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Employee Ownership Trust at Coolings


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Eggstraordinary Easter gets season off to a flyer


fter a few weeks in March and April when sales dipped below last years levels and people were starting to wonder how the year would pan out, the sun shone well and truly for Easter and as the GTN Bestsellers graph below shows, volume sales reached a new peak, even exceeding the levels immediately after the end of Lockdown #1 in 2020. Now one great week doesn’t make a whole season, but, with underlying trends of record sales for Grow Your Own plants and incredibly high volumes of growing media still coming through in the GTN Bestsellers data it does seem as though gardens are going to play an important part in many people’s lives this summer.

In this issue...


Shaping a new future at Coolings


Blue Diamond Awards – GTN Photo Exclusive

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Glee 2022 Update Garden Re-Leaf Day 2022 LOFA Column – Working Together HTA Column – Reasons to be Cheerful GIMA Column – Sourcing New Products

The long weekend for the Queens Platinum Jubilee could well be the catalyst for high levels of garden décor, garden furniture and BBQ sales. If that proves to be the case, it will be a right royal summer too! Unfortunately, the GTN team were hit with COVID at the start of March, with the aftereffects taking a long time to clear, which is why this is a joint March-April issue to catch up on all that has happened while some of us have been out of action. We’re all recovered now, which is a good job considering Glee is just 60 days away at time of going to press and there’s much to do in preparation for the first ever June Glee event at the NEC. We’ll see you there if not before while we are out on our garden entre visits. Have a great May!

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March/April 2022 3


Shaping a new future at Coolings An employee ownership trust at Coolings Nurseries is securing its future for the next xtt generation and giving stafffff a chance to share its financial fii success


oolings Nurseries, with four garden centres in Kent and East Sussex, has joined the likes of Riverford Organic Farms, Aardman and John Lewis & Partners and is now managed through an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). Announced in March along with a new management structure, it means 75% of the company’s ownership is held by a Trust on behalf of its 200 employees with Paul Cooling holding the remaining 25% to continue the family’s interest and legacy in perpetuity.

4 March/April 2022

Paul has been considering the future of the business for some time and in the last decade it has been transitioning from a ‘family owned and family managed’ business to being ‘family owned and professionally managed’. In the last two years he has spoken to and taken advice from many people in the industry and beyond from solicitors to accountants. The two most obvious options were selling up, something which did not appeal, or keeping the majority of ownership in the family. However a relatively

new and third business model option called an Employee Ownership Trust appeared to be a good fit allowing the business to continue to thrive while benefitting employees and the loyal customer base. “I’m the third generation in the business, and the fourth generation is my son and daughter,” says Paul Cooling, Vice Chairman, adding that they are both forging their own careers. “If you look at all the successful businesses in our world, most of the people running them have grown up with them.

Staff working on the nursery at the Coolings site at Rushmoor Hill, Sevenoaks, keep the garden centre stocked with fresh bedding and perennial plants


We are keeping the business running in the way it has been run in the past so until staff start seeing the dividend payments come through, I hope that is really going to be the only significant difference they will notice. Although my children have awareness they have no idea what will be involved with running a business with 200 peop ple and a £12 million turnover. It’s not the same thing as when you are living above the shop floor and it would be selfish of me to expect my children to give up their chosen career paths to take on the responsibility of owning Coolings Nurseries.” Formally shares in the business were owned by Paul, his brother David, and the company’s Managing Director Gary Carvosso. Although David has offered sound financial and business advice as an ‘unseen director’ for many years, he has no children so doesn’t have a long-term interest in the future of the business. “It was suggested that an Employee Ownership Trust might be a route to bring David to the negottiating table and I thought actually hee might be ok with that. He was and it was brilliant.” This opened the doors to begin investigating the possibiilities of an EOT which eventuallyy took around a year to put into motion. EOT’s have only been around since 2014 so are still a relatively new business model. Howeveer today more than 600 companies are run in this way and in 2021, one in 20 company sales were

to employees through a trust. New Hopetoun Gardens in West Lothian moved to an EOT in 2019 giving control of the business to its team of more than 35 staff. Dougal Philip and Lesley Watson, who established the business more than 40 years ago, now have the opportunity to begin stepping back from its day-to-day running while knowing the business is in safe and caring hands. Trusts established for employees must always hold the majority share and in the case of Coolings, it has a 75% stake. The Government is currently looking favourably on the formation of EOT’s and is calculating businesses to have relatively modest values which are approved by HMRC. This enabled the Trust to buy the shares from Paul, David and Gary (with Paul retaining 25%) on behalf of Coolings employees with money from within the company. Paul and Gary will be paid for their shares from profits over the next 10 years, or sooner. “So it’s in our interest to make sure the company performs well,” says Paul. Although the EOT is a significant change in ownership, it’s not a dramatic shift in management and communicating this to staff is key. Breaking the news to the employees and telling them they all own a bit of Coolings Nurseries Ltd resulted in some very interesting reactions. “Many of them were pleasantly surprised but you could see by the expression on some faces they are thinking ‘what’s the catch?’, and some cynics are thinking it must be to do with tax. Indeed there are some tax benefits but it works both ways and the benefits are certainly more weighted in favour of the employees,” explains Paul. “We are keeping the business running in the way it has been run in the past so until staff start seeing the dividend payments come through, I hope that is really going to be the only significant difference they will notice.” To ensure all business interests are represented within the Trust, it has its own board of directors which includes Paul as Family Trustee Director, Ian Hazon as Board Appointed Trustee Director, Dale Evaans as Empolyee Truustee Director and Nick Brooker a formeer banker who is the Inndependent Trusteee Director. Meeting up throughout the yearr they act on behalf of the employees incluuding arranging for the dividend, if profits are made, to be paid to all staff who havve worked at Coolings for more than 12 months.

Paul Cooling believes an Employee Ownership Trust is the best way to continue the business in the coming years

March/April 2022 5

Interview At the moment each can receive a dividend of up to £3,600 before having to pay tax. “But we’ve had to be very clear with the staff – just because you can earn it, doesn’t mean you will. It would have to be a very, very good year to get that much!” says Paul. This then gives each employee a stake in the business and a real reason to help the company be a success. Another important point is that employees are given a certain amount of job security which is particularly pertinent in a world where smaller, family run garden centre businesses are in the eye of larger companies looking to add to their portfolio. Paul explains this was bought home to him customer base. “If you’d seen it the week we following a recent substantial offer for the company took over and compared it with what it looks like way over the current market value and what he now, you wouldn’t say it was the same business,” describes as ‘phenomenal’. “We had a discussion but says Paul. “The staff are loving it as it’s more like I went back and said ‘no’. If we had gone down this the garden centre it used to be and I’ve done route I wouldn’t have been able to look any of the a number of talks to WI and local horticultural employees in the eye. I would have to move because groups letting them know the business is now a lot of people live locally [and rely on Coolings for back in family hands and with people who care their livelihood]. It became very emotional. Within about plants. We’ve got quite a few customers six months there would have been a chunk of people returning who haven’t visited in years.” As Coolings is known for its plants it’s without a job. For example the accounts department important they are the first thing customers see would be gone and our garden maintenance section when they visit. “When people come in, you’re wouldn’t fit in. Just the thought of what we’ve done straight into houseplants, so you’ve got a bit of a and achieved in all those years being disassembled horticultural feel.” There is still a lot do at Wych - it hadn’t really dawned on me how significant a Cross and more investment to be made but Paul change that would be.” is excited about its future. The EOT covers four sites including Wych Cross Garden Centre in Forest Row, East Sussex, a former Wyyevale Garden Centre site,, which became part of the Coolings family as recently at 2019. Now refurbished, and even considering the turmoil of national lockdowns, turnover has more than doubled. Its former nursery growing roses is now back up and running, seating in the café has been doubled and the stock selection adjusted Wych Cross Garden to better fit its horticultural Centre, where horticulture and plants are now firmly back on the agenda

6 March/April 2022

Celebrating the new business model with some of the team at an event at the Houses of Parliament

Coolings has been in the nursery business since 1913 and this new chapter will add to its history as the ‘gardeners garden centre’. The EOT has given Paul the opportunity to become its Vice Chairman and take on a less active dayto-day role in the company while Gary Carvosso becomes Chairman, with Dyane Ross as its Managing Director and Ian Hazon becoming Ops and Production Director. It has also ensured the family ethos of growing and selling high quality plants and sundries, offering sound gardening advice and looking after its staff and customers is protected for the future. Indeed the company continues to develop with the possibility of investing in new sites and the creation of a separate share scheme on the table. “It’s been a roller coaster and certainlyy we have been out of our comfort zone because it’s all been a bit of an unknow,” says Paul. “But it’s reassuring that some quite big, well-known family names are already EOT’s and it will give far greater stability to the business than for it to remain in the hands of one or two individuals. And it gives me a good feelgood factor as an owner too.”

Norfolk Leisure are celebrating their 25th year in style. With an already extensive catalogue of high-quality brands and being renowned for bringing innovative garden furniture to the UK market, they have dedicated time to developing their very own range of BBQ’s, Norfolk Grills.

Identifying a gap in the UK market, Norfolk Leisure have designed and created a high-quality BBQ range, mid-priced and packed with practical features. Their range features Gas, Charcoal and Electric BBQs with a premium range of luxury stainless steel Outdoor Kitchens. Designed exclusively for Norfolk Leisure, each grill includes an array of practical features to ignite your grilling experience. From tool hooks, condiment storage and cabinets, to bottle openers, side burners and rotisserie functionality on selected models – there is a Norfolk Grills BBQ for everyone. With the BBQ market already home for some impressive brands and products, Norfolk Leisure had to turn up the heat when it came to the big launch, but they didn’t have to look to far to find someone to fit the bill. Born and bred in Norfolk, Galton Blackiston is one of the very few chefs in the whole country to have held a Michelin star for over 20 years. His Morston Hall hotel and restaurant on the north Norfolk coast has been judged one of the best 1,000 restaurants in the world and was recently voted Best Food Hotel of the Year by the Good Food Guide.

The author of 4 award winning cookery books, and with a true commitment to Norfolk’s natural food and coastal produce, Galton couldn’t have been a more ideal choice for the Norfolk Grills brand ambassador. “Norfolk Grills is the most exciting range of BBQ’s to hit the UK for a long time and we are extremely proud of the time and investment our team has taken to bring this striking collection to market” says Nick Anderson, Managing Director of Norfolk Leisure. “We are also excited to have such a talented chef as Galton Blackiston help us launch the collection”.

Norfolk Leisure has some exciting projects planned for Norfolk N Grills which they will be working on alongside "Norfolk Grills are aiming to bring Galt Galton. Their focus will be barbecues into the 21st century and inspire to in inspire folks around the everyone to cook something delicious, even n nation to cook more than dishes you'd never imagine cooking on a BBQ" just the standard BBQ Says Galton Blackiston. dishes whilst highlighting “There's a lot more to outdoor cooking than the importance of using d burgers and sausages, I've always championed quality ingredients that Norfolk's amazing food and produce, and it's are sustainably sourced. an honour to help promote a home-grown way of making it taste even better."

For more information on the Norfolk Grills range visit the Norfolk Leisure website or email Norfolk Leisure Lifestyle Ltd, Garage Lane, Setchey, Kings Lynn, PE33 0AX | 01553 811717.

Industry Awards

Heavenly celebrations for Blue Diamond East Bridgford, Grosvenor, Nailsworth & Matlock Garden Centres scooped the big awards at Blue Diamonds Manchester Cathedral night of celebration in March. GTN Photo Exclusive.


congregation of around 600 gathered in Manchester Cathedral on Thursday evening, 10th March, to celebrate the success of the Blue Diamond Group over the past two years. MD, Alan Roper, led the Blue Diamond event, dancing onto the stage before extolling the efforts of his garden centre teams. “By investing all our profits back into the centres we have rapidly grown in size. We’ll be ahead of Dobbies by 2023! I’m currently working on 4 new acquisitions at the moment too.”

As no awards could be presented in 2021 the main awards for Blue Diamond Garden Centres of the Year were each won by two centres, one the winner for 2021 and one for 2022. East Bridgford & Grosvenor were the Oak Award winners for Destination Centres with Nailsworth & Matlock the Acorn Award winners for Core Garden Centres. After a glamorous night of celebration in the knave of Manchester Cathedral guests were transported by coach to the “After Party” at Impossible Theatre in central Manchester, where the GTN photos stopped being snapped!

Blue Diamond Awards 2022 The Full Results Core Garden Centre of the Year - The Acorn Award – 2021 and 2022 • Winners: Nailsworth & Matlock • Nominees: Coton Orchard, Chatsworth, Fryers, Rake, Nailsworth , Harlow, Matlock, 3Shires Destination Garden Centre of the Year - The Oak Award – 2021 and 2022 • Winners: East Bridgford & Grosvenor • Nominees: East Bridgeford, Grosvenor, Cadbury, Derby, Newbridge, Sanders Stock Management • Winner: Percy Throwers • Nominees: Sanders, Harlow, Percy Throwers Home • Oak Winner: East Bridgford - Alistair Bartle • Nominees: Trentham - Andrew Bollington, Evesham - Natalie De Guelle, East Bridgford Alistair Bartle • Acorn Winner: Harlow - Susan Cavey • Nominees: Coton Orchard - Laura Ross, Fermoys - Carole Spain, Harlow - Susan Cavey Fashion • Oak Winner: Evesham - Alison Turner • Nominees: Brambridge - Lyndsey Smith, Trentham - Karen Locket, East Bridgford - Tracey Bull, Evesham - Alison Turner, Grosvenor - Sarah Williams • Acorn Winner: Newbridge - Rachel Slark • Nominees: Trelawney - Helen Danning, Worcester - Stacey Scott, Newbridge - Rachel Slark Garden Care • Oak Winner: Derby - Pascel Dorey • Nominees: Derby - Pascel Dorey, Bicester - Cary Powley, Trentham - Natalie Reynolds, Newbridge - Steve Nicholls • Acorn Winner: Nailsworth - Daniel Underhill • Nominees: Nailsworth - Daniel Underhill, Harlow - Julia Spearman, Hereford - Andrew Lloyd, Wilton - Sharon Grant

8 March/April 2022

Industry Awards Garden Décor • Oak Winner: Grosvenor - Graham Moorcroft • Nominees: Cadbury - Colin Roche, Endsleigh - Dan Corben, Derby - Pascel Dorey, Grosvenor - Graham Moorcroft • Acorn Winner: Matlock - Colin Travis • Nominees: Hereford - Andrew Lloyd, Weybridge - Lee Dyke, Springfields - Jay Turner, Matlock - Colin Travis Seeds and Bulbs • Oak Winner: Derby - Ellen Radage • Nominees: Derby - Ellen Radage, Percy Throwers - Sam Hall, Newbridge - Steve Nicholls, Endsleigh - Dan Corben • Acorn Winner: Nailsworth - Daniel Underhill • Nominees: Nailsworth - Daniel Underhill, Wilton - Sharon Grant, Trelawney - Christine Worth, 3Shires - James Helme, Harlow - Julia Spearman, Hereford - Andrew Lloyd Growing Media • Oak Winner: Cardiff - Perry Carter • Nominees: Cardiff - Perry Carter , Percy Throwers - Sam Hall, Bicester - Cary Powley • Acorn Winner: Nailsworth - Daniel Underhill • Nominees: Lower Morden - Leanne Wilson, Rake - Jake Smith, Nailsworth - Daniel Underhill Garden Features & Containers • Oak Winner: Grosvenor - Simon Jackson • Nominees: Newbridge - Nick Gregory, Grosvenor - Simon Jackson, Derby - Richard Hind • Acorn Winner: Hereford - Andrew Lloyd Nominees: Hereford - Andrew Lloyd, Wilton Dan Johnson Living with Light • Oak Winner: Trentham - Edmund Thorne • Nominees: Grosvenor - Sue Gregory, Trentham - Edmund Thorne • Acorn Winner: Fryers - Aaron Piper • Nominees: Springfields - Charley Wright, Hereford - Scott O'Leary-Harris, Harlow - Julia Spearman, Fryers - Aaron Piper, Nailsworth Daniel Underhill, Matlock - Dan Atkinson Wild Animal • Oak Winner: Derby - Ellen Radage • Nominees: Derby - Ellen Radage, Brambridge - Rob Pettigrew • Nominees: Rake -Jake Smith, Matlock Lauren Abbott, Trelawney -Christine Worth, Coton Orchard - Darrell Mancini, Nailsworth - Daniel Underhill Pets • Winner: Matlock- Lauren Abbott • Nominees: Matlock- Lauren Abbott, St Peters - Suki Crook

Furniture & Outdoor Leisure • Oak Winner: Grosvenor - Sue Gregory • Nominees: Redfields - Loredana Piraino, Melbicks - Adam Mountford, Derby - Jacinta Butler, Grosvenor - Sue Gregory • Acorn Winner: Chatsworth - Tracey Uphill • Nominees: Chatsworth - Tracey Uphill, Matlock - Dan Atkinson, Fyers - Mathew Halford, Orchard Park - Solange Smith Christmas • Oak Winner: St Peters - Justine Le Mottee • Nominees: St Peters - Justine Le Mottee, Bicester, Derby - Jacinta Butler, Grosvenor - Sue Gregory • Acorn Winner: Chatsworth - Tracy Uphill Nominees: Chatsworth - Tracey Uphill, Harlow Lisa Watling, Fryers - Mathew Halford Seasonal Plants • Oak Winner: Newbridge - Rhona Chambers • Nominees: Newbridge - Rhona Chamber, Cardiff - Tom Watkins, Sanders - Chester Allen, Percy Throwers - Shelley Haynes, Redfields Anna Lancaster

• Acorn Winner: Trelawney - Rachel Parsons • Nominees: 3Shires - Ryan Wintle, Rake - Gita Evertovska, Trelawney - Rachael Parsons, Matlock - Craig Mallet, Orchard Park - Jane Meyer – Edwards, Chatsworth, Coton Orchard Hardy Plants • Oak Winner: Cardiff - Tom Watkins • Nominees: Fryers - Peter Shirley, Newbridge Lisa Holmes, Cardiff - Tom Watkins, Brambridge - Ben Diggins, Grosvenor - Mark Williams, Le Friquet • Acorn Winner: Trelawney - Mark Johnsson • Nominees: Trelawney - Mark Johnsson, Harlow - Fiona Wotton, Nailsworth - John Moxon, Coton - Jamie Rolling Indoor Plants • Oak Winner: Le Friquet - Alexandra Robson • Nominees: Endsleigh - Simon Edwards, Le Friquet - Alexandra Robson, Percy Throwers Shelley Haynes, Bicester - Klye Bartram • Acorn Winner: Lower Morden - Katie Ryan • Nominees: Rake - Maria Carney , Harlow Jonathan Feasey, Lower Morden - Katie Ryan

March/April 2022 9

Industry Awards Food retailer • Oak Winner: Fermoys - Julie Wills • Nominees: Fermoys - Julie Wills, Cadbury - Kristy Membery, Derby - Trevor Adams, Bridgmere - Simon Cannell, Trentham - Michelle Richardson, Endsleigh - Jane Glanville Customer Engagement • Oak Winner: Grosvenor • Nominees: Sanders, Grosvenor, Le Friquet, Cadbury, Newbridge, Endsleigh • Acorn Winner: Canterbury Nominees: Nailsworth, Matlock, Wilton, Canterbury Home Delivery • Winner: Weybridge • Nominees: Fermoys, Weybridge

Barista of the Year • Winner: Orchard Park - Jimmy Barton • Nominees: East Bridgeford - Daniel Gigliotti, Grosvenor - Ellie Hutchings, Orchard Park Jimmy Barton, Redfields - Stefania Parvu Pastry Chef • Winner: Redfields/Weybridge - Carl Ormesher • Nominees: Redfields/Weybridge -Carl Ormesher, Bicester - Jasmin & Joanne, East Bridgeford - Ben Alderson, Springfields - Paula Cummings Head Chef • Winner: Brambridge - Adam Gellender • Nominees: Melbicks - Adam Winters, Grosvenor - Som Stefanelli, Brambridge - Adam Gellender Restaurant of the Year - The Acorn Award – 2021 and 2022 • Winners: Chatsworth & Orchard Park • Nominees: Chatsworth, Trelawney, Orchard Park Restaurant of the Year - The Oak Award – 2021 and 2022 • Winner: East Bridgford & Grosvenor • Nominees: East Bridgeford, Grosvenor, Redfields • Acorn Winner: Fryers - Tori Ford • Nominees: 3Shires - Emma Burrett, Lower Morden - Nick Dale & Rebecca Smith, Fryers Tori Ford, Matlock - Gemma Bunting

10 March/April 2022

GARDEN LOVERS She loves our new range of sprayers and you will too! HIGH QUALITY GREAT VALUE INNOVATIVE

A complete range of high quality, innovative, sustainable sprayers and spreaders to appeal to home & garden lovers all year round.

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Aid for Ukraine

Garden centres step up to the mark for Ukraine

From cake sales to flying to Poland, garden centres are doing their bit to help communities in Ukraine.


cross the country garden centres have been working with local communities to raise money, collect donations and deliver essential supplies to help people who have lost so much in the invasion of Ukrainian. Some such as the Blue Diamond group and ISE Garden Centre in Kettering have shown their support through donating money raised rather aptly through sales of the Peace rose. This cultivar was bred by Francis Meilland in the mid 1930’s and he sent cuttings to growers across Europe and America just before the outbreak of WW2 in a bid to save it for future gardeners. Through all its garden centres and online from Fryers Roses, the Blue Diamond Group has already donated in excess of £10,000 to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal and hopes to send the charity a similar level of donation at the end of April, based on current sales. Blue Diamond has also donated £3500 towards the cost of fueling 8 aircraft packed with medical supplies flying from Southend Airport to Poland. The efforts support the husband of a member of staff who is a doctor and has organized the donations. Similarly ISE Garden Centre in Kettering donated 100% of the sales of the Peace rose during the month of March to Save the Children UK and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Sian Berrick, ISE Garden Centre Manager, said the garden centre sold all of its Peace roses and is now growing on more plants so it

12 March/April 2022

Robert Milroy, a Guernsey shareholderr of The Blue Diamond d Group, clocked up 177 hours of flying whilee piloting a Cirrus SR222 to Lublin..

www.gardentradene k

Aid for Ukraine

it can continue to generate funds for the charities later on this season. Sian added the centre’s parent company Harkness Roses generated £16,000 in just 6 hours when the news of the initiative was announced. Staff member Nadine South has also been the conduit for collecting essential aid at the garden centre and so far 4 tonnes, enough to fill five transit vans, has been sent to a site in Luton where it is prepared for transport to Ukraine. In Kent, Gary Carvosso, Managing Director at Coolings Nurseries has driven a transit filled with essentials such as sleeping bags, baby milk and first aid kits to a drop off point under a bridge in Krakow. Supplies where taken over the border the same day. Gary says: “Driving just under 1000 miles in the continuous rain to get there was tedious to say the least, however in context it was nothing in comparison to the people who have not seen or heard from family and friends and have no idea if their house or flat is on one piece of looted”. Coolings is donating 10p from every customer purchase to fund another trip to Poland and is grateful to continued support from local communities and groups. Supermarket Morrisons has also offered a generous discount on palletised baby milk and food, and nappies. Customers of Baytree Garden Centre in Spalding rose to the challenge when it came to donations. Working with its local church, the garden centre collected enough to fill two 7.5t lorries plus trailers which were driven to a distribution point in Peterborough. While in Essex, staff and volunteers at Bonnetts Garden Village have sorted through donations to fill several lorries. Using his connections here and abroad the owner’s Chris Bonnett has also secured 40 tonnes of food and 6000 duvets and is close to raising £20,000 via JustGiving to fund trucks driving to Ukraine and Poland with aid. Supporting the campaign through awareness is Dobbies Garden Centres and Mr Fothergill’s Seeds. The garden


Also supporting Ukraine

Gary Carvosso from Coolings Nurseries

Supplies being unloaded at a collection point in Krakow

*The Secret Shed in Cardiff through a coffee morning. *Cardwell Garden Centre, Inverclyde, which raised £600 for the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal through hosting an afternoon with musical entertainment from the local Clyde Coast Fiddlers. *Van Germeren & Co Garden Centre, Chesterfield generated £635 through the sale of yellow and blue decorative bows with a sunflower centre to adorn front doors, cars and fences and has also been a donation drop off centre. *Beechwood Garden Centre, Aberdeenshire has been a drop off point for donations. *Summerhill Garden Centre, Essex has collected financial donations and essential supplies.

centre has worked with the Daily Express to offer a reader-giveaway of Sunflower Giant Single and through local newspapers with customers redeeming a packet of seeds when they visit their local Dobbies.

March/April 2022 13

The power of pallet merchandisers Dedicated to making life easier for retailers, Primeur has enhanced its offering with a range of merchandising support tools, with its new pallet display units for borders, stepping-stones and planters proving extremely popular.

Primeur confirms its ready for 2022


! n o t i g n i r B

s the spring/summer season comes into view, retailers from across the country are looking ahead to tills ringing and happy customers in all corners of the store. Those already stocking Primeur’s multi-award-winning Eco Garden range are getting ready to reap the rewards from the flexible garden borders, nonslip stepping-stones, lightweight decking solutions and self-watering Tierra Verde planters, but what about those that are yet to join the Primeur ‘family’?

The Primeur team has confirmed thatt new customers need not worry about stock availability as the team is ready and waiting to onboard new customers,, backed by an infrastructure that can wholly support an influx of orders. With h lead times from as little as five days and a UK-based warehouse fit to bursting, there has never been a better time to add a little (or a lot!) of Primeur to your 2022 offering.


appeal most to their customers, either as a year-round solution or quick ‘in and out’ promotional lines. Jenny Douthwaite added: “There is no value in us just providing a pre-stocked unit only for certain products to flounder as others thrive. This is not cost-effective for our customers, nor does it look great at the point of purchase. Instead, we are now working closely with our retail customers to identify their bestsellers and ensure that the stock density is there for them when it is needed most,

It’s a simple fact that no two retailers sell the same amount of anything. Instead, where one retailer might see sales of stepping-stones skyrocket, another might be the epicentre of garden border sales. Recognising this, Primeur has introduced a new way of working with customers by identifying their individual sales patterns. The aim of this tailored approach is to increase sales amongst those products which

These new display units are a great way to start the season and top-up stock holding ahead of peak sales, thereby ensuring customers can access the right amount of material to complete their garden projects. Primeur’s Jenny Douthwaite explains more: “Garden borders and steppingstones are not the type of product that shoppers buy as just a one-off, they are looking for sufficient stock so they can complete their garden upgrade. A display unit only half stocked or running low will, inevitably, cause consumers to look at alternative sources of supply or give up on the project altogether as they don’t want to have to keep coming back to buy more product; instant gratification is key.”

Meet the team Jenny Douthwaite Sales Director Sarah McLafferty National Account Manager Amy Hart National Account Manager

“Primeur has helped to repurpose over 5 million tyres in the last year alone.” The perfect partner for online sales If you are looking to boost your online sales, then allow Eco Garden to provide the perfect solution. Backed by a large image library, installation videos and details ‘features and benefits’ Primeur’s Eco Garden products won’t break in transit thanks to the unique properties of recycled rubber – making for happy customers and happy retailers.

Order now for Easter! Want to maximise Easter sales? Want to offer your customers something that not only looks great but has a long list of USPs, including playing its part in promoting recycling and sustainability? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then look no further than Primeur.

Let the numbers do the talking In case you need any further convincing that Primeur is the perfect supply partner, here are some top stats that tell you everything you need to know! • During the 2020/21 season one of Primeur’s biggest customers grew their sales of Eco Garden products by 85% YOY • In the same year, another customer added Primeur’s ranges to its online store, helping them to achieve a 42% YOY growth.

• Planters remain Primeur’s bestsellers with over 50% of its sales in garden ranges being planters. Hot on the heels of planters is borders which account for 30% of garden centre sales, with the remaining 20% made up of stepping-stones and decking solutions. • In fact, Primeur’s popularity has soared so high it is reporting a 156% YO OY gro owtth fo or the e 20 021//22 season!!

Eco Garden from Primeur – made from 100% recycled rubber tyres Did you know that every single product in the Eco Garden collection is made from recycled rubber tyres; tyres which would otherwise take upwards of 80 years to decompose in landfill where they would also pose a high fire risk and can leech potentially fatal chemicals into the local ecosystem. But these aren’t the only benefits of using recycled rubber crumb…. here’s a few other highlights • virtually indestructible – meaning less breakages in transit or in-store thanks to clumsy customers and weather extremes • will not rot, fade or crack no matter how high or low the temperature gets • mildew and mould resistant • lightweight means it can be relocated around the home or garden

Get in touch

To find more about Primeur’s Eco Garden range, please contact the team on 01274 518800, email or visit

The Garden Press Event

Latest trends and products on show for the gardening press The Garden Press Event in March was the place to be for suppliers to get products noticed by leading journalists and influencers.


Tools from Fiskars for every gardening job

ardening journalists, bloggers and social media influencers descended upon the Business Design Centre, Islington in March to see and hear about the new trends and products for the coming year. The Garden Press Event’s aim is to equip garden writers and anyone involved with the press or media, with everything they need to promote gardening to consumers whether it’s being read in traditional magazines, presented in articles and videos online or through podcasts. Around 90 companies promoted their latest projects and newest products. Here are some of GTN’s highlights:

Greenman Garden Tools are traditional and hard wearing

Fourth-generation business Greenman Garden Tools takes a traditional approach to the craftsmanship of its hand tools. Handles are made from ash, a tough, sustainable wood said to cause less vibration than fibreglass or metal. For its digging and cultivation ranges, handles are longer than most and attached with extra-long lipped sockets and multiple rivets. Greenman’s Half Brite Border Spade and Fork are a little different to anything else. They have a bright polished lower section to the carbon steel head and forks traditionally done to show off the quality of the metal. Greenman says these carbon steel tools are hard wearing and get better the more they are used. Greenman supports its customers with numerous how-to videos fronted by Adam Greenman and a monthly newsletter with information on tools and their care, gardening tips, planting guides and recipes.

16 March/April 2022

Fiskars is offering a range of new and innovative tools to tackle every garden to-do list with ease. New pruners appear in three ranges - Solid™ which are simple, effective and affordable; Plus™ designed for more rugged everyday use, and X-series™ for exceptional performance. For cutting back flowers, herbs or snipping blooms for flower arrangements its ReNew Gardening Scissors are an ecofriendlier choice. They are made from recycled and 100% recyclable materials, including the 21cm stainless steel blades. New planting tools in the lightweight but sturdy Solid range include the Hand Bulb Planter and the Planting Stick to aid seed sowing. When it comes to harvesting the X-series tools provide everything gardeners need from the Folding Produce Knife with precision blade and push button lock for easy closing and safe, compact storage to the sleek Plus Garden Harvest Basket.

Packaging focus for Spear & Jackson

As well as introducing new products for 2022, Spear & Jackson has reviewed its packaging to reduce or remove entirely materials such as single-use plastics. With backing cards made from FSC certified materials and secateur packaging reduced to partial blisters in PET plastic, the company has made huge strides recognising the importance of sustainability to customers. These changes will be rolled out across its whole range but have already been implemented on The Kew Gardens Collection, which for 2022 has a new look with the packaging designed around botanical illustrations.

To support new and existing customers, Darlac boosts it online advice

Darlac has appointed Damian McEvoy as Technical Lead to strengthen its in-house product development. As a user of Darlac’s range Damian speaks from experience when it comes to recommending the right tools for the right job. A current focus for Darlac is investing more time in its customers by getting out and about and supporting them with product information and know-how while having knowledgeable staff that lead to better sales and fewer returns as customers purchase the right tool in the first instance. Darlac supports this with extra resources on its website including ‘how-to’ videos and also highlighting five essential tools for new gardeners – namely a pruner, lopper, saw, shears and a sharpener. With spares available across its whole range the sustainability message is also key as is, educating consumers about the importance of maintaining tools to make them last longer.

Garden Press Event Barrus products help boost health and wellbeing

With several key brands such as WOLFGarten, Wilkinson Sword, Town & Country and Cub Cadet under its umbrella, Barrus took the opportunity to highlight how gardening products help improve health and wellbeing. Whether through making tasks easier with lighter tool ranges or creating more family time by using a robotic mower, this is a great tip that could be used in-store for selling the benefits of tools and equipment, especially to new gardeners.

Capi Europe’s pots are kind to the planet

One of the first in the industry to do so, Capi Europe has been awarded the CO2-Neutral label for its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. Every flowerpot made at the factory in Holland will be awarded this quality mark. Pots in the Capi Waste Collection are made from 100% waste with raw materials coming from fishing nets, waste cork and recycled Capi flowerpots. Robust but also lightweight, the Waste Collection Pots have a contemporary design with either smooth or organic ribbed finish and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use as they are resistant to fracture, frost and UV.

Bespoke designs from Crocus

Online retailer Crocus displayed a number of decorative items. Designed by its in-house designer and only available through Crocus, items include rain gauges that while functional also make stylish sculptures, obelisks and poppy head bird feeders (as stakes and hanging). It has also recently introduced Iris – its consumer app – aimed at providing novice and experienced gardeners with inspiration and plant care tips throughout the year. This is helping to build a social community in which consumers can ask and answer questions building their knowledge and expertise over time.

New designs for Woodlodge and the RHS

Woodlodge and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) have unveiled the designs for their outdoor planter partnership, presenting something fresh and exciting for gardeners in 2022. The two companies have joined forces to produce on-trend designs in garden pottery resulting in terracotta, glazed and fibre clay pot ranges such as Borders, Vintage, Arches, Rosemoor, Wildlife, Flora and Lattice. All are licenced under the RHS brand. With demand for outdoor décor higher than ever, Woodlodge has also added to its Honey & Wild portfolio helping to embellish outside spaces. Recognising the increased interest in nurturing wildlife in the garden, a range of insect and butterfly hotels, bird feeders, and hedgehog houses have been added. New novel wall art includes solar mirrors in both contemporary heart and gothic church designs to bring warm light and a sense of enclosure to outdoor spaces.

Cordless innovation from Stihl

Among new products that Stihl has brought to market this year is the versatile SHA 56 – a cordless shredder vacuum and blower that speeds up the process of clearing and collecting garden waste. Using the AK battery system this ergonomically designed tool is suitable for blowing, vacuuming and shredding leaves, hedge clippings and green waste. In addition, the new HTA 50 cordless pole pruner is compact and lightweight (weighing only 3.6 kg) while offering a highcutting performance and making life easier when it comes to maintaining tall and hard to reach trees and hedges.

March/April 2022 17

The Garden Press Event

Natural and contemporary indoor gardening with Burgon & Ball

Primeur turns tyres into planters

In the last year alone Primeur has helped repurpose more than 5 million tyres through the manufacture of its recycled planters. With rubber tyres taking at least 80 years to decompose when discarded in landfill this initiative ensures that more tyres, turned into rubber crumb and formed into new products. A single tyre can make 2 medium planters which are not only eco-friendly but virtually indestructible. With a range of stylish designs, the pots make a great contemporary addition to outdoor spaces.

This season Burgon & Ball is adding fresh flair to its indoor gardening selection, with stylish new plant pots. Two new designs combine to give six new choices across a range of colours, patterns and sizes. Picking up on the ongoing themes of bringing the outdoors into the home and for all things natural, the Provence glazed pot features a design of grasses and flowers in a loose, sketchy style. In contrast, the Bilbao indoor pot is strikingly contemporary, picking up on the trend for bold geometrics. It also reflects the hottest trends in interiors are with two colour options, subtle pale jade, and a soft mid-blue with a touch of neutral grey. Burgon & Ball also has a new addition to its RHS Gifts for Gardeners range. The new British Meadow design collection of delicate flowers and butterflies, reflects the trend for more informal gardens where nature can find a home where the love for native British wildflowers and wildlife can be rekindled. The collection also introduces a new option with gift-boxed RHS-endorsed gardening snips. What’s more, with gorgeously designed plastic-free packaging, the collection demonstrates that style can go hand-in-hand with concern for the environment.

Scheurich has pots for every room in the house

Among new lines from Scheurich is the Material Mix series which combines natural looking wood, linen and woven designs in the Palma, Legno and Juta range. With textural finishes cleverly made through poly print, the designs are versatile and suited to different rooms within the home. The Lagom range (translated as ‘just the right amount’) provides a playful mix of Scandanavian charm and realistic finish in yellow, grey and blue shades. Every pot is individual and features a distinctive and glossy finish.

Westland’s wealth of new products for gardeners

To help boost sales and raise awareness of its new Visiroot range of modular seed trays, Westland has carried out a targeted advertising campaign in magazines including Garden Answers and Garden News. Activity on its own social media platforms is also kicked off to chime with the seed sowing season as has a television advert for its new liquid plant feeder Boost. “Everybody needs to get ready in April because there’s going to be a big bang. It’s a really, really exciting new advert with a nice, catchy bit of sound so you’ll be singing along from April onwards,” says Jo Wilkinson, Westland Head of Communication and Insight. Recognising that although seed and modular trays are essential for every keen gardener, they are also notoriously difficult to

18 March/April 2022

retail because their bulk limits how many can be displayed on a shelf. Its solution is retailready pallet displays offering a combination of new Visiroot products including the Twin Propagator Set which better fits a standard window sill and enables home growers to start off two different types of seed at the same time rather than growing a large batch of one type. Made from recycled bottles and manufactured in the UK, the Visiroot range is a first for consumers as the transparent sides of the trays enable them to check on root growth without having to disturb the plants and compost. Trays can be used multiple times but at the end of their usable life can be fully recycled in all councils across the country.


Reliable Committed Straightforward

We’ve had a busy few months since launching at Glee and we’re delighted to be working with customers up and down the UK, preparing their store set-ups for success in 2022. We continue to invest heavily on systems, infrastructure and inventory, as well as 5 new bagging lines – running day and night, building stock profiles to meet seasonal demands. The customer is at the heart of all we do, so we’re committed to being as reliable and straightforward as we are innovative. Our pledge is to offer Garden Centres great service as well as choice, but whilst we’re busy pushing boundaries, our feet remain firmly on the ground. • 98% minimum stock commitment pledge • Easy 5 pallet minimum order • Guaranteed same-week delivery • Continuous investment in key areas • Prime, efficient geographic location with space to grow

“Over 250 new Garden Centree customers and counting! Thank you for all for your great support so far.” Tel: 01302 354500 Web:

The Garden Press Event Gift range from Bulldog is fit for a queen

Kids appeal with Jardinopia pots

Bulldog Tools was proud to launch its new Pedigree V&A Collection, a hand trowel and fork manufactured in lightweight, easy to clean, stainless steel and FSC accredited ash. Both tool designs bear beautifully etched patterns from the V&A archive on their blades, which become more prominent when soil collects within the pattern. Tools come with a lifetime guarantee and are housed within sustainable, hard-wearing gift boxes with beautiful eye-catching heritage patterns. Stuart Elsom, Managing Director of Bulldog Tools comments: “We are very proud that Bulldog Tools, with a 240-year UK manufacturing heritage, is partnering with the world-renowned V&A Museum, celebrating designs from their wonderful fabric archive, precisely etched onto our quality gardening hand tools. Presented in stylish and sustainable V&A ‘design led’ packaging, these tools are the perfect gift for any gardener.”

With Disney and Beatrix Potter licences, Jardinopia has added new designs to garden wear, tools and Eco pots. From Peter Rabbit and Winnie the Pooh, 101 Dalmations and Mickey Mouse, the designs appeal to adults and children alike. New for 2022 are eco fabric pots with bright floral designs from Iona Buchanan and Disney motiffs. Made from recycled plastic bottles they can be used either as pots or pot covers.

DLF Seeds celebrates sales successes

With several brands and a number of products in its portfolio, representatives from DLF Seeds were certainly kept busy. As well as winning accolades for its environmental credentials such as powering its office with renewable energy, Neudorff is celebrating the quiet success of Mildew Clear for Edibles. This new fungicide, which can also be used on ornamentals, is already proving to be a good seller. Neudorff has substantive research facilities looking at pests and diseases that cause problems across the globe. It’s hoped some might be on course to translate into more new products for gardeners in the future.

Another of its brands, Johnsons Lawn Seed is recording high sales in Tuff Grass, its hardwearing seed mix able to resist the effects of dog urine. The tough root systems of the grass means that although leaves become discoloured, they will grow back again. Behind the scenes work is also progressing collecting evidence to illustrate the carbon storage potential of grass lawns. Data is still in a raw form but when it’s presented, this along with lowering temperatures and reducing water run-off, will be a significant boost to champion grass lawns especially in urban areas.

Winning seed tray from Wildlife World

The prize for Best New Product, as voted by visitors of The Garden Press Event, was the Natural Rubber Seed Tray from Wildlife World. In two sizes with 20 or 30 cells and FSC certification from the Fair Rubber Association these non-plastic trays can be used again and again.

20 March/April 2022


The organic way to clean paths, patios, decking, garden furniture and more. Safe for pets, wildlife, children and non-toxic. Algon has been a bestselling product for many years across garden centres, it is simple to apply and gives great results.

Product Features: Product Features: • Organic

• Organic • Easy to apply •• Non-Toxic Easy to apply •• Safe Non-Toxic for pets/wildlife/animals •• Can Safebe forused pets/wildlife/animals around fish ponds •• No Canneed be used around to rinse off fish ponds •• Treatment No need to rinse can last off up to a year •• All Treatment canuse last up to a year year round • Shelf All year round use life of decades • High ShelfMargin, life of decades high rate of sale

Keep the exteriors areas clean and presentable for a number of months with a simple applica ation of Algon Organic Path, Patio & Decking cleaner. Use Algon on driveways and brighten up the exterior of homes and gardens. Algon ca an be used on fence panels, brickwork, patio flags, conservatories, roofss, artificial grass and a wide range of materials. It is versatile and safe to o use where animals are without waiting for it to dry into the surface e due to the non-toxic ingredients and formula. Using the organic cleaner to prevent surfaces from becoming slippery when wet and maintain them from attracting general build up on stone, brick, wood and much more.

Products Available

2.5 litr2.5 llitre Algon Concentrate covers 60 square metres f £6.99) 20 litre20 litre Algon Concentrate covers 480 square metres. . f £49.99)

More information can be found on our website. Algon is available at most garden centres across the UK and Ireland, order some today and see how well it sells.

Algon Ltd. Tel: 01772 823370 Email: Website Website

GTN Promotion

LOFA’s Plant a Tree campaign Attendance at SOLEX will boost the number of trees for the RSPB. We asked Amy Shaw, Corporate Partnerships Manager, for the RSPB to give us an insight into the organisation, her role and why it is so important to support nature and the environment.


y job role is to support companies to help in the fight to save nature through their business, whether this be donating to the RSPB through their sales or getting employees out onto our reserves to provide some hands-on help for our reserve teams. I work within the RSPB’s fundraising team. It is our job not only to raise funds to support the many amazing conservation projects that the RSPB carries out, but Amy Shaw RSPB Corporate also to raise awareness of what people and businesses Partnerships Manager can do to help in the fight to save nature.” Amy has been working for the RSPB for 2 years and loves her job. She has a passion for nature and spending time outdoors, and spends each day doing what she loves - protecting amazing outside spaces and species that are so important. “It is vitally important that businesses get involved in nature conservation. The next decade will be vital LOFA are partnering with for the future of our planet and our contribution the RSPB in July 2022 and donating £5 for every has never been needed more. We need everyone, visitor that attends the businesses, government and individuals to rally SOLEX Exhibition. together to save nature. By working together we can achieve even more for nature,” says Amy. LOFA are supporting the RSPB to plant trees at RSPB Haweswater. RSPB Haweswater encompasses 30 square kilometres of mossy woodland, rushing streams, moorland, heath Help us to help the environment and bog, set within a dramatic mountainous and give nature a home landscape on the eastern edge of the Lake SOLEX 2022 District National Park. It offers opportunities 12-14 July, NEC, Birmingham for seclusion and encounters with woodland birds, red squirrels and other special upland wildlife. LOFA’s and the RSPB’s work here is helping ensure the future of this fantastic site.

22 March/April 2022

Amy’s colleague Lee Schofield, Site Manager at RSPB Haweswater has written a book about the amazing conservation work in Wild Fell, which was published in February 2022. Amy explains: “Trees are really important for nature and the climate, and the trees planted at RSPB Haweswater by LOFA will form new hedgerows, part of big plans to expand the hedgerows on site. Hedgerows are vital as they provide excellent stores of carbon, food and nesting sites for birds, and act as highways for wildlife moving between wooded areas. We want to see more hedgerows across the UK which is why the work supported by LOFA at RSPB Haweswater is so important. “As the climate and nature crisis worsens, hedgerows will become even more important as carbon store and vital habitats for nature. Hedgerows are essential for the species that call RSPB Haweswater home, such as red squirrels, ring ouzel and mountain ringlet butterflies. There is a tremendous amount that businesses can do to help the fight to save nature. I’d urge any business considering getting involved to reach out to an environmental organisation, such as the RSPB and explore how they are best placed to help”. Anyone can help nature and the environment from using less water to reducing, reusing and recycling, choosing sustainable food, using energy efficient light bulbs or planting more trees. This leads into the last question to Amy, ‘what is your favourite tree?’ “Picking one favourite tree is so hard because they are all brilliant. If I have to pick one, I would say an apple tree because of the delicious fruit it provides for people and the excellent habitats it creates for our wildlife. Apple trees are great for gardens making them a great choice for us all to consider planting.”

Plant a Tree with LOFA & RSPB.

For every visitor who attends Solex 2022, we will donate £5. The donation will plant a tree at RSPB Haweswater. RSPB Haweswater nestles in a dramatic mountainous landscape on the eastern edge of the Lake District National Park. It offers opportunities for seclusion and wildlife encounters amongst woodland birds, red squirrels and badgers.











FA &

£5 for each attendee at SOLEX 2022 will be donated to the RSPB, a registered charity in England and Wales, number 207076, and in Scotland, number SC037654.

Eco-friendly Cordless Tools As the world’s population continues to grow and our limited supply of natural resources dwindles, manufacturers across all industries are looking for new ways to provide sustainable products, including moving away from fossil fuel powered devices to rechargeable battery technology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

One Battery, For Every Task.

24V FOR THE LIGHT JOBS, 48V FOR THE TOUGHER ONES 24 Cordless Convenience for Hom Home & Garden

24V or 48V for Total Flexibility

Greenworks designs and manufactures quality cordless tools for every job in your home and garden. They work hard to create products that are not only environmentally friendly but also efficient and durable. The tools use an advanced Lithium-Ion battery pack to power any of our 50+ tools - ranging from lawn mowing to grass trimming, cutting logs to trimming hedges, and even drilling or sawing for DIY tasks. Simply choose the tool and battery kit yo you need, then add other tools in the future.

The 24V product range are all made to be versatile and practical - perfect for those who want a lightweight tool with enough power. But if you want even more power to tackle those large lawns or pesky leaves. The 2 x 24V system (48V) works together as one set and gives you all the benefits of 24V tools for lighter tasks, with the bonus of 48V power for tougher ones.


),#,!& 666.5'+84*+13+7.9*.!2 !' .-$'+- " #!'$*,#! '% $"(( 0/(#, ,,,--0 -+",(& $'17$)5'+8483$"&3%!"3*+.9*.!2

GTN meets the suppliers

Greetings from Woodmansterne For the first in this new series of GTN features about suppliers to garden centres, the intrepid GTN team followed in the footsteps of Greg Wallace to go inside the Woodmansterne greetings card factory in Watford, Hertfordshire. MD Seth Woodmansterne tells us the back story to the third-generation family company and their plans for future development in this increasingly important sector of garden centre retailing.


ack in December 2021, BBC2’s Inside the Factory series saw Greg Wallace follow the production of a best-selling Woodmansterne Christmas card, from paper delivery through to artwork design, printing and finishing. A process that all of the 35 million cards produced by the company each year go through. Seth Woodmansterne runs the business today, and he kicked things off by explaining the origin of his third-generation family business. It all started in 1953, the year of the Queen’s coronation, which proved to be a pivotal moment: “My grandfather, Graham, had been in India for six years as a welfare officer, and used photography as a

way to help teach about religion and customs in the different areas of India. After the war, he started to lecture on India using his colour slides. As a former head chorister at Westminster Abbey, he had the connections to ensure he was best placed to take photographs of the Queen’s coronation. “He also pioneered a means of manufacturing duplicate colour slides without the normal loss of quality from reproductions, helping the business become known world-wide for its quality.” For readers old enough to remember, back in the fifties and sixties if you wanted a souvenir picture of an event

Paul and Seth Woodmansterne

March / April 2022 25

GTN meets the suppliers

or a visit to a museum to share with your family and friends, you would buy a set of Woodmansterne colour slides to view on the projector at home. The company even became the official colour slide producers for NASA and the moon landing. With advances in handheld cameras, colour slides became less popular in the late eighties, and the business had to regenerate. “Using some of our existing fine photography, my parents came up with the idea of printing twelve Christmas cards of stained-glass

windows by Edward Burne-Jones in Christ Church, Oxford. They were so popular, Woodmansterne soon became known for fine art greeting cards, with their bled-to-edge printing Top right: Colour and unusual square format. slides of the “We bought our first printing press Coronation in in 1996, and things have grown from 1953 were the starting point for there. Working with key retailers such Woodmansterne as John Lewis, the range and breadth of publishing has broadened, and production has had to evolve and develop to keep up. Fine quality is at the heart of everything we do at our awardThe high quality litho press that prints 35 million cards each year

winning production house (formerly winning PrintWeek’s Stationery Printer of the Year in 2015 and 2016). Often visitors are surprised at how much care and attention-to-detail is involved in what we do, and the reaction from customers to the BBC programme has been extraordinary!” Seth didn’t always plan to be part of the business, but after helping out with the move of their warehouse in 2011, he hasn’t looked back. “We’re one big family, and there’s such pride and teamwork across the business. Designing and manufacturing a product that helps people connect meaningfully really matters to us. The team continues to grow, as does our investment in the future.” “I took over from my father, Paul, as MD in April 2020, just as we were all navigating Covid. We secured fantastic support in the form of a CBILS loan and were fortunate to be a supplier to Waitrose and garden centres across the UK, which were

Find out more at: www.woodman

Woodmansterne Stats

35 MILLION cards per year produced.

26 March / April 2022

All cards printed in house in Croxley, Hertfordshire using vegetable inks on paper from FSC sustainable forests.

5000 sheets per hour go through the 4-colour printing press

‘Smart Seal’ packaging saves up to half a million pieces of throw away plastic being sent to landfill every week. Envelope paper is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste.

GTN meets the suppliers

a year from landfill. Glitter was removed from their products in late 2020, while all their envelopes have been made from 100% recycled, post-consumer waste for the last 6 years. And I was Left; the Woodmansterne pleased to hear that even the Dog Treat Advent gold foil they add to some of Calendar is sure to be a their cards can be recycled! bestseller for Christmas 2022. Right; high quality But the real thing that keeps images of stained glass Woodmansterne products so windows were one of the relevant for garden centres is the first Woodmansterne greetings cards. ever-evolving range of designs. Seth explains: “A card is only worth picking up and sending if it relates to the roof flushes our loos, and solar panels the person you’re sending it to. We have are shortly being installed on the roof!” to make sure our products stay fresh, Sustainability has been a key driver for alongside the timeless classics. Woodmansterne for years. “Some of our Our culture is very much embedded very first greeting cards were produced in how we share meaningfully, and on recycled paper! And we have been imagery is one of the most important using FSC paper for decades.” In 2019 alongside the words that you might put the company pioneered the ‘Smart Seal’, inside. Despite being better connected a wrap-around sticker that eliminates than ever at the click of a button, we the need for a plastic sealed wrapper rarely pause and consider the words and saves more than 55 tonnes of plastic that really matter to those we love. Graham But with a card, the care that goes into founded the business in choosing, writing and sending a card is 1953 without parallel!”

We have just moved to one of the most environmentally advanced warehouses in the country: it was a net carbon-neutral build... mostly able to stay open. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, but remarkably we have grown these last two years!” The latest investment has been in the company’s warehousing and distribution site in Milton Keynes. “We have just moved to one of the most environmentally advanced warehouses in the country: it was a net carbon-neutral build, has 100 skylights that flood the space with natural light, rainwater from

FSC paper from Italy. Plenty of stock to supply the increasing demand.

See the full Woodmansterne Christmas card production process on BBC iplayer:

March / April 2022 27

WORLD RENOWNED V&A MUSEUM COLLABORATES WITH BULLDOG TOOLS PEDIGREE GARDEN RANGE. Bulldog Tools are proud to launch the new Pedigree V&A Collection, a hand trowel and fork manufactured in lightweight, easy to clean, stainless steel and FSC accredited Ash. Both tool designs bear beautifully etched patterns from the V&A archive across their heads, which with use collects the soil to make the pattern even more prominent. Packaged in sustainable, hard wearing, quality gift boxes, encased in beautiful eye-catching heritage patterns these boxes are designed to be retained and loved much like the tools that are housed within that carry a “Lifetime Guarantee”, as standard. Stuart Elsom, Managing Director of Bulldog Tools comments: “We are very proud that Bulldog Tools, with a 240-year UK manufacturing heritage, is partnering with the world-renowned V&A museum, celebrating designs from their wonderful fabric archive, precisely etched on to our quality gardening hand tools. Presented in stylish and sustainable V&A ‘design led’ packaging, these tools are the perfect gift for any gardener.” Retailing at £28.00 each (RRP), the tool makes a wonderful yearround gift, for any budding gardener.


The V&A is renowned for its awardwinning licensing programme, creating beautiful products inspired by the museum’s rich archive. The programme started over 20 years ago and today it has over 80 licensed partners worldwide. The global programme reaches across product categories, from homeware, apparel, jewellery to stationery, crafting and everywhere in between. Key territories include UK, Europe, USA, Japan, China and South Korea. As the world’s leading museum of art, design and performance, the V&A celebrates creativity and champions excellence in design to inspire the next wave of designers, retailers and manufacturers.

For further information contact Brand Manager Sarah Cottle on or call on 0773 606 1255.

29 April 2022

Easter records broken e

Easter trading in 2022 broke all records according to the garden centre Epos data analysed by GTN Bestsellers.






e l p m a S

The Easter fortnight in 2022 was 3% higher than Easter 2021, 31% higher than the average for all Easters between 2011 and 2019 and even beat the previous record high recorded by GTN Bestsellers


for volume sales in 2011. That record wasn’t in sight k but b t after the first Easter week last week saw the highe hestt week’s k volume sales ever recorded re d d b by GTN Bestsellers, even en n beating b t th weeks the k when centres es re-opened d in 2020 and that mem morable bl week k in 2018 when the seaso son finally got going after a long cold d and a wet spring. p g.


+79.9% +22.6%

Volume sales movement ment compared to last week and year to date across ross all garden centre sales in the GTN N Bestsellers EPoS database.

Y Year on year comparisons below: b low: below GTN Bestsellers Top 50 sales volumes compared to the same week we in 2021: wk 16 G d Products Garden d Top p5 50 – up 9% G Growing Media d Top op 50 – up 37% V 2 G Top Veg-2-Gro p5 50 – up 49% W ld Bird Wild d&W Wildlife Top 50 – up 22%

GTN Bestsellers B All Sales volumes: wk 16 All A Plants with Barcode Index – up 43% Al All Items with Barcode Index – up 32%

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New Product of the Week

With the long Bank Holiday at the start of June on the horizon we’re starting to see quite a few Platinum Jubilee related products appearing in the GTN Bestellers Epos data. These Royal Spectacle ‘Jubilee Hip Hooray Recyclable Napkins’ caught our eye. From Talking Tables they have a super sustainability story, as instead of using plastic wrapping they are packed in a card outer with an extra napkin at the front of the pack to keep the rest clean. ‘One is totally recyclable.’ The napkins are part of a range of Jubilee Party products, including paper bunting plates, balloons and paper chains. www.ttalkingtables.c co.u uk

March/April 2022 29








+178.5% +43.6%

Grow your own set for biggest year ever The second week of Easter 2022 set a new record for the highest weeks volume sales of the Top 50 Veg-2-Gro lines, beating the previous record high set in May 2020 after Lockdown#1 by 15%. With year to date Veg-2-Gro sales now at nearly 11% up on last year and 44% up on 2019, this year is set to see the biggest boom in grow your own yet! Highlights of the week were: !Cucumber Female Femspot 9cm remains the GTN No 1 Bestseller for the second week, outselling each of the tomato varieties. Tomato Gardeners Deli Delight elight !Tomato 9cm moves up two places pla to No 2. !Courgette Courgette Amb Ambassador assador 9cm is the highest new w chart entry c at No 26.

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SUPPLIER – Product description – BARCODE

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1 2 4 9 5 26 15 3 6 20 14 17 7 11 13 10 18 25 8 12 16 21 22 23 27

CHEERS Cucumber Female Femspot 9cm - 5060452800714 CHEERS Tomato Gardeners Delight 9cm - 5060452800936 CHEERS Tomato Alicante 9cm - 5060452800899 QUANTIL Tomato Tumbling Tom Red 8cm - 5060033672372 CHEERS Cucumber Mini Petita 9cm - 5060452800738 CHEERS Courgette Ambassador 9cm - 5060452800691 CHEERS Tomato Beefsteak Super Marmande 9cm - 5060452800905 CHEERS Tomato Moneymaker 9cm - 5060452800943 CHEERS Tomato Shirley 9cm - 5060452800974 CHEERS Tomato Honeycomb 9cm - 5060452807317 CHEERS Pepper Bell Boy Red 9cm - 5060452800783 CHEERS Tomato Sweet Million 9cm - 5060452801018 QUANTIL Tomato Moneymaker 8cm - 5060033672303 QUANTIL Tomato Shirley 8cm - 5060033672327 CHEERS Tomato Tumbler 9cm - 5060452801025 QUANTIL Tomato Gardeners Delight 8cm - 5060033672280 CHEERS Tomato Ailsa Craig 9cm - 5060452800882 QUANTIL Tomato Ailsa Craig 8cm - 5060033672235 CHEERS Tomato Plum Roma 9cm - 5060452800950 QUANTIL Tomato Baby Plum Lucinda 8cm - 5060033672259 672259 QUANTIL Tomato Beefmaster 8cm - 5060033672266 266 QUANTIL Tomato Sungold 8cm - 5060033672334 2334 CHEERS Tomato Sweet ‘N’ Neat Red 9cm - 5060452800998 CHEERS Tomato Tumbling Tom Red 9cm - 5060452807287 QUANTIL Tomato Sweet Million ion 8cm - 5060033672358 QUANTIL Grafted Cucumber Cucumb umber Baby Rocky 10cm - 5060033672693 QUANTIL Tomato Alicante Ali 8cm - 5060033672242 QUANTIL Tomato Tomat mato Tumbling Tom Yellow 8.5cm - 50600336723 5060033672396 CHEERS Tomato To Black Cherry 9cm - 5060452800912 QUANTIL QUAN UANTIL Tomato Sweet Aperitif 8.5cm - 5060033672457 5060033 QUANTIL Tomato Roma 8cm - 5060033672310 CHEERS Courgette Gold Rush 9cm - 5060452800707 506 CHEERS Tomato Garden Pearl 9cm cm - 5060452800929 CHEERS Tomato Modus (Mini ni Plum) 9cm - 5060452805764 QUANTIL Grafted Tomato ato Supersweet 10cm Cherry - 5060033672778 QUANTIL Courgette tte 8cm - 5060033672112 QUANTIL Graft Grafted afted Cucumber Derby 10cm - 5060033672709 QUANTIL IL TTomato Tumbler 8cm - 5060033672389 CHEERS CHE HEERS Tomato Sweet Aperitif 9cm - 5060452801001 QUANTIL Heritage Tomato Tigerella 8.5cm - 5060033672426 QUANTIL Strawberry Elsanta Strips - 5060033671870 QUANTIL Cucumber F1 8cm - 5060033672136 CHEERS Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow 9cm - 5060452801032 CHEERS Aubergine Moneymaker 9cm - 5060452800646 QUANTIL Cucumber Mini 8cm - 5060033672143 CHEERS Pepper Sweet ‘Bellboy’ Green 9cm Pot - 5060452800776 CHEERS Tomato Red Alert 9cm - 5060452800967 QUANTIL Tomato Outdoor Girl 8.5cm - 5060033675786 CHEERS Chilli Cheyenne 9cm - 5060452800660 QUANTIL Strawberry Symphony Strips - 5060033671900

e l p m a S




! !


30 March/April 2022


19 24 28 30 29 36 3 38 45 42 35 41 32 40 39

Re-entry Re-

31 33





47 New

50 Last Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Volume Sales Change Increase Increase Increase Increase Highest Climber Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase Increase Increase Increase In Increase Incre rease I Increase Increa se Increase Increa +50% + 50% In Increase

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Increase Increase Increase Increase Increase Highest Re-entry Increase Increase Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase Increase Highest New Entry Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase

OP 10 VEG-2-GRO PRODUCTS THIS WEEK IN 2021 QUANTIL Tomato Gardeners Delight 8cm - 5060033672280 QUANTIL Tomato Tumbling Red Tom 8cm - 5060033672372 QUANTIL Tomato Moneymaker 8cm - 5060033672303 QUANTIL Courgette 8cm - 5060033672112 QUANTIL Cucumber F1 8cm - 5060033672136 QUANTIL Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow 8.5cm - 5060033672396 QUANTIL Cucumber Mini 8cm - 5060033672143 QUANTIL Tomato Supersweet 100 8cm - 5060033672341 QUANTIL Tomato Shirley 8cm - 5060033672327 QUANTIL Strawberry Honeoye Strips - 5060033671856


SUPPLIER – Product description – BARCODE

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1 2 4 3 5 6 13 8 10 16 7 9 15 14 20 11 17 24 21 22 19 18 12 32 23 25 30 26 27 33 29 31 39 43 47 35 37 40 36 38 42 28 48

WESTLAND Erin Multipurpose Compost 50L - 5012122977677 WESTLAND Multipurpose Compost with John Innes 50L - 5023377855566 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Multi Purpose Compost 40L - 5010272186734 WESTLAND Top Soil 30L - 5023377014574 WESTLAND Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost 50:50 50L - 5023377014444 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro Peat Free All Purpose 40L - 5010272186246 WESTLAND John Innes No 3 30L - 5023377007552 WESTLAND New Horizon All Plant Compost 50L - 5023377011023 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Organic Tomorite Compost 40L - 5010272192247 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Tomorite Giant Planter 52L - 5010272192018 WESTLAND Multi Purpose with John Innes 60L - 5023377006029 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Standard Grobag - 5010272186949 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Peat Free Miracle-Gro Greenfingers Compost 40L - 5010272192841 WESTLAND John Innes No 3 Compost 35L - 5023377007538 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Multipurpose Peat Free + John Innes 50L - 5010272190687 WESTLAND Landscape Bark 100L - 5023377851230 WESTLAND Farmyard Maure 50L - 5023377014581 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Peat Free Compost - 5010272190564 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro All Purpose Compost 40L - 5010272186161 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Tomorite Giant Planter with Seaweed - 5010272077339 WESTLAND John Innes Ericaceous 35L - 5023377007569 WESTLAND New Horizon Veg Compost 50L - 5023377007477 AHS Heart Of Eden All Purpose Compost 50L - 5056472400003 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro Ericaceous Peat Free Compost - 5010272190601 2190601 WESTLAND Multi Purpose with John Innes 25L - 5023377014475 COUNTRY CARE Horse Compost 50L - 5060211670015 MELCOURT SylvaGrow Peat Free Multipurpose 50L - 5060157810292 292 BLOOMIN AMAZING 3 in 1 Soil Improver 50L - 745110458869 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Essential Top Soilil 35L 3 - 5010272187205 WESTLAND New Horizon All Plant Compost 40L - 5023377007446 WESTLAND John Innes Seed Compost 35L - 5023377007491 WESTLAND John Innes No1 Young Plants nts 35L - 5023377007514 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington on Organic Blend Top Soil - 5010272187069 WESTLAND Bio Life Soil Improver Improv rover 50L - 5023377014550 BATHGATE Topsoil 25L - 680569840523 AHS Heart Of Edenn Decorative D Bark 80L - 5056472400058 WESTLAND Gro-Sure Gro-S ro-Sure Farmyardd Manure 50L - 5023377859885 THE REALL SOIL S COMPANY Super Soil Garden Topsoil 25L 5L - 794712633662 WESTLAND WESTLAND Decorative Mini Bark 70L - 5023377859 5023377859205 EVERGREE EVERGREEN EEN GARDEN CARE Levington t Organicc Blend B Farm Manure 50L - 5010272187106 GROWTH TECH TECHNOLOGY CHNOLOGY Houseplant l t Focus us Repotting Mix Peat Free 8L - 5025644915645 BATHGATE Multi Multi-Purpose ti-Purpose Compost st 50L - 680569851321 WESTLAND Jack’s Magic M All Purpose Compost 60L - 5023377855405 WESTLAND Multi Purpose with John Innes 10L - 5023377845628 ALTICO Alpine Grit - 5060914340376 WESTLAND New Horizon Tomato Planter - 5023377007460 WESTLAND New Horizon All Plant Organic Compost 20L - 5023377007453 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro Premium Rose Tree & Shrub Compost 40L - 5010272186413 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Seed & Cutting Peat Free 20L - 5010272192209 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro Premium Ericaceous Compost 40L - 5010272186499

Re-entry New Re-entry Re-entry Re-entry Re-entry


Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Increase Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase ease +50% Increase +50% 50% Increase Increase Increase

e l p m a S

TOP 10 GROWING MEDIA PRODUCTS THIS WEEK IN 2021 WESTLAND Top Soil (Value Bag) 35L - 5023377853999 WESTLAND Multipurpose Compost with John Innes 50L - 5023377855566 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro All Purpose Compost 40L - 5010272186161 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Tomorite Giant Planter with Seaweed - 5010272077339 WESTLAND Multi Purpose with John Innes 60L - 5023377006029 GODWINS Premium Multi Purpose Compost 50L - 5014603001093 WESTLAND New Horizon All Plant Compost 60L - 5023377007439 WESTLAND Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost 60L - 5023377855405 WESTLAND John Innes No 3 30L - 5023377007552 WESTLAND New Horizon All Plant Compost 50L - 5023377011023







e u s Is

+50% Increase Increase Increase Increasee Increase Incre crease Increase Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Highest Climber Increase Increase Increase Increase Increase Increase


+25.1% +25.1

Highest volume volumes for growing me media since Mayy 20 2020 Growing media dia sales over this Easter fortnight fort ortnight were 5% lower thann Easter Ea 2021 but 25% higher than Easter 2019. tha Last week’s sales volumes were the highest for a single week since the first week after Lockdown #1 Highlights of the week were: !Westland Erin Multipurpose Compost 50 litres stays at No 1, almost outselling the No 2 Bestselling line, Westland Multipurpose Compost with John Innes 50 litres, 2 to 1. !Bathgate Topsoil 25 litres is the highest climber up that chart, moving up 12 places to No 35. !Altico make their debut in the GTN Growing Media Top 50 with Altico Alpine Grit entering at No 45.

+100% Increase Highest Re-entry Highest New Entry +50% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Increase



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Volume Sales Change


Last week

! !

This week

NON-MOVERS 8 March/April 2022 31

GTN Bestsellers Wild Bird & Wildlife Care Products Chart 24.04.2022 WILD BIRD CARE CHART, WEEK ENDING SUNDAY 24TH APRIL 2022 COPYRIGHT © GARDEN TRADE NEWS 2021









Easter boost for Wild Bird Care sales The second week of Easter proved a good week for Wild Bird Care sales with Top 50 volumes increasing by 25% week on week and being higher than the same week in 2018, 2019 and 2021. Highlights of the week were: !Westland Peckish Xtra Goodness Energy Ball, Pack of 6 plus 6 Free doubled sales to move up to be the No 1 Bestselling line of Easter week #2. !Tom Chambers Seed & Nut Mix, 3kg + 50% moved 19 places up the chart to No 26. Marriages Honeyfields Pick & !Marriages Mix Refill was the highest pla placed Top 50 chart re-entry, back ba in at No 28.

This week

Last week

SUPPLIER – Product description – BARCODE

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

9 2 1 4 5 14 6 8 15 3 7 13 10 22 17 16 34 31 23 35 39 12 37 21 20 45 46

WESTLAND Peckish Xtra Goodness Energy Ball, Pack of 6 plus 6 Free - 5060235445286 TOM CHAMBERS Classic Seed Blend 3.75kg - 5022506004066 GARDMAN Seed Mix 12.7kg - 5024160782168 WESTLAND Peckish Complete 2kg + 20% - 5023377014178 GARDMAN No Nets Fat Snax 6 Pack - 5024160822130 GARDMAN Sunflower Hearts 1kg - 5024160846259 WESTLAND Peckish Natural Balance Energy Balls 50 Tub - 5060235442384 GARDMAN Seed Mix 2kg - 5024160782106 GARDMAN Fat Snax, tub of 50 - 5024160659958 TOM CHAMBERS Nice Nuts 2.5kg - 25% extra free - 5022506007104 WESTLAND Peckish Natural Balance Energy Balls 50 Box - 5060235445323 GARDMAN Seed Mix 1kg - 5024160782083 TOM CHAMBERS Sunflower Hearts 2.5kg - 5022506023951 GARDMAN Peanuts 1kg - 5024160781505 GARDMAN Mealworm Pouch 400g - 5024160832757 GARDMAN Co-Co Fat Feeder - 5024160040794 CJ WILDBIRD FOODS National Trust Vierno Drinker Water Dish - 5051054255057 1054255057 TOM CHAMBERS No More Mess Mix 2.5kg - 5022506017028 GARDMAN Mealworm Suet Treats 500g + 100% Free - 5024160000446 024160000446 GARDMAN No Grow Seed Mix 12.75kg - 50241608449033 JOHNSTON & JEFF Fatballs Wrapped, pack of 6 - 5031871107029 WESTLAND Peckish Fat Snax Box No Grow x 50 5 - 5023377012297 MARRIAGES Honeyfields Calciworms 1k 1kg - 5011259994007 WESTLAND Peckish Complete Easy asy Feeder 400g - 5060235444265 GARDMAN Sunflower Hearts ts 2kg 2 - 5024160845849 TOM CHAMBERS Seed & Nut N Mix, 3kg + 50% - 5022506027058 GARDMAN Berry Suet Su Treats 500g + 100% Free - 5024160000422 502416000042 MARRIAGES Honeyfields Ho Pick & Mix Refill - 5011259995042 TOM CHAMBERS CHAM AMBERSS Hungry Hedgehog Blend 0.75kg - 5022 5022506012726 TOM OM CHAMBERS Fat Balls, pack of 12 - 502250600 5022506006053 TOM CHAMBERS Fat Balls No Nets, pack off 6 - 5022506016960 GARDMAN No Mess Seed Mix 1kg - 5024 5024160846273 GARDMAN No Grow Seed Mix 2kg kg - 5024160845689 GARDMAN No Mess Seedd Mix 2kg - 5024160845702 GARDMAN Mealworm l Pouch 200g - 5024160832771 Po GARDMAN No Mess ss Seed Mix 4kg - 5024160845764 WESTLAND Peckish Pec Natural Balance 12.75kg - 5060235440137 MARRIAGES MARRIAG AGES Honeyfields Ecofill Empty Tub & Lid - 5011259993796 HENRY BELL Fat Balls 50 Tub - 5026132031229 HEN JOHNSTON & JEFF Suet Dumplings, pack of 6 - 5031871985528 TOM CHAMBERS Avon Log Feeder - 5022506005964 WESTLAND Peckish Daily Goodness Mealworms - 5060235444517 JOHNSTON & JEFF Calciworm 1kg - 5031871987768 GARDMAN Suet Feast Triple Pack - 5024160009364 JOHNSTON & JEFF Premium Suet Block Mealworms 300g - 5031871987775 TOM CHAMBERS Insect Suet Logs - 5022506019527 GARDMAN Seed Mix 4kg - 5024160782120 GARDMAN Mealworm Pouch 100g - 5024160832795 GARDMAN No Grow Seed Mix 1kg - 5024160846297 JOHNSTON & JEFF Premium Square Suet Cakes Fruit + Berry 300g - 5031871987782

e l p m a S




! !


32 March/April 2022




Re-entry ry










27 43

Re-entry Re-entry




18 48 Re-entry

Last year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Volume Sales Change +100% Increase Increase Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase In +50% Increase Inc +50% +50% Increase Incr +50% +50% Increase In Increase ncrease +50% Increase +50% Increase

e u s Is

+50% Increase Increase Increase Highest Climber +50% Increase Highest Re-entry +50% Increase Increase +100% Increase Increase +100% Increase +50% Increase Increase +50% Increase +100% Increase +100% Increase Increase +100% Increase +100% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Increase +50% Increase

TOP 10 WILD BIRD CARE PRODUCTS THIS WEEK IN 2021 RHS Suet Balls 60 Tub - 9120004639127 GARDMAN Seed Mix 12.7kg - 5024160782168 GARDMAN Seed Mix 2kg - 5024160782106 WESTLAND Peckish Xtra Goodness Energy Ball, Pack of 6 plus 6 Free - 5060235445286 HENRY BELL Fat Balls 50 Tub - 5026132031229 GARDMAN Mealworm Pouch 400g - 5024160832757 GARDMAN Mealworm Pouch 200g - 5024160832771 GARDMAN Sunflower Hearts 1kg - 5024160846259 HENRY BELL Mealworm 500g - 5026132031175 WESTLAND Peckish Sunflower Hearts 2kg - 5060235441967


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

1 2 3 4 5 10 6 9 7 11 16 8 15 19 47 12 14 24 41 21 Re-entry

26 13 17 27 Re-entry

46 Re-entry

30 31 Re-entry Re-entry Re-entry Re-entry Re-entry Re-entry

22 18 36 Re-entry

34 Re-entry New

32 28 42 Re-entry New Re-entry


EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Tomorite 1L + 30% Free - 5010272182620 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Feed - 5010272185447 WESTLAND Lawn & Turf Dressing 25L - 5023377844881 EVERGREEN Miracle-Gro Rose & Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food 1kg - 5010272076516 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food 1.2kg - 5010272182651 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Tomorite 1L + 20% Extra Free - 5010272191929 WOODLODGE Terracotta Pot Foot - 5021346486261 WESTLAND Big Tom Concentrated Tomato Food 1.9L - 5023377008030 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete 360 sq m + 10% - 5010272183320 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle Gro Pour ‘n Feed 1L - 5010272185393 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Roseclear 3in1 Ready To Use 800ml - 5010272190328 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete 80 sq m + 25% - 5010272200072 WOODLODGE Terracotta Pot Foot Large - 5021346486278 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Bugclear Ultra Gun 1L - 5010272090093 WESTLAND Boost Plant Food 1L - 5023377013935 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Roundup Total Ready To Use 1.2L - 5017676018012 SBM Protect Garden Slug Killer Max - 3664715043690 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Weedol Rootkill Plus Gun 1L - 5010272086379 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro Azalea, Cammellia and Rhodo Feed - 5010272185478 SMART SOLAR Compact Flaming Torch Black, pack of 4 - 5050642070218 SBM Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer, Ready to Use, 1L - 3664715006565 VITAX Acer Fertiliser 0.9kg Pouch - 5012351120110 SBM Baby Bio Original 175ml - 50371280 WESTLAND Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed 10 sq m + 30% Free - 5023377011290 290 SMART SOLAR Lantern Firefly Opal - 5050642067553 ALGON Organic Algae Remover Patio Cleaner - 5060028700011 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Weedol Gun Pathclear 1L - 5010272013153 53 GARLAND Midi Gravel Tray Black - 5031670002815 WOODLODGE Spang Pot 5” Standard - 5021346492941 WESTLAND Fish Blood & Bone 1.5kg - 5023377845888 5888 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Weedol Lawn Weedkill edkiller dkiller Ready d To Use 800ml - 5010272181814 SMART GARDEN 14 inch Coco Basket Liner ner - 5050642000161 WESTLAND Resolva Path & Drive We Weedkiller dk ll 1L Ready To Use - 5023377009228 SMART GARDEN 120cm Bamboo boo oo Canes, Bundle of 20 - 5050642003162 WOODLODGE Spang Pott 3 inch i h - 5021346437935 SMART SOLAR Fluted ted ed Stake Light g - 5050642032667 WESTLAND Orga rganic ganic Chicken h k Manure Pellets ts 10kg 10k - 50233778 5023377844614 SMART GARDEN ARDEN Briers Brier Tropical Forest Comfi Gloves l Medium - 5055966233530 M Me SMARTT GARDEN GARDEN N 12 inch Coco C Basket Liner - 50506 5050642000147 SMART GARDEN ARDEN 90cm Bamboo C Canes, bundle b dle of 20 - 5050642003155 bundl EVERGREEN GARDEN GA CARE Bug Clear l Ultra Ultr ltra Vine Weevil Killer 480ml - 5010272090147 WESTLAND SafeL eLawn Lawn Spreader d Box 80 sq m - 5023377003349 WOODLODGE 15cm Long L Tom m PPot - 5021346493306 SMART GARDEN 14 inchh C Coco Basket Liner Twin Pack - 5050642000338 WOODLODGE July Mixed Pot 3 - 5021346480689 SMART GARDEN 180cm Bamboo Canes Extra Thick, Bundle of 10 - 5050642003179 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Evergreen Complete Spreader Pack 100 sq m - 5010272092776 WESTLAND Resolva Xpress 24H Weedkiller 1L - 5023377013881 GROWTH TECHNOLOGY Orchid Focus Drip Feeders 38ml - 5025644916376 STEWART Smithy Patio Tub, Gun Metal, Small - 5022938558366

Volume Sales Change Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase +100% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase Highest Climber Increase Increase +50% Increase ease +100% % Increase +50% Increase Highest Re-entry +50% Increase Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase +50% Increa +50% IIncrease Increase Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase +100% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Increase Increase Increase +100% Increase Increase +50% Increase Highest New Entry Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase +100% Increase +100% Increase Increase

e l p m a S

TOP 10 GARDEN PRODUCTS THIS WEEK IN 2021 WOODLODGE Small Pot Feet - 5021346110852 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Levington Tomorite 1L + 30% Free - 5010272182620 WESTLAND Lawn & Turf Dressing 25L - 5023377844881 APTA Pot Topper 1kg Bag - 5022413560761 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Feed - 5010272185447 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food 1.2kg - 5010272182651 SMART SOLAR Flutterby Butterfly - 5050642040525 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Miracle-Gro Rose & Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food 1kg - 5010272076516 SMART SOLAR Party Flaming Torch Slate, pack of 5 - 5050642062077 EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE Roseclear Ultra, Ready To Use 1L - 5010272088212







e u s Is +73.9%

+6.2% +6.2

Feed me, feed me more...

Garden product sale sales ales jumped back above 2019 leve levels evels for the first time in four weeks, week eeks, up by 19% to be 6% up year ear to date on 2019 Top 50 volumes. volu The top six products in the GTN Chart all stayed in the same positions despite all seeing large sales increases, with plant feeds seeing the bigest growth. Highlights of the week were: !Evergreen Garden Care Levington Tomorite 1L + 20% Extra Free climbed four places up to No 6. !After last week’s chart debut, Westland’s Boost Plant Food 1L jumped 32 places up to No 15. !SBM Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer, Ready to Use, 1L, was the highest chart re-entry for the week, back in at No 21.



Last year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

SUPPLIER – Product description – BARCODE


Last week

! !

This week

NON-MOVERS 5 March/April 2022 33








+145.4% +20.2%

Easter plant sales soar The second week of Easter saw a 35% increase in plant sales over the first week of Easter which meant 43% more plants were sold last week than the same week last year. That means total plant sales for the year to date are now only 1.9% down on 2021, but still 20% higher than 2019. Tomato plant sales dominated once again, up 27% on the previous week with volumes that were 52% higher than the No 2 most popular plant of the week, Zonal Geraniums. Highlights of the week were: Begonia sales grew by 167% to !Begonia climb 15 places up the GTN chart cha to No 22. !Impatiens Impatiens re-enter re-entered tered the Top 50 Plants at No 30. !Hosta Hosta sales do doubled bled as they also re-entered the Topp 50 5 at No 47. Summer is on its way! y!

This week

Last week

Plant genus

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

1 2 3 4 5 7 6 8 13 11 12 17 14 20 16 10 9 19 22 15 23 37 32 24 34 33 26 21 28

Tomato Zonal Geranium Dianthus Petunia Osteospermum Fuchsia Lavandula Strawberry Lathyrus Pepper Lobelia Nemesia Cucumber Verbena Campanula Viola Pansy Calibrachoa Pelargonium Erysimum Bean Begonia Geum Bacopa Argyranthemum Courgette Lettuce Hebe Rose Imp Impatiens Azalea Clematis Tagetes Rhododendron Scabiosa Heuchera Hydrangeaa Lupinus nus Dicentra Dic Antirrhinum Salvia Mint Primula Hedera Rosmarinus Geranium Hosta Thymus Sempervivum Senetti

Volume Sales Change Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase +50% Increase +50% Increase Increase +50% Increase Increase Increa ease

Increase ase +50% Increase

e l p m a S





! !

34 March/April 2022


45 31 41 39 49 38 30 29 27 477 48 43 18


40 42


50 Re-entry Re-entry

Last year TOP 10 PLANTS THIS WEEK IN 2021

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Tomato Dianthus Zonal Geranium Petunia Fuchsia Osteospermum Pepper Lavandula Strawberry Nemesia

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GTN Bestsellers

Charting the growth of our industry If you enjoyed reading the previous six pages of GTN Bestsellers information just think about the benefit to your business of receiving all that rich sales data every week.


very week GTN analyses Epos data from a panel of garden centres to produce the most up to date volume sales information about garden centre sales. With a data pool that represents an aggregated turnover in excess of £130m per annum, GTN Bestsellers has been aggregating and collating sales at individual product line level since 2009 which means the subscribers to the GTN Bestsellers Newsletters have been able to track bestselling garden products every week for over 13 years, enabling them to get ahead and maximise the opportunities of new trends that show up in the charts and data. GTN Bestsellers first highlighted the success of drip feeders back in 2009

To buy your subscription please contact Trevor Pfeiffer on 07973 504214, email or buy on-line via the link on the GTN Xtra e-mail newsletter:

and 2010, then followed the rise and rise of garden lighting, prompted garden centres to buy in plant stocks earlier than usual based on the GTN plants chart and lately has charted the boom in pot and pot feet sales. And then there’s the GTN Bestsellers Top 50 Christmas chart which we publish from October to December revealing the most popular garden centre Christmas lines. The GTN Bestsellers newsletter is currently printed and mailed directly to subscribers each week, but this will soon be changing to an on-line service if preferred. A year’s subscription to GTN Bestsellers costs just £145.00 per year if you subscribe between now and the end of May.

Our products are supported by point-of sale boards, designed to help boost sales.

Help your customers get the best out of their garden with Bathgate’s vast range of horticultural products. %( +-( ,$( 50,(-, ,(*$3252&!(- 03) 43(-, !3&/()!(3,to ensure our products are consistently high quality. 01270 762828

#)(05 '2/ &0/)(3(/- 2' 055 0.!5!,!(-1 2+/ /03&( *03 -!&3!4*03,5" improve the performance of plants, seeds and shrubs.

March/April 2022 35


Doors open at Dor’s Garden A new store on the high street for gardeners. That is the vision of Stacey Gibson whose outlet in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire is now up and running.


or many years I have had this concept in my head to combine my skills in design, knowledge of plants and the experience I have built up in sourcing, supply and merchandising into a retail outlet which is accessible to all,” says Stacey. “My love of plants and the enjoyment and benefit they bring came from my mother who inherited that from her mother, my Nan and the difficult times of lockdown brought it into focus. Starting with on-line trading, I knew I wanted to get the shop up and trading and despite the years of thinking about it, it has really all happened quite quickly. Since I got the ball rolling it has quickly turned into an avalanche,” she adds. Just before Christmans 2021, Stacey found a local estate agent and landlord, both of whom believed in her concept and she secured an HSBC Back Business loan supplemented by Herefordshire Council’s Revive and Thrive grant to help new businesses take their first steps into retail. “The Marches Growth Hub Herefordshire has provided around 30 hours training in business skills and access to a business mentor for one- to-one sessions, so I’ve had support in sanity checking plans as well as skills in marketing. My landlord has been great, converting the redundant solicitor’s office into the modern, niche retail outlet which I managed to get open for trade in time for the May bank holiday weekend.” ‘Local’ is an important aspect of the concept indoor and garden plants come from just up the road at Allensmore Nurseries, Cacti from Pugh’s Nursery at Bromsgrove, Greenman Tools from the West Country, pot covers and planters supplied by Satchville Gift Company and many of the hardware lines and decorative items from Ascalon on the southern

36 March/April 2022

Business owner Stacey Gibson, with mum Karen (left) cutting the ribbon at the official opening of Dor’s Garden on Friday 22nd April 2022.

outskirts of Hereford, barely 10 miles up the road. Even the compost, although coir from Sri-Lanka, is from For Peats Sake, just across the border, in Gloucestershire. A fully integrated point-of-sale system from Square Register is helping Stacey manage card and contactless payments, online sales, click and collect and delivery, as well as stock inventory and accounting data. While Stacey plans to continue her garden design business, she also has plans to convert and utilise additional building space at the back of the shop to run seasonal workshops and crafting sessions. Realising running your own business can be a lonely life; Stacey has become an active member of Young People in Horticulture Association (YHPA). She says there are more young people in horticulture than perhaps we realise, and connecting those together is what YPHA achieves. She says keeping in touch via the WhatsApp group, being able to throw a note out there and get feedback of ideas and thoughts from others who have been there before you is a great support. While Ross-on-Wye promotes itself as ‘the birthplace of British tourism’, being at an important crossroads, between north, south, east and west, ‘local’ people will obviously form the core of customers when coming to the twice weekly market just a few yards down the High Street. While we were there, a steady flow of locals and tourists were on the street looking in through the shop windows at the colourful displays inside, before venturing in and of course who can resist a browse through a shop full of enticing things to buy?

Comfort. Design. Quality


30th May 30th June


NOW Available The diary is now open to secure your appointment to visit the Hartman 2023 Collection Trade Show that promises to innovate and elevate outdoor living. Located in a newly built Showroom at Hartman HQ, the show will be a breath of fresh air, with the introduction of on trend interior colours and new ranges that will be the next big thing for outdoor living. So join us for some mouth-watering lunch on our purpose built courtyard, whilst absorbing the visionary delights of the Hartman 2023 collection.


Hartman UK Hortonwood 7, Telford, TF1 7GP

Glee 2022

Get set for Glee

With its new date in June and exhibitor space nearly sold out, Glee is on track to be the garden retailing event of the year


Glee 2022

Birmingham NEC 28th-30th June To keep up to date on the latest Glee news visit To enquire about exhibiting at Glee 2022 call +44 (0)203 3545 9752. Visitor registration for free entry to Glee 2022 is now open.

ore than 400 exhibitors are already signed up to bring their new products and services to Glee and space in the four halls of the NEC, which is quickly being snapped up, is close to maximum capacity. Taking place between 28th-30th June, Glee is poised to host even more exhibitors than before the Covid pandemic. “The appetite for Glee 2022 has outstripped any of our expectations proving our sector is stronger than ever and innovation is helping to create an exciting future for gardening,” says Matthew Mein, Glee’s Event Director. With 8 dedicated show sectors offering thousands of exciting product innovation and merchandising support tools, the event will also host the Glee New Product Awards to shine a spotlight on the best new designs

Catering for the natural, greener gardeners 100% natural topsoil Completely peat-free Eco-friendly & sustainable Increased nutritional content 100% recyclable packaging HIGH ORGANIC T CONTEN


38 March/April 2022

Glee 2022 and theBuyers Power List, a celebration of individuals and teams that go above and beyond. Throughout the three days a programme of thought-provoking seminars open to all, on issues shaping the garden retail sector and driving consumer demand will be offered. To further help visitors, all of the seminars will be available online after the show. As well as being a platform for UK suppliers old and new, this year’s Glee will also include an increased number from Europe. Leading the way are companies from The Netherlands featuring popular and established Dutch gardening brands as well as those that are new and emerging. Ones to look out for are Elho, Javado and Green Inspiration Plants. The number of French companies has increased too thanks to a partnership with Team France Export, Business France and Choose France. The partnership is helping to support and promote French brands and at Glee the line-up includes companies selling sheds and garden buildings, illuminated indoor plant units and GPS trackers for pets. Key suppliers from Germany are also joining the line-up along with those from more than 10 other European countries including Austria, Belgium and Italy. From

Glee’s dedicated show sectors

• Garden Care • Landscaping & Garden Decoration • Food & Catering • Retail Experience & Services • Outdoor Entertaining • Home • Gift & Clothing • Plants • PAW (pet and animal wellbeing)

further afield companies from Canada, India, Korea and China will offer a window into how gardening is developing in international markets. “It’s great to see so many more European and global brands joining us at Glee in June. There is no question that our new dateline position has opened up the potential of Glee to a much wider audience, enabling them to access Glee’s platform at a more convenient time within the buying and events calendar,” says Matthew.


As part of the next stage in the brand’s history, Phostrogen® has unveilled a rebrand and significant expansion of its product range.. Untill now the brand

has been famed for having one hero product – its Alll Purpose Pllant Food.. However, it has now expanded to introduce 11 different products with the key introductions of new liquid feeds and a variety of organic options, offering gardeners a fulll range of products under one brand name.. The organic range is certified by Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G).. The refreshed appearance bllends heritage, provenance, and modernism, with cllear signposting making it easy for the customer to see why the product is right for them, whillst providing the reassurance

that the Phostrogen® name brings.. Phostrogen® offers British gardeners a comprehensive range of pllant fertillisers, inclluding its hero product Alll Purpose Pllant Food, and Alll Purpose Liquid Pllant Food.. As welll as new Organic lines such as Organic Alll Purpose Pllant Food, Organic Alll Purpose Liquid Pllant Food, Organic Lawn Food, Organic Tomato Food and Ericaceous Pllant Food..

*Source: GfK Oct 19 - Sept 20.

For more than 60 years, Phostrogen® has been hellping British gardeners get the most out of what they grow, providing bigger pllants, better bllooms, and more vegetablles.. Despite many changes in gardening habits through the decades, one thing has remained the same – Phostrogen®’s purpose: to enablle British gardeners to reap more from their endeavours..

For more information about stocking the new Phostrogen® collection please contact

Phostrogen is a registered trademark of SBM Life Science LTD.. A part of SBM Develloppement SAS..

March/April 2022 39

Garden Re-Leaf Day 2022

Working together for Greenfingers Money raised and memories made from this year’s Garden Re-Leaf Day


reenfingers charity is thanking everyone who took part and encouraged their customers to dig deep for Garden Re-Leaf Day on March 18th. The final figure raised has yet to be confirmed but in the meantime Linda Petrons, Greenfingers Director of Fundraising & Communications says: “You really are the best supporters we could ever ask for!” Beginning and ending at Dobbies Garden Centre in Aylesbury, the Garden Re-Leaf Sponsored Walk & Cycle Challenge attracted 57 walkers and 12 cyclists who pushed themselves to cover between 10 and 100 miles through the

Buckinghamshire countryside. Hat’s off to Simon Mulholland from Westland Horticulture who cycled the full 100 miles and Colin Goodhand from Poplars Garden Centre who with his son Jack each clocked up 50 miles. The challenge began and ended at Dobbies Garden Centre in Aylesbury, Hozelock provided Instagram promotion and much needed water bottles bottles, while LOFA sponsored the drinks for the end of the walk. Garden centres too played their part on the day itself and throughout the week fundraising with raffles, coffee mornings, quizzes, a bake-off challenge and garden blitzes.

Dressing up, cycling, running, baking and quizzing to raise money for Greenfingers.

Sept 6-7th


Celebrating 50

years !

Supporters for Garden Re-Leaf Day included:

e Horticulture Trade

ow for th The UK’s Premier Sh

The most plants, supplies, services & technology at any UK show FREE entry, parking & catalogue for all in the horticultural trade Sponsored by:

Tel: +44 (0)1477 571392

Email: 40 March/April 2022

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G TOWARD VIN Our design & build experience can help you open new opportunities for your garden centre throughout the year.

With over 55 years experience in supplying to horticultural retailers, Fordingbridge are dedicated to helping our clients trade whatever the weather.

Contact us today ☎ 01243 55 44 55 ✉ 🌏


Working together Gina Hinde, Marketing Manager, LOFA


sometimes think that we forget we are all working together in this beautiful industry. We’ve all had a challenging time over the last two years. 2020 started with garden centre closures, then storage issues. After that container prices shot through the roof, and I don’t think they are ever going to drop down again to what they were pre covid levels. Brexit kicked off 2021 which brought with it logistical barriers and the severing of commercial partnerships with Europe. It was also the year of the great garden furniture shortage when you couldn’t buy a rattan chair for love nor money, which was mainly due in part to the Evergiven vessel getting stuck in the middle of the Suez canal causing a halt to passage, and this year it seems we have turned a full 360 and now there is so much stock in stores, warehouses are fit to bursting, but as yet take up at the tills has not kicked in and we are all praying, as we do every year, for the sun to start shining. I personally think this year will be a completely different animal to the previous two, the increases in fuel, energy, food and interest rates have all halted the buying frenzy that we have benefited from during lockdown, and now we are maybe reaping what we have sown? To add another spanner into the works there is a new outbreak of Covid in China resulting in Shanghai ports being closed. Not all of our members ship product from China but those that do will once again have the thankless task of juggling ports, shipping times, containers and

42 March/April 2022

dealing with congestion and demurrage. Some are likening this new Covid outbreak to the original outbreak in Wuhan and it may take a few weeks for the effects of this lock down in the east to hit the west. I have contacted some of our LOFA membership and they are now working with garden centres and stores to help where they can with the lack of storage space. However, please remember that we are all in this together, we are all working in the same industry and our members are having to spin a lot of plates to keep the supply chain moving so please be patient with them. If stores cancel orders/containers it means they lose a loading slot which are rarer than hen’s teeth. If you want or need help speak to our LOFA members, they are on the end of the phone, or just an email away, and they will be only too happy to work out a way forward together, remember there are consequences to cancellations which costs them time and money, a commodity they unfortunately don’t have an endless supply of.

BBQ Whisperer at SOLEX 22

Marcus Bawdon, chef, consultant editor BBQ magazine, teacher, author, aka the BBQ whisperer will be joining us at Solex 22 in July. Marcus grew up in front of the fire cooking simple honest food in the embers of the fire, Jacket potatoes with charred crisp skin and loads of butter and toasted chestnuts were some of the family favourites, and these flavours have stayed with him, thus fuelling the fire on his food loving journey. His love of all things fire has built into an all-encompassing passion, so no wonder he was crowned King of Meatopia, one of the UK’s biggest BBQ events. His website, Country Woodsmoke is jammed packed with great food cooked in the garden is full of recipes, videos in fact everything you need or could want to know about barbecuing. He also runs the UK BBQ School where he teaches everyone from beginners to chefs looking to learn new skills. Visit the Loving Outdoor Living area at SOLEX 22 12-14 July








Reasons to be cheerful

Boyd J Douglas-Davies, HTA President


t times it is easy to forget all the great reasons we have to be cheerful. When surrounded by world pandemics, nations at war, economic hardship... it’s not surprising when we find ourselves staring at the bottom of a decidedly empty glass. Despite all these issues we mustn’t lose sight of the wonderful things plants do for people across the world AND we must keep reminding everyone how great they are. Don’t for one minute think I’m shrugging off the global issues, they’re incredibly serious but let’s do our best to lift at least a little of the gloom. Plants, be they towering trees or the smallest flower, have the ability to lift the spirit of anyone. Growing a flower in a pot on the windowsill, a tomato in a bag or a plant in the garden really is one of the most affordable hobbies you can have, in fact I can only think that walking is cheaper! The pound in the pocket may be facing new pressures this year but, as an industry, let’s keep reminding everyone how incredibly rewarding and affordable a little plant time is. Trade will be different compared to the previous 2 years, we have catering back open in garden centres – a guaranteed footfall driver. Furlough has ended, but not everyone has gone back to the office – the opportunity for selling plants for in and outside the home office is still there. Offices have reopened and they should be filling their space with foliage – have you approached any of the companies in your area offering a personal shopper experience for one of their team? Well-being has never been higher on the corporate agenda, how are you helping employers to improve their environment? Maybe the market for outdoor living products will slow a little, but maybe it won’t! There was a large amount of unfilled demand in 2020 and 2021. This year has started well by all accounts and

there will certainly be demand for accessories as new last years buyers complete the look. Overseas travel is going to take time to recover so the staycation is here to stay. Upgrading outdoor space will continue to support the all important landscaper community – a well designed and created space leads to many hours in the garden, which, in turn creates many reasons to buy plants. So, whilst the world is full of awful goings on, let’s not talk ourselves in to a decline. There are many reasons to be cheerful, let plants and gardening be one of the big ones. And finally.... what have an Austin Allegro, a Mercedes hatchback and peat-free compost got in common? My first car was a 1.3litre Allegro – yes, it did go faster in reverse than forwards! 30+ years ago a 1.3l anything was pretty awful and not something I thought I’d ever relish trying again. But, thanks to a reckless white van man, I’m currently driving a courtesy car... a 1.3l Mercedes. It’s a pocket rocket, a delight to drive, comfortable and does the job of getting me round the country really well. The connection with peat free compost? 30 years, even 10 years ago, it was pretty ropey and not something you would rush back to once tried. Now, it is such a different product... in many ways, perfect for the job. Don’t dismiss it without trying the latest blends, grow something in it, set up a demo area at work – growers will have been trying it for years already. Have you as a retailer or landscaper given it a chance or do you see it as the Allegro of growing media?

Plants, be they towering trees or the smallest flower, have the ability to lift the spirit of anyone

Find out more

The Horticultural Trades Association is the UK industry’s leading membership organisation. It welcomes all sectors of horticulture – to join please contact






For more information on Vitavia or Janssens Greenhouses, contact your nearest retailer or visit @VitaviaLtd

01473 218100




Are you doing all you can to source new products? Vicky Nuttall, Director of GIMA


new year always welcomes the opportunity to look back over the successes and trials that shaped the previous 12 months. With 2022 stretching ahead of us, many retailers will already be thinking to source new supply partners and exciting product innovations to ensure that their retail offering is rich with everything their customers are demanding. However, with multichannel promotion more prevalent than ever, it’s vital that retailers are investigating all those resources. I write this straight off the back of attending Spring Fair and The Garden Press Event and it’s safe to say that the value of exhibitions remains as high as ever. Glee 2021’s edition proved this point and Spring Fair has carried on the theme. Exhibitions will perhaps always be the first port for tackling comms with new and existing suppliers, whilst also gathering inspiration for everything from merchandising displays and new product categories. Exhibitions, though an action-packed few days onsite, are just one way of sourcing new suppliers. The never sleeping world of social media is one area where we are hearing of new relationships being forged like never before. Unlike exhibitions that require a significant spend to have a presence, social media is free and constant. No other resource is as vast or as fast moving, nor does any other channel have the ability to increase the power of trends so quickly. Houseplants are a classic example of this, with the Instagram generation helping to during 2020 and 29.04% increase houseplant sales by over 50% 5 in 22021 (GCA report 2022). SSocial media is also one area that tha retailers and suppliers had to rely on during the pandemic and an its proliferation is a key driver for increasing instore dr demand. Any business that d optimises social media by o taking the time to build a ta presence, and by recognising p the t value of collaborations will w see their offering bloom. The Garden Press Event is one place where influencers as well as the traditional media, were out in force,

all actively seeking garden brands to work with in 2022 and beyond. Such an opportunity is rare, so we highly recommend suppliers consider adding the Press Event to their marketing mix in future years if influencers are an area of interest. Like social media, print and online media also saw their value increase during the pandemic, as they offer a vital means to communicate with core audiences from a distance. Keeping a close eye on both the trade publications and core consumer titles will no doubt deliver some insight into the latest trends and emerging brands, helping retailers to stay ahead of the curve. Keeping an active ‘keyword’ search or time spent on tools such as Google Trends will also pay dividends. GIMA itself represents some significant opportunities for retailers and suppliers to come together. Our New Product Digest – now biannually – is a great round-up of all the latest innovations, range updates and improved customer support tools from GIMA’s extensive membership base. Our Buyer Connect events have become renowned for bringing retailers and suppliers together, and we already have several such events in the pipeline for 2022. With controlled, timed appointments, these speed networking events are a quick and targeted way of meeting engaged and passionate product suppliers. Of course, accessing GIMA’s membership base doesn’t have to be reliant on event attendance only. All our members are listed online at, and retailers are welcome to search by name or product category, in doing so potentially coming upon a brand they may not have seen previously. The GIMA team and I are also open to facilitating conversations, so if you are looking for a new contact we welcome the opportunity help you find your perfect match. Whatever your means of finding new partners, we hope 2022 will be fruitful.

it’s safe to say that the value of exhibitions remains as high as ever…

46 March/April 2022

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To find out more about GIMA’s offering and member base please contact the GIMA team on (01959) 564947 or info@

THE SUMMER OUTDOOR LIVING EXHIBITION Be inspired by new products & ideas 12-14 JULY 2022 Halls 17/18/19 NEC, Birmingham | 02392 258844

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