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Expert Witnesses And Police Excessive Force Cases

Expert witnesses are important people in Lawsuits concerning many field of work. Various professions such as doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, politicians, bankers, and engineers need expert witnesses at some point in their life if prosecuted with any misconduct.

Police use of force Expert Witness has become popular nowadays. Both the accused and the suitors can use expert testimonies. The biggest percentage of members of jury is not fully equipped with law enactments, policies, and the conduct of disciplinary bodies as evident from various cases presented on social media, TV news, documentaries, and movies.

Characteristics of Expert Witnesses

They have excellent communication skills

They have the ability of translating legal jargons and issues in a standard language

Their life experience is extensive

They showcase excellent stage rapport

They earn their living through witnessing

Most of them are leaders in their expert fields

Reasons to use Excessive Force Expert Witnesses in Police Litigation

The expert has in-depth training on police cases and definitely appeals to the jury

Excessive force lawsuits go beyond typical legal skills

The plaintiff and defendant might need to establish a degree of comfort as far as facts of the case are concerned

Force expert witnesses have the privilege of giving opinions unlike the common witnesses, and can convince the judge to rule in favor of a police officer.

Force expert witnesses can solve puzzles for juries

Case Example Consider an alleged suit of a policeman using excessive force on a civilian. Court can rule that an expert witness of the prosecutor cannot present an argument on the amount of force that the policeman is supposed to use in such kind of a case. If appropriate plaintiff’s expert testimony is not presented, the court has the mandate to grant non-suit.

Final Thoughts In a lay man’s term, police use of force expert witness must yield a realistic opinion for a matter which is reasonably above typical expertise to help the jury make a verdict.

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