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Time to tune to Garage Wire Since arriving in April 2013, Garage Wire has firmly established itself as a trusted ‘go to’ source of news and information for independent garages.

Varied content that’s always easy to view and easy to share, on all today’s devices

Garage Wire can help you reach a large, rapidly growing and fully engaged digital audience. Rather than try to be ‘all things to all people’ our content’s unashamedly orientated towards the needs and interests of independent garages - but Garage Wire’s also widely received and read amongst the UK’s most influential motor factors and suppliers too, as well as internationally. As pure digital media, Garage Wire can generate unrivalled online engagement – not to mention exceptional return on your marketing budget investment – through intelligently combining web, email, social media and display banners into modern media packages. Editorially, we aim for brevity, imparting key information, in a format that can be consumed quickly on all today’s devices.

New for 2016: ‘white label’ marketing services

Bringing breaking news to garages since 2013 In today’s busy on-demand world, garages value information most whilst it’s newest. Garage Wire draws readership because content is kept current, making it the perfect arena for updates on your company developments, new products and services.


The Cycle of a typical big story: MOT modernisation Visitor traffic through Spring 2015 revealed growing interest in MOT modernisation

By Autumn DVSA were more confidently pushing out ‘good news’ – though some garages were still reporting problems!

Garage Wire was first to investigate with our article 18th August. When we received over 100 garage comments within 48 hours – later rising to nearly 300 - we saw the true level of problems

The quality of comments received, and our weekly frequency, gave us a unique ability to really follow the story to keep readers updated


The garage publishers Digital technology makes suppliers and garages publishers too, on blogs, websites and social media. Garage Wire carefully nurtures a growing community of garages who are not only reading news, but are sharing and writing it too.

Sharable content will travel...

Data-driven communications Garage Wire aims to help advertisers understand both the broader readership trends as well as the specific interaction with your own content. Over time, this makes us a unique and valuable partner, supporting you to develop and enrich your communications activity based on real information.


16,900 opted-in business emails (end Dec ’16)

+9% in 2016 Independent garages 86% motor factors 7% suppliers 4% accident repairers 2% others 1%

Facebook likes

at end Dec ’16


+15% in 2016


by end Dec ’16 reading and retweeting advertiser information

+21% in 2016 Garage talk in 2016


1,100 3,000


40000 35000 30000 25000 20000

+77% +335%

On 2015 On 2014!

15000 10000

Web site Visitors per month

5 month moving average basis March ‘13 to December ‘16








Garage Wire VIEWS Feb






Views readers stay 4 x longer than web visitors














(Reads per month)


Views has boosted total time spent on GW content by 30%

The media offering Create sophisticated stand-alone digital campaigns, or simply use Garage Wire as an ‘always open’ channel for your existing media relations content. Options include:

WEBSITE Gain valuable exposure on our fast moving news website by updating the Garage Wire team with information for inclusion in the weekly news or monthly offers.

Bulletins The foundation of Garage Wire’s been our weekly ‘news’ and monthly ‘offers’ bulletins. Everything featured will be uploaded to site, shared on our social media and sent by email in the bulletin people actually want to read. For busy UK independent garage owners, Garage Wire offers something unique, 100% designed for digital. It delivers a vibrant mix of : product, business and market news informative sharable content video research pieces and investigative journalism garage-generated content motor-related fun, general interest and trends


Just some of what you can find A mix of content for a wide audience Breaking trade news

National media stories

Garage content

Investigation of the big issues

and some lighter stuff too


Banners and Pop-Ups Advertising is a moderate and noninvasive presence on Garage Wire. By targeting your banner ads to your content, and running in rotation elsewhere, we can maximise your visibility and click-thru.

Polls & surveys We can handle everything from a quick take of the temperature on a hot topic with a poll, through to fully bespoke market surveys, served on a responsive platform that makes it incredibly easy to gather data effectively.

Garage Wire surveys quickly and cost-effectively deliver insight into industry perceptions on the matters that affect your business the most, with responses from garage owners and technicians across the country who are appreciative of the opportunity to have their voices heard.

Block Exemption survey


do not fully understand block exemption

The majority are seeing less new caRs




Taken from our market survey on block exemption, in conjunction with The Parts Alliance and IAAF. report customers who’ve been



of garages saw 10% or fewer ’14 or newer registered cars

told by dealers warranty could be invalidated by your repair


Competitions & calls to action Run competitions through Garage Wire, using our branded landing pages. The database generated from entrants is then supplied for your future marketing campaigns.

GW TV was launched after we consistently saw the increased level of engagement and interest video can generate. With GW TV we can now not only embed your videos to grow more traffic, we can create our own videos too, offering a full video production service. GW TV can help to bring your product or message to life through careful planning, scripting, filming and editing. The resulting footage can be branded with either Garage Wire or client logos, with all Garage Wirebranded videos added to the GW TV YouTube page.

GW TV videos – with full production and own-brand capability to maximise value

Podcasts and audio There will be times when the production of a good quality video just isn’t feasible, and in circumstances such as these podcasts can make a good alternative. The Garage Wire team can record and edit your content, making sure that key messages and calls to action are given the right amount of emphasis


Garage Wire Views Now on its 7th issue (Mar 2017) Garage Wire Views is a ‘designed-for-digital’ web magazine, boasting the highest production standards.

New MOT system ‘unfit for purpose’

Issued four AutoInform Live 2015 times per year, and with reader interest made prime priority, See and he Driving Forces Garage Wire Views Issue 2, De cember 20 morre’s e, yonev window on ar‘The ur op eren a dull moment in the 15 toauto day’smot gara ge ive afte marrma ket rket’, Stuart enhances our James, IGA Director Training media offering by Establishing a groundin g in vehicle electronics combining great Over to you Building the foundati usability with ons for a bright future, Tisbury Motors See an Issue 1 Sept 2015 stop-and-stare d Fam ily See and hear more, ess heabu r msin o Moving with re window on today’s gara your open the times, Charles Your o ge market pen win Wilson Auto Enginee visual appeal, dow on rs today’s gara making it perfectly Hot suited to brand-driven display Afterm topi speaks arket advertising. up ‘Problem Jobs’ and more, come direct from the reader community. We place great emphasis on original journalistic content that can’t be found elsewhere. But the aim is for us to be the ‘invisible editors’ because it’s the garages’ views that matter most. By seamlessly integrating video and audio content, with real garage feedback, Garage Wire Views offers a uniquely contemporary rich media experience.


on Zafi fires ra

Issue 3 , March 2016


Why you should ta leap of fa ke a ith

Hissey’s Sto news ke feels the pressu re an Back to th d goes e Future


A ne generatio w n tyre techn of ician

Driving Forc


transpare Demand for ncy been more has never important

PLUS Market ing Tactics

How to p key pro rofit with gramm ing

P Autom review: echanik a Birmin gham

Inside th GSF Se e new aley va n


The odd, the weird and the horrifying


e full Eco-Friction® story

k of

AutoInform Live 2015 ‘The biggest and best training event’ returns for a second year


Hissey’s Stoke feels the pressure and goes Back to the Future

nology ormulations

wer ogy des-Benz C-Class


LISTEN NOW MORE than 220 delegates from across the UK gathered at the GTG Training Academy in Wolverhampton on November 28 and 29th for the return of AutoInform Live.


OCTOBER 21, 2015 marked the day that Marty McFly, Doc Brown and Jennifer Parker arrived from 1985 to change history.

The weekend event offered handson diagnostics and showcased the latest products, technology and equipment available in the aftermarket.

To celebrate the date, Keith Lemon hosted a Back to the Future tribute on ITV which saw him re-enact some of the most iconic scenes from the big screen, complete with the DeLorean time machine thanks to Hissey’s Garage in Stoke.


Organised by the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESAA), the two day event proved hugely popular among independent garages with a number of courses selling out in the weeks leading up to the weekend.

Garage owner, Ian Hissey, who is known locally for his DeLorean know-how,

More than 500 ‘garage essentials’ go on tour in GSF Sealey van

received an unusual phone call to replace the clutch in a replica vehicle, owned by the Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury, ahead of Keith Lemon’s TV sketch. Ian told GW that he was only too happy to help and soon found himself under pressure to complete the job in time.

GW takes to the road in GSF’s newly launched Sealey tool van to find out what independent garages make of it.

He said: “A lot of money has been put into this, they needed it back on the road as soon as possible for the special day.”



WATCH NOW WATCH NOW WATCH NOW THE Sealey tool van was recently presented to members of GSF’s ‘garage essentials’ team and is the only vehicle in the country to be stocked solely with Sealey automotive tools. The two businesses have combined to help improve awareness


Production Schedule 2017 Spring 2017

Out w/c 6th Mar

Ads by 20th Feb

Edit by 13th Feb

Summer 2017

Out w/c 22nd May

Ads by 8th May

Edit by 1st May

Autumn 2017

Out w/c 4th Sept

Ads by 21st Aug

Edit by 14th Aug

Winter 2017

Out w/c 4th Dec

Ads by 20th Nov

Edit by 13th Nov

Get involved... The Garage Wire editorial team would be happy to work with you to develop ideas for inclusion. Look out for regular features including : ‘On the road’ where get out and about to find out what’s really going on at the sharp end of the aftermarket ‘Problem jobs’ garages tell us what went wrong and how they fixed it ‘Network news’ direct profiles from some of the UK’s best known garages ‘Driving forces’ meeting some of the industry’s most influential leaders ‘Viewing window’ where we look in on garages doing things well


Email marketing that works Garage Wire can deliver exceptionally effective white-label email marketing campaigns. Alternatively, communicate under Garage Wire’s banner with our valued Tuned To emails. But don’t just take our word for it. Our clients are only too happy to tell you how successful their campaigns have been in their own words:

“Campaigning via email provides CarVue with a much more cost effective and targeted method of reaching potential customers than traditional paper advertising. We can monitor exactly how many people we’re hitting, how many have read our email, clicked on a link and most importantly, how many sign-ups we got directly from it. From a marketing return on investment perspective it really doesn’t get any better than a targeted email campaign. It really does tick all boxes for us; our first campaign with Garage Wire resulted in a record day for sign-ups and they were all trackable.”

Alex Knight, Marketing Director, CarVue

Please call us to discuss how we can help your HTML e-newsletters or PDF publications reach the UK’s widest available trade audience. It’s a simple process: you supply us with the information to send (typically HTML file and images) and we create, deliver and report on your campaign !


Rates and data ONSITE

Garage Wire’s onsite marketing packages help your messages quickly reach the widest possible audience, and include :

Display adverts on site Bulletin inclusion Website inclusion Social media support

‘News’ package

@ £1,695 + VAT per annum

‘Offers’ package

@ £1,095 + VAT per annum

‘News’ and ‘offers’ package

@ £2,195 + VAT per annum

Our ‘newswire’ policy - where if you send it, we run it - offers exceptional value which is perhaps why our advertiser retention exceeded 90% in 2016

Banner ad sizes and specs File sizes below 50k Link to destination URL included All main file types (.png, .jpg, .gif) supported, including animated banners

728px wide x 90px high £300+VAT

300px wide x 250px high £300+VAT pcm


Display advertising – ‘Views’ A4 proportioned aspect ratio, though we suggest scaling for 176mm x 250mm for best readability Hi res PDF artwork, with or without crops and bleeds We can link to any destination URL(s) and embed video Full page

176mm x 250mm

£400 +VAT

Half page

176mm x 125mm

£250 +VAT


Based on supply of HTML file and images

Single email

@ £595 +VAT

Series of 3

@ £395 +VAT each

POA - we also welcome enquiries for surveys, social media campaigns, landing pages or other bespoke projects.


If you’re looking to extend the reach of your current social media activity, or find a trade avenue for video, or develop email campaigns that work, or find a means of generating measurable insight on communications activity maybe it’s time to try something new? Garage Wire can help simplify the world of digital marketing. Please contact us to discuss your plans anytime on or call 0330 555 0170 Audience Value

Opted-in Independent Garage Database

Digital Marketing Platform Growing influence with Garage Wire’s powerful combination

Garage Wire Media Pack 2017  

All the current marketing options and audience figures, featuring links out to real examples and an explanation of our current media offerin...

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