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Beautiful Bouquets

Just because they have the best-looking table in town, this is no reason for your customers to neglect their key floral displays. Poinsettias can be used as cut flowers to stunning effect around the house, from hallway through to living and dining room, with coordinated themes that will really help bring Christmas to life.

Trade tip: There’s a secret tip to making sure poinsettias survive


Wreath Workshops

We can’t be the only ones who’ve noticed that wreaths are firmly back in fashion, and not just at Christmas, with many people adorning their front doors with beautiful floral decorations throughout the seasons. Such a natural decoration is the height of green-living chic for a sutble Christmas atmosphere. Add poinsettia bracts for beautiful, festive displays.

Trade tip:

Show your customers how to create a series of beautiful DIY poinsettia-based wreaths, which is a lovely advent activity that can be shared by grandparents, parents and children. The Stars for Europe website features many great wreath-making ideas you can share, check out the online image database where you can filter for step-by-step photos of DIY and wreath designs. Find two of them at the end of this article. Stars for Europe also offer a range of step-by-step videos that you can embed or download directly for use on your own platforms.

as cut flowers. Share it with your customers via social media to offer something memorable: cut poinsettias will stay fresh for up to two weeks if, immediately after cutting, the stems are first dipped briefly into 60-degree hot water, then placed in cold water. With such an extensive bank of images to choose from, Stars for Europe can provide enough content for you to make your Instagram feed into an instant go-to solution for shoppers in search of the perfect Christmas style.

Trade tip: As all good garden centres and nurseries know well, there is no limit to the style appeal of fresh plants and flowers. Encourage customers to give more plants and bouquets as gifts, complemented by beautiful planters.


The Natural Choice

In times of environmental challenges and a worrying health crisis, it’s important to emphasise nature and natural elements. Plants offer relaxation and wellbeing, which can be found with a “Dive into the festive forest”. At the same time, Christmas should bring light, joy and colour into the home. Encourage families to get creative together with DIY decoration to celebrate the “Colourful joy of Christmas”. Christmas is also associated with spirituality and purity – a safe haven in contrast to the world’s unbalance - which can be visualised as delicate botanical Christmas decorations and a sophisticated, “Less is more” style.

Trade tip: Give your customers more ideas for festive family craft activities by showing them how to create a display using upcycled items, from wooden boards and old cans to drinks cartons and glass bottles. For lots of step-by-step guides visit the Stars for Europe website.

New Stars for Europe trade website now live! The new site - https://sfe-trade. com/ offers retailers a wealth of useful content and material to help drives sales of poinsettia both in-store and online. Retailers are welcome to log on to download point of sale and merchandising materials, press releases, as well as useful printable material regarding the right care to help poinsettias bloom.

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