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Honeyfield’s introduce brand new wild bird feeding products ahead of Spring

Wild Bird Care experts Honeyfield’s, part of WHM Pet Group, are once again leading the market. Tailoring to the rise of the ethical consumer and changing environmental views, their NPD includes more ‘eco’ packaging developments, as well some innovative new wild bird feeders and accessories.

Still committed to the environment and continuing their sustainable ethos, Honeyfield’s launch a 100% Recyclable and 100% Biodegradable 50 Fat Balls Box. The box itself can be recycled in your normal recycling bin at home or

WHM Pet Group

Email: sales-support@marriagesmillers.co.uk 01430 875853. www.honeyfieldswildbird.co.uk alternatively, will biodegrade completely in the natural environment within 12 months. Maintaining high quality from the outside to the inside, these fat balls boast a softer texture making them ideal for smaller birds. With added seeds for improved palatability too, the fat balls contain only wholesome, natural ingredients.

Continuing to develop their extensive feeder range, Honeyfield’s bring their new ‘Victorian Garden’ wild bird feeders to market this year. With a quick release twist lid, enabling quick and easy filling and re-filling, to the tough steel metal with an attractive bronze finish, Honeyfield’s take a step back in time with this nostalgic, rustic looking range. Available in 4 different styles including a Seed Feeder, Peanut Feeder, Fat Ball Feeder and Sunflower Heart Feeder.

Giving avid wild bird feeders a full wild bird feeding experience, is the new ‘Complete Dining Station’. Complete with 4 Victorian Garden feeders, the Dining Station features a detachable fork stabilising base, as well as a water and treat tray, giving consumers a wide range of food to feed from their garden or patio.

Protecting the Complete Dining Station and solving the problem of feeding the Squirrels more than the Wild Birds, is the new ‘Squirrel Baffle’. The baffle is powder coated in a rustic bronze finish, to co-ordinate with the Honeyfield’s Dining Stations, as well as being made from tough steel to ensure longevity – sitting on dining stations to protect both feeders and water / treat trays.

Whilst not everyone has access to a garden, Honeyfield’s have come up with a way to still enjoy feeding the birds. Their new ‘Window Feeder Hook’ is a strong steel and plastic construction with two suction cups, sticking securely to windows and able to carry the weight of any hanging feeder.