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Garden sustainably with Hozelock’s innovative product range – recycle waste, weed without chemicals and save water for a truly ‘green’ garden!

EasyMix Composter (4001) Using compost is the one of the key cornerstones of gardening, it enriches soil, retains moisture and with the new Hozelock EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter, making your own couldn’t be more straightforward! This new tumbling composter allows you to easily recycle your kitchen and garden waste, reducing waste being sent to landfill, whilst also improving the quality of your soil. It produces compost in as little as six to eight weeks thanks to the aeration and rotation which helps to accelerate the composting process. The lockable lid prevents any pests and unpleasant smells and you can roll the drum around the garden to distribute compost with ease. The nutrient-rich compost liquid is collected under the drum and, thanks to the innovative “Click & Spray” applicator, the user can simply connect it to a hose to feed their garden! The EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter is manufactured using 90% recycled plastic. RRP of £169.99.

Select Plus Controller (2224) Save time, water and having to rely on friends and family while you’re away, with the Select Plus Controller. Ideal for those gardeners looking to start enjoying the many benefits of an automatic watering system, the Select Plus Controller gives you the ability to programme at any time, any day and for any duration. You can create daily watering schedules for up to three times per day for ultimate control with the easy to use LCD screen and the single-button programmer. Features also include a ‘Rain Delay’ to pause watering as per the weather forecast, helping to avoid water wastage, as well as ‘Water Now’ to override the schedule for immediate watering. Pair with a Universal Kit, full of all the components you need to create a bespoke micro irrigation network, to set-up your own automatic watering system to water your plants! The Select Plus Controller has an RRP of £74.49.

Multi Spray Gun with Soft Touch trigger (2679) Increase comfort during use and save water with the Multi Spray Gun. The smooth flow control means you can quickly change the amount of water being sprayed at the simple push or pull of a button using your thumb – simply push forward for maximum power or pull it back to reduce water usage by up to 50%. By selecting the pressure, you can choose the right amount of water for each task, whether that’s cleaning down outdoor furniture or watering flowers, helping to prevent overwatering. The inclusion of a soft-touch front trigger and the ergonomic on/off lock button and flow control also means that the spray guns can now be used one-handed - meaning large areas can be watered without tired and uncomfortable hands! Multi Spray Gun has an RRP of £24.49 Green Power Turbo Gas Weeder (4177) Say goodbye to garden weeds without the use of chemicals with the Green Power Turbo Gas Weeder. Featuring infrared technology, the flame heats the ceramic plate, which sits within a safety shield, up to 800°C causing a thermal shock to deprive the weed of its ability to photosynthesise, the plant gradually dries out and the root dies. More difficult weeds can be permanently controlled by simply using the gas weeder again two weeks later. Use with a gas cartridge for cordless weeding, the ergonomic handle and wheel offer complete freedom of movement around the garden. The large 12 x 20cm ceramic plate is perfect for quickly tidying driveways, patios or gravel. The Green Power Turbo Gas Weeder will be available from May 2022 and has an RRP of £169.99