GTN March/April 2022 - Garden Trade News, UK

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Eco-friendly Cordless Tools As the world’s population continues to grow and our limited supply of natural resources dwindles, manufacturers across all industries are looking for new ways to provide sustainable products, including moving away from fossil fuel powered devices to rechargeable battery technology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

One Battery, For Every Task.

24V FOR THE LIGHT JOBS, 48V FOR THE TOUGHER ONES 24 Cordless Convenience for Hom Home & Garden

24V or 48V for Total Flexibility

Greenworks designs and manufactures quality cordless tools for every job in your home and garden. They work hard to create products that are not only environmentally friendly but also efficient and durable. The tools use an advanced Lithium-Ion battery pack to power any of our 50+ tools - ranging from lawn mowing to grass trimming, cutting logs to trimming hedges, and even drilling or sawing for DIY tasks. Simply choose the tool and battery kit yo you need, then add other tools in the future.

The 24V product range are all made to be versatile and practical - perfect for those who want a lightweight tool with enough power. But if you want even more power to tackle those large lawns or pesky leaves. The 2 x 24V system (48V) works together as one set and gives you all the benefits of 24V tools for lighter tasks, with the bonus of 48V power for tougher ones.


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