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A valuable source of reference for the UK Garden Trade


Make 2022 a gardening year to remember Welcome to the Spring 2022 issue of the GIMA New Product Digest, another unique edition dedicated to featuring our members’ new products ready for the 2022 Spring Summer season. After two turbulent but buoyant year’s, we’re once again facing into another year where factors beyond our control may have, yet to be understood impacts on everything we do. The wider political problems in Ukraine are clearly front and foremost in everyone’s minds whilst at home rising inflationary pressures may force consumers to once again think about retreating into their homes and gardens, looking for solace and calm in their home environment. In readiness for another busy year, GIMA members have continued to be nimble, proactive and dynamic, working through all the challenges they have faced, and despite everything have continued to invest in stock and new products, packaging and merchandising solutions for the garden retail channel.

As an industry we continue to work hard to retain the 3 million additional gardeners, but with the world opening up again & more distractions and alternative ways of spending time, this may become more challenging. Let’s not lose the momentum, we all know the benefits of spending time in the garden, there are so many

positives around mental and physical wellbeing we have a strong message to deliver. Together with the HTA, GIMA recently held a very successful Garden Press Event, and it was encouraging to see so many journalists but also social media influencers, of all ages, keen to spread the word about gardening. Please take some time to flick through this publication, and if you see anything of interest, please feel free to contact the GIMA member directly. On behalf of GIMA and all its members may I thank you for your continued support we look forward to making 2022 a gardening year to remember. Simon McArdle GIMA President 2021/2022

The 2021 issues of the GIMA Digest have been viewed on-line almost 11,300 times by readers in over 70 countries around the world with an average read time of over 6 minutes. This combined with the 6,429 openings of the e-newsletter version means the GIMA New Product Digest helped over 17,500 potential buying opportunities during 2021.


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A host of GIMA members took stands at the Garden Press Event 2022 to get their message across to members of the media. All types of media were represented from TV and radio, through national newspapers and consumer magazines to a host of social media influencers including Mr Plant Geek, Michael Perry seen above with the team from Lava-Lite. Every column inch, soundbite or blog about a product will help drive customer demand for products you stock.

CONTENTS Azpects.............................................................. 4 Capi Europe ......................................................5 Carbon Gold .................................................... 6 Deco-Pak............................................................7 DLF – Johnsons Lawn Seeds ...................8 DLF – Neudorff............................................... 9 EKJU...................................................................10 Elho ...................................................................... 11 Evergreen Garden Care............................. 12 Forest Garden ................................................ 13 Glee ....................................................................14 G Plants............................................................. 16 Handy Distribution ...................................... 17 Hozelock........................................................... 18 Lava-Lite........................................................... 19 Leon Boots .....................................................20 Marriages Specialist Food........................ 21

PlantWorks ..................................................... 22 Primeur............................................................. 23 Slocum House...............................................24 Sorbus............................................................... 25 Southern Trident..........................................26 Spear & Jackson .......................................... 27 STV International.........................................28 The Patio Black Spot Removal Company.........................................................30 The Solar Centre........................................... 31 The Real Soil Company ............................ 32 Woodlodge ....................................................34 Vitavia ............................................................... 35 Woodmansterne ..........................................36 Zest 4 Leisure................................................ 37 GIMA Awards 2022 ....................................38


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Spring Cleaning Your Garden Has Never Been So EASY! Azpects have launched two brand-new products in the EASYCare product range. Wood Revive is an easy-to-use solution to refresh and restore both softwood and hardwood. Remove silvering and greying caused by UV damage to restore natural tones, ready for wood to be over-coated or refinished. Wood Revive will be available as a ready-to-use solution in a 750ml trigger spray and 3 litre bottle. Rattan Revive is three products in one. Clean, restore, and protect in one simple application. Give a fresh new look to tired and faded synthetic rattan furniture. Special ingredients bond to the surface to protect from weather damage. Ideal for other surfaces such as PVC, plastic etc. Rattan Revive will be available as a ready-to-use solution in a 750ml trigger spray. Additionally, three of Azpects’ most popular cleaners are being made available in 3 litre ready-to-use bottles: Algae Remover, Patio & Deck Cleaner, and Porcelain Cleaner & Sanitiser. Already available as 1 litre concentrates, the new 3 litre bottles offer greater flexibility to suit most budgets and garden needs.





Designer flower pot made of 100% waste products The many pros of the new Waste Collection by Capi Europe The flower pots in the Capi Waste Collection are made of 100% waste. The raw materials used include fishing nets, waste cork and recycled Capi flower pots. This nicely clears up waste and even adds to the beauty of the flower pots. And that’s not all. Most importantly, of course, you will be filling the Waste flower pots with new plants, making your garden, balcony, terrace and interior greener than ever. Moreover, the collection has a 100% climate neutral production process and has been given the CO2 Neutral® label. The flower pots are produced locally in the Netherlands, creating advantages such as limited transport, high quality and increased employment. Stylish design The Waste pots have a contemporary design and are produced with a smooth finish or an organic ribbed finish. They are robust but lightweight at the same time, which is highly convenient. And they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The flower pots are fracture-resistant, frost-resistant and UV-resistant. They will retain their beauty even in the toughest weather conditions. Grow a Greener Life: that is Capi’s mission. These sustainable pots come with a lifetime warranty and are 100% recyclable. Choosing this flower pot should be a no-brainer. The CO2 Neutral® label The CO2 Neutral® label ensures that companies that are awarded this label actively assess, reduce and offset their

local and global climate impact. Unlike ‘greenwashing’, this label can only be obtained as a result of serious, demonstrable environmental efforts. The label is awarded by the independent association Vincotte. The flower pots in the Capi Waste Collection are available at garden centres, florist’s shops and web stores. Recommended retail price: starting from €44.99. To find points of sale, go to

Capi Europe




Carbon Gold saving the planet, one garden at a time Founded by Craig Sams (the entrepreneur behind Green & Black’s Chocolate and Whole Earth) in 2007, Carbon Gold has harnessed commercial markets with their award-winning range of Biochar-based, peat-free planting aids, designed for pro-green keepers, crop growers, tree care specialists, home growers, gardeners and allotmenteers alike. Biochar is a high-carbon form of charcoal produced by “baking” organic matter at high temperatures and without oxygen, a process called “pyrolysis”. Because of its carbon purity, it doesn’t degrade, so introducing it into your soil can bring a physical and permanent change. Biochar improves structure, aeration, water-holding capacity, and nutrient retention whilst also encouraging a resilient soil microbiome, which supports healthy plant growth. Biochar has a honeycomb structure that holds moisture and acts as a refuge for beneficial microbiology such as mycorrhizal fungi, trace minerals and healthy bacteria, which we add to improve plant health. Biochar itself also sequesters (locks) carbon into the soil, reducing the CO² levels that would otherwise be released into our atmosphere. This Spring sees the expansion of Carbon Gold’s range of enriched biochar-based composts and soil additives to include two new lines - Biochar Houseplant Booster and Biochar Compost Rejuvenator.

Biochar Houseplant Booster has been designed to support healthier growth in most indoor plants, due to its wonderful water holding capacity biochar will help keep moisture in your house plants’ root zone.. Biochar also supports a healthy soil microbiome and better airflow through the houseplant soil, ensuring resilient root development and better drainage – delivering a plant that will flourish and thrive in indoor conditions. Biochar Compost Rejuvenator has been created to breathe life into ’spent compost’. Optimal fertility is a combination of nutrients and a healthy soil microbiome. Both can be exhausted after a productive growing season. It’s rejuvenating properties revitalise the soil microbiome, add essential nutrients if fertility is reduced, and contain necessary mineral nutrients if they are needed. Carbon Gold’s biochar products are FSC-certified, and Soil Association approved for organic growing and favoured by growing legions of gardeners across the country.

Carbon Gold Contact us at and 0117 2440032 6



Sustainability & inspiration shape 2022 for Deco-Pak Deco-Pak – the leading outdoor landscaping supplier – believes that sustainability and inspiration will be two themes that will drive sales and increase consumer confidence for garden retailers this season. Sustainability

The pandemic has inevitably accelerated the growth in demand for sustainable and environmentally conscious products. With consumers actively seeking out brands and products that meet these exacting standards, retailers wanting to optimise this will find Deco-Pak’s EcoStone range the top choice for the landscaping category. First launched in 2019, Deco-Pak’s EcoStone range raises the bar when it comes to sustainability, transforming waste materials once destined for landfill into decorative aggregates that meet the latest design trends. Glasglo are translucent tumbled glass stones, pot topper stones and cobbles made from recycled televisions; EcoStone Rubber Chippings give new life to former tyres, recycled into chippings that provide safe play areas and act as a weed-suppressing mulch, while EcoStone Sea Shells – sourced from a whelk processing factory, transform pots and terrariums when used as a dressing, and provide natural slug control in borders, too.

Offering improvements ahead of the 2022 season, Deco-Pak has introduced an uplift in colour tones and a new logo for the EcoStone range to represent the true eco-nature of the product and packaging. Made with up to 60% of recycled material, all EcoStone bags will have a craft paper look to really set it apart from the other categories and offer a more authentic look. The range has also been expanded to include Glasglo chippings in a larger bag size.


The pandemic and lockdown given rise to an new army of new gardeners and novices, including many from the ‘Instagram generation’. These consumers, who are used to consuming content quickly, often make snap purchasing decisions based on visual triggers and this will be no different when selecting products to update their outdoor spaces. Recognising this, Deco-Pak has invested in its point of sale materials,

creating new inspirational ‘Get the Look’ merchandising solutions. Designed to showcase how products can be easily used to maximum effect with minimum effort, these new style merchandisers optimise visual triggers so that inspiration is quickly converted into sales, ultimately driving up the average basket spend and building consumer confidence. This updated POS sits perfectly in line with Deco-Pak’s product packaging, providing shoppers with a cohesive message and appearance across the board, which is crucial in the retail environment. New photography and simplified sales messages complete the offering, providing retailers with a clear and concise point of sales that works hard throughout the season.

Deco-pak To find out more about Deco-Pak’s leading product portfolio please visit or call 01422 204 394.




Box Fresh! New digitalised packaging from Johnsons Lawn Seed will help tech-savvy gardeners find their way to the perfect lawn It’s a new year, spring is upon us and Johnsons Lawn Seed - the UK’s largest and most historic supplier of lawn seed - unveils new digitalised packaging to help the new generation of tech-savvy gardeners to find their way to the perfect variety of seed. In a major upgrade for the increasingly digitalised world, Johnsons Lawn Seed is now offering even more in the way of customer support and education with scannable QR codes on the front and back of all their grass seed boxes. The packaging retains Johnsons’ distinctive

and instantly recognisable branding whilst The packaging for different varieites of incorporating the new technology designed seed, which are colour-coded according to facilitate the customer experience. to type, also now feature simplified instructions and a useful lawn sowing All a customer has to do is scan the ‘How calendar, so their most pressing questions to Chose Your Lawn Seed’ code on the are at customers’ fingertips at the point front of the box with their smart device, of sale. and they can access information that will help them find the best lawn seed for their Consumer Manager for Johnsons Lawn specific requirements. The fun doesn’t end Seed, Guy Jenkins, says: “With the there as a second code for ‘Hints and Tips’ majority of people now seemingly glued has been put on the back boxes, enabling to their smart phones, making use of sorts customers to access invaluable advice on of apps for all sorts of everyday tasks preparing ground for seeding and sowing and keen to do research online before grass seed for optimum results. making a purchase in store, we feel that digitalised packaging is a now must for our Lawn Seed. “This is an essential update for our garden centre customers and other retailers who want to ensure their customers have access to as much expert knowledge as they need before making a purchase. We are therefore delighted to present our new and enhanced packaging, which will help retailers capitalise on the growing trend for a more digital world.” Find out more To find out more about Johnsons Lawn Seed products please visit product-range.aspx

DLF Seeds Kimberley Hornby Tel: 07851610573 Email: 8



New fungicide joins Neudorff’s plant protection range Neudorff, pioneer of natural gardening products since 1854, is set to drive growth in the buoyant plant protection category with the launch of Mildew Clear for Edibles – new for the 2022 season. First unveiled at Glee 2021, Mildew Clear for Edibles tackles fungal diseases on vegetables, fruit, grape vines and ornamental garden plants, providing consumers with a one-stop solution that effectively controls mildew outbreaks across a wide variety of plants. The latest news from Neudorff, carrying the company’s iconic sunflower logo on its eye-catching packaging, contains sulphur as its active ingredient, which is delivered as a water dispersible granule formulation. Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager at Neudorff’s UK distribution Partner, DLF Seeds Ltd, said: “It has been well documented that millions have taken up gardening during the pandemic; however, as the world now opens up again post-Covid, it’s essential that we keep the next generation of green-fingered enthusiasts hooked. Diseases that rapidly devastate flowers and cause edible crops to fail are the single biggest cause of fledgling gardeners abandoning their horticultural journey – and that’s why Neudorff has once again innovated to bring a new product to market that will help gardeners to remedy one of the most common plant diseases with ease. Mildew Clear for Edibles will assist retailers to expand sales in plant protection categories while providing novice and experienced consumers alike with an instant solution to fungal diseases on vegetables, fruit and flowers. The iconic Neudorff sunflower logo on the packaging, combined with inspiring imagery of healthy crops, will drive sales at the point of purchase by instilling confidence into consumers who are seeking an efficient and effective solution to mildew outbreaks. Expanding the range of products that are gentle to the environment is in Neudorff’s DNA and the introduction of Mildew Clear for Edibles further strengthens the company’s leading portfolio while handing retailers another tool to increase basket spend.” Packs of Mildew Clear for Edibles contain five 15g sachets of the water-soluble formulation that will tackle mildew on common host crops such as cucumber, gooseberry and pea, as well as root and tuber vegetables including carrot, celeriac, chicory, horseradish, parsnip, potato, radish, swede and turnip. It is effective on ornamental garden plants such as roses, which are one of the nation’s favourite flowers but remain susceptible to powdery mildew outbreaks.

Neudorff, experts in natural gardening since 1854, is one of the few companies worldwide to develop its own plant protection and plant care products, with the widest range of products certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers’ Association. Since entering the UK market in 2012, the company has built-up an enviable reputation for offering the highest quality gardening products that are gentle to people, pets and the environment.

A 75g pack of Mildew Clear for Edibles has a RRP of £13.99. For more information visit for details.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

DLF Seeds (Neudorff)




V-FRO COLLECTION The designer garden furniture range The series “V-FRO” provides a combination of ergonomic design and solid craftsmanship. With curved base seats and sturdy V shaped legs, V-FRO provides the user with a supremely comfortable experience. Produced from durable FSC Pine and Spruce, all products are stained grey to offer a contemporary look. This space efficient design is exclusively designed for the EKJU brand, with user friendly packaging and assembly.

USER FRIENDLY PACKAGING Ecommerce ready. Compact packaging. Clear product labelling. Easy to assemble.


Sustainable outdoor planters from elho for every style and need Leading synthetic container supplier, elho, is proud to be a Certified B Corporation, and is on a mission to create new ways of using recycled plastic within its products. elho’s innovative creations sees it using these waste materials to produce stylish, beautifully designed plant pots, bringing nature into people’s lives and reducing the amount of new plastic being produced. Its 2022 collections of outdoor pots are another example of its ethos of protecting nature which grants retailers the opportunity to tap into the lucrative eco-driven customer base.

Greensense collection

The greensense collection combines a cool industrial design with a smart watering system and an integrated reservoir, offering pots that are forward-

thinking in their design to reduce waste and water – a movement that retailers can benefit from thanks to the surge in eco-conscious messaging. The pots also come in a choice of two shapes and a number of sizes, square – available in 30cm and 38cm - and round - available in 30cm, 35cm and 43cm. Plus, with its light concrete and charcoal grey colourways, these pots offer a stylish product that extends its appeal to interior savvy consumers.

The pots are available in a range of sizes, between 20cm and 47cm, and with a rough, natural high-quality texture these pots are not only attractive, but deliver a sustainable product that encourages a green environment.

Green basics stack & grow

With more people joining the grow your own revolution, elho’s stack & grow containers allow retailers to provide consumers with the perfect solution so they can start their growing journey or continue their growing activities, no matter how small their space.

The pots can be used outdoors and indoors by simply inserting the plug provided, widening its versatility and use. The containers are available in a 50cm size and a leaf green and living black design. The containers can be used on Vibia campana collection their own or stacked on top of each Available in a wide range of designs, other, fitting together perfectly to and sizes, elho’s vibia collection has create a stable construction. the perfect pot for everyone, including easy hangers and flower bridges for Its large openings ensure plants and balconies, troughs for narrow spaces, harvests receive enough light and are hanging baskets for those with limited floor space and round, bowl and square able to grow optimally, and it’s base holes ensure excess water can drain pots for gardens and patios. away easily. Plus, with a range of shades - sage green, honey yellow, white, terra, anthracite, living RRP concrete and silky white – this collection Greensense aqua care RRP from £32.99 gives retailers the chance to cater to every Vibia range RRP from £4.99 to £35.99 customers space, style and need. Green basics stack and grow - £19.99

elho For more information about stocking elho collections please contact




Choose the right brand to grow your sales Miracle-Gro® has been helping UK gardeners grow bigger and more beautiful plants for over 35 years, but it’s not just plants we help to grow. Miracle-Gro® is the number one garden care brand and consistently delivers category growth through its marketleading product ranges, investment in new product innovation and continued advertising support across TV, as well as industry-leading PR and online campaigns, partnering with celebrities and influencers to reach consumers at every stage of their shopping journey. The total Miracle-Gro® brand is worth over £87m RSV and achieved 26% growth in 2021. Miracle-Gro® delivered £18m of category growth in 2021 with our new products adding £1.8m to the garden care category*. With our research into consumer shopping habits, underpinned by our strong understanding of the category, we are confident that we are engaging with gardeners throughout every stage of their journey, and we are always looking ahead for category growth opportunities that benefit all of us.

NEW FOR 2022

Research has showed us that gardeners are looking for more natural, sustainable products and we’ve have been working hard to deliver innovation that meets these consumer needs.

New Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics™ Peat Free Compost range accelerates our progress towards a peat free future and delivers a the widest range of certified 100% organic and peat free composts on the market that deliver the outstanding results you would expect from Miracle-Gro® - and in 80% recycled plastic bags, too. Also new for this season is the Miracle-Gro® Nourish & Protect range. Designed to target the 3.8 million new households that took up gardening during the last 2 years, this dual benefit, pesticide-free, sustainably-sourced range delivers the feeding power of Miracle-Gro®® plant food combined with natural ingredients to protect against garden pests, slugs, diseases, and weather changes to help even the most novice gardeners achieve outstanding results. We look forward to working together in the future To find out more about Evergreen Garden Care’s product range visit *Source: GfK Total Garden Care Market MAT Sept 2021. Miracle-Gro® is a registered trademark of OMS Investments and is used under license from OMS Investments.

Evergreen Garden Care Evergreen Garden Care Tel: 01276 401300 12



New from Forest Garden Corner Transformations Unsightly corners are a thorn in every gardener’s side, but the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of quality wooden garden products, Forest Garden, has developed a range of new arbours, planters and benches that will bring those often unloved and disused areas back to life.

Contact us

T: 0333 321 3142 W: E:

An arbour can bring height and focus to a garden and the contemporary slatted Firenze Corner Arbour combines a modern, feel with the elegance and practicality of being an entertainment pod or a place to )*/*,' -0+ &0%"0+ -1.0$(' '#* ')-"!"0$ (,*0'( of summer blooms. Used separately or combined to maximise impact, the Linear Corner Planter and the Double Corner Sleeper Bench will create a relaxing focal point in any disused corner of the garden. Strong horizontal lines and natural timber colouring ensure that they’ll stand out from the crowd whilst you relax and enjoy this special corner of the garden.

Forest Garden T: 0333 321 3142 W: E: GIMA NEW PRODUCT DIGEST SPRING 2022


Save the date

The UK’s leading garden and outdoor living trade show has now moved to June!

Glee is an inspirational and knowledge-led event that brings the gardening community together under one roof. Join us from 28th-30th June 2022 for a brand-new event experience and discover the best products and innovations the garden and outdoor living industry has to offer.

Why the move to June? “I love going to Glee and it is one of the first events to go onto my calendar at the beginning of the year. I go to meet with suppliers and colleagues, source new product and make informed decisions ready for the following year. A move from September to June will allow more time to put changes in place for our business.”

“I’m delighted to see the team at Glee reacting to the seismic shift in order patterns and moving the show to ensure they maintain their position as the foremost and most useful show for the gardening industry. As we all react to the new world order scene, we need Glee to be there for us all to ensure the industry continues to grow.”

Simon Bourne — Manager, Perrywood Garden Centre

Boyd J Douglas-Davies — PR & Communications Director, British Garden Centres

What’s in store for Glee 2022?

The New Product Showcase Looking for something to give your collection that extra edge? Glee’s New Product Showcase is packed with inspiration and features some of the most unique and soughtafter products on the market.

Glee Connect Take the work out of networking using our AI-powered matchmaking app, Glee Connect. Discover new suppliers, preview products and make better connections before, during and after the show.

Insightful Seminar Content Gain valuable tips and tricks about how to better sell, market and propel your business forward from industry professionals in our exciting seminar sessions.

GIMA Business Village As well as being home to a great selection of upand-coming brands, the GIMA Business Village is also an ideal place to take a break, arrange meetings and catch up with key suppliers in effective speed networking sessions.


Bee Friends® with nature Let’s bring our gardens to life with pollinator-friendly flower displays this summer! Butterflies, bees and other garden wildlife need our help now more than ever… Plus the benefits of being surrounded by the beautiful colours and sounds of nature is amazing for our own wellbeing. Our range of easy gardening Bee Friends® summer flowering seed bombs and seed shakers are perfect to display all year round. Also available to be delivered in video display units, where our merchandising teams can keep them looking tip-top! For more information on our merchandising options please contact

Look out for brand new products launching soon, perfect for autumn and Christmas gifting! The complete range will be launched in April with delivery from autumn. We look forward to seeing everyone again in person at Spoga+Gafa and Glee this summer! Glee will give us the perfect opportunity to showcase our Premium Gifting and Volume Sales over two stands. Launching this year will focus on Growing for Wellbeing, featuring grow your own house plants and tropical perennial collections. We have also teamed up with an amazing registered charity to produce a range of product to sell through our customer base to p boost much needed funds. help

BEES® Seeds & Bulb Growing Gifts

Stock up on complete growing gifts and added value lines throughout the whole year with premium spring flowering bulb collections, summer flowering seed kits and grow your own veg kits.

G Plants Ltd Visit to request our latest brochure or contact us via 16



NEW Webb Cordless Hedge, Lawn & Soil Care Range Now available for 2022, from British garden equipment manufacturer Webb, is the latest Webb Cordless range of hedge and lawn care products with new fast-charging and long-lasting interchangeable 20v Lithium-ion batteries for optimum performance. Light but powerful, the new Webb Cordless range of garden tools offers customers convenience and flexibility. Each tool in the range comes complete with a battery charger that features a fast-charging 1.5Ah slot, so each battery only takes 80 minutes to charge (2Ah only). The Lithiumion batteries hold their charge and don’t degrade in storage, which is an important consideration for choosing garden tools, which may not be used on a daily basis. However, if you do find yourself with an uncharged battery and don’t want to wait, you can easily swap it with the battery of any other Webb 20v products in the range as they have been designed to use the same, easily interchangeable battery. There are a variety of products within the Webb Cordless range, including hedge trimmers, lawnmowers and tillers. Featuring a new design, the Webb WEV20HT Cordless Hedge Trimmer comes equipped with generous 50cm dual-action blades for a sharp finish and clean cut. Lightweight and compact, it is ideally suited to smaller gardens and

head and adjustable telescopic shaft. Also available in the range is the Webb WEV20LM33 Cordless 20v Rotary Lawnmower with integrated finns for up to the edge mowing. For the more demanding task of tilling the soil, the Webb TIL Tiller is a lightweight, easy-to-handle model. A 19cm (7.5”) working width, and capable of depths of 15cm (6”), this is ideal for your flower bed or small allotment. lighter trimming jobs, with a runtime of up to 45 minutes (2Ah). Recently updated to form part of the new Cordless range, the WEV20PHT Long Reach Hedge Trimmer is a lightweight, versatile long-reach hedge trimmer designed for tall hedges due to its extendable shaft with articulating cutter-head. For jobs closer to the ground, the Webb WEV20LT Cordless Line Trimmer is designed to put the finishing touches to a lawn with 25cm (10”) cutting width, using an auto-feed

Get in touch To find out more about the Webb Cordless range, please contact the Webb Sales Team: Telephone: (01793) 333220 Email: website: GIMA NEW PRODUCT DIGEST SPRING 2022



Garden sustainably with Hozelock’s innovative product range – recycle waste, weed without chemicals and save water for a truly ‘green’ garden! EasyMix Composter (4001) Using compost is the one of the key cornerstones of gardening, it enriches soil, retains moisture and with the new Hozelock EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter, making your own couldn’t be more straightforward! This new tumbling composter allows you to easily recycle your kitchen and garden waste, reducing waste being sent to landfill, whilst also improving the quality of your soil. It produces compost in as little as six to eight weeks thanks to the aeration and rotation which helps to accelerate the composting process. The lockable lid prevents any pests and unpleasant smells and you can roll the drum around the garden to distribute compost with ease. The nutrient-rich compost liquid is collected under the drum and, thanks to the innovative “Click & Spray” applicator, the user can simply connect it to a hose to feed their garden! The EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter is manufactured using 90% recycled plastic. RRP of £169.99.

Select Plus Controller (2224) Save time, water and having to rely on friends and family while you’re away, with the Select Plus Controller. Ideal for those gardeners looking to start enjoying the many benefits of an automatic watering system, the Select Plus Controller gives you the ability to programme at any time, any day and for any duration. You can create daily watering schedules for up to three times per day for ultimate control with the easy to use LCD screen and the single-button programmer. Features also include a ‘Rain Delay’ to pause watering as per the weather forecast, helping to avoid water wastage, as well as ‘Water Now’ to override the schedule for immediate watering. Pair with a Universal Kit, full of all the components you need to create a bespoke micro irrigation network, to set-up your own automatic watering system to water your plants! The Select Plus Controller has an RRP of £74.49. Multi Spray Gun with Soft Touch trigger (2679) Increase comfort during use and save water with the Multi Spray Gun. The smooth flow control means you can quickly change the amount of water being sprayed at the simple push or pull of a button using your thumb – simply push forward for maximum power or pull it back to reduce water usage by up to 50%. By selecting the pressure, you can choose the right amount of water for each task, whether that’s cleaning down outdoor furniture or watering flowers, helping to prevent overwatering. The inclusion of a soft-touch front trigger and the ergonomic on/off lock button and flow control also means that the spray guns can now be used one-handed - meaning large areas can be watered without tired and uncomfortable hands! Multi Spray Gun has an RRP of £24.49

Green Power Turbo Gas Weeder (4177) Say goodbye to garden weeds without the use of chemicals with the Green Power Turbo Gas Weeder. Featuring infrared technology, the flame heats the ceramic plate, which sits within a safety shield, up to 800°C causing a thermal shock to deprive the weed of its ability to photosynthesise, the plant gradually dries out and the root dies. More difficult weeds can be permanently controlled by simply using the gas weeder again two weeks later. Use with a gas cartridge for cordless weeding, the ergonomic handle and wheel offer complete freedom of movement around the garden. The large 12 x 20cm ceramic plate is perfect for quickly tidying driveways, patios or gravel. The Green Power Turbo Gas Weeder will be available from May 2022 and has an RRP of £169.99

Hozelock 18



Lava-Lite – Naturally The Best – The Collection – available in 1 & 3 litre recyclable pouches

Naturally The Best! LAVA-LITE – Naturally The Best – Effortlessly nourish and protect your plants with a collection of totally non-toxic, environmentally friendly, sustainable, pH neutral, lightweight and 100% natural products. Derived from volcanic deposits, Lava-Lite was formed by nature over 10,000 years ago. The collection is made up of seven different horticultural growing/potting media and pest control products, with each continually offering the same natural benefits: thermal protection, moisture retention and control, soil conditioning and providing a nutrient boost; as well as being completely child, pet and environmentally safe. Lava-Lite is chemically inert, zero-harm and does not kill pests. It acts as a natural barrier and deterrent, providing an opportunity for them to simply move on. Child, pet and aquatic safe, all Lava-Lite products can be used anywhere in the home and garden without worry and any predators eating prey that have come in to contact with Lava-Lite will not be harmed, keeping eco-systems balanced, maintained and sustainable.

All the products can be safely dug into soil as part of its ongoing life cycle, increasing aeration within the soil and to the roots because of its naturally formed, tiny air pockets. The Lava-Lite collection is available in handy 1 litre and 3 litre resealable and recyclable pouches. They are easy to use, provide great results and don’t require careful handling, making them perfect for the novice gardener as well as the specialist grower. As research and development is a constant ongoing process, the collection is ever expanding with new and exciting products to help nourish and protect plants both in the home and in the garden. The whole Lava-Lite collection is available for immediate dispatch from Decco.

Effortlessly nourish and protect your plants

100% natural, non-toxic, zero-harm, child/pet safe, eco-friendly and nutrient boosting horticultural, pest control and growing media products

Lava-Lite Contact Name: Dominic or Kieron Phone: 0115 933 3193 Email: Website Link: GIMA NEW PRODUCT DIGEST SPRING 2022



Enjoy year-round sales with Leon Boots Co Whether its Easter, Mother’s Day, or just as a gift for friends and family, gifting is big business within garden retail. And now with the new name in wellington boots – Leon Boots Co. – switching up this category with the most lightweight wellingtons ever, the potential for year-round sales for this popular footwear category is higher than ever. The popularity of the Leon Boots Co. offering is down to the unique lightweight quality of the boots. Unlike any other boots on the market today, a display of Leon Boots will be a hub of comments and exclamations as shoppers try and get their heads round the fact that the boots weigh as little as 219g – to put that into context, that’s the same weight as an average hamster!

Each style under the Leon Boots Co banner benefits from over a decade of expertise within the outdoor footwear sector and are manufactured from awardwinning, injection moulded EVA/TRC polymer. This polymer whilst lightweight does not mean a compromise on functionality, however. Leon Boots Co. proudly boasts a wide range of features which offer longevity for users including full insulated working against temperatures as low as minus 30°C, split and crack resistant, 100% waterproof, and featuring a removable and washable sock liner. The lightweight ergonomic design also allows for exceptional comfort and support, making the boots suitable for long-term wear and happy feet. But it’s not just the boot that is lightweight, the price tag is too. The bestselling Garden Ankle Boot is priced at just £34.99 making it both a great impulse buy as well as increasing the product’s gifting potential. In addition to the Garden Ankle Boots, Leon Boots Co. also offers a longer length Explorer (unisex style available in black and green - RRP £49.95), Montana (ladies’ style available in navy and green - RRP £39.95) and a Children’s range (available in Navy, Yellow or Pink) - RRP £19.95).

Backed by profit boosting merchandising support

Adding value for retailers, the Leon Boots Co team has created a profit boosting merchandising solution.Taking up just 0.25m2 of floorspace and featuring anywhere from eight to 10 pairs of wellies, all Leon Boots merchandising units come complete with boxed product, meaning they are ready to be located anywhere in the store for complete flexibility and offering great ‘pick up’ potential. Whether co-located with complementary gardening products or bolstering home, gift and clothing product displays, the range offers multiple options for retailers. All Leon Boots Co. display units can be ordered directly with carriage paid (for 15 mixed styles).

Stock available when its needed most

Forecasting a strong year of sales in 2022, the Leon Boots Co. team has ensured that sufficient stock is readily available as the season unfolds. Delivery for all orders can be completed in as little as 2-3 working days and minimum carriage paid orders are as low as 15 mixed styles/sizes across the range, making it possible to add new lines as the demand requires and not having to worry about overstocking. Leon Boots email or 20



Honeyfield’s introduce brand new wild bird feeding products ahead of Spring Wild Bird Care experts Honeyfield’s, part of WHM Pet Group, are once again leading the market. Tailoring to the rise of the ethical consumer and changing environmental views, their NPD includes more ‘eco’ packaging developments, as well some innovative new wild bird feeders and accessories. Still committed to the environment and continuing their sustainable ethos, Honeyfield’s launch a 100% Recyclable and 100% Biodegradable 50 Fat Balls Box. The box itself can be recycled in your normal recycling bin at home or

alternatively, will biodegrade completely in the natural environment within 12 months. Maintaining high quality from the outside to the inside, these fat balls boast a softer texture making them ideal for smaller birds. With added seeds for improved palatability too, the fat balls contain only wholesome, natural ingredients. Continuing to develop their extensive feeder range, Honeyfield’s bring their new ‘Victorian Garden’ wild bird feeders to market this year. With a quick release twist lid, enabling quick and easy filling and re-filling, to the tough steel metal with an attractive bronze finish, Honeyfield’s take a step back in time with this nostalgic, rustic looking range. Available in 4 different styles including a Seed Feeder, Peanut Feeder, Fat Ball Feeder and Sunflower Heart Feeder. Giving avid wild bird feeders a full wild bird feeding experience, is the new ‘Complete Dining Station’. Complete with 4 Victorian Garden feeders, the Dining Station features a detachable fork stabilising base, as well as a water and treat tray, giving consumers a wide range of food to feed from their garden or patio. Protecting the Complete Dining Station and solving the problem of feeding the Squirrels more than the Wild Birds, is the new ‘Squirrel Baffle’. The baffle is powder coated in a rustic bronze finish, to co-ordinate with the Honeyfield’s Dining Stations, as well as being made from tough steel to ensure longevity – sitting on dining stations to protect both feeders and water / treat trays. Whilst not everyone has access to a garden, Honeyfield’s have come up with a way to still enjoy feeding the birds. Their new ‘Window Feeder Hook’ is a strong steel and plastic construction with two suction cups, sticking securely to windows and able to carry the weight of any hanging feeder.

WHM Pet Group Email: 01430 875853. GIMA NEW PRODUCT DIGEST SPRING 2022



Empathy’s new stand-out biological house plant and lawn care products New After Plant Pump and Feed from Empathy Natural, organic and easy to use; Empathy’s new After Plant Pump and Feed houseplant feeds feature standout packaging and an attractive price-point. After Plant House Plant and After Plant Orchid pump & feed contain organic ingredients including seaweed extract and plant derived amino acids. Each is designed to stimulate healthy and vigorous growth for all indoor plants and promote better flowering in orchids. The ready-to-use pump & feed bottles can be mixed in your watering can or

will deliver the perfect 2ml dose which can be added directly to the base of the plant and watered in for a quick, mess-free application. After Plant House Plant will deliver 125 doses and After Plant Orchid provides 250 doses per 500ml bottle, both have an RRP of £5.99. The formulas are vegan and child and pet friendly when used as directed, each carries the coveted RHS endorsement and is certified for organic use by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association. Each bottle carries Empathy’s standout white and green livery and is widely recycled. Supreme Green Lawn Care The Complete Solution Empathy’s RHS endorsed, fully biological lawn care range has everything gardeners’ need to sow, repair and feed their lawn with very little effort. The 3kg Lawn Seed and Patch & Repair have been added to the range which already includes two smaller lawn seed options, a liquid feed and granular feed and improver. The new 3kg Supreme Green Lawn Seed, which is packaged in eco-friendly paper with a recyclable handle, features high quality seeds that are selected for their

ability to establish quickly, plus the addition of rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi supports root growth and the supply of nutrients helping to produce a beautiful and durable lawn for everyday use. Supreme Green Lawn Patch & Repair is designed to repair damaged areas of the lawn quickly and easily using a blend of grass seed, soil conditioner, coir and active biology, in the form of rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi. Lawn Patch & Repair is ideal for use on lawns with worn or patchy areas, simply sprinkle evenly over high traffic areas, shady spots, around children’s play areas or on any turf affected by pets. The product can also be used as a lawn thickener. For more information visit

PlantWorks Email: Tel: 01795 411527 22



Primeur introduces new border & planter designs

Maryland joins the garden border range

The Eco Garden border collection is a popular choice for consumers thanks to its ease of use and flexible material, making it easy to install and transform lawns and garden borders. The latest addition is the new Maryland design, available in both


Since its launch Primeur’s Eco Garden range has helped to repurpose millions of rubber tyres, with over five million being recycled in 2021 alone. From stepping-stones and garden borders, to decking tiles and the Tierra Verde self-watering planter collection, it comes as no surprise that Eco Garden has become a must-have range for many garden retailers across the country. To boost the offering in 2022 the Primeur team has listened to retailer and consumer feedback and introduced two new designs to its popular garden border and planter ranges, with stock available and ready for speedy delivery into store throughout the season.


The multi-award-winning Eco Garden collection from Primeur has already won legions of fans amongst eco-conscious consumers and now with exciting new range additions joining the line-up for the 2022 season, there are even more reasons to ensure retailers are stocking this exciting material innovation.

grey and earth colourways. This new style looks set to replicate the success of the bestselling Carolina border, drawing its inspiration from traditional log roll but with a more geometric contemporary edge. Like all Eco Garden products, the new Maryland border is designed to last and is also backed by Primeur’s proven merchandising display units to drive sales in-store.

New Flamenco planter

With gardening proving more popular than ever, Primeur has extended its

Tierra Verde collection of self-watering planters. The latest addition is the all-new Flamenco planter which stands at 55.5cm tall and is available in slate grey. This new planter is inspired by traditional urns but, in true Primeur style, features a contemporary twist which will appeal to consumers looking for something to add impact around gardens, patios and front doors. The Flamenco planter represents an entirely new style within the Tierra erde offering. Verde

Primeur To find more about Primeur’s Eco Garden range, please contact the team on 01274 518800, email or visit GIMA NEW PRODUCT DIGEST SPRING 2022



Slocum House Represents premium lifestyle, homeware, soft furnishings and wellbeing brands as an importer or principle agent within the UK and Ireland. • Hassle free shipping • Sales team support • Showroom and office support • All our brands are exclusive to Slocum House Visit our UK trade showroom located in Milton Keynes to see our portfolio of brands DPI Offer an extensive range of high quality faux flowers and home décor with over 7000 SKU’s available In order to meet the highest demands DPI have an advanced warehouse offering 16,000 pallet bays and over 5 million flowers Discover soft light perfumes, cosmetics & scents of Provence with Plantes & Parfums All products are designed and produced from natural raw materials • 100% natural soy wax candles • Natural alcohol made from beetroot • Recyclable & eco-friendly packaging • Display furniture and POS packages available

Create your own Cozy Universe

High quality handmade soft furnishings and decor inspired by Nordic roots and nature’s beauty using an in-house design team Bahne Interior is a Danish brand with a wide range of products for the entire home. A great mix of modern and quirky details that gives you plenty of opportunity to express individuality Curate your order across all Cozy Living & Bahne brands Slocum House Contact us: Tel: 07553 473157 or 07769 738154 24



i Professional Japanese P Pruning Range Since 1876 ARS (Always RAZOR Sharp) have been leading in innovation and quality with their nd iin tthe U Professional Japanese Pruning range. Sorbus have been distributing the brand UK since 2011. The award-winning range includes handsaws, polesaws, secateurs, telescopic pruners, shears, loppers, fruit and bonsai tools. The ARS steel blades exceed Japan’s toughest industrial standards, and the unique patented blades forged with new impulse hardening techniques promise to produce remarkably clean cuts and increase blade life by up to 3 times normal usage. Whether you are a professional gardener, part time or maybe a floral fanatic, the incredibly extensive range will more than fulfill your needs. fect Speak to our experts at Sorbus today and find the perfect tool for you! Interested in stocking ARS? ghly Sorbus are actively searching for new stockists for this highly impressive range. You will find us at RHS Malvern Spring, Hampton Court, Tatton Park and BBC Gardeners World Live in 2022!

Sorbus Phone 01373 475540 Email GIMA NEW PRODUCT DIGEST SPRING 2022



Green Today. Greener tomorrow There are composts - and then there’s Coco & Coir and Harmony Gardens composts! Anyone searching for 100% natural peat-free growing media should look no further than the portfolio from Southern Trident. They’re all 100% peat free, made exclusively from environmentally responsible by-products and recycled raw materials, including Soil Association accredited coconut coir. As a company, they are carbon neutral across all areas of their business. Proud holders of the PAS2060 accreditation, the internationally recognised accreditation for carbon neutrality. In 2021, they won an International Green Apple Environment Award from The Green Organisation and became a Green World Ambassador.

Coco & Coir: Compost for future generations

The organic, sustainable and even vegan friendly Coco & Coir range is supplied as compressed, dried, coir bricks, which are easy to hydrate. This makes them lightweight, easy to carry and store. Star product of the range is Coco & Coir Coco Boost independently tested to outperform leading peat and peatfree composts. 100% coir, with added six-month, controlledrelease fertiliser ensures strong, steady growth of seeds as well as plants in containers. For information on other products in the range, please contact us using the details below.

New for 2022

To cater to the more traditional gardener the company are

introducing Coco & Coir Coco Bloom and Coco & Coir Coco Chip ready to use bagged products. Coco Bloom is a 100% peat-free coir all-purpose compost. The decorative Coir Chip made from chipped coconut husk offers something different to a traditional bark. Saving the best for last… 2022 brings the Harmony Gardens portfolio. A range of peat-free, responsibly sourced and carbon neutral bagged growing media, all formulated to produce excellent growing results. All carbon used during the production and shipment of raw materials, its manufacturing (including the fertilisers and plastic bag) and its transport to customer’s door is fully offset. The first Carbon Neutral horticulture brand in the world.

What is in the new Harmony Gardens range?

Harmony Gardens Multipurpose Compost creates the ideal rooting and growing conditions for plants growing in containers. It received the Best New Growing Media Product and the Sustainability Award at Glee 2021. Harmony Gardens Growbag is a fullsize growbag that produces exceptional crops of fruit and vegetables. Harmony Gardens Top Soil is the ideal choice for creating new garden borders, replacing old soil and levelling lawns. Harmony Gardens Soil Improver N+, contains a unique form of nitrogen, helps improve all poor soils, adding organic structure and enhancing the performance of all plants. The team have been busy creating products gardeners will love at the lowest impact on the planet. That’s surely something everyone can get behind.

Southern Trident T: 020 3633 7782 E : Website: 26



As Used At Kew! The Kew Gardens Collection by Spear & Jackson is an extensive range of quality garden tools and accessories. Kew’s team has worked closely with Spear & Jackson throughout the product development process, rigorously testing each item to ensure that the level of performance befits the brand. The result is a unique range of digging, cultivating, garden cutting tools, watering products and accessories that are genuinely used and recommended by Kew. As you would expect, all the handles on Kew Collection digging and cultivating tools are made from the finest FSC© certified ash from well-managed forests. In addition, recent changes have been made to improve the environmental credentials of packaging for the range, by reducing or removing any unfriendly materials such as single use plastics and disposing of surplus packaging altogether in both primary point of sale materials and secondary transit packaging. Ensuring that wherever practically possible the packaging is made from sustainable, environmentally friendly, and recyclable materials that support Kew’s position as a world-leader in plant science and conservation. Every sale from the Kew Gardens Collection guarantees a contribution towards Kew’s vital work.

New additions to the Kew Gardens Collection by Spear & Jackson for 2022 include: 1. Kew Gardens Collection Left-Handed Secateurs High quality secateurs designed to making cutting and pruning easier for left-handed users 2. Kew Gardens Collection Watering Cans Introducing new additions to the range in a traditional galvanised steel and vibrant lime green enamel finish. Available in 4.5L and 9L sizes 3. Kew Gardens Collection Patterned Kneeler A new addition to our award-winning range of cushioned Kneelers. The pattern is designed around botanical illustrations that are synonymous with Kew

Spear & Jackson Sales enquiries – Website - GIMA NEW PRODUCT DIGEST SPRING 2022



Defenders of the Garden! There’s a new generation of garden lovers who have only recently discovered the pleasures of spending leisure time in their outdoor spaces and caring for plants. They may never have used a garden sprayer or spreader before, so they represent a great new opportunity to grow the category. The new Defenders range of spreaders and sprayers is designed to appeal to all gardeners, especially those novices who need simple, easy to use products. Many customers are moving away from single use RTU sprayers. The Defenders range is made from durable, high-quality materials to give many years of serviceable life – and they’re all recyclable too.

Reaching tricky areas with a good quality sprayer is now easy, thanks to the unique All-ways home & garden sprayers which work at all angles – even when upside down! The Defenders range includes a specially engineered 5Litre sprayer, with a precision adjustable brass nozzle designed for effective application of all types of water-based wood treatments.

The cleverly designed Soda Bottle Sprayer turns a used drinks bottle into a fully adjustable sprayer making it a great low-cost sustainable option. There’s a complete range of high quality, easy to use, sustainable products that will appeal to consumers looking for affordable sprayer solutions. To find out more about our latest trade offers on the Defenders range go to STV International Ltd Forge House, Little Cressingham, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 6ND, GB Phone 01953 881580 Email 28


GARDEN LOVERS She loves our new range of sprayers and you will too! HIGH QUALITY GREAT VALUE INNOVATIVE

A complete range of high quality, innovative, sustainable sprayers and spreaders to appeal to home & garden lovers all year round.

Don’t miss out!


Patio resurection The Patio Black Spot Removal Company Ltd., manufacture and supply a unique range of premium garden cleaning solutions, for restoring old, or maintaining new , patios, pathways and garden ornaments. The Patio Black Spot Removal System® is not just a patio cleaner; it’s a complete garden stonework restoration system, that gives both stunning and, virtually instant results! Following awards at RHS Chelsea 2020, GLEE 2019 and at the Garden Retail Awards 2015, 2016 and 2017, The Patio Black Spot Removal Company Ltd has become synonymous with the Garden Retail Market, as a manufacturer of Premium garden stone cleaning products, producing stunning results, within a matter of hours. Their flagship product range, the three different Patio Black Spot Removers, have been further improved by the addition of Unique Euchan2® Technology. Based on the addition of Euchalyptus, its interaction ensures that the Lichen absorb the solution completely. Thus, by penetrating the root, which anchors the Lichen to the stone, this releases their limpet-like adhesion, allowing both the surface, and subsurface growth to be easily removed, without damaging the stone, using water to irrigate the dead root from the surface. Removing the root prevents the regrowth of the black lichen spots, removing the need to retreat the area. This new technology separates The Patio Black Spot Removal System, completely, from other patio cleaners, currently available, for the following reasons: 1) It doesn’t rely on acid burning or bleaching of the surface, or the use of pesticides. The former will dissolve limestone and stain sandstone orange, not to mention destroying surrounding plants 2) As the product does all the work, it reduces the need to over pressure wash, thus reducing damage to surface of the stonework.

3) Multi-layers of both black lichen and white fungi, that have accumulated over 70 or 80 years, can be readily removed. 4) By reducing the reliance on pressure washing, the system increases the longevity of garden stonework, preserving both the appearance and the value of investment. Order now at Or call 0800 500 3032

Patio Black Spot Removal Company 0800 500 3032 30



Award winning innovation from Solar Centre Solar Centre has been very fortunate through the past 12 months with unprecedented growth as the demand for quality home and garden lighting has grown. With 16 years of experience supplying lights to garden centres and online retailers, Solar Centre was in an excellent position to support the boom in online sales garden centres were seeing through the pandemic. Speaking to the Directors at the Solar Centre, they are “proud to be actively planning for the future in a positive and optimistic way”. In late 2019 the Solar Centre moved to new premises quadrupling their storage capabilities to allow for growth of their range and have just doubled the storage more recently, this time to enable larger stock holding of their most popular lines. Solar Centre has been quick to invest in experienced agents across the UK and Ireland to ensure reliable supply and support in areas we were unable to service before. On top

of an expanded range, greater stock availability, improved service and support across the UK, Solar Centre has also managed to win and be a finalist with two of their products in the 40th anniversary GIMA awards which covered all new products added to the market over the last 24 months. They also received a coveted Which? Editors Choice Award for the Lumify Festoon Lights. Building on customers’ wants and needs to make their garden part of their home, Solar Centre are launching in 2022, a number of lifestyle garden products and again pushing the boundaries of innovation with smart appcontrolled lighting. To find out more contact 01582 363238

The Solar Centre 01582 363238 GIMA NEW PRODUCT DIGEST SPRING 2022



The Real Soil Company: catering for greener gardeners Whether changing their diet and lifestyle or trying to adopt better habits, consumers are making more informed decisions and better choices for their own health and that of the planet. The interest in vegetarian and vegan diets has increased steadily, whilst concern for the environment and the effects of climate change is escalating. Shoppers are actively seeking products that have minimal impact on the environment, from production and the way materials are sourced, right through to what happens to the packaging after use. This is a growing movement in gardening, with demand soaring for sustainably sourced, plant-based products that work with nature to deliver impressive results. Retailers need to act now and get on board with this emerging category. What’s the solution? The new 100% natural, organic, peatfree and veganic SuperSoil from The Real Soil Company has been created to help plants get off to the best possible start, without causing environmental damage, whilst also providing retailers with an attractive offering for the premium garden centre customer. Packed full of organic nutrients for optimal plant health, SuperSoil is the solution greener gardeners have been searching for.

green credentials of its own, helping to save water, reduce waste and avoid the need for harmful chemicals. • 100% natural, organic ingredients • completely peat free • natural ‘boosters’ stimulate quicker plant establishment and provide better resilience against pests and disease • provides improved water retention • produced in the UK • ethically sourced, with complete traceability • packaging is 100% recyclable

Not only is SuperSoil a highly effective growing media that helps plants to grow better and establish quicker, it also boasts some pretty impressive

To find out more about The Real Soil Company please visit www. or email

The Real Soil Company Marshall House, Cranford Road, Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire, NN15 5TB Phone 01536 510517 Email 32




The Real Soil il Company launches all-new ll 100% natural and organic Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil Nurturing homegrown vegetables and fruit and giving them the best possible start is set to be easier than ever with the launch of the all-new 100% organic and natural Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil – a rich blend of topsoil and soil improver - from the experts at The Real Soil Company. Following hot on the heels of the innovative SuperSoil topsoil which shook up the growing media category in 2021, the new Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil will enjoy the same key characteristics that enable plants and crops to thrive from day one, delivering delicious flavour and higher crop yields. Organic & natural Packed full of organic nutrients for optimal plant health, The Real Soil Company’s Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil features a 100% natural topsoil, coupled with 100% natural, organic peat-free compost that is PAS100 certified and is analysed by The Real Soil Company’s soil scientists to ensure that every single batch is perfectly blended in accordance with its own stringent formula. In line with the Real Soil Company’s philosophy, all-new Vegetable & Fruit topsoil will not see the addition of any chemicals or artificial fertilisers to ensure the natural integrity of the product is not, and never will be, compromised. Each bag of this latest innovation will feature slow-releasing major nutrients, trace elements and minerals which provide plants with a continual boost to help throughout their growth cycle. Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil is also designed to improve soil type and structure, including improved water retention and better resistance against pests and diseases.

An additional benefit for gardeners is the fact that the blend of topsoil and compost means less time spent digging, making it the perfect partner for those that have adopted the no-dig method of organic gardening. Added value in the retail setting The new Vegetable & Fruit Topsoil will also enjoy the same unique hand-drawn branding that has become synonymous with The Real Soil Company and helps to set it apart within the retail environment. To ensure that consumers can make educated buying decisions at the point, each bag will clearly highlight the product’s benefits and characteristics, whilst cutting through the noise to simplify the science, specifically addressing the inclusion of essential elements such as phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and organic matter. To find out more about The Real Soil Company’s 100% organic and natural topsoils, including how to become a stockist, please visit or email

The Real Soil Company Marshall House, Cranford Road, Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire, NN15 5TB Phone 01536 510517 Email GIMA NEW PRODUCT DIGEST SPRING 2022



New Year, New Additions Royal Horticultural Society

From the fibreclay and lightweight faux lead Borders and Vintage planters to the classic terracotta of Arches and Rosemoor, the new RHS collection will blend perfectly as part of the décor. The insect designs of Wildlife will help public awareness over pollinator decline, whilst the soft hues of Flora will complement any plantings with its ornate botanical designs. Injecting colours are the glazed Wisley, Harlow, Classic and Bridge in shades of blue, green, grey, white and pink, whilst the geometric pattern of Lattice brings a contemporary twist to the country’s long-established hobby.

Honey & Wild

The Honey & Wild Wall Art collection includes butterflies and insects to capture the imagination of new gardeners who are keen to make bold and colourful statements in their outdoor space, as well as sleek and contemporary metal designs which are perfect for a modern garden. Gardeners can also create the illusion of light, space and depth with the new range of Solar Garden Mirrors. Harnessing the beauty of reflection and illuminating courtyards, walled and patio areas, the clean and green mirrors brighten up shade-filled spots and illuminate evening social spots in the garden.


With a strong growth in the garden used as an entertaining space, Emberwood is a new brand that incorporates Woodlodge’s rustic fire pits, fireplaces and chimineas. New for this season is the launch of our gas fuelled fire pits, which in an age of eco-consciousness, have many environmental benefits for consumers. Emberwood is also adding new wood and charcoal burning fire pit designs, as well as contemporary chimineas and outdoor fireplaces to suit any budget, space and style, making them more affordable and accessible to today’s consumers.

Water Studio

The recent rise in popularity for home water features and biophilic design has seen Woodlodge add to the Water Studio portfolio for 2022. The collection suits every type of space, regardless of size or shape and offers tangible health benefits that go far beyond aesthetics. From elegant sculpture designs to show stopping centrepieces, rustic water features and futuristic designs, Water Studio’s plug-in-and-go water features are easy to set up and suit all budgets. We are also proud to introduce a brand-new range of Solar lines which are both energy efficient as well as being environmentally friendly, appealing to those who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Woodlodge For more information on stockists, please visit or email the sales team on 34



Vitavia & Janssens: Exceptional Design & Quality Vitavia Greenhouses is the British partner of the Vitavia Group, the leading name throughout Europe for quality hobby greenhouses and greenhouse accessories. Vitavia is also the UK distributor for Janssens greenhouses and garden rooms from Belgium. From their warehouses in Suffolk, they provide home and trade deliveries throughout the UK together with a comprehensive greenhouse installation service. They are proud to supply quality hobby greenhouses, widely regarded as being the best value for money, backed up by exceptional customer service. Apollo Greenhouse From novice to expert, the 6’4” wide Apollo greenhouse is available in 5 sizes

to meet the needs of any gardener. The Apollo design is based on the Venus with the added benefit of a low threshold entrance for easy access. There is a single sliding door which can be positioned to the left or the right. The Apollo is equipped with 1 or 2 roof vents, depending on size and the structure has been strengthened with the inclusion of roof braces, with additional side braces in the Apollo 7500.

The low threshold entrance distinguishes the Apollo from the Venus range. Not having to step over a perimeter base reduces any risk of tripping. Janssens Junior T This spacious T-shaped garden conservatory with its pointed roof and Victorian ridge ornamentation will look beautiful in larger, manicured gardens. This conservatory can be a perfect addition to a traditional or modern garden. The black powder coating gives the conservatory a modern look, while the Victorian roof elements give it a traditional touch. Thanks to the high-quality aluminium from which the greenhouse is constructed, you can enjoy years of maintenance-free gardening pleasure. For more information on both Vitavia and Janssens ranges, please visit

Vitavia Greenhouses T +44 (0)1473 218100 E




Grow your cards sales sustainably with W-Select from Woodmansterne Woodmansterne are the leading supplier of premium greeting cards to independent retailers. We design, produce and finish all our cards in Britain. We make cards that feed the soul, lift the spirit and reflect British culture, whether this is through the magic of Quentin Blake’s illustrations, the beauty of National Trust images, the iconic pattern of Emma Bridgewater designs, or the humour of Punch cartoons. Our W-Select programme offers you a one-stop solution for the planning and management of your greeting card assortment. We will help you to create a unique and visually appealing card department with a diverse, exciting range of product from over 25 top British Publishers.

Woodmansterne are committed to using sustainable materials and practices wherever possible. As a third-generation family business, we understand the importance of protecting our environment and safeguarding it for the future. • All our cards are printed by us in Croxley, Hertfordshire. • We print with vegetable inks on paper from FSC sustainable forests. • Our beautiful envelope paper is made from 100% recycled postconsumer waste. • We pack our cards with a simple Smart Seal that saves up to half a million pieces of throw-away plastic being sent to landfill every week. • UK manufacturing and distribution keep our carbon footprint low. Get in touch, we would love to explore how we can help your business grow

Woodmansterne 01923 200600 email




Zest for Outdoor Life

Olivia Garden Bench The Zest Olivia Garden Bench combines contemporary styling with maximum comfort and style.

Life outdoors is more important than ever for relaxation, wellbeing, and quality time entertaining friends and family. Zest is the expert in outdoor living. Its products are made from slow grown softwood, sourced from sustainably managed forests. Zest products connect the outdoor enthusiast with nature and have the strength and durability to continue to deliver the perfect relationship with natural outdoor enjoyment for many years. Zest’s award winning products meet the needs and aspirations of today’s consumer when it comes to enjoying outdoor furniture, decorative garden structures and quality GYO products. Zest is a fifth generation British company, designing and manufacturing wooden products, made from sustainably sourced, FSC® - CC114990 certified slow grown softwood, expertly selected for quality. Zest sells to garden centres, major retailing groups, and online retailers and has a dedicated sales team of professionals, providing a range of retail support services including online lifestyle and assembly videos.

Tall Vertical Herb Stand Zest’s award winning Tall Vertical Herb Stand has been designed for easy access and is a space saving solution for maximum planting in an upright planter.

Small Space Cold Frame Zest’s Small Space Cold Frame is ideal for the GYO gardening enthusiast. Designed to be fitted on top of the Zest Raised Herb Planter for extra planting depth.

Cherry Blossom Bench The Zest Cherry Blossom Bench is inspired by Japanese architecture. Functional and elegant, it adds an oriental feel to the garden.

Folding Garden Bar Zest’s Folding Garden Bar takes moments to construct with no assembly required and is sturdy and well built. Simply unfold, fold down the hinged shelf and add the counter top. Also makes a great potting table or BBQ side table.

Zest 01352 752555 |