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29 April 2022

Easter records broken e

Easter trading in 2022 broke all records according to the garden centre Epos data analysed by GTN Bestsellers.






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The Easter fortnight in 2022 was 3% higher than Easter 2021, 31% higher than the average for all Easters between 2011 and 2019 and even beat the previous record high recorded by GTN Bestsellers


for volume sales in 2011. That record wasn’t in sight k but b t after the first Easter week last week saw the highe hestt week’s k volume sales ever recorded re d d b by GTN Bestsellers, even en n beating b t th weeks the k when centres es re-opened d in 2020 and that mem morable bl week k in 2018 when the seaso son finally got going after a long cold d and a wet spring. p g.


+79.9% +22.6%

Volume sales movement ment compared to last week and year to date across ross all garden centre sales in the GTN N Bestsellers EPoS database.

Y Year on year comparisons below: b low: below GTN Bestsellers Top 50 sales volumes compared to the same week we in 2021: wk 16 G d Products Garden d Top p5 50 – up 9% G Growing Media d Top op 50 – up 37% V 2 G Top Veg-2-Gro p5 50 – up 49% W ld Bird Wild d&W Wildlife Top 50 – up 22%

GTN Bestsellers B All Sales volumes: wk 16 All A Plants with Barcode Index – up 43% Al All Items with Barcode Index – up 32%

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New Product of the Week

With the long Bank Holiday at the start of June on the horizon we’re starting to see quite a few Platinum Jubilee related products appearing in the GTN Bestellers Epos data. These Royal Spectacle ‘Jubilee Hip Hooray Recyclable Napkins’ caught our eye. From Talking Tables they have a super sustainability story, as instead of using plastic wrapping they are packed in a card outer with an extra napkin at the front of the pack to keep the rest clean. ‘One is totally recyclable.’ The napkins are part of a range of Jubilee Party products, including paper bunting plates, balloons and paper chains. www.ttalkingtables.c co.u uk

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