GIMA New Product Digest Spring 2022 - A valuable source of reference for the UK Garden Trade

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Sustainability & inspiration shape 2022 for Deco-Pak Deco-Pak – the leading outdoor landscaping supplier – believes that sustainability and inspiration will be two themes that will drive sales and increase consumer confidence for garden retailers this season. Sustainability

The pandemic has inevitably accelerated the growth in demand for sustainable and environmentally conscious products. With consumers actively seeking out brands and products that meet these exacting standards, retailers wanting to optimise this will find Deco-Pak’s EcoStone range the top choice for the landscaping category. First launched in 2019, Deco-Pak’s EcoStone range raises the bar when it comes to sustainability, transforming waste materials once destined for landfill into decorative aggregates that meet the latest design trends. Glasglo are translucent tumbled glass stones, pot topper stones and cobbles made from recycled televisions; EcoStone Rubber Chippings give new life to former tyres, recycled into chippings that provide safe play areas and act as a weed-suppressing mulch, while EcoStone Sea Shells – sourced from a whelk processing factory, transform pots and terrariums when used as a dressing, and provide natural slug control in borders, too.

Offering improvements ahead of the 2022 season, Deco-Pak has introduced an uplift in colour tones and a new logo for the EcoStone range to represent the true eco-nature of the product and packaging. Made with up to 60% of recycled material, all EcoStone bags will have a craft paper look to really set it apart from the other categories and offer a more authentic look. The range has also been expanded to include Glasglo chippings in a larger bag size.


The pandemic and lockdown given rise to an new army of new gardeners and novices, including many from the ‘Instagram generation’. These consumers, who are used to consuming content quickly, often make snap purchasing decisions based on visual triggers and this will be no different when selecting products to update their outdoor spaces. Recognising this, Deco-Pak has invested in its point of sale materials,

creating new inspirational ‘Get the Look’ merchandising solutions. Designed to showcase how products can be easily used to maximum effect with minimum effort, these new style merchandisers optimise visual triggers so that inspiration is quickly converted into sales, ultimately driving up the average basket spend and building consumer confidence. This updated POS sits perfectly in line with Deco-Pak’s product packaging, providing shoppers with a cohesive message and appearance across the board, which is crucial in the retail environment. New photography and simplified sales messages complete the offering, providing retailers with a clear and concise point of sales that works hard throughout the season.

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