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Camille Schrier is crowned Miss America 2020





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Mohegan Sun

Meet our Cover Girl, Miss America 2020 !


Get to Know Celebrity Chef, Todd English


12 TAO is opening at Mohegan Sun Meet Celebrity Chef Ralph

13 One On One With Celebrity Chef Ben Robinson

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19 Leukemia & Lymphoma Nominee Woman Of The Year

Our Holiday Magazine Launch Party 2-5 Doctor vs. COVID-19 Meet Emergency Room Doctor Charmaine Gregory 7 Sun Wine & Food Festival 10 Get to Know Celebrity Chef, Todd English 11 TAO is opening at Mohegan Sun this Fall, Meet Celebrity Chef Ralph 12 One on One with Celebrity Chef Ben Robinson 13 Miss America 2020 16 Check out our Mothers/Fathers day 2020 Gift Guide 18 Leukemia & Lymphoma Nominee Woman Of The Year, Casey LeBlanc, 19

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15 Create A Wardrobe with More Joy & Ease with Image Consultant, Ginger Burr

Meet Founder of Camarbre, Cassandra Brodie 6 Create A Wardrobe With More Joy & Ease with Ginger Burr 15

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One Unique Restaurant To Keep On Your Radar, Easy Pie 8-9 Random Acts of Signage Is Giving Back To small Businesses with Elissa Surabian 21 Stuck At Home? Tips From Professional Organizer, Bruna Mendonca 24


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Doctor vs.COVID-19 Meet Emergency Room Doctor Charmaine Gregory

NEXTonSCENE COVER: Photographer: Khoi Ton/Mohegan Sun

2 Julia Alpern

Check out our Winter Holiday Party

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Check out some of our Holiday Pop Up Market December 2019! Photos: Julia Alpern Media Production & Level Up Your Selfie Photobooth

Check out some of our Holiday Pop Up Market December 2019! Photos: Julia Alpern Media Production & Level Up Your Selfie Photobooth

Check out some of our Holiday Pop Up Market December 2019! Photos: Julia Alpern Media Production & Level Up Your Selfie Photobooth

Check out some of our Holiday Pop Up Market December 2019! Photos: Julia Alpern Media Production & Level Up Your Selfie Photobooth

one SERIAL ENTREPRENEUR TO put on your radar founder of camarbre, cassandra brodie "...They like fashion that’s timeless. A Camarbre woman loves living a healthy lifestyle and is conscious about what they put on their body and face. The Camarbre woman represent the best in every race, creed, religion, and sexuality."


How did fall into the world of fashion and beauty? @Camarbre

"Cassandra Brodie started CAMARBRE to share with the world her passion for unique style and belief of living a healthy life. Her early days were spent in a small town called Uniontown, Alabama where her mother owned a fast paced fabric shop where she helped and learned how to sew and designed clothes. Her mother would assign her tasks of pinning and cutting patterns for special orders and custom garments. She knew early that she love fashion and would one day start a fashion career. She quickly mastered sewing, creating her own designs and by the sixth grade she had started a small business of selling cabbage patch doll clothing to her classmates."

"As you read in my introduction, I was introduced to fashion very early in life. I had my first fashion business in 6th grade. I made cabbage patch dolls imitations and fashion for the dolls. My 6th grade teacher allowed me to sell them in her class. By the time I was a seasoned fashion designer, I started making uniforms for the high school cheerleading squad and custom clothes for high schoolers. I moved to Boston and went to college where I earned a degree in Computer Science and started my career as an engineer, however, I never forgot my passion for fashion. I continued to produce custom fashion and decided to expand my fashion line into beauty as well. I knew my beauty line had to represent who I am.


I decided to make it organic, vegan and natural. I’ve been a vegetarian for over 3 decades and wanted my product to represent my lifestyle. I wanted women to feel and look good."

"Well, we need more fashion houses owned by women. Women purchase most of the fashion that comes into their home. Who knows our bodies better than we do. Another reason we need more women in this industry is that we need products that are safe. Women have to safeguard our own health. Men have not done that in the past. Organic and natural beauty should be the standard not the option."

What inspired the name? "Camarbre is a combination of my name and my daughters. I took the CA from Cassandra, the Mar from my daughter Marcella and the Bre from my youngest daughter Breanna." What is NEXT for Camarbre? "We recently launched surgical face masks . They are washable, reusable, and eco friendly. I didn't want to see a billion disposable masks put in the landfill. Profits from the sales go to csfoundation37. We are also planning to expand our custom clothing line to a ready to wear fashion line and later produce a more affordable line. We will also be expanding our beauty products."

Who is a Camarbre woman ? "A Camarbre women is Sophisticated, fashion forward, enjoy the better things in life, confident and not influenced by trends..."

What did you find was missing in the beauty and fashion industry that you wanted to change? FOOTBALL PLAYER JONATHAN CYPRIEN




Emergency Room Doctor , Charmaine Gregory Doctor vs. COVID-19.

If there is someone to put on your radar it is this ROCKSTAR Wife, Mom , Emergency Room Doctor, Podcaster and so much more. What does a typical day look for you these days? "My days are spent with our 3 cherubs, doing schoolwork, spending quality time with family and working on my businesses outside of medicine at home in order to do my part in helping to flatten the curve of spread.

"When I was about 8 years old, I was enamoured by medicine. My pediatrician at the time had no idea that whenever he gave me a quizzical look as I asked for shots with the broadest smile, that his interactions were sparking an interest in Medicine. I was living in Jamaica then, and there was only one medical school on the island and it served several islands in addition to Jamaica. The decision to migrate to the US was based on a dream born in my eight year old mind and led to a cascade of events that led up to it being realized. When I started medical school, I had every intention of being a real life Dr. Scarpetta straight out of the pages penned by Patricia Cornwell.I felt most at home in the Emergency Department. So, I like to say that Emergency Medicine chose me." Balancing work, being a wife and mom during times of COVID what is home like these days? "Life at home is not too much of a shift compared to pre-COVID days. We became homeschoolers about 7 years ago and have been doing the very creative dance of doing so while both of us work. Now my husband is working from home so we are both here a lot more than before. Since I work at night, the days when I am in between night shifts are spent sleeping and catching up on the essentials to prepare to return to work again. We have a team philosophy in our house, the cherubs do chores, we all have our part in making it work. For the cherubs life is more fun because now they get more of us and we have been doing some really fun activities like playing games from my mom and childhood in Jamaica. Lots of play, working out, board games, laughs, memory building and dancing like nobody is watching."

Usually, at about 9 pm on nights that I work in the Emergency Department, I take an hour nap so that I am well rested in order to serve patients during my overnight shift. Things look different than before the pandemic in that we get checked for signs and symptoms at the hospital entrance.

"Also, checking with your doctor via phone or telemedicine in regard to your symptoms first before going to the ER is another way to help. Now of course if you are having severe symptoms then 911 should be "My favorite food is an awesome boiled called and you need to be seen in the Emergency dinner or meatloaf!" Department. I have to say that saying thank you, providing food, and showing support goes a long way towards encouraging those on the front lines to keep going even through the rough bits."

We also know you have a podcast about over coming fears tell us more about it!

Then it is off to the locker room to change out of my clothes and into hospital-issued scrubs. I grab my personal protective equipment (PPE), do my hair covering, eyewear, and head into the ER. Before this all started, I would see my patients without full gear on - eye protection, gloves, mask. Now, all patients are presumed infected so my team and I wear protective gear throughout the shift. In addition, some special considerations are made due to the fact that the disease spreads via droplet meaning that it spreads through the air in close proximity to the affected individual. In this time when the information is evolving and we are constantly adapting, it is crucial to remain positive and be flexible. Do I worry about getting infected? Sure, I do. But I can only control what I can control which is to wear protective gear, sanitize surfaces, wash my hands constantly, and provide the best care to my patients."

During these times that are completely out of our control what are things you tell your team and patients to do to help their mindset ? "I tell my team to focus on what they can control. Our mindset can be bolstered. We can put positive mindset and resilience deposits in daily that will help us to problem solve and rise out of this situation thriving. The situation may seem uncertain but we can control our actions and our intentions. These are the things that myself and my team focus on. This has led to lots of out of the box thinking and innovation. It has actually been quite stunning to watch."

How can the public continue to benefit and help out the local doctors / hospitals? "The public can assist local hospitals and doctors by continuing to stay home, practice good hand hygiene, and practice social distancing so that we can flatten the curve of spread. In addition, if you have access to PPE (personal protective equipment like n95 masks, welders helmets, etc) donating them is immensely helpful. "

"So, I have a visceral fear of public speaking. We are talking sleepless nights, nightmares, sweaty palms, sweaty armpits, horrible palpations and ridiculously negative audio replay in my mind. AFRAID. I decided a few years ago that would not let this fear cripple me and in order to do that, I knew I had to face it boldly. So what did I do? I got on more stages, in front of more people. I also decided to document my facing fear journey by starting the Fearless Freedom with Dr. G podcast. Through the podcast, I explore fear, its effect on us, is and ways forward. Everyday heroeswith just like you Here a picture when Casey was younger come on (her the show and share their along with her dad first communion in thefears hospital) pearls for emerging victoriously on the other side of fear."

What is NEXT for Charmaine? "Currently, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and creating courses. The first course is a podcasting launch course aimed at helping professional women amplify their voices so that they can educate their tribes, gain more customers, clients and patients. Podcasting is something that I got into in an attempt to face my own fear and then I fell in love with it. It is my desire to help as many as possible shine using this exploding medium. What better way to get into the ear of your ideal client, customer, patient than podcasting? It builds confidence, helps you to face your fear of public speaking if you are like me, flexes your creativity muscle and gives a voice to the most introverted and shy. I love it! It is a very different experience than what Emergency Medicine and serving patients in the ER provides."

How can we follow you and reach out on social media? FB, LI, IG: @CharmaineGregoryMD


ONE UNIQUE RESTAURANT TO KEEP ON YOUR RADAR... EASY PIE. Established in 2010 , this contemporary quick dining experience provides one FRESH and ECCENTRIC menu with unmatched fast casual service in a modern and inviting environment. Located in Revere, Massachusetts this is ONE restaurant no matter when you are visiting Massachusetts you NEED to prioritize to visit. We had the fabulous opportunity to interview the Owner & Executive Chef, Sprios Stogiannis.

How did the Easy Pie come about? "After about nine years in the corporate sector, managing larger restaurants I had taken some time off to pursue my passion in the music industry. It took me all the way to the finals of Xfactor in Greece. When I made it back to United States I found myself at a crossroads. Go back to my old job, or start something for myself. I knew someone that had a small shop in Braintree MA that was looking to transition out of the industry. I viewed this as my opportunity to start my own thing. In 2010, Easy Pie was born."

What was your first meal you ever created at Easy Pie?

"The first signature item that was ever made was the “MAC DADDY” (Big Mac inspired pie)."

What was one of your most successful moments thus far as restaurant owners? "One of our biggest successes was being featured in Phantom Gourmet. Being featured in early 2012 changed the direction of Easy Pie forever."

What was one of your most teachable moments thus far as restaurant owner?

What did you find was missing in the restaurant industry that you wanted to change ?

"For me it’s always a lesson and never a loss or failure. As a first time small business owner, I have seen quite a few areas of improvement. One, being able to let go of tasks and delegating. Having the mindset that you can do it all will only hold you back. I did that a lot in the beginning and still catch myself doing it now every once and a while. Building a strong team and delighting is one of the most crucial elements in building a strong and successful business and brand."

"At the time, the restaurant industry seemed to be stuck between larger corporate setting and the chipotle modeled “in and out” assembly line concepts. They both felt extremely cookie cutter and sterile to me. I felt that somewhere in the middle there was a need for a casual, hip, boutique restaurant that combined an old school feel of hospitality, and a creative outside the box menu all while providing a fast contemporary dining experience. The concept would be called “contemporary quick dining.”

What inspired the creative eating experiences: the quesadilla turned into a pizza concept, the BIG burgers , tater tots , sweet pies tell us ALL! "My mindset was to create our own lane. I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing at the time. The crazier the idea the better. That was my thought process from day one."



Who is Easy Pie for? Who is your ideal customer ? "Easy Pie is created for everyone. There is no specific demographic that it was made for. We have such a broad spectrum of people who come in and enjoy Easy Pie. It’s very common to see guests who you would think have nothing in common, having conversations about what they are eating. It’s not uncommon to see total strangers trading slices of our signature pies at the bar. That’s the beauty of Easy Pie. For that instance in time, it doesn't matter who you are, how much money you have or where you come from. The food and environment make us one."

What is the goal for Easy Pie as a brand? Do you hope to expand nationally in terms of creating more of a franchise eventually? "The goal is to keep refining the brand and our identity. Easy pie is a special place built by a tremendous amount of hard work and for that reason, I would never want to be on every corner. I would however love to open or franchise in a few cities like Miami, New York and LA."

What are your hours of operation when can our NEXTonSCENE readers check you out? We are located at: 649 squire RD Revere, MA 02151 And our hours are Monday and Tuesday 5pm-11pm Wednesday and Thursday 11am11pm Friday and Saturday 11am-2am Sunday 12pm-11pm

You can order online at: Follow on social media: Facebook & Instagram: @theeasypie

ARE YOU NEXT? NEXTonSCENE® Magazine 12k readership per quarter NEXTonSCENE Events Join our nationwide community: Jackie Zuk Community on Facebook @nextonscene #nextonscene


SUN, WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL LOCATION: MOHEGAN SUN The weekend of January 24th, Your Editor-in-Chief of NEXTonSCENE had the fabulous opportunity to cover one of the biggest tasting events in New England, The Sun WIne & Food Festival at Mohegan Sun! This was definitely one for the books this year. What an honor to cover this event and work the amazing social media team at Mohegan Sun: Nicholas Gilham, Heather Walther & Anna Wagner on such a fabulous event presented by MSC Cruises. This fabulous event is in their 17th year and a portion of proceeds goes to Channel 3 Kids Camp, who provide fun year-round opportunities to children of all abilities, families & communities through educational & recreational programs. So what can you expect at this festival? Celebrity Chefs along with wine and food connoisseurs all come together for a grand tasting! Here you are able to sip and sample your way through endless vintage and signature dishes, incredible showcases and tastings during a three-day affair across the Uncas Ballroom and the Earth Expo & Convention Center. Photography: Mohegan Sun

This three day weekend consisted of taking off Friday evening with a Bourbon Tasting with a guest appearance of Charles Oakley!

Sunday was filled with Brunch Battles and Champagne ! From 10am-1pm, two local chefs went head-to-head with only 30 minutes to create the best brunch to present to our celebrity judges Aarón Sánchez, Amanda Freitag, Maneet Chauhan and Marc Murphy for the grand prize of a special featured menu item at Todd English’s Tuscany, a $1,000 Mohegan Sun gift card and the title of “Brunch Battle Champion”!

Photography: Mohegan Sun

Futhermore, from 11am-1pm, we attended the Champagne Brunch party at ultralounge, novelle! We had the opportunity to mingle with Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules, Cynthia Bailey from Housewives of Atlanta , Celebrity Manager Matt Byars, and Miss America, Camille Schrier! We also got to indulge in a special à la carte menu while Brandi Cyrus spun a live DJ set to wrap up the Sun Wine & Food Fest weekend!

Friday evening and Saturday Day was followed by a Grand Tasting with LIVE Celebrity Chefs Demonstrations from : Todd English, Ben Robinson, Michele Ragussis, Chef Plum, Kevin Des Chenes, Maneet Chauhan, Richard Blais, Amanda Freitag, Marc Murphy, Aarón Sánchez, David Rose, Brian Duffy & Jason Santos!

Photography: Mohegan Sun

Photography: Mohegan Sun

Photography: Mohegan Sun

Between 12pm - 4pm all the chefs did LIVE demonstrations in front of thousands. It was fun to really get to see all of their personalities off of TV, but to be honest they are ALL so authentic and exactly the same people who show up on TV. After the live demonstrations, we all attended the Celebrity Chef After Party. Here, Ally Brooke performed "No Good" with DJ Irie at ultra-lounge, novelle. For those of you who remember Fifth Harmony, Girl Group, Ally was one of the team members!

Photos from left to right ( Top Row: Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz, Cynthia Bailey, Matt Byars. Second Row: Jackie's college friends Vanessa, Jill and Samantha along with Brandi Cyrus & Miss America, Camille Schrier) We also can't forget the man of the hour who helped cover the event by my side, Andrew Delory and one of my amazing makeup artists, Emily McNulty founder of Face Forward.

Social Photography: NEXTonSCENE Media

Photography: Mohegan Sun

Left to Right- Heather Walther, Jessica Hirsch, Nicholas Gilham & Anna Wagner. Ally Brooke & DJ Irie.


SUN, WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL EXCLUSIVE : TODD ENGLISH INTERVIEW At this iconic annual event, I also had the fabulous opportunity to interview Celebrity Chefs including: Todd English , Chef Ralph Scamardella from TAO and Ben Robinson (many of you might know him from BELOW DECK on Bravo).

First up: Todd English! Todd is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, author, and television personality, based in Boston, Massachusetts. Todd is a partner of Tuscany Restaurant at Mohegan Sun. He also is an owner of many restaurants around the GLOBE! This year at the Sun Wine & Food Festival, Todd had a lot to share with us about WAGU BEEF! It is actually healthier for you than Turkey! Who knew! "Wagu Beef is loaded in fat but it is ACTUALLY really good for you. They are those good fats that we as humans need in our bodies and metabolism." Todd English

What inspired you to become a Chef? "It was something even as a kid I always loved. My mother always tells the story when I was seven years old, I asked for an ice cream machine. I was fortunate to get into some good situations when I was in high school. Even when it wasn't as cool to be a chef. There was not as much exposure to chefs as there is now. I was in the dark ages. Now kids can watch the Food Network and more easily get exposure. Later on, I went to culinary school, which expanded my world as a traditional chef from then on."

Biggest Cooking Fail? "That is always a good question. There has been many... I think you learn more from your mistakes. I once was cooking for a big party and decided I wanted to do multiple courses and souffles at the end. We did pretty well with the multiple courses but the souffles didn't come out. So the souffle was a fail but everything else still tasted good."

Photography: NEXTonSCENE Media

Being that your Editor here is local to Boston, I had to ask about the infamous FIGS in Charlestown! Todd, What inspired FIGS? "Well you know, I had kids. When I was working in Italy, a lot of us would go just outside of Bologna and I remember it being a magical place. They had an outdoor wood burning oven. It also included beautiful pizzas, pastas and it was really fun. I wanted to bring this kind of feeling to my kids and that is what inspired FIGS."

Check out our Todd English Restaurant Experiences at Tuscany at Mohegan Sun & FIGS in Charlestown, MA.


If you could have two people who can sit with you at the dinner table who would it be at why? "I am a big history buff. I like to learn about food , how it evolved and people that made it evolve. Someone like Escoffier. He would be someone I would love to sit with and understand his journey because I was student reading his books, learning his sauces etc. He was one of the founding fathers of French Cuisine. Someone else I found fascinating that was a big proponent of cuisine in this country was Thomas Jefferson. He brought over wines from Europe and grew olives in Virginia. If I went back further in time I would say Julius Caesar."

Photography: Mohegan Sun

ABOVE FIGS TUSCANY , MOHEGAN SUN. #GETSOCIAL with Todd @cheftoddenglish on Instagram


SUN, WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL EXCLUSIVE : RALPH SCAMARDELLA INTERVIEW What inspired the expansion to Connecticut? "We do a lot of business with Mohegan Sun. They are great people and great partners. They were looking for a marquee brand and we are always looking for great partners so it was a great match. "

Biggest Chef Fail? "As a chef? I think career wise or chef wise, I don't have any fails . Sometimes taking the wrong position as a chef. It wasn't good to move up. I also have overcooked a case of feasant and was a disaster. I have also forgotten plenty of things in the oven that were over cooked but it is all part of the growing process."

NEXT up: Chef Ralph! Ralph is a founding partner of TAO & LAVO restaurant group. Did you know TAO is opening at Mohegan Sun this FALL?! Chef Ralph oversees all chefs and concepts in New York (TAO Uptown, TAO Downtown, LAVO Italian Restaurant, and Food & Beverage at two Dream hotel locations); Las Vegas (TAO Asian Bistro at The Venetian, TAO Beach and LAVO Italian Restaurant at The Palazzo); and Los Angeles (TAO, Luchini, and Food & Beverage at Dream Los Angeles).

What inspired you to become a Chef? "I worked in restaurants growing up back in the day when you could get a job when you are thirteen and fourteen years old. I started working as a busboy and waiter. One of the chefs at the time, took a liking to me and encouraged me to go into the field. I ended up finding a passion and when I graduated high school I went to New York City Community College Hotel and Restaurant management back in 1978."

How did TAO come about? "I had worked with the original partners Mark and Rich in another restaurant group. I was Chef Partner at the time and they were expanding and asked me to come along and I did back in 2007 ."

One dish you could eat for the rest of your life what would it be? "Pizza. I spent a lot of time in Sicily over the summer and had pizza everywhere! Plus my kids love it . "

Food Trends for 2020? Eat cleaner, healthier and less processed foods!

If you could pick two people to be at your dinner table who would they be and why? "Two people.. my wife because we don't really spend a lot of time together because we both work long hours. I also would choose my mother who passed away in 1991. She never really got to see me as my career blossomed when I became a partner and grew in the business. So I would love to reminisce and show her . She would probably complain about something I am sure, but would still be nice to reminisce. "

#GETSOCIAL with Chef Ralph @chefralphtao on Instagram

Photography: Mohegan Sun


SUN, WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL EXCLUSIVE : BEN ROBINSON INTERVIEW Who closed out our Celebrity Interviews? Ben Robinson!

"Chef Ben Robinson is a master chef that has worked under Italian chefs in Florence and gained an apprenticeship at three-star Michelin Star restaurant The Fat Duck, based in the United Kingdom. Ben has been featured on several season's of Bravo's hit series, Below Deck. "

How do you balance and work and life when you do a lot of travel for work? "I don't think you do . I think you take it one day at a time and that becomes your lifestyle. I try and spend time especially on the holidays with my family on Cape Cod. I think you just roll with it. "

Biggest Cooking Fail? "I was in the Bahamas and I served raw lobster. I was 22 and I was wearing my chef jacket and was thinking to myself I don't deserve to be here . The reason I realized I served it raw was because I am use to the Boston Maine lobsters and they are very dense. I still take temperatue of the lobster to this day."

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be and why? "That's just ridiculous because your going to get so bored with it. What do you mean, does it have to be one ingredient ? If I could pick a meal , I love lobster but I think I would get bored with it. I think pizza is a great answer. "

What is NEXT for Ben? "I just started a pizza franchise so I am starting food development for that. We are throwing a party for the focus group. It is TOUGH to giveaway free pizza!"

Whats your favorite dish? "I love all the expensive things. I love wagu steak, truffles, caviar, lobster, stone crabs, all the expensive stuff. I am a brat It is why I am yacht chef . I didn't have a budget so I can steal all the clients food."

Photography: Mohegan Sun

#GETSOCIAL with Ben @benstogram on Instagram

Photography: Mohegan Sun



C l e With over 30 years experience, m Ginger Burr is here to help empower O n your new wardrobe. GInger's styling o focuses on using the latest fashion j tips, tools and trends while still e embracing the elements of g h compassion, gentleness and u intuition. o

Many of her clients often do not even know where to start in the overwhelming sea of fashion. Ginger helps women cut through the noise and the clutter to find things that really work for them.


This season's colors tend to be happy colors. We’re seeing all shades of blue (especially light blue, cobalt and navy), and, of course, pink is everywhere as it is every spring! If you look better in darker colors, you can still find them amidst the perky spring colors so don’t give up.

Tiny pleats are everywhere. They are a feminine, lightweight and even forgiving style because they don’t cling to the body. But, placement is important! They can also add width because they do not lay flat. When worn as a skirt, pleats add volume at the waist and hips and look best with a top tucked in. So if you don’t feel comfortable tucking your top or you don’t want to add width to your hips, leave pleated skirts on the rack. The good news is that this season pleats are also nicely placed in pretty, summery tops that are comfortable, feminine and flattering.



Pretty much every spring polka dots pop up. It’s not surprising since they are such a happy print. This year has a new twist as polka dots come in a variety of colors rather than just navy, black and white!

It always feels like a breath of fresh air when the spring trends begin filtering into the stores after months of cold weather.


This is a form of color blocking that is supposedly hot this spring. It’s very simple – the right side is one color and the left side is another. There is something intriguing and slightly edgy about this trend when it’s done well but even I had to hunt to find just two examples of it. So either the trend is just warming up or they are pulling our legs!! Let’s see what happens as the season goes along.

Of course, this season, our lives are complicated by an unprecedented health scare and stores closing at least temporarily. There is so much uncertainty surrounding us and, at the moment you might not be thinking of what you’ll wear once we settle into a new normal. For now, enjoy a moment of blissful distraction as you read what’s coming and allow yourself to daydream about what you will eventually add to your wardrobe.

You’ll find a lot of dress styles from midis to maxis and tiered or ruffled to shirt dresses. The good news is that there are many choices. Midi dresses still reign as the most popular offering a fun boho vibe, and shirt dresses, a traditional classic style, are hot. So, if you enjoy wearing dresses, you’ll love shopping this season!

Please remember that while fashion trends come and go, most wardrobes are built on a solid foundation of personalized basics. From there you can add pizzazz and stay current by strategically adding a trend or two. Which ones you add and how you incorporate them is completely up to you and part of what makes your personal style authentically you. Have fun shopping!




Reproduction by permission only NEXTonSCENE MagazineÂŽ Photography: Mohegan Sun/ Khoi Ton

Who is our Miss America 2020? Camille Schrier December 20, 2019 , Camille Schrier was crowned Miss America 2020 at one of our favorite New England locations (Uncasville, CT; Mohegan Sun)! Camille is not your typical Miss America! Not only is she gorgeous inside and out BUT she has a background in science. After being crowned Miss Virginia , she wanted to apply to Miss America after hearing they no longer require a swimsuit competition. This 2020 , Miss America not only relocated to Mohegan Sun, for the first time but they also revamped their requirements. This year it is more about professionalism and career impact. Originally from Pennsylvania, Camille went to Virginia Tech studying Biochemistry and Systems Biology. If that doesn't impress you enough, now she earning a doctorate at Virginia Commonwealth University studying to become a Doctor of Pharmaceuticals. This year it was hosted by Kit Harris and Mario Lopez along with the judges: Karamo, Kelly Rowland and Lauren Ash.

Photography: Heather Ann

What is Your TV Guilty Pleasure? "I really love anything on TLC! I would say 90 Day Fiance is my favorite. I also really like the Food Network and watching Celebrity Chef, Alton Brown. He is a food scientist so it is not THAT surprising considering I am scientist by trade. " Photography: Mohegan Sun

FUN FACT: Camille is crowning the 100th anniversary of Miss America! Photography: Mohegan Sun

As Miss America 2020 what is one big goal you want to achieve? "To change the perception of what Miss America looks like. It has been an organization that has been around for 100 years now. I am crowning the 100th anniversary Miss America. It's a huge responsibility for me because I am bringing Miss America into a completely new decade. We are in this new era of defining what Miss America is because women were different in 1921 than they are in 2021."

We know you are a cat lover which is amazing. How did your love for cats come about?

Favorite food? "Ice cream. Any traditional hard dipped ice cream. I love coffee flavored ice cream or traditional chocolate and vanilla. My biggest ice cream must have is that it has to be on a waffle cone, NOT a sugar cone!"

If you could pick two people to have dinner with that you haven't met yet who would they be and why? "Ellen DeGeneres, even if she doesn't agree with you she is always kind and respectful and it is what I hope to be during this process. I also always grew up watching Alton Brown the food scientist! He is definitely another one I would love ."

"I have always loved ALL animals honestly. I always grew up with cats in my home along with a dog and guinea pigs. Now I STAY UP TO DATE WITH MISS AMERICA 2020 am in graduate school so I took my two cats from home and Facebook: @Miss America & @Camille Schrier they live with me as my emotional support. Their names are Instagram: @missamerica @camilleschrier Cappuccino and Latte because I am a huge coffee lover. "

Photography: NEXTonSCENE MEDIA


Males Matter Subscription Boxes $69.99 for the Quarterly Subscription (Classic Box) $89.99 for the one-time purchase (Select Box)

Anchor'd Inc's Anchor'd Sherpa Fleece Blanket $64.99 USD



Classic Box is a quarterly subscription (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter Boxes) Select Box is a one-time purchase box. (Great for gifting or just trying out Males Matter Box) Their products are sourced from small businesses creating products for men. They also believe in giving back so a portion of each purchase is donated to nonprofits for young men and boys. Woman & Minority Owned.

Hair Jewels By lolo Set for $120

Hair jewels by lolo have substance, meaning and much more than accessories. They are the perfect keepsakes with heirloom quality that can be passed down to loved ones. We are creating tomorrow's memories today.

YOUR CBD STORE BROOKLINE MA Highest Concentration $100

6 ft. leather leash hand braided top. Leather leashes get better with age. Your hands will appreciate no more nylon leather burns!

On The Road Again New Lobster & Shell Mesh Tote $70.00 USD This new printed Lobster & Shell Mesh Tote is part of a brand new Coastal Collection made with upcycled materials waiting to go in landfills. On The Road Again takes this mesh material and worked with an artist to create beautiful New England designs. This one is our favorite in red with lobsters and shells!

BLUEHILL Fragrances $95

The vegan gummy bears are a hit at Your CBD Store Brookline. We can't keep them on the shelf. Why? Each gummy is lab tested to ensure that there are no pesticides, no heavy metals and no harmful chemicals. The color of the gummy bears come from natural organic vegetables like beets. This product is exactly how one would choose to enter an intense meeting or end the day. Cheers to the Bears.

They also have a customized line that gives back a percentage of sales to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Leather Unleashed $60 each

Unbelievably fluffy and warm - this high quality cozy fleece blanket is impossible to leave behind, wherever one might go. It is also the perfect size for snuggling on the couch, by the fireplace or at outdoor events.

Peeks Cosmetics New Lipgloss Set $45 Cruelty and gluten free, these three shimmery lipglosses are great to wear solo or over any other lip product!

BLUEHILL Fragrances take you away to a dynamic, authentic destination…New England. A rocky coastline softened with beach roses, elegant brownstone-lined streets enlivened with the scent of blossom-filled window boxes, bayside sojourns lifting you on a wave of sea-salted air, citified gardens so lush and fragrant your senses run wild. Adventure beckons, inviting you on a personal odyssey through a fragrant territory brought to life by scent memories. A curated collection of eaux de parfums capturing the very essence of New England: Beach Rose, Metrogarden, and Back Bay.

ACouplePuns™ $5 each Printed on 110 lb cardstock. They are scored, folded, packaged by hand! Card is sized at 4.25 x 5.5 inches. Cards each come with one recycled brown kraft paper envelope.Ships within 1-3 business days of ordering via USPS First Class Mail.Cards are packaged in protective plastic casing during shipping.


Leukemia/Lymphoma Nominee Of The Year Casey LeBlanc! Check out our exclusive interview with Leukemia Lymphoma Nominee of the year, Casey LeBlanc! It is such an amazing honor the be nominated woman of the year with the Leukemia Lymphoma society.. What are YOUR top THREE goals you want to do to help the organization? "My goals are to spread the awareness for childhood cancer. I know I have been nominated for woman of the year for LLS but it’s much more than that. It is about the children and their parents. I want to be a positive mentor, be there for them, motivate and save their lives."

At age five, Casey spiked a fever of 104 degrees. Following a diagnosis of chickenpox. Her parents determined that the pox on her skin did not appear normal. After consults with physicians in pediatrics at the Tufts medical center, In June of 1991, Being a survivor what do you want Casey was found to have anemia, mild THREE: The human element. to tell other cancer patients and thrombocytopenia and neutropenia and people in remission out there ? bone marrow showing consistent changes with a pre-leukemic syndrome. By December that same year, Casey was "Yes it’s hard, but no matter what, you put diagnosed with full-blown acute myelocitic your game face on and you fight! Surround leukemia. To fight the disease, Casey yourself with nothing but positivity, family underwent chemotherapy, blood and and friends. When I was having a bad day platelet transfusions and weekly visits to a with treatment I’ll alway remember my dad clinic. Her body did not respond well to telling me to put my head phones on and chemotherapy. She was always in and out of listen to Metallica. If you need to listen to the hospital and was hospitalized often in music put your head phones on and turn the isolation. Her bone marrow was no longer music all the way up. Or you turn what you reacting to the platelet transfusion from really love into into your security blanket and when she was diagnosed in 1991.. With all hold on to it tight and never let go." the treatment and tests she had been going through she did go into remission but that all changed on her 7th birthday. She had developed a bruise from the pedal from her bike hitting her leg. Soon after a visit to the doctors they had explained the cancer had come back. In July 1992, she was marked as a potential bone marrow transplant candidate with her mother as a possible donor, but it turned out that her parents and little sister were a mismatch. She had been placed on the National Donor Registry by the DanaFarber Cancer Center, but there were no matches. Eighteen months later she underwent a Matched Unrelated Donor (MUD) transplantation in Kentucky and has been in remissmisson ever since.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou



What is Casey's Favorite Food? "My favorite food is an awesome boiled dinner or meatloaf!"

What is NEXT for Casey? "There are endless opportunities in life, right now I’d like to open those opportunities and explore."

How can we support and participate in your fundrasier at this time?

Here is a picture when Casey was younger with her dad (her first communion in the hospital)

"You can donate through my nominee Woman Of The Year Page: cleblanc And Follow Us On Social Media: Facebook: @TeamStandByMe"


W W W . N E X T O N S C E N E . C O M


random acts of signage is giving back to small businesses!

Elissa sURABIAN FOUNDER OF elISSA surabian art What is Random Acts of Signage? "A Random Act of Signage is a specially created sign that is gifted to a local, small, or micro businesses. Each recipient is chosen because they are working hard, doing something positive, and providing their neighborhood with a great product or service."

What inspired you to start it?

Elissa is a hand-lettering artist and illustrator specializing in chalkboard art and murals, located in Boston, MA. Elissa works with a lovely variety of individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations. Randomly, Elissa will surprise a small business with a customized chalk sign for their business!

There is something different and great about each of the businesses she surprises.

"I was waiting in line at the farmers market for a coffee, when another market attendee told me about a pop-up happening near by. Since he was so ecstatic about it, I decided to go check it out. It was a bakery called Plum Delicious, run and operated by a girl named Rae @raethebaker. She got up at 2am to start baking, made tons of truly beautiful, unique and tasty pastries, then from 9am-2pm she manned the table and was friendly with all her patrons. This completely blew my mind, every single aspect of her business was done by her, including her signage (since baking was her specialty, the signs needed a little extra love). I had a left over chalkboard at home and decided I wanted to surprise her with a fancy new design. I came by before the market opened and knocked on the door. I was actually pretty terrified, but her response sealed the deal! I knew then that I not only wanted to keep doing this, but that I needed to share it with my friends and followers. I realized that by sharing her story and why I wanted to support her, I could bring her a little more business."

What is your goal for Random Acts of Signage? "Professionally created signs are a secret weapon! They have the power to draw in potential clients with creative designs and easy to read lettering. My goal for this project is to help promote and grow small, micro & new businesses in hopes that the businesses will pay it forward to someone else in whatever way they can."

What is NEXT for Elissa and how can people follow you and reach out on social media? "I am a firm believer in community over competition, and have started teaching workshops to other aspiring chalkboard artists.

How do you pick the businesses you want to surprise? Featured: Sarah and Jon, founders of Vinal Bakery in Union Square, Somerville, MA. Practically since day one of opening, traffic to the business has been impacted by substantial construction in the surrounding neighborhood. Despite their struggles, Sarah and Jon have kept such a positive attitude through it all which led Elissa to donate the above custom sign to help attract new customers.

"I like to look for something that makes them special. It varies every time but some of my past ones have included; female owned, high quality or local products, vegan, gluten-free, support of queer and non-binary people, keeping a positive attitude through challenges, and more. Every business has a story, I try to uncover and share it through signage and posting on social media."

Keep your eyes out for my next workshop in the late summer. " You can find me on instagram: @chalkin_about_boston or check out my website at I also have a project page devoted to Random Acts of Signage: @random.acts.of.signage.


next stop: royalton suites, cancun mexico

editorial travels from your founder. Located in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone, the Roylaton Suites features 18 floors of oceanfront all-inclusive luxury, 6 restaurants, (including a rooftop pool and restaurant), 2 beachside outdoor pools and a full-service spa. This resort is truly beautiful inside and out!

I recommend paying up for Diamond Club accommodations for those who want extra privacy at this family-friendly resort.

All I can think about is travel these days. In February 2020, I had the fabulous opportunity to explore one of the newest ALL inclusive resorts in Cancun, MX, The Royalton Suites. If like me, you are always looking to try out what's NEXT when it comes to travel add The Royalton Suites to your list ! The Royalton Suites is a quick 20 minute ride from the Cancun Airport. When you are travelling internationally, I always believe that you should treat yourself to a private transfer to your hotel after a long trip through customs.

The Diamond Club also includes private Butler service which always makes for a great stay! Your Butler is available 24hours for all of your needs, including dinner reservations, laundry and booking excursions.

After about 15 minutes in and out of the pools we received amazing warm robes, neck warmers and a scalp massage prior to our hour-long couples massage! Let's talk about everyone's favorite. THE FOOD. For an all-inclusive the food overall was VERY good and they made some amazing frozen drinks. The restaurants were Mexican, Asian, Italian, Steakhouse and Sports Bar/American themed and the Buffet which had EVERYTHING. Plus a coffee shop!

Easy to find from the strip, you'll never get lost as The Royalton Suites is the ONLY hotel that lights up, changing multiple colors all night! (Top, left)

Now let's talk about the rooms, #Gorgeous! Rainfall showers, dual vanities, private patios, well-stocked mini fridges with lots of snacks/alcohol and unlimited room service were all included in the Diamond Club all-inclusive package.

I actually absolutely LOVED all the restaurants. They were all unique in their own way. Being half Italian I would say my least favorite though at the resort was the Italian. What can I say, going to Italy spoiled me! I have new rule, KEEP it simple. Italy is for Italian, Mexico is for Mexican. LOL.

PRO TIP: NEVER pass up dining at the Buffet overlooking the Beach! We had lunch here everyday, just throw on a bathingsuit coverup!

While we unfortunately did not end up with the oceanfront view we booked, the backside lagoon-view (Above, left) provided amazing sunset viewing from our patio. No matter which view you have from your balcony the beach is a quick one minute elevator ride away! Just hit "Lobby" and walk out the back doors and there you were... in the sand!! I have a confession, I went to the spa MULTIPLE TIMES!!! We used VIP USA Transfer for our private transfers. The cars were new and clean and the drivers were professional. Upon pickup, our driver greeted us with little goodie package (A Bottle of Wine & Mexican Treats) and out choice of drinks to enjoy on our ride to our hotel. Waters, Coronas & Tito's it was of course!

It was FABULOUS and I would say the manicure was I think the BEST I have ever received in my life. They give you a neck warmer AND MIT warmer, to exfoliate your hands. I think it was by far one of the most relaxing moments I ever had. I also booked a full spa day with my hubs! The spa starts with a warm water pool , fresh water pool and jacuzzi to loosen your muscles and prep you for your massage. The freshwater was freezing though don't let it fool you!!!

Open for all-day service, the food at the Buffet was as amazing as the oceanfront view from the dining room!! (Above) Chef-manned stations feature freshly made Mexican entrees, pastas, fish and desserts as well as Gluten Free and Vegan options.

I have another confession. I have a weakness for... NEXTonSCENE 22

next stop: royalton suites, cancun mexico editorial travels from your founder. I have a weakness for shopping on the beach!!! I can't help but buy something from the vendors walking on the beach. ALL OF THEM. I guess it's why I help small businesses and start ups get discovered! Some of the best handmade purchases were a Cancun backpack, some gorgeous silver jewelry and an amazing coverup. (Left) The true beauty of an all-inclusive is not only having all of your unlimited food and alcohol already paid for, but also, that any money you do spend gets to go directly towards fun like experiences and of course shopping!!!

Another such experience was a private chef dinner that was supposed to be for 8-10 people and featured a private chef and bartender who made customized food/drink pairings for 6 courses! (Below)

There is something magical about completely shutting off while the world continues to turn outside, especially financially. One experience we splurged for was a private dinner for two at the rooftop restaurant, Level 18. (Below).

Capable of hosting 8-10 people, we were the only couple the night of our reservation and we had the experience to ourselves! (Below)

By purchasing a bottle of wine with dinner, we were given a table in a private section of the rooftop which featured 360-degree views of Cancun and the ocean. It was FANTASTIC. (Below).

If there was anything I took away from this vacation, it allowed me to realize HOW important it is to take time off. Good things ALWAYS come from self-care and being PRESENT.

So if you are looking for a more cost effective way to go on vacation and relax.. Royalton Suites Cancun it IS. You will not be dissappointed. The rooftop also has cabanas, a private bar, two swimming pools , DJ/dancers and all. It brought a fun vibe to a relaxing vacation to break up the trip. Highly recommend you check it out too!

UNTIL NEXT TIME.. Thanks for reading <3 Jackie Zuk, Editor in Chief of NEXTonSCENE


STUCK AT HOME? STAY ORGANIZED TIPS FROM PERSONAL ORGANIZER, BRUNA MENDONCA WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! We are so honored to have Bruna featured here as one AMAZING personal organizer to know. She has been SO game changing to our lives at NEXTonSCENE, we are excited to share her with you! How did you get into the industry?


"I've always been in love with organization. I believe that an organized clean & strategic environment can change a person's life.. I know it only because I live it! I entered this business because I wanted to bring this life change into other people's lives".

Many people feel overwhelmed with their mess and end up getting stuck not knowing where to begin, how do you suggest people get started?

"Return the objects to their places of origin, as soon as you finish using them. That way you will always keep your house in order."

What exactly is a personal organizer?



What's your #1 tip for staying organized?


"The first step without doubt, is to recognize that there is a problem to being solved. A precious tip that I would give would be to start by the house rooms, think of micro to macro. The simpler it is to your goal the easiest it will be to fulfill it."

"The name of my profession is called a Professional Organizer . The term Personal Organizer is used for the fact that we create custom solutions for every kind of person. The Personal Organizer is a specialized professional in bringing more positive practices to be used daily for people and or companies. We help organize environments, spaces and routines, making them more functioning according to every client's needs."

What areas do you service? "In homes and businesses in general."

What's the best way to organize clothing? Fold or roll? "Depends on the piece of clothing we're talking about. There are parts of the clothing that aren’t suitable for drawers, you need to hang them on a hanger. If we're talking about pieces for the drawers there’s no right answer for that. Depends on the taste of the person. The most important thing is to find a simple way for the person to be happy to do it."



BEST WAY TO GET IN TOUCH? Instagram: @bruna_personalorganizer BEFORE





#GETSCENE and referred by our audience

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You Have The Baby, We Make It EASY!

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, BLush

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Motherhood was never meant to be done alone. Let’s work together to find that sweet spot of ease for you and your baby. with Rachel Simpson, IBCLC

Text or Call: 617-446-5322

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Rare Air. Pure Tea.

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Online Counseling Psychologist

Marriage & Relationship Coach Specializing in helping women & couples transform their marriage even when they thought it wasn't possible.

Denise Fitzpatrick, M.Ed., LMHC

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"Your Place To Become the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled expression of the you that YOU are meant to be." Personal Transformation Coaching

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Handcrafted jewelry, leashes, collars, + more

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With Holly Daniels Christenson Dune Jewelry is Experiential Jewelry that captures memories form where you've been, where you love and where you're going.


Let me show you how to remove the stress from getting dressed and replace it with more joy and ease.

With Image Consultant, Ginger Burr

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Simplistic coastal style for Her, Home, and ultimately for Freedom.

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"Taking you to higher level of beauty"

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Let’s tell your story. "Make More Money Than You Spend" with Lisa St. Denis Smith

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For the Creative



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Add a little spice to your business with public relations.

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