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The power of pallet merchandisers Dedicated to making life easier for retailers, Primeur has enhanced its offering with a range of merchandising support tools, with its new pallet display units for borders, stepping-stones and planters proving extremely popular.

Primeur confirms its ready for 2022


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s the spring/summer season comes into view, retailers from across the country are looking ahead to tills ringing and happy customers in all corners of the store. Those already stocking Primeur’s multi-award-winning Eco Garden range are getting ready to reap the rewards from the flexible garden borders, nonslip stepping-stones, lightweight decking solutions and self-watering Tierra Verde planters, but what about those that are yet to join the Primeur ‘family’?

The Primeur team has confirmed thatt new customers need not worry about stock availability as the team is ready and waiting to onboard new customers,, backed by an infrastructure that can wholly support an influx of orders. With h lead times from as little as five days and a UK-based warehouse fit to bursting, there has never been a better time to add a little (or a lot!) of Primeur to your 2022 offering.


appeal most to their customers, either as a year-round solution or quick ‘in and out’ promotional lines. Jenny Douthwaite added: “There is no value in us just providing a pre-stocked unit only for certain products to flounder as others thrive. This is not cost-effective for our customers, nor does it look great at the point of purchase. Instead, we are now working closely with our retail customers to identify their bestsellers and ensure that the stock density is there for them when it is needed most,

It’s a simple fact that no two retailers sell the same amount of anything. Instead, where one retailer might see sales of stepping-stones skyrocket, another might be the epicentre of garden border sales. Recognising this, Primeur has introduced a new way of working with customers by identifying their individual sales patterns. The aim of this tailored approach is to increase sales amongst those products which

These new display units are a great way to start the season and top-up stock holding ahead of peak sales, thereby ensuring customers can access the right amount of material to complete their garden projects. Primeur’s Jenny Douthwaite explains more: “Garden borders and steppingstones are not the type of product that shoppers buy as just a one-off, they are looking for sufficient stock so they can complete their garden upgrade. A display unit only half stocked or running low will, inevitably, cause consumers to look at alternative sources of supply or give up on the project altogether as they don’t want to have to keep coming back to buy more product; instant gratification is key.”

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