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The organic way to clean paths, patios, decking, garden furniture and more. Safe for pets, wildlife, children and non-toxic. Algon has been a bestselling product for many years across garden centres, it is simple to apply and gives great results.

Product Features: Product Features: • Organic

• Organic • Easy to apply •• Non-Toxic Easy to apply •• Safe Non-Toxic for pets/wildlife/animals •• Can Safebe forused pets/wildlife/animals around fish ponds •• No Canneed be used around to rinse off fish ponds •• Treatment No need to rinse can last off up to a year •• All Treatment canuse last up to a year year round • Shelf All year round use life of decades • High ShelfMargin, life of decades high rate of sale

Keep the exteriors areas clean and presentable for a number of months with a simple applica ation of Algon Organic Path, Patio & Decking cleaner. Use Algon on driveways and brighten up the exterior of homes and gardens. Algon ca an be used on fence panels, brickwork, patio flags, conservatories, roofss, artificial grass and a wide range of materials. It is versatile and safe to o use where animals are without waiting for it to dry into the surface e due to the non-toxic ingredients and formula. Using the organic cleaner to prevent surfaces from becoming slippery when wet and maintain them from attracting general build up on stone, brick, wood and much more.

Products Available

2.5 litr2.5 llitre Algon Concentrate covers 60 square metres f £6.99) 20 litre20 litre Algon Concentrate covers 480 square metres. . f £49.99)

More information can be found on our website. Algon is available at most garden centres across the UK and Ireland, order some today and see how well it sells.

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