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Most Scholarships Received in GMC History Prep Class of 2017 Broke Records


Passing Through the Gates New Prep School Tradition

8 11

Prep Cadets visit U.K.


Chase Sheffield Graduates High School and College

17 21

The Arts: Performing Arts, Fine Arts and Visual Arts

Will Caldwell 3rd Generation West Point Legacy the Same Day

GMC Cadets Appointed to U.S.C.G.A. 14 College Cadets and Two Prep Cadets


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Georgia Military College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate degrees.

Graduates are wearing shirts representing the schools they are attending.

The Results are in ... Prep Class of 2017

Set New Record on Scholarships Received Strength in numbers ... these class members challenged each other.

100% of the Class of 2017 (67 members) graduated in May. 31 members, 46% of the class, received scholarship monies totaling $2,478,900 towards their post-secondary education. GMC’s Prep School is proud to announce that 31 students in graduating class 2017 were awarded military academy appointments, academic, athletic, or Fine Arts scholarships to continue their education at a secondary institution. On April 19, the scholarship recipients met with Congressman Jody Hice who also participated in Will Caldwell’s appointment signing ceremony to the United States Military Academy (USMA) in West Point, New York. Cadet Caldwell received his nomination from Congressman Hice. Congressman Hice expressed how proud he is of all of the scholarship recipients.


The Cadence


FALL 2017

“I think one of the most well kept secrets in Georgia, academically, is GMC,” said Congressman Hice. “GMC has some of the best students in the state and in the country. I could not be more proud of GMC and the scholarships that these students are receiving, they are well deserved and will be well spent.” “The Class of 2017 is an extremely special, outstanding class,” said Colonel Pam Grant, GMC’s Prep School Principal. “I do not believe that we have ever had so many students achieve such high academic levels. It is a special class and we are so proud.”

P R E P A R A T O R Y Will Caldwell: Appointment to the U.S. Military Academy

Ministries Scholarship; Military Officers Association of America Scholarship

Tray Daniels: 3-year ROTC Scholarship to Georgia Southern

David Sheppard: ROTC Early Commissioning Program Scholarship and Sikes Brothers Scholarship to Georgia Military College

Alyssa Easley: Appointment to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alexander Hanberry: Adiel Sherwood Scholarship; Scholarship for Engineering Education to Mercer University Hunter Kimball: 4-year ROTC Scholarship and Track Scholarship to Augusta College Abigail Kirkland: North Georgia Masonic Scholarship, Pastoral Scholarship, and Track Scholarship to the University of North Georgia; Geo Scholarship Megan Leben: Georgia Association of Secondary School Principal’s/ Lifetouch Scholarship, Foundation Scholars Award, and On-Campus Housing Award to Georgia Southern University; W.J. Usery Essay 2nd Place; Military Officers Association of America Scholarship; GMC Class of ’53 Scholarship

Michael Skinner: Football Scholarship to LaGrange College Zach Spiler: 4-year Army ROTC Scholarship to Clemson University; Masonic Scholarship Nick Trussell: 4-year Army ROTC Scholarship to Clemson University; Geico Family Scholarship; Chick-fil-A Scholarship Niko Urias: Appointment to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Andy Watkins: Baldwin County Star Student Award; Notre Dame Peach State Scholarship and Notre Dame Scholarship to the University of Notre Dame; W.J. Usery Essay 3rd place Award Jack Watkins: 4-year Army ROTC Scholarship, National Buckeye Scholarship, and Provost Scholarship to The Ohio State University


Alex Bradley: Geo Scholarship Maxwell Hopkins: Geo Scholarship; attending Columbus State University Taylor Robinson: Geo Scholarship; American Pest Control/Gene Higginbotham Memorial Scholarship; attending Armstrong University William Peacock: Civilian Marksmanship Program Scholarship, attending Georgia College Grayson See: Civilian Marksmanship Program Scholarship, attending Georgia College Katie Murner: Debbie Amason Scholarship Trevor Yeager: Larry Allen Scholarship Mya Milner: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Scholarship, 4-H Scholarship; Military Officers Association of America Scholarship; attending Valdosta State University Taylor Curtis: Straight Street Ministries Scholarship

Chase Rauhut: 4-year Army ROTC Scholarship and Crimson Achievement Award Recipient to the University of Alabama

Braxton Gise: Geico Family Scholarship; attending University of Georgia

Clay Mitchell: Memory Lane Classic Car Museum/Lake Oconee Elks Lodge Scholarship; attending Central Georgia Technical College

Chase Sheffield: 4-year Army ROTC Scholarship and Volunteer Scholarship to the University of Tennessee; Straight Street

Annie Benson: Eagle Housing Award to Georgia Southern University; Geo Scholarship

Reagan Thornton: Rotary Scholarship; attending Georgia College

Nathan Alford: W.J. Usery Essay Winner

Wyatt Spivey: Disney Scholarship; attending Columbus State University

Scholarship recipients with Congressman Jody Hice.

FALL 2017


The Cadence


Prep Tradition of

Passing Through the Gates Reinitiating the tradition begun many years ago, after last formation for GMC senior class, they walked down the bricks and out the South Gates for the last time ... celebration and excitement included.

GMC’s Alumni Association introduced a new school tradition this

School took this opportunity to honor the seniors one last time before

year starting with the graduating class of 2017: Passing through the

their graduation. The Passing Through the Gates tradition will symbol-


ize graduates leaving GMC Preparatory School to make their mark

Immediately following the last formation for the senior class on

GMC Senior Vice President for College Relations shared with the

Old Capitol Building and took one last Dawg Walk together as a class.

seniors, “As you walk down the bricks, we hope that you will reflect

The graduating seniors walked together down the South Bricks and

on the time you have spent here at GMC, the lessons learned, and be

through the South Gate, where they each received their alumni pin.

ever reminded of the values you carry from this place into the world.”

This was a time for the seniors to be recognized by other GMC students, faculty, staff, and their parents. The Class of 2017 was outstanding in so many ways and the Prep

on the world as the newest group of GMC Alumni. Mr. Mark Strom,

May 18th, the Class of 2017 gathered at the south entrance of the


The Cadence


FALL 2017

We look forward to celebrating this tradition for many years to come with the future graduating classes of Georgia Military College Prep School.

Class of 2017 Graduation GMC Preparatory School’s graduation was held on May 26 on Grant Parade. The guest speaker was the Honorable Sloan Gibson, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Megan Leben was the valedictorian and Chase Sheffield the salutatorian. This class had outstanding accomplishments during their time at the Prep School. We know their success will continue as they begin the next step of their journey.

Gibson speaking to graduates

Megan Leben, valedictorian

Graduation processional

FALL 2017


The Cadence





The Cadence


FALL 2017



A select group of GMC Prep School students recently embarked on a trip of a lifetime to the United Kingdom. The cadets had the opportunity to take part in a 10-day cultural exchange visit hosted by the Royal Hospital School (RHS) in Holbrook, United Kingdom.

The Royal Hospital School was originally founded in the 1700’s to prepare boys for service in the Royal Navy. The school is located in rural Suffolk, and school life is enriched by a strong naval tradition. RHS is now an independent, co-educational boarding and day school whose purpose is to contribute to society through excellence in the teaching and learning of 11-18 year old boys and girls. The school encourages leadership, a sense of adventure, and self-discovery to approximately 700 students each year. The concept of the exchange visit was raised by Major Jonathan Pooley, the 2IC at the Combined Cadet Forces (CCF) at RHS during a visit to Fort Benning, GA in the summer of 2016. “I had just arrived at GMC Prep School and was asked to escort four of our senior cadet leaders to Fort Benning to link up with 30 cadets from RHS. During our 4-day visit it was quite obvious that our cadets and the cadets from RHS shared a common bond in terms of character, leadership, academic excellence, and physical fitness,” commented Dr. Steve Greer, GMC Prep Associate Principal. That initial meeting at Fort Benning set the stage for an incredible learning opportunity for GMC students. While overseas, GMC cadets stayed in dorms on the RHS campus. Students were immersed in campus life at RHS, and enjoyed meeting students as well as learning about British military practices. The group traveled to Merville Barracks in Colchester, home to the 16th Air Assault Brigade and the Para Regiments. Along with several RHS cadets, GMC students negotiated the obstacle course consisting of 14 very challenging obstacles. They also conducted zeroing and live fire of the SA-80 Assault Rifle on the 25 meter zero range. Students were taught basic marksmanship fundamentals and learned how to load, unload, clear, and perform immediate action drills with the weapon.

“As a college preparatory school with a focus on servant-leadership, it is highly likely that our graduates will go on to careers that will require interfacing and collaboration with other countries. Whether through international business ventures, non-profit philanthropic activities, or military service overseas, exposing our students to a whole new world outside of Georgia helps set the foundation for their success.” - Dr. Greer

FALL 2017


The Cadence




For many GMC students, this was their first time live firing any weapon system and was a fabulous experience for all. “I was very pleased at how well the GMC cadets performed during the CCF field training exercise. They performed magnificently during the night ambush attack, kept their kit tidy, and never complained,” stated WO1 Karl Weaver, Regimental Sergeant Major, CCF, RHS. While in the U.K., students were able to see many famous sights throughout the area. They visited Greenwhich’s National Maritime Museum, which was the original home of RHS. They also visited The Royal Observatory overlooking the River Thames and were able to tour the city of London. While in London, students visited St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, and the Palace of Westminster, which is home to the United Kingdom’s two houses of Parliament. An unexpected surprise for the group occurred when they went to visit Whitehall, the site of the Trooping of the Colour, the annual Queen’s Birthday celebration. “At Whitehall, we viewed the changing of the Horse Guard and walked through the Horse Guards Parade ground near Whitehall used for royal parades and ceremonies. The highlight of this visit was the unexpected tour of the historic horse stables and viewing of the horses that participated in the Trooping of the Colour the day prior,” said Dr. Greer. While students had the opportunity to learn about military tradition and British history on the trip, they also experienced a different culture. “I learned a lot about the people at the school. Not all of them are from England- they come from surrounding countries. Some of them came from China and there was a girl in the house we stayed at that was from Austria,” shared student Mattison Strom. The trip immersed students in a culture they had never experienced before, and while doing so they formed lifelong connections with students and RHS faculty. “You can learn about a culture, you can learn about other people, but until you witness and experience it firsthand you don’t understand what they are like and that they are exactly like us. If I could do it again, I would do it 100 more times,” expressed student Sean Herndon. As GMC Prep School continues to build upon their initial exchange visit with RHS, future students will be exposed to new and exciting opportunities that are critical to their holistic development as future leaders.


The Cadence


FALL 2017



William “Will” B. Caldwell V 3RD GENERATION LEGACY AT

West Point

17-year-old Georgia Military College Prep School senior, Will Caldwell,

William B. Caldwell, IV (USMA ’76), the 21st President of GMC, who

is attending one of the most prestigious military academies in the

had a distinguished career spanning 37 years in the United States

United States. Caldwell received his appointment to attend the United

Army. In fact, Will will be the fourth generation of Caldwells to serve in

States Military Academy in West Point, New York.

the U.S. Army – a family legacy of 107 years of service to our country.

“Receiving this appointment means a lot to me because I’ve wanted

“Growing up in the military environment I knew I wanted to be in

to be in the Army since I was five years old,” said Will Caldwell. “West

the Army and attend West Point because it’s such a prestigious school

Point became a goal of mine once I got into sophomore year here at

and seeing how [my grandfather and father] have succeeded in their

the Prep School.”

careers I wanted to do the same,” said Caldwell.

An appointment to the academy requires a nomination from a

Caldwell was enrolled in GMC’s Prep School since the 9th grade. He

United States Senator, Congressman, Vice President, or President.

was Captain of the State Champion Raider Team. The team also placed

Cadet Caldwell received his nomination from Congressman Jody Hice

#2 at the National Raider Meet. He has varsity letters in wrestling and

(GA-10). He was also required to have exceptional grades and test

track as well. He was president of the Spanish Honor Society, and

scores, and be physically fit and medically qualified to be accepted.

is an Eagle Scout. He credits his education at GMC’s Prep School in

Caldwell is continuing the family legacy of attending and graduating

preparing him to attend West Point. Caldwell plans to pursue a degree

from West Point. He’s excited to follow in the footsteps of his grand-

in international relations. He reported to the United States Military

father, Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, III (USMA ’48) and father, Lt. Gen.

Academy in July.

FALL 2017


The Cadence





LITERARY PROGRAM Georgia Military College Prep School’s Literary Team won the Georgia High School Association’s (GHSA) State Literary Championship for the third year in a row. GMC Prep hosted this event on Saturday, March 18, in the Goldstein Center for the Performing Arts. 41 high schools from around the state competed in the Class A public and private divisions for the championship title. Despite entering the competition with a six event deficit, GMC’s team performed magnificently and won three individual state titles and two state runner up titles which was enough to claim the top team prize. “We are incredibly proud of all of our GMC literary contestants at both the area and state events and are excited to share another state championship with our school and community,” said Mark Weaver, GMC Prep School’s Fine Arts Director.

Experience, non-stop practice, and tremendous teamwork led them to this victory, with three of their events placing first - Boys Solo, Boys Quartet, and Dramatic Interpretation. When asked about the importance of teamwork in competitions like these, Senior Andy Watkins, a three-year veteran, three-time Team State Champion, and Dramatic Interpretation Champion, stated, “Everybody has to be supportive of one another and everybody needs to feel like they played their part, because in the end, this is a team event rather than an individual event.” To Watkins, “Winning as an individual means more when you know that you have contributed to your team’s success.” GMC’s literary team has left a longstanding legacy on the school and as the literary program continues to shine, those who take part in it will hold the experience close to their hearts, knowing it has permanently shaped them into the people they are today.

The Prep School’s Fine Arts Department has won six state championship titles since 2013. The winners from this year’s state competition are listed below: State Champion Team – GMC Prep School State Champion Boys Solo – Wyatt Spivey State Champion Boys Quartet – Wyatt Spivey, Max Hopkins, Nick Weldon, Jim Rowell State Champion Duo Interpretation – Max Hopkins and Andy Watkins State Runner Up Dramatic Interpretation – Sarah Wilson State Runner Up Rhetorical Essay – Tyler Gray

GMC’s literary team has left a long-standing legacy on the school, as they have won three consecutive state championships, but it has not been an easy road.


The Cadence


FALL 2017



A N DY WAT K I N S NA M E D 2 0 1 7 BA L DW I N C OU N T Y STA R ST U DE N T Prep School senior, Andy Watkins, was named the 2017 Baldwin 10 percent or top 10 students of their class based on grade point averCounty Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) Student. He age to qualify for STAR nomination. Watkins earned the recognition was recognized at the 2017 Baldwin County STAR Student Awards for academic achievement and his performance by scoring a 1490 on luncheon sponsored by the Milledgeville-Baldwin Chamber of Comthe Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). merce. As the STAR student for 2017, Watkins selected Amanda MerWatkins was the winner for the regional best actor 2015 One Act cer, GMC’s Prep School Advanced Placement Play and was selected to the 2016 All Star Cast. (AP) English teacher, as his STAR Teacher. He’s also the winner of the American Legion Watkins was awarded a $1,000 scholarship State “Americanism” essay contest. He’s a memfor winning. ber of GMC Prep’s back-to-back State Champion Since its creation by the Georgia Chamber Literary Team, National Honor Society, Spanish of Commerce in 1958, the STAR program Honor Society, and is the captain of the soccer has honored nearly 26,000 students and the team. He’s been accepted to Notre Dame and teachers selected as the most influential to plans to study Neuroscience and Behavior. their academic achievement. High school As the STAR Teacher, Amanda Mercer was seniors must have the highest score on a awarded $100. STAR Student Andy Watkins (HS’17) single test date on the SAT and be in the top with STAR Teacher Amanda Mercer

Prep Students in GMCs Executive Leadership Program Gain Valuable Work Experience Seven Georgia Military College Prep program is 100% for the institution to give and I feel like I can take a lot of the skills I’ve students say they are more prepared than these kids a leg up. When they leave this prolearned here to college with me.” ever for the “real world” thanks to their gram we’re hoping that they had a summer Reagan Thornton says she’s glad she had work experience through GMC’s Executive full of experiences that they can put on their the opportunity to take advantage of the proLeadership Program (ELP). This program was resumes. The program is also geared towards gram. “I really wanted to do the ELP program created to give graduating seniors from the giving them a 360 view of what it takes to because it’s hard as a graduating senior to prep school the opportunity to work a paid fel- make the institution run.” really get a job and this was a great opportulowship at the institution during the summer Wyatt Spivey worked in GMC’s Human nity because it allows us to get some money after their graduation. This summer was the Resources department over the summer and before college and I really learned a lot about third group of ELP’s to work for the institution. says he has a better understanding of what it Human Resources and what it requires to be The selected students had the opportunity to takes to make GMC run efficiently. an employee at GMC,” said Thornton. learn and work under the direction of the Col“I understood a lot more coming into this Since its inception in 2015, 19 GMC Prep lege’s senior managers in Human Resources, program about teamwork and time efficiency students have graduated from the Executive Athletics, Resource Management, Disability when it came to getting things done,” said Leadership Program. GMC’s H.R. Department Services, and Marketing. Jill Robbins, GMC’s Wyatt Spivey. “I’m more prepared for college has assisted in writing several letters of referVice President of ence for graduatHuman Resourcing ELP members es, organized the who have landed program and says positions or internthe students did ships at organizaoutstanding work tions such as the this summer. Georgia Aquarium, “They were the Kenan Institute wonderful,” said of Ethics at Duke Jill Robbins, University, and GMC’s Vice The University of President of HuGeorgia. man Resources. L-R: Wyatt Spivey, Alex Bradley; LTG William B. Caldwell, IV, ; Reagan Thornton, Maxwell Hopkins, and “The goal of the Andrew Weimer; not pictured: Andrew Watkins and Annie Benson

FALL 2017


The Cadence


noon of games, th a fabulous after wi s or ni se as y da jenga and ring toss. rated their last 67 prep students celeb tailgate menu. Favorites were cornhole, giant 5-year reunion. ious at their music, and a delic at will be revisited e! rs to themselves th te let st send-off possibl e be ot e wr th o ed als rv se de They ey th d an p edented grou This was an unprec


The Cadence


FALL 2017



Allie Kauzlarich is GMC Prep’s new Battalion Commander Allie Kauzlarich is ready to take on the top student leadership position in GMC’s Prep School as the new Battalion Commander for the upcoming school year. One of her goals as the Battalion Commander is to help other students become leaders. As the Battalion Commander, Kauzlarich will oversee all JROTC operations in the Prep School. She believes that to become the Battalion Commander, students are observed and evaluated by the Prep School staff as to how well they work with others and the leadership roles they take on once they enter high school. To stand out, Kauzlarich says she joined several organizations such as the Student Government Association and Yearbook Club. She says being the Battalion Commander is a great way to start off her senior year. “I’m beyond excited,” said Allie Kauzlarich, GMC Prep School’s Battalion Commander. “It’s a pretty cool opportunity. The things that I’ve seen the past three Battalion Commanders do and that I get to fill into their shoes is a big honor.”


Jaylan Mobley is GMC’s new Regimental Commander for the 139th Corps of Cadets Jaylan Mobley is GMC’s top commander for the 139th Corps of Cadets for the 2017-2018 academic year. Mobley is from Charlotte, North Carolina and says he’s excited to take on this task. Mobley enrolled at GMC through the Early Commissioning Program (ECP). Upon completion of the program, Mobley will commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. As the Regimental Commander, Mobley will oversee all regiment operations for more than 200 cadets. Mobley says his biggest inspiration to be successful is from his father, Edward Perry. “I went to a high school where not many people made it out,” said Mobley. “My dad put me in JROTC in high school and I became the Battalion Commander. I was able to keep myself focused and overcame all of the stuff that was happening at my high school. My dad has always been there for me. He’s my main motivation. Every day that I go home I’m always thinking about making him and my family happy.” Mobley is currently double majoring in Computer Science and Homeland Security. After graduating from GMC, Mobley plans to either attend Texas A&M University or the U.S. Military Academy.


GMC PREP SCHOOL SENIORS SIGN ROTC AND ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS GMC Prep seniors Tray Daniels and Hunter Kimball were awarded Honor Society. Daniels says he’s excited for this opportunity to pursue Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) scholarships and signed a career in the military. their offer letters to continue a post-secondary education at the school Hunter Kimball received a national 4-year Army ROTC scholarship of their choice. and track scholarship to Augusta College. Kimball has been attending Tray Daniels received a national 3-year Army ROTC scholarship GMC’s Prep School for the past two years. He is an avid runner and and plans to attend Georgia Southern University where he will study has competed in cross country for seven years and track for four years. Electrical Engineering. Daniels has been attending GMC’s Prep School Kimball holds every distance school record at GMC including the 800, since his freshman year. This year, Daniels served as the captain for 1600, 3200, and 5000. He also holds the region/state record in the the football team and has been a member of the team for four years. 5000. Kimball was a member of the 2016 1A State Championship He also played on GMC Prep School’s basketball team for two years Cross Country team. In the championship race, Kimball came out vicand was a member torious, winning the of the baseball team race and claiming an for one year. Daniels individual state title. also managed the He became the region basketball team for champion for track two years while being in the 1600 and the a member of GMC 3200. Kimball is also Prep School’s State a member of the Boy Championship One Scouts of America Act Play. During his where he earned the sophomore year, Danrank of Eagle Scout, Kauzlarich iels served as a class earning more than 112 representative for the merit badges. Kimball Student Government says he’s excited to Association. This year, continue his running Daniels became a career and start his member of the Senior military career. Hunter Kimball (left) and Tray Daniels (right) shown with their families. Beta Club and Spanish

FALL 2017


The Cadence




Sheffield graduates with both his HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA AND COLLEGE DEGREE

on the same day 18-year-old Chase Sheffield is making history as GMC’s first Prep student to graduate with a high school diploma and Associates degree from Georgia Military College. On the morning of May 26, Sheffield graduated with an Associate of Arts in General Studies from GMC. Later that evening, he received his high school diploma from GMC’s Prep School. Sheffield says he was excited to receive his college degree before receiving his high school diploma. “I’m the first one that’s ever done it and that’s pretty exciting,” said Chase Sheffield. “I took dual enrollment classes through the Move On When Ready Program (MOWR) since I was in 10th grade and if I never had transferred to GMC’s Prep School in 9th grade I would’ve never had the opportunity to do most of the things I’ve done.” Sheffield is a native of Gray, Georgia. He says graduating with his high school diploma and an Associate’s degree became a goal of his in the 9th grade. “I started taking dual enrollment classes really early so that I

would have enough to graduate,” said Sheffield. “It was an idea that I had in 9th grade when I first transferred to GMC’s Prep School and started talking to my guidance counselor about it. I decided that I could probably do it if I took a few dual enrollment classes in place of Advancement Placement (AP) classes, but I still took AP classes and Honor classes as well.” Sheffield graduated as the Prep School’s 2017 Salutatorian with a 4.0 GPA in both high school and college. He says he made a strong effort to balance his rigorous academic courses and extracurricular activities. During his senior year at GMC Prep, Sheffield was the 2nd Battalion Executive Officer, captain of the football team, captain of the golf team, member of the tennis and raider teams, Student Government Association Vice President, and a member of the Math Honor Society. Sheffield will continue his education on a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship to the University of Tennessee where he will double major in Mechanical Engineering and Finance.

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For more information, Call the Office of College Relations: 478-387-0230 |


The Cadence


FALL 2017


Madison Sloan looks out over the city.

Wyatt Spivey, Max Hopkins, and Nick Weldon


Allie and Jacob Kauzlarich

before the show for Miss Saigon

IN A NEW YORK STATE OF MIND FINE ARTS FIELD TRIP TO NEW YORK In April, GMC’s Fine Arts Department took a field trip to New York

Some other places that they were able to enjoy were exclusive

City. They got to see and experience new sites, people, and events

Broadway shows, Chinatown, Busch Gardens, and Times Square, just

that occurred in New York City at the time of their stay. Fine Arts

to name a few. The big learning lesson that the group took away from

seniors, as well as a few others, were able to participate in an acting

the trip was the cultural difference between Milledgeville and New

workshop with a character from School of Rock, a Broadway play that

York City, with senior Andy Watkins describing how he, “…saw the

they were able to attend. While at the workshop, everyone sang and

hustle and bustle of New York City.” At the end of the trip, it was an

danced, enjoying the moment. Senior Maxwell Hopkins shares the

overall great experience for everybody, and the returning GMC Fine

actor’s advice to the students, “If you want to do theatre for a living,

Arts students cannot wait to do it again next year!

you have to put yourself out there.”

FALL 2017


The Cadence




JENNY MORRIS AND MEGAN LEBEN “TAKE CENTER STAGE” AT THE INTERNATIONAL THESPIAN FESTIVAL During the summer, GMC Prep School’s Theatre and Dance director, Jenny Morris, along with graduate, Megan Leben, showcased their theatrical skills on the main stage at the International Thespian Festival. The festival was held on June 18-24 at the University of Nebraska and brings together thousands of middle and high school thespians to celebrate student achievement in the performing arts. 11 shows were selected for performance at the festival, but only five of those would be seen on the main stage. Morris and the Georgia Thespians All-State Cast and Crew were invited to perform at the International Thespian Festival. Morris served as the Director & Assistant Choreographer for their musical performance titled Memphis. “The basic premise of that story is there is a white radio announcer during the 1950-60’s and he loves soul music,” said Jenny Morris. “He falls in love with a black, soul singer which at that time was taboo in Tennessee. The final song celebrates the theme of “never letting anyone steal your rock and roll.” I love working on the All-State Show because I have the opportunity to work with the best of the best and

Megan Leben (middle) with her cast mates in the musical Memphis

they are fantastic!” Morris and her All-State cast performed Memphis earlier in the year at the Georgia Thespians Conference in February. 31 cast members and nine technicians from across the state were selected to perform at the conference. GMC Prep School graduate, Megan Leben, was one of those cast members chosen to perform. She’s the only student

people coming up to us saying how incredible our performance was and how moving our story was. Memphis is very relevant to today, so to be able to impact so many people in two and a half hours was really rewarding.” Morris says the first time she met Megan she instantly recognized

to represent GMC at the state conference and international festival.

her talent as an impressive dancer. She says it’s been a joy working

The cast rehearsed for nearly a year before their big debut at the

with her on Memphis and as her instructor at GMC. Leben express-

International Thespian Festival. Between the state conference and

es the same sentiment.

international festival, the cast has performed for nearly 8,000 people.

“Megan has a great work ethic and she represents herself, her parents, and GMC well,” said Morris. “I am very proud of her and I

Megan Leben stands center stage at the International Thespian Festival

love watching her grow as a performer. She did a fantastic job!” “I love having Jenny as my director,” said Leben. “She is amazing and has an incredible vision. She doesn’t let us come short of that vision. She pushed us to be our very best.” Morris performed in the role of Cassie and choreographed “A Chorus Line” at the Plaza Arts Center in Eatonton presented by The Putnam Alliance for the Performing Arts at the end of July.

“There’s nothing like finishing a show and hearing a roar so loud you can feel it in your chest,” said Megan Leben. “Moments like that are why I love performing so much. Days after we performed we had


The Cadence


FALL 2017

Megan Leben (HS’17) and Jenny Morris, GMC Theatre and Dance Director






en co

A N C w I o S h s S d a A o wh me t



in t back


E L L I SHV ng!

s ki ic wa

us try m



SEPT. 30, 2017 | 7pm Georgia Military College GOLDSTEIN CENTER

Georgia Military College

for the Performing Arts


325 S. Elbert St. | Milledgeville General Admission: $20

2017-2018 series

Jason Petty and Katie Deal with a live Nashville band, vintage costumes, classic Opry-style comedy and real country music!

For tickets, contact the OFFICE OF COLLEGE RELATIONS 478-387-0230 or online

Georgia Military College


Upcoming Performances ...

2017-2018 series GMC Junior College

Fall Chorus Concert October 26 at 7:00 pm Goldstein Center for Performing Arts Free Admission Celes Mason at 478-387-4718

GMC Junior College Drama Club presents

It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

A Night of Chamber Music

December 9 at 7:00 pm Goldstein Center for Performing Arts

March 8 at 7:00 pm Goldstein Center for Performing Arts

Tickets available at the door

Guest Artist Series

Free for Students General Admission $5 Celes Mason at 478-387-4718

General Admission $10 Amy Zipperer at 478-387-4885

GMC Prep School Theatre presents

The Pajama Game (One Act Play) November 2, 3 and 4 at 7:00 pm Goldstein Center for Performing Arts General Admission $7 Seniors, students, faculty/staff, children $5 Tickets available online:

Light Magic: Celebration of Earth December 5 at 7:00 pm Grant Parade General Admission $5 Tickets available online: GMC Prep Middle School Theatre presents

Shrek The Musical

The National Players present

January 25, 26 and 27 at 7:00 pm Goldstein Center for Performing Arts

Spring Chorus Concert

February 3 at 7:00 pm

May 17 at 7:00 pm Goldstein Center for Performing Arts

General Admission $7 Seniors, students, faculty/staff, children $5 Tickets available online:

Goldstein Center for Performing Arts

Free Admission Celes Mason at 478-387-4718

Tickets available at the door

The Great Gatsby

GMC Junior College

Reception at 8:00 pm General Admission $10 Amy Zipperer at 478-387-4885

GMC Prep School Theatre presents

Footloose The Musical April 26, 27 and 28 at 7:00pm Goldstein Center for Performing Arts General Admission $10 Seniors, students, faculty/staff, children $7 Tickets available online:

FALL 2017


The Cadence




Observing construction progress in the Visual Arts Department are Jeff Gray, Vice President for Engineering Services; Col. Pam Grant, Principal of GMC’s Prep School; Pam Barlow, Middle and High School Visual Arts Director, and Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, IV, President of GMC.


NEW VISUAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Georgia Military College’s Preparatory School continues to support the Arts with its newest addition of their Visual Arts Department. Prep School Principal, Colonel Pam Grant, says the department is needed to give her students more opportunities to express their creativity. “We have so many of our kids involved in our Fine Arts Department that I felt like the only thing we were missing in our fabulous program were the visual arts,” said Colonel Pam Grant, GMC’s Prep School principal. Colonel Grant hired Paige Barlow to be the Middle and High School Visual Arts Director for GMC’s Prep School. For the past 22-years, Barlow has been helping students develop their artistic skills as the Art Teacher at Putnam County High School. She also developed the school’s visual arts program and is excited to get the Prep School’s program off of the ground. “I’m excited about teaching middle school art, doing the introductory art classes, and finding out what their expertise and interests are,” said Paige Barlow, GMC Prep School’s Middle and High School Visual Arts Director. “For the high school students, I want to focus more on getting their portfolios ready for college if they’re interested in majoring in Art.”

GMC Prep students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades will take classes in the new visual arts program. High School students will also be given the choice to take an art class as part of their enrichment course. Barlow’s students will focus on drawing, painting, pottery, print making, sculpting, and photography. Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, IV, president of GMC, believes adding visual arts to the prep school’s program will develop more well-rounded students. “We pride ourselves at Georgia Military College that we develop young men and women of incredible character who are going to be contributing members of society, but one of the things we want them to be is a well-rounded individual who has an appreciation not only for academics and athletics, but also for the Fine Arts,” said Caldwell. Renovations are currently in progress to house The Visual Arts Department and GMC’s bookstore in the bottom floor of the Old Capitol Building located on GMC’s Milledgeville Campus. Three of the four classrooms that are being built will be for the Visual Arts program. Classes began in August.

Atlanta Pops Orchestra H O L I DAY C O N C E R T Special guest -

Featuring former and original Celtic Woman

Chloé Agnew

Dermot Kiernan

DEC. 7, 2017 | 7:00 PM


For tickets: OFFICE OF COLLEGE RELATIONS 478-387-0230


The Cadence


FALL 2017

Chloé Agnew

| online:





Appointed to U.S. Coast Guard Academy

GMC is proud to announce that 16 cadets will continue their military

in the realms of both academics and physical fitness,” said Kauzlarich.

education at the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA). Each

“Each has excelled in both areas. If past performance is any indicator

year approximately 10,000 students inquire about admissions but only

of future success, then each will become tremendous assets as Coast

295 will be appointed and sworn in this summer to the Class of 2021.

Guard Ensigns after

Their scholarship is valued at $400,000.

graduating from the

In May, the cadets were recognized for their direct appointments to the USCGA during GMC’s Memorial Day Parade. They were recognized by the parade’s guest speaker, United States Navy Admiral Kurt

academy in four short years.” This is also the

Tidd. Tidd currently serves as the Commander, United States Southern

first time that GMC’s


Prep School has had

GMC’s 14 junior college cadets to receive direct appointments to

graduating high school

the USCGA are: Ryan Casey, Devin Cheifetz, Mark Colvin, Rachel

seniors to receive

Everson, Kaylee Lord, Graham McGill, Roy Melvin, Noa Pagatpatan,

direct appointments

Dominic Roberts, William Sergio, Zachary Stone, Jacquelyn Tidd, Mat-

to the Coast Guard

thew Varney, and Abbigail Xenelis.

Academy. The two prep school cadets appointed to the USCGA are

These college cadets enrolled in GMC’s self-prep program to

Cadets Easley and Urias

Cadets Alyssa Easley and Niko Urias. GMC’s Prep School Counselor,

receive their appointment to the Coast Guard Academy. This program

Amy Kennedy, says it was exciting to experience the application

prepares GMC cadets to complete the same curriculum taken by

process with them. “I am super excited for Alyssa and Niko,” said

cadets who are selected each year to enter the Coast Guard Academy.

Kennedy. “I had never experienced anything like this before at all, so

These cadets were placed into a Science, Technology, Engineering,

to have gone through the process with each of them and for them to

and Math (STEM) centered curriculum that challenged them in prepa-

receive a direct appointment is fabulous. I was able to visit the Coast

ration for the rigorous courses that they will face at the Academy.

Guard with Alyssa and it was a wonderful experience.”

During the first quarter the cadets took 22 credit hours, in the second U.S. Navy

quarter they took 24 to 27 credit hours, and in the final quarter they

Admiral Kurt Tidd

took 22 to 24 credit hours. These cadets are required to maintain at

observes as

least a 2.5 Grade Point Average and meet the physical fitness require-

Cadets Alyssa Easley

ments as well.

and Niko Urias

COL Ralph Kauzlarich, Executive Director of GMC’s Milledgeville

sign their

Campus, says he is confident that his cadets will do well in the acad-



with the Coast Guard Academy.

“I’m very proud of our Coast Guard Scholars who worked tirelessly

FALL 2017


The Cadence






LtGen William B. Caldwell, IV gave a personal guided tour to the outgoing Regimental Commander, Sierra Brower and the incoming Regimental Commander, Jaylan Mobley. The excitement on their faces showed what a fantastic space this is going to be for our GMC cadets.

Please visit this link to learn more about the Military Science Department and how you can come alongside and support future GMC cadets through our naming and Honor Corps opportunities.

Join the Honor Corps

Become an Honorary Member of the Corps of Cadets. PLEBE $ 25.00 Car decal and other benefits!* CADET $100.00 Engraved brick and other benefits!* OFFICER $250.00 Challenge Coin and other benefits!* COMMANDER $500.00 GMC guidon flag and other benefits!* *Your gift with membership

“THE 250” Each year, over 250 GMC students and athletes endure the daily requirements of being a distinguished member of the Corps of Cadets. The cost associated with this program is substantially higher than that of their peers. In many cases, these young future leaders have benefited greatly from cadet scholarships. “The 250” is a special-designation donor giving society. Anyone who has donated $25,000 or more to the funds which promote and support the development of a junior college cadet, will be recognized in this prestigious group who have shaped the future of so many individuals. Being a member of “The 250” has many benefits, including preferred seating at campus events, cadet meet-and-greets, and the presentation of the coveted Honor Corps Red Blazer. Attaining this status can be accomplished through a one-time gift, or a lifetime giving total. For more information, please contact Janeen Garpow, Director of Alumni Affairs and Communications: or 478-387-4786​.


The Cadence


FALL 2017





NA M I N G O P P O RT U N I T I E S : PROPOSED MAIN LEVEL Naming of Building $1,000,000 C Break Room LD

A Military Science Classroom


D CPT Professor Area


EE Restroom


SOL K Rotunda

J Hall of Heroes

I Cadet Room






E E B Senior Executive NCO D OfficerD File L L O Room SOfficer SO


H Conference Room


J Hall of Heroes F Professor Military Science LD

F Recruitment Officer D

E Instructors

A Military Science Classroom

D SFC Professor Area

EE Restroom

A) B) C) D) E) EE) F) G) H) I) J) K)

G Foyer Reception

F Admin






Classrooms $ File Room $ Break Room $ Professor Areas $ Small Offices $ Latrines $ Large Offices $ Foyer $ Conference Rm $ Cadet Room $ HOH Hallway $ Rotunda $

15,000 1,500 10,000 5,000 2,500 2,500 5,000 5,000 25,000 20,000 25,000 35,000

E Work Area


2 1 1 2 5 2 3 1 1 1 2 1





R Wing

R Wing P Office

P Office


Q Locker Room

O Electrical/ Data

2 Classrooms 1 Supply Room 1 Storage 1 Elec/Data 2 Small Offices 2 Locker Rooms 2 Wings 1 Lower Foyer

C a ld am B. l Wil li en er a an t G to u en t yo s u te L ie y in vi co rd ia ll

w el l,

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

15,000 10,000 2,500 2,500 2,500 5,000 2,500 5,000


i ng Bui l d i e n ce n c S y r o Mi l i ta D edicat iBarracks Courtyard e Ba ug h













g Celebratin

S 100 YEAR

ng in th

9 am t. 3 0 | ay, Se p k e n d d r u t Sa i We e A lu m n G eo






n fo llo wi

t St r ee a m pu s eC Wa r r en 20 0 S. a r y C o ll eg it il r g ia M

Re ce pt io


Q Locker Room


N Storage


M Supply Room



L Military Science Classroom

L) M) N) O) P) Q) R) S)


L Military Science Classroom

S Lower Foyer


-201 C | 1916 OF ROT

FALL 2017


The Cadence







Dr. Noris Price with the GMC cadets who assisted in the school district’s book giveaway in March

In May, the Superintendent of the Baldwin County School District,

community members and their families to come through and choose

Dr. Noris Price, visited members of GMC’s Corps of Cadets to thank

books and the cadets were a tremendous help. It was a great com-

them for their community service. During two weekends in March,

munity service and I really appreciated the fact that the cadets were

16 cadets assisted in the school district’s book giveaway by helping

willing and ready to help us and that says a lot about their commitment

young students select books, assisting the elderly with loading books

to making a difference in our community.”

into their cars, and with clean-up. Nearly 10,000 books were distributed

Cadet Garante Hillman says it was a great feeling to help other stu-

to the community. Dr. Price stated that the cadets were invaluable to

dents appreciate the importance of reading. “It was important for me

the successful completion of the project.

to help because I know that when I was a kid I liked to read books, so

“Well the cadets were a great help,” said Dr. Noris Price, Superintendent of the Baldwin County School District. “We had to organize all of

for us to be able to go out into the community and help other students pick out different books it made me feel good.”

those books, unpack them, put them out in order to make it easy for

GMC’S BATAAN TEAM finishes as

TOP MILITARY TEAM in Bataan Memorial Death March In March, GMC’s Bataan Team finished as the top team for all military colleges and universities in the country at the Bataan Memorial Death March in White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. Marchers from across the United States and foreign countries choose to participate between two courses: a 14.2-mile route and a 26.2-mile route. Marchers participate in the Bataan Memorial Death March as a personal challenge, spirit of competition, or in honor of a family member or particular veteran who was in the Bataan Cadets Zachary Senger, John Parrish, Bryce Webb, Gary Marsicek, and Jesse Death March or was taken as a prisoner of war by the Hall finished as the top military team in the Bataan Memorial Death March. Japanese in the Philippines during World War II. GMC’s team marched the 26.2 mile event and carried Additionally, Cadet Haley Valentine competed with Mercer a 35 lb. ruck sack. The team placed 4th in the Reserve University in the ROTC Light category. Valentine ran the 26.2 Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Heavy category and placed 8th mile route without carrying a ruck sack. They also placed 4th in overall for the heavy teams. They had a time of 7:05:44 for the their category with a time of 5:19:48. 26.2 mile event.


The Cadence


FALL 2017






Old Capitol Building MAJ William M. Kemp 1926-1995 Major (later Colonel) William “Bill” Kemp joined the Georgia Military College faculty in 1955-56, teaching history, political science, and world literature for the junior college. In the fall of 1957 he was named Commandant of Cadets. He served the institution well in many capacities until his retirement at the close of the academic year in 1990, retiring after 35 years of faithful service, having positively impacted the lives of so many young men and women. The Colonel William M. Kemp Scholarship Endowment was anonymously established in 2008 to provide a scholarship annually to a second-year junior college cadet who has demonstrated a high degree of motivation and integrity, and possesses the potential for future success if given some financial assistance. The intent of the scholarship’s originating donor was to honor Kemp’s memory and “… the high standards that he set and demanded of his students, as demonstrated by the future achievements and successes of those receiving it.” The Kemp Wing Initiative seeks to raise $31,300 over five years that will go to further fund the Colonel William M. Kemp Scholarship Endowment. The first proceeds from the dollars raised will go to procure a plaque of Kemp to be placed in the Kemp Wing.

“Bill Kemp had a strong sense of right and wrong based on values he taught his students, as much by the way he lived and conducted himself as by any other method.” — A. Alling Jones (HS ’59)

Those wishing to make donations to the Kemp Wing Initiative/ Colonel William M. Kemp Scholarship Endowment may send their gifts, noting their intent, to the GMC Foundation | 201 E. Greene St. | Milledgeville, GA 31061; call: 478-387-0230 or give online:

A group of COL Kemp’s former charges, cadets from the 1960s, have launched an effort to memorialize him by establishing the Kemp Wing on the second floor of the Old Capitol Building. This wing of the OCB holds a special place in the hearts and minds of COL Kemp’s wards. It was from the first office on this hall that COL Kemp kept watch over the cadets under his charge. Through his office window, he observed countless morning formations, parades, and bullrings, maintaining a watchful eye over generations of cadets.

Honor the high standards that MAJ Kemp set and demanded of his students

REMEMBERING COL KEMP ceremony during GMC Alumni Weekend; Saturday, Sept. 30 - 2:00 p.m. Old Capitol Building; 2nd floor

FALL 2017


The Cadence


Alumni weekend 2017

Sept. 29-30

COME SEE US NOW! Contact the Georgia Military College Office of College Relations 478-387-0230



10-yr. reunion-JC:

C.T. Trumbo: 478-454-7893 20-yr. reunion-HS: Jodi Sappe: 478-258-9602 25-yr. reunion-HS: Stacey Flury:

30-yr. reunion-HS:

Shawn Mercer: COME 40-yr. reunion-HS: Robin Spence: Charles Cheeves:

50-yr. reunion-HS: 55-yr. reunion-JC:

Jennifer Jones:

65-yr. reunion-HS

Charles Garrison:

(Band Co.)


We’ve changed a little.

y! ad e tR Ge

Terry Johnson:

Reminisce with friends, participate in fun events, and experience all the changes!

Georgia Military College

Alumni Association Board Update The Georgia Military College Alumni Association is proud to announce the appointment of three officers and six new directors to its Board of Directors. The officers who will serve the 2017-2019 term are President, COL Tom Torrance, HS ’74; Vice President, Mr. Al Blackburn, JC ’63; and Secretary/Treasurer, Mr. Mark Culberson, HS ’90. The six new directors elected to serve the 2017-2021 term are Mr. Jimmy Branan, HS ’87; Mr. Charles Cadenhead, HS ’62; Sergeant Joseph Henao, JC ’12; Ms. Hali Minter, HS ’11; Mr. Ed Robinson, HS ’59 & JC ’61; and Mr. Mike Perez, HS ’73.

New Alumni Association Board

_________________________________ COL Thomas G. Torrance grew up in Milledgeville, Ga. He graduated from GMC prep school in 1974 and was commissioned in the Field Artillery in 1979 after graduating from Georgia College with a Tom Torrance


The Cadence


FALL 2017

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. He also has a Master of Science in Administration from Georgia College and a Master of Strategic Studies from the Army War College. COL Torrance is a graduate of the Field Artillery Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, the Combined Arms and Services Staff School, the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College, the U.S. Army War College, and the British High Command and Staff Course.

His final assignment on active duty was as the Deputy Commandant, United States Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He was previously assigned to the Pentagon on the Joint Staff in the Directorate for Strategic Plans and Policy for the Middle East. His other duty stations include Germany; Assistant Professor of Military Science at GMC; 3rd Infantry Division Artillery, Fort Stewart, Ga.; 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas; the

A L U M N I National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif; and the United States Infantry Army School, Fort Benning, Ga. His Command experience includes Charlie Battery, 2d Battalion, 92d Field Artillery; 1st Battalion, 10th Field Artillery; and the 3rd Infantry Division Artillery. His combat assignments include Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. COL Torrance’s awards and decorations include the Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Defense Superior Service Medal, Bronze Star, and Legion of Merit. After retiring from the Army, COL Torrance lived in Huntsville, Ala. where he was an Operations Manager for the Northrop Grumman Corporation supporting the Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar Program in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Egypt. He and his wife Ellen returned to Milledgeville in 2016. In addition to his role on the GMC Alumni Association, Tom is a Board Member for Georgia Master 4-H Club and also Georgia’s Old Capital Museum. He and Ellen have two daughters and three grandsons. _________________________________ Mr. Jimmy Branan is a 1987 graduate of GMC Prep School. He received his B.S. in Biology from Georgia College and State University. He is the Real Estate Broker / Jimmy Branan Director of Sales at Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee and is active in the Lake Country Board of Realtors. Mr. Branan is an active life member of the Million Dollar Club and is a recipient of the Phoenix Award, celebrating 10 years of million dollar plus sales in the industry. He enjoys golf and playing on the lake with his family. He lives in Milledgeville with his wife Cammie and daughters Mary Grace and Allie. _________________________________ Mr. Charles Cadenhead is a 1962 graduate of GMC JC. He is a former staff systems analyst at IBM. Mr. Cadenhead is now retired and lives in New Richmond, Wis.

Charles Cadenhead

Sergeant Joseph Henao is a 2012 graduate of GMC JC, where he graduated with his Associate of Arts- General Studies degree as well as an Associate of Science- Education Secondary. He has served Joseph Henao in the U.S. Army for 21 years. SFC Henao has completed many military training schools and is now an Adaptive Reconditioning NCOIC in Ft. Stewart, GA. His decorations and badges include the Army Commendation Medal (4th award), the Army Achievement Medal, and the National Defense Service Medal, among many others. He is currently an academic senior at Columbia Southern University and will obtain his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports Management. SFC Henao lives in Milledgeville, GA with his wife, Clara Rosa Henao. _________________________________ Ms. Hali Minter is a 2011 graduate of the GMC Prep School. After graduating from GMC, she attended the University of Georgia where she graduated with her B.S. in Hali Minter Family Consumer Sciences. She is an alumna of Delta Delta Delta fraternity, and is a member of Atlanta Young Republicans, as well as the Metro Atlanta University of Georgia Alumni Chapter. She is enrolled as a first-year law student at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School.

Boy Scout Troop 87 in the 1980’s. He also served as President of the GMC Alumni Association in 1973, and served as Vice President in 2015. Mr. Robinson enjoys gardening, volunteering and traveling. He is now retired from Georgia College and State University and lives in Milledgeville with his wife, Marcia Moore Robinson. Together they have three sons, (the late) William Edward Robinson, IV, Frank Moore Robinson, and James Thomas Robinson. _________________________________ Mr. Mike Perez graduated from GMC Prep School in 1973. He then went on to Georgia College and State University where he earned his BS in Chemistry. He Mike Perez also has his MBA in Finance from the University of North Alabama. He is a retired LTC in the U.S. Army. Mr. Perez is presently a management consultant for Accenture. Mr. Perez lives in Suwanee, Ga., where he enjoys playing golf and spending time with friends and family. He and his wife Kathy have four children, Adria, Mike, Jared, and Elisha. _________________________________

_________________________________ Mr. Ed Robinson is a member of the GMC Prep School class of 1959 and a member of GMC JC class of 1961. He earned his BBA degree from The University of Georgia. He Ed Robinson is a member of First United Methodist Church, Kiwanis Club of Milledgeville, and is an alumnus of Kappa Alpha Order. He was an alderman for the city of Milledgeville from 1972-1988. Mr. Robinson served as an assistant Scoutmaster for

Mr. Mark Strom, GMC Senior Vice President for College Relations remarked, “I look forward to working with Tom, Al and Mark as they step into these important leadership roles and offer my sincere appreciation to the outgoing officers, Shannon New-Diaz, president, Suzanne Ratliff, secretary and Michelle Dion, treasurer, for their outstanding service.”

FALL 2017


The Cadence



Class of 1953 Scholarship The GMC Class of 1953 recently came together to celebrate their 2017 award winners. Megan Leben, GMC Prep Valedictorian, received a $500 scholarship and a plaque to document her achievement. She is attending Georgia Southern University this fall. In addition to these annual awards, the GMC Prep School Class of 1953 funds a scholarship to a current student based on financial need, character, and scholarship and is aimed to help a deserving student attend GMC Prep School and realize his/her potential as a future leader in the community. More information on this scholarship and how to donate can be found at the GMC Alumni Association website:

GMC 70’s Fo otb all Reunion G M C 19 7 0 ’s


In July, former GMC football players from the 1970’s relived their glory days of blood, sweat & tears in GMC’s Bulldog Room. With this meaningful reunion, there were numerous tall tales and exaggerated yardage stories! Some alumni had not seen each other since their graduation and they vowed to make this reunion happen more often from now on.

GMC football players from the 1970’s


The Cadence


FALL 2017

FOR CHANGE REACHING BEYOND OUR COMMUNITY GMC Alum Edward Starling is the kind of courageous leader who followed through on the call to serve and protect in a time when much of the world was wrought with fear and insecurity.

Post 8 in Madison. In 2013, he was promoted from Trooper First Class to Corporal and assigned to Post 33 in Milledgeville. While in Milledgeville, he served as Corporal for two years before accepting a promotion to Sergeant at Post 46 in Monroe. And in March of this year, Sgt. Starling was presented with an opportunity to come back to Milledgeville to be the acting Post Commander, which he happily accepted.

In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Edward Starling decided to make a career change to impact the community by joining law enforcement, and he never once looked back. “You have the opportunity to The Georgia State Patrol was created to change the landscape of the world around you investigate traffic crashes, enforce traffic law, and make a difference in the community you and provide assistance to other law enforcement Starling at GMC in serve. When you enter this field, you become agencies. Those are still their primary functions seventh grade part of a new family of people called with a today; however, they also offer a wide range of common purpose, to serve others. The bonds ancillary services like SWAT, SOG Dive Team, that you form with each other, the camaraderie is unlike any Aviation, Executive Protection, and Safety Education. “The most other that I have known,” remarked Sgt. Starling. rewarding aspect of the job is the ability to truly help someone. Whether it is a person that has been involved in a life altering If we went back in time to take a look at Sgt. Starling as a traffic crash, a stranded motorist, or a citizen lost and frustrated GMC Prep student, we would find him on the football field. He that needs directions, it feels good to do something positive for loved being involved in athletics and making many lasting friendsomeone else. And chances are that I will never see most of those ships during his time at GMC. He started at GMC in 1989 as a people again,” remarked Sgt. Starling. seventh grader, attending all the way until graduation in 1995. “As a result of my time at GMC I learned that I prefer structure and order, however; even within that structure, there is room for creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking. Although the two ideas are vastly different, they can work together,” Sgt. Starling shared about some of the biggest lessons he learned as a student, which have deeply impacted him in his law enforcement career.

As a Non-Commissioned Officer, Sgt. Starling’s position still encompasses all of the basic functions of a Trooper, but he is also tasked with the successful administration of the Post, including forming and maintaining strong relationships with other law enforcement and community officials. When asked about how the values of “Duty, Honor, Country” at GMC impacted him, Sgt. Starling wisely stated, “I believe that core values are meant to be a benchmark for personal conduct. These core values encourage service to others. In them, there is no mention of “I” or “me”. I learned them as a student at GMC, and I hope that my career in law enforcement so far has reflected them.” Sgt. Edward Starling is a prime example of how living out servant leadership can take someone farther in life than they ever imagined.

Sgt. Starling started his career in law enforcement in December of 2001. After the attacks on 9/11, he felt a strong calling to pursue a career in public safety. He was hired by the Baldwin County Sheriff ’s Office and worked as a patrol deputy until the Georgia State Patrol hired him in 2005. After graduation from trooper school, Starling was posted at Post 46 in Conyers and eventually transferred to

Sgt. Edward Starling (HS’95)

“As a result of my time at GMC I learned that I prefer structure and order, however; even within that structure, there is room for creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking. Although the two ideas are vastly different, they can work together.” — Sgt. Starling

FALL 2017


The Cadence





Lockstep Technology Group presents scholarship check for GMC technology students

Curt Rauhut, Executive Vice President of GMC; Brian Afanador, Lockstep Technology Group’s Vice President of Sales; Jody Yearwood, GMC’s Vice President of Information Technology; Ken Dreon, Majority Partner at Lockstep Technology Group; Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, IV, President of GMC

A metro-Atlanta based Information Technology engineering firm is providing additional financial assistance to GMC students

Bug House Pest Control presents scholarship check for GMC students

Brigadier General Curt Rauhut, Executive Vice President of GMC; Mr. Mike Prosperi, Owner of Bug House; Mr. Billy Matthews, General Manager at Bug House; Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, IV, President of GMC

Bug House Pest Control company is providing additional financial

interested in technology. In March, Lockstep Technology Group

assistance to GMC students. In May, Bug House Pest Control owner

donated $5,000 to the Lockstep Technology Group Scholarship

Mike Prosperi and General Manager Billy Matthews donated $5,000

fund that was established and endowed last year. This gift is

to benefit the Bug House-Prosperi Scholarship at GMC. This is a

provided to grow that fund so that it can continue to support GMC

pledge payment towards the scholarship that Mike Prosperi started

students. The company is headquartered in Duluth, Ga. and serves

in 2015. This scholarship is intended for college students attending

companies all over the United States.

GMC’s Milledgeville Campus.

The Lockstep Technology Group Scholarship provides financial

“We are so appreciative of the fact that the Bug House-Prosperi

assistance to any student attending one of GMC’s 13 campuses

Scholarship will assist those from this community to receive an

who are taking courses in a technology-oriented program. The

education,” said Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, IV, President of GMC.

scholarship covers a student’s tuition, fees, or books. Scholarship

“We are very blessed by their foresight and willingness to make a

recipients must maintain a full course load and have a cumulative

difference.” The scholarship is expected to be fully endowed by 2019.

GPA of 2.5.

Sponsored by Baldwin Co. Sheriff ’s Department and GMC Alumni Association

47 (478) 451-7155 or (478) 445-1929


The Cadence


FALL 2017

COL Charles D. Sikes presents the Sikes Brother scholarship to Zach Spiller (HS’17). Zach is a cadet with GMC’s JC ROTC program.


GMC cadets awarded NewDay USA scholarships

Colonel Pam Grant, GMC’s Prep School’s Principal, Tyler Lightner, Gary Morrison, NewDay USA Vice President for Scholarship Development, Jacob Bailey, LTG William B. Caldwell, IV, GMC’s President

In February, two GMC Prep students were awarded scholarships

been deployed nine times. MSGT Lightner spent seven years on

from the NewDay USA Foundation. Gary Morrison, NewDay USA

active duty in the United States Air Force before joining the Georgia

Vice-President of Scholarship Development, presented scholarships

National Guard.

to Cadets Tyler Lightner and Jacob Bailey. These scholarships will

“The sacrifices of being deployed has been really tough on me and

cover their tuition costs for the remainder of their prep school

the family, with my wife having the harder job; being at home with


the children, school work, cooking, and taking care of the family,” said

“I was like oh gosh, I didn’t know,” said Cadet Tyler Lightner, 7th

MSGT Lightner”. “I missed growing up with my children and experi-

grade GMC Prep student. “It was a complete surprise that I was the

encing things like taking training wheels off their bikes or watching

recipient of a scholarship”. “GMC has been a great experience for me

them take their first steps. It’s a tremendous strain on the family, but

and a really good school, it has great kids, and everybody is really

in the end we all come back together as one big happy family.”


Jacob Bailey’s father, Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) William Bailey, has

For 8th grade student, Cadet Jacob Bailey, receiving the scholarship

more than 25 years of military service and is with the Army Reserves.

means he was making his family proud. “It feels good to receive a

He recently returned from a deployment in Afghanistan and has been

scholarship and to see that hard work really pays off,” said Jacob. “I

deployed to combat twice.

always try to make my dad proud by working hard”. To receive a NewDay USA Foundation scholarship, an applicant’s parent or legal guardian must be:

“In the past 20 years I think we took a summer family vacation only twice,” said LTC William Bailey”. “There are certainly sacrifices made by serving in the military like not being there for events or just life in

- a fallen U.S. armed service member killed on active duty,

general. However, it’s something I signed on for 25 years ago and still

- a U.S. Veteran with significant (greater than 80%) service-

feel as strongly about it today as I did then.”

connected disability,

NewDay USA has awarded 30 scholarships to students nationwide,

- a U.S. Veteran who has died due to their service-connected disability, or

and eight of those students attend GMC’s Prep School. Both MSGT Lightner and LTC Bailey say they are very appreciative and proud of

- a member of the armed forces on extended or multiple deployments away from home.

the NewDay USA Foundation for recognizing their military service and for selecting each of their sons for this remarkable scholarship.

Both Lightner and Bailey were selected for the scholarship awards based on outstanding performance, potential, and the distinguished military service of a parent. Their fathers have been deployed multiple

“This scholarship is a blessing to my family and an honor to my son, said LTC Bailey. “This is a tremendous accomplishment for Tyler because it enables

times in support of our country. Master Sergeant (MSGT) Todd

him to stay at GMC and continue his education in a school that he

Lightner, is currently a Crew Chief Supervisor for the Georgia Air

really loves,” said MSGT Lightner. “This has come at the right time for

National Guard. He has served in the military for 24-years and has

our family. My son loves the school and the people who work there.”

FALL 2017


The Cadence



Alterra Networks presents scholarship check for IT students at GMC

Jody Yearwood, GMC’s Vice President of Information Technology, Jeff Davis, owner of Alterra Networks, and LTG William B. Caldwell, IV, president of GMC In February, Jeff Davis, owner of Alterra Networks, LLC, presented a $9,000 check on behalf of his company to the GMC Foundation. The donation is to support scholarships to those students pursuing a technology degree. Alterra Networks is a

Remembering William “Bill” R. Craig (HS’71) In April, during the semi-annual GMC Foundation meeting, Bill Craig was remembered for his service to GMC. He served as the Foundation’s Chair from 2000 until his passing in 2011. Bill played an instrumental role in developing the master plan of the school by securing needed property for the school and the Foundation, sometimes at considerable expense to himself. He was a loyal supporter and in 1998, was recognized by the GMC Alumni Association with the GMC Service Award. Bill’s service to GMC and his positive impact on the entire community will never be forgotten, especially by those whose lives he touched. Dudley Rowe, Chairman of the GMC Foundation presented a proclamation to his Bill’s wife, Patsy and son, Zach Craig, that Bill shall be posthumously inducted and shall forever remain a Trustee Emeritus of the Foundation.

Dublin based information technology full service provider and has worked with GMC on numerous projects, while becoming a valuable partner in supporting education. “GMC has been a wonderful partner in my community in Dublin by becoming the first tenant in the historic skyscraper building,” said Jeff Davis, owner of Alterra Networks. “GMC was willing to take a chance and establish a satellite campus in the facility which enabled the owner of the building to secure funding to restore our skyscraper facility back to its original grandeur”. GMC has also been very accommodating in our community by providing college courses to our high school students in Dublin through the Move-On-When-Ready (MOWR) dual enrollment program. It’s just a great partnership and we look forward to this relationship growing into the foreseeable future. We are just very grateful for everything GMC does.” The Alterra Networks Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance for GMC students enrolled in the Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Cyber Security programs.

LTG William B. Caldwell, IV, Zach Craig, Patsy Craig and Dudley Rowe, Chairman of the GMC Foundation The Georgia Military College Foundation, Inc.



William R. “Bill” Craig was a Georgia Military College Preparatory School alumni, Class of 1971; and,


Bill represented his alma mater by serving on the Georgia Military College Board of Trustees during a time when the very existence of the school was in jeopardy; and,


in 1992, Bill joined The Georgia Military College Foundation, serving as its Chair from 2000 until his passing in 2011; and,


during his tenure as Chair, the Foundation realized a growth of over 350% in endowments and over $9.0 million in total gifts; and,


Bill was always a staunch supporter of the school, having played an instrumental role in developing the master plan of the school by securing needed property for the school and the Foundation, sometimes at considerable expense to himself; and,

AS in Information Technology, or AS in Cyber Security programs.


without a doubt, Bill was one of the most loyal supporters of Georgia Military College and in 1998, was recognized by the GMC Alumni Association with the GMC Service Award; and,

- Open to students attending GMC’s Dublin campus or other GMC locations if


Bill always had a heart for his beloved GMC, and especially for the students of the Preparatory School; and,

no one is eligible at GMC’s Dublin campus


- Must show financial need after applicable state and federal aid

Bill’s service to GMC and his positive impact on the entire community will never be forgotten, especially by those whose lives he touched,


that I, Dudley Rowe, Chair of The Georgia Military College Foundation, Inc., do hereby proclaim April 28, 2017, that William R. “Bill” Craig shall be posthumously inducted and shall forever remain a Trustee Emeritus of the Foundation.

“Information Technology is everything,” said Davis. “It’s the foundation of education these days in making sure students have easy access to information.” Alterra Networks Scholarship Criteria - GMC student must be enrolled in the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Computer Information Systems, Associate of Science (AS) Computer Science,

- Minimum GPA of 3.0 or above

Relations at 478-387-0230.


The Cadence


FALL 2017

 


_____________________________________________ Dudley Rowe Chairman, GMC Foundation



 

To apply for the Alterra Networks Scholarship contact GMC’s Office of College


G LLE E CO 

- Maintains the GMC standards of Character Above All

est 1955








(Front L-R) Kennedy Strozier, Reese Khan, Amanda Carter, Haley Davis; (back L-R) John Slater, Jennifer Brown, Nada Kent, Devin Parkinson, Desinee Arnold; (Not Pictured) Chance Myers, Kenneth Ruehle, and Jamira Thomas

Valdosta Dual Enrollment Graduates Georgia Military program is an excellent Dual enrollment graduates: College’s Valdosta campus opportunity for our area Desinee Arnold, A.S. in General Studies, Valdosta High School (’17) continues to produce high school students to Amanda Carter, A.S. in Psychology, Valdosta High School (’17) educated citizens with 12 earn college credit. We Haley Davis, A.S. in General Studies, Lowndes High School (’17) of its high school students are fortunate to have Nada Kent, A.S. in General Studies, Valdosta High School (’17) graduating in the spring such wonderful Reese Khan, A.S. in Business Administration, Valdosta High School (’17) and summer terms with educational partners as Chance Myers, A.S. in General Studies, Valdosta High School (’17) an Associate’s degree. Valdosta High School Devin Parkinson, A.S. in Criminal Justice, Valdosta High School (’17) These students enrolled in and Lowndes High Kenneth Ruehle, A.S. in Business Administration, Lowndes High School (’17) the dual enrollment School. Their commitKennedy Strozier, A.S. in Psychology, Valdosta High School (’17) program, known as the ment to the MOWR Jamira Thomas, A.S. in Psychology, Valdosta High School (’17) “Move On When Ready” program enables John Slater, A.S. in Business Administration, Lowndes High School (’17) (MOWR) program, at hundreds of high Jennifer Brown, A.S. in Biology, Valdosta High School (’17) GMC. MOWR gives school students to take high school students the advantage of this each affordable opportunity to get a jump start on their college year. Their commitment is so strong that many high school education and receive college credit. students have earned enough credit to complete an Associate Dr. Leslie Hafer, Executive Director of the Valdosta Campus for degree. These students are ahead of their futures because of this Georgia Military College stated, “The Move On When Ready endeavor.”

GMC-Dublin announces its first graduates GMC’s Dublin campus had its first graduating class in June at the Homer J. Walker Civic Center in Warner Robins, Georgia. The commencement speaker was State Representative Shaw Blackmon. Priscilla Adams Smith, Director of GMC’s Dublin campus said, “These students have worked really hard and I am really proud of them. I wish them continued success in everything they do and hope brighter opportunities will come their way. Front (L-R): Priscilla Adams Smith, Director GMC Dublin, Ashley Dyke, Carla Horton, Madison Powell and April Trussell Smith, Assistant Professor of English. Back (L-R): Jordan Oliver, Ashley Thompson, Vanessa Edwards and Kitiya Hamilton

FALL 2017


The Cadence


A T H L E T I C S - Junior College


It’s a 14-hour drive one way from Milledgeville to Chautauqua, N.Y., but the added passenger in the form of an NJCAA National Championship trophy on the team van surely made the return trip feel a lot faster.

2017 NJCAA Division III Men’s Golf Championship Chautauqua, New York — June 2017 GMC men’s golf team made the long haul to the Empire State in “Every one of them had a smile on their face no matter their score for June for the Division III championship tournament bringing home the the round. When they were walking up 18 I knew we had it. junior college’s second-ever title, the first coming in 2004. The Bulldogs Veth and Denton led the way, but Tanner Casey, Chad Fopiano, Niklas (+63) were at the top of the leaderboard at the conclusion of each Frimodig, and Adam Price all had a hand in GMC’s second golf national round and posted the lowest score three out of four days. Columbus title. Veth putted out on No. 18 to close out the round and was State Community College out of Ohio finished in second overall 24 mobbed by his teammates as they celebrated their accomplishment strokes behind the Dogs. GMC golfers Floris Veth (E) and Ashton on the green. Although Veth, the team’s top performer, might return to Denton (+6) led the way for their team and earned All-American status his home in the Netherlands instead of playing again next year, Miller for finishing near the top individually. says he expects his team will be right back in the championship hunt. The time to qualify for nationals came in the middle of May and the “We’ve got a great class coming in this fall and the rest of the guys Dogs played some of the best golf they had all year in order to earn will be back,” he said sitting in GMC’s Mason Golf Performance Lab. the trip to national championship at Chautauqua Golf Club. The road “We think we’re actually going to be deeper as a team next year.” was a long one, but included a practice round at The Greenbrier in Miller added that the new indoor practice facility definitely contributed West Virginia and a quick trip to see Niagara Falls once they made it to to the team’s success this season. New York. “There was never a day of missed practice because of weather,” he Through nine holes the GMC golfers were either tied or leading their said. “There were a lot of times I had to run the players out of here late respective groups, but at night because they want had struggled on the to be here all the time.” back nine through the For now, the Championfirst three rounds. ship trophy rests comfortCoach Miller said his ably on the desk of Coach confidence grew by Miller as a reminder of the hole No. 15, and he work that was done but also decided to walk the final the work that is in front of hole with each player the Bulldogs as they gear knowing something up towards another National special was coming. Championship run. Asst. Coach Stephen Shipes, Niklas Frimodig, Adam Price, Floris Veth, Ashton Denton, Tanner Casey, Head Coach Josh Miller


The Cadence


FALL 2017

Junior College - A T H L E T I C S

GMC JC Rifle Team places 5th at National Championship As the only two year college rifle team in the United State of America, The Bulldog Rifle Team continues to be recognized in the sport of shooting throughout the country.

GMC Rifle Club places at National Championship

At the National Rifle Association Collegiate National Championships in March, Liliana Reyes received the prestigious award as a recipient of the 2017 NRA All Star Second Air Rifle Team. Liliana graduated from GMC this year and will continue her education at Armstrong State University. This is the first time a student from GMC has received a position on the NRA All Star Team in eleven years. Liliana shot on the second relay in small bore and had a score of 510 with eleven bulls eyes. She shot an outstanding score of 569 in the air rifle competition. When the two scores were combined she had a total of 1079 to give her top score for the team and

her award with the NRA. Cadet Emily Stefurak was top shooter in the small bore position with a 517 and four bulls eyes. She had a total score of 539 and a 1056 for the match. Cadet Tristian Swann in the three position small bore shot his competition with a 504 and nine ten’s, and shot his air rifle score with an outstanding 550, giving him a total score of 1054 for the match. Cadet Ray Parker shot his personal best in small bore with a 506 and five ten’s. In air rifle he scored another personal best with a 528 score with a total score of 1034. Cadet Jeffrey Glass shot small bore with

a 495-five ten’s, and in air rifle he had a great score of 510 for a total match score of 1005. Georgia Military College’s top four shooters score a 2042 in small bore and placed fifth place. Akron University in Ohio took first with a 2181, The University of Michigan a 2140 for second and Clemson University 2147 for third and Perdue fourth. In air rifle there were approximately eighty seven shooters with GMC ranking fourth in competition tied with Perdue University. The team was coached by Mary Ellen Eaton and LTC. Duane Clayton.

GMC JC softball team are back-to-back GCAA tournament champions! This is the first time that a team in the GCAA has won back-to-back conference Championships since the 2001-2002 season. GMC’s softball team gave a tremendous performance and earned their second conference championship! It has been over 15 years in our conference since a softball program has won back-to-back championships which speaks to the outstanding work HC Ashley Bunn and Coach Eddie Wise put into recruiting and training our team and also the work & dedication our young ladies put into achieving their goals!

GMC hosted their first GCAA softball tournament at Couch Field in April. Nearly 130 players and coaches were in Milledgeville for the three day tournament. The teams competing were: GMC, Georgia Highlands College, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, East Georgia State College, South Georgia State College, and Gordon State College. It was wonderful to see so many pulling together to make the event a great success and especially to see our ladies continue their success on the softball diamond!

FALL 2017


The Cadence


A T H L E T I C S - Junior College

2017 GMC JC Football Preparing for a Memorable Season

The 2016 GMC Bulldogs enjoyed another The GMC Offensive Front however remains last year. Jabari Ellis and Ramero Rock are great season, sporting a 9-2 record and a the biggest question after moving on eight expected to anchor the line for the Bulldogs, final national ranking of #14 in the NJCAA signees. Raekwon Allen returns as the only and they will be supported by several othpolls. Four Bulldogs earned All-American primary player up front for the Bulldogs so ers who saw some action last year as well honors from the NJCAA as well on the getting a group of reserves and newcomers as three very talented signees in Davonte season, but many of the faces have moved together quickly will be critical for GMC. Davis, Brandon Jones, and Wallace Cowon to four year schools to continue their eduDefensively, the Bulldogs return a strong ins. The Bulldog Secondary should also be cations and athletic careers. The offensive and experienced group even though they strong with Kishawn Miller and All-American side of the ball was especially affected, so lost numerous key players to graduation after Adorian Beach returning at cornerback. Branit will be important for them don Bawn, Delvin Webb, to build cohesiveness very and Ja’Kalin Lane will quickly if GMC is to better provide strong support at their 2016 record. safety positions and several The Bulldog Offense is not newcomers will challenge without weapons. Back-up them as well to provide a QB Garrell Quainton played strong group. The linebacker AU GU ST well in relief last year, and corps has several talented Thu. 24 Navarro College Home 7:00 PM had a very good spring but players but are largely he will be challenged by untested with the exception SEPTEMBER two very good newcomers. of returner J.T. Wortham. Sat. 2 Middle Georgia State Quainton & Company will Getting the linebackers to University Home 6:00 PM have Major Bellamy returning gel quickly with the rest of Sun. 17 ASA College Harrisonburg, VA 1:00 PM as a big play target at slot the defense will be the key @James Madison University receiver, but the running for the Bulldog “D.” Sat. 23 College of DuPage Home 1:00 PM back and receiver corps will GMC will have a very Sat. 30 ASA College (Miami) Home 12:00 PM be populated by mostly unchallenging schedule in tested athletes. Ty’Juan Ful2017 with perennial powers O CTO BER ton and Kalan Watts return at Navarro College, ASA-New Sun. 8 Hocking College Clarksville, TN 2:00 PM running back after showing York, DuPage, and Lacka @ Austin Peay University promise last year, but they wana on the books as well Sun. 22 Army Prep West Point, NY 1:00 PM will be tested by newcomas two games against the Sat. 28 Arkansas Baptist College Home 1:00 PM ers Kendall Cross and Devon extremely challenging new Young. Freshmen receivers program ASA-Miami. NOVEMBER Terrill Hall, Hykeem White, Sat. 4 ASA College (Miami) Hialeah, FL 1:00 PM and Kanore McKinnon are Sun. 12 Lackawanna College expected to make quick @ Marshall University Huntington, WV 1:00 PM impacts for GMC as well.

2017 Junior College Football Schedule


The Cadence


FALL 2017

Junior College - A T H L E T I C S

Men’s Soccer Player named All-American

Taku Mashingaidze

Following a very successful 2016 season for the GMC Men’s Soccer Team (12-7 record, Region 17 Champions, South-East District Semi-Finalists), team captain Taku Mashingaidze has been named Second Team NJCAA All-American. Mashingaidze (from Essex, England) picked up the honor after a very productive season in midfield in which he scored 9 goals and had 15 assists in 16 games. He is a two-time All-Region selection, and was also voted 2016 GCAA Region 17 MVP.

Men’s Soccer Schedule AUG UST Tue. 15 at Middle Georgia State College Fri. 18 at Brewton-Parker College Tue. 22 at USC Salkehatchie W, 4-1 Fri. 25 at Thomas University JV Wed. 30 Oxford College of Emory University

6:00 PM 4:00 PM Final 2:00 PM 7:00 PM

SEPTEMBER Sat. 2 Sun. 3 Fri. 8 Sun. 10 Thu. 14 Sun. 17 Sat. 23 Wed. 27 Sat. 30 GMC’s 2017-2018 Men’s Soccer Team

at Daytona State College 1:00 PM ASA College (Miami) 1:00 PM @ Daytona State College Louisburg College Louisburg, NC 6:00 PM Broward College 11:00 PM Faulkner University JV 7:00 PM USC Sumter 3:00 PM Dayton State College 12:00 PM at Oxford College of Emory University 6:45 PM Pearl River Community College 1:00 PM @ Mississippi Gulf Coast CC

Sun. 1 Fri. 6 Thu. 12 Tue. 17 Mon. 23 Sat. 28

@ Mississippi Gulf Coast CC Andrew College Thomas University JV at Andrew College Truett McConnell JV Andrew College


GMC Women’s Cross Country ready to build on last season success Building off last year’s success is the name of the game for the 2017 Georgia Military College Women’s Cross Country team. The women sent 3 runners to the NJCAA Division III National Championships. In addition to the on the course accolades, the team was named NJCAA Scholar All-Americans, with almost 10 individual runners being named Individual Scholar All-Americans. Third-year coach Rob Sherwood has high hopes for the teams. “The women’s team returns four of our top five runners, and we have some good additions to the team. This season we could have a full women’s team at the NJCAA National Championships for the first time in the history of the program. That would be a great step for the women!” Returning runners include Destinee Hernandez (Merritt Island, FL), Haley Valentine (Platte City, Mo) Talisa Soto (Gainesville, GA), and Jessica Hurtado (Grovetown, GA). Joining these three will be a group of newcomers that have lots of promise including Milledgeville native Nekebah Smith. The season’s races will traverse the stage of Georgia. The Running Bulldogs will run in Valdosta, Macon, Columbus, Aiken, SC, and Milledgeville all with eyes of a Conference and Region Championship. The ultimate goal is the NJCAA Division III National Championships in Westfield, MA on November 10. “This season should be another good one for both programs. The studentathletes will represent the school in a very positive way.” Coach Sherwood added “Come on out and cheer the Bulldogs on, it makes a big difference to have someone encouraging you!”

2:00 PM 6:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM 3:00 PM 3:00 PM

Women’s Soccer Schedule AU GU ST Tue. 15 Fri. 18 Mon. 21 Fri. 25 Sun. 27

at GCSU Emmanuel College at Motlow State Comm. College Spartanburg Methodist Daytona State College

5:00 PM 5:00 PM 3:30 PM 5:00 PM 1:00 PM

Fri. 1 Wed. 6 Fri. 8 Tue. 12 Fri. 15 Tue. 19 Fri. 22 Fri. 29

South Georgia State College Oxford College of Emory University at Abraham Baldwin Agr. College at Andrew College Gordon State College at Abraham Baldwin Agr. College at South Georgia State College Abraham Baldwin Agr. College

Fri. 6 Mon. 9 Thu. 12 Tue. 17 Sat. 21 Tue. 24

Andrew College 7:00 PM South Georgia State College 6:00 PM at Gordon State College 3:00 PM at Oxford College of Emory University 4:30 PM at Gordon State College 2:00 PM Andrew College 5:00 PM

SEPTEMBER 4:30 PM 7:00 PM 3:00 PM 4:00 PM 7:00 PM 5:00 PM 4:30 PM 5:00 PM


GMC’s 2017-2018 Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Teams

FALL 2017


The Cadence


A T H L E T I C S - Preparatory School

Prep 2017 Football Schedule DATE OPPONENT LOCATION TIME August 4

Mount De Sales (scrimmage)

Davenport Field


August 11

Putnam County (scrimmage)

Davenport Field


August 18

Treutlen County

Davenport Field


August 25

Wheeler County

Davenport Field


Sept. 1 Westwood Academy Camilla 7:30 Sept. 8 Schley County Ellaville 7:30 Sept. 15 Oglethorpe County Lexington 7:30 Sept. 22


Sept. 29 Temple HOMECOMING ALUMNI WEEKEND Davenport Field 7:30 October 6

John Milledge Academy

Davenport Field


October 13 Glascock Gibson 7:30 October 20

Riverside Military



October 27 Montgomery Davenport Field 7:30

GMC Prep Football Media Day

GMC Prep Softball will look to continue its winning ways this season as they look to make it back to Columbus for the Elite 8 tournament for the 6th year in a row. The Dogs are coming off a season where they went 27-5 and finish state runner-up and region 7-A champions. This year’s team returns all but one starter. Senior Taylor Scott was Region 7-A’s Pitcher of the Year as well as an all-state selection, and senior Kate McGhee was also first team all-state and all region.

GMC Prep Track Outlook: all the teams (HS and MS) are looking strong and ready for the season. There are about 35 middle schoolers and 20 high schoolers. Our HS boys team have their eyes on another state title and they are deep Scott and McGhee


The Cadence


FALL 2017

enough to complete the task.

GMC Prep Soccer Makes History During Spring, the GMC Prep men’s soccer team did two things that has never been done before in school history: make the playoffs and win a playoff game. The season began with a win away at West Laurens in their pre-season scrimmage. After that close, physical game, this team knew they would be special. Before every game, the team would train as efficiently as they could, treating every game like it was the state championship game. After losing to their crosstown rivals, they scored a win against local Piedmont Academy, beating them 11-1. From this point on, the offense clicked, and it carried them all the way to a thirdplace finish in the region and a spot in the playoffs. In April, GMC Prep took on second seed Calvary Day School in Savannah. The 19 players went into focus mode for the rest of the trip. Soon after the game started the bulldogs jumped out to an early lead, with junior forward Aaron Kirkland scoring by shooting a long ball into the upper right corner of the goal. At half time, Coach Bobby Jaworski huddled everybody and made sure that they were still focused. With about 10 minutes left in the game, Kirkland scored again by putting the ball into the bottom left corner. However, with five minutes left, Calvary Day took a deflection off a GMC player and put it into the bottom left corner of the goal under the hand of the goalkeeper, making the score 2-1 with very little time left. The team that had proven to be strong all season continued their reputation. With the ball on GMC’s side of the field, the horn sounded as the fans rushed the field. GMC had done it! They had won their first playoff game in school history. Regarding the playoff win as well as the season, Coach Jaworski states, “I feel it is a much-deserved win for a great group of young men, and it was a long time coming in the program. We couldn’t be more proud.”



Georgia Military College



The sixteenth Grand Tattoo was held on April 21 with a ceremony on Grant Parade. This was the first time in four years weather permitted having it outdoors. Guests were delighted with music from The John Mohr MacKintosh Pipes and Drums as well as, Trumpeter Cecil Welch and Piper William Hunter. A reception followed in the Legislative Chamber with a perfomance by GMC’s Prep Quartet.

FALL 2017


The Cadence




PASS IN REVIEW Students, faculty and staff at Georgia Military College have been so fortunate to meet and learn from the many distinguished guests who have passed through campus this year. They have served an important role sharing their words of wisdom to cadets, distinguished guests and at parades.

Sen. Bill Cowsert

Rep. Rusty Kidd



Rep. Terry England

Col. Mary Martin


MLK DAY PARADE January 13, 2017

MG Christopher P. Hughes MILITARY HONORS PARADE March 17, 2017

Belle S. Wheelan, Ph.D.


Sandra Deal


Adm. Kurt W. Tidd


RENOWNED SPEAKERS ADDRESS GRADUATES AT GMC’S COMMENCEMENT CEREMONIES More than 1,000 GMC graduates have embarked on a new chapter in their lives as they walked across the stage and received their high school diploma or Associate’s Degree. Preparing them for this journey, GMC’s graduates were encouraged and inspired by some of the top leaders in various fields at their commencement ceremonies. GMC’s Prep School continues to maintain its 100% graduation rate. This year, 67 graduating seniors were awarded their high school diplomas. Approximately 1,844 college graduates were awarded their Associate’s Degrees across GMC’s 13 campuses. 20 cadets in our Early Commissioning Program were commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserves or National Guard. These cadets worked tirelessly training to serve our country as members of GMC’s 138th Corps of Cadets. Commencement speaker for GMC Prep: Sloan Gibson is the former United States Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs and former President of the United Service Organizations. Gibson is a 1975 graduate of the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. He also earned a Master’s in Economics from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a Master’s in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.


The Cadence


FALL 2017

Commencement speakers for GMC’s campuses: Ben Harbin joined Southern Strategy Group after completing a distinguished 20-year term as a state representative serving the people of Columbia County in the 122nd District. Harbin served as the Vice Chair of the House Health Appropriations Committee, Chair of the Telecommunication subcommittee of House Energy, Utilities, & Telecommunications, and Chair of the Sales Tax Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee. A graduate of Georgia Military College, Harbin received the Graduate of Distinction Seal for his major in Business Administration. He is also a graduate of Mercer University where he earned a Master’s of Business Administration. Lt. Governor Casey Cagle made history in 2006 by becoming the first Republican ever elected to Georgia’s second highest office. Cagle was re-elected again in 2010 and 2014. This year, Cagle published his first book, Education Unleashed, to outline his vision for a public education system that will develop the strongest workforce in the world. Major General Daniel York currently serves as the commander of the 76th United States Army Reserve Operational Response Command in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a 1981 graduate from the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York where he received a Bachelor of Science

C A M P U S in Engineering and was commissioned as an Infantry Officer. Mayor John Gayle is the Mayor of Valdosta, Georgia. Gayle moved to Valdosta with his family in 1951. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Valdosta State College in 1966. Gayle considers some of his greatest achievements as Mayor by solving the Wastewater Treatment Plant problems and bringing Valdosta to the attention of State Leaders in Atlanta. Cheryl Renee is a news anchor at WTVM in Columbus, Georgia. She anchors News Leader 9 mornings and News Leader 9 at Noon each weekday. She also does a weekly report called News 9 MD to give viewers the latest on health news and medical breakthroughs. Renee earned her undergraduate degree in Economics from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia; her Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University; and a Master’s Degree in Business from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. John Eaves was elected to his third four-year term as Chairman of the Fulton County Commission in November 2014. Eaves is a 1984 graduate of Morehouse College. He earned a Master’s Degree in Religion from Yale University, and obtained his Ph.D. in Educational Administration from the University of South Carolina. State Representative Shaw Blackmon (R-Bonaire) has been serving his constituents in the 146th District since August of 2015. Blackmon is a native of Houston County. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in Management Information Systems.

Ben Harbin

Sloan Gibson



May 20, 2017

May 26, 2017

Ben Harbin

Cheryl Renee



June 2, 2017

May 20, 2017



Bob Seymour

Ben Underwood

GMC Prep hosted the first speaker in our newly created Distinguished Speaker Series in February. Mr. Bob Seymour (JC’63) had lunch with several Class of 2017 members and then spoke to the entire senior class. Mr. Seymour shared his “life lessons” with the students as he talked about his vast experiences in sales and keys to successful living. GMC Prep Seniors had the good fortune yesterday to hear a presentation on Leadership from one of our most distinguished Junior College Alumnus. Mr. Ben Underwood (JC‘62), who spent 45 years in the Behavioral Healthcare industry and is a renowned Hospital Administrator, spent the day with our Prep students and passed on some wonderful lessons learned to our cadets.

The purpose of the program is to harness the success stories of our most distinguished and accomplished alumni and inspire our seniors as they prepare to embark on the next phase of their young lives.

Lt. Govenor Casey Cagle

MG Daniel York



May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017

Dr. John Eaves

Rep. Shaw Blackmon

June 3, 2017

June 10, 2017



FALL 2017


The Cadence




Uniqueness of the Class of 2017 Told by One of Their Own

By Andrew Weimer

When I started at GMC Prep in the sixth grade, I could instantly tell that the people in my class were special. As I advanced through middle school, I started to realize that everybody in my class was an overachiever in at least one way, which included overachievers in athletics, academics, and drama, just to name a few. Then came high school. In four years of high school, the seniors had accomplished many records, which included eight seniors acquiring an ROTC scholarship or a military academy appointment to the college of their choice, sending seniors to colleges across 11 states, having achieved over 2.5 million dollars in scholarship money, and 29 seniors having won state or national championships in their athletic and drama competitions. However, the records are not the only thing that made this year’s class of 2017 stand out from all the other classes to graduate from GMC. The class of 2017 is also special because of the type of people that they are. They are the type of people that when you meet them, they look you in the eye, they give a firm handshake, and use the words “ma’am” and “sir”. They are also the people that can make you laugh, comfort you when you are having tough times, and give you advice when you need help with a problem. The character traits that are shown by this class are exactly why this class have impressed so many people, and will continue to do so as they move on with their lives. Megan Leben, valedictorian of GMC’s class of 2017, perfectly sums up what I see in the futures of the graduates of this class when she stated in her Valedictory, “Looking out at my class, I see future teachers, nurses, business owners, Broadway stars, politicians, soldiers, Coast Guardsmen,


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FALL 2017

a Nobel Prize Winner, an Army Chief of Staff, mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives.” This class has unmatched potential, and it is apparent to all that the people from this class are going to be successful. I speak for many people when I say that I could not be prouder of all of this class’ accomplishments, and cannot wait to hear about all of the great things that this class will do, but a part of me does not want to leave my friends, the friends that I have made unbreakable bonds with for the past seven years of my life. The day of our last formation was one to always remember, as we all had lots of fun spraying silly string and blowing our air horns as loud as we could, but as we all walked through the arches of GMC to get our pictures taken, a deep sadness crept its way into my heart. I looked around at the smiling faces, the faces I had learned to love for my entire GMC career, and thought to myself, “I cannot imagine life without them.” This is exactly why the class of 2017 is unique. Sure, this class has so many records set, records that might not ever be broken, but what makes this class so unique is the way that they constantly affect people in the way that they have affected me over the last seven unforgettable years of my life.

SCHOLARSHIP The GMC ’73 Scholarship, established in February 2014, is a memorial to all GMC classmates from the 70’s era (1970-1979) who have passed away. This Endowed Scholarship gives us the opportunity to remember our former classmates and help pass on their spirit, to deserving 9th - 12th grade Prep School students, in the form of a GMC education. As an Endowed Scholarship, the GMC ’73 Scholarship is self-supporting, using interest and dividends each year to cover the cost of multiple $500 scholarships. The Scholarship, awarded annually to two Prep School freshmen, is a minimum of $500.00. These recipients retain the Scholarship for four years, through graduation, as long as the selection criteria continue to be met - financial need, academic good standing, and a minimum GPA of 2.73. Thus, annually eight GMC ’73 Scholarships are awarded - two each to Prep School freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Since 2014, thirteen Prep School students have benefited from a total of eighteen Scholarships. For the final year, all donations are TRIPLED, with both LtGen Caldwell, President of GMC, and the GMC Foundation matching donations up to $12,500. One hundred percent of all donations go to the Scholarship. Please donate to this very worthwhile cause and assist these motivated Prep School students who simply need some financial help. Please help honor our deceased GMC Alumni from the ’70s era with your donation. Additionally, your gift will assist deserving GMC Prep School students in their pursuit of a GMC education. To donate, call (478) 387-0230 or give

Andrew Weimer (HS’17)




GMC Receives Second Steinway Piano An ordinary task of searching for musical instruments for GMC Prep School students led to an incredible story and opportunity for Georgia Military College’s performing arts program. In May 2017, GMC staff realized that the Prep School Band was in need of lower brass instruments, so Richard Knapp, GMC’s Property and Motor Pool Manager in the Engineering Department went online to the Federal Surplus site to look for instruments. While Knapp didn’t find the brass instruments he set out to find, he did stumble upon a 1950 Steinway & Sons Baby Grand Model “M” piano that has one fascinating history. It is believed to have been purchased new by the Department of State for the United States Mission to the United Nations around 1950, and the piano’s home for many years was at the Ambassador’s residence to the United Nations in New York City! With the assistance from Mrs. Lisa Moghazy at the Georgia Department of Administrative Services and Mr. Frederick Morgan of the Department of State UN office, GMC’s

engineering team traveled all the way to the Ronald H. Brown U.S. Mission to the United Nations Building in New York City to retrieve the piano this past summer. GMC became the proud owner of this special Steinway from the Federal Surplus for an administrative fee of only $400, plus travel expenses. This Steinway is in excellent condition, and is estimated to be in the retail range of $35,000. “Even the technician was amazed at how excellent the instrument is. This Steinway has a beautiful tone and color, which I love so dearly,” shared GMC Professor of Music Moona Yu. GMC will be sure to treasure this incredible instrument and small piece of history for many years to come.

GMC Prep School Implements a 4th and 5th Grade Pilot Program Georgia Military College is pleased to announce the expansion of its Preparatory School through the addition of a pilot program

add a 4th and 5th grade through a pilot

GMC Preparatory School Faculty and Staff


strongly believe in the school’s mission of

This pilot program will consist of 40

“developing the intellect and elevating the

to add a 4th and 5th grade beginning in

students each in the 4th and 5th grades for

character” of the students they serve and are

August 2018. Although discussed for years,

school year 2018-19. The details that lay out

excited about expanding this opportunity to

this strategic planning recommendation was

this pilot program are still in the development

more students beyond the current 6th – 12th

made based on a high demand of requests

stage and will be announced once complete.

grade college preparatory program. We are

from Alumni, current families, and the

GMC will begin accepting applications for the

delighted to afford this opportunity as we

community. At the quarterly GMC Board of

4th and 5th grade beginning this Fall. GMC’s

strive to provide the best education to the

Trustees meeting in April, the Board sup-

Prep School is looking forward to continuing

students of Baldwin County, surrounding

ported the Prep School’s recommendation to

its successful 100% graduation rate and the

counties, and the City of Milledgeville.

FALL 2017


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Richard A. (Rick) Massey (JC’69) was recently appointed as Associate Vice President Emeritus for Foundations upon his retirement from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. During his 21 years with the University he served in several executive positions with the Foundations that supported the University. He was responsible for all fiscal and administrative operations of the Foundations, and served as Chief Investment Officer of its $200 million endowment. His service with the University follows a 24 year career in the US Army as a field artillery, aviation, and resource management officer, retiring as an LTC in 1995. During that career, he worked for notable GMC grads such as LTG Max Noah and LTG Mick Kicklighter, and crossed paths with several other former GMC cadets including Dick Durden, Jim Chambers, Mike Satterwhite, Stuart Campbell, and Bob Traxler. Rick and his wife Gail have three adult daughters, three grandchildren, and now reside in Augusta, Ga.


In May 2017, Brigadier General Doyle D. Don Broome Jr. (U.S. Army, Retired) (JC’75), retired as president of Hargrave Military Academy, a position he Broome held for six years. A native of Georgia, Broome graduated from Georgia Military College with an Associate of Arts degree. He was commissioned as a 19 year old Infantry Second Lieutenant. He later earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Troy University and master’s degree in history from the Army’s Command and General Staff College. Broome’s last active duty assignment before retiring was Deputy Commanding General of U.S. Army Cadet Command, where he was


responsible for increasing Army ROTC commissions, revamping the Army ROTC nursing program, and overseeing Army ROTC programs at the nation’s 11 military colleges. He and his wife, Donna, have three grown children and three grandchildren. He is the first GMC ROTC Distinguished Graduate.


MAJ Libby Blair (HS’91) operates “Libby’s Closet” with uniform donations for Prep School students at Georgia Military College thanks to the continuous support from the community. MAJ Libby Blair “Libby’s Closet” is now located in the bottom of the newly renovated Old Capitol Building. Since its inception three years ago, Libby’s Closet has helped more than 200 families afford prep school uniforms. GMC’s President, LTG William B. Caldwell, IV, named “Libby’s Closet” after Major (MAJ) Libby Blair, who is a Middle School Science Teacher at GMC’s Prep School and a prep school alumna. MAJ Blair originally coordinated the closet with a former prep school student. She says she saw a need to help families purchase affordable uniforms for their children to attend GMC’s Prep School. “When my daughter entered GMC in the sixth grade I was already employed here, but even being employed here I knew it was going to be a struggle for me to put her into uniforms,” said MAJ Libby Blair. “It’s expensive to buy new uniforms and luckily I had people who gave me uniforms and I was able to find some used uniforms in different places. It got me thinking that if it was going to be financially difficult for me and my husband to afford uniforms and we’re fully employed, then I knew that there had to be



CPT Paul Bronson (JC’08) was the GMC Cadet Chaplain and OCF President during his time as a student. He took what he learned and developed at GMC to form a Non-Profit called The KingsMen Foundation, a program Bronson that develops and mentors young male students in Bibb County and surrounding areas. Paul recently completed a year-long internship at The White House, under the Obama Administration, Executive Office of Presidential Personnel. Upon his return, he was selected to command the 377th Quartermaster Company that fell under the leadership of the late Major General Francisco A. Espaillat. Bronson earned his Master’s in Mental Health Counseling with a focus on soldiers dealing with PTSD from Fort Valley State University in 2014. He is currently working on another Executive Masters in

Elliott Fairbrass (HS’13)

• Entered West Point July 1, 2013 • June 2014-graduated from Airborne School, Fort Benning • July 2016--graduated from Jungle Operations Training Center Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii • Graduated on May 27, 2016 Bachelor of Science with honors in Systems Engineering • Presented Superintendent’s Award and Distinguished Cadet Award for Excellence • Presented National Society Colonial Dames of the XVII Century Award--presented to the graduating Systems Engineering major who has earned the highest quality point average in all required Systems Engineering courses. This is the highest honor award to a Systems Engineering major. • Currently assigned to Fort Rucker, Alabama for flight school

parents who were struggling to get their kids into uniforms here.” Former prep school students and GMC’s junior college cadets can donate their gently worn uniforms to “Libby’s Closet” for current 6-12th grade prep students to purchase. MAJ Blair inspects all uniform donations to make sure prep students won’t receive demerits. Uniform shirts, pants, jackets and other accessories range in prices from $1-$4. Families can purchase a maximum of two pieces of each type of uniform. MAJ Blair’s efforts have also caught the attention of local businesses in the community wanting to help. “Chambers Dry Cleaners offered to do our uniform dry cleaning at a cut rate because they saw the value in helping students.” Donations to “Libby’s Closet can be sent to the Prep School’s office, GMC’s Bookstore, or to MAJ Libby Blair. “Libby’s Closet” is open two afternoons each month.

The Cadence


FALL 2017

Graduation from West Point

Jungle School

C L A S S Business Administration from Wesleyan College. Afterwards, he plans to obtain a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Emory University. He states, “I am truly thankful for everything that GMC has taught me. The staff and professors are dedicated to the future leaders of America and live by the cadet code. Duty. Honor. Country.”


Bladen Steed (JC’12) graduated Navy Officer Candidate School on Friday May 12, 2017. Bladen was a very active member of the GMC Student Honor Council and Alpha Phi Omega as a non-cadet junior college student. Bladen is now serving as an Ensign in the US Navy and reported in May 2017 to Naval Air Station Pensacola Florida to begin his career as a Naval Flight Officer.


Hannah Barnes (HS’15) and Andrew Kirkland (HS’15) participated in the Muddin’ for

Missions run, an annual event by GMC and the Baptist Student Union.


Linda Barnes and Kirkland Colwell (JC’16) graduated from Georgia College on May 6, 2017 and has accepted a position as a Special Education Teacher at Creekside Elementary. Frederick M. Scott V “Rick” (JC’13) graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy on May 17 with a Bachelor of Science degree in government with a concentration in public policy and law, and a commission as an ensign in the United States Coast Guard. Scott is now assigned to the Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba WMEC 907 as a deck watch officer in Boston. While at the academy, Scott served as president of the class of 2017, was an undergraduate fellow with the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress in Washington, DC, served as president of the USCGA Glee Club, was selected to be a member of the Idlers, the Academy’s all men a cappella


ensemble, and played hockey for the academy. He was the recipient of the 2017 Alexander U.S. Coast Guard Academy Hamilton Award given graduate Frederick M. Scott V with President Donald Trump by the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution to the cadet who has the most outstanding Senior Thesis Capstone Project/Directed Study in Public Policy or Government. Scott has also been inducted into Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society. Scott is the son of Laura M. Scott of Southborough and Frederick M. Scott IV of Sudbury, and the grandson of Patricia C. Scott of Daytona Beach, Fla., and Frederick M. Scott III of Boyton, Fla., and Janet Bancroft Marchetti of Miami Shores, Fla., and the late Pietro V. Marchetti formerly of Richmond, Va. Scott attended Georgia Military College as part of the USCGA Scholars Program and was a 2012 graduate of Worcester Academy.

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Elliott with family at West Point graduation

FALL 2017


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Freeze Frame 1928 Students pose for a portrait during a school event. GMC was coeducational until 1932.


The Cadence


FALL 2017


“Let no one weep for me, or celebrate my funeral with mourning; for I still live, as I pass to and fro through the mouths of men.”

-- Quintus Ennius

Levi W. Hill, III JC’46 July 19, 2017

Thomas Fred Brown HS’63, JC’65 April 16, 2017

Bruce Albert Daniel JC’88 May 23, 2017

Lyman Hodgman, III Former Faculty July 26, 2017

Bruce L. Blanks HS’47, JC’49 November 15, 2016

John R. (Johnny) Simpson HS’75, JC’67 June 30, 2017

Stephen W. Tidwell HS’72 February 9, 2017

Arthur Joseph “Joe” Owens, Jr. Adjunct Faculty June 2, 2017

William “Bill” Holsenbeck HS’51 May 15, 2017

John Raymond Howell HS’80 April 12, 2017

Jose Diaz JC’80 July 17, 2017

Donald W. “Jabo” Taylor HS’57, JC’59 Aug 23, 2017

BG Frank Laudano JC’80 December 13, 2016

April Leann McMillan HS’03 April 24, 2017

Clifford Earnest Yearwood HS’60, JC’62 March 22, 2017

MG Francisco A. Espaillat JC’82 April 7, 2017

Kristin Beattie GMC Warner Robins March 28, 2017

John T. Williamson A devoted supporter

John Thomas Williamson, Sr. passed on Friday July 7, 2017 at the age of 91. Mr. Williamson was associated with GMC for many decades, and the entire school greatly benefited from his commitment to the institution. Three of his four children attended GMC, and son Tommy graduated from GMC HS in 1971. Mr. Williamson served on the GMC Foundation from 1993 until his passing and most recently oversaw fund raising efforts as the Chair of the Development Committee. He confidently said “Yes!” to any GMC Foundation or administration request, and we always knew he would try his level-best to make the request a reality. A former kaolin executive, Mr. Williamson was very familiar with the companies and their decision-makers. Realizing that a great partnership could be established between the kaolin industry and GMC, he set about accomplishing just such a coalition. To that end, he set up a series of meetings in which GMC’s president and the Chairman of the Foundation visited the presidents of the area kaolin companies. The meetings resulted in several very large gifts being made to fund the Ethics Endowment at GMC. He was extraordinarily generous with his time and many talents. In 2000, to recognize his tremendous contributions to GMC, he was named an Honorary Alumnus. He and his late wife, Gene, established the John T. and Gene Williamson Scholarship.

John T. Williamson 1926 - 2017

FALL 2017


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