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Hello Georgia District! When I joined CKI in 2017 I never thought I would have the opportunity to one day represent you as your District Governor. I had been in Key Club during high school and put my name down on the paper thinking I would just be a member in the organization and that would be it. Little did I know, it was only the start of my incredible time as a part of GACKI. It because of each and every one of you that I gained the confidence to take on these leadership positions and become the person I am today. I hope that you all can see this potential in yourself as well. To the Administrators, thank you for all of your hard work this year. You have truly stuck with us this year no matter what came our way. From allowing us all to spend the night in your house, to countless zoom meetings, to making multiple boxes of cake mix you have truly gone above and beyond to show just how much you support us. I could not have asked for a better team to guide me and the rest of the District Board through this term. To my District Board, there is so much I could say to each and every one of you but for the sake of those reading the Kronicle I will keep it short. Thank you for all of the hard work that you have put in during this term. Your dedication to this district has truly shown through and you have taken every situation thrown at you with stride. Thank you for your perseverance, positivity, determination, and everything else you have brought to this district. We are better because you were a part of it. To the Club Officers, thank you for stepping up and agreeing to take on your positions. I know this year may not have been what you originally expected it to be but you never let that stop you. You have all absolutely excelled in everything you have done and I am honored to work with such an incredible group of leaders. You have truly made your clubs feel like a second home to your members and I am grateful that you let me also be a part of that family. You have truly made a difference in your communities, in Georgia, and in the lives of countless others. To the Club Members, thank you for letting me be a part of your CKI Journey. You are an amazing group of individuals and I wish you the best as you continue your time in this organization. I encourage you to keep your momentum going and to keep volunteering and showing up as you currently do. The District is called the Great and Mighty Georgia District because of each and every one of you. We are so grateful that you have decided to become a part of this district and I look forward to reading about everything you accomplish in the next term. While my time on our District Board has come to an end, my time in Circle K has not. If you ever need anything please do not hesitate to reach out. I will forever support this district and everyone in it. I am so proud of everything that we have accomplished this year and I cannot wait to see what the next year brings for this district, I'll be cheering everyone on. Yours in Service, Leah Marie Reiser



District Governor Georgia District Circle K Georgia Southern University governor@georgiacirclek.org


Hello Georgia District, Warm greetings from your neighbor in Alabama! Our organization has weathered a lot this year, but I have always been encouraged by the outstanding service and leadership from your district. I love following your clubs on social media and seeing the incredible resiliency and commitment to your communities you all have demonstrated throughout this tough time in our lives. As we continue to grow and recover from this pandemic, I encourage you all to take a hard look at your communities. What do they really need right now? I encourage you to reach out to your community leaders and community stakeholders and ask them about the roots of the most pressing issues, and what is already being done to address them. I encourage you to take strides towards long-term, sustainable community progress, in addition to addressing the symptoms of your community’s ills. I encourage you to partner with your local Kiwanis clubs, and become community fixtures for long-lasting improvement. CKI is an organization of passionate, dedicated and revolutionary student leaders, who are here to change the world from the ground up. We must continue to address racial injustice, climate change, healthcare and the hundreds of more problems our world and communities face. Keep up the great work you have all accomplished in a time of great tribulation and thank you for your service! Best wishes, Tana Early



International President Circle K International president@circlek.org

Howdy Georgia CKI Members! Congratulations on making it through another year of exceptional service! I am so thrilled to be watching a class of new and continuing leaders share their passions and visions for a better CKI as they serve as club and district board members. I wish each of you taking on or continuing a leadership position the best of luck. I am here to support each of you and please do not hesitate to reach out throughout your team. I look forward to meeting you all. Now, I want to again reiterate the gravity of your accomplishments as a district this service year. I am sure you are all well accustomed to hearing this by now, but it is necessary that we continue to acknowledge the unparalleled circumstances that we have faced as an organization and as a people. From social movements to a continuing pandemic, we have had to confront a plethora of issues for the first time. Your agility, understanding, patience, grit, and endurance as district is something to be proud of for many years. We here at international value your commitment to our beloved organization and we want to thank you for pushing through and making it to the end. Be sure to take some time during this transition period to rest, to reflect, and to celebrate. You’ve earned it.


International Trustee Circle K International trusteeethan@circlek.org

In closing, I want to encourage you all to continue your efforts as members of the K-Family. As the spring and April 1st signifies the end of the district service year and the closing of a chapter, it also serves as the start of the new district service year and the beginning of a new chapter. Our work towards improvement is never ending and everyday members like you all are working hard to build a better K-Family and ultimately a better world. We need you. We need your stories. We need your passion. We need your commitment. After all, the next chapter isn’t going to write itself. Yours in Service, Ethan Arredondo




Distinguished Member Awards Georgia Institute of Technology Jessica Maebius Sadie Palmer Holly McCann

Kiwanis Family Outstanding Faculty Advisor & Kiwanis Advisor Brianna Belvins - University of Georgia Outstanding Sponsoring Kiwanis Club Carrollton Golden K - University of West Georgia

University of Georgia David Rizo Mohona Mandal Ella Johnson Collin Ochs

Club Awards Most improved club Emory University Outstanding Club Newsletter University of Georgia Secretary: Stephanie Wilcher

University of West Georgia Brenda Gonzalez Jada Richards

Outstanding Club T-Shirt University of Georgia

Distinguished Club Officer Awards Distinguished Club Presidents Sharay Castanon Franco - Emory University NelSilva Wolf - Georgia Southern University Stacy Aragon - Georgia Institute of Technology Ana Diaz Mendoza - University of Georgia

Helping Others, Motivating Everyone (HOME) Georgia Institute of Technology University of Georgia Students Team Up to fight hunger Georgia Institute of Technology University of Georgia University of West Georgia Oxford College

Distinguished Club Vice Presidents Niesha Bell - Georgia Southern University Trey Dolder - University of Georgia Brian Steward - University of West Georgia Distinguished Club Secretary Simon Jiang - Emory University Sadie Palmer - Georgia Institute of Technology Stephanie Wilcher - University of Georgia

Governor's Project: WASH Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Emory University Georgia Tech University of Georgia Georgia Southern University Oxford College University of West Georgia LaGrange College Dalton State College University of North Georgia East Georgia State College Valdosta State University Kennesaw State University

Outstanding Club Officer Awards Outstanding Club President Timothy Van Johnson Jr. - University of West Georgia Outstanding Club Vice President Elizabeth Blackmon - Georgia Institute of Technology Outstanding Club Secretary Jordon Moses - Georgia Southern University Outstanding Club Treasurer Allison Williams - Georgia Southern University

Jack E. McGraw Club Achievement Georgia Institute of Technology Outstanding Club Officer Awards Outstanding Club President Timothy Van Johnson Jr. - University of West Georgia Outstanding Club Vice President Elizabeth Blackmon - Georgia Institute of Technology Outstanding Club Secretary Jordon Moses - Georgia Southern University Outstanding Club Treasurer Allison Williams - Georgia Southern University

Individual Awards Alice D. Stacey Passion for Service Award Leah Reiser Governor's Cup Awards Chanel Leiva Virginia Braswell Lucy Zheng Outstanding District Officer Award Izah Tahir Outstanding District Chair Award Erica Zheng David A. Kelly Hall of Fame Inductees Amanda Lang Michelle Vo



It was a foggy morning in Macon, Georgia, on Saturday, February 27th. Board members and club delegates gathered (in a socially-distant manner) at the large conference room in the Marriott and on everyone’s favorite video conferencing platform (Zoom) to celebrate a year of service and elect the new district board for the 2021-2022 year. Initially, personally I was worried that only one candidate was running for lieutenant governor, when there were five spots to fill. Colin Ochs was a dedicated servant leader and journalism major at the University of Georgia, but he could not have been lieutenant governor for the entire state. That defeats the purpose of “lieutenant.” We had a delicious, healthy snack of fresh fruit, sliced veggies, ranch dressing, and coffee. During this time Josh Carll and other members of the district board were able to convince Stacy Aragon, Nicholas Spader, and current Membership, Development, and Education Chair Jasmine Brown to run for lieutenant governor. They were all extremely well-spoken even though they had only a few short minutes to craft speeches. And fantastic news, all four lieutenant governors were voted in! I am so excited and relieved that we have four now, and we may add another very soon. Georgia Tech soon-to-be graduates Amanda Lang and Michelle Vo were inducted into the David A. Kelly Hall of Fame. Governor Leah Reiser was awarded the Katie Hunley Award for her service to the district, and she was endorsed to run for international office this July! Public Relations Chair Erica Zheng was voted as the board’s “Outstanding Committee Chair,” and she was elected as the new Bulletin Editor! Erica has done a phenomenal job revamping Georgia Circle K’s footprint on Instagram and Facebook this year, even though we had limited in-person presence.


Finally, Metro Lieutenant Governor Izah Tahir was awarded “Outstanding District Board Member” and elected as District Governor for the 2021-2022 service year. Izah has demonstrated unwavering support to her clubs and I believe she will be a zealous Governor for Georgia next year. Two weeks later, on Saturday, March 13th, Circle K members (with special guests Darryl Gumz, Kiwanis Governor-Elect; Joey Cain, Circle K International Vice President; and Lucy Zheng, immediate past Georgia Circle K Governor) hopped on Zoom to participate in workshops and receive awards for their amazing service year! Our first workshop covered sustainable living, and was led by Angelica Duncan, a Circle K’er herself and an MPH student at Georgia Southern. Her passion bled through the screen as she preached on how humans are contaminating the water supply, using too much water too quickly, and not doing their part to protect the earth. Attendees visited watercalculator.org to determine how much water they were using on a daily basis, and we realized that we average more than 1,000 gallons a day, when some families in Haiti must share only five gallons of water a day. We also learned how harmful chemicals like phosphates can end up in our own water supply. We learned that we should be more cognizant of how we treat our planet. Next, we had a professional career panel with former Circle K’ers Marisa Hoenig, a software developer; Virginia Braswell, a loan partner; and Christine Farsi, a chemical engineer. They answered questions about everything under the sun, including how to make friends after college, how to stand out in the workplace as a woman, and more. We were left with the sense that Circle K is a great organization that trains members to lead and serve their communities, even if they are unsure of what they want to do professionally. It is totally normal to be unsure of what your “dream job” is immediately after college – the journey to happiness is lifelong. Finally, we ended the night off with the awards ceremony. This year we got to hear inspirational words from all club presidents. Timothy Van Johnson, president of the Circle K at the University of West Georgia and recipient of the Keith Bailey Outstanding President Award, commended all Circle K members for staying strong during the pandemic and encouraged us to keep being ourselves and serving the community. Jocelyn Wesley’s cheers could be heard from planets away. District Board members also hosted two rounds of Pie-in-the-Face to raise money for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) in Haiti. At the end of the night, our collective suffering was able to raise $645. I personally don’t like being pied in the face - it’s just not good for my skin, but the fact that we were able to raise awareness and funds so that more people in Haiti can access clean water is worth it. Thank you to all our Pie-in-the-Face sponsors that made this possible. Though unconventional, this year’s District Convention was a heartwarming and humbling experience for all District Board members. We realize that Zoom fatigue is still very real, so we embedded lots of breaks into our program. We hope that next year will resume more normalcy, and we’re certain that the passionate members and leaders who continue to foster relationships within the Georgia District will keep Circle K strong. Thanks for a great year of service!!







WASH is a Circle K service initiative that stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and aims to provide education and funding for access to clean, safe water in Haiti. The Georgia District did an amazing job fundraising for the WASH Project with our members raising a total of $9,000 this year, which is three times the district goal of $3,000! This amount can provide school latrines to improve sanitation for approximately 300 students, an emergency water storage tank with tap stands for 250 people, two hand pumps that provide safe water to entire communities, water purification tablets for 130,000 liters of safe water, and 1,000 deworming tablets for children. Fundraising initiatives this year include our October WASHme6k club competition and our March Pie-in-the-Face fundraiser. By being sponsored to walk or run six kilometers each day in the month of October, our members raised a total of $2,751.05 during the WASHme6k competition. Shoutout to ABAC for raising the most money with $1,084 raised! During the online Awards & Workshops Session for District Convention, all board members were sponsored to pie themselves in the face with shaving cream. Through this fundraiser, we were able to raise $645! With additional donations and matching fundraising, our district reached a total of $9,000. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to our WASH fundraising achievements!


Hello Club Presidents! You really didn’t think we would miss an opportunity to

recognize how amazing you all have been? Thank you for giving this year everything you have. Your role is not an

easy one. From running meetings, planning service projects, helping your fellow officers, communicating with your club

members and more you have been constantly active trying to make sure everything gets done.

You have all proven

your strength, determination, knowledge, kindness, and more

throughout this year. It has truly been an honor to get to

know each and every one of you throughout this term and to see first hand all of the incredible work you all have

done. We are truly thankful for all of your hard work and dedication to making this district and your home club the best they could possibly be!

I wish you all the best of luck

in everything that you decide to do! Love,

Leah Reiser


By GOVERNOR Leah Reiser



Georgia State University

Valdosta State University

Kennesaw State University

University of Georgia

University of West Georgia

University of North Georgia

Georgia Southern University

East Georgia State College

LaGrange College

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural Georgia Tech


Emory University

Oxford College of Emory

Georgia State University

2020 -2021

Membership 161 / 300

Chartered or Reactivated Clubs 0/2

Awards & Workshops Session 43+ Attendees Note: there is an overlap of at least 18 attendees that attended both DCON and the Awards & Workshops Session


FMR Attendees 24 / 60 DCON Attendees 33 / 70

Service Hours 1007 / 2500

Money Raised for WASH $9000 / $3000

Mountains Division

Perimeter Division

Dalton State College

Kennesaw State University

University of North Georgia

Oxford College of Emory University of Georgia

Metro Division

Coastal Division

Emory University

East Georgia State

Georgia Institute of



Georgia Southern

Georgia State University


LaGrange College University of West Georgia

Plains Division Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Valdosta State University


Circle K International is college and university students who are responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to community service worldwide. Circle K inspires people to better our world.


Thanks to everyone who participated in our Pie in the Face Fundraiser! It was unlike any PIF we’ve done before, but you guys brought a lot of energy and made it a lot of fun! Shout out to anyone who donated and everyone who was willing to sacrifice their face for the greater good. I know it’s not the face mask any of us asked for, but we raised over $1,000 for WASH so it was definitely worth it!





Grayson is a 3rd year biological engineer and an essential member of the University of Georgia branch of Circle K International. In the past year, he has attended several service projects across the Athens area. Grayson recently ran for, and was elected as president of Circle K UGA, citing his love of the community that the club generates. He plans to effectively and safely reintroduce Circle K to the Athens community following the repeal of COVID precautions.



University of Georgia Circle K did not let the pandemic stop their love for service! They understood that this was a time that volunteers are especially appreciated, so the University of Georgia wasted no time. Members helped at Project Safe, Hardigree Wildlife Sanctuary, the City of Hope at Athens, and much more! The Athens community truly valued their commitment and effort. Their members also loved interacting with each other again, safely distanced. It was much needed to maintain our emphasis on fellowship! The club can’t wait to continue to do their part next year, and they’re so excited to see what they have in store! Go Dawgs!!!


The school year may be coming closer to a close but the new CKI year is just beginning! Kick things off with these ideas for fun, easy service projects you can do at your club’s meetings!

No-Slip Socks

With some paint and socks, you can easily make socks with grip that can be donated to a hospital or nursing home! It’s the perfect project to unleash your inner artist with wacky patterns and designs! What you need: -Dimensional fabric paint -White crew socks -Thin cardboard -Scissors 1) Cut out a cardboard template in the shape of the foot of the sock and slip inside the sock to allow the fabric to lie flat 2) Use the fabric paint to decorate the bottom of the socks with whatever patterns or shapes you like! 3) Let dry for a day


Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Using popsicles sticks and markers, you can make puzzles for children at the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta! What you need: -jumbo popsicle sticks -markers -masking tape -plastic sealable sandwich bags 1) Lay out 8 jumbo popsicle sticks side-by-side and lay a strip of tape across them to bind them together 2) Flip the bound sticks over and use markers to draw a picture on the sticks. Be sure each stick has some color! 3) When your picture is done, remove the tape and put the sticks in a plastic bag for storage. Now kids can take out the sticks and put the picture back together!



New Club Officers, Congratulations on your elections! You have all shown just how capable you are and I look forward to seeing what all you accomplish in your year. Don’t worry though, we aren’t just going to leave you to figure out everything on your own. We will always be here for you and to answer any questions you may have. To make sure we give you all the tools you need and for you to be able to meet other leaders from around the state who are in the same positions at you, we have made this year’s Club Officer Leadership Training or COLT for short. This year COLT will take place on April 24th and we have some amazing things planned for you all. You will get a chance to meet the District Board, learn more about CKI and your position, interact with those who have the same position as you and more! Mark your calendars and I hope to see you there! If you have any questions about this event you can contact me at leahreiser.cki@gmail.com or your Governor-Elect Izah Tahir at governor@georgiacirclek.org . I look forward to seeing everyone and having a spectacular day!


By GOVERNOR Leah Reiser

Hello Georgia CKI! Outside of the District, we host a few events as an entire organization. Our biggest event as an organization is our International Convention or CKIx. However, our plans have had to shift a bit from our original plan of going to Austin Texas. Due to current safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, CKIx has been cancelled. BUT that does not mean we are not planning anything! While we may have had to cancel the convention I have the honor of inviting everyone to our Education and Leadership Conference in partnership with Kiwanis International. This event will take place June 2426th in Salt Lake City Utah! Registration for this event will be live soon so be on the lookout as registration for the event is limited! While this event is available in person we also have an online option for it. Come spend the weekend meeting your International Board, members from all around the world, hearing great speakers, attending workshops, and seeing awards! Speaking of awards I encourage everyone to look at awards and apply for any that you can! If you have any questions on awards you can reach out to the Governing Documents and Awards Committee Chair (that's me! leahreiser.cki@gmail.com) or the Governing Documents and Awards Committee Liaison (Hannah Spargur (trusteehannah@circlek.org) Club Awards (Due Friday, May 14 at 12 pm): Charter of the Year Award Club Achievement Award Outstanding Kiwanis Family Relations Award Club Promotional Video Award Outstanding Single Service Award Outstanding Club Recruitment Award Individual Awards (Due Friday, May 14th at 12pm): Circle K International Hall of Fame Award New Member of the Year Award Returning General Member of the Year I hope to see everyone in Salt Lake City or online!

25 By GOVERNOR Leah Reiser



I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve as District Secretary-Treasurer this year and to continue improving in this role in the upcoming Circle K year. I remember running for this position off the floor during last year’s DCON without really knowing what I was getting into but hoping that I could give back and contribute to this organization that has given me much more than I ever anticipated. Thank you to all the club secretaries, treasurers, and secretarytreasurers! Your work is essential for the District Board to be updated on how our district is doing and how we can help, so I appreciate the time you put in throughout this year to help us support you and your clubs. I hope that I was able to help you be successful in your roles and will continue to support you however I can.


Secretary Treasurer Georgia District Circle K

Reflecting on my experience this year, I enjoyed getting to know other Circle K’ers, albeit mostly virtually, and helping others as best I could, ranging from getting club officers MUC access to participating in service projects. I’m impressed with how well we have persevered through adversity and adapted to new conditions. One of my favorite ways that we adapted this year is having online socials that allow Circle K’ers from all over Georgia and the world to get to know each other from the comfort of their own homes. Through these events, I have honed my mediocre drawing skills with skribbl.io and broken picturephone and my thinking on the fly with numerous rounds of scattergories. Time has felt a little wonky and unreal this entire year, and April 1st is approaching too quickly, but I’m lucky that my time on District Board will continue with another term and another group of amazing individuals. Having served a term as District Secretary-Treasurer, I now have a better grasp of what to improve in my role and am already thinking about how to implement these changes. I look forward to this new Circle K year that will inevitably have challenges but also unforgettable memories!


This year has gone by so quickly. I am honored to have served as the Georgia District as the bulletin editor this year. Although Covid challenged us this year in many ways, I am proud to say that we came through strong together. I appreciate everyone for being so flexible and positive though those challenges and the changes we had to go through. Thank you to all the readers and writers of the kronicles. These four documents that hold our work, memories, and record of our special moments would not have been possible without you guys. And thank you to all the Georgia district Circle K members who made our district shine with service, leadership, and fellowship. Although my days as the Georgia district bulletin editor ends here, I am excited to say that I will be serving the Georgia district once more as the conventions chair next year. I will be in charge of both FMR and District Convention! Once again, thank you everyone who are reading HYERAN PARK

Bulletin Editor Georgia District Circle K


this and I hope to see you next year!

It has been an amazing experience to get to serve the Coastal Division as their lieutenant governor. Even though this past year has put many in difficult and unfamiliar situations, I am extremely grateful to have been part of the Georgia Circle K district. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many of the officers and members in the coastal division. I am sure looking back on this past year in the future I will be able to reminisce about the fun times I was thankful to have. I am super proud to see the clubs adapt and overcome this difficult year and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the coastal division. Working with this year’s district board has been a wonderful opportunity. I really learned a lot from my peers as well as those who I got to work closely with in the coastal division. Teamwork plays a major role in my position, and I am grateful to say that working with and for the Georgia District has been the best team I have ever served. To whomever becomes the next Coastal Lieutenant governor I wish you all the best as this is truly an amazing district. BRADEN VAUGHN

Coastal Division LTG Georgia District Circle K


Serving as Metro LTG this year was definitely a roller-coaster. We had to get used to online service, online socials, online fundraisers, and even online banquets, but I’m thankful to have had such an awesome group of presidents to work with. Every club is different, and I learned a lot about how each club operates and got to meet so many fun, different personalities from throughout the division. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t tiring at times, but there’s nothing better than seeing the success of a club and knowing you helped make it happen. This year, my favorite memory was definitely my division social. I loved playing Among Us with everyone—though I still can’t believe that Daniel Scarborough got caught in the act and convinced us all to vote off poor Luis instead. It was a brutal game, but it was really fun!


Metro Division LTG Georgia District Circle K


For next year’s Metro LTG, I would say: be ready to do a lot of communicating. Whether it’s with clubs, presidents, Kiwanians, or the governor, you’re going to constantly be in meetings and sending emails to get or spread information. However, at the end, you’ll have made a lot of new connections with remarkable people from all around the state. If you’re anything like me, you might even get a roommate or two out of it! You’re in for a wild ride, but don’t forget to have fun along the way!

Having been a part of the Kiwanis family for almost 8 years I never thought I would serve on the Georgia District Board. When I was presented with the opportunity to run, I wasn’t hesitant, because I love this organization. I have learned more about communication and leadership over this past year than I could have imagined. I got to serve as the Perimeter Division LTG with an amazing district board, who were welcoming from day one. Even in these challenging times we did an amazing job and I am proud of the part that I got to play in it. It wasn’t easy doing the articles for Kronicle or doing the monthly reports, but reflecting back on my time in the K-Family and the friends I made, and the skills I learned, I would say it was all worth the effort. It is a bittersweet moment as the fun I had with this organization is coming to an end, but looking back only the good memories come to my mind.


Perimeter Division LTG Georgia District Circle K

I enjoyed all aspects of being on the district board and all the activities that came with it. My favorite was the Fall Membership Retreat, it was a well needed break for all of us during the past year. I was really happy about the district board having done a great job by following all safety protocols. The highlight of this event was the Georgia-Florida game and even though the result was disappointing, we made the best of the circumstances. I want to thank everyone on the district board for being so welcoming and helpful. I also want to thank our Kiwanis family for all their help. To the next Perimeter Division LTG, Colin Ochs, I have no doubt that you will do an amazing job. I have known you for a year and have seen your passion for service. The only advice I can offer you is that you have an amazing governor and district board serving alongside you, you can always count on them for help.


I’m so glad I had the opportunity this year to serve as an LTG and take part in the service, leadership, and fellowship going on in the Mountains Division. My time on District Board has been such an amazing experience. I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most incredibly driven, passionate, and caring people I know. Working with my fellow board members never fails to inspire me to put my all into my role and reminds me why I love Circle K so much. From Fall Membership Retreat, to District Day of Service, to District Convention, the Georgia District never fails to create opportunities for its members to bond, share experiences, and truly understand that even when they may get discouraged back at their home club, they’re never truly alone. For that reason, my time in the District has been so meaningful to me. It’s hard to believe that this is my last year in the club, but I’ll never forget all the memories I’ve made with my K-fam!


Mountains Division LTG Georgia District Circle K


To my successor, I can’t wait for you to meet all the outstanding Circle K’ers and Kiwanians in the Mountains Division. I encourage you to be their biggest cheerleader and offer them the support and love that puts the Georgia District a step above the rest! If you ever feel discouraged, always remember you have the support of your fellow board members too! Under your leadership I feel confident that the Mountains Division will continue to grow and thrive!

It has been a great Circle K year, thanks to the efforts of all of our members who continued to dedicate time and energy into preserving the Circle K spirit. It has not been an easy year, but we did our best in navigating these unprecedented times. I have enjoyed serving you all as Public Relations Chair this past term. As PR Chair, I have had the honor of relaying messages to our community, showcasing the hard work of Georgia Circle K’s clubs, and sharing with you all our achievements and awards. I met many amazing new people through this position and learned many lessons related to leadership, social-media-management, and making graphics. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to grow as a person and a leader. Thank you all for your persistence and may the new Circle K year be full of renewed Circle K spirit.


Public Relations Chair Georgia District Circle K


There were some positives about the pandemic this year. I got to spend more quality time with my little sister before I move out of state. I’ve picked up hobbies, like sewing, cooking, and BTS. I’ve been able to do a wider range of service that I couldn’t normally do, like judge national debate tournaments and tutor kids virtually. I had the opportunity to practice reaching out to people and communicating over Zoom. Of course, it wasn’t my ideal senior year in Circle K. I hold the International Finance Committee Chair role for CKI and at the start of the year I was incredibly distraught by how much the pandemic negatively affected membership and members’ abilities to pay dues. I wanted to assure members that it’s okay if you can’t pay dues this year; you can still do service; we won’t penalize you for not paying dues. I’m really impressed by the Georgia District’s dedication to remaining a strong district, and I want to thank Leah and Wendy for passionately and empathetically reaching out to clubs when they needed help.


District Convention Chair & Webmaster Georgia District Circle K

I wanted to become friends with other Circle K members, visit their schools, and participate in their service projects. Though the district was successful in planning Covid-safe in-person events, I personally was hesitant to take part in them because I live with my immunocompromised grandmother and I understand the difficulty of following strict social-distancing and mask-wearing rules. I am extremely grateful our District Board and other Circle K members were able to swallow some discomfort and gather together in a safe manner. If you’re reading this I hope you know you’re part of a great, student-led organization that provides leadership, fellowship, and service opportunities for college students who want to make the world a better place. I have sharpened my communication skills, made lifelong friends, and cultivated an intrinsic passion for service fulfilling my various roles on the District Board thus far. I know the District will be in good hands next year, and I hope everyone stays safe, healthy, and happy!


This year, I am extremely grateful I got to experience being on the district board again. Though being both Service and FMR chair was very challenging, I was able to learn a lot through these roles, including how to plan district-wide events and lead committee meetings. These roles allowed me to step out of my comfort zone by putting me in leadership positions I would have never seen myself doing prior to this year. It has made me more comfortable public speaking and encouraged me to be more approachable. As Service chair, my most memorable project was the Pie in the Face fundraiser. I was excited to bring back this fundraiser and incorporate it virtually into this year’s District Convention. The board was able to raise over $600 and it was exciting to see all of the board members get pied for WASH. We would not have been able to make it happen with all our sponsors!


Fall Membership Retreat & Service Chair Georgia District Circle K

As FMR chair, Fall Membership Retreat was an unforgettable challenge. The retreat was an exciting three-day weekend filled with a lot of service, leadership, and fellowship. Fall Membership retreat has always been my favorite event, but planning the whole event made it more meaningful! I met so many new Circle K members this year and the whole weekend was a fun bonding experience. Though precautions were taken to make the event safe, it ended up being very successful! My advice for the next service chair and FMR chair would be to allocate the work! You are not alone! I would not have been able to plan such successful events without my committee members. Everyone was willing to help regardless of how difficult the task was. Try to make your meetings as interactive as possible. It will allow you to get to know your board members better as well as keep the meetings productive by sharing ideas! Finally, planning districtwide events is not an easy task. Both District Day of Service and Fall Membership Retreat was the most challenging aspects of the roles. Make sure you develop a schedule for the semester and set deadlines. Reach out to your committee administrator as much as possible to make sure you are on track! I cannot wait to see what you are able to do next year! Good luck!



Childhood Development: CKI members are committed to empowering children of all backgrounds to prepare them for life and to become caring members of a global community. Realizing the impact that children of all backgrounds have on our current society, and their future impact is vital to any organization. Through empowering children we hope to bring about a larger impact within our communities not only today, but in the years to come. Service Partners: St. Baldricks Foundation St. Baldricks Foundation is a volunteer and donor powered charity organization whose goal is to fund promising research to find cures to childhood cancer. CKI members can participate by asking for donations “on their head” and then shave their heads in solidarity with kids fighting cancer. Preferred Charities: March of Dimes The March of Dimes is a non-profit organization that leads the fight for the health of all moms and their babies by working to prevent birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. CKI members can raise money and participate in the annual March for Babies to support the charity. Environmental Justice: CKI members are committed to combating the global climate crisis and alleviating its effects, thus protecting our shared planet for future generations. Many CKI members are passionate about this issue and working to find ways within their communities to make an impact. Through revising our service initiatives and working to find partners that promote our members goals, we hope to support our members in this movement. Service Partners: WASH Preferred Charities: UNICEFWASH, which stands for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, is a program in Haiti that works to provide access to safe drinking water, ways to separate human waste from contact with people, and basic toilets. CKI members can support WASH by working with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which is an organization that works to provide medicine, clear water, vaccines, and educational opportunities for children in over 190 countries. Food Insecurity & Homelessness: CKI members are committed to reducing food waste and contributing to the equitable distribution of food and shelter. Our members have already found many different ways to get involved with this issue, and by recognizing this as an issue that we can address as college students we can make a real and substantial impact in our communities.


Service Partners: Students Team Up to Fight Hunger (STUFH), Better World Books Students Team Up to Fight Hunger (STUFH) is a national nonprofit organization whose main goal is to feed the hungry and raise awareness among college students about food insecurity. CKI members can get involved by organizing food drives on their campus, donating their time to local food banks, and growing their own food to donate to their local soup kitchens.Better World Books is an online nonprofit organization that uses books collected primarily through book drives and resells them online. Each time a book is purchased, a book is donated to someone in need. CKI members can get involved by visiting the Book Drive research center on the website and signing up to hold a book drive on their college campus. Mental Health: CKI members are committed to promoting self-care while spreading awareness about and breaking the stigma that surrounds mental health. Members are working to both break the stigma and promote self-care both inside and outside of our organization. This is an issue that is not just growing within our organization but across college campuses in general. Service Partners: Active Minds Actives Minds is a nonprofit organization that supports mental health awareness and education for young adults, through education, research, advocacy, and a focus on young adults ages 14-25. CKI members can get involved by opening up the conversation about mental health, spreading awareness, and fundraising money to support the organization. All proceeds support their suicide prevention activities for high school and college students.


HEALTHY: Health and Exercise Always Leads To Happier Youth (HEALTHY) is a district program that focuses on teaching children to eat healthier and lead more active lifestyles. CKI members can get involved by hosting a fitness activity at an afterschool program for kids, creating coloring books that encourage healthy eating, and organizing a community hike for families. HOME: Helping Other Motivate Everyone (HOME) is a district initiative to raise awareness to homelessness and food insecurity. The initiative was created to help support the clubs that volunteer, fundraise, and donate to places such as their local food bank, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter. CKI members can also host food drives to help their local community. GSYH: Georgia Sheriff Youth Homes is a district project that helps give our state’s most atrisk children the love, safety, and stability they need. There are five locations in Georgia and at each home, children are given valuable services, such as academic and life skills education, that will help them grow into responsible, successful, adults. CKI members can help by making donations of money or items such as furniture, tools, and appliances to the homes.



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