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Green Today. Greener tomorrow There are composts - and then there’s Coco & Coir and Harmony Gardens composts! Anyone searching for 100% natural peat-free growing media should look no further than the portfolio from Southern Trident. They’re all 100% peat free, made exclusively from environmentally responsible by-products and recycled raw materials, including Soil Association accredited coconut coir. As a company, they are carbon neutral across all areas of their business. Proud holders of the PAS2060 accreditation, the internationally recognised accreditation for carbon neutrality. In 2021, they won an International Green Apple Environment Award from The Green Organisation and became a Green World Ambassador.

Coco & Coir: Compost for future generations

The organic, sustainable and even vegan friendly Coco & Coir range is supplied as compressed, dried, coir bricks, which are easy to hydrate. This makes them lightweight, easy to carry and store. Star product of the range is Coco & Coir Coco Boost independently tested to outperform leading peat and peatfree composts. 100% coir, with added six-month, controlledrelease fertiliser ensures strong, steady growth of seeds as well as plants in containers. For information on other products in the range, please contact us using the details below.

New for 2022

To cater to the more traditional gardener the company are

introducing Coco & Coir Coco Bloom and Coco & Coir Coco Chip ready to use bagged products. Coco Bloom is a 100% peat-free coir all-purpose compost. The decorative Coir Chip made from chipped coconut husk offers something different to a traditional bark. Saving the best for last… 2022 brings the Harmony Gardens portfolio. A range of peat-free, responsibly sourced and carbon neutral bagged growing media, all formulated to produce excellent growing results. All carbon used during the production and shipment of raw materials, its manufacturing (including the fertilisers and plastic bag) and its transport to customer’s door is fully offset. The first Carbon Neutral horticulture brand in the world.

What is in the new Harmony Gardens range?

Harmony Gardens Multipurpose Compost creates the ideal rooting and growing conditions for plants growing in containers. It received the Best New Growing Media Product and the Sustainability Award at Glee 2021. Harmony Gardens Growbag is a fullsize growbag that produces exceptional crops of fruit and vegetables. Harmony Gardens Top Soil is the ideal choice for creating new garden borders, replacing old soil and levelling lawns. Harmony Gardens Soil Improver N+, contains a unique form of nitrogen, helps improve all poor soils, adding organic structure and enhancing the performance of all plants. The team have been busy creating products gardeners will love at the lowest impact on the planet. That’s surely something everyone can get behind.

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