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Empathy’s new stand-out biological house plant and lawn care products

New After Plant Pump and Feed from Empathy Natural, organic and easy to use; Empathy’s new After Plant Pump and Feed houseplant feeds feature standout packaging and an attractive price-point. After Plant House Plant and After Plant Orchid pump & feed contain organic ingredients including seaweed extract and plant derived amino acids. Each is designed to stimulate healthy and vigorous growth for all indoor plants and promote better flowering in orchids. The ready-to-use pump & feed bottles can be mixed in your watering can or will deliver the perfect 2ml dose which can be added directly to the base of the plant and watered in for a quick, mess-free application. After Plant House Plant will deliver 125 doses and After Plant Orchid provides 250 doses per 500ml bottle, both have an RRP of £5.99. The formulas are vegan and child and pet friendly when used as directed, each carries the coveted RHS endorsement and is certified for organic use by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association. Each bottle carries Empathy’s standout white and green livery and is widely recycled.

Supreme Green Lawn Care The Complete Solution Empathy’s RHS endorsed, fully biological lawn care range has everything gardeners’ need to sow, repair and feed their lawn with very little effort. The 3kg Lawn Seed and Patch & Repair have been added to the range which already includes two smaller lawn seed options, a liquid feed and granular feed and improver. The new 3kg Supreme Green Lawn Seed, which is packaged in eco-friendly paper with a recyclable handle, features high quality seeds that are selected for their ability to establish quickly, plus the addition of rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi supports root growth and the supply of nutrients helping to produce a beautiful and durable lawn for everyday use. Supreme Green Lawn Patch & Repair is designed to repair damaged areas of the lawn quickly and easily using a blend of grass seed, soil conditioner, coir and active biology, in the form of rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi. Lawn Patch & Repair is ideal for use on lawns with worn or patchy areas, simply sprinkle evenly over high traffic areas, shady spots, around children’s play areas or on any turf affected by pets. The product can also be used as a lawn thickener. For more information visit rootgrow.co.uk


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