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Jameson Motorcycle Museum is welcoming, enjoyable to all.


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Illuminating Ideas


ecently in our free, digital newsletter I discussed swap meets and their seemingly rocky landscape, how some have defined themselves very well and others (the majority) have lost their way. I was amazed how many people responded to that newsletter with their own stories of swap meets that have ceased for lacking attendance of both vendors and spectators, or swap meets that were once fabulously dedicated to automotive interests that have succumbed to vendors selling blenders and housewares amid the car stuff, to swap meets that are so expensive that only big companies can afford vendor space. What happened to the good old days of vendor spaces costing a few bucks and free spectator entry? Many feel, and not incorrectly, that the phenomenon of online auctions and sales platforms have made it so simple to buy and sell that the concept of traipsing around a hall or lot all day simply loses its luster. Especially considering the online platform opens buying and selling opportunities to people around the world. That’s hard to compete with. But it doesn’t open the doors very well for meeting people and making connections. How many times have you met people at swap meets that were simply astonishing? They may have had products unseen for decades or were a wealth of knowledge that put Britannica or Wiki to shame. Online doesn’t allow for a lot of story sharing. That’s what’s missing in the digital, online platform – the human connection. Yet, isn’t it ironic that this discussion was first positioned through a digital, online newsletter and received a number of responses? The world is a strange place. But a place that needs more real swap meets. On another topic, I got to thinking about garage lighting the other day and our general obsession with the standard issue fluorescent light set up. Nothing wrong with them, they’ve been doing the job for years, and doing it well. But I’ve always been a fan of indirect lighting and wondered if it might be a good fit in the garage. While traditional indirect lighting seems to always call for a false ceiling upon which lights are placed to reflect off the ceiling above, why couldn’t we place lights similarly atop our cabinets and other high-reaching pieces of furniture? I wonder if it would work. Of course, it wouldn’t be good for working under, but would work well creating a moodier feel, lending an air of gallery chic to the garage. In the days of LED strips with adhesive backing and micro lighting stations, it should be kind of simple to set up. Just a thought, ways to stylize the garage lighting. Recently too, on Facebook, a community I belong to brought up the discussion about how difficult it can be to get cell and Internet reception into the garage. The moderator and I kicked around a couple of ideas, and of course, some of the people on the forum had ideas too. Made me realize, this is a serious problem for a lot of people. As such, I’ve put some feelers out there with some technically minded people and some telecommunications companies to discuss the matter and create some solutions. Stay tuned. Enjoy the annual Holiday Guide – I can’t believe it’s already that time of year! - Don Weberg


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Lance Lambert’s


Lambert Flying Circus “L

ambert Field, this is Curtis niner alpha papa four one niner, 10 miles north at four thousand five hundred, with weather, landing.” The airspace in my garage is beginning to look like LAX on a holiday weekend, a 1950s movie featuring battling biplanes piercing the air with machinegun bullets, or sleek cylinders screaming close to the ground at the Reno Air Races. A recent purchase has brought the Lambert Flying Circus squadron up to a total of 37 aircraft. The oldest is a model my uncle, Douglas Mann, built in 1935. It is a replica of a 1931 Great Lakes 2T-1 Sport Trainer. The most recent purchase is a radio controlled “miniature” of a 1990s era Russian YAK 54 sport aircraft. The 54” wingspan makes it the most formidable flyer patrolling the skies over the vintage vehicles parked below. It seems to be common that automobile lovers are also aircraft lovers. It appears that every year there are hundreds of “Wings & Wheels” themed shows in various locations around the world. I am an avid Studebaker fan and, for whatever reason, Studebaker owners, at least in the Northwest corner of the country, are frequently asked to display their cars at air shows. Most car shows seem too long to me, but not when they are held in conjunction with an air show. Anyone suffering from a short attention span will likely be kept at full alert when both Studebakers and Stearmans are parked nearby. A few years ago a show at Paine Field in Everett, WA, featured a North American F-86 Sabre jet racing a jet-powered dragster down the runway. The F-86 came in low, the dragster went full throttle and the two raced down the tarmac with the fighter approximately 75 feet above the four-wheeled fighter below. The Sabre jet won the race, but the real winners were the show’s attendees. Not many people are lucky enough to experience this level of Top Gun meets Bullitt entertainment. A favorite activity at Lambert Field (my garage) is to sit on one of the recycled theater seats, uncap a bottled libation, prop my feet on a nearby bumper and scan the skies for any aircraft activity. In one corner two WWI British biplanes are engaged in a dogfight with a WWII US Curtis P-40 fighter. Hopefully they were just practicing since they shared the same enemy in both wars. Above the workbench two blimps are trying to convince me that their competing company’s tires are the best that money can buy. Nearby another blimp is encouraging me to purchase gasoline from, “A Man Who Wears a Texaco Star.”


Radio controlled 1990s era Russian YAK 54

Uncle Doug’s biplane

Uncle Doug’s biplane, built 83 years ago, is doing its best just to stay airborne and not suddenly turn into scraps of resin covered tissue paper and balsawood splinters. The Yak 54 is banking into a turn and preparing to buzz me the next time I begin flipping the flippers on the pinball machine located below. A few feet away a seaplane looks majestic as it flies across the garage every time one of the garage doors is opened. A B-17 Flying Fortress sits majestically upon a television set waiting for clearance from the air traffic controller in the tower so it can head into the horizon on the way to wrecking havoc upon enemy fuel dumps. The view of the various aircraft is enthralling and is excellent fodder for the imagination. The main purpose of the garage is to protect our cars. In addition, the garage is a place to enjoy all aspects of the car hobby, including maintaining the cars, and displaying and admiring the various types of automobile advertising and the products needed to keep the cars operating properly. It’s even better when you include being able to look up and see all of the exciting aircraft activity. The Lambert Flying Circus squadron splitting the air in the garage may only be models, but they are real enough to allow my imagination and fantasies to take flight. - Lance Lambert

You invest in ne automobiles. Where they’re kept should be no exception.

Aluminum Cabinets Systems | 888-343-4463 Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018


Phil Berg’s Dispatches from the Ultimate Garage Tour

Eight is Enough I

’ve asked a lot of car guys – more than 100 – when they remember first being attracted to cars. If they understand the question, they have answered immediately, “I remember when I was eight...”. Not nine, not seven. Psychologists have noticed that boys tend to imprint fast and permanently during development as children. Likely it’s a survival thing, like being able to notice a snake in the grass, a fastball pitch too close, or the whites of the eyes of unrelated tribesmen. But there’s a feeling that sharpens perception, slows the passage of time, and excites a ton of adrenaline production that if not acted upon is probably toxic. Several garage people I visited have demonstrated clearly by building garages that express this need to act. They have recreated the moments in their past where they had this feeling of connecting to cars in a fundamentally existential way. Garage guys can recall the exact moment when they were eight years old, saw a car, and it changed them forever. For Art Goldstrom, who was two years old when the Big Boy chain of restaurants began, it hit home in his high school in rural Nevada that he was a car nut, and he remembers fellow car nuts gathering at Big Boy parking lots, fascinated and drawn to cars as he was. As a tribute, he built in his large collection of garages not far west of The Strip in Las Vegas with a nod to Big Boy. Expert Mustang restorer who bought his first car at age 14, Del Proudfit built an eight-car garage attached to his house for his collection of Mustangs (at one time he owned 17 early examples including Shelbys and a K-series fastback) 1979, after he retired from a dealership bodyshop and for six years ran the autobody classes at nearby Clark College in western Washington. In 1979 he turned his attention to a passionate group of local collectors and preservationists, restoring their cars full-time. By 1991, however, he built a 20-car garage in his backyard, with two rooms dedicated to his early auto imprinted memories of a dealership parts counter. I lot of my current car-nut buddies got to act out their early impressions of cars this way, who as youngsters accompanied their fathers to parts counters to fix their families’ cars. Later their early jobs out of school were working at parts counters during the week, and restoring and modifying their own cars on the weekends. But Big Boy restaurants and parts counters are to me rare examples of the creations of imprinted car guys. The restoration of antique gas stations and their equipment has created the amazing so-called “petroliana” antique industry. Even though discarded gas pumps and Coke machines are getting so scarce that finished versions can cost five figures, you see hundreds of these restored antiques done by folks who have strong


We imprint with the car bug at about the age of eight. We stay there throughout our lives.

memories of their surroundings when they were bitten by the car bug as a child. Everywhere from Hershey, Pennsylvania’s famous swap meet and the enormous annual extravaganza in Iola, Wisconsin, to the Scottsdale car week in Arizona. Such a thing happened to former Chicago area gas station owner and former oil company promotion salesman Ed Jacobsen, who retired and opened a free museum in Three Lakes, Wisconsin, where he created a place to show off the history of gasoline stations as the cruising hub of car history. After Jacobsen expressed his interest to take all the petrobilia he had collected throughout his career, his wife told him: “Why don’t you just buy a play pen and go play. Get this stuff out of the house for a change.” Like I said, we’re all eight years old at heart. - Phil Berg


OCTOBER 8, 2018

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McPherson College Named Great Colleges to Work for For the fourth year in a row, McPherson College has been named by The Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the “Great Colleges to Work For” and was added for the third year in a row to the Honor Roll. The Honor Roll is an exclusive group of institutions that standout within their enrollment sizes. McPherson was the only college in Kansas to make the Honor Roll; in fact, it was the only Kansas college included in the report. “All of us work very hard to make McPherson College a great college, and it’s exciting to be recognized again this year by one of the country’s leaders in higher education,” said Michael Schneider, McPherson College president. Schneider credits programs like the Horizon Faculty Fellow, which encourages an entrepreneurial faculty, the college’s health insurance plan that has not had a premium increase for

several years, and annual pay raises as reasons why people like working for McPherson College. This year, McPherson College was one of only five institutions nationwide to earn top honors in 11 or more of the report’s 12 categories. The Chronicle of Higher Education surveyed 253 two-year and fouryear institutions nationwide, from which only 84 were selected for the Great Colleges to Work For list, and only 10 made the Honor Roll in the small-college category.

Automotive Engine 3D Printers to Print Oil Market Expects Entire Buildings Growth through 2024 A report by Research Nester, “Automotive Engine Oil Market: Global Demand Analysis & Opportunity Outlook 2024,” shows that the Global Automotive Engine Oil Market is expected to flourish at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.32% over the 2017-2024 period. This can be attributed to increased usage and demand for automobiles, burgeoning middle class and rapid pace of urbanization. The report also provides the existing competitive scenario of some of the key players of the automotive engine oil market which includes company profiling of Total S.A, Arabol Lubricants, LUKOIL Oil Company, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Castrol Limited, Chevron Corporation, Amsoil Inc., Statoil and Sinopec Lubricant Company. The automotive engine oil market is segmented into technology, additives and base oil. The base oil is further segmented into synthetic and mineral type where synthetic oil is expected to dominate the automotive engine oil market which can be attributed to its capability to enhance the driving experience and engine stability among automobiles. Further, the automotive engine oil performs various other functions such as reducing engine noise, reducing friction and dissipation of heat from the engine. These factors are envisioned to strengthen the growth of automotive engine oil market. 14

MIT researchers are expanding the list of items 3D printers can produce with a new 3D printing system that can print the basic structure of an entire building. Researchers say the new system will produce buildings in less time and with fewer costs, and buildings can be customized to site demands or client requests. Even the internal structure can be modified with different materials, allowing for density variations for strength and insulation among other properties that could be addressed. Most excitingly, the researchers say this new technology could enable the design and construction of new kinds of buildings that would not be feasible with traditional building methods.

Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018


Route 32 Auctions Schedule Settling in Expanding into the auction industry from the restoration industry isn’t exactly new, but it’s exciting when a company does make the leap. Having hosted their first sale in June, Route 32 Auctions is planning on sales for September 21 and November 24. Their inaugural sale was very successful with nearly 400 very interesting lots of rare original pieces. Their exceptionally high sell through rate indicates excellent interest and a strong potential for larger sales in the future with higher hammer prices. Route 32 Auctions opened up all the avenues for bidders to take advantage of the sale, from on-site bidding, telephone bidding, internet bidding, and even absentee bidding, they made the process of placing bids very easy.

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Long succession of bikes seems infinite.


Bikes from all over the world, including the U.K.


The Jameson Motorcycle Museum

A lot of passion from a little of this and a little of that


Text and Images by Don Weberg

acific Grove, California is one of those mystical places that time blessedly forgot. A small town along the Monterey Peninsula, it’s packed full of historical houses and buildings from the turn of the last century; it’s a place where the return of visiting butterflies is celebrated; it’s a place where it seems most everyone knows most everyone; it looks like a rendering of small town USA. And it has a motorcycle museum with what seems to be an example of just about every genre of motorcycle. “Motorcycles have always been interesting to me,” said Neil Jameson, founder of the museum. “I enjoy sharing them and helping people learn more about them, so the museum is a great way to do that.” Located on Forest Street smack in the middle of downtown Pacific Grove right across from city hall, the museum is in what would otherwise likely be a retail store. The floors are real maple contrasting a bit from the galvanized steel lining the walls and the standard-issue overhead white ceilings with glorious skylights and track lighting, all-in-all lending a museum-like feel. The walls are lightly decorated with posters and pictures from various motorcycle interests and there is a

small collection of interesting historical items. Two aisles allow passage, with bikes lining both walls and a center section – it’s not a big place, but don’t think you can see it all in one pass. The bikes are lined up relatively tightly, so it takes a little time to absorb the whole thing. “We’ve been fortunate to have a lot of support from the community,” said Neil. “Motorcycles are donated and loaned for display, so there is a lot of turnover, allowing us to show something new very often.” Some of the bikes are one-of-ones, some are over 100 years old, some have broken land speed records, some have broken sales records, and some are just flat out cool. Front and center is a retired Pacific Grove police motorcycle, replete with a radar gun, red lights amd siren from its days on active duty. “The police bike is a fun display, it gets a lot of attention, people are interested in service vehicles,” he said. One unique thing about the museum is all the styles of motorcycles on display. From the earliest of the early to modern rides, observing the shifts in design trends is fun. It’s almost easy to see the evolution of the motorcycle right before your eyes.

Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018


Rodney kemerer’s Tales from the Garage


Two Car Bliss

Stretching a two-car garage to act like a warehouse Text by Don Weberg | Images by Larry Woodbury


e’ve all been there – no matter how big our space is, we always seem to want more. Its largely for this reason that the standard two-car garage is a challenge, because while most are built to accommodate the cars, with cars it’s difficult to accommodate stuff; but store the stuff, and space is lost for the cars. But, with some proper planning and sketching out, a two-car garage can indeed serve all interests well. Case in point, Larry’s place in the Pacific Northwest. Home to a couple of kissing cousin pony cars, the legendary


With limited space, organization becomes paramount.

Ford Mustang and the cultish Mercury Cougar, Larry’s garage is testament to being able to serve two masters, the home and the car guy. Long a fan of both Mustangs and Cougars, he’s seemingly a touch biased toward the cat over the pony, but he’s got nothing bad to say about either. “Cougars have always caught my attention,” said Larry. “They’re more refined than a Mustang with a longer wheelbase, upgraded styling elements and a more sophisticated interior. I love Mustangs too, but there is just something about a Cougar.”

Underfoot Dealership allure was the clublike feel


Text by Don Weberg | Images by Dale Ouinio


idden under a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada was one of the most unique automobile dealerships around, Celebrity Cars Las Vegas. Awash with fantastic flooring, mini lounges, gleaming chandeliers and a host of great cars, Celebrity Cars most interesting feature was indeed it’s underground location. It was absolutely Vegas. Stepping down the white marble stairs lined with images of cars in the desert and leather padded walls, guests enter the showroom flanked with fabulous automobiles and motorcycles ranging from Auburn to modern Bentley, from Z/28 to Z8 and everything in between. Mini lounges provided a place to chill and relax, lighting was direct or chandelier, depending on where you were standing, and all things considered, the dealership lent the feel of a truly exclusive, private club more than a place to buy or sell a car. Celebrity Cars has since relocated to a much larger facility, capable of hosting events including their every Saturday morning cruise in. They still handle some of the most interesting cars on the planet – one of the hot ones at the moment is the BMW 750iL in which famous actor and rap star, Tupac, was murdered by multiple shots from a .40 caliber gun. Morbid, but the car has been completely refurbished and looks better than new from the pictures. The original facility, pictured on these pages, is no more – but the inspiration remains through photographs. It’s amazing what you can do underground. | GSM

Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018


Garages in history

The museum offers a wide array of interesting cars from police cruisers to massive Packards.

Typical Austrian shed where P1 might have been stored

photo credit:

Rick Rader

Recent find sheds light on Stuttgart legend


Text By Rick Rader | Images as Credited

his series Garages in History has focused on the “garage” and the various “milestones” that has been attributed to them. The truth however is that not all the “goodies” have been found in traditional “garages.” We have reported on incredible findings in warehouses, sheds, basements, barns, attics, abandoned mines and even brick sealed up walls. The reality is we don’t have clear stories behind every find. While the typical stories range from “it was hidden during the war so it wouldn’t be scrapped or confiscated,” to “it was stored for the eventual day that he would restore it,” to “he parked it in the basement and discovered golf.” Cars were parked, stored and or abandoned in a variety of settings for a variety of reasons. And while our detective work does not always prove fruitful the speculation is always fanciful.



The Working Side

Visiting the Driving Museum’s Garage Text and Images by Don Weberg


he Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California is one of those museums that’s run by real car guys. The museum welcomes all walks of life and encourages children to visit, which to us here at Garage Style Magazine is huge. How else can we inspire the next generation of caretakers if we don’t engage with them early on and make them feel welcome? Aside from the great displays the museum offers though, there is another side to the ADM, the working side. An old Quonset hut from the days of the second world war, this steel, brick, and concrete structure is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Stepping inside is like a trip back in time, when professional mechanics spent their working lives in structures like this one, dimly lit and a little scary. Except to car enthusiasts. No lab coats here, no squeaky-clean floors, just a good old school working garage. Two lifts allow access to the underside, while a series of benches and desks allow for more intimate work. A set of books provides ideas of how these old cars come apart and go back together. Here, cars are revived and brought back to life, spiffed up, and readied for the museum floor, events, and photoshoots. Recently a Baker electric car was brought back to life here, just in time for their event dedicated to electric cars from the original days to Tesla. Well worth a visit, it reminds us that a perfect garage doesn’t have to be perfect. | GSM

Left, Baker electric car is readied for a show; Above, It’s like a movie set in here.

Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018


Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018



New from Custom Autosound, the USA-740 Radio. The best in audio technology wrapped in a classic look.

• Available in your vehicle's bezel for that original factory look. • 8 Bluetooth music streaming and voice calling from your mobile phone. • Includes 300 watts of peak power with RCA pre-outs for optional amps. • Digital display shows artist, song, album titles and song navigation. • Includes auxiliary inputs for satellite radio, iPhones and portable players. ®

KICKPANEL SPEAKERS • Includes 6-1/2” coaxial (2-way) speakers with 80 watt power handling capacity • Constructed from black ABS plastic and sold with and without speakers.

UNDERCOVER II Upgrade Speaker Enclosures • Designed for under the seat or horizontal cab wall installations. • Includes an 8” woofer and 2 Piezo tweeters in each box. • Measures 11” W x 12.5” D x 3” H

Licensed by Ford and GM.

“Collecting cars has been fun, I love them, we both do, and we gravitate toward cars that are largely unknown, rarely seen ...”


hen you have the space, it’s sometimes best to share it with others. Such is the case of Michael and Donna of Pennsylvania, whose warehouse reflects an urban chic often the pet style of Hollywood set directors. A barren but clean concrete floor, simple white walls and a high ceiling of aluminum creates the basic box. But they have taken time to install specialized lights and artistic hangings and create seating areas like mini lounges where a few people can congregate and enjoy one another’s company during get togethers. In fact, as it is, this garage reflects a definite restaurant/lounge/banquet hall feel with the cars as the obvious conversational pieces, the center of attention, the art of the museum, so to speak. Located in a heavily industrialized area, the warehouse looks like any of the factories around it from the outside – fenced in front parking area, lots of concrete and blocks, light colors everywhere, a little bit of foliage reminding that there is life on this planet. But overall, locating the warehouse is difficult at best, as it simply hides in plain sight. “Collecting cars has been fun, I love them, we both do, and we gravitate toward cars that are largely unknown, rarely seen,” said Michael. “We love sharing the space with clubs and friends. It’s set up very nicely to accommodate people easily. But it’s nice to know when we’re not here, the place is nondescript, people never give it a second thought.” Indeed, with a full bar and capabilities to facilitate caterers all day long, the garage is ready and able to accommodate people. Michael and Donna have invested in the tables and chairs, the settings, the scenery, and everything needed to host a first-class event.

Above, Vintage trailer and Imperial are great backdrops for any banquet.

Triumph chassis is fabulous decor.

Notice lights projecting from the floor. Use of lighting and furniture creates an inviting space.


Star State Sinclair Station

Blending old and new to make fantastic Text and Images by Don Weberg


omewhere in the wilds of Texas is a Sinclair gas station from the earlier part of the last century. The brick structure and overall design easily indicate the age of the building, but the restored nature and brick and wrought iron fence surrounding the property, tastefully complimenting the building while also securing it, nod to a sensitive and caring owner. Sensitive indeed, the owner has restored the station to a glorious state and enjoys sharing it with friends and family, and using it for business purposes including nonprofit work. 44

While the exterior is a very close adaptation to what might have been way back when, the interior brings a few more modern amenities to the scene while exemplifying oldworld dÊcor and charm. Enter through the front door and a beautiful white counter complete with stools greets you. It looks as though you’ve entered not so much a gas station office, but an old soda fountain, complete with popcorn and candies and ice cream for the taking. The brick walls anchor the scene well, while behind the counter a massive mirror with wooden surrounds with shelves and cabinets built in

Petersen Automotive Museum


Legends of the Vault Reimagined as New and Much Expanded “World Tour” Vault Words and photos by Matt Stone


hat may have already been the world’s coolest garage at the famous Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, has been expanded, polished up and reinvented as a standalone exhibit space. As part of a 10-year partnership with Hagerty (collector car insurance), the newly expanded and renovated Vault World Tour – housing some of the world’s most compelling sports cars, Hollywood movie and TV cars, racecars, motorcycles and classics of all stripe on public display - will allow visitors to experience the panoply of global car culture. The previous “Vault” space was always of great interest, if a bit dingy and not organized in any particular fashion. In the earliest years of the museum, this space, primarily for storage of permanent collection-owned vehicles not currently on display, wasn’t open to museum visitors; in order to see it you had to know somebody on the staff or Board. When the Petersen was comprehensively remodeled in 2014-15, a tour of the original vault was added to the admissions menu. Even then, it wasn’t all encompassing, and only covered a portion of the vast underground garage. Now with the support of Hagerty, the space has been spruced up and greatly expanded, but don’t worry, there’re no velvet ropes, stanchions, or 3D media – it’s still a garage, and after all, the magazine you hold in your hands has “garage” in its title. The remodel is more of a substantive detailing, including fresh paint, cleaned floors and tuned up lighting. You can get up close and personal with the cars – still no touching, but you’re so close you can smell them. The revamped excursion through the museum’s underground treasury will offer guests a chance to choose the length of their experience, with longer tours representing a longer educational opportunity and a more exclusive view of the rarest vehicles from around the world, which now includes more than 250 vehicles displayed in 63,000 square feet of display space. It now features three new docent-led tour experiences: 75-minute tour, 120-minute tour, and Tour of the Legends “As the world’s preeminent automotive museum, we constantly strive to educate our guests about automotive history, technology and design and how it has impacted both local and global culture,” said Petersen Automotive Museum Executive Director Terry L. Karges.

Nicholson Mercedes

Red corner

“Car fans are going to be blown away by the new vault tour,” said McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty. “Cars this special should be seen by everybody.” Since its reopening in 2015, the Petersen has housed more than 120 years of automotive history in the vault, representing the only museum of its kind to offer a “behind the scenes” look of this size. | GSM Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018





Crawfordsville, IN - June 9, 2018

ecently, Route 32 Restorations branched out into Route 32 Auctions, selling signage, automobilia, petroliana, and all the other things we love at their first sale on June 9. With a long history in restoring various automotive-related pieces, the experience behind the crew at Route 32 is fascinating, and while they have always been a great asset to the hobby we all love, having them orchestrate exclusive sales will likely prove an exciting facet for us all. Here is some information from the sale. Lot 145 “Husky Figural Topped Porcelain Sign” DSP, marked Texlite, Inc. The sign has good color and gloss. It consists of eight porcelain panels in total, three upper and one lower on each side. The sign appears to have never been taken apart and retains its original porcelain frame. It shows a couple small chips in the fields of both sides as well as some chipping along the perimeter edge, mainly at the top of the diecut Husky. Overall this rare sign displays very well. Measures 56 ¾” x 72 ¼” Sold: $14,000

Lot 191 – “Americo Grease 50 Lb Can” The can has above average color and gloss. It shows areas of light scratching, rub marks, slight discoloration, minor paint loss, and porous paint throughout. There are also a few various sized dents throughout. Overall the can displays well and is empty. Measures 13 ¼” x 12 5/8” Sold: $50.00 52

Lot 184C – “Red Hat Royal 400 Gasoline Porcelain Sign” DSP, marked Veribrite Signs Chicago. The sign has average color and gloss. It shows areas of discoloration, scratching, crazing, and various sized chips throughout the fields of both sides as well as along the perimeter. Overall this rare sign displays fair. Measures 47 ¾” Sold: $9,000

Lot 390 – “Mercedes Benz Chrome Grille” The grille shows areas of light scratching, rub marks, pitting, and small dents throughout. It shows six different badges mounted in the center. Overall the grille displays well. Measures 29 ¼” x 20 ¾” Sold: $50.00

Lot 150A – “Texaco Ethyl OPE Globe Red” The globe has above average color. It shows areas of slight discoloration, light scratching, and a couple spots of very minor paint loss in the fields of both sides. The body is a screw base and it shows a few small chips and flea bites on the inner lip of the flange. Collectively the globe displays very well. Measures 17 ¾” x 16 ½” Sold: $6,000

Lot 128A – “Chevrolet Vertical Porcelain Neon Dealership Sign” Original 1950s double-sided porcelain neon dealership sign with average color and gloss. This sign came from “City Chevrolet” in Chicago’s downtown “Motor Row.” This all original, unrestored sign shows no touch-ups or repairs to the porcelain.  It does shows areas of discoloration, scratching, various sized chips, and etching in the blue in the fields of both sides as well as along the perimeter. It was manufactured and maintained by the White Way Sign Company in Chicago. Overall the sign displays well and is a great piece of Chicago history. The sign would likely clean up some with a good cleaning. Measures 23’ 5”x 34” Sold: $5,200 Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018





Phil Hill Text and Image By Rick Rucker


was born in 1947, in Wisconsin. I came by my love of car racing genetically, my father used to race flat track motorcycles, and he loved all forms of motor racing. From our home it was possible to spectate at sports car races at Watkins Glen and Elkhart Lake fairly easily. He and some of his like-minded friends would go and make a weekend of it. In 1953, Dad decided to move back to Southern California, which he had left when he enlisted during World War Two. Into our Jaguar Mark Four, we piled our family and belongings. The timing couldn’t have been better for a car nut. Southern California at that time was the Mecca of all things automotive. It seemed that there was a sports car race nearly every weekend. He volunteered as a corner worker, and often took me along. He would display flags, haul racers out of their wrecked cars, or clean up the debris left as the result of an accident. While he was doing this, I was left alone in the crowd. All that changed as soon as the races were over. He would pick me up, then we would go into the pits, and I got to be amongst The Gods! To me, they were nothing less. Names like Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Ken Miles, Carroll Shelby, Pete Lovely, Roger Barlow, and the list goes on. While they drank beer and told stories, I was in Heaven. Times change, and I got away from going to sports car races in favor of racing Grand Prix motorcycles as a privateer. My marriage ended that, but I still thought of my early heroes as otherworldly. I found out about the groups that honored the old racers, and began attending them. One such event was at The Petersen Automotive Museum, in L.A. I saw Phil Hill there, at a table not too far from me. I went over to him, and asked if I could take his picture. He was walking with a cane, and it took a lot of effort for him to stand, but he did, and I shot the picture. The reason I wanted to have his portrait was to draw his likeness for my collection of portraits of my heroes. The next year at The Petersen, he was there again, and so was I. I asked if he would autograph my drawing, and he did, in spite of his advanced Parkinson’s disease, which made writing challenging. I didn’t think much more about it until Tim Considine, the noted author and photographer called concerning my drawings of Phil Hill. He wanted to use my portraits of Phil in an audio/visual presentation for Phil Hill’s eightieth birthday party at Jay Leno’s garage. Tim chose those that he wanted to use. This drawing is the one that opened to presentation, and I am grateful to have been able to help honor Phil Hill, one of my lifelong heroes. I hope you enjoy it.

Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018






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Holiday Guide

Detailing a car can be therapeutic, especially with great tools. supplies thousands of products to hobbyists and the professionals, one of which is the Flex XC 3401 Orbital Polisher. A dualaction polisher on steroids, it has an extra-long, weather-resistant power cord that resists marring or scratching the surface of the vehicle. The XC 3104 has proven highly effective at removing swirls, scratches, and oxidation that other dual action polishers often fail against. | 800-869-3011

Car Art is fabulous, it seems all car enthusiasts love to have a few pieces hanging around to liven up an environment. But Car Art Inc can help you find an artst to produce a custom commission, a personalized piece of artwork with your own car in the portrait. Any size is available, from a watch face to a wall mural from a variety of artists. Likely the ultimate personal gift. | 949-443-0500

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Reedyville Goods

Reedyville has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to upping the ante on sign design and production technology. One of their latest is the Laser Cut 3D Wall Art Metal Signs. This sign features a background powder coated in red while the hot rod is set ½-inch off the background to lend a 3D effect. Made in the USA, this sign is made-toorder and needs about a week to ship, so plan accordingly for a Holiday arrival. Measuring 12.5”x21” and made of 22g steel, other designs are available. Reedyville makes their own signs and is always open to discuss private label orders. | 916-652-5584

Custom Autosound

Buying a car stereo for anyone can be tricky business, but when it comes to car enthusiasts it can be exceedingly tricky. But, the Secretaudio Radio makes things a little easier. Known as Secret Sound Technology (SST) the AM/FM stereo offers 200 Watts of power with a CD controller, USB MP3/ WMA Flash Drive, iPod control, and Satellite radio control. Featuring a remote control, this system is perfect for people looking to maintain an original or uncluttered look. Can be paired with hidden speakers as well. | 714-773-1423

Klassiche Cockpits, Classic Car Dashboards – Passion Behind the Wheel

Michael Kleibenstein and Steve Natale have teamed up to produce a magnificent book filled with images of outstanding dashboards from cars gone by. Inspiring, “Klassiche Cockpits Classic Car Dashboards” is printed on high-quality paper with images that pop right off the page, bringing the reader into the car. If you like cars, you’ll adore this book depicting the art, engineering, style, and history of dashboards. If only the dashboards could talk, well, now, thanks to Kleibenstein and Natale, they kind of can. Available at Amazon or Autobooks-Aerobooks.


Everyone loves a pub table, but there is something spectacular about a racing-inspired pub table, exactly what can be found at Available in red or black tempered glass, the glass is sonic welded to the base connection, a billet aluminum shift knob allows height adjustment, and more. Perfect for the car enthusiast’s den, office, bar, or garage it also provides a flat surface upon which to put all of carthemed gifts during the holidays! | 800-708-5051


AMSOIL is better known for high-quality lubricants, but they also offer a nice number of useful tools. One is their work light. Offering a 36 LED work light and a .5-watt flashlight on top, it can hang using either the magnetic back or builtin pivoting hook. The built-in stand provides seven position points so it can also stand on a surface. Ideal for all kinds of situations, the light comes with batteries. Perfect for the toolbox, glovebox, pantry, bedroom and so on. | 800-956-5695

Fireball Tim’s Mustang Coloring Book

Our very own Fireball Tim is a hugely talented soul with more irons on the fire than the fire can hold. One of his projects is creating coloring books for kids and the young at heart – this one is 20 pages of Mustangs. From the original 1964 Pony Car to modern-day Muscle Mustangs to Movie Mustangs to Fireball’s own outrageously styled Mustangs, evryone who even likes cars will love this book. Available through Amazon or The Automobile Driving Museum.

Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018



Well known for their high-quality garage and commercial snap-together modular flooring tiles, Swistrax also offers a fine array of options for the home. Artificial turf, wood-look, and picture graphics are all part of the package. Even carpet. Imagine installing a wooden floor in the entryway in just a moment, or artificial grass along the side of the house or boldly inside the house somewhere – the sky is the limit. With graphic tiles, a floor can be turned into a colorful field of flowers or water. This could be a gift for nearly anyone who is a home enthusiasts, someone who simply enjoys enhancing their home. | 866-748-7940


Everyone needs extra space in the garage and one way to get it is to utilze the walls more efficiently. Moduline Cabinets offers a great solution with their aluminum folding tables. Very strong and lightweight, they come assembled, ready to mount nd use. They can also be mounted in trailer. The tabletop is made of premium high-alloy and hat bracing provides maximum strength and rigidity. The heavy-duty legs open and lock into position ensuring they won’t likely fold under pressure. | 888-343-4463


Finding a tie with individuality, professionalism, and quality isn’t impossible, but it’s not exactly simple. Primestitch offers fantastic ties with all of the above, including ‘Burning Rubber’ in red or black. They also have ‘Hot Rod’ and ‘Surgeon General’s Warning’ among others that will spice up any outfit requiring a tie. | 205-371-9178

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Drive Toward a Cure Days From Coast to Coast!

A special thanks to the first supporters of our new Drive Toward a Cure Day programs:


Cars and Camaraderie

Organize an Event

It was 1817 when James Parkinson published the first detailed essay about what was then known only as “shaking palsy”. Surely it’s time we found a cure! While April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, we believe every month should offer an opportunity to spread awareness and raise much needed funds. Join us to blend cars and camaraderie for this important cause and help us to benefit those challenged by Parkinson’s Disease today and aid further research efforts to put an end to this indiscriminate, progressive movement disorder.

Follow the lead of the NCM Motorsports Park and regions of the Porsche Club of America and Ferrari Club of America to help us Drive Toward a Cure for Parkinson’s Disease! Can we inspire a drive, or set a theme for a track day or other event in your area? All makes and club types are invited. Let’s put your Drive Toward a Cure Day event on the calendar, work together on the plan, and use our online registration. Every month is a good month to support the cause and host a Drive Toward a Cure Day event!

Drive Toward a Cure for Parkinson’s Disease Watch for the next multi-day road rally in your area:

October 2018

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Adirondack Fall Getaway

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/DriveTowardaCure @DriveTowardaCure @DriveTowardCure Drive Toward a Cure is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.



Racers, Racecars and Classic Design

HURLEY From the Beginning Hurley Haywood & Sean Cridland

Get the Book Everyone is Talking About! After three years of research, countless interviews, and looking through thousands of photos it’s finally here: Hurley Haywood’s life story. From his upbringing in Chicago and Wheaton, Illinois, to his chance meeting with Peter Gregg, Hurley Haywood was destined to drive anything he could get his hands on. Life-long relationships with Porsche and the Brumos dealership provided the kinds of opportunities of which most racing drivers only dream. With three overall victories at Le Mans, five at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, and two at the 12 Hours of Sebring, Haywood is the world’s most successful endurance sports-car racer. In addition, Haywood won several championships and dozens of other races during a career spanning more than 43 years. Now, in this book of 420 pages with over 650 photos, Haywood tells it all. From the beginning.

Porsche Works Team: Porsche at the top 24-Hour Races: Nürburgring / Le Mans / Daytona

24-hour races are the supreme discipline in motorsports. Every year, more than 200,000 fans meet in Le Mans for the race over the weekend. This book goes behind the scenes to document every detail and emotion. The photographer and author spent three years following the Porsche team Endurance races are the supreme discipline in motorsports. Several times per year, the best race drivers worldwide are on the tracks for 24 hours. The 24-hour races at the Nürburgring and in Daytona are the toughest tests for man and material. Le Mans as the third run is the icon among the legendary races. In recent years, Porsche set standards in the endurance race world championship – with perfection and passion. Star photographer Frank Kayser and his team observed the delicate and deeply exhausting work of the Porsche team for three years. The world-famous photographer was allowed where other press photographers were not: in the pit, in the pit lane during the change of tyres and drivers, in the closed off areas of the racers’ quarters. His photos show the stress, the top performance, the eternal night, and the success of perfection. With photography by Keyser, detailing a world previously unseen by outsiders, and a passionate text by journalist Heike Hientzsch sketching the participants’ emotions, this book illustrates the true nature of endurance races – the tension, exhaustion, and the dedication.

All these and many more are available at: Autobooks-Aerobooks 2900 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505



GARAGE STYLE MAGAZINE Garage Style Magazine is THE exclusive publication dedicated to all-things-garage – collections, automobilia, petroliana, personalities, events, equipment, barn finds, and much, much more. GSM boasts a steadily growing global list of enthusiastic subscribers, and is sold through various big-box retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Hastings, BooksA-Million, Safeway, Vons, and many boutique retailers like Autobooks-Aerobooks and gift shops within automotive museums; further, our publication is gifted to participants of many automotive events around the globe.


DON WEBERG 562.833.8085

CARMEN PRICE 714.276.5288

Automotive Books for your Favorite Car Enthusiast

By author, photographer, broadcaster, emcee • Matt Stone

McQueen’s Machines, the Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon The cars, and bikes that Steve McQueen owned, drove, rode, raced, or put into his films. Available at, or

Winning! The Racing Life of Paul Newman History’s Greatest Automotive Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed Co-authored with Preston Lerner Some of these stories are even true! Great fun and mythbusting.

Co-authored with Preston Lerner With Foreword by Mario Andretti America’s other favorite blueeyed racing actor; his cars and car films, or

The Ferrari Phenomenon Co-authored with Luca Dal Monte No boring serial numbers or camshaft specs; just all the stories you’ve never heard and photos you’ve maybe never seen., or, or

Exotic Barnfinds Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Ferraris Exotic cars lost and found, Amazon. com or autobooks-aerobooks. com


McQueen’s Motorcycles — Racing and Riding with the King of Cool.

James Garner’s Motoring Life From Baja to Daytona, the movie Grand Prix, The Rockford Files and more., Amazon. com or autobooks-aerobooks. com

Isky The life story of The Camfather himself, Ed Iskenderian, among the original pioneers of the speed equipment industry more than 70 years ago.,, or

Steve McQueen was as much into bikes as he was into cars. Learn about most of his great machines, racing efforts, and motorcycles in his films.,, or

And Please Visit:



Colored Happy W

hen I was in school, the big conversation was about “where will you land?” As an automotive designer, our thinking was pretty limited in what was possible for a job. Car Design Studios, Aftermarket, Boat, RV or Plane companies. But I soon realized that Industrial Design (specifically automotive) was an all-encompassing field. You could pretty much land anywhere you wanted... or even create something that didn’t even exist. I realized that creativity didn’t just exist in the field, but in my own mind. So I started out working at Disney Imagineering for a few years, then went into the film business as a set sketcher for Commercials. This evolved into full design illustration and storyboarding for those same commercials. About 1000 of them! This journey evolved into Storyboarding for film and Concept Illustration for movies to which I did about 400. Creativity was flourishing. At the same time, I was also designing Mascot Characters for my wife’s business KCL Productions. Plus Logos, Car Concepts for SEMA and anything I could get my hands on. From there, I went into directing commercials and short films. But still wanting my own “thing,” I started a business called FIREBALLED which designed and developed Mini Cooper Aftermarket Performance Parts and a second company called The Hollywood Garage dealing with Cars in Film. This led to many TV Shows and celebrity status. But still unresolved, I started into the book market. But what kids of books? There were so many! Cut to 3 years later and my business is now flourishing finally as FIREBALL PUBLISHING. We create Automotive and Ocean-Themed Custom Coloring Books sold on Amazon as well as full-custom Marketing Coloring Books for Museums, Aquariums, Car Companies and more. Now we’re bookin.’ It took a long time to get here and it’s been one helluva ride. But I see now what I didn’t see before. Each job I had, each business I developed was to evolve skills that I would need in what I’m doing now. It’s amazing. I work with my wife and friends, have our Vlog Show FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG which

gives car culture fun to the world, travel, do signings, car shows and more. An amazing life. It was not easy, but faith, persistence and not giving myself the excuse to “go home” led me here and I revel in the fact that what I now give has enormous value. Fun for kids, great for parents and for those who want to give a gift that expands the creative flow. And charities that benefit like Hope for Paws and Ocean Conservancy. How can you do the same and create an unimaginable life? Simple. Focus on what you love. BELIEVE you can have it... then move your feet. Do everything you can today to take a step. Then... LET IT GO and allow the Universe to work its magic. You’ll see. Creativity knows no bounds and amazing things will begin to happen. But in order for those things to manifest... you have to GIVE FIRST. I hope you enjoy our books and the smiles they bring to those to which you give them. There is no better feeling in the world than to make someone happy. And that my friends... is the true meaning of life. Peace. - Fireball Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018



& radio host, newspaper & magazine columnist, and award winning performer Lance Lambert’s books take readers on a ride through the landscape of simpler times. His antics have both delighted and shocked readers, resulting in many commenting, “That reminds me of…“, “How did he get away with that?” and “How is he still alive?”

“Lance’s stories are achingly truthful, often laugh-out-loud funny, and generous in spirit… a gift for tender storytelling and a welloiled funny bone…“

— M.J. McDermott Reporter & Author, KCPQ News, Seattle The Improv, Frankenstein Meets Santa


RS, E D FENS& FINIENDS Car Guy FR ns of a


ce at on ld – utor wor of a to e ca icon ador to th ry, an ambass eads et ass isto ly arh able nd h iend d ge ce amic dge a d a fr rience t Lan is an owle g an expe tha nce kn min om see idi – He e “La ealth of ogram yone fr easy to .” cl roni a w e TV prfor ever . It is e Lance n Ch v iv usto mot dustry ectatorsople lo er, Ho port in sp the e Re the phyte nd car pe g in otiv in eo , a tom tt n Au si e, to cars are life.” Horn Van you y’ loves like ‘car gu , Petersen “Lance’s writings feel ngremind ions us of the essizzle you amazithat we erat of Op his could were, leormakmaybe ind ctor ughor wanted Dire y rem t, ro st ot have been to Sc ing th tings at we ndy be; – Sa take’s wri le th ld ytell hisyou writings stor rives ancethe sizzybe coud to ous asushe d back to presum“L or m him ably simpler timesus ofofor ma wante e k h e, or it ta dreamy days, giving w n ngs bly were beeus peepholes back to hthe av is writi esuma h pr olden days. A great be; ck to of g us book from back inus baer tims,es givin e th the day.” simplmy dayack to eat a es b A gr dre W – Don epholdeberg ays.back in Editor &pePublisher, denagazine om g Garage StyleolM fr eber bookday.” – Don Wblisher, r &Pu azine “Read this and youthe Edito Mag will gain insight into ge Style a down-to-earth soul,Gara with a big heart, and nd youinto an entertaining wayd thofis a sight soul, seeing the world.”“Rea gain inearth l -to- rt, wilPoalucci n hea – Theresa a dowh a big rtainPublisher, Journal Newspapers wit an ente and way ofworld.” alucci g in g the eresa Poapers seein – Th l Newsp urna r, Jo ishe Publ

Wooded Isle Press


es Conf

f yo tor le his obi e he utom s saf” t i “… r a ns ds. ou itio han d tra your in cca, ve co oti e Ia tom

e u –L A

“Lance appreciates those who touch his life and whose lives he touches. His self-deprecating sense of humor entertains on every page. Once you pick up his book, it is hard to put down.”

— David Dickinson Author & Historian, The Old Car Nut Book

“Read this and you will gain insight “…the history of our automobile into a down-to-earth soul, with a traditions is safe in your hands.” — Lee Iacocca, Automotive Industry Icon big heart, and an entertaining way of seeing the world.” “Lance is an amicable asset to the — Theresa Poalucci, Publisher, Journal Newspapers world… a wealth of knowledge “… The open road to a good read.” and history…“ — Linda Hughes, The Seattle Times

“Mr. Lambert hit it out of the park with this wonderful book… “

— Jim Lindsay, Author, The Little Bastards

My Wheel Life Adventures

A Kid’s Kingdom Growing Up in the City of Destiny

” ers! Lov oms

Car rity Kust All o, Celeb d t for gostin bridle r Mus hn D'A hen un for ca

A Jo times wll it tochokine.” ine k is er a a agaz mpl ere or m Rod M Boo to si ism w eme s, Hot ride tim , sch eritu “This a joy ged op ream itor Em

re en d ell, Ed w“ ies a all any ldw Sho stor d unchtackle Bruce Ca icle Veh nce’s an to “La usiasmng men tage “Vin enth you on's crazy levisi


— Heidi Van Horne, Columnist, Huston Chronicle

e of T

Author of Fenders, Fins & Friends: Confessions of a Car Guy Host of television’s Vintage Vehicle Show

Lance Lambert

“Lance’s books are a ‘must read’ for all car lovers.”

— John D’Agostino, Celebrity Kustoms

Lance Lambert’s books are available at and booksellers everywhere.

Matt Stone’s


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


e’ve all bought cars, bikes, planes, houses, wristwatches, lawn mowers, and other goodies that we swear we’d keep for life. “Oh I’ll never sell that.” Well, per James Bond: “Never, Say Never, Again!” How do you know when it’s time to move along that prized car that’d you’d said you’d never sell? The 30,000 foot view answer of course is that it’s a very personal decision. Depends on the car. Depends on you. And depends on perhaps a thousand (or a million) other things. Sometimes that decision is made for us; the car is totaled or stolen – heaven forbid for either fate, and it’s just done, and thus all over but the insurance settlement and the tears. All too often it’s a financial issue that forces your hand; you need the money for other things, the house needs a roof, the kids need braces, you get a divorce, health issues, whatever. This outcome sounds awful, but if you consider a smartly bought and well enjoyed collector car as an asset class, it may have appreciated in value over time, and done better than the insulting interest rate any bank will pay you today. And it’s certainly been more fun than a bond certificate sitting at the bottom of your safe deposit box. Sometimes it’s the lure of something new; It’s been fun, it’s been great, it’s been all that, but it’s been there done that, and you want to try a new flavor ice cream. Nothing wrong with that; hopefully you bought and enjoyed, and now times and your tastes have changed, and something new or different might taste really good. How do you know when those threshold moments are near? The signs are easy to spot; you spend hours, days, and weeks trolling the internet “just to see what’s out there.” You hit the cars and coffee runs hunting For Sale signs. You run all the numbers to see what your-soon-to-be-not-your car is worth. You attend every collector car auction you can get to, or sit at home and watch them on the tube, and find yourself yelling at the TV, while your wallet twitches in your pocket.

A friend of mine plays the numbers game with the whole concept. One of his top of bucket list cars is a 2003-2005 Ford GT, or some Ferrari or another. He could afford either one, but being a basic pinchwad, he reasons that “for the same amount of money, I can have my Corvette, my Jag and my Porsche and more so why limit myself to just one car no matter how great it is?” That of course is a very personal decision, and you can debate that from either side of the coin. I say the signs that it’s time to move along are more subtle; like when cleaning the thing up, doing all the tires and fluids and just driving it, rightly or wrongly, seem like a hassle. Nobody likes self-wrought hassle. So your subconscious may quietly prod you. The best clear as crystal sign that “you’re done“ I’ve ever heard of I must credit to my friend Wayne Carini, he, the Ultimate Classic Car Chaser. Wayne says that “after you’ve just taken that car out for a good run, or spent the day detailing it to Pebble Beach quality, and you don’t look back over your shoulder at it one more time, maybe as the garage door is closing, the romance is over.” And Now It’s Time. I believe he’s spot on. What do you think? Write us here at GSM and let us know how you evaluate such things. - Matt Stone

Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018








Architecture & Design


Metrongarage, Page 5 800.511.7208

Route 32 Auctions, Page 7 765.307.7119

Secure It 562.677.3777

Art/Automobilia/ Collectibles/Media

Morphy Auctions, Page 13 877.968.8880


Phil Berg, Page 68 Reedyville Goods, Page 68 916.652.5584 Matt Stone, Page 64, Page 9 800.708.5051 Vintage Vehicle Show, Page 62 Autobooks-Aerobooks, Page 9 818.845.0707 Fireball, Page 65 CARS Yeah, Page 68

RM Sotheby’s, Inside Cover


Carmel Boutique Inns

Festivals of Speed, Page 59

Flanagans Restaurant-Pub, Page 16 831.625.5500

Mecum Auctions, Back Cover 262.275.5050


Drive Toward a Cure, Page 61

Just Suk it Up, Page 56 416.727.5790

Clubs Packards International

Aerovault, Page 63 702.843.5320


AMSOIL, Page 37 866.238.4226

PitStop Furniture, Page 15 866.319.8500 Custom Auto Sound, Page 38 1.800.88.TUNES



Moduline, Page 11 888.343.4463 AutoGeek, Page 38

CINDY MEITLE 480.277.1864 | DON WEBERG 562.833.8085 | CARMEN PRICE 714.276.5288 |

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In the Garage with Cindy Meitle

Jim Palam, Creative Director, Photojournalist


im Palam is owner and Creative Director of Jim Palam & Partners, a Creative Services ad agency located in Solvang, CA. He is also an automotive Photojournalist and contributor to When he is not creating ad campaigns or branding programs – or shooting pictures of cars and motorcycles – he is a ‘Picker’, reselling his discoveries through his online Etsy shop “WellPicked.” If there’s any free time after all that you probably find him experimenting in the kitchen or torturing his neighbors with his admittedly limited guitar playing and song-writing skills. CM: What is your favorite item in your garage and why? JP: A dusty, old plastic Sony Component Stereo. Not sure it’s worth even $5 today but I simply have to have music playing when I’m working or relaxing in the garage. Since it still works it’s still in the garage. CM: What is one item you have always wanted in your garage that you hope to one day acquire and why do you want it so much? JP: It’ll probably never happen but since we’re fantasizing the answer would have to be my childhood buddy Charlie Snyder’s 1967 “Ko-Motion” Corvette. This famous Baldwin Motion L88 A/SP record holder was mothballed after Charlie’s (Astoria Chas) tragic death in Viet Nam. We hung out together as teenagers in his mother’s popular soda fountain in Astoria, Queens, and I later became part of his pit crew when he campaigned the car under the guidance and tutelage of Joel Rosen of Motion Performance on Long Island. By the time I felt it was appropriate to try to buy the car from his sister another savvy New Yorker, Glen Spielberg, had acquired it. The rest, as they say, is history. CM: What is the strangest item in your garage? How did you acquire it and why does it still remain in the garage? JP: That changes on a fairly regular basis – since I’m a parttime ‘Picker’ and I’m often uncovering something interesting. Right now, it has to be a vintage, hand-painted Ghana Barbershop Sign. I use to see signs similar to this one when I was a wandering adolescent roaming the streets of Manhattan many moons ago. In the poorer neighborhoods like sections of Harlem, hand painted advertising signs were quite common – particularly in front of immigrant-owned Barbershops and Hair


Salons. I picked this sign at a Flea Market in Ventura, CA a year ago to resell it, but I like it so much I’m not sure I’ll ever part with it. CM: What are you doing most of the time when in your garage? JP: About 40% of the time I’m working on my cars or my motorcycle. Another 40% of the time I’m cleaning, repairing and photographing vintage items I pick for resale. About 6 months ago I finally set-up a table top photo studio in one of my parking spaces. The remaining 20% of the time I’m enjoying a libation as I clean and rearrange things to maximize productivity in this relatively small space. CM: Did you spend much time in the garage growing up? What are your memories? JP: Growing up I was nomadic, preferring to be more outside than in. The garage in my parent’s home in Queens was a small, run-down, single-car garage that my older brother Tom commandeered to hop-up his buddies’ 40’s and 50’s vintage Hot Rods. They would pretty much tell me to get lost when I poked my nose in, but I’m quite sure that’s where I caught the car bug. A vivid image I have from those days is of my brother leaning into an engine compartment, a lit cigarette with a long ash dangling from his mouth over exposed carburetors. It was always freezing cold and he was always covered in grease. I thought he was the coolest. Happy today that he didn’t blow himself and the garage up.

Garage Style Magazine Fall 2018


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Issue 42  

With the 10-Year Anniversary issue behind us, we can focus forward on our next 10 years and look forward to many more garages, auctions, col...

Issue 42  

With the 10-Year Anniversary issue behind us, we can focus forward on our next 10 years and look forward to many more garages, auctions, col...