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2017 Monterey Cicerone

Rare Americans


On stands until August 2017


JUNE 24 - 25, 2017

Automobilia Consignments Welcome

MONICA “Santa Monica Races, 1911,” by Peter Helck | Sold in 2016 for $12,600

Consign your quality Automobilia I 260.239.6702

A highlight on SoCal’s collector car calendar, the event attracts spirited bidding from around the globe and an outstanding lineup of cars, handpicked for the car-centric Southern California market. Large crowds and spirited bidding led to a strong $14.2 million in sales in 2016 with a record number of bidders vying for the event’s nearly 300 vehicles and select automobilia. The 2017 event promises the same great lineup and electric atmosphere.

RM Sotheby’s 84391 • Auctioneer: Brent Earlywine AU942 follow us:


JUNE 24 - 25, 2017

MONICA 1995 Ferrari F50 | Sold in 2016 for $1,952,500

Consignments Welcome I 260.239.6702

A highlight on SoCal’s collector car calendar, the event attracts spirited bidding from around the globe and an outstanding lineup of cars, handpicked for the car-centric Southern California market. Large crowds and spirited bidding led to a strong $14.2 million in sales in 2016 with a record number of bidders vying for the event’s nearly 300 vehicles and select automobilia. The 2017 event promises the same great lineup and electric atmosphere.

RM Sotheby’s 84391 • Auctioneer: Brent Earlywine AU942 follow us:




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Repurposed garage becomes a fabulous private museum. Brightly lit, and well appointed, the garage stretches into the main home creating a free-flow design. Photo by Don Weberg


A Legacy of style and steel


PEBBLE BEACH CONCOURS d’ELEGANCE SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 2017 Pebble Beach® and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance® are trademarks and service marks of Pebble Beach Company. © 2017 Pebble Beach Company. All rights reserved.


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Garage Style Magazine Summer 2017




From Magazine to Newsletter Moving forward by going backward


his is our 37th issue of Garage Style Magazine. It marks the 9th anniversary of publishing an actual magazine that has been distributed internationally to subscribers, retailers, and events. Publishing it has been tremendously enjoyable, but not without its challenges. And, me being me, I keep piling it on. The most recent addition to the magazine has been our twice monthly electronic newsletter. Launched just a few months ago, the newsletter has been hugely successful, nearly matching the number of subscribers the magazine has in just 11 issues. In a way, we went backward with Garage Style, maybe it would have been better to have launched a newsletter first and then grown into a magazine – who knows. But, regardless, the newsletter has been a lot of fun putting together. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. It’s covered, in an abridged manner, various topics from industry news to garage decorating and building tips to auction results – a smorgasbord of interesting nuggets of news not likely seen anywhere else. It’s also given us a small opportunity to build on articles that were presented in the magazine, maybe hone in on one special aspect of a collection that wasn’t discussed in the magazine, which has been a lot of fun for readers who remember seeing the original article and can build on it with the new info. If you would like to begin receiving the newsletter, shoot an email to and let us know the email address you would like to have it delivered to. I’ve written about this before, and here I go again, but we are getting closer and closer to presenting Garage Style Television, which is hugely exciting. Soon, readers will be able to enjoy interviews with collectors about their cars, automobilia, garages, inspirations, and more. This is one of the projects I’ve piled onto myself to complete and, thanks


to a ton of help from some very talented individuals, it’s finally starting to take shape. Where the magazine brings one element of a garage to light, our video work will bring the garage to life – I’m really excited about this project and can’t wait to finally unveil it. In addition to this being out 9th anniversary issue, it’s also the Monterey issue, destined for extensive distribution around the Monterey Peninsula during Car Week in August. It’s just astonishing how quickly a year passes – it seems just a few weeks back we were setting up booth spaces, meeting collectors, attending parties, and having a great time at Monterey. Garage Style Magazine will be hosting the annual Monterey Peninsula Garage Tour and then enjoying the Carmel Mission Classic, the Mecum Auctions, and so much more. I hope we can see you there! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this latest issue of Garage Style. Fireball Lawrence joins us as a columnist, the Cicerone is in place to help guide you through Monterey in August, and we have some amazing garages for you to enjoy. Be sure to solicit our advertisers and tell them you saw them in Garage Style!! Enjoy the summer, spend some time with friends and family in the garage, and thanks for stopping by. - Don

Garage style


Editor-Publisher Don Weberg

Art Director Web Designer – Coordinator Kari McDaniel

Business Development Manager Michele Weberg


Lance Lambert Phil Berg Matt Stone Rodney Kemerer Fireball


Contributors Robin DePry Bob Estrada John Gunnell Dr. Rick Rader Bill Nakasone Ron Lampley Rich Pepe

Specialized Photographer Dale Quinio


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Subscriptions – Address Changes Garage Style Magazine PO Box 92198 Long Beach, CA 90809 888.881.5861

Not responsible for undelivered issues due to late change of address. Not responsible for issues delivered damaged. All rights reserved by Garage Style Magazine, Inc. Garage Style Magazine is Published Quarterly by Weberg Media Group, Inc. 271 W. Imperial Hwy. Suite B La Habra, CA 90631

Printed in the United States Call Us Toll Free 800.708.5051



The Comfort of Cardboard


y wife Jan and I have the pleasure of caring for our twoyear-old grandson three days a week. We’ve enjoyed this through the majority of his life and, as a result, have watched him progress through various stages of growing from a baby to a toddler. We’ve been spit-up upon dozens of times, changed hundreds of diapers, bandaged & kissed several boo-boos and accompanied him on many adventures and discoveries. A recent discovery for him is finding one of the world’s greatest toys; a cardboard box. His special box is just big enough for him to crawl into and close the flaps. There is a small area in our living room where he has pushed his box. The container, now book-ended between the piano and stair-railing, is where we find him occasionally recharging his privacy batteries, or gleefully hiding from grandma and grandpa (Ahma & Bapa). We love it when he’s in his special place because we know he is safe and is taking a breather from the non-stop fullspeed-ahead charge of a two-year-old. Our grandson is probably no different than anyone else’s grandchild or child when it comes to enjoying cardboard comfort and, more likely, he is just like the rest of us, regardless of our ages. We all have some sort of “cardboard box”. As a child I loved to find peace and solitude in small spaces. A box that was big enough to crawl into and close the lid created a Zen state for me. As I grew a bit bigger and stronger the appliance store located two blocks from my home provided an unending source of refrigerator and freezer boxes. It usually required the assistance of a friend to complete the transport, but that was perfect because the box was big enough for as many as four elementary school classmates to hold extracurricular activities within the confines of the corrugated cardboard. The box’s exterior usually displayed the virtues of a new appliance such as the Frigidaire Imperial FrostProof refrigerator with revolving shelves and “Magic Magnetic” doors. Small spaces other than boxes also provided comfort. It is probable that many readers’ basements had great places to hide. Crawlspaces beneath houses provided both solitude and a bit of dirt & danger. Attics were full of hidden treasures to be discovered when parents weren’t nearby. There was a space behind my family’s furnace that provided just enough area to sit and hide while I listened to my mother search the house for her mischievous child. My brother once built a great maze of tunnels out of scrap lumber that our father had scrounged from a demolition site. For a few days that pile of splintered wood, lead-based paint and protruding rusty nails provided a shadowy beehive of hide-a-ways for the neighborhood kids. As we grew older the searching for a small Zen space found


many of us spending alone-time in the garage. I think that every garage, be it a cramped single-car structure, or an expansive multicar Garagemahal protecting dozens of golden chariots, has a special corner to where we gravitate and blend into the immediate surroundings. There is likely a comfortable chair that appears to have seen better days, and the surrounding horizontal surfaces are covered with books, magazines and diecast models of cars once owned and cars that we dream of owning. Above on the wall are a few awards and photos of great cars and many great friends. The size of the garage does not matter, be it tiny or enormous. The comfortable corner is where our day’s time in the garage usually comes to a quite close. A cup of coffee or bottle of beer is leaving a wet ring on the table where it sits next to the latest copy of Garage Style Magazine. Two tired feet are propped up on a coffee table or racing slick & Crager mag wheel with a proud history. We settle back, take a sip and relive life’s past pleasures. At this moment all is right with the world for each of us because we are in our cardboard box. - Lance


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1-800-447-9928 | WWW.XPEL.COM | SUPPORT@XPEL.COM

Garage Style Magazine Summer 2017


Phil Berg’s Dispatches from the Ultimate Garage Tour

Noah’s Ark: One garage saving endangered species


really believe that many of these are going to become extinct,” Mark Thomas says in explaining his fascination with the 200 animal heads mounted on display with 16 special cars in his garage in Pontiac, Michigan. Thomas, a Wisconsin native and former Ford employee-turned-real estate businessman, studies both the animals and cars parked under the gaze of their mounted heads, and explains to visitors that the North American bison and various wild and domesticated African buffalos mounted on the garage’s walls once outnumbered humans in their wild habitats as late as the 19th century. Thomas has never hunted a live animal--his real estate business specialized in property that was occupied by other admirers of Victorian mansions, and many of these properties were owned by widows whose late husbands had been big-game hunters in the first half of the 20th century. The widows, it turns out, never liked the mounted heads when their husbands were alive and were eager to sell them along with their homes to Thomas, who retired from that business in 2000. Like some of the endangered animals on display, “cars will not exist in another 100 years,” he predicts, one reason he likes to collect. Another is history, like that of the Packard in his garage: He bought it from a farmer after spotting it during a geology field trip at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Nearby he met an old mechanic familiar with the car’s first owner, Arthur Swallow, a Milwaukee auto parts supplier and local society member who hung out with Augie Pabst and the Uehlein family of Schlitz beer fame. Swallow’s granddaughter had moved on to her third or fourth husband by the time Thomas got “Grandpa Authur’s” car, and when Thomas contacted her in Florida to get more information on the origin of the car, she immediately arranged a party to celebrate the car’s rebirth, a grand black-tie affair in Milwaukee, where Pabst and friends showed up in their Bugattis and Ferraris.

Thomas wants to collect one example of cars and trucks from each of the 13 carmakers that produced a car in the city of Pontiac, Michigan. He has a 1940 GMC pickup, the successor to those built by Grabowsky Motor Co., where the original GMC name came from. “This is a real prize, the Pontiac, not related to the Pontiac company, which was built from 1906 to 1908,” he explains. “There are only three in the world.” He has two Oaklands, a 1911 and a 1929, and two Olympians: “The company’s motto was ‘Speed, strength and beauty.’ They’re all lies; you can quote me.” - Phil


Garage Style Magazine Summer 2017




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The sign maker Reedyville Goods likely made many of the signs in your collection Text by Don Weberg | Images courtesy of Reedyville Goods


t’s a safe bet that if you have some kind of metal art hanging on your walls, that at least a few of the pieces were produced by Reedyville Goods in Granite Bay, California. For decades, Reedyville has been stamping highly detailed, beautiful signs with exceptionally stringent attention to detail for various online and brick-and-mortar retailers around the world. Their facilities produce signs depicting old advertising from various industries such as food and beverage, tobacco, gas and oil, automotive, clothing, railroad, and much more.  “We serve both wholesale and retail customers, which is unique in sign manufacturing,” said Steve Reedy, owner of Reedyville Goods. “It’s a lot of fun helping people find what they are looking for, and our website is very intuitive and easy to use, but thanks to our new laser cutter, we can now offer customers one-off, customdesigned signs.” And customers can order one or 1,000 depending on their needs and budget. “The laser is a fabulous tool, we make thousands of signs every month, our daily outgoing shipments are really amazing, boxes upon boxes going out every day,” said Steve. “The laser is likely to increase that, because it’s just such a snap to produce signs now.” Customers can now provide Reedyville Goods a design, they feed the information into the computer, and the laser cuts the metal into the shape required. With that, another computer and printer produces the art work, which is hot stamped onto the metal blank cut by the laser and the sign is complete. “With the laser, no die is required, so there are no minimums,” he said. “A blank piece of metal is placed in the machine, the computer receives the dimensions, and the laser cuts the pattern out through the steel. So, if a customer only needs one, we can do

that, or, if they need several thousand, we can accommodate that as well.” Where customers could have a lot of fun with Reedyville is producing specialized, custom signs for their own collection. Imagine having your own custom metal signs for your cars at shows and events. If someone’s collection has a name or a logo, Reedyville can produce a slick sign to adorn the garage. If an artist has some unique advertising art concepts and wants to sell it, Reedyville can turn it into tangible, mass-produced steel to sell. “Imagination is pretty much the limit, it’s not a very costly thing, people can really create some unique items,” said Steve. | 916.652.5584

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automobilia & petrolian a july 23, 2017

2000 NORTH RE A DI NG ROA D | DENVER, PA 175 17 | MORPHYAUC TIONS .C OM | 877-96 8 - 8 8 8 0


features Denny’s cars reflect an interest in red, which works well with the black and white checkered floors. Palo Alto Concours posters are a nice touch.


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Garage Style Magazine Summer 2017

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Tales from the garage

You Know My Name A Garage Visitor Text by Rodney Kemerer


Automotive Books for your Favorite Car Enthusiast

By author, photographer, broadcaster, emcee • Matt Stone

McQueen’s Machines, the Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon The cars, and bikes that Steve McQueen owned, drove, rode, raced, or put into his films. Available at, or

Winning! The Racing Life of Paul Newman History’s Greatest Automotive Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed Co-authored with Preston Lerner Some of these stories are even true! Great fun and mythbusting.

Co-authored with Preston Lerner With Foreword by Mario Andretti America’s other favorite blueeyed racing actor; his cars and car films, or

The Ferrari Phenomenon Co-authored with Luca Dal Monte No boring serial numbers or camshaft specs; just all the stories you’ve never heard and photos you’ve maybe never seen., or, or

Exotic Barnfinds Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Ferraris Exotic cars lost and found, Amazon. com or autobooks-aerobooks. com


McQueen’s Motorcycles — Racing and Riding with the King of Cool.

James Garner’s Motoring Life From Baja to Daytona, the movie Grand Prix, The Rockford Files and more., Amazon. com or autobooks-aerobooks. com

Isky The life story of The Camfather himself, Ed Iskenderian, among the original pioneers of the speed equipment industry more than 70 years ago.,, or

Steve McQueen was as much into bikes as he was into cars. Learn about most of his great machines, racing efforts, and motorcycles in his films.,, or

And Please Visit:

— CUSTOM NEON SIGNS — Officially Licensed Products General Motors Trademarks are used under license to Cornhusker Sign & Mfg. Corp.


Protected under one or more US Patents.


New from Custom Autosound, the USA-740 Radio. The best in audio technology wrapped in a classic look.

• Available in your vehicle's bezel for that original factory look. • 8 Bluetooth music streaming and voice calling from your mobile phone. • Includes 300 watts of peak power with RCA pre-outs for optional amps. • Digital display shows artist, song, album titles and song navigation. • Includes auxiliary inputs for satellite radio, iPhones and portable players. ®

KICKPANEL SPEAKERS • Includes 6-1/2” coaxial (2-way) speakers with 80 watt power handling capacity • Constructed from black ABS plastic and sold with and without speakers.

UNDERCOVER II Upgrade Speaker Enclosures • Designed for under the seat or horizontal cab wall installations. • Includes an 8” woofer and 2 Piezo tweeters in each box. • Measures 11” W x 12.5” D x 3” H

Licensed by Ford and GM.

Renewables Text by Don Weberg | Images by Ron Grammer

A vintage, single-car garage for a vintage house. Or is it?


Join us for a premium, all-inclusive tour featuring cars and camaraderie on some of the best roads in America. Drive Toward a Cure offers a not-for-profit rally driving program combining exotics and classics, premium accommodations, great food, and more, supporting Parkinson’s Disease research and patient care. Driving has never meant more!


Experience the famed Tail of The Dragon and more ~ September 26-29, 2017 Details, donations, and event registration at Next events in the works...

Proceeds benefit:

Fall 2017 ~ Great Southern Adventure, USA July 2018 ~ Alpine Adventure, Austria

Fun House

A lifetime collection includes carnival paraphernalia Text and Images by Don Weberg

Massive carport leads to a museum for rare American sports cars. The 1954 Hudson convertible is flanked by an ultra rare Hudson Italia, one of two in the collection.

Garage Style Magazine Summer 2017



• B I K E S H OW C A S E • O U T D O O R C A R C A P S U L E

ith se. w r ge rcha HG. r a Ch se Pu GSC t e e Fr owCa Code ies Las Sh omo Suppl Pr While

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Style Magazine Summer 2017 37 CarCapsule.comGarageNO CONDENSATION NO MILDEW 219-945-9493

Ecurie Bertelli The Pre-War Aston Shop

Text By Andy Bell | Images Courtesy Ecurie and Andy Bell


fter the Second World War all things pre-war Aston Martin were looked after by Gordon Sutherland at Friary Motors in Windsor. His father, Sir Arthur Sutherland, had effectively bought Aston Martin Motors Ltd. in 1933 and Gordon ran the company through to 1939 when the Aston Martin factory at Feltham in Middlesex was turned over to war work making fire pumps. Ironically, this was the only period in the history of the pre-war company that was profitable. He sold the business to David Brown in 1946 for £20,500 and the history of Aston Martin is well recorded from then on. However, Gordon kept up his interest in the older cars by giving a very personal service to the owners of the cars he helped to build. When Friary Motors did close, he gave the works drawings, the jigs and tooling and all the remaining work’s records to the Aston Martin Owners Club. Much of this archive is now with the Aston Martin Heritage Trust. Friary Motors ceased trading in the early 1960’s, so if you had a pre-war Aston after this time you either went to Bill Ellwell-Smith in Ruislip or Derrick Edwards at Ecurie Oppidans in Hampstead, North London. Derrick owned and raced a 1935 1.5 litre Ulster, an ex. Le Mans and Mille Miglia works car, but he also had a good eye for young men who wanted to go motor racing. So, when in 1976 Nick Mason, the drummer of Pink Floyd, turned up one day with a 1930 International he knew immediately he might be onto a good thing! Indeed he was, and the result was a small business called Morntane Engineering, based in Kentish Town in North London. Your author


started work there, having just left university with an upper second psychology degree, in the summer of 1977. My first job was to clean the floor of the new workshop ready to paint it. Sure enough, Nick was very keen to start racing, so Derrick found and rebuilt three Ulsters for Nick and a 1933 Le Mans for his wife Lindy, all of which were enthusiastically exercised! This is how Nick went from one decrepit International to a very nice collection of cars in a relatively short space of time, which included eight pre-war Astons as well as a ‘D-Type Jaguar, a Bugatti Type 35B, an ERA, a 250 F Maserati and a 250 GTO Ferrari. Many more delectable cars were to be added to Nick’s collection, but it started at Morntane Engineering. After ten years in London, Morntane was bought by a Japanese customer and the next two and a half years were spent somewhat chaotically in Milton Keynes. Sadly, the business collapsed but Derrick found a backer for a new venture to be called Ecurie Bertelli. After a month or two, Ecurie Bertelli bought out the assets of Morntane Engineering and so the business survived more or less intact including all the ‘old junk’ that Derrick had collected over many years at Ecurie Oppidans. Then came the crash of 1990/91, when car prices dropped by 30% in a very short space of time and worse still, Derrick Edwards had a terrible stroke that left him very disabled. Ecurie Bertelli had six mechanics, a big new workshop and no manager. The new owner found himself selling his own cars to fund this and other businesses

Garage Style Magazine Summer 2017


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Being in a Car Creative Flow


’m very fortunate to have been to Pebble Beach many times and in many different capacities. All in a creative position, but never the same thing twice. And as a creative person and car designer, I long for experiences that help me grow or challenge that creative flow on a daily basis. But first, let me define what I mean by creative as this word is thrown around like a hacky sack. A creative position is about fresh challenges. Sure, just about anyone can create what they call art and sell it to anyone gullible enough, but the true creative process begins in thinking and ends in a physical completion. In other words, it begins in an idea. The idea to build a car, restore one to it’s former glory, race one, sell one, cruise one. And although all creative processes, each one has a commonality. Yes, you guessed it. CARS. Not normal cars by any means but cars like the top of the cream in your yogurt. The best ride in the theme park. That shirt you love that you wouldn’t dare throw away even though it has holes in it and your wife would burn it, given half the chance. So back to this little show we call Pebble Beach. Over the years, I’ve gotten to race at Laguna Seca in many different cars, started a MINI Cooper event with 800 MINIs to drive across the country, filmed many shows, hosted several of the Automoto Film Festivals and was even the Grand Poobah for The Little Car Show (that was cool). But most of the time, just hung out and took in the sights from the grass, the town and the beauty that is Monterey. But each time I went, I expected awesome... and realized over time that that was the creative key. In our automotive lives, we have an opportunity more than most. An opportunity to expect to see cool cars wherever we go. On the streets, in a parking lot, collection, Museum, Starbucks or even in our own Garage. That experience of seeing something cool creates an expectation for more and that more puts us in a creative mode to envision our next automotive journey. On my TV Show Fireball Malibu Vlog, I’m blessed to get to drive amazing cars on a daily basis. I get to choose from several different

museums, work with 12 car companies and a host of dealerships to drive something I know the audience will like. Plus, get to live an automotive lifestyle here in Malibu with my Cars & Coffee show Wheels and Waves. It’s a never ending cycle of coolness that only expands as the audience expands. The more I drive, the more people contact me about driving. A creative flow that is a constant upward spiral. But as with most things, you can’t just sit on your hands and hope that stuff will happen, you actually have to start the dynamo. Never been to Pebble Beach and want to go? Make a plan and get your butt up there. Want to build or restore a cool car? Figure out which one and the money will find you. Creative power is all around us and in everything. But you have to start the dynamo first for it to start helping you. You have to decide what you want, and then start taking steps to get there. So being in a Car Creative Flow is probably the most awesome thing a car guy or girl can do. But you can’t be the one that wished they could, you have to be the one that DOES. And when you do, your life will change in ways you can’t possibly imagine. Then come visit me with it in Malibu on the third Sunday of every month. No better place on the planet to see cool cars except maybe Pebble. But downtown Malibu is a shorter drive for me right out of bed. Just sayin.’ - Fireball (Yes, my legal name) FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG

Garage Style Magazine Summer 2017


Monterey Cicerone I


t seems almost perpetual in a way – like a continual circle that never ends. August. Car Week in Monterey. We start counting the days to Car Week as soon as the New Year approaches, sometimes sooner, reserving hotels, plotting out our GSM Garage Tour, and planning the events to attend. This year signifies the 70th anniversary of Ferrari: arguably one of the most honored marques (if not THE most honored marque) of the automotive kingdom. This is also being jointly celebrated with the 60th anniversary of Laguna Seca Raceway – one of the most revered and picturesque motorsports tracks in the world. The Ferrari presence will be in abundance with special events and displays dedicated to Enzo’s Stallions at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Laguna Seca Raceway, and Concorso Italiano. Garage Style Magazine Monterey Peninsula Garage Tour Every year, Car Week is kicked off by the GSM Garage Tour on Monday. GSM works with collectors along the Peninsula to plot and chart a remarkably special day of camaraderie with the Garage Tour. Open to a small number of subscribers, sponsors, advertisers, and friends, the Garage Tour has been considered one of the best events during Car Week by many – extremely high praise indeed. We think it has something to do with the low-key, private, personal nature that is Garage Tour – it’s not open to everyone and it can only accommodate a few people. The locations are secret, but rest assured, if you aren’t attending the Tour, you’ll read about it in the August Post-Monterey Coverage. Automobilia Monterey AM brings together around 50 fantastic vendors, and only original items are offered such as vintage posters, photographs, rally plates, badges & pins, hood ornaments, original art, display items, scale models, literature & books, signed items, postcards, etc. There’s also on-premises pack-and-ship so you can efficiently send your purchases home safely and not worry about lugging them around with you and getting them home, worrying about them in the hotel or car. Make sure to participate in the silent auction that benefits the Monterey Rape Crisis Center. Tuesday & Wednesday, August 15 & 16, 10am to 6pm Embassy Suites Hotel 1441 Canyon del Rey Seaside, CA Admission is $15.00 for one day, or $20.00 for both days Carmel-By-The-Sea-Concours-On-The-Avenue Each year, multiple marques built from 1940 thru 1973 are presented, as well as Porsche and Ferrari thru 1989, along CarmelBy-The-Sea’s famous Ocean Avenue. We love the Concours in the Windows where each participating shop in downtown Carmel decorates in car theme. Some are absolutely phenomenal and we encourage you to take a stroll along Ocean Avenue and adjacent


Garage Tour Hanson garage

streets. Tiffany has hosted an elegant afternoon awards ceremony at the Concours each year and the level of cars is impressive. Tuesday, August 15, 10am to 5pm Ocean Avenue and numerous surrounding blocks Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA Admission is Free Carmel Mission Classic Held at the historic Carmel Mission, this event captures the spirit of Car Week succinctly well. A benefit event that raises money for the Knights of Columbus Charities and the Carmel Mission, this is a show worth attending. On an international level through the KofC, this show has helped build a school, provide clothing and shoes for children, provide for the retirement of priests and nuns, and more.





Houston, TX – April 6-8, 2017 Lot K100 – “Richard Petty Hat” Tailored for Richard “The King” Petty in Garland, Texas, each hat, while signature to his look, is unique unto itself. Very good condition. Hat utilizes many materials to create the unique look. Sold to benefit Curing Kids Cancer charity. Sold: $25,000 Lot S41.2 – “JJ Watt Autographed Football Cleats” Autographed NikeiD Alpha cleats from Houston Texan JJ Watt were given to the late Kirk U’Ren as a gift for his work in developing the Pepsi/Walmart Justin J. Watt Foundation Golf Outing. Kirk and his wife, Jenni, were killed in a car crash in early 2017. They are survived by their 1-year old twin sons. The cleats will benefit the U’Ren’s surviving sons. Sold: $3,000 Lot K86 – “Red Baron Bi-Plane Kiddie Ride” Ride ascends 4- to 5-feet in the air. Appearnace is good. Circa 1980s. Sold: $1,500

Denver, PA – April 22-23, 2017 Lot 990 – “Approved Red Hat Motor Oil Porcelain Face Thermometer” Excellent color and gloss on the face. Body is restored. Very rare. Estimate: $8,000 - $12,000 Sold: $11,070 52

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September 30 – October 1, 2017 Chateau Elan Winery & Resort Media Review, Oct. 2016: “The quality of cars at this all-new event was extraordinarily high in each and every class. The cars that won the top two awards were world-class cars that would be eligible for top awards at any concours in the world.” Saturday “Drivers at the Chateau” • Ride and Drive Experience • Food Pavilion • Merchant Walkway Auto Manufacturer & Trade Exhibitors • Celebrity Presentations • Restoration Corner Entrant Driving Tour to Road Atlanta • Atlanta Concours “Shifting Through Time” Celebration

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Donnie Callaway Restoration Paradise Text by Cindy Meitle | Images by Steve Natale


onnie Callaway lives in the hamlet town of Leona Valley, a scenic, rural area at the North end of Los Angeles, California. It’s here that he also performs world-class restoration work on some of the finest and most significant Ferraris and European Sports Cars in the world. Callaway Company is a one-man shop, operating out of a two-car garage. For Donnie, this is paradise. Being raised in Hawaii is apparent by his relaxed and easy-going demeanor. “The car bug bit me from several different angles. Growing up in Hawaii, my father shared stories of racing Ferraris in the late 50’s with the likes of Phil Hill, whom he remained friends with throughout his lifetime. When I was small, Phil always took time with me and shared stories. My Uncle Arnie Roberts taught me a lot, building many of the Ferrari bodies, like Dave Loves Testarossa, and many others by hand. He fabricated numerous dragsters that Rodder’s Journal still showcases. He taught me paint, alloy body-forming and the Hawaiian way of looking at everything. I had the opportunity to work with many famous mechanics here in Los Angeles, legends like Luciano and Bruno, Salvatore who taught me to synchronize two Webers in a Ferrari 250 LM, and








Turning the garage into an event Text by Rich Pepe | Images courtesy of MetronGarage


im Houge, the owner of MetronGarage has a lifetime of skill sets that he brings together to give every car guy and every GSM reader their ultimate fantasy, the coolest garage around. Drawing on a background in architecture, owning a construction business, and having a keen eye to envision things “outside the box,” think George Jetson and his flying car, Tim has been able to design and build the absolute most visually stunning garages around. From his base in Bowling Green, Kentucky (home of the Corvette, in case you didn’t know) Tim has built his empire around the designing and constructing of car washes. That’s


right, car washes. Over 650 and counting over the last 30 years. And each one gets more and more dramatic. As each one was built Tim said that there was always that moment as it began to take shape and the owner could see the finished product was getting close where it would more than likely lead to the question, “Could you build me a garage that looked like this?” So, one day a few years back he finally relented and said, “YES!” Using 100 percent American made products, he developed a process for pre-fabricating sections using aluminum and tubular steel that are 30 to 40 percent stronger than regular construction products. The pieces are joined using hidden



Out of hand hobby near Chicago


hen a hobby becomes a garage which becomes a warehouse which becomes a spread of warehouses, then a business, and you know the rest. You may or may not have heard of the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois. Trust me, I have no skin in their game, only telling you about it because I found it fun and interesting, and you might also. First of all, that’s Volo, not Volvo. While there, I spoke to one of the Grams family members who built, own and operate this charming place. I’m forgetting her first name, for which I apologize, but I asked her “what the place was all about.” She described it as a “hobby that just got way out of hand.” No matter, if you are heading anywhere near Chicago, you must plan a day to visit. It’s a car collection, collector car dealer, antique mall, museum, and Hollywood car homage all wrapped into one sprawling, semi-rambling compound about an hour away from the Wonderful Windy City. You know how it goes; Mr. Grams buys a cool car, then another, then he and his kids restore one, then buy and sell, and more and more, and all of a sudden, you have barns and outbuildings and warehouses full of cars. There’s a little bit of everything, or maybe more like a lot of everything, here for everyone; Duesenbergs to musclecars (although I don’t recall seeing any Porsches or Ferraris during my visit), and lots of great TV, movie, and celeb cars, some actual screen used pieces, some tributes made up to look like the real thing, but fun no matter. Plus a great collection of outboard boat motors. Some of the museum-craft is a little folksy — don’t expect Petersen Automotive museum or Guggenheim level exhibits here — but it doesn’t matter. It’s charming and the hardware is worth your visit. There’s also a 50s diner on site for a lunchbreak. Admission is cheap, and you can also picnic. The property is available for car shows and car club meets and suited perfectly for that. There’s some military stuff to be seen, and lots of trinkets and goodies to buy. And this is a working collector car dealership too; much of what you’ll see (particularly musclecars) is for sale, most of it pretty nice, with prices that make some sense at least as a starting point. Open most days, closed most holidays.  Hours on the website. I love this place! - Matt Stone Volo Auto Museum 27582 Volo Village Rd, Volo IL 60073

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In the Garage with Cindy Meitle

Darren Dover, Automotive enthusiast

Darren Dover is a lifelong resident of Pekin, Illinois, and spends his days employed as Lead Maintenance Tech for Pekin Insurance, where he has worked for over 21 years. Buying his first vintage gas pump at the age of 18 along with his 1979 Stingray Corvette just two years later, ignited his interest in collecting automobilia. What is your favorite item in the garage space and why? It’s hard to say, because usually there is a story or a memory that I associate with the items in my collection; however, if I had to decide, it would be a toss-up between my neon Chevy Wickham sign or the 1951 GMC truck that I restored. The sign is meaningful due to its rarity and the fact that it originally belonged to a local Chevy dealer that went out of business in the 1960’s. I originally ran across the sign several years ago, when I was rummaging through an abandoned junkyard with some buddies. I asked the owner of the property if I could buy it from him and he said, “Nope, you can have it.” I purposely left the sign untouched because I like the weathered originality of it, but I decided to restore the neon last year at a local neon company. The 1951 GMC is very special to me due to the fact that in the 1970’s, my grandfather also owned a 1951 GMC truck. I purchased the bones of my 1951 a couple of years ago, as a tribute to my grandfather. I decided to restore it as a replica to my grandfather’s truck, which with the help of my brother, Tom Blasdel, and friends Chris Cantrall and Chris Norton, I built around his truck’s original front radiator surround and was also able to use his original hood ornament. I also decided to paint his name using the stencils that he hand-cut himself. What is the strangest item in your garage? I would have to say that the strangest thing in my garage, and my friends will probably agree, is the child-sized mannequin wearing the 1960’s ESSO gasoline Halloween costume. Everyone tends to comment on the creepy expression on the mannequin’s face. What are you doing most of the time you’re in the garage? Some people go to a therapist; I go to my garage. I destress by collecting rare automobilia. Arranging items, hanging new signs, etc. is how I relax and unwind. Did you grow up in the garage? I did.  I would spend a lot of time hanging out in the garage with my dad when I was a kid. He would spend time working on and fixing televisions. He wasn’t into automobilia, because he lived the era where the stuff I enjoy collecting, was commonplace, but I do believe that I learned a lot from him during the time we spent together in his garage.


How does your garage make you feel? I feel happy and content when I’m in my garage. It makes me almost feel like I’m in a time machine, especially now having the 1951 GMC finished and stored in my garage. I enjoy that because I think of it as going back to a time when the world seemed like a much simpler place. As they say, the only difference between men and boys is the size/price of their toys. I originally had the garage built a few years ago, as a place to house my collection, but I also enjoy having the space to be able to hang out with my friends when they stop by or to relax by myself. “The garage to me is therapy, a place to relax and unwind and to look around and smile about how things used to be in a simpler time.

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LET YOUR ROAD ART CONSIGNMENT SHINE! The Star program allows a consignor to purchase a vehicle auction position for an investment-grade Road Art item. The item then follows through the staging area with the vehicles and crosses the auction block in succession. The entry fee for the Road Art Star is the same as a car entry. In Kissimmee, several Road Art consignors chose to purchase premium catalog positions and the items were placed in the catalog along with the vehicles. This proved to be a successful strategy—an original, double-sided Pontiac dealership sign (Lot T166.1) sold Thursday for $24,500, and a Mobil double-sided, rotating Pegasus (Lot S158.1) sold on Saturday for $40,000. Please contact Mecum Auctions today for more information about how to consign a Road Art Star entry.

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Issue 37  

In addition to this being our 9th anniversary issue, it’s also the Monterey issue, destined for extensive distribution around the Monterey P...

Issue 37  

In addition to this being our 9th anniversary issue, it’s also the Monterey issue, destined for extensive distribution around the Monterey P...