GIMA New Product Digest Spring 2022 - A valuable source of reference for the UK Garden Trade

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Enjoy year-round sales with Leon Boots Co Whether its Easter, Mother’s Day, or just as a gift for friends and family, gifting is big business within garden retail. And now with the new name in wellington boots – Leon Boots Co. – switching up this category with the most lightweight wellingtons ever, the potential for year-round sales for this popular footwear category is higher than ever. The popularity of the Leon Boots Co. offering is down to the unique lightweight quality of the boots. Unlike any other boots on the market today, a display of Leon Boots will be a hub of comments and exclamations as shoppers try and get their heads round the fact that the boots weigh as little as 219g – to put that into context, that’s the same weight as an average hamster!

Each style under the Leon Boots Co banner benefits from over a decade of expertise within the outdoor footwear sector and are manufactured from awardwinning, injection moulded EVA/TRC polymer. This polymer whilst lightweight does not mean a compromise on functionality, however. Leon Boots Co. proudly boasts a wide range of features which offer longevity for users including full insulated working against temperatures as low as minus 30°C, split and crack resistant, 100% waterproof, and featuring a removable and washable sock liner. The lightweight ergonomic design also allows for exceptional comfort and support, making the boots suitable for long-term wear and happy feet. But it’s not just the boot that is lightweight, the price tag is too. The bestselling Garden Ankle Boot is priced at just £34.99 making it both a great impulse buy as well as increasing the product’s gifting potential. In addition to the Garden Ankle Boots, Leon Boots Co. also offers a longer length Explorer (unisex style available in black and green - RRP £49.95), Montana (ladies’ style available in navy and green - RRP £39.95) and a Children’s range (available in Navy, Yellow or Pink) - RRP £19.95).

Backed by profit boosting merchandising support

Adding value for retailers, the Leon Boots Co team has created a profit boosting merchandising solution.Taking up just 0.25m2 of floorspace and featuring anywhere from eight to 10 pairs of wellies, all Leon Boots merchandising units come complete with boxed product, meaning they are ready to be located anywhere in the store for complete flexibility and offering great ‘pick up’ potential. Whether co-located with complementary gardening products or bolstering home, gift and clothing product displays, the range offers multiple options for retailers. All Leon Boots Co. display units can be ordered directly with carriage paid (for 15 mixed styles).

Stock available when its needed most

Forecasting a strong year of sales in 2022, the Leon Boots Co. team has ensured that sufficient stock is readily available as the season unfolds. Delivery for all orders can be completed in as little as 2-3 working days and minimum carriage paid orders are as low as 15 mixed styles/sizes across the range, making it possible to add new lines as the demand requires and not having to worry about overstocking. Leon Boots email or 20