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Industry Awards

Heavenly celebrations for Blue Diamond East Bridgford, Grosvenor, Nailsworth & Matlock Garden Centres scooped the big awards at Blue Diamonds Manchester Cathedral night of celebration in March. GTN Photo Exclusive.


congregation of around 600 gathered in Manchester Cathedral on Thursday evening, 10th March, to celebrate the success of the Blue Diamond Group over the past two years. MD, Alan Roper, led the Blue Diamond event, dancing onto the stage before extolling the efforts of his garden centre teams. “By investing all our profits back into the centres we have rapidly grown in size. We’ll be ahead of Dobbies by 2023! I’m currently working on 4 new acquisitions at the moment too.”

As no awards could be presented in 2021 the main awards for Blue Diamond Garden Centres of the Year were each won by two centres, one the winner for 2021 and one for 2022. East Bridgford & Grosvenor were the Oak Award winners for Destination Centres with Nailsworth & Matlock the Acorn Award winners for Core Garden Centres. After a glamorous night of celebration in the knave of Manchester Cathedral guests were transported by coach to the “After Party” at Impossible Theatre in central Manchester, where the GTN photos stopped being snapped!

Blue Diamond Awards 2022 The Full Results Core Garden Centre of the Year - The Acorn Award – 2021 and 2022 • Winners: Nailsworth & Matlock • Nominees: Coton Orchard, Chatsworth, Fryers, Rake, Nailsworth , Harlow, Matlock, 3Shires Destination Garden Centre of the Year - The Oak Award – 2021 and 2022 • Winners: East Bridgford & Grosvenor • Nominees: East Bridgeford, Grosvenor, Cadbury, Derby, Newbridge, Sanders Stock Management • Winner: Percy Throwers • Nominees: Sanders, Harlow, Percy Throwers Home • Oak Winner: East Bridgford - Alistair Bartle • Nominees: Trentham - Andrew Bollington, Evesham - Natalie De Guelle, East Bridgford Alistair Bartle • Acorn Winner: Harlow - Susan Cavey • Nominees: Coton Orchard - Laura Ross, Fermoys - Carole Spain, Harlow - Susan Cavey Fashion • Oak Winner: Evesham - Alison Turner • Nominees: Brambridge - Lyndsey Smith, Trentham - Karen Locket, East Bridgford - Tracey Bull, Evesham - Alison Turner, Grosvenor - Sarah Williams • Acorn Winner: Newbridge - Rachel Slark • Nominees: Trelawney - Helen Danning, Worcester - Stacey Scott, Newbridge - Rachel Slark Garden Care • Oak Winner: Derby - Pascel Dorey • Nominees: Derby - Pascel Dorey, Bicester - Cary Powley, Trentham - Natalie Reynolds, Newbridge - Steve Nicholls • Acorn Winner: Nailsworth - Daniel Underhill • Nominees: Nailsworth - Daniel Underhill, Harlow - Julia Spearman, Hereford - Andrew Lloyd, Wilton - Sharon Grant

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