spring Makeup Looks With Makeup Contributor, Alexandra Dale Alexandra Dale is a practicing makeup artist based out of Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating with a degree is Studio Art from Smith College and completing multiple accredited Makeup Artistry programs in Boston and New York City, Alexandra worked as a Senior Makeup Artist at Sephora Prudential for three years, honing her craft and developing a wide range of makeup artistry techniques. As her reputation and professional network began to grow, Alexandra launched her own freelance makeup artistry business, Alexandra Makeup Artistry. Combining her self-taught skills with formal training and a passion for applying makeup, she values feeling beautiful inside and out and is the ideal makeup artist for any project. Currently, Alexandra serves clients throughout the United States, and @alexandramakeupartistry collaborates with stylists, event planners, hair stylists and photographers. Look 1: Violet Lid & Lip Product Essentials : - Stila, Stay All Day Foundation - Eye-shadow: Make Up For Ever, Star Lit Powder #05 - Eyeliner: Make Up For Ever, Star Lit Powder #27 - Tarte, Amazonian Clay Blush "Exposed" - Stila, Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick "Patina" - Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gel "01 (Clear) Look 3: Smokin' Nude Product Essentials : - Sephora Collection Smoothing & Brightening Concealer #05 & #02 - Make Up For Ever, Artist Shadow Palette #01 - Make Up For Ever, Aqua XL Eyeliner "M-10" - Benefit, Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel #03 Medium - Tarte, Tarteist Lip Crayon "Baked" - Make Up For Ever, Artist Liquid Matte #107

Look 2: Bronzed & Burnt Product Essentials : - Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation - Stila, Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette "Soul" - Eyeliner: Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow #06 (Khaki Green) - Nars, Blush "Luster" - Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick "Raven" Look 4: Outer-space Eyeliner Product Essentials: - Tarte, Tarteist Clay Paint Liner "Silver" - Make Up For Ever Excesive Lash Mascara "Black" - Anastasia Beverly Hills, Brow Powder Duo "Blonde" - Clinique, Pop Liquid Matte Colour + Primer #05 Sweetheart Pop - Make Up For Ever Pro Fusion Highlight #01

#NEXTonSCENE FACIAL MASKS with Beauty Contributor Kayla Paine Want a facial mask without all the mess? A spa experience at home? Sheet masks have you covered. Made of cotton or paper, the masks have cutouts around your eyes, nose, and mouth to fit over your face. They are not only easy to apply, but some are inexpensive, too. Bonus! Any skin type can benefit from a sheet mask. Dry? Then you're gonna need to get a hydrating mask. Oily? You'll need to pick up a mattifying one. Fine lines? Grab a sheet mask that has retinol to pump up your skin. Dull skin? Yup, there's a brightening one to help with that! Once you apply the mask to your skin, all you need is ten to twenty minutes for the mask to work. So even if you are super busy, it’s easy to fit in this treatment into your schedule. Below, I'm wearing a $4.99 Tony Moly Master Lab Hydrating Mask. The masks pictured to the right are anywhere between $2.99 and $8.99 . Sheet masks range between $3-$105 so finding one in your price point and one to fit your skin's needs, is as easy as 1-2-3! Send me sheet masks selfies using the hashtag #NEXTonSCENEbeauty

From top left to bottom right: Tony Moly I'm Real $5.99 Egg Cream Mask $5.99 Peach & Lily Reset Button $6.99 Starskin Sheet Mask $10 Sephora Sheet Mask $6

#GETSOCIAL with Kayla FB: @polishedandbubbly IG:@polishedandbubbly

#NEXTonSCENE Boss Chick Dance Workout with Head Instructor Portia Singh Our team had the pleasure of connecting with Portia Singh and got to ask her questions about being the first licensed instructor in Boston to host the Boss Chick Dance Workout!

Tell us about yourself & how you got started with Boss Chick Dance Workouts? "I'm originally from Louisiana. I moved to Boston in 2015 because of a job relocation. By day, I am a Biomedical Engineer developing technology to assist people on managing chronic illness at home. I got involved with the Boss Chick Dance Workout in 2015. I had a Twerkshop as part of my bachelorette party in NYC. A week later, I was able to attend a masterclass taught by the program creator, Simone Sobers. I loved her enthusiasm and the program so I got certified to teach a year later. I started offering classes here in Boston August 2016." What makes Boss Chick unique from other dance fitness programs out there? " The Boss Chick Dance Workout is an 18+, ladies-only workout that features music in the genres of hip hop, dancehall, soca and afrobeats. Songs are organized so that students get a high intensity interval training experience (alternating low, medium and high effort songs) that helps burn more calories over a longer period of time. Another unique feature is the choreography section at the end of class. I may breakdown a new dance cardio routine that I'll introduce in a later class or teach an original, sexy routine to learn just for fun. The program has a Sweat, Sculpt, Perform structure that provides a solid workout in a fun way. My typical clients are graduate students or professional women who are looking for a fun, different way to workout and release stress. They come from across the Greater Boston area and represent women from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds."

How do potential Boss Chicks sign up for a class? Class is listed on and the MINDBODY app. Those interested can also go on Facebook at @bosschickportia. For private events (e.g. bachelorette or birthday parties), send an email to

#GETSOCIAL with Portia FB: @bosschickportia IG: @adventurista_pt



Photo Credit: Nikki Cole @yourloveinlights 781-915-4964

Marquee Lights for: Weddings Holiday Parties Birthdays & Anniversaries Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Graduations Galas & Fundraisers Shows & Festivals Meetings & Conferences Photoshoots

#NEXTonSCENE Lessons by Laney 5 Ways to “Keep It Together” When Planning Your Wedding

The Big Day can be fabulous (and so can you) with some “emotional” pre-planning. You may find yourself with a “to do” list that may seem daunting at first, but you don’t have to let it consume you! Here are 5 important tips to keep in mind when planning a wedding: 1. Be True To You. With all the suggestions, well-meaning family, friends and expectations about the perfect wedding, you may get caught up in the hype. You can have a beautiful wedding and special day by first remembering this day is about you and your partner. Don’t lose sight of that! Be true to yourself and plan the day around who you really are not who you think others expect you to be! 2. Make an Old Fashioned List. Yes, write it all down! You can always add on things or scratch them off but it will help keep you organized. Being organized is a guarantee to reducing stress. Whenever you feel overwhelmed (and at times you naturally will), remember the mantra: “You have got this!” 3. Plan DownTIme. This is important! Plan regular intervals for times you may feel overly stressed and anxious. Be sure to ask for help. Plan a few hours or a day here and there for down time that does NOT including planning. Maybe a spa day, a walk in nature or a special brunch at a favorite, low-key restaurant. Plan something that will help you chill out and just live in the moment.

4. Learn to say No Thank you! Be open to letting others help you, but don’t feel the need to say yes to everyone! Every couple has a family member or friend that may act as a Drama Queen, Crazy-maker or Control Freak. They may not be all bad but will end up raining on your parade and creating more stress than is necessary. Be mindful to choose your bridal party and helpers wisely! Learn to say no sometimes if it doesn’t serve your higher good.

5. Don’t lose sight of what the day is about. A wedding day is a celebration but also a day that should be memorable. It should celebrate the love. Focus on that. Many couples tend to get caught up in aiming for perfection or trying to people please. That is unrealistic. Wedding planning can be an emotionally complex time. You will feel lots of feelings including excitement and anxiety. Pace yourself. Take care of yourself and remember what the day represents! Let some things roll off your back.

#NEXTonSCENE Lessons by Laney Understand that planning a wedding will bring out a lot of different feelings and behaviors (in you, your partner and those close to you). There will be moments of joy, moments of frustration and differences of opinion Learn to take things in stride and stay positive. Think beautiful thoughts and believe your day will be amazing, because it will be! Laney Zukerman is a Relationship and Empowerment coach. Author of Lessons for an Urban Goddess and the Urban Goddess Lesson. She is a contributor on the Huff Post, and has been featured in Redbook, Bride’s, NBC Arizona and dozens of other media outlets. For more information, her website is


Since Jack & Naomi are always looking for the authenticity on camera, they don’t set up shots like many photographers. They don’t want their subjects to be aware of the camera. Instead, they work very hard to make eye contact and conversation with people. Otherwise, people tend to act and pose for the camera which rarely makes for great video.

Founded by Jack Brotman & Naomi Raiselle, GENERATIONS Cinemastories films everything from weddings to fundraising videos for galas; collaborating and producing branding and re branding videos; producing corporate testimonial videos; making a few indie documentaries, filming fashion shows, and even educational conferences. You know they can create whatever you need them to, just ask! What makes GENERATIONS Cinemastories unique is that when they film weddings, they film no more than twelve weddings a year so that each one is unique! Unlike photography, they often do not look for the perfect shot. Jack says, “We look for the emotion, and the meaning in the stories we produce.”


Founded in 2004, Naomi & Jack have been nominated for the sixth straight year in 2017 of winning Couple's Choice Awards from Wedding Wire! . Naomi & Jack are also the wedding filmmakers to The New England Patriots’ players and The U.S. Senator’s daughter. They are also the winners of Best of Boston for Wedding Videography from Boston Magazine.


"We’ll often get calls from prospective couples asking us for prices on 8-10 hours of coverage. What these couples don’t mention is what kind of edit they are looking for. It takes a lot longer (about a week) to edit a 20-30 minute feature than it does to edit a 5 minute highlights. So for weddings, it costs about 3-4 times as much for a feature edit than it might for a highlights. We have started selling unedited media from weddings as well- if wanted." Naomi For inquiries, pricing, and questions, please contact Generations Cinemastories through email When reaching out, please include your Name, Phone Number, Date of the Events, and any other information you’d like them to know!


Coral Beach & Tennis Club in Bermuda Expands Overseas Membership Program to Host Destination Weddings All eyes are on Bermuda in 2017, as the island gears up to host the 35th edition of the America’s Cup. This extraordinary event has also renewed the spotlight on Bermuda as a dream location for destination weddings - for 2018 and beyond. The legendary Coral Beach & Tennis Club in Bermuda has earned accolades over the years for many of its amenities, including the finest private beach on the island, world-class clay tennis courts and a superb culinary program. Now, the exclusive private club aims to be among the finest locations for destination weddings in Bermuda, as well. The club has enhanced its overseas membership program to make booking a destination wedding a seamless experience. By holding a wedding event at Coral Beach & Tennis Club, the new bride and groom can become members of the Club, and ensure their access to return for romantic anniversaries for years to come. Each of the nine cottages and 31 guestrooms (including five suites) feature private balconies overlooking the ocean. A series of dining terraces, including the Longtail Terrace, Beach Terrace and beach-level deck, likewise look directly out to sea. Learn more at For weddings and event information, contact

#NEXTonSCENE SPRING WEDDINGS with Wedding Planner Erica Caliguiri The 2017 wedding season is almost upon us!! Now that the holidays have come and gone with so many new engagements, it’s time to start the planning or putting on some finishing touches. Just recently, PANTONE® "known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer", had chosen it’s 2017 color of the year. This year it is “Greenery”. This beautiful color is so easy to incorporate into your wedding without breaking the bank . From color scheme, flowers, and decor, this color can be mixed with some of your other favorite playful spring colors.

Color Scheme If you’re looking to incorporate some of your favorites and don’t know how it will match, here are some colors that Pantone put together so you’ll know what will work best. The first swatch of colors are more vibrant and will be perfect for accent colors.



Spring is a time of the year when we think of either light and airy colors, or beautiful vibrant colors. Flowers are one of the best ways to showcase this. In the first photo, you can have white flowers with greenery (Pantone color of the year) as well as the same color wrapped around the vase. In the second photo, add a gorgeous pop of orange with ‘greenery’ being emphasized.

When your guests walk into the reception area, you want them to be wowed as much as you will be. Setting your tables with pops of ‘greenery’ will add the perfect touch. You can opt to have the grassy natural scenery be your pop of color. Spring time is all about rebirth and blooming, so what better way than to use nature. Remember: colors can be mixed. Don’t be afraid of pops of Photos courtesy of : Pranzi Catering & color, play with your floral arrangement or decor. No matter Events, Rhode Island what you choose, it will be beautiful. It’s your day as a couple and it will surely be one you will never forget! #GETSOCIAL: FB: @theglamourousguide

#NEXTonSCENE FOOD with Rosa Silvie Neto Founder of

Our Editor in Chief had the fabulous pleasure of getting to know Rosa while she also has catered her current spring fashion show in Boston,MA. Q. What is Oh Jolie Catering?

Q. What inspired the name of the business? "I lived in France as a child and have family that is still there. I wanted to incorporate some of my background into my name. Jolie means beautiful or pretty in French."

"Oh Jolie Catering is my heart, my passion, and soul all wrapped up into one. It’s a catering company that I started from the ground up that focuses on delicious and beautiful Q. What’s the first recipe you ever made in your catering ? food." Q. How did Oh Jolie come about? "I have always had a passion for food and grew up watching my Mom and Dad cook. I love the way food brings everyone together no matter what the occasion. I found a way to bring that to my everyday life by sharing my passion of delicious food with others. Oh Jolie Catering was then born."

" I love incorporating my background into my dishes. I made a traditional Portuguese dish called Carne Alentejana. It’s a pork and clam dish that is mixed in with caramelized onions and fried cubed potatoes. Sooo good!" Q. What inspires your recipes? " Fresh seasonal ingredients, especially after attending farmer’s markets! My exposure to many cultural backgrounds and my willingness to think outside the box inspires me. " Q. What makes you different from other catering companies? " We are a trendy boutique catering company that truly focuses on the quality and presentation of food as well as superior client care. We are there every step of the way!" Q. Tell us about some foods that are trending this spring season! " Foods that pack a kick! Spicy is in! Comfort Foods and cultural cuisine will be a hit!"

#NEXTonSCENE spring dishes CATERING with Grilled Porter House Steak with Beet Puree and Sautéed Brocollini

Serves 2 Ingredients: 2 porter house steaks grilled to your liking 3 large roasted beets ¼ of olive oil Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper 4 stalks of brocollini 1 garlic clove Place chopped up beets in a food processor. Add about half of the olive oil. Add a pinch of salt & pepper. Pulse & scrape down the sides until it’s the consistency of hummus. Add more olive oil if needed. For Sautee brocollini : put in a tablespoon of olive oil 1 chopped up garlic clove. Place the beet pure on plate. Place the grilled steak & broccolini on top & enjoy!!

Micro Greens with Fresh Blackberries with a Honey Lime Vinaigrette

Serves 2 Ingredients: 2 cups micro greens ½ cup blackberries 3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice 1 1/2 tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper ¼ cup olive oil 4 or 5 edible pansieslini on top & enjoy!! Whisk lime juice, honey, salt, pepper, olive oil, and Dijon mustard until well blended. Layer blackberries on top of the micro greens on a plate. Drizzle with the vinaigrette and add edible pansies for a touch of spring color! #GETSOCIAL @ohjoliecatering on FB, Twitter & IG

RIO PAPARAZZO At NEXTonSCENE Coverage, Fall Fashion Show

#NEXTonSCENE We know how important it is to have your bouquets on point on your special day. This April 1st at our NEXTonSCENE Magazine™ spring fashion show, Timeless Bridal Creations got to showcase their amazing creativity when it comes to your wedding day. They are ALL about customizing. We also have been able to get some one on one time with them to discuss how they got to where they are now!

Executive Directors, Laurelle & Carrie Farrell

Katie & Charlotte Gill Product Creator & Brand Ambassador

Q. How does one even go about learning to design a bouquet!

" Trial and Error-just kidding! Frankly, the learning process grew from Carrie and Laurelle's professional backgrounds. Laurelle has owned her Q. How did you fall into the world of bouquet designs? own photography business which specializes in weddings. With this, she "Our love of bouquet designs stemmed from our is able to pin point delicate details, own weddings and our desire to have an alternative advise what a bride typically will and long lasting keepsake for years after the wedding envision, and help to complement the day. Laurelle chose a brooch bouquet in order to overall feel of the wedding. incorporate sentimental family heirlooms. Carrie chose Carrie has a strong skill set in floral a succulent bouquet because of her love for design and fine gardening, allowing her agriculture and she was able to re-pot the plants after to pair color schemes, textures, and her wedding. The Timeless Team was heavily plant varieties. She is able to design involved in building the brooch bouquet for Laurelle's and create beautiful bouquets with this wedding. After both weddings, they realized there was experience. " an incredible niche for alternative bouquets that could Q. What do you recommend for spring / be treasured for years to come. It quickly became a summer color bouquets! passion of ours. " " Right now, we are working with brides that are requesting coral and mint tones as well as Q. What is the first bouquet ever designed? vibrant pinks, aquas, and yellows. Pastels are "This was actually the brooch bouquet for always a timeless color palette, but we never Laurelle's wedding. Laurelle incorporated family want our brides to feel the need to follow the heirlooms alongside pieces she found that trends at hand. The beauty of it is that we a complemented her unique style. Katie and fully custom business. We love having it that Charlotte Gill (part of the Timeless Team), were way!" #GETSOCIAL bridesmaids at the time and supported in the prep @timelessbridalcreations and assembly process. Carrie lead the design and final assembly. "

NEXTonSCENE Spring 2017!  

NEXTonSCENE Spring is HERE, come check out latest designers, hair and beauty tips, our exclusive interview with the CEO of Poshmark, Manish...

NEXTonSCENE Spring 2017!  

NEXTonSCENE Spring is HERE, come check out latest designers, hair and beauty tips, our exclusive interview with the CEO of Poshmark, Manish...