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GenNarrations July 2020

Ignited by beauty, truth & goodness Bicentenary of the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus Learning at a Distance during COVID-19 Reflection: Year 7 in 1970 - Part One



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RACHAEL BEVERIDGE rachael.beveridge@genazzano.vic.edu.au COVER IMAGE 2019/20 Student Prefects. Photographed by MSP Photography. We gratefully acknowledge the many contributions made by staff, students and alumnae to this edition of GenNarrations. SHARE YOUR NEWS If you would like to provide content or photos for future editions of GenNarrations, please email: alumnae@genazzano.vic.edu.au


Message from the Principal Karen Jebb | Principal

I hope this edition of GenNarrations provides much comfort in knowing you are part of a very close knit and supportive community. This year marks an important milestone in the history of the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, their Bicentenary Anniversary. Unfortunately, the community events that were planned to mark this special occasion have been postponed; however, the online FCJ community has been very active in sharing their story and prayers. In choosing our College theme for 2020, we were inspired by this bicentenary anniversary. Marie Madeleine d’Houët, founder of the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, was ignited by beauty, truth and goodness, and through her relationship with God she was inspired to begin the religious order 200 years ago. As a school founded by the Society 131 years ago, this year Genazzano is exploring what it means to be Ignited by beauty, truth & goodness as our College theme. Our Commencement Eucharist was a special occasion for our school community and we were blessed to have three Sisters FCJ join us and acknowledge their bicentenary celebrations. The launching of our 2020 College theme, Ignited by beauty, truth & goodness was particularly moving. Fr Brendan Reed, our College Chaplain, commented on our beautifully planned Eucharists and how much he enjoys leading these celebrations. We too are blessed to have him delivering such meaningful and inspiring homilies. This year’s Eucharist in Centenary Hall also marks a first for Genazzano as a concelebrated Eucharist. Fr Trac, who was ordained at the end of last year is assisting Fr Brendan in the three parishes and will be involved in a number of College activities over the year. On behalf of the College community, I would like to welcome Fr Trac and pray for God’s blessings on his priestly

ministry. In April, the College had two students recognised as Victorian Premiers Award winners, Isabelle Brugliera, College Dux 2019 and Emily Condon, 2020 Sports Captain. Isabelle received the Top AllRound VCE High Achiever Award, which is awarded to students who achieve study scores of 46 or higher in at least five VCE subjects, as well as the Premier’s Study Awards for Chemistry and Mathematical Methods. Emily, a current Year 12 student, who completed Health and Human Development in 2019, received the Premier’s Study Award in recognition of achieving the top result in a single subject and high merits in individual graded assessment. We also celebrated the completion of stage one of the visual arts redevelopment. This three-month building project incorporated the renovation of four visual arts studios, the creation of a dedicated VCE art workshop space, a new visual arts teachers and technician’s staffroom and a brand new roof. Mrs Saville, Curriculum Leader: Creative Arts, who worked closely with her team and the architects to plan this redevelopment, shed tears of joy when she saw the end product. Equally excited were the visual arts teachers, technicians, and most importantly, our students. I heard screams of joy and many comments about what the girls loved about their newly developed art studios. In celebrating the bicentenary of the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, we are reminded that Marie Madeleine d’Houët, was ahead of her time advocating for girls to be educated and extended the same opportunities as men.

Two hundred years later, Marie Madeleine’s dream is a reality at Genazzano, where our students have the courage and confidence to pursue the career they aspire to. The legacy of Marie Madeleine and the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus continues as our young women navigate the challenges of their generation. A challenge that at the moment, not even Marie Madeleine would have predicted, COVID-19. I often see the strong impact role modelling has within the school community, as our younger students look up to and emulate our older students. Our all-girls’ environment opens up every possibility as they see Genazzano girls and alumnae advocate for a socially just and peaceful world. Every school year is full of energy and change and I extend my sincere thanks to our teachers and staff, who continue to nurture and lead our wonderful learning culture. They are incredibly dedicated and hardworking and I am confident that we will continue to see further development and improvement – something which I am excited and passionate about. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, may we strive to witness the beauty, truth and goodness in our school community and our world. God of grace and God of mercy, hear our prayers at this time. Strengthen us, by your Spirit, so that we may carry on our lives as best as we are able, looking out for others, showing love in action, being faithful in prayer, and bringing encouragement, hope and peace; always trusting in you, our Rock and our Redeemer. These prayers we bring to you in Jesus’ name. Amen. 1


Message from the Chair of College Council Kevin Frawley | Chair of College Council

We draw inspiration and strength from the College’s Ignatian heritage and Catholic identity. Founded by the Sisters FCJ in 1889, Genazzano FCJ College continues to nurture the talents of all the young women who walk through its gates. In this 200th year of the Sisters FCJ, we reflect upon their significant contributions to our College community and their commitment to educating strong and thoughtful young women. We pay tribute this year to their FCJ Society and their mission to help those less fortunate, by celebrating their motto as our College theme for 2020 – Ignited by beauty truth & goodness. Particularly during times of change and unrest, we draw inspiration and strength from our Ignatian heritage and Catholic identity. Together as a learning community we challenge our students and ourselves to live and act with discernment. We hold dear our values of life as a gift of God to be developed and shared, of companionship with God and one another, the intrinsic dignity of each individual, the contribution of women to the Church and society, and education as a lifelong journey. Although we’ve experienced a different start to the 2020 year, we continue to embrace our commitment to excellence following a year of outstanding VCE achievements in 2019. With 50% of students receiving an ATAR of 90 or above, our learning culture and partnership model where educators, students and parents work together is achieving results. I pay tribute to our teaching staff for their ongoing commitment, professionalism and dedication to our


girls through the current, difficult times. It is pleasing to see some key elements of the Infrastructure Master Plan delivered in the first half of the year, with stage one of the Visual Arts redevelopment completed, providing vibrant new work spaces for students and staff to collaborate. We’ve also made progress with obtaining heritage approval for the separate learning centre for our Years 5 and 6 girls, on the site beside Grange Hill, and planning for upgrades to the Sports and Fitness Centre is underway. There has also been significant investment in technology with Clevertouch interactive displays introduced into Grange Hill, the new art rooms and Years 11 and 12 classrooms. In the meantime, our IT platform has enabled our Learning at a Distance Program, allowing our girls to continue to be connected to the College while physically away, and for engagement with teachers to continue seamlessly. I congratulate all members of our College community on a courageous start to the school year and wish everyone well as the year progresses. May you find inspiration and comfort from our FCJ tradition and the vision of Marie Madeleine d’Houët, to educate young women so they can embark on their futures with courage and confidence, despite the challenges which present themselves.


Bicentenary of the Sisters FCJ Charles Watt | Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission

Even in the midst of living with the restrictions of living in a COVID-19 world, every member of the Gen community is aware that this year marks the 200th Bicentenary of the founding of the Society, Faithful Companions of Jesus. Celebrate with Joy are three words we find at the bottom of the official FCJ logo designed to commemorate the Sisters’ Bicentenary. Three words not placed as an afterthought, but to point to an aspect that lies at the heart of the FCJ charism—Joy. When we look at the three images on this page, we are drawn to the joy evident in each one of them. Each image conveys a ‘zest for life’ in responding to and actively living out God’s call to lead and serve as a Faithful Companion of Jesus.

The charism painting was born out of reflecting on the ways in which the FCJ charism of companionship is expressed. This is the special gift that the Society FCJ is called to offer to the world and the church. In July 1996, Helen Roberts represented what companionship looks

like. When you look at how each woman is shown, you cannot miss the dance and joy evident in living out the call to be a Faithful Companion.

It can broaden our vision; it can help us understand more fully the present and hopefully gives us an enriched sense of the gift we carry into the future.

There was a woman sent from God; she came as a witness to the light, to the word who was in the world, through whom the world was made. Her name was Magdalen! Marie Madeleine Victoire de Bengy de Bonnault d’Houët. “I want”, she said, “to be associated with religious, who will be called Faithful Companions of Jesus”. A modern representation known to every Gen girl is that of Marie Madeleine. When you study the face of the Foundress depicted here, you cannot miss the peace and resolve that comes with prayer and discernment and the joyful courage and confidence Marie Madeleine modelled in her actions to her sisters and those to whom she ministered.

On the FCJ international website, the story and history of the Sisters FCJ can be studied. As is noted on the Sisters’ website, “We hope that by exploring our history you can come to a more profound appreciation of the mystery of God’s faithfulness throughout our history and therefore be filled with hope that God will carry forward what he has begun for his service and praise and for the aid of his people”. (FCJ Constitutions 351)

The artwork developed to represent the 200th anniversary represents the FCJ cross prominently, with life-giving water flowing from it bringing life to the full wherever it flows. This ‘life to the full’ (John 10:10) is symbolised in the abundant green and diverse plant growth. The joy is conveyed in the use of bright colours and dynamic imagery. The words around the central design harken back to the words of Marie Madeleine d’Houët: ‘Le Bon Dieu conduit tout lui-même’—‘God is doing everything’. Because of this reality, our response is to Celebrate with Joy.

As members of the Genazzano FCJ College community, we celebrate that we have been blessed with courageous, gifted and visionary Sisters who founded our school in 1889 and over the decades have led us into becoming the College we are today. May we continue to remain ‘Fidelis’—faithful— to their original vision as we journey into a future filled with great promise. To read more on the history of the Sisters FCJ, please visit www.fcjsisters.org/ourstory/the-ongoing-story/.

To those of us engaged in the FCJ ministry of education, knowledge of the history of the Faithful Companions of Jesus gives us a sense of the rich heritage that is ours. 3


College Theme

Ignited by beauty, truth & goodness Charles Watt | Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission

Gen girls Sophie Redman, Siena Wheeler and Amelie Wheeler each dance down three aisles to the beautiful music of John Rutter’s, For the Beauty of the Earth. As they reach a large box at the front of their respective aisles, Isabel Rattray, our Drama Prefect for 2020, spoke the following words: Beauty – the beauty in creation, the beauty in human beings, a lightness of spirit, the dance of the heart, the dignity of each person... Truth – being a Faithful Companion, being true to my beliefs, honesty in my words and actions, justice in my dealings with others... Goodness – service to others, othercentred, excellence in all I do, doing the right thing, being kind and gentle... At the end of these words, each girl stands on her box and adopts a striking pose representing the quality of beauty, truth or goodness. Our Commencement Eucharist in February now seems a world away, but as I write this reflection on our College Theme for 2020, following months of learning at a distance, my memory 4

springs back to that joyful and celebratory moment. In developing our College theme for 2020, we were naturally drawn to the words used by the Sisters FCJ in the poster design promoting their Bicentenary year, ‘beauty, truth and goodness’. God’s beauty can be understood as an inner radiance or shine coming from God’s very nature, and this beauty of God is something God communicates and infuses in all of creation. Ecclesiastes 3:11 observes ‘God has made everything beautiful in its time, God has placed eternity into the human heart’. Perhaps God’s overwhelming beauty and glory underpins one of the warnings found in the Old Testament (Exodus 33:20), that no one can look upon the face of God and live – God is too beautiful for our human minds and hearts to comprehend! We believe God’s beauty is reflected in the beauty of creation and in each human being as ‘made in the image of God’. (Genesis 1:27). God’s truth and its power is very evident in

the Scriptures. The psalmist prays ‘Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my saviour, and my hope is in you all day long, all your words are true, all your laws are eternal’. (Psalm 119:116). God is true to his nature as creator; God is faithful to us and urges us to be true to ourselves, one another and to God. As God’s Son, Jesus in his person, actions, words and message radiates the truth of God, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life’. (John 16:6). God’s goodness is evident from the very first moments of creation, ‘and God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good’. (Genesis 1:31). The Decalogue’s first three Commandments focus on the goodness of God as being creator and saviour; the following seven Commandments are God’s injunctions of how we are to be ethically and morally good to our fellow human beings. God’s goodness for us Christians is incarnated in Jesus, ‘for God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal


life’. (John 3:16). This goodness is definitely something to be celebrated with profound joy and humility. The founding spirit of the Sisters of Genazzano sought to educate their girls in elegant buildings cradled in beautiful gardens. For them, following the vision of Marie Madeleine, an engagement with beauty, truth and goodness in the school curriculum awakens and enlivens the virtue of humility; a virtue which, in turn, opens our eyes to wonder. And it is wonder that leads us to contemplation and to a recognition of the fullness of reality, which is God. The cultivation of wonder is an essential ingredient of true Ignatian education and its key is to have a love and appreciation of beauty, truth and goodness. The true, life-giving education we offer at Genazzano is an education that recognises and embraces a world filled with beauty,

truth and goodness. It is an education that requires virtue from those who undertake it. It is easy to see why an education in pursuit of truth—of He who is the Truth—will include formation in a range of disciplines: theology, scripture, philosophy, history, the sciences, mathematics, media studies, physical education and sports, literature, and the liberal arts.

the breaking of the bread. It is when he disappears from their sight they recognise his true nature, the One who is Beautiful, True and Good. Their reaction? ‘Did not our hearts burn?’ (Luke 24: 32). They were ignited to spread the message and presence of God in our world. Such a reaction mirrors our response to the call of being Faithful Companions of Jesus today.

The stimulus word in our theme this year is ‘ignited’. I am reminded of the joyful women and children portrayed in the original Helen Roberts’ painting. The faces of so many Sisters FCJ I have met here in Australia and on the FCJ Pilgrimage I participated in last year come to mind. I recall Saint Luke’s story of the two downcast disciples on the road to Emmaus. They encounter a stranger who tells them the story of God and how the Christ is the Risen One of God. They hear from this Risen One the true meaning of

Beauty – the beauty in creation, the beauty in human beings, a lightness of spirit, the dance of the heart, the dignity of each person… Truth – being a Faithful Companion, being true to my beliefs, honesty in my words and actions, justice in my dealings with others... Goodness – service to others, other-centred, excellence in all I do, doing the right thing, being kind and gentle... 5


Congratulations Class of 2019 Karen Jebb | Principal

On behalf of the Genazzano FCJ College community, I extend our sincere congratulations to each and every student in our VCE Class of 2019.

Ella Jenkins for English, Emily Condon, Aleida Ryan and Joanna Steedman for Health and Human Development and Shan Kerr for Studio Arts.

Our students have once again achieved excellent results and made a significant contribution to the life of the College. In our 130th year, we were delighted to have 130 students complete Year 12, and we are so proud of their involvement with our College and the young women they have become.

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that the following students received an ATAR over 99: Zhen (Meimi) Liu (99.85), Elena Murphy (99.8), Fleur Williams (99.75), Anna Frazer (99.5), Ella Jenkins (99.25), Shenara Thilakaratne (99.25), Julie Fitt (99.05) and Jacqueline Gregg (99.05).

I am delighted to share with you their outstanding results and achievements. The median study score was 35, and the percentage of study scores greater than 40 was 23%. Notably, 7% of our students received an ATAR of 99 or above, and 50% achieved an ATAR greater than 90. Our median ATAR was 90. What is perhaps, most significant, about these statistics, is the depth of achievement and the role each and every student played within this tremendous cohort.

The partnership between students, parents and teachers at Genazzano is highly evident.

Our College Dux, Isabelle Brugliera, attained an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.9. Her results included two perfect scores of 50 in Chemistry and Mathematical Methods, a score of 49 for Physics, 48 for Specialist Mathematics and 43 for English. Isabelle had achieved a perfect score of 50 for Biology in 2018. In addition to Isabelle’s two perfect study scores of 50, the following students also attained perfect scores: Elena Murphy and 6

I acknowledge the guidance, commitment and dedication of not only the Year 12 teachers but of those who have taught the students throughout their educational journey at the College. We are very proud of the achievements of all our students. I extend my gratitude and sincere thanks to our Year 12 teachers, all staff at the College and the wider school community for supporting and encouraging our girls throughout the year. We extend our blessings and best wishes to each and every young woman in the Class of 2019 – may you continue to demonstrate a passion for life, a love of learning and the courage and confidence to lead and serve others.


ISABELLE BRUGLIERA 99.9 It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge and congratulate, Isabelle Brugliera as the Dux of Genazzano FCJ College for 2019. She attains this honour due to her achievement of a superb Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.9. Isabelle achieved outstanding results in Chemistry (perfect study score of 50), English, Mathematical Methods (perfect study score of 50), Specialist Mathematics and Physics. As a Year 11 student, she also completed and received a perfect study score of 50 in Biology. Isabelle commenced her educational journey at Genazzano as a Year 9 student

ZHEN (MEIMI) LIU 99.85 Congratulations to Meimi Liu as our Proxime Accessit, on her outstanding Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.85. Meimi achieved excellent results in French, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Physics and is our 2019 Subject Dux of English as an Additional Language. As a Year 11 student, she received outstanding results as the Dux in Chinese Second Language Advanced. Meimi joined our College in Year 8 as an International student in 2015 and resided in our Boarding House. She is described as a kind and committed student with a natural curiosity to learn and inquire. Her exceptional work ethic and commitment to striving for excellence has contributed greatly to this fine set of results. Meimi has been an active participant in many activities at the College including the BrainSTEM Innovation Program, and she was awarded a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2018. Throughout her time at Genazzano, she actively promoted interculturalism and was a proud ambassador for the College on Open Mornings, acting as a translator to welcome new families. Meimi’s leadership skills were recognised by her peers, when elected to the position of Boarding House Prefect in 2019. An excellent role model, Meimi’s care and companionship towards all members of our Boarding House community was much appreciated. At our Valedictory Awards Evening, Meimi was awarded The Marie Madeleine d’Houet Award for Courage. We commend Meimi on her outstanding results.

in 2016 and has been described by her teachers as an incredibly hardworking student, who is very supportive of her peers. Her teachers applaud her capacity to analyse and apply complex ideas and communicate these succinctly. Her commendable work ethic, attention to detail and dedication to her studies has contributed greatly to her attaining this prestigious award at our College. These key character strengths and her clear vision for her future directions will undoubtedly stand her in good stead as she leaves the school upon the hill. We wish Isabelle every success as she embarks upon the next stage of her exciting educational journey.

ELENA MURPHY 99.8 Elena Murphy commenced her educational journey at Genazzano as a Year 5 student in 2012 and is described by her teachers as a compassionate, dedicated and focused student, who is generous in assisting her peers and who enjoys collaborating. Elena’s work ethic is recognised through her achievement of an outstanding Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.8. This commendable result is comprised of excellent results in English, for which she attained a perfect study score, French, Latin and Mathematical Methods. As a Year 11 student, Elena received exceptional results in History Revolutions and, furthermore, received the Premier’s Awards for Texts and Traditions. Elected as Debating and Public Speaking Prefect for 2019, Elena’s eagerness to share her love of acquiring knowledge saw her introduce a House Debating Competition at lunchtime. She was awarded the Margaret Boyle Public Speaking Award in 2018 and was the recipient of the Melbourne Principals’ Scholarship for 2019. An active participant in the musical ensembles at the College, Elena was part of the Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Stage Band, Senior Choir and Senior Chamber Choir. She was awarded a Gold Laurel in 2017 as a result of her comprehensive involvement in the Co-curricular Program of the College. We wish her every success as she embarks upon the next stage of her educational journey. 7


FLEUR WILLIAMS 99.75 We congratulate Fleur Williams on her outstanding Australian Tertiary Admission Rank of 99.75, following excellent results in Chemistry, English, Physics and Specialist Mathematics. As a Year 11 student, Fleur also completed Health and Human Development and Mathematical Methods with a perfect score. As part of her academic program in 2019, Fleur participated in an accelerated Mathematical University Course. Fleur joined the College community in 2011 as a Year 4 student. She is recognised by her teachers as a hardworking student who is committed to continuous improvement. An active participant in the Co-curricular Program of the College, Fleur has been involved in numerous activities including the Gen/Xavier production, Debaters Association of Victoria and various House activities. We congratulate Fleur on her wonderful results and wish her all the very best as she embarks on her exciting future.

ELLA JENKINS 99.25 It is with great pleasure that we recognise the achievements of Ella Jenkins, who commenced as a Year 7 student at Genazzano in 2014. Ella has attained an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.25. This praiseworthy achievement is comprised of excellent results in Art, Chemistry, English and Mathematical Methods. Of special note, Ella achieved a perfect study score of 50 for English and is our Subject Dux for Art. In Year 11, she also completed Biology and Philosophy. Throughout her time at school, Ella has been actively involved in our extensive Co-curricular Program, and attained her Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in 2018. Ella studied violin and contributed significantly to the strings program. She played in Chamber Strings and the Symphony Orchestra. Ella is a respectful and friendly student who always worked well with her peers and actively sought constructive feedback. We wish her every success in her future endeavours beyond our school gates.


ANNA FRAZER 99.5 It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Anna Frazer on her achievement of an outstanding Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.5. This is the result of excellent results in Chemistry, English, French, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Biology, which she completed in Year 11. Anna commenced her educational journey at Genazzano in 2010 as a Year 3 student and has always been considered by her teachers as a creative, patient and determined student. During her time at the College, Anna has contributed to numerous aspects of College life and is a Gold Laurel recipient. A talented flute player, she was a member of numerous ensembles and represented the College at a variety of events. Anna is a Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar and this was conferred in 2017. She was also elected Swimming Captain in 2019 and was a recipient of the FCJ Commitment Award at the Valedictory Assembly. We congratulate Anna on her wonderful results.

SHENARA THILAKARATNE 99.25 We congratulate Shenara Thilakaratne on her outstanding Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.25. This is the result of an excellent performance in Chemistry, English, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Psychology and Biology, studied in Year 11. She is described by her teachers as hardworking, determined and as a student who is always happy to help others. Shenara commenced at the College in 2016 in Year 9, and straight away became very involved in the Co-curricular Program, through a variety of activities. In 2019, she was awarded the William Wardell Prize for Christian Leadership and Service (Winter). We commend Shenara on these significant achievements and we wish her all the very best as she embarks on her next phase of study.


JULIE FITT 99.05 We are delighted to share Julie Fitt’s excellent performance in the VCE examinations, attaining an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.05. This is an impressive set of results in her chosen subjects of Chemistry, English Language, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Psychology and Biology, which she studied in Year 11. Julie joined Genazzano in 2014, in Year 7, and remained an active participant in many of the co-curricular opportunities available at the College to Year 12. Julie won the Genazzano Athlete of the Year in 2019 and led the Senior Cross Country Team to a bronze medal at the Victorian Cross Country Championships. Julie won gold in the 800 and 1500 at GSV Track and Field Finals Night and was the U20 Victorian All Schools silver medallist in both the 800 and 1500. She has been an inspiring role model for the younger students. Julie was also awarded the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2018. We are thrilled to share in Julie’s wonderful achievement, and we know she has a very bright future ahead of her.

JACQUELINE GREGG 99.05 We applaud Jacqueline Gregg on her excellent performance in attaining an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99.05. Jacqueline achieved a consistently strong set of results in her chosen courses of Chemistry, English, French, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics. She also completed Biology in Year 11. Her teachers compliment her work ethic and commitment to her studies. Since joining the College in 2014, in Year 7, Jacqueline has been actively involved in many aspects of College life, most notably our Music and Sports programs. In addition, as our Student Voice Prefect in 2019, she led the team to develop and publish the Student Code of Conduct. Jacqueline was exemplary in balancing her leadership and academic responsibilities with aplomb. In 2019, she was awarded the Genazzano Past Mothers’ Association Award for Reliability and Endeavour. We wish her every success as she leaves Genazzano, ready to take on all the opportunities life has to offer.

PERFECT STUDY SCORES Congratulations to each of the following students who achieved Perfect Study Scores of 50 in their particular subject: Isabelle Brugliera

Emily Condon

Ella Jenkins

Chemistry Teacher: Hasina Alawdeen

Health and Human Development Teacher: Tanya Holla and Kerry Hogan

English Teacher: Rachel Power

Shan Kerr

Elena Murphy

Aleida Ryan

Studio Arts Teacher: Wendy Ampt

English Teacher: Angela Doi

Health and Human Development Teacher: Tanya Holla and Kerry Hogan

Mathematical Methods Teacher: Carol Patterson

Joanna Steedman Health and Human Development Teacher: Tanya Holla and Kerry Hogan



Message from our College Captains Ruby Atkin and Lola Crivelli | College Captains

This year, as College captains, we introduced our theme be my sister. With this theme, it is our mission to challenge everyone to be inclusive, show kindness, and grow friendships so that everyone feels safe, valued and encouraged to try their best, with courage and confidence. We chose this theme as Genazzano has gifted us with so many opportunities, especially the one of friendship. We can each utilise the opportunities we have been given and grow together. Our inspiration came from the Sisters FCJ, who work for God and with God. Their important mission, kindness and love is what we want every Gen girl to feel part of, in our wonderful community. Girls have been accustomed to the negative self-talk that occurs, along the lines of “I’m not pretty” or “I’m not smart”.


We believe that girls often talk themselves down and do not embrace all the things that make them special. In a mission to make a difference, we want to reverse this attitude amongst young girls and help them not only to be more aware of the things they can work on, but also celebrate what makes them unique. This year we endeavour to create a school environment where each and every girl is able to be the best versions of themselves while motivating their friends and peers to achieve their full potential. Our vision is to inspire all students to be inclusive, like sisters - encouraging and cheerful. We are all a part of a Gen family, and by supporting each other and propping each other up, we can create a stronger, united family. After all, a community filled with unity and support brings joy to all.

This year has brought many challenges that we did not predict, but we believe our school community has embraced these challenges and in particular, our message throughout this time. This has been demonstrated through the encouragement girls offer each other through sport or over Zoom, both in class and through extra-curricular activities. We believe the strength of our College community and our true sisterhood has conquered these challenges. Moving forward, we hope our message of sisterhood continues through each member of our community, whether we are at school or learning at a distance.

Be courageous, be confident and be my sister!


Class of 2020 Prep to Year 12 Journey On the first day of school in 2008, 17 Prep students all dressed up in their new uniforms and with bags full of books, eagerly walked toward Grange Hill. They were warmly welcomed and each gifted with a Gen bear by our beloved Sr Maryrose Dennehy fcJ. From that day forward, the girls immersed themselves fully in what Genazzano has to offer. From running around in the ‘fairy garden’ and having magical adventures through the College grounds, to entering their VCE years and becoming student leaders, these girls have made the most of the friendships and opportunities offered to them and grown together with courage and confidence.

Genazzano has allowed me to grow with courage and confidence. Every year is a year to be treasured and I am proud to be a Gen girl.

Twelve years later, 12 students from the original Prep class gathered on the steps in front of the Grange Hill door and recreated their Prep photo. Sharing stories of their Prep teacher and other memories of their time at Gen, it was evident that while reflecting on their journey, these girls were proud of how far both they and the school had come. “I am amazed by how much Gen’s buildings and services have expanded and adapted to the modern world. It’s a really fun experience to walk down the new hallways reminiscing what it once looked like”. “If I didn’t meet the people I have throughout my Gen journey, I know I wouldn’t be the young, strong and motivated woman that I am now”. “Genazzano has allowed me to grow with courage and confidence. Every year is a year to be treasured and I am proud to be a Gen girl”. “I believe that participating as part of the Gen school community makes your journey all the more enjoyable, teaches you many different things, and gives you the chance to make lifelong friends”.



Interview with Meimi Liu (2019) Interview by Emma O’Keefe | Year 12, 2020

Meimi Liu (2019) has been a part of the College community since 2015, when she moved into the Boarding House from Taiwan as a Year 8 student. In 2019, Meimi was elected Boarding House Prefect by her peers. Meimi is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Melbourne. As an international student, how did you find moving into the Boarding House and commencing your studies at Gen? Wow, that was so long ago. Now thinking of it, it was a pretty new experience. Although I am not the type who gets homesick often, starting to live with another 39 girls in the Boarding House was indeed quite special and different for me. The Boarding House was a very friendly environment, I always had the support from the seniors, the staff members and Mrs Kennedy. Starting in Gen was really exciting for me, as it’s a whole new environment from my previous school and schooling life back in Taiwan. The beautiful campus was one of the appealing factors that made me decide to come to Gen, but also the variety of subjects really surprised me. Especially the 12

languages! (Since I am a language fanatic.) During my first year at Gen, I was a perfectionist, which caused me stress and anxiety throughout the year. I have to say, the Boarding House helped me a lot. Compared to my friends and other international students who were living in Homestay or with their family members, I was lucky enough to get 24/7 support, including knowing where to get my uniform, who to find if I had academic problems and even how to start making friends. What did you love about boarding at Genazzano? I could actually write an essay about this, but I don’t think the article length will allow me to, so let me put it in three parts. Firstly, the environment. Instead of a Hogwarts-like giant dormitory, I really love Hopetoun Hall for being a warm and cozy house that blends well into the neighbourhood. It felt like living at home most of the time, and I could just go down the streets with friends like I was at home with my family.

Secondly, the support. I can not describe how important Hopetoun Hall was to me during my life in high school. There have been so many times that I had a break down and anxiety issues, but with the support from Boarding House, the staff, Mrs Kennedy and my friends, I made it through the hard times. I really don’t think I would be who I am now if I wasn’t in this loving, warm environment. They are a group of the most attentive people, who can tell if something isn’t right by just seeing you at the front-counter. Last but not least, the friends. Boarding is a whole new level of making friends, and is definitely different to what it’s like in day school. Not only do you see people in their most relaxing form (80% of time in their fancy pyjamas, 20% of time hearing them singing in the shower), you also get to know them very deeply. There are countless times where an “academic conversation” turns into a three hour, midnight chat, and you don’t even feel the time is passing. The friendship and the bond made in Boarding House, for me, is something that will last a lifetime.


How have the skills learnt and experiences from Genazzano prepared you for uni? The most helpful skill I learned is to ask a teacher for help when I needed it. As I stepped toward VCE, I realised that even though the teachers are very thoughtful and caring to cater for your needs during classes, no one is able to look into your brain and know your problem area. Quoting from my beloved teacher, Mrs Patterson, “Know your weaknesses” is the most important skill that I have learned that helped me to learn more efficiently. In addition, I think a lot of the learning tasks in Gen are already uni-like. The assignment due date is there, and you

need to plan out what to do before the due date. You have to have a very good work ethic in order to perform well. This has certainly helped me in my first year of Uni. If you had one piece of advice for the girls currently in boarding, what would it be? I have hundreds of pieces of advice, but I guess the most important advice is to “Be open. Be kind. Be happy”. Be open means that I wish the new boarding girls can open themselves up to new experiences in Boarding House. People come from different countries, with different cultural backgrounds. Learn to appreciate the difference between people, because ‘difference’ is often more beautiful

than ‘unity’. Be kind - the words speak for itself. There may be times where you don’t agree with one’s action, and it may even bother you to some degree. But, try to find a way to solve the problem nicely without turning a potential friend into your enemy. Why make your life hard when it should have been easy? Lastly, Be happy. I mean it. This is a time that is irreplaceable by anything. This is my first year in Uni, and I am already missing my time in the Boarding House. Enjoy your time with the Boarding staff, live your boarding life with friends to the fullest, and I assure you that is going to be something incredible in your life.

The friendship and the bond made in Boarding House, for me, is something that will last a lifetime.

About the Interviewer Emma O’Keefe commenced at Hopetoun Hall in 2019 as a Year 11 student. Tell us why you love Gen I love Gen because it provides me with opportunities that I didn’t have in the country. I was able to go on the International Sporting Tour which was a great experience. Boarding has also grown my self confidence and my independence and given me the courage to undertake tertiary study next year. I also have made lifelong friends both in the Boarding House and at school.

If you could pass on one piece of advice to anyone considering boarding, what would it be? If you are considering boarding I say you should just go for it, it is one opportunity that you will never get to experience at any other time in your life. It will be hard at first no doubt but you will come out better and stronger and you will have achieved so much. So don’t be afraid to try something new because it will be the best thing you have ever done!



The new spaces improve the delivery of curriculum by providing light-filled, open areas that allow students to work across studio areas and utilise available resources in a more convenient and organised way.



Visual Arts Refurbishment Stage One During March, the College celebrated the completion of stage one of its Visual Arts refurbishment which was acknowledged via a small gathering with VCE Creative Arts students.

classrooms means that viewing videos and slide presentations is also much better. The provision of a wide range of light boxes throughout all the rooms is also a welcome addition”.

The three-month building development transformed part of the old building into a modern work of art, including four new arts rooms—a Ceramic room, Studio Arts room, Senior Art room and Junior Art room; in addition to staff offices and a dedicated VCE art workspace, available to students during their study periods.

Arts and Communication Prefect, Emma Shewring also shared her thoughts on the new area on behalf of students.

The new open plan design adjoining the different rooms supports our teaching pedagogy and encourages cross curricular in the Arts, allowing students to use a variety of studios to create their work. The space features interactive screens and ergonomic furniture, and caters better for our comprehensive Arts program that exposes students to different subjects including Studio Arts, Art, Visual Communication Design, 3D Printing, Ceramics and Art Production. Although only used for a short time physically, both teachers and students have commented on the benefits of the new space.

“The new art space has been such an amazing and modern expansion to our College that further encourages students to put themselves out there and use the area”, she said. “I have heard such positive feedback from the art and design students about how the open plan design is more efficient for working and allows complete access to everything they need in one space”. “It is such a beautiful and fresh place for students to produce and explore their ideas creatively”. Special thanks to the Creative Arts and Maintenance teams for their support during the project. The result is a wonderful space to support our students learning and creativity.

Creative Arts Curriculum Leader, Joanne Saville said “The new spaces improve the delivery of curriculum by providing light-filled, open areas that allow students to work across studio areas and utilise available resources in a more convenient and organised way”. “I am enjoying the new staff office area which provides a large open space to gather, work and collaborate with each other, especially as we moderate and discuss the curriculum”. “The students are very excited about the new spaces and are thrilled that they get to use it this year. Our VCE students are particularly impressed with the VCE hub allowing them to finish off folio work in their own private space”. Textiles and Art Teacher, Katrina Wheaton-Penniall loves the openness of the space too. “My favourite part of stage one is the Year 12 folio study area and the creative way student artwork is displayed”, she said. Creative Arts Teacher, Shirley Silverstein also has only positive things to say about the new space. “The new art rooms offer substantial improvements in terms of the working space for the girls and much better storage for materials which are used in the classrooms and can now be easily accessed”, she said. “The ability to set up displays quickly is a great improvement and will encourage staff to create revolving exhibitions of student work”. “The new TV screens and the ability to block out light in the 15


Rowing at Genazzano Celebrating 35 years Peter Campbell | Head of Rowing

The Genazzano rowing family tree extends its branches through 35 years of racing history, threading together generations of Genazzano girls in a tightknit bond of companionship and culture of excellence. The seedling for this large family tree, Danielle van Prooyen, had been a member of the Hawthorn Rowing Club since she was five years old, having been dragged to the club one early morning by her father, Paul. Paul worked alongside fellow HRC member, Lloyd Cosgrove, to ‘put young people into boats’ and determined that those ‘young people’ include girls. When Danielle joined Genazzano in Year 7, she became part of the loving community of the College. By the time she entered Year 10, the infectious passion for rowing from her father had caught on, and Danielle recruited Ursula Doyle to create the first Genazzano crew boat. The girls raced ‘a miserable winter season at HRC’ but their joy at telling tales of regattas was enough to build three crews in 1984. Thus began the Genazzano rowing journey. The ‘mother’ of Gen rowing was most certainly Sister Margaret Mary Kennedy

fcJ. Sister Margaret Mary gave her blessing to Danielle to register the College with the Victorian Rowing Association. The Genazzano crews, now racing in their College colours, raced in the inaugural Head of the Schoolgirls’ Regatta in 1985 on Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, coached by Lloyd Cosgrove. Lloyd became affectionately known as the ‘father’ of Gen Rowing. In 1986, the College officially adopted rowing as a co-curricular sport, a decision made by the Council, chaired by Bill Clancy, and one that led to parents and teachers seeing the potential in the College. The College Rowing Program has competed at every Head of the Schoolgirls’ (HOSG) Regatta since and has claimed at least one gold, most notably becoming only the second school ever to claim nine gold medals in 2006, before surpassing that feat to win 13 gold medals in 2010. The College record of 13 gold medals, two silvers and two bronze from 2010 still stands, however, 2011 was also exceptional with 11 State golds and 12 HOSG golds. The pinnacle of competitive rowing in Australia is at the National Championships. The first Genazzano crew competed in the 1998 regatta held at Nagambie, where the Senior First Quad finished fifth overall. In 1999, two crews competed in Adelaide and won silver and bronze. The following year, the Genazzano Four won gold, while the Quad won bronze. More medals arrived in 2008 and 2009 with gold and silver respectively. The first medals won by Genazzano Eights arrived in 2014 when the Year 10 crew won bronze in the U17 ‘Baby Eight’ event, matched by the Senior Eight also winning bronze.

The 2008 HOSG and National Championship crew consisted of Harriet Chesterfield, Catherine Sharkey, Stephanie Radford, Clare Canty and Rebecca Daniher. Three of these girls, Daniher, Radford and Canty, went on to represent Victoria and Rebecca Daniher also represented Australia. To honour the achievements of these young ambassadors of the sport, the College renamed the rowing squads: Senior Radford, Intermediate Canty and Junior Daniher. As I look back on our most recent season, we had 103 girls participate in the rowing program. Despite missing out on the final stage of the season due to COVID-19, it is important to reflect on what we have managed to achieve together this year. There is a true collective spirit within the squads, characterised by the support they’ve given each other in training and competition and the commitment to wear the Genazzano badge with pride. I feel strongly that we are primed for another positive 35 years of rowing, having managed our way through the challenges of transition from past to present. The ultimate measure of success in a school rowing program, when determining the quality of the culture, is retention. We have worked hard to create a program that girls want to be part of for the right reasons and a program that facilitates their ambitions to be fitter, stronger and faster - together! If you are interested in learning more about Genazzano’s rowing history, I encourage you to read the ‘30 years of Rowing’ book, written by former rowing parent, Anthony Jackson. Please contact the College Development Office to request a copy.

The ‘mother’ of Gen rowing was most certainly Sister Margaret Mary Kennedy fcJ.



There is a true collective spirit within the squads, characterised by the support they’ve given each other in training and competition and the commitment to wear the Genazzano badge with pride.



Learning at a Distance When school went home


Over 90% parent satisfaction rate


posts on Seesaw

views on GenConnect Over







33,600 files

created, submitted and returned for work due


7,818 blog comments

1,080 social streams

3,326 blog

1,453 news items posted


139,120 20,484 staff


71, 205 parents

Students average

Most enjoyable learning activity as voted by students


HAPPINESS SCORE Logins on GenConnect

Alison Lucas | Director of ELC

Our ELC community and wider world experienced many ‘new norms’ in Semester One with social isolation and physical distancing in place to support health and safety in our homes, workplaces and educational environments. Whilst the rest of school was learning at a distance, our Early Learning Centre remained open. One of our challenges was to unite children learning from home with those attending the ELC, and to continue to promote a sense of belonging to the ELC community. We did this through a research Inquiry project, What a Wonderful World. This provided an opportunity for our children to regain some control over their lives and have a say in contributing to all the wonder, beauty, goodness and curiosity that still remains in their world. The project commenced with a child sharing her love of nature and play through the lens of an elephant. The simple joy of imaginative play between friends creating 18

an elephant enclosure and sharing their knowledge and conversation “did you know mud is an elephant’s sunscreen” sparked inquiry in the Gigi room. Discovering further answers led to creating an All Creatures Great and Small display board. Children at home were encouraged to contribute a photo and drawing of their favourite creature which was displayed alongside other drawings at the ELC. Children in the Eugene room approached the Inquiry unit as Eco Warriors. They explored the wonder of nature versus nurture by planting a variety of seedlings in Mr McGregor’s Garden and observing the growth of mung beans. Together children took to using chalk, paper and visual arts to stay together. Drawing, painting and crafting images of rainbows has brought joy, happiness and connection to our community and helped provide certainty to our children that life will return to normal.



Mary Jones | Head of Junior School

In the Junior School, learning at a distance has been many things to the students and teachers – fun, challenging, different, stimulating, exhausting, interesting, playful and tricky all rolled into one! We have been blown away by the fantastic endeavour of our girls and their families as they enthusiastically dove into learning from home. We saw the emergence of Zoom experts who seamlessly switched from screen to screen, engaged in discussion in break-out rooms, participated in guided reading sessions or began their day in prayer together. The number of tasks posted to Seesaw and GenConnect has been truly astonishing and the commitment students have demonstrated to not just ‘getting it done’ but ‘doing it well’ has been delightful. Our students have received so much feedback on their learning, always with an eye on the next steps for each of them. We have really enjoyed the opportunities to connect as a community remotely, through Gen Day, House Athletics and our

Mother’s Day Breakfast. We have wondered at the simple beauty of many thank yous, notes and videos of appreciation received from the girls and are grateful to be part of such a connected, appreciative and committed learning community. Imogen Keller, Year 4, wrote a letter to the FCJ Sisters sharing her learning at a distance experiences. My favourite part so far has been inquiry where we have explored plant life cycles but are now exploring animal life cycles. With the plant life cycles, we planted and grew bean plants and grass heads. I am so excited to go back to school! Not only have I missed seeing everyones faces but just hearing the real non-technology voices and just being next to and with my friends. One thing that I have absolutely loved is all the effort that my teachers and the school community has put into all the videos about learning and the worksheets that we answer just to keep our learning grades and our spirits up.

Lorna Beegan | Deputy Principal: Learning and Teaching

In its 131-year-old history, Genazzano FCJ College has always welcomed students through its gates. During both World Wars its Boarding House remained open and students in 1919 forced reunions to be cancelled but a dance was held at the St Kilda Town Hall and classes continued. In Term Two of 2020 ‘unprecedented times’ was certainly applied on numerous occasions. From the end of Term One we introduced our Learning at a Distance Program and students moved to learning at home. Teachers packed up their desks and resources and also went home, to teach. Unlike previous times, this year’s change came with vast technological support in place. Genazzano’s commitment to and evolution of the GenConnect Learning Management System has meant an engaging and rigorous learning program could be enacted and incorporate our full offering – academic subjects, wellbeing, sport, music, faith and mission and cocurricular activities.

Music lessons were delivered through Zoom, daily fitness sessions were run by the Sports department, rehearsals continued for the Years 7 and 8 musical production of Hairspray Jr, and online virtual tours of art exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria took place. We also celebrated key events like Gen Day and our House Athletics Day. We cannot underestimate the role the online world has had in keeping us connected and on a productive trajectory in recent months. In many ways, 2020 has seen the world participate in a global social experiment, especially in education.

Many students have valued the chance to become more independent learners. Others have re-evaluated the importance of face-toface schooling and have new appreciation for their teachers and peers.

On the flip side, teachers have commented on the benefits of observing students from a different perspective and have delivered feedback in new and diverse ways. Genazzano gets its life force from our students and teachers being on campus and ‘with joyful hearts’ we commenced lessons and reunited with classmates and colleagues in June. Learning at home had numerous benefits and education may never be the same. When school went home, our parents and guardians did a tremendous job supporting their daughters to learn and stay connected. Education is at its most powerful when school and home come together with the learner at the centre, and 2020 has certainly forged stronger ties, offered new insights and opened for new prospects to come. One thing is for sure, it is good being back at school, learning and teaching again.



Bridget McNamara Award Recipient of OAM Susan McNamara | Alumna 1972

Women contribute much to the strength and success of many communities across Australia and are often unsung heroes. Their contributions often go unacknowledged and the Australia Honours system is a wonderful opportunity to address this imbalance and celebrate their achievements. At age 90, Bridget (Biddy) McNamara was named on the Governor’ General’s Australia Day Honours List, as one of just two Shepparton people to receive an Order of Australia Medal this year, for her near continuous community-based volunteer work which has spanned more than 70 years. Although not an alumna herself, Biddy has a strong connection and love of Genazzano FCJ College through her many family members who attended Gen, most as boarders. Alumna include: •

her sister-in-laws, Kathleen McNamara (1929) and Loretta Gaffy (McNamara, 1930);

her daughters, Sue (1972, Staff Member) and Kate (1979);

her nieces Geraldine Peck (Gaffy, 1958), Rosemary Denton (Ryan, 1965), Helen Gibson (Ryan, 1966), Louise Tainsh (Ryan, 1973), Maryanne Gorman (1975), Genevieve Phillips (Gorman, 1978), Judy Ryan (1978) and Gabrielle Gibney (Ryan, 1980);

her granddaughter, Georgina Mardling (2004); and

her great nieces, Virginia Keysers (Peck, 1984), Stephanie Charles (Peck, 1989, School Captain Centenary Year), Genevieve Martin (Denton, 1990), Caitlin Ryan (2001), Georgina James (Doyle, 2002), Philippa Randles (2005), Tess McNamara (2006), Bridget McNamara (2011), Stephanie Gorman (2017) and Grace Joycey (current Year 12 student, 2020).

Biddy also has a strong connection with many of the Sisters FCJ now living in Shepparton.

Biddy with her daughters, Sue (1972) and Kate (1979). 20

Biddy is an ordinary but extraordinary woman who has been a tireless and humble community worker and giver for much of her life. She would not seek recognition but such a public acknowledgement is appropriate and welcome to many in the community who know the considerable contributions she has made over a long period. If Biddy saw someone who needed help or something that needed doing, she did it. Her involvement in the community has been extensive and includes the Red Cross, St Vincent De Paul, Meals on Wheels, St Brendan’s Catholic Church, Hospice Support, the Lighthouse Project supporting young people, and cooking for and visiting the sick and the elderly - which she continues to do. Biddy grew up in the relatively remote rural community of Savernake in southern NSW and early on learned the benefits and power of volunteering in the community. In the early 1930s, her father, Ray O’Dwyer, organised the establishment of the first district school for their little bush community, to educate all the local children. He was also the leading pioneer of the West Corrugan Irrigation Scheme; his goal being to help build a reliable source of water for the farming communities in the Riverina region. Her father’s example motivated much of Biddy’s adult life where she has volunteered actively in numerous roles and programs to benefit the community. Biddy has lived her life as a person for others and espouses the values we should strive for in society. She has always been community minded and continues to be a wonderful role model for all. She is a most deserving award recipient of an Order of Australia Medal and continues to demonstrate courage and confidence in everything she does.

Biddy with her niece, Maryanne Gorman (1975).




Junior School teachers, Anita Wilson, Anna Moore and Lisa Kapakoulakis, were invited to present their work at the University of Queensland Science of Learning Research Centre Symposium.



Science of Learning Educational experts apply neuroscientific principles in the classroom with exciting results. Catherine Brandon | Director, Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences

These experts are, in fact, Genazzano’s own dedicated teachers who have established considerable knowledge and practical skills in the Science of Learning, ensuring that learning and teaching are aligned with the latest research in neuroscience. As a College, we are immensely proud of the commitment and hard work of the entire teaching staff who are currently undertaking a multi-year course in applied practice through the Genazzano Institute of Learning & Brain Sciences. Designed and taught by neuroscientist and author, Dr Jared Cooney Horvath, the course involves lectures, research analysis, workshops, collecting data and sharing teaching strategies. In addition, Genazzano has continued work with researchers from the University of Melbourne to gain important foundational knowledge and guidance in developing a collective proficiency in the understanding and application of educational neuroscience. A highlight in Term One, was when several teachers at the College were published in the prestigious Nature Partner Journals

Science of Learning Community Digest, in a three-part series, in February for their design of cross-curricular learning projects. This followed on from November 2019, when Junior School teachers, Anita Wilson, Anna Moore and Lisa Kapakoulakis were invited to present their work at the University of Queensland Science of Learning Research Centre Symposium. The combined research project outlined an approach to improve writing in young students that yielded outstanding results in every class. You can find links to articles on the Genazzano Institute website’s Learning & Brain page, ‘Developing deeper thinkers’. Creative Arts Curriculum Leader and VCE textbook author, Joanne Saville was also recognised for her ability to boost imagination beyond the ordinary. Jo and the entire Creative Arts team have used brain science principles to foster original and divergent thinking that is evident through the progressive development in student artwork. Jo’s teaching strategies

Above: Dr Sean Kang from the University of Melbourne, running a workshop during The Science of Learning: Education with the Brain in Mind Conference.

and impressive results in this area were also featured as a two-part article in the Nature Partner Journals Science of Learning Community Digest, in March. Copies are on the Genazzano Institute website’s Learning & Brain page, ‘Enhancing student creativity’. Starting from our inaugural conference event, The Science of Learning: Education with the Brain in Mind where several Genazzano teachers showcased their teaching projects to improve student results across mathematics, outdoor education and creative arts; to our recognition being named a winner in The Educator’s Innovative Schools Awards 2019; there are countless innovative projects with terrific results being achieved in every department across the College. With teachers fully embracing this new science and continuing to advance their work, we are quickly developing a reputation for excellence and expertise in the Science of Learning field, something we should be immensely proud of.

Above: Junior School teachers, Anita Wilson, Anna Moore and Lisa Kapakoulakis.



Genazzano and Xavier Musical Guys and Dolls Michelle Wheeler | Producer

When the musical buzz started circulating around the halls and staircases of Genazzano at the beginning of Term Three (2019), we knew the announcement of the impending ‘Senior Show’ was nearing. Lots of old and ‘new’ friends appeared at my office door to ask me what I knew.

I enjoyed so much admiring from afar the way the girls dealt with different issues as they arose.

As I hit ‘send’ and the Publicity Poster was released, Guys and Dolls created a stir. As always, Genazzano girls took up this fabulous opportunity to audition for the panel with excitement and I congratulate each and every Gen Girl that put themselves forward and prepared a song, dance piece and scene dialogue for the Creative Team.

With the excitement building amongst the group when we resumed in January 2020, the focus and diligence displayed to master dance steps and subtle nuances within the script was evident.

The show was cast and the librettos were distributed. HERE WE GO! In October of last year, the students from both Colleges began the extensive rehearsal process to bring their interpretation of this famous Broadway classic to our audiences. Rehearsals had a slightly different flavour to those past, as this show had many smaller group scenes and dances, which meant the cast didn’t see a lot of content until the bump in 24

process began.

The cast and crew were once again blessed with an amazing new set, designed and painted for our performances. So many of our students learnt copious amounts of dialogue, direction and choreography, all the while balancing their studies and other commitments. For many of our Year 12 Genazzano students, this was the last time they will grace our stage with their professionalism and skills as part of a Genazzano Musical. From the streets of Fifth Avenue New York in Annie Jr, which many were a part of in 2015, to those same streets in Damon

Runyon’s mythical New York City… what a ride? I personally have watched them grow and develop over many years and will miss their contributions dearly. Performance week was upon us and I don’t think anybody could have predicted what a success this musical would become. Audiences came out celebrating our students, and were humming their favourite tunes for days to come. My thanks, has to first and foremost go to the creative team from both Genazzano and Xavier who worked so tirelessly to bring this musical fable to life. I would like to also acknowledge our Director of Music at Genazzano, Ms Janet Dawson, who is our biggest supporter. She has worked with our girls over many years to help refine and create their outstanding voices. Thank you also to Ms Karen Jebb and the Sisters FCJ who enable our school to be what it is. I think all in our community will agree that through these opportunities, we are most certainly fostering ‘courage and confidence’ - these ‘students’ are amazing.




Dani Beran - ELC3 Lead Teacher Early Learning Centre | Profile

“Children are like tiny flowers; they are varied and need care, but each is beautiful alone and glorious when seen in the community of peer”. Friedrich Froebel, Philosopher 2011

Over the last nine years I have had the opportunity to teach a diverse range of children and work holistically with families, in both primary school and early childhood settings. Here I developed my educational pedagogy and expertise around how children learn, developing a wealth of knowledge.


In 2016, I was fortunate enough to be employed at an International School in Tokyo. This was an amazing experience and one that provided me with a great opportunity to develop my teaching style around Reggio Emilia. This has influenced my teaching, having a great interest in holistically connecting children’s literacy and numeracy learning to the visual arts, music and movement and dramatic expression. On my return back to Australia, I was employed as a pre-prep teacher, implementing a social skills and literacy phonics program founded by Maureen Pollard. I was able to engage my students in literacy and language development through explicit teaching moments which supported the students’ knowledge of letter recognition, letter formation, cued articulation and phonic awareness, all achieved through play based learning, role-play, storytelling and creative performance.


In 2018, I decided to branch out of the typical classroom environment, developing my teaching skills, expertise and knowledge working at the Royal Children’s Hospital in the Education Institute. Here I worked closely with medical professionals to support student learning and development whilst undergoing treatment. I developed a new insight into flexible teaching and learnt how to implement and support individual learning in small groups and one-on-one.


Last year, I jumped into primary school teaching, being appointed a prep class. Teaching Prep was a very rewarding and fortunate job to have, but it also put into perspective the passion and need for play based education and for children to learn through ‘hands on’ opportunities, where they can engage in rich and meaningful experiences and learn through their ability to touch, manipulate and experiment.


This year I was thrilled to join the ELC community in the Eugene Room. My beautiful class have welcomed me with open arms and I am very excited to be working with the Genazzano ELC Team and to continue this learning journey with them. What do the Eugene room children love about their teacher Dani? Rafferty – I love playing outside with Dani and when I fall down she helps me get up. Ayla – She plays superheroes with me. Ella – I like her dancing and singing the Once I caught a fish alive song. James – I like to go outside and she helps me with the tennis balls.





Reflection: Year 7 in 1970 Part One Ann Rennie (O’Neill, 1975) | English and Religion Teacher

As I Zoom, blog and email my students in Year 7 as part of remote learning, where classrooms are empty and bereft of all the energy, enthusiasm, delight, curiosity and distraction that make up the community of Genazzano students; I can hardly believe that a half century has passed since I was a student in Year 7. Known then as Form One, in 1970, the above technology was light years away from the pen and paper of classroom exercise books and two fingers from the margin, the rote learning of tables and spelling lists, the recitation of ballads and the piety of frequent visits to the chapel. The FCJ Sisters had only recently changed their habit after the Aggiornamento of Vatican 11 and we could now see strands of hair willfully escaping from wimples. The traditional long black habits were still worn by the older sisters, while the younger sisters avidly embraced change.

We could now see that they actually had legs that were just like ours! As I look at the 1970 yearbook and its photograph of the 25-strong FCJ community, most of whom were teachers, I note the vast change wrought by the years. Gen students today may be visited occasionally by an FCJ Sister who can tell stories of the school and the old days, but we are still missing dearest Sr Maryrose Dennehy fcJ who knew us all so well and whose love of Genazzano and all it stood for was palpable. But she would not want us to wallow in the past when the future holds such promise. Despite the social isolation and lockdown we have experienced, we are always reminded to be grateful for what we do have and to adopt the courage and confidence Marie Madeleine d’Houët so frequently espoused. And much as I am mindful of the mere 50 years ago of my first year of

We must propose to our pupils the good, the beautiful and the true and urge them to open their minds to their age-old attraction. 28

secondary school, I am also reminded that in 2020 we are celebrating the bicentenary of the founding of the Society, Faithful Companions of Jesus in Amiens, Fance in 1820. In 1970, the Medium School was located in Grange Hill and our classrooms were in the long corridor of the then newish cream brick building. Only the year before, in 1969, we had been shushed and shuffled into the hall, now the ELC, to watch history in the form of a grainy satellite images of Neil Armstrong’s One small step for man, one great leap for mankind as he became the first man on the moon. The Big School was the Wardell building and we yearned to get there, one day in a future too distant to imagine, to be like the big girls who seemed to us paragons of beauty and perfection.


The Principal, Sister Barbara Reed fcJ, wrote in the 1970 yearbook introduction about the type of woman an education at Genazzano hoped to produce. Her thoughts were imbued with much hope about this thrusting new decade. Sister Barbara wrote: We must propose to our pupils the good, the beautiful and the true and urge them to open their minds to their age-old attraction. That Ignited by beauty, truth & goodness is our theme 50 years later is testimony to the fact that there are universal, and Ignatian themes which always need to be revisited and revised as each generation comes along. Each generation finds a freshness, perhaps a new resplendence and reality, for the immediacy of their own lives as they make their own discoveries in a world that never stands still. Towards the end of the article, Sister Barbara writes that she hopes a new type of teacher will emerge… who will be able to handle multiple classes through the aid of records, tape recordings, cassettes and videotapes. These seem like ancient technology now in this world of apps and Instagram, YouTube, podcasts and Twitter, but, then, they were state-of-the-art and we were the beneficiaries of the latest in educational innovation back then. In Form One, the learning of French was enhanced by taped cassette. We listened attentively to the Écouter et Parler series as Mrs Karpathiou trained us in verb tenses, the feminine and masculine pronouns, as well as the days of the week, the months of the year and the salutations of meeting and greeting and basic interrogatives needed for travel such as Où sont les toilettes? All I remember from Latin was amo, amas, amat. History seemed to begin with the

Bayeux Tapestry, Geography was about contour lines and I can’t remember much about Mathematics. We had elocution lessons and played long games of ruin camp at recess and lunchtime. Miss Phillips would sometimes have the class in fits of laughter - I think we egged her on a bit, but in a nice way, and then it was straight back to the learning of Abdul Abulbul Amir for later excruciating classroom recitation. We students were biddable and generally conscientious and were drilled in the importance of owning up for the usual minor infractions; being late, talking instead of listening, disheveled uniform or missing homework. Those girls who were really naughty were castigated for being bold and may have been given order marks which were a minus for the House to which they belonged. We loved our houses, Cardinal, Silver and Blue. Cardinal and Blue were forever waging war on the sports field, whilst Silver

seemed to occupy a less sporty, more cerebral profile. I was proudly Cardinal, as were my siblings, Fiona, Geraldine, Rosemary and Dominique. As I cast my mind back, I am aware that memory can be very porous and that this mélange may be part wishful thinking and part nostalgic revisionism. That being said, I loved my school days so the fabric is truthful even if the threads are a bit fanciful. As I write this story I wonder what my Year 7s today will think of 2020 and their interrupted school year when they cast their minds back at their 45-year school reunion in 2070. I hope the stories of Marie Madeleine d’Houët and the Faithful Companions of Jesus are honoured as foundational to the education of the next generation of Gen girls. Stay tuned... Part Two will feature in the November edition of GenNarrations.

Above: Ruta Statkus, Ann Rennie (O’Neill), Philippa McInerney and Mary Bourke. 29


We Remember Alumnae

College Community

Angela Baccini (1990): Daughter of Marisa and Tony. Sister to Jessica and John and his wife Albany. Aunt of Lola and Max.

Kevin Anderson: Brother of Maureen McLeish (dec., 1966), Mary Williams (1960), Cyril, Carmel Minney (1965), Christine Hughes (1968), Clare Pearce (1969), Catherine Raines (1970), Michael, Joseph and Laurence.

Joan Thérèse Butler (Cronin, 1959): Wife of Martin (dec.). Mother of Martin, Mark and baby Damian (dec.). Mother-in-law of Wendy and Anne. Grandmother of Julian, Laura (2008) and Siobhán (2010). Brenda Marie Case (McMahon, 1947): Wife of Richard. Mother to Stephen, Fiona (1975), Kathryn (1977), Brendan, Gavin and Julia. Grandmother to 11 grandchildren. Sister to Valerie and Claire (1947). Maureen Hartung (Gaffney, 1960 ): Wife of Brian. Mother of Tania Pamment (1985). Sister of Patricia Cheers (1964). Grand-aunt of Gabrielle Cheers (Year 5). Joan Kennedy (1938): Mother of Richard and Marie. Danielle Korwin-Walford (1995): Daughter of Neens (dec.) and Robert Korwin-Walford. Hunter Round (2020): Son of Darren and Katie. Brenda Rush (1962): Daughter of the late Kevin and Elaine, sister and sister-in-law of Roger and Margaret, Brian (dec.) and Glenys, Jonathan and Terry, Peter, Judy (dec.) and Patrice. Patricia Summers (Dwyer, 1955): Wife of Frank, mother of Pauline Angus (1977), Julianne Blanch (1978), Catherine Crisp, Mark Summers, Dianne McGilfrey (1985), Helen Summers (1989) Susan Curtis (1990) and Caroline Summers (1992). Grandmother of 21 including Madeline (2018) and Claudia (Year 12). Dulcie Thomson (Lodge, 1940): Wife of Basil. Sister of Gwenda Carrucan (Lodge, 1942) and Pauline Lewin (Lodge, 1952). Mother of Peter, Helen, Maree, John (dec.) and Greg. Grandmother of Lucy and Katie Goldwater and James and Peter Thomson.

Stephen Byrne: Husband of Fay. Father of Tanya Salinas-Byrne. Grandfather to Allegra (2017), Miette (2016), Pascal (Year 9) and Bastien. Dorothea Chandler: Mother of Anne-Louise (1975) and Helena (1984). Sister of Patricia Connelly (dec., 1938). Dr James Cummings: Husband of Anne. Father and father-in-law of Jillian, Gabrielle, Clare, James, Peter, Luke and Fiona. Kathleen Dowling: Mother of Anne-Louise (1975) and Helena (1984). Sister of Patricia Connelly (dec., 1938). Pierre-Michel Jean: Husband of Josselyne. Father of Corinne Rivera, Mary-Jane and James Jean (dec.). John McKeever: Husband of Therese. Father of and father-in-law of Therese and Bruce, Patrick and Margaret, Moya (Staff Member) and Christopher, Siobhan and Paul, Una, Sean and Sally. Pamela Meehan: Mother to Felicity, Amanda and Samantha and their husbands Paul, Russell and Darren. Grandmother of Darcy Towe (Year 11) and Matilda Towe (Year 7). Joyce Merlo: Mother of Maureen fcJ, Brian (dec.) and Margaret. Grandmother of Deanna, Alissa, Kirstyn, Greg, Craig, Steven, Simone and Kylie and their partners. Great grandmother of Anastasia, Josephine, Zoe, Owen, Jean, Eric, Jonah, Kai, Campbell and Louie. Bruce Milanovic: Uncle of Maura Milanovic (Staff Member). Peter Reed: Father of Christopher, Brendan, Timothy, Gerard, Bernadette, Angela and Michael. Father-in-law of Therese, Michelle, Renee, Julian and Brendon. Grandfather to Stephanie, Daniel, Claire, Jayden, Danielle, Dillon, Nicholas, Margaret, Thomas, James and Michael. Jeffrey Smith: Husband of Barbara. Father of Sophie (2000). Brother in law of Kathy Chisholm (1972), Libby Adams (1976), Gillian Corcoran (1971), Christine Hart (1986) and Louise Mazzeo (1978). Barrie Smith: Father of Bernadette Burnes, Catherine Rankin and Patrick Smith. Grandfather of Ellen Rankin (2010), Charlotte Rankin (2012), Ruby Burnes (2019), Grace Burnes (2019), Eliza Burnes (Year 9), Patrick Burnes, Matthew Rankin and James Rankin. Peter Wheelahan: Husband of Collette. Father of Anthony, Simon, Matthew, Marcus, Nicholas, Peter and Catherine. Grandfather of Sarah Wheelahan (Year 10).



Births Alumnae 1.

Madeline Coyle born 5 Feb 2020. Daughter of Eleanor (Cowlishaw, 2005) and Beau Coyle.


Eve Horan born 4 Feb 2020. Daughter of Elisa (Goethals, 2001) and Patrick Horan. Sister to Lachlan and Angus.


Elsie Kathleen Quinn born 8 October 2019. Daughter of Fionnuala Kennedy (2005) and Dominic Quinn.


Hugo Aloysius Ryan born 1 December 2019. Son of Margot (Rogers, 2009) and Michael Ryan.


Dima Blue Shulkin born 20 March 2020. Son of Victoria Moore (2011) and David Shulkin.


Lucy Colleen Sturrock born 16 Jan 2019. Daughter of Stephanie (Beltrame, 1995) and Joseph. Sister to Sophie, granddaughter to Colleen Sturrock (Delahunty, 1964) and great niece to Kerry Quin (Delahunty, 1966, dec.) and Lurlene Salmon (Delahunty, 1969).















Hugh Barnetby born 25 February 2020. Son of Amanda and Josh Barnetby. Brother to Jack.

10. Hunter Michael Entwisle born 15 May 2020. Son of James and Deon Entwisle.


Thomas Bastian born 8 December 2019. Son of Brett and Ev Bastian. Brother to Madeline.

11. Louis Jackson born 5 March 2020. Son of Lisa O’Halloran and Christian Jackson. Brother to Oscar.


James Christopher Beayni born 31 January 2020. Son of Kristen and Christopher Beayni. Brother to Thomas.

12. Yamina Kai born 21 April 2020. Daughter of Zen Zeng and sister to Beluz.

Weddings Alumnae 1.

Emily Biernacki (2011) married Raphael Saffigna on 11 January 2020 at Wattle Park Chalet.


Veronica Clinch (2010) married Jonathan Voulgaris on 14 February 2020 at Bramleigh Estate in Warrandyte.


Kiara Ruggiero (2012) married Lars Lichon on 10 August 2019 at St Marys by the sea in Port Douglas Queensland.





Staff 4.

Dan Allen married Stephanie Parton on 14 December 2019 at Carmeliate Monastery, Kew.



Genazzano Alumnae One of the oldest and strongest associations in Australia, the Alumnae Association has brought Genazzano women together for more than 100 years and comprises over 10,000 members. Today, the Genazzano Alumnae Association continues to be a strong and supportive community of women who share a common history of education and friendship at Genazzano. We invite you to connect with us online, through Facebook, Instagram and our online alumnae platform genunite.org. facebook.com/GenAlumnae @genazzanoalumnae genunite.org The Red Telephone This is, without a doubt, the most used piece of equipment in the senior school. The Red Phone was installed in the second term, and the girls cannot imagine how they managed without it. All sorts of phonecalls — emergency, social, business — are made to all sorts of places — homes, schools, hospitals — all through the day. Here, Sue Collins puts her call through in comparative peace — sometimes a queue of impatient callers causes quite an amount of wonder to a confused listener. Image and text taken from the 1970 Genazzano yearbook. 32


In 2020, we hope to be able to host reunions at the College through the Alumnae Association. Further details will follow closer to the dates once more information is received from the government regarding social events and gatherings in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Invitations will be emailed approximately 6-8 weeks prior to your reunion, so make sure your contact details are up to date on GenUnite, www.genunite.org.

Planned Dates CLASS OF


40 year reunion

10 year reunion

Friday 30 October 2020 6.00pm - 7.30pm, Genazzano FCJ College

Friday 30 October 2020 6.00pm - 7.30pm, Genazzano FCJ College



30 year reunion

20 year reunion

Friday 6 November 2020 6.00pm - 7.30pm, Genazzano FCJ College

Friday 6 November 2020 6.00pm - 7.30pm, Genazzano FCJ College






2019 one year reunion Thursday 3 December 2020 4.00pm - 5.30pm, Genazzano FCJ College

Planned Dates Outstanding Alumnae Awards Evening Wednesday 26 August 2020 Genazzano FCJ College Memorial Mass Sunday 15 November 2020 Genazzano FCJ College

College Community Events 33

Genazzano FCJ College 301 Cotham Road, Kew VIC 3101 T +61 3 8862 1000  E collegedevelopment@genazzano.vic.edu.au  W genazzano.vic.edu.au CRICOS Provider Number: 03298G

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Genazzano FCJ College - GenNarrations July 2020 Edition  

Genazzano FCJ College - GenNarrations July 2020 Edition  


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