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Can you believe 2022 is just a FEW short months away?! We love having you continuing our journey with us.

Issue 19: The Special Yearly Gift Guide. Rising Entrepreneurs to know. and so much more!

This issue is jam packed with lots of amazing stories of how these entrepreneurs got to where they are and how they are impacting the world.

I am so excited for your feedback and share this new journey with me as I become a new human mama in a few short weeks!

Can't wait to see what's NEXT!

Happy reading! xo

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NEXTonSCENE Special Holiday Gift Guide


On Location at Kleinfelds NYC with Michelle Roth Brides

18 Meet Hair and Color Specialist, Patrick Trant

NEXTonSCENE 2021 Exclusive

17 Two Sisters Impacting A Male Dominated Industry Meet Loan Officers, Kate & Alex Dirrane


Rising Entrepreneurs To Know 2021 10 Four Steps to Increase Your Intuition and Decrease Self Doubt with Psychotherapist and Energy Healer, Michelle Poverman 11 Meet Best Selling Children's Author, Emma Jean 12 Uplevel Leadership In Your Business with Dawn Reeby 13 One Rockstar Photographer To Know, Dina K. Photography 14 Meet Hair and Color Specialist, Patrick Trant 18 Creating A Smooth Transition From Pregnancy To Parenthood with Newborn Care Specialist Gloria Young 19 Building Confidence Through Esthetics, Nutrition and Body Image with Wellness Expert, Jessica Sue Haroutunian 21 Registered Nurse Starts A Unique Skincare Business, Jhenane Joseph 22 Pilates Trainer and North Shore, MA Realtor, Moira Riccio 23 On Location at Kleinfelds NYC with Michelle Roth Brides 25 Special Holiday 2021 Gift Guide 28

NEXTonSCENE Exclusive Lifestyle Features

Three Tips for Assessing an Outfit with Image Consultant Ginger Burr 5 End The Food and Body War This Holiday Season with Body-Peace Coach Expert, Nina Manolson 7 Emotional Comforts with Lessons By Laney 9 Buying In A Seller's Market with One of Boston's Top Selling Realtors, Ali Joyce 15 Two Sisters Impacting A Male Dominated Industy Meet Loan Officers, Kate & Alex Dirrane 17


End The Food and Body War This Holiday Season with Body-Peace Coach + Expert, Nina Manolson

NEXTonSCENE Exclusive Travel Feature


Maine 26 NEXT STOP:

NEXTonSCENE Preferred Vendor Directory Wellness, Business, Beauty/Fashion 36

Registered Nurse Starts A Unique Skincare Business, Jhenane Joseph

NEXTonSCENE COVER: Reproduction by permission only NEXTonSCENE Magazine® Designer, Adrianna Gonzalez-Shreeve


Emotional Comfort with Lessons by Laney


Editor in Chief: Jackie Zukerman Delory Editor: Laney Zukerman Assistant: Kim DeJesus Intern: Whitney Metzgar

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with Jackie Zuk Directing Modern Brand Photography, with Creative Contour by Carla Inquire Today:

3 Tips for Assessing an Outfit WITH Expert IMAGE CONSULTANT, GINGER BURR Clothes look completely different on different body shapes and proportions. Many models have broad shoulders and slim hips with a straighter body whereas you might have an hourglass or narrow upper body and fuller tummy, hips or thighs.

C l e We’ve all done it--seeing something m O in a catalog or on a mannequin and n think, “I love that!” and buy it. o j Then you put it on, look in the mirror e g and think, “I look terrible!” Don’t h despair. You don’t need a model’s u o body! With a few insider tips you can

Look at the difference for how this outfit looks on the model vs. my body:

In order to wear it and feel great I’d have to tweak it, change sizes or combine it differently —or always stand in this pose, which is crazy, of course!

feel more confident selecting what works AND understand more fully why clothes don’t always translate the way you think they should.

Third: Dress Your Authentic Self!

Here are my TOP 3 Tips for Assessing an Outfit! Assessing your own body (without judgment) compared to the model’s will help you determine if the outfit has potential or how to tweak it. Second: Models are Advertising the Clothing. Retailers want the clothing to look appealing so you’ll purchase it. Yes, models are tall and slim, but catalogs also often show models in delightful poses, having fun so you’re attracted to the ‘feel’ of the experience. The garment seems to promise that you’ll have as much fun or feel as sexy or relaxed as the model does.

First: Body Proportions Make A Difference!

But when I just stand straight, the outfit looks droopy and unflattering to me.

Before you purchase anything you want to feel confident expressing who you are (what I call your ‘inner beauty’). Sometimes we admire something on a model or mannequin because it’s put together beautifully or the colors are amazing. But is the outfit YOU? One of my inner beauty words is ‘controlled fire.’ The outfit above feels too fussy -- a bit ‘out of control.’ I prefer something that is more structured, sleek and definitely not fussy. Something like this:

In this photo I’m wearing an almost identical outfit to the model and standing in the exact pose. The outfit looks good.

Translating a look from what you see on the model to your own body takes a little figuring. Most models are over 5’10” whereas the average woman is 5’4”. Even if you are as tall as the model, your body’s vertical proportions may be different affecting the balance of an outfit. Clothes look completely different on different body shapes and proportions.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you shop and see what you discover about what works for you! Get Social & In Touch : @gingerburr or @totalimageconsultants Websites: PHOTOS: CABI, MODERN BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY


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End the food & body war this holiday season with body-peace coach expert, nina manolson I became a therapist, health-coach and then a Body-Peace Coach. I've been working with women and their relationship to their body for 30 years.

C l eNina helps women end the food & m body war so they can FINALLY O nexperience Body-Peace. o j The process is about relearning how e gto be in an authentic, respectful & hcaring relationship with your food and u obody.

I know this work from the inside out. I know what it feels like to hate your body and now, thankfully I know what it's like to feel at peace in my body and at the table. Every day I have the privilege of guiding other women in feeling truly good in their body."

Second: "Promise yourself you can have more… later.

What is a Body-Peace Coach? "You know how you might go to a couple's therapist if you're having problems in your marriage? Well, I think of myself as a couple's therapist, but instead of working within the dynamic of two people, I'm working with a woman and her relationship with her body. So many women are in painful and even abusive relationships with their bodies. They are always criticizing their body and shaming themselves for what they just ate. It feels like war between self and body! That's not how we want to feel in ANY relationship, and yet so many women tolerate it within themselves. We deserve better, we deserve to feel at home in our own skin. We deserve to have a relationship with our body that feels honoring, respectful, caring, supportive, kind and fun! So what's a Body-Peace Coach? I'm someone who helps women end the war with food and body and create BodyPeace!"

What inspired you to fall into this practice? "My own painful relationship with food and body started me on a journey to feel at home in my own skin. This personal journey became a professional journey as well...

What are your Top 3 tips to help us navigate holiday eating? "Listen to your body when it says “I’M FULL!” That sounds so simple, but we know it’s not. The reality is – the food at your feast is luscious looking; the company is lively; the family dynamics are flying – and it’s easy to skip the moment your body says “stop, I’m done for now.” Frankly, most of us would rather not hear that first gentle “I'm full” whisper from our body. We don’t want to stop eating. Of course it’s fun to eat! It’s delicious! And for goodness sakes, it’s a holiday! So we ignore the “I’m full” message until our body starts talking really loud. Often we don’t listen until it screams “I’m stuffed!” – and then unfortunately what often goes hand in hand with “I’m stuffed” is – “Oh, I wish I hadn’t eaten so much.” Three ways to listen to your body’s “I’m full!” message and one tip in case you ignore it? First: "Pause every now and then during your feast. Not just a simple lay-down of your fork, but really PAUSE. Have a great conversation with someone, lean back in your chair and take in the scene. Pause. It takes 20 minutes for the “I’m full” message to go from the belly to the brain. So give it some time to get there."

Many of us don’t want to hear “I'm full” because it means we don’t get any more of the delicious food in front of us. So promise yourself you can have more. You may want to set your food aside, so that you’re sure it doesn’t get eaten by someone else. Do whatever it takes to assure yourself that there will be more available to you later." Third: "Let yourself BE SAD that your tummy can only fit so much. There’s a moment of sadness, a touch of grief that happens when we really know that we’re done eating. It’s a goodbye to the pleasure of the moment. Let yourself have that moment. There are times when we ignore our “I’m full” message. If you override your body’s full signal, it’s tempting to want to restrict the next day. You don’t have to be “punished” for eating with gusto. . Eat like you normally would the next day and enjoy every bite. I encourage you this Holiday time to not only enjoy the special relationships you have with your friends and family, but also to take the time to deepen your relationship with yourself, and listen deeply to what your body is saying to you."

What's NEXT for Nina? "We need more spaces where we can change the body-narrative from being body-shaming to bodyhonoring! The Body-Peace groups I guide are so powerful. So when I think about what's next, I'm always looking forward to my next Body-Peace Seekers or BodyPeace Keepers group!" ALL PHOTOS ARE PROPERTY OF NINA MANOLSON

Website: - FB Group: Nourished Woman Nation - IG: @ninamanolson- Email:


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Emotional Comforts Lessons by Laney TWO: Treat yourself to a beautiful blanket or throw. A cozy, soft blanket to keep you warm is a must for your favorite chair or sofa!

Welcome to the Fall/Winter Season! A time of crisp breezes, Holidays filled with fun and joy (like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza)! It is a time to begin to reflect on what we are grateful for and reflecting on enjoying emotional comforts. Learning to become emotionally comforting to yourself is a gift that you can give yourself everyday in small, meaningful ways. It will bring you joy, reduced stressed, warmth, mindfulness, coziness and serenity.

THREE: Start journaling. If you haven’t started journaling, the Fall may be a great time to start. Find a few minutes each day and start writing. Begin reflecting on what you are grateful for or jot down special moments that you experienced! Journaling can help clear your mind and help you find balance and inspiration.

Here are five ways to include emotional comforts this season: ONE: Shop for some delectable teas, coffees and hot chocolates and drink them from a special mug or cup. Be sure to indulge in a cup daily and be mindful of the savory, delicious aroma.

FIVE: Breathe! So many people do not take the time to incorporate mindful, deep breathing into their daily lives. It calms the parasympathetic system and clears toxins from our body helping us to feel invigorated! It helps with sleep, minor aches and pains and overall health. If you enjoy essential oils, you can read up on them and include a diffuser in your home to add a delicious aroma.

Taking a few minutes each day to add these simple, small emotional comforts can help to incorporate joy in the simple things in life that have a big impact. Keeping stress to a minimum is a must for a healthier more joyous life. You deserve it!

FOUR: Make time to meditate and walk daily. Meditation is key to a longer, healthier, happy life and clears your mind. Taking a brisk walk is good for you and your heart.



Laney Zukerman is a Self Published Author, Relationship Expert and has over TWO MILLION VIEWS on #GETINTOUCH with Laney




4 Steps To Increase Your Intuition + Decrease Your Self Doubt with Rising Psychotherapist and Energy Healer, Michelle Poverman

Glory Ryan at The PARLR

First, work on your boundaries. Watch how responsible you feel for everyone else’s’ happiness or stress. Your boundaries are mirroring your self worth and your ability to trust. Without healthy boundaries, your intuition is blocked.

We were so excited to nominate Michelle as a Rising Psychotherapist and Energy Healer! This issue she is sharing her four steps to increase your intuition & decrease self doubt.

Michelle Poverman owns Sage And Stone Energy Therapy. She provides counseling, intuitive coaching, and energy healing sessions to empower her clients to break through to vibrant health and wellbeing. Michelle loves to teach all levels of Reiki as well as run self-discovery and intuition workshops for driven women who want to heal their anxiety and discover their true potential.

Second, get quiet. Learn to sit and go inward to ask the important questions. Intuitive led decisions are based on your future desires and your life purpose goals, not fears steeped in past experiences. If you keep making safe choices based on past problems, you won’t get very far. Third, learn to become good at receiving. It takes trust and self-esteem to actually be at ease and worthy of receiving. Generally, the level of your success with anything can be measured by how willing you are to receive it! Last, familiarize yourself with the underlying belief that is driving your self-doubt. It’s likely one of the Big Three: I am not worthy, I am not loveable or I am not enough. While you are beginning to open up to intuition, these will likely challenge you. This is actually a good thing, now you can heal!

Glory Ryan at The PARLR

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BeccStar Designs is stylish, modern, handmade jewelry to accentuate the beautiful you! BeccStar Designs is a jewelry line for women (age 25-55). All pieces are handcrafted using sterling silver, gemstones, gold, and unique beads sourced from all over the globe. The pieces are inspired by her time living abroad in London and Buenos Aires.

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook: @beccstardesigns Photos: Katie Ring Photography


Meet Rising Children's Author, Emma Jean Bringing light to STEM positive messaging for young children. What inspired you to write children's books?

What advice do you have to readers who are interested in writing their own books?

"Children's minds work differently than adults. Children have access to magical thinking, and they can truly believe in a way that we as adults can't. The joy of being a children's author is that I get to live in that magic. I get to craft fantastical universes for the children who read my books, knowing that in their eyes the worlds will come alive."

What gets you inspired to write? "My newest book Sleeping Beauty & The Cursed Code is the first in my STEM Princess Series and it was completely inspired by a call-to-action from a journalist, Alanna Petroff. She said that we needed more female role models for girls in STEM.

What is your background prior to writing children's books? "Before I was a children's book author, I earned a degree in English at Holy Cross and then a Masters in School Counseling at Assumption College. For years I worked counseling young children in the US and abroad. Though I loved working with children on an individual basis, I felt my impact could be amplified through my books."

Fun Fact: Emma Jean is also a TOP seller on Amazon!

"To anyone interested in writing their own books I would say to do it! "Yes! We jump for joy when our clients announce to expecting. of Don't the first to Situs in that frontthey of a are computer, and Being write aone book. worry know is suchoran honor. if what you wrote was good about editing, wondering

or not. We have a team of Doulas, Lactation Consultants, "Hands down Overnight Newborn Care and So naturally they Just getNewborn your storyCare out. Specialist. You'll find joy in being creative, Support. It up consists of with one of our trained and move the line our support services. For but if that intrinsic joy of actually creating something qualified team members who arrive at yourif they’d like in those families whothen are not quite isn't enough for you, send me a sure message on home around 9pm and around 6am." person support, weleaves also offer virtual support Instagram. options too!" I will gladly guide any NEXTonSCENE reader through the process of actually publishing, promoting and selling the books. Spoiler alert though, the writing of the books is the easiest part."

I figured I could do that, so I gathered up all the famous classical princesses and placed them in a lab together where they use science and technology to defeat dark magic." "I write these books because I want the next generation of girls to know they can be both. They can be scientists, engineers, or mathematicians, and still wear a tiara on their head."

What is NEXT for Emma Jean? "What's next for me is Book 2 in The STEM Princess Series. I also have a chapter book series in development for a slighter younger group of girls (ages 6-9) with the same STEM positive message. Keep an eye out for that series too!"

#GETINTOUCH & Purchase with Emma Jean: Website: IG: @Emma.Jean.Author


Uplevel The Leadership In Your Business Meet Rising Entrepreneur, Dawn Reeby

Modern Brand Photography

We nominated Dawn Reeby as a Rising Entrepreneur because she is one rockstar who started as a Law Enforcement Analyst and now transforms not only Law Enforcement Leaders but so much more! Dawn is the CEO of "Excellence in Analytics" and a highly sought-after strategist and peak performance coach known for creating skilled, balanced, and highly productive professionals who live lives they absolutely love! She is an energized, subject matter expert, trainer, seasoned, and certified professional with 20+ years of success. Dawn has certified training and the development integration, to grow data-driven strategies. She has helped hundreds of individuals and teams throughout the world to build their delivery and performance capacities, advance their careers, and become happier and more fulfilled people! Through her own experiences with overcoming work-induced adrenal fatigue and living in a scarcity mindset, she found EXACTLY what it takes to be efficient, effective, connected and confident. She deeply believes that you CAN HAVE IT ALL - an EXCELLENT LEADERSHIP CAREER and an EXCELLENT HOME LIFE BY DESIGN, and is determined to show every service-based professional in the world how live lives they absolutely love!!!

What inspired you to go from Law Enforcement to work with the service-based community?

Tell us about your newest program, RG Leadership?

"Being a professional in a service-based industry or an emergency response sector takes courage, grit, and selflessness. They give so much of themselves to the community that they have little left in the engine at the end of the day, leading to high divorce rates, increased illness rates and a MAJOR LACK OF SELF-CARE! My team and I have changed that for so many people. Our team got so good at helping them align proactive career strategies with wellness priorities. Now these heroes can now perform service with excellence while discovering their own personal path to happiness. These professionals finally started taking great care of themselves. They reconnected with family, friends and discovered sides of themselves that were hidden under work commitments. They became the leader that others are proud to follow with leadership of self as a top priority!"

"RG Leadership is a ONE-STOP-SHOP for creating excellence in your career with leadership of self as as top priority! Our comprehensive programs are a step-by-step, LONG-TERM approach to what service based professionals need to trust their teams and to live a HAPPY life! RG is the ROAD MAP and support community that you need to TRANSFORM into an effective, continuously growing, and joyous professional in the fastest and most sustainable way."

What are two tips you can give to someone who knows a professional in law enforcement, fire, or EMS who needs wellness in their lives? "FIRST: LET DOWN YOUR MASK! When you live in a scarcity mindset, the Universe brings you scarcity. When you live in an abundance mindset, the Universe brings you anything you want! Be open to what the Universe has in store for you. You were meant for something great!" "SECOND: Please share our services with the brave men and women who give so much of themselves to the community. "

What's NEXT for Dawn? "Well first, celebrate my team! They are gems that allow for the creative space and energy to do such great work. Without them, none of this is possible. In terms of next steps, we are growing our service base and want to extend a thoughtful invitation to those who are looking for a transformational solution!! For me personally, I am diving into writing a book, Exciting!"

#GETSOCIAL & WORK WITH DAWN IG: @dawnreeby, @excellenceinanalytics

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One Rockstar Photographer to Know Meet Dina K. Photography What are your favorite projects to shoot? "My favorite projects are the ones where I can roll up my sleeves and get creative. Usually, it’s fashion and editorial assignments. It’s also working with an amazing client that trusts your vision and is up for kicking it up a notch. A lot of my branding clients seek a more modern approach to images with a fashion flare." "Growing up in the Soviet Union, I spent some time with my dad developing photos in our closet-made-darkroom. I loved seeing the magic of the photo appear on a blank piece of paper! When I saw an opportunity to take a photography class in high school, I immediately signed up. I loved expressing myself through images as English was still hard to master. Later in college, my biggest inspiration was Aberaldo Morell – my lead photography teacher and an amazing artist!"

What's latest for Dina in her photography ventures? "For my branding clients inclusive of : Actors, Musicians, Models and Entrepreneurs, they require more frequent photoshoots and content. I’m currently working on yearly subscription packages. Furthermore, I am working on producing a few editorials to keep creative juices flowing!"

What do you feel makes you different in your industry? "During our shoots, I love to approach each individual as a Cover Story subject. I bring my editorial photography experience inclusive of lighting and make-up stylists to the shoots for the full experience. The best part is seeing my clients’ faces when they see the final result. I just love proving people wrong when they think they are not photogenic. Also, over 20 years in business helps 😊"

#GETINTOUCH : 617-903-8302- FB + IG: @dinakphotography




buying in a sellers market with one of Boston's top selling realtors, ALI JOYCE Focus on the bones of the house. Many buyers are getting swept up by the homes that are decorated and designed to today’s latest style. These are the homes that are getting bid up to astronomical prices. If you want to have a competitive edge in this market, it’s important to have an open mind. In the grand scheme of things, the most important elements of a home are its structure and layout. Everything else can be fixed and changed predictably.


The inventory is at its lowest ever and homes are selling for as much as hundreds of thousands over asking. There is no denying this is a tough time to buy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done and that there aren’t advantages as well. Interest rates although volatile are still at all-time lows, so even though the market is competitive and prices are rising your monthly mortgage payment will still be relatively low. Rates are expected to rise next year and what your payment is now could be 25% more expensive assuming prices only increase 10% and, in some areas, values are increasing at a 40% clip and have long eclipsed that 10% increase. Long story short, buyers still have strong buying power due to financing. For my expanding families out there, do not despair! There are ways you can still find value in this market!

Here are my TOP 3 TIPS to help you do just that...

Concentrate on homes that have been on the market longer than 2 weeks. The person who has the most options is the person who has the most negotiating power. If you are one of thirty buyers bidding on a house, the seller holds all the cards. If the home hasn’t sold right away, it’s still important to act with urgency but we can actually negotiate in these situations versus succumbing to the sellers’ whims. Most homes haven’t sold right away because they are overpriced and then buyers assume there is something wrong with them and refuse to see them. I cannot tell you how many opportunities are missed because of this mindset!!! Work with a buyer’s agent! I know this sounds self-serving but it’s more important than ever that buyers have an agent who is active in the market and is advocating for them. Many buyers are taking on unnecessary risk and not understanding the implications. Furthermore, the market is rising faster than the data, meaning recent sales are not indicative of future pricing. If you are in the market looking or have questions, reach out! Would love to connect with you! #GETSOCIAL & In Touch with Ali: Email: FB: @Ali Joyce, Real Estate Agent IG: @alitheagent


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Step 2: We structure a plan for your content We Layout your branding /video shoots We brainstorm how to multipurpose your images (emails, content, website) Meet Production Team Step 3: Lights, Camera, Celebrity Time! Glammed up Show Up Confidence Transformation BEGINS!

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Two Sisters Impacting A Male Dominated Industry Meet Loan Officers, Kate and Alex Dirrane. How is working together as sisters?

As experienced mortgage professionals Kate and Alex are available to provide knowledgeable information for all your home financing goals. Let The Dirrane Sisters help you identify the financing solution that best meets your specific needs. From the first time home buyer to the sophisticated jumbo borrower or an investor; they will provide exceptional service with a personal touch. If you are thinking of purchasing a new home, investing in a multifamily property or simply refinancing your current home, call today!

We got some one-on-one time with Kate to discuss Market trends, what it's like to work with your sister and much more! How did you fall into the world of Loans and Mortgages? "Believe it or not, it's genetic! Our father and uncle are both mortgage professionals, so it seems we were bred to end up in this industry."

"It's the best! We are not only sisters, but good friends, so working together has been a wonderful experience. There is no one you trust more than family, and with our complimentary skill sets we truly provide the ultimate client experience."

What are market trends you see happening from October 2021 - March 2022?! "We expect to see rates remain competitive, but with a slight tick up. Perhaps low 3's rather than high 2's. The housing market is showing no signs of slowing down, so we expect another busy year of helping clients get into their dream homes!"

What is like to work in a very male dominated industry? "It's been a fun challenge! Single female buyers made up a huge portion of real estate market and often times those women would like to work with a female loan advisor. We love being able to provide a fresh perspective and use our strong communication skills to comfort and educate our buyers."

What are some goals you have for Dirrane Team Lending over the next year? "We hope to continue helping families of all kinds. We love working with first time homebuyers, but it's equally as exciting when those buyers come back to us for their next step in life. We hope to scale our business through word-of -mouth referrals, which we consider the ultimate compliment from our past clients!" #GETINTOUCH FB | IG | LINKEDIN @dirraneteamlending

NEXTonSCENE Production. Photographer: @modernbrandphotography | Makeup @creativecontourbycarla


Meet Rising Hair & Color Specialist, Patrick Trant From Somverville, MA to NOW Traveling Nationally How did you fall into the world of hair? "I started doing hair in high school. It started when my mom taught me how to blow dry her hair when I was twelve!

Second: "Many clients who are naturally gray are transition to embrace their silver and white hair!"

Then I began doing the hair for theatre productions I was in. The next thing I knew I had my own prom and bridal business around 13/14 years old . From there, I started cosmetology school when I was a junior at Somerville high school."

How do you feel you differentiate yourself as a hairstylist?

As an Expert Colorist , Would you be open to sharing your top 3 colors trends you are seeing as we head into Holidays of 2021-Winter 2022! First: "People have been getting more interesting colors than they have in the past!"

Lastly: "Blondes are starting to like a bit more yellow in their hair! "

"I really try to approach each client differently. Specifically in terms of the conversation. Sometimes silence is a good thing. Also, I really strive to give my clients what they want but in a way that works and looks best on them!"

What is NEXT for Patrick?! "I’m about to start traveling the county doing popups in major cities! I am doing this so I can service some of my clients who have moved out of Boston as well as someone new ones! I’ll be doing the first city from October 21–25 in New York. Other possible cities include San Francisco, Miami, Philadelphia, Providence, Nashville, Washington DC, New Orleans, Seattle, LA."

#GETINTOUCH with Patrick : Website: IG: @patrick.trant

Let's Get You that Balayage & Fantasy Hair this Holiday Season

Get 10% off Until 2/14/22 with Code NEXTonSCENE NEXTonSCENE 18

Rising Entrepreneur Gloria Young

Creates external support to ensure a smooth transition from pregnancy to parenthood "Begin to think about who will be a part of your tribe in helping you raise and support your growing family. Your village can consist of the dream team at Magnolia Baby Company, your OBGYN, Midwife, Pediatrician, Family, and Friends.

Laffond Photography.

How did you fall into the Newborn Care Space? "Over the 20+ years with working with families in different settings I have extreme empathy for new mothers. There is a dire need for external support to ensure a smooth transition from pregnancy to parenthood. So, with the support of my amazing colleagues in the newborn care space and my family I decided to begin my agency and Magnolia Baby Company was born. I am passionate about empowering mothers on the road towards parenting success. As a mother of four (!), I understand firsthand the challenges and unique requirements of a growing family."

What are TWO important things parents should consider when expecting? "First and foremost is what kind of support system you’ll have in place. Like I always say, Parenthood is a journey you are not intended to embark alone!”

Secondly, discussing with your partner what kind of parents you want to be. It’s important to have the conversation early on. Life is going to get busy once your little one arrives. Take the time now to identify your core values use them to create a vision of what you want your household to be and who you want your children to become. Align your parenting to your best selves."

Are you guys involved with parents during prenatal to postpartum? How do you work with clients? "Yes! We jump for joy when our clients announce to us that they are expecting. Being one of the first to know is such an honor. We have a team of Doulas, Lactation Consultants, and Newborn Care Specialists. So naturally they move up the line with our support services. For those families who are not quite sure if they’d like in person support, we also offer virtual support options too!"

What is your most popular package people come to you for? "Hands down Overnight Newborn Care Support. It consists of one of our trained and qualified team members who arrive at your home around 9pm and leaves around 6am."

Laffond Photography.

"During those hours we are there to support you and your family while caring for baby’s needs. We are there to handle all of the night time tasks so our clients can get the rest they so desperately need. When your baby wakes, we feed by bottle or bring the baby to you for nursing. Other care may include burping, soothing, changing, dressing, and age-appropriate sleep training. A close second is our Sleep Training Support Services. We offer a holistic approach and develop a dream plan that is suitable for YOUR family. Our goal is to restore peace and balance back in your household by fostering healthy sleeping habits."

What is NEXT for Magnolia Baby Company? "At the moment we are at the beginning stages of creating a Podcast, a self-paced digital parenthood course, and in the Fall of 2021, we will launch our Potty Training Support Services. We want to be your go to team for support."

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with Jackie Zuk Directing Modern Brand Photography Makeup: Creative Contour By Carla Kristen Landers for Hair Inquire Today:

Building Confidence Through Esthetics, Body Image and Nutrition. with Jessica Sue Haroutunian One Rising Wellness Star To Know What inspired you to get into fitness? "I grew up on a lake in rural part of Massachusetts where we played until the streetlights came on almost every day. I was very active at an early age and played soccer and field hockey. I also enjoyed dance and became a cheerleader in high school. I loved how exercise made me feel so much that I wanted to help inspire others to feel the same way about fitness. I ended up getting my first group exercise certification at age 19 and it started a lifelong passion to empower women to achieve their fitness goals." Photo: Glory @theparlr

"Growing up in Douglas, MA Jessica found the love of fitness at a very young age. "We were the kids that ran around outside until the streetlights came on." Jessica has over 20 years of experience in health and wellness, having obtained her first group fitness certification at the age of 19. She has worked with individuals and groups of all ages assisting each and every person in achieving their personal fitness goals. Combining her love of fitness and esthetics Jessica founded "Jessica Sue to the Rescue" in which she build confidence through esthetics, body image and nutrition."

Congrats on launching your new lipstick line! What inspired you and where can we order one?! "Beauty and esthetics have been lifelong obsessions for me. As a young girl, I watched my mother methodically apply her make-up and I was amazed at how a little time, color and contour has the power to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. It wasn’t long before I was doing her make-up for her! Today, there are so many choices for lipstick applications – but most products have chemicals that harm the skin or have other undesirable side effects. My goal for the JS Beauty Lipstick line is to start from the ground up with the purest organic formulas and create unique bold and brilliant colors that stand out from the rest. We produce them in small batches so they stay fresh, and we can Photo: Nick Cosky change color options. They can be ordered online at:"

Photo: Glory @theparlr

Tell us why we should join your latest JS Life Boost Challenge! "One thing I learned in my career is that long term wellness requires a balance of physical, mental, and spiritual elements. The JS Life Boost Challenge Series blends fitness and mindfulness with a daily program of self-care to help women achieve balance. The challenge also provides members a safe place to bond with other women and the ability to lean on the group for support to achieve their goals. The program rotates seasonally with inspiring content that changes with each new phase to help our clients grow and evolve."


"Things have moved to virtual platforms, virtual studio visits and exhibits...



Rising Entrepreneur Registered Nurse, Jhenane Joseph starts a unique Skincare Business. . We nominated Jhenane as a Rising Entrepreneur because she is doing so much good for the world of skincare. She is inspiring so many while working full -time as a registered nurse. We wanted to spotlight her amazing small business.

How did Natural Love Skin by JJ came about?

How do you differentiate yourself in the skincare industry? "As a Registered Nurse who has a strong background in research and who also has a passion for skincare. I complete intense research to learn more about different natural and organic ingredients, I run my own concoction lab (mixing each ingredient to create a product) to produce the best product."

"I created my own skincare products when I was experiencing my own personal problems with my skin. In my early twenties, I started to develop dry, itchy, and scaly skin on both sides of my thighs. This area was also red, inflamed, and sometimes sensitive to touch. I have also experienced irritation around these areas with clothing such as pants, leggings, or stockings. The problems that I was facing caused me to feel insecure and uncomfortable with my skin. I avoided wearing shorts, dresses, or skirts. Eventually, I decided to seek health care professionals. After a few office visits and trials of different medications, my skin problems were not resolved. I was left worried and scared after reading the warning labels on the prescribed ointments and ointments with steroids. I decided to take control. I was determined to find a way to help treat my skin condition. My journey in researching what Mother Nature has already given to us began. After experimenting on myself and loving what I made, I decided to share it with friends and family. "

What is your most popular item?

With the weather upon us, What is a skincare tip our NEXTonSCENE audience should consider for our skin? "Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize! I can’t stress this enough. Moisturizing our skin can come from body butter or body oil. It helps with keeping our skin soft, beautiful, and healthy. The summer should not be the only time that we think about healthy and glowing skin. It is equally important to continue a healthy skincare routine all year round. Also, do not forget to drink plenty of water and exfoliate."

"It’s hard to narrow one popular item that is considered popular. Natural Love Skincare products are divided in collections. If I am to view them by the collections then The Moisture Love Collection would come in first inclusive of the Caribbean Coconut Body Butter. Then in our Facial Collection: Honey Rose Facial Mask comes in second. Our other popular collections are The Spa Love Collection inclusive of a foot scrub, The Summer Love Collection inclusive of the Shimmering Bronze Body Oil, and The Love Collection which gets you the lip balm. We can't leave out The Winter Love Collection which has our Warm Fig Body Butter!"

What is NEXT for Natural Love Skin By JJ? "I am so excited about what is next to come. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it is an addition to the Facial Collection, collaboration, and a new line. Shhh!!!"

#GETINTOUCH & Purchase with Jhenane: Website: IG & FB : @naturalloveskincarebyjj

"Did a photoshoot today with Jackie Zuk and her amazing team. It was so next level. They really encapsulated the direction of where my company is heading!" Jaime Morocco, Luxury Fat Loss Mindset & Mentor

“Thank you, Jackie, for today!! It was truly GREAT!! Your professionalism and efforts were beyond!!! We got what we needed!!! I truly appreciate you and your team for making it so much fun and to the point on everything needed!!!!!!" Michelle Roth, CEO of Michelle Roth Brides NEXTonSCENE 22

Pilates Trainer and North Shore, MA Realtor. Meet Rising Entrepreneur, Moira Riccio Share your favorite story about working as a Realtor thus far! "My most memorable event as a REALTOR was the first offer I wrote that was accepted….I was THRILLED to call my clients and let them know that, after multiple offers on other houses, THIS one is in! Modern Brand Photography

You bring such a unique background to the table….as an Pilates & Personal Trainer and a Realtor. What inspired you to go into Real estate? "In my mind, a good day is a productive day filled with work & exercise, interaction with friends & family…and helping people with healthy living ideas! My passion is wellness and my purpose is to help people. I am a connector. I like to say that, “I’m in the business of people.” Whether that means personal training or searching for real estate…it’s really rewarding to help people move forward & create positive changes in their lives! What appealed to me about real estate was that it aligned with my skill set & passion. I have been in advertising and corporate sales before, plus organized camps & school fundraisers in my community. I absolutely love the North Shore!!! If I can use my knowledge & experience to educate people and make them feel more comfortable about purchasing property here, then that is a home run for me!"

Another awesome memory was when I went to visit a client who had just sold her house.

Second: Create a routine & stick with it! Get your personal, self-care time on the calendar 2x a week minimum. Third: Make up a menu with healthy alternatives so that you don’t walk in the door (or down the stairs if you work from home:) )and dive into a box of wheat thins before dinner…. “FUEL THE FIRE” is my motto and put a lot of healthy carbs, proteins, healthy fats into the fire! “Keep it Moving” with safe exercise & clean eating.

She was almost crying telling me how thrilled she was to receive such a great offer price on her home. The last couple of years have been a struggle for her with some serious life changes and she was so grateful. To think that I can help people in that way is humbling."

Love that you bring your passion for wellness into your Realtor lifestyle. What are top three things you teach your training clients to do? First: Assess each client’s needs with a postural assessment & fitness “interview” & set goals. I ask them what their history is, and what sorts of exercise they like to do and are currently doing….then come up with a game plan. (Whether people realize it or not, it’s really important to attain a well-balanced workout to prevent injury, build flexibility & improve balance/posture….)

" I believe in the universe and that the right people will seek me out for consultation on healthy living, Whether it be for exercising, nutrition or finding the right home. I’m happy to share my experiences & understanding to guide clients on their journey." What's NEXT for Moira? "I want to continue helping people find new homes on the North Shore & work with new real estate listings. I would also love to build a stronger community with moirasfitness. I’d love to create a group audience for my online HEALTH COACHING program, for example, and maybe even have Pilates—-based retreats!"

#GETSOCIAL & WORK WITH MOIRA : Moira Riccio, Realtor with The Hutchinson Group of Churchill Properties, Hamilton, MA FB & IG: mos_healthy_living WEBSITES:

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"I am active on social media, but sometimes I feel like there are too many plates spinning and I’m struggling trying to keep them all in the air. Jackie’s calm approach helped me see where I could do more and where I could do less! I could stop guessing at what needed to be done and have a plan. Now, thanks to Jackie, instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel relieved and excited by the possibilities – probably for the first time EVER when it comes to marketing! I recommend her highly." Ginger Burr, Total Image Consultants

"Jackie treats your business as if it were her own. She meets you where you are and helps you grow and allows you to grow at your own pace. Everything that she recommends for you to do, she has already tested on herself as a case study. She has completely transformed my presence online and beyond which has resulted in direct business. My investment in her has paid back 100 fold! I can't recommend enough." Ali Joyce, Realtor

work with jackie one on one to grow your ORGANIC audience and engagement to make $ online and beyond.

I am SO GRATEFUL that Jackie and I met and are now working together!!! Jackie is RIGHT ON TARGET and has a great knack for the content and posts!!!! I’ve been doing SUPER WELL and I REALLY APPRECIATE Jackie’s help!!! Moira Riccio, Fitness Trainer + Realtor

"I have taken all of Jackie's advice and I have to say, my business has seen significant growth on social media and I have new business coming directly from it." Andrew Delory, Esq. Delory Law

g e t o n a c o n s u l t t o d a y N E X T O N S C E N E . C O M Anchor'd Inc is doing better then ever, even in the middle of a pandemic! We are Up 134% in Post Engagements, 332% in Post Reach and up 200% in Page Likes! I can't sing your praises enough! PEOPLE KEEP ASKING ME ABOUT WHO I WORK WITH AND I TELL THEM ABOUT YOU OFTEN. Shabranae Patton, Co-Founder Anchor'd Inc.

"Jackie has been amazing!!! Her guidance has really helped me get ORGANIZED and LEARN WHAT MATTERS when it comes to content! As a busy mom, working out of the home can be stressful. Jackie has helped me with ACCOUNTABILITY and SIMPLIFICATION. I especially love our brainstorming sessions and appreciate all the tools she has given me!!!!" Amanda George, Realtor George Group Boston

Michelle Roth Bridal 2021 Collection, Location: Kleinfelds NYC Jackie Zuk Directing-Ivan Piedra Photography- Hair/Makeup: Sacha Harford -Model: Trini de la Noi

next stop: maine babymoon editorial travels from your founder The rooms consisted of a nice living room area, very spacious, big king size bed, heated floor bathrooms , big jacuzzi and views below were so beautiful of the OCEAN!

"On July 1, 1879 construction was completed on what, at the time, was known as the Knubble Lighthouse with a 4th order light began to protect our men and women on the sea. The men and women serving in the Lighthouse Service were the first guardians who provided great care for the light and its surrounding buildings." Nothing better than protecting our men and women at sea right?! LOVE these views...

if you haven't traveled to Maine or escaped to the beautiful towns of York, Kittery, Kenneybunkport; this is absolutely a trip you need to make in your life! I visited in the Fall but I can't imagine what Summer is like there!

As a first time visitor, the ocean front on the York Harbor is something everyone needs to experience in this lifetime! We also had a fabulous stay at the Anchorage Inn Suites, HIGHLY recommend if you stay there to only book the Ocean Suites!

During the first day we also explored the amazing Nubble Lighthouse. The views are just so beautiful. With a baby on the way, there is nothing I have learned to appreciate more then being present and enjoying the moment. This is one amazing place to do just that.

The Nubble Lighthouse, became a staple because "in the colonial days mariner traffic was important to the commerce of the area. Knowing that Maine’s rocky coast was very dangerous to those mariners and their livelihood, the Citizens petitioned the United States Government for a lighthouse. In 1874 President Rutherford B. Hayes appropriated the sum of $15,000 to build a lighthouse on this “Nub” of land."

NEXT UP: The food and customer service was so great! We first found an AMAZING bagel place everyone needs to try.. Bagel Basket! We were regular customers! They are closed on Wednesdays though! Following our bagel discovery, we booked the Union Bluff Hotel Restaurant for dinner. Beautiful views and delicious eats! Check out more below!

For appetizers, they pre-split a fresh salad with walnuts and goat cheese with AMAZING brussel sprouts! Followed by scallops with sweet potato puree and Salmon with spinach and potatoes! And of course, you can't beat a hot homemade cookie on a skillet with ice cream for dessert!! NEXTonSCENE 26

next stop: MAINE babymoon editorial travels from your founder Our second day, we explored Kittery, ME and Portsmouth, NH! If you are familiar with When Pigs Fly bread in the supermarkets, we have discovered they have ONE amazing restaurant!

So our second night out we explored Portsmouth, NH and checked out a popular steak house, Toscana Italian Chophouse and Wine Bar!

There must have been 5-6 guest houses, it was very special! Due to a rainy last day, I decided when we got back to make a selfcare day out of it! I decided to use my heated floor spa bath with some meditation, and it ended up being the PERFECT afternoon.

Even though I couldn't try the wines, Andrew did for us both ;)

We didn't go just once while we were there, it was was our GO to lunch spot ;)

Amazing filets and homemade truffle fries! Can you tell when we travel we are MAJOR foodies? Hope baby Zuk/Delory enjoyed the cuisine! Our final night we went back to Kittery to check out the cute little town and ate at Anneke Jans!

AMAZING avocado toast, pizzas and salads!!

What a fun vibe and yummy food from Roasted Chicken to Salmon and even homemade fries, our favorite!

Our last full day, we drove ALL around Maine..LITERALLY ;) Fast service and delicious EATS! Highly recommend! Following Kittery lunch, we of course checked out the fun outlets! They had amazing shops from Kate Spade, Express, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike to name a few.. If you are unfamiliar with the area like I was, fun fact is that it is ONLY 15/20 mins from Portsmouth,NH!

From Portland to Kennybunkport, we made a stop at the famous Bush compound! That was amazing to drive too.

So if you are looking for a laid back, tasty vacation, MAINE is one beautiful state to explore! Until next issue..Happy Fall Winter Season :)

Ja cki e NEXTonSCENE 27

The Everyday Mother Daily baby Tracking Journal $18.95 for Mini $38.95+ for Limited Edition

The Everyday Mother is a daily baby tracking journal designed to take the guesswork out of remembering details around feeds, diapers, naps, wellness and more. Designed by the mother of a micro-preemie NICU baby, The Everyday Mother is thoughtfully created to transition from a day-to-day essential, to a timeless heirloom.

Mizzen & Main's Leeward Shirt $125 Mizzen+Main are the makers of the "BEST DAMN DRESS SHIRT" where fabric meets technology. They understand that fit is everything and they design all their shirts to fit your lifestyle and move with you in all you do. They combine science with the perfect blend of fibers to give you a shirt that once you put it on, you will not want to take it off. Leeward, their most popular fabric, is a crisp, lightweight fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable using moisturewicking technology.

THINGS… Schitt’s Creek $19.99

The hilarious, easy-to-play, party game presents players with provocative topics such as “THINGS... you wouldn’t do for a million dollars.” Players each write funny responses and then take turns guessing who said what. In this Special Edition, all the topics revolve around both the town of Schitt’s Creek and its’ loveable cast of compelling characters.

Pluto Pillow $95

This is the first and only pillow that's custom-built to your body stats, sleep style, and personal preferences. Leveraging data collected through a quick questionnaire that’s run through a proprietary algorithm, Pluto analyzes which custom combination of 35+ materials should go into your pillow for optimal rest and recovery.

Skinny Vinny's Blue Loafers $180.00

These hand crafted loafers are made in Spain. Suede is suitable for everyday or dress wear. Durable with two-way stitching, memory foam to give extra support and comfort.

Lasso Performance Compression Socks Available for Him, Her and Youth! Starting at $30



GOBI'S Classic Check Scarf $79.00

Lasso is the BEST sock you have ever put on! Their primary goal is to improve movement. All day, every day. They have designed and created compression apparel that enables you to move confidently, recover safely and ultimately be the best version of yourself. From athletes of all shapes and sizes to casual movers and shakers alike, Lasso provides to the masses the first daily use compression sock with added joint support, that looks as good as it feels. When you move with confidence, you move in the right direction.

Quarter Zip Sweatshirt (TIE-DYE PINK OR BLUE) $80.00 Per Sweatshirt

100% Mongolian Cashmere, locally made in Mongolia This woven scarf is non-dyed, unbleached and in natural color of cashmere. Classic design with fringe will be suitable for any time, anywhere. Woven, Soft ,Lightweight, Organic Cashmere Details: 170x30cm +2x10cm fringe

DONGINBI Red Ginseng Homme Power All-in-One Fluid $52.99 (120ml)

The one-stop skincare routine treatment that acts as toner, lotion, and serum in a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizing formula. It’s an easy and convenient product for men with hectic schedules. Its hydro locking system is enhanced by the combination of red ginseng condensation, red ginseng glucan, and red ginseng ceramide that works all day to keep skin hydrated without extra oiliness or shine for the ultimate in skincare and pampering for men.

Unisex fit - women should size down 1-2 sizes for a more ‘true to size’ fit Relaxed quarter zip sweatshirt styling Tie-dye detail for a modern look Self-fabric trim details on neckline, hem & cuff Durable antique nickel-finished metal zipper All over double needle stitching for added durability Ring-spun cotton yarn offers the ultimate in comfort and softness


Constellation Layered Necklace - GOLD $70 per necklace

Lip Bundle of Brilliance $67.00

Relative Insanity Party Game Expansion/Travel Pack $5.99 A hilarious game featuring the humor of comedian Jeff Foxworthy!

Read a set up card, and everyone chooses one of their punch line cards to play to complete it! The reader chooses the funniest one!

Play this as a game on its own, or add the cards to the original game. For 4 to 12 players, ages 14+

This delicate paperclip chain is layered with a center constellation charm sparkling with cz accents. Total adjustable length is 16-18," 14k gold plated. Each necklace arrives presentation ready on our custom constellation carding!

Heaven Sent $22

Explore the Fab Four "Lip Bundle of Brilliance"..Authentic, Brilliant, Grace and Iconic! They are classic colors to wear alone or mix together to create your own unique beauty!



Heaven Sent is a heartwarming multi-author compilation featuring true stories of pets that have touched our hearts in miraculous ways. To get a signed copy you can purchase directly from Medium Mari‘s website.

Maison Miru Initial Charm Necklace $165 per necklace

Protective Hairstyle Nation Hair Accessories $26 per item

Wear your own initial alone - or add your partner's initial to symbolize your bond. Gift an initial necklace to your mom or your daughter or your BFF - a meaningful gift is one that's always right. Stack on the initials of your children and or pets to keep them close to your heart wherever you go!

Set includes one Initial Charm and one 18" Goddess Necklace. Charm pendants are approximately 1/2" tall.

Burberry for Men eau de toilette Cologne $10.99-$40.99

Pams Pashminas $69 Pam is very excited to introduce her unique photo designs into her collection for the first time! After an intense photo journey through Norway, Pam carefully created her Norwegian Roses Scarf using the softest merino wool & silk. Then she used sumptuous, rich colors to capture the hues of the natural flowers. The result is an intensely beautiful and totally exclusive piece of wearable art!

Adult Blue Satin Lined Winter Hat: Women who struggle with maintaining moisture to their hair are more susceptible to experiencing breakage. Standard hats are made with fabrics that do not help to retain moisture, instead they tend to soak up the natural oils and moisture from your hair. Their hats are made with satin lining to help preserve the moisture in your hair, rather than soaking it up, these satin lined hats help to reduce dryness. Upgrade your winter wear from standard to protective. Satin lined hats are available in blue, burgundy, grey, and white. All hats are available with or without a pom-pom for adults and kids.

Burberry for Men eau de toilette, is a timeless fragrance that's the ideal choice for the modern man. The scent starts with an invigorating pop of bergamot and fresh mint, while rich, vibrant heart notes of sandalwood and moss bring a subtle complexity. The scent dries down to classic cedar notes that surround you with a sense of warm, comforting masculinity.


RedThread’s Snap Jacket $58-$158

RoseSkin Co IPL Hair Removal Handset $129.95

This Official IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset designed to deliver long-lasting visible results in just 3 weeks, full-body treatments are done in 30 minutes, just once per week.

Works on any body part including the face and Brazilian area. Your handset will utilize clinical-grade technology that is certified for safe and effective at-home hair removal.

Get long-lasting results at the fraction of the cost of clinical laser treatment. The best part is... there are no hidden costs and no refills needed, ever!

The Spa Love Collection Gift Set $39.98

RedThread’s snap jacket is a piece that not only goes with anything, but elevates everything, all while being ridiculously comfortable. It is tailored to your exact flattering fit with customizable torso and arm length, REAL pockets and more.

Available in Black and White

Blue Siren Hair Accesory : Each piece is made in Massachusetts with the aim to bring out your fierce and fearless beauty. This particular piece is sterling silver and features blue and pearl colored beads. Their hair jewelry is made to order, and are available in silver colored copper, gold colored copper, or sterling silver. You also have a choice on the color of beads used in the piece.

Pure Haven Baby (Great for Mom too!) 4 piece Baby Bundle $84.95.



After a long and tiring day, pamper your feet. The Spa Love Collection focuses on treating yourself with the best products such as herbs, oils, and butter. This gift set includes 4 oz Smoothie Foot Soak, 4 oz Foot Scrub, 2 oz Foot Oil, 2 oz Foot Balm and a bamboo wooden spoon. Available fragrances: Cool and Minty, Calm and Comfort, and Citrus and Refreshing.

Protective Hairstyle Nation Hair Accessories $30 per item

FITISH Active Wear, Fashion With A Mission $27-$60 per item

This baby care bundle brings together everything you need to care for your little bundle of joy. PLUS you get uncompromised peace of mind that your baby is safe and protected because of the special, extra gentle formulations are all 100% free of toxins!

This baby care bundle includes baby lotion, baby cream, baby wash & shampoo and our new mom balm.

Nursing Your Way To Wellness Self Care-Kit $59.99

GemBra $44 per bra on QVC!

This GemBra features a gorgeous crystal gemstone at the center and lace fabric to jazz up your intimates collection. Available in Black with Amethyst to attract success, Tan with sodalite to attract peace and White with Rose Quartz to attract love.

Featuring: wirefree, full coverage, V-neckline with elastic, 12mm heart-shaped crystal gemstone in center gore, sheer mesh lining, wide bottom band, no-show lace cups, U-shaped power mesh back, wide straps, non-stretch microfiber undercarriage and sides, side seams with flexible boning, back hook-and-eye closure.

Black & Blue FITISH Hoodie . The ultimate cozy crop! This black and blue camo hoodie is great for a day of lounging or to toss on over your workout gear. It is hand cropped with a raw hem and has an adjustable hood. We live in this!.

Leopard Set. With Bike shorts + a matching crop, what more could you ask for? Our customers requested matching workout sets and we delivered. This fun leopard print set is a no brainer.

Empowered Women Empower Women Tee Shirt. a percent of its proceeds to foundations funding female empowerment and education across the world. It comes in three colors and is a great gift (or addition to your closet!)

This personalized •SELF CARE KIT• offers much-needed stress relief and self care in a beautiful kit, including a soothing nontoxic candle made with 100% essential oil, organic bath products, calming Essential oil, lava rock and gemstone aromatherapy bracelet, journal, self care affirmation card, lavender sachet, organic lip balm, dark chocolate, and a handwritten message of your choice in a beautiful card as an extra special touch. Many of the items are created by local Boston womenowned businesses as well!


Character Budsies Custom puppets $199

Turn your artwork or drawing into a custom puppet!

Budsies NEW personalized Puppets are based on your drawing, original character, or even a photo of your favorite family member - almost With Budsies Puppets, you can have even more interactive and engaging fun, where the only limit is your imagination.

BriteBrush Sesame Street $16.99

Handcrafted Faux Flower Walls for Nursery $229.99-$429.99

STEM Fantasy Book for kids (9-13) Ebook: $5 , Paperback: $14

Sleeping Beauty & The Cursed Code is a STEM fantasy (for ages 9-13) set in a world where classical princesses like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty reign as tech powered superheroes. In the book the team faces off against Anathema, the Evil Fairy, as they try to prove that science and technology can defeat dark magic.

Gift something truly unforgettable this holiday season! At Lily & Spruce, each faux flower wall is handmade to order and can be customized to match your nursery or room décor. You pick your style, frame and font—and we take care of the rest! As an entirely women-owned business, 5% of proceeds are donated to Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest with every purchase in support of their mission to inspire girls to be strong, smart and bold. Available in sizes : 16x20 Inch, 20x30 Inch or 24x36 Inch! *Frame and hanging hardware included

The 'Quaran-Tee' $18 each or 2/$30



BriteBrush features modern oral care technology with no apps or mobile devices needed. It contains proprietary technology that actually senses brushing technique and encourages kids (with music and fun coaching) to brush using the methods most recommended by dentists and the oral care industry. BriteBrush truly solves a problem every parent can relate to with help from BabyShark, Elmo and GameBrush.

The perfect baby essential for the upcoming baby boom! How memorable to receive this fun and unique gift for that special little someone born during these crazy times. The quality and 'cuteness' factor are sure to appeal to many. It is 100% cotton and sizes run from newborn- 12 months.

Experience the world of Ack with the original best-selling book and super-cute Ack products. $15-$42 per item

The ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag $39.99

pediped Originals Art Earth Dino shoe $39.95

These shoes feature a fun all-over Dino print. pediped Originals® soft soles feature a diamond leather tread that is slip resistant and crafted completely of high-quality, non-toxic leather that allows little toes to move, grip, and feel the floor. Available in 0-24 months sizing. A perfect and stylish gift for any little one on your holiday gift list!

Every bedtime is a time for celebration with this super-cute, ultra-soft pima onesie, in Carolina blue for the boys and Pink Peony for the girls! 100% Pima cotton, Zips in front, Responsibly made in Peru.

Sold separately, Ack! The Nantucket Duckling - Hardcover Version.

Sold separately, Ack the Nantucket Duckling comes to life with this adorable, soft, and cuddly plushie, 14".

The ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag is designed to be both easy to use and difficult to escape from. Made from natural fibers GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo with a touch of elastane, this zip-up swaddle is TOG rated for warmth to keep a baby snug and securely swaddled without the need for complicated wrapping from day one. A twoway zipper is featured to make for quick and easy diaper changes during sleep with minimal disruptions. The zip enclosure also protects a child’s delicate skin, and the handy arm poppers transition the Cocoon from an arms-in swaddle to arms-out sleeping bag when baby is showing signs of rolling.


Mai Tai Cocktail Kit $35 per product

You deserve a drink. Or 6. Transport yourself to the beaches of Waikiki with this Mai Tai themed cocktail kit. Each kit includes everything you need to make 6 Mai Tais, including both the liquor and fresh ingredients, a lei, information on the history of the Mai Tai, and a themed printed recipe sheet (not shown).

Liquor included: Various rums, amaretto Tasting Notes: Citrus, Sweet, Tart Servings: 6 cocktails

Must be 21+ to order. Drink responsibly. Please note boxes are personally delivered for free in the Boston area at a set date and time. Shipping available for an additional fee. For more themed kits, check out our site!

Challah Box $35-$45 per box pending subscription

Dandies® Marshmallows $4.99 per 10oz package Also available in grocery stories nationwide.

Five-Ingredient Dinners $19.99

Five-Ingredient Dinners is here to save the day. With meals that taste like they took hours to make, developed by our test cooks (in their own homes!), every recipe is as efficient as it is delicious. And bring your appetite! We made sure all of our recipes are complete dinners, not side dishes or small plates.

Preparing healthier versions of holiday side dishes, like making sweet potato casserole with clean-ingredient marshmallows? These plant-based and 100% vegan marshmallows deliver just-theright-amount of soft, sweet goodness to top creamy, roasted sweet potatoes or spiced, candied yams. Made with real vanilla and vegan cane sugar, the premium product contains no artificial flavors or colors, no corn syrup, no gelatin, and no gluten. It’s also Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, and free of the common allergens wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, peanuts and tree nuts

Dandies® turn your family favorites into nostalgic treats you can feel good about

Yogiballs $12.98 8oz



Sapiens Wine Without Alcohol $76 Box of (2) Wines

This creamy soft yogurt is marinated in heart healthy oils and spices. Only 10 Calories per serving, probiotic, low in sodium, no added sugar, it is not only a delicious snack but healthy as well. Try it with crackers Garnish a salad Spread it on a peice of steak Use the left over flavored oil as a bread dip

YogiBalls can be found in any Whole Foods Market in the New England states of MA, RI, NH, ME and CT.

Once Again’s Maple Almond Butter $11.99 16oz

Challah is a delicious, traditional Jewish bread that is typically enjoyed on Shabbat by families around the world.

1. Pick the plan, Get The Box & Enjoy The Process! Their subscription boxes run month to month up to six months! They include five pre-measured and labeled ingredients and simple-to-follow instructions. The only things you’ll need to add are eggs and water. The Challah Box yields a lot of dough! You can bake all at once or freeze some dough to thaw and bake Challah weekly. Traditionally, two loaves are baked every week, so one box could last you all month long.

We believe in celebration, but even more than that, we believe in inclusion. Whether you're not drinking for a lifetime, 9 months, or just one round, you deserve elevated nonalcoholic options.

Gone are the days of settling for "Soda, please" or sugar-laden mocktails. Sapiens is here to fill your glass.

Add this pack that is half Sparkling Rosé and half Red to complement any meal or mood!

Made from ethically sourced, dry roasted almonds milled to creamy perfection and blended with pure maple sugar and a hint of natural vanilla flavor,

Once Again’s maple almond butter serves as a delicious dip, a spread for toast or homemade waffles, and a quality baking ingredient for everything from turnovers to cookies. With no salt or preservatives added, the wonderfully rich-tasting almond butter also delivers a powerful punch of 6g of plant protein per serving and is certified gluten free, peanut free, vegan, kosher, and part of the brand’s Honest in Trade program.


Corto Olive Oil $24.99 per bottle

Beloved by chefs, now available for consumers, this olive oil is full-bodied and dynamic with bright floral notes that could only come from fresh-squeezed (olive) juice. Made from olives harvested in their prime, the fresh oil is cold-extracted within hours at a state-of-the-art mill!

Blushing Sage Co. Candles $20 per candle

These luxury scented soy candles are hand poured in the heart of New England. Woman Owned, the Coffee Shop and Fresh Home are two of Blushing Sage Co. top sellers!

Coming in an 8.5oz Jar, they have a 30+ Hour Burn Time! They are also Gluten Free, Lead Free, Phthalate Free! The cotton wicks are Lead & Zinc Free! The soy is 100% American Grown Soy Wax with Premium Fragrance Oils. They are also Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free!

Anchor'd Inc Aloe Vera & Eucalyptus Hand Soap $16.00 This 16oz liquid hand soap creates an opulent lather that offers easement and softness to your skin! Infused with aloe vera, eucalyptus, and essential oils for daily use, giving you a delicately fragranced soft touch with an enhanced aroma trail.

Nora’s Naturals Single Origin Organic Coffee $22 per bag

This coffee is harvested on a multigenerational family farm in the Nicaraguan Finca La Isabela mountain range and roasted in Nora's hometown of Santa Barbara.

The coffee beans are grown in volcanic soil, rich in silica, a mineral essential to the production of anti-aging collagen in the body. 3% of profits donated to the Environmental Defense Fund, Rainforest Alliance Certified.

This lot of coffee is handpicked, washed, sun dried, graded microlot and Smithsonian Bird certified.



Table Topics Family $25

PureWine $9.99 per pack

Who isn’t dreaming of that end of day glass of wine? Imagine no more headaches or other side effects that come after enjoying that beloved glass. Thanks to PureWine, you no longer have to suffer as it offers two unique filtration systems that eliminate the histamines and sulfites that cause wine allergies without altering the flavor of your delicious reds and whites. We’ll cheers to that!

Santa Clausthaler Non Alcoholic Beer $9.99 per 6 pack

This limited edition, non-alcoholic holiday brew is a first of its kind and the only non-alcoholic holiday beer on the market. It's a blend of award-winning Clausthaler Original beer with cranberry and cinnamon, making it the perfect beer for all winter activities and holiday gatherings.

Scrub & Throw 1-Day Scrub Sponges $14.99/ 30 pack

This fun mix of age-appropriate questions ranges from silly to thought-provoking and provides an easy way to get your family talking. Perfect for family dinner time conversation, family game night, or whenever you want to spark a really fun conversation. One of our most popular editions!

For ages 6 and up 135 Question Cards 4" x 4" x 4" acrylic cube

Still cleaning with that stinky, old sponge?

With this box, you get a fresh, new, 100% biodegradable sponge for every day of the month. Scrub for the day and then throw it away. No germs, no looking back!


Bonne et Filou Bundle of 3-Boxes Dog Macarons $64.99

Flax Marine Rope Dog Leash $64 per leash

Your dog will turn heads at the dog park with this beautiful neutral marine rope paired with luxe brass hardware. Standard size has heavy-duty hardware and is perfect for dogs weighing 35-200 lbs (Rope diameter 3/8", Weighs 8-9oz) Double-braided nylon is weatherproof and will not mildew or fray (it's commonly used on boats year-round) Soft and supple on your hands even when your dog pulls Industrially clamped on both ends with solid brass hardware Use the O-ring to attach a waste bag or keys Made in the USA with love + hand wash in warm water with mild soap and air dry.

Party Poopers Dog Poop Bag Dispenser for Leash $19.99

Bonne et Filou is the first luxury dog treats brand in the U.S. Our unique French dog macarons (dog treats) are all-natural and handmade in the USA. These Royal treats are made of humangrade, corn-free, wheat-free ingredients, with no preservatives or anything artificial. They are also endorsed by veterinarians. And unlike human macarons, they're actually healthy! Bonne et Filou’s promise is simple: we deliver the ultimate royal treat-ment for your pampered pup! Our treats are made with love and a pinch of sass, just what every pet royal deserves.


This sturdy, machine washable, zippered pouch has a handy carabiner for keys or your belt loop!

It includes 60 of the sturdiest Dogipack waste bag that can handle even the stinkiest day!

Dog walkers love it for the convenient dispenser, which fits on virtually any leash making walking and picking up doggie poo a breeze + a portion of their proceeds go to rescuing dogs because we really give a crap! .



TOASTYCAT The Original Bread Cat Bed $49

PATENTED DESIGN: Orthopedic memory foam cushion shape for healthier restful naps & sense of security USA COMPANY: Designed in New York City & shared by thousands of Instagram fans showcasing their pets WASHABLE ZIP COVER: The protective cover is easily cleaned from stains, odors, hair or kitty pee BEST CAT ADOPTION GIFT: A comfy therapeutic cat hideaway for pets adapting into new homes ONE SIZE STUFFS ALL: Nap pocket stretches [15" x 11" x 7"] for a plus size 16+lb Chonky Cat

Symbolic Adoption $25-$55

3 Raw Hounds Split Elk Antlers $15.00 per

Kitsie Dog $39.95 per pack

Non GMO, Vegan and Cruelty Free! Containing a small, supplemental dose of Pet CBD, Kitsie Bites come loaded with extracts from a variety of specially selected and delicious superfoods. Kitsie bites also contain ACV (Apple cider vinegar) which has long been known to support digestive health.

Antlers are a 100% natural chew that are shed by wild elk every March and April. The best chews that can last your dog weeks if not months. Benefits: Healthy source of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc! There is no order or residue, They are sourced from Colorado and the neighboring Western states. . Always supervise your dog when giving antler treats. Discard the remaining antler when it gets to the point that it could possibly be swallowed. If long term storage is needed, we recommend storing your Elk antler chews in the freezer to retain freshness.

You can make a difference for wildlife and nature, and help create awareness by symbolically adopting an animal today!

With the purchase of a symbolic adoption kit, a tree will be planted and the recipient receives a certificate, poster, and plush or magnet of the chosen animal depending on $25, $35 or $55 level.

A decal of appreciation is also included with every adoption kit for any of the 89 animals available including sea turtle, black bear, bison, bald eagle, red fox, mountain lion, and more.





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Remember, Gemz are everywhere!

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Body. Mind. Soul.

with Penny Meletlidis

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We Bridge The Gap Between the Docs and the Books with Erin Carroll-Manning



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Wellness See, Believe and Walk Your Path International Psychic Medium Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

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Where Art and Medicine Meet

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Feeding your dog the way nature intended-Naturally

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Explore the Art of Your Being

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A spreadable yogurt snack that is delicious and healthy at the same time..

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Wellness Online Counseling Psychologist

The Relationship Coach

with Laney Zukerman Laney Zukerman

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P e r s o n a l T r a n s f o r m a t i o n C o a c h i n g

Rediscover The Person You Are Meant To Be with Michelle Poverman



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Master Your Mindset, Manifest Your Dreams

Starting Now with Body Peace Coach, Nina Manolson

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Bee 🐝 Beautiful, Healthy + Toxin Free!

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Where Strength Meets Relief

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Wellness The Scrub Sponge Made To Be Thrown Away Daily.

Never Stop Even at 50! Senior Application Analyst By Day.. Wellness Lifestyle Blogger by Night.

Travel Concierge: Consider it Handled with Amy Flores Young

with Catherine Burke

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Follow Kay's Journey


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Business "Creating financial security for generations to come"

Help Managing Your Money And Your Mind


with Phoebe Story


with Misty Lynch




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Specializing in Bookkeeping QuickBooks, QuickBooks Training and Personal Finances

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Business Make Waves with Digital Marketing

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Ali The Agent

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Married To Real Estate

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Easy Living On The North Shore

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Your Boston and Burbs Connect

with Zachary Gerg

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with Realtor, Moira Riccio


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Have A Successful Sales Transaction

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High education, low pressure mortgage advisors.

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Helping you protect your family and your legacy.

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D E L O R Y L A W . C O M

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You Own It, We Do Everything Else! with Andrew Delory

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Made Fresh, Made With Love Real Roses that Last ONE year!

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Custom Gift Baskets with Tianna Maxwell-Jemeison

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