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SUBIACO: EAT SHOP LIVE2 Taste & buy from more than 200 wines from 30+ WA wineries with 50 companies from across our extraordinary state. Discover exciting new wines, enjoy great food and live music. YOUR LOCAL WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL Market Square Park, Roberts Road, Subiaco Saturday 22 October 11.30am - 4.00pm & 5.00pm - 9.30pm Sunday 23 October 12.00pm - 5.00pm
EDITION 9 | 2022 3 Subiaco Contents EAT SHOP LIVE 22News and openings in Subiaco 06 Cover story: Dog Days & Afternoons 14 Eat: Knead to Know 22 Eat: Sloane's Kitchen with Subi Farmers Market 28 Drink: Drink Pink 32 Drink: Lums Chums 38 Drink: Linger Longer in Subi 42 Art & Culture: Jackson's Drawing Supplies 46 Ask Amy: Exercising post-birth for new mums 49 Beauty Talk with Beverly Ligman 52 Meet the Shopkeeper - Dallimores 54 The Nurture Issue Shopping Guide with Des Eddy New Threads 56 Spring Clean 58 New Life 60 Shop: Marking the Moment 62 Events in Subiaco this Spring 65 Local Heroes: Xero2Hero 69 Meet the Maker: Sabrina Wong, Japanese Flea Market 70 Live: Baby Love 72 Live: Village People 74 Live: A Word to the Earthwise 76 The Last Word – Paddy & Emma, Table Culture 78 32 58 14 72 46

IF THE POETS are to be believed, spring is when life begins again after an especially long, cold winter here in Perth.

It's when nature seems to do a big old stretch and all the things we've missed, like sunny morning, warm sunsets at the beach and spring flowers, return to remind us that things are pretty good, actually.

It's a time of transition which the traditional owners of our land have recognised for millennia. Called Djilba and Kambarang (the months of August to November), these seasons seem to mirror our weather more accurately than the all-encompassing word 'spring.'

As such, we've taken the theme of "renewal" for this issue of Subiaco: Eat Shop Live. Our cover story is a good case in point. The lost, abandoned and unloved dogs of the Dogs Refuge Home in Shenton Park are just desperate for another chance - and a new stab at being somebody's BFF. We also meet some of the well-known furry faces around Subi (and their owners).

New mum Brooke shares some of the baby-focused classes and community groups which make having a newborn a little easier, while Bev test runs an innovative beauty treatment which literally reveals the new you.

As usual, Gail has spent many happy hours, glass in hand, on behalf of you, dear reader. This time, she shares the best place to drink rosé, discovering a recipe for a gorgeous cake with the pink drink at its heart along the way.

If you're marking a special occasion or the birth of a child, consider investing in a legacy piece of jewellery. It'll reward you for years to come. We're also happy to welcome some new arrivals - The Rug Establishment is a fantastic addition to Hay Street, and there are some exciting new dining venues in the pipeline too.

Don't miss UnWined Subiaco in October - it's a brilliant chance to try wines and beers outside in the heart of Subi. And if music's your jam, there's Suburban Vibes with both free and ticketed shows in Subi's gardens, laneways, bars and breweries over 10 days.. See you in summer.


Editor Gabi Mills

Design Cally Browning Advertising Shelley Tamsitt Fashion and Shopping Desmond Eddy Photography Matt Jelonek

Contributors Dianne Bortoletto, Sloane Carvell, Monique Ceccato, Brooke Hunter, Craig Kinder, Beverly Ligman, Gail Williams, Tori Wilson

Cover image Vito from Dog’s Refuge Home reading the paper at The Little Pantry. By Dog's Refuge Home, Shenton Park.

Where you'll find our contributors this spring...

Gabi: If ever there's a season that demands a glass of rosé in hand, it's spring. Fortunately, Subi has plenty of places to fulfil this need so I will be exploring all these options (in a professional capacity of course).

Cally: Helping Gabi put a major dent in Subiaco's supply of rosé . . . an absolute spring essential.

Shelley: I can see clearly (through rosé-coloured glasses) now the rain has gone . . .

Bev: Looking forward to exploring Subi's new outdoor bars and rooftops with my oh-so glowing skin, courtesy of Natural Looks.

Des: I love feeling that touch of freshness in the air and a spring in my step. tasting the ultimate wines at Unwined Subiaco in October, enjoying the great food and tunes that go with it (just saying) . . .

Gail: Walking through Kings Park, checking out the wildflowers and having a dabble with paint at 4 Sistas Sip and Paint. Sipping rosé of course . . .

Sloane: Sunny Saturday Subi Farmers market mornings and coffee because Chorizo hates the rain and a wet belly! Rosè and bites with friends at Subi bars!

Dianne: Wearing fewer layers, dining alfresco and spotting the wildflowers.

Monique: Soaking up as much of that glorious Perth sunshine as possible while sipping on any French rosé I can get my hands on – Lums, I need your help!

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Tori: The chance to sip fresh coffee and wine alfresco while soaking up a desperately needed dose of vitamin D. When the sun’s rays wink towards summer yet the air is still crisp, it’s the best time to go for a wander.

Brooke: Lapping up the sunshine with my baby daughter, Amélie, searching for baby ducklings in Kings Park and looking up at the trees. Maybe check out Bar Amelie, which opened the week she was born!

From the editor ... Published on behalf of See Subiaco Visit
you since 1972.

Miles Hull is coming home.

Home to the big warm, embracing hug of Subiaco, the place where he spent much of his youth hanging out at the Subi Hotel, the Oriel and Funtastico.

After blazing a trail through Perth’s hospitality scene over the past two decades with landmark venues such as Little Creatures, Harvest Restaurant, Alex Hotel, Quarter Acre, Jetty Bar, RuinBar and Pretty Good Pizza, he’s finally doing what locals have been urging him to do for years.

He’s coming to Subi, where Subiaco Continental, his new European-style tavern-cum-bistro, on the ground-level corner of ONE Subiaco, opens in January. The 300-seater will occupy the site where Hull used to pester his mum and dad for an ice cream at the Pavillion Markets.

He’s already receiving welcome hugs from residents who have followed his career since he graduated from Swiss Hospitality school and scored a job at Balthazar before travelling to Canada and

working in a brewery, sharing a house with good mate Clint Nolan, who is also about to open the doors of La Condesa on the old Oriel site.

With so many gigs to Hull’s credit – including catering for the Sydney Olympics in 2000 – he knows a bit about what punters want. Fine, white tablecloth dining? Casual shared plates? A cold lager with dude food? Hull’s confident enough to deliver the goods while tap dancing and whistling La Marsellaise. But it won’t be fine dining.

“I have a very strong connection to Subi,” says Hull, managing director of Dark Horse, the hospitality group behind his five current venues.

“Mum and Dad lived in Hamersley Road, and I used to live in Forrest Street right behind where the Village Bar is now. The Oriel and the Subi were great places serving great food and wine at all hours of the day.”

Though European-inspired, Subiaco Continental will reflect the West Australian lifestyle, with a light bright and breezy interior using Donnybrook sandstone – all

designed by Kate Archibald.

“We need to celebrate our beautiful weather,” he says. “There will be a big alfresco area on Roberts Road and Rokeby Road and also a private dining room with a wall of local wines.”

Marcello Segolina, who is currently at Jetty Bar, will bang away in the open kitchen serving modern European dishes, with some shared plates.

“Subiaco Continental will be the place to go for all sorts of reasons,” says Hull. “After the shows at the Regal Theatre, after work drinks, brunch, a glass of wine, a snack. It will be open seven days a week.”

True to the Hull form, he’s working on a broad front, spending as much time on site as possible. But he’s also rushing between Subiaco and the south west where he is also about to open Southcamp, a microbrewery with a pub, beer garden, cafe and 18 cabins facing on to the creek.

And that should surprise no one familiar with his work. And, yes, ice cream will be on the menu. Visit for info.

We have our fingers on the pulse of Subi’s vibrant scene. Check out these green shoots livening up our City of Soul.
WORDS | Gail Williams and Gabi Mills Subiaco
10 Rokeby Road, Subiaco.


26 Denis St, Subiaco

Subi lovers of goat on a spit had better start licking their lips, raising a glass and getting ready to toast Yiamas. What’s Yiamas? That’s the Greek word for toasting to good health. And when the handiwork of the Community Coffee guys – Michael Roach, Phillip Arnold and Laurence Greenfield – is done, there will be plenty of toasting to that trio as they bring the Big Greek Saturday night to Subi EVERY night.

They are now proud key holders to the old Georges Meze after Eva and Nick Kanakis called time on 21 years running their popular Greek taverna. Many who whiled away an afternoon pretending they were on Mykonos will be sad to see them go.

But who better to take the reins than the dudes who ran the Swanbourne pop-up, Swanny Collective, where their Big Greek Saturday nights were a weekly institution?

Phillip Arnold has Greek heritage and is thrilled to be sharing some of his favourite dishes, like lamb souvlaki, charred prawns, whole fish, lemon potatoes and saganaki (fried cheese).

Esteemed chef Justin Scarvaci, who is currently strutting his stuff at Vinotto, the Swanbourne venue which is also in the Community Coffee boys’ stable, will man the kitchen.

Venue manager Caitlin Johnston (Humble Onion) oversees a Greek-centric wine list.

The tight-knit team will throw themselves into a radical refurbishment which includes opening up the kitchen, putting louvres in the al fresco area and installing a fire pit in the kitchen.

That’s where the goat on a spit comes in.

Roll on December, anticipated opening time, so we can all yiamas to Yiamas!


12 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco

One door closes and another opens. That’s what self-confessed Subi soldier Benny Tua is saying as he partners up with his longtime chef buddy Leigh Power to open up where Noble Perth served up vegan pizzas and $10 cocktails in what was the old Funtastico site, a stalwart of the Subi pizza-loving population for 20 years.

Now Tua and Leigh, two of the State’s most prominent hospitality names are preparing to show the bottom end of Rokeby Road a thing or two as they bring a touch of magical modern Asian to the ‘hood.

And, for once, Benny, who has shaken and stirred cocktails through a list of Perth’s stellar hotspots – Mechanic’s Institute, The Old Synagogue (Tonic + Ginger, The Arbour, Mr Chapple and L’Chaim), Sweetwater Rooftop Bar and El Grotto – won’t have to cross suburbs to get home after a shift.

He’s a longterm Subi resident

whose kids attend the local school.

“Yep, I’m a Subi soldier,” he says. “Know a lot of the parents from the school. I have been waiting a long time for a venue like this to come up in Subi as I have been really keen to do something to make Perth a better place.

"We looked at this place and thought “man, that’s a great shell”.”

And he’s thrilled to be working with Leigh, a former Gingerboy (Melbourne) and The Beaufort chef who was WA’s Chef of the Year in 2022.

The pair worked together at The Old Synagogue and Sweetwater where Leigh’s signature blending of spicy, sour, sweet and salty flavours into his dishes worked a treat.

Which segues nicely into the name – Shui is half of feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice which uses energy forces to create harmony. And anyone who has sampled Leigh’s dishes won’t argue with that.

Visit for a sneak peek.


Karen’s Diner

4&5/375 Hay St, Subiaco.

To last even 45 minutes in Subiaco’s newest burger joint means you have to have skin as thick as Meghan Markle and a bucket load of alcohol.

Sadly, my friend Karen Marks, and I had neither. So we sat tentatively wearing the emoji face for grimace as we munched through our burgers, drank water and tried to deflect a barrage of insults from the staff:

“You can f--- off” “I haven’t got all day” “Make up your minds” were lines delivered by staff wearing frilly aprons, body piercings, attitudinal sneers and plenty of eye rolling.

Tension was palpable right from the start where a group without bookings were told to “f--- off outa here!”

If you are going to brave a diner that promises an interactive, absurdly fun experience waited upon by rude staff and forced to play silly games you need to have a real Karen as your dining companion. Enter Karen Marks.

As the daughter of the late Jack Marks, the Australian politician and trade union official known as the champion of battlers, Karen is no shrinking violet. And like her famous

Dad, she could break bread with either prince or pauper and has the most delightful and irreverent sense of humour. All of that made her the perfect lunch companion for a restaurant named after a widespread meme referencing a specific type of middle-class white woman, who is always demanding to see the manager.

We talked fondly of Fawlty Towers and goosestepping John Cleese

and “don’t mention the war” and wondered what Basil would think of these uppity millenials.

Our waitress deigned to bring the EFTPOS machine, which had buttons for tips $5, $10, $20 etc.

We pressed the button for No Tip which elicited another eye roll and a sardonic glare.

To mark its 50th year of operation, jeweller, manufacturer and familyowned business Linneys is launching two exquisite new collections, including its first-ever Limited Edition Collection that will include one-of-akind pieces with the famous Argyle Pink Diamonds. Since 1972, Linneys has always promoted its awardwinning jewellers as artists, and the new collections showcase the fusion of artistry, creativity and skillfully designed jewellery in this limited edition range.

The collection is limited to just 50 unique and individual pieces inspired by the Western Australian landscape. Collectors of fine art and watches who invest in the new range will also receive a hardcover book

“Be nice to your mother,” said Karen as we swanned out and headed down Hay Street for a stiff drink. (unavailable for sale) which features each jewellery piece, accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

“We’re so thrilled to be celebrating 50 years of Linneys Jewellery and looking after our third generation of Linneys customers," said Linneys creative director, Justin Linney.

"It's amazing to see how far the business has come and the team are proud to be continuing Alan’s legacy of artistry and transforming local materials into luxury design. It's a privilege to have my father involved in handmaking some pieces for this range and collectors are eager to see the latest offering.”

Visit for more information.

EDITION 9 | 2022 9
Celebrating 50 years

THE RUG ESTABLISHMENT PERTH was established 10 years ago in Claremont and has recently moved into a stunning new showroom in the heart of the Subiaco’s newly invigorated design district on Hay Street.

The company has just celebrated the launch of its light and bright showroom with a glamorous opening event, incorporating local handmade businesses, including Spirit of Little Things Gin, made at local micro gin distillery in Daglish, and a gorgeous Mediterranean-inspired food from Accent Cafe across the road from the new showroom.

This was a conscious decision, said managing director Ross Page, to emphasise the importance of craftsmanship and connection to handmade products as well as supporting local.

“The Perth showroom is an industry leader on the West Coast for handmade luxury rugs,” said Ross.

“We house a large stock range as well as provide a world-class custom and bespoke service for both the interiors industry and retail clientele.”

The company began 15 years ago when Ross and his life-long friend Richard Auchter envisioned building a company that paired passionate

people who love to create inspiring environments all around the world with the magnificent hand-made rugs crafted by generations of talented Indian artisans.

Always at the forefront of innovation in manufacturing techniques, sourcing superior fibres and pushing the boundaries of design, the company quickly acquired a reputation for being ardent experts in all aspects of rug making and interiors and is proud

to produce and source the most exceptional rugs in the world.

When COVID hit, the pair also came up with an innovative way to protect their most valuable resource - the 40 or so master carpet weavers in India responsible for creating their stock.

“We made the decision to allow them to stay in the factory, keeping them away from the risk of catching the virus which at the time was sweeping Indian in a devastating way. As a result, we were able to maintain a consistent workflow and everybody remained healthy and virus-free,” said Ross.

As such, the supply chain was able to keep up with demand, and the delivery of The Rug Establishment’s orders never faltered during the pandemic’s challenging two years.

Several bespoke rugs have already been snapped up by residents of the soon-to-open ONE Subiaco, and with an emphasis on one-off designs and the ability to create pretty much any design a customer may want, The Rug Establishment is set to become a destination for the design-conscious in Subiaco.

“Our rugs are completely handmade - masterfully knotted, woven or tufted by the careful hands of our artisans using techniques passed down over centuries by a lineage of rug makers in the heartland of handmade rugs, Bhadohi in India,” said Mr Page.

To bring a rug to life is a true labor of love, one born of many stages, each requiring great skill, care and attention to detail.

“We continue to represent this rich artisanal heritage by preserving time-honoured traditional methods whilst also integrating modern design expertise. This collaborative approach intrinsically places style, quality and durability at the core of each rug, making an investment for your home that is truly crafted for life.”

Find out more at The Rug Establishment, 307 Hay Street, Subiaco. Visit

The Rug Establishment opens its doors

Glow continues to grow

Glow in Subiaco is well-known for its high-quality illuminated LED products, with its Hay Street store filled with exciting products for inside and outside use. Now Glow can personalise your item with laser engraving.

It’s a wonderful and creative way to customise your Glow gift with a logo, name or message –even the packaging can be personalised to make it a gift to remember.

The engraving service is perfect for corporate as well as personal Christmas gift-giving, and there’s no limit, whether it’s one or 21 items.

“Adding a personal message can make your gift even more memorable”, Glow’s Justin Magatelli said.

“Personalised LED products are also perfect for special occasions like weddings, as table centrepieces at formal functions, fun birthday gifts, or even Christmas decorations.”

To find out more about this new laser engraving service, visit Glow at 290 Hay Street Subiaco.

Have you tried ...

Hainanese Chicken at Mui Mui Secret Chef on Rokeby Road? It's a friendly addition to Subi's excellent collection of specialist dining venues, where Phi Fi Fo Fum was. Give it a go!

Kul Kul Subiaco

Shop A, 151a Rokeby Road, Subiaco Tel 9388 7900

Open 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm Saturday.

EDITION 9 | 2022 11
Jewellery • Gifts • Fashion

Elle Design Rugs

You’ll find Elle Design Rugs on Rokeby Road, and in the store, discover a range of gorgeous rugs created by specialist designers and manufacturers. From vintage rugs to their bamboo silk and wool hand knotted collection, Elle Design rugs are beautifully crafted over several months by highly skilled Indian artisans to create a product of high quality and design. These rugs can be made to order in any size or colour to the studio’s designers’ and clients’ specifications.

According to owner Tatiana Rosa, they supply an exclusive range of luxurious and beautiful hand-knotted rugs to discerning clients and to many of Perth’s most sought-after interior designers.

“Working with our skilled artisans in India and Iran, we create and deliver unique, high quality, luxurious rugs made from the finest handmade silk and wool,” said Tatiana.

“My knowledgeable team and I would love to help you to find that one-of-a-kind rug that will be the finishing touch for your latest decoration project, or help you to create your own unique design.”

Visit Elle Design Rugs at 325 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, or visit

Jet Empire Jewellery closes - but continues online

Jet Empire Jewellery and Gifts has closed its Station Street store after two years creating some of the most beautiful jewellery around for their customers, old and new. But the good news is you'll still find jeweller Heidi Atchison's range online at and at markets and events around Perth. Her jewellery continues to be designed and made locally, so stay tuned for the next exciting phase of this Subi success story.

Join Rotary of Subiaco

Interested in finding out more about the stained glass windows of Subiaco and other local history subjects? Or just keen to meet like-minded members of the Subi community? The Rotary Club of Subiaco is looking for new members to join them for fascinating talks and social events, with club meetings held regularly on the first, second and fifth Tuesdays of the month at 5.45pm at the Subiaco Hotel. Subiaco Community Catch Up Events are held on the fourth Tuesday each month.

It's a well-established club (founded in 1949) with a great portfolio of local and international projects, and the Subiaco cohort encourages members to bring new projects for the club to support. As well as the weekly meetings, the group also works on projects which generate friendships for life.

To find out more, visit





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skin and

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Pupa Fast Nutrition has a range of

daily collagen intake and nourish your body from within.

Collagen is a protein responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity, or stretchiness. As we age, our existing collagen breaks down, and it gets harder for our body to produce more. Therefore including a collagen boost in our daily hydration practice is important.

All of Pupa’s collagen drinks are “skin nutrition from the inside” with the additional benefits of Vitamins A,

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Pop into Pupa Fast Nutrition, select your favourite collagen blend and bring forth a spring rejuvenation as well as the start of healthy skin care habits that'll keep you looking your best, no matter how old you are.




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dog days


Subiaco has more than its fair share of dogloving residents.

Gail Williams shakes paws with some of the most famous fur babies in town (and their owners).

Ifyou want proof that dogs are Subiaco residents’ best friends, then head to the Farmers Markets on a Saturday morning.

There you’ll witness doggie heaven in full flight – Labradors chowing down on chicken necks from Barkday Paw-ty, Pomeranians getting tummy rubs while their owners enjoy a

macchiato, Jack Russells wagging stubby tails when they recognise a friend and the odd greyhound singing along with the ukelele players.

It’s not surprising that furry friends are everywhere in our suburb. There are around 1,700 registered dogs in the City of Subiaco, a suburb where there are 17,914 people, making it one dog per 10 people.

Perhaps that’s why Subi residents are so happy and so healthy. Their doggy mates are getting them up early for exercise at one of seven off-lead parks, from Mueller Park to Rosalie and Subiaco Common.

Subi is also long-time host to the Dogs’ Refuge Home in Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, which has around 100 furry friends –unwanted, neglected, abandoned

and abused dogs – at any one time waiting for adoption.

Pop in, and you can say “hello” to the memorial statue of Koko, Subiaco’s most famous dog. Koko was the red cloud kelpie star of the hit film, Red Dog, and was the beloved pet of the film’s producer, Nelson Woss.

Koko – who lived in Bedford Avenue – died in December 2012, and was an ambassador for the refuge. His death, from congestive heart disease, triggered more than $40,000 in donations to the charity.

But there are many dogs in Subi deserving of their own titles and accolades – the cheekiest, the naughtiest, the most faithful, the hardest working and even, the most unusual.

Here we introduce a few of them, and you might just recognise one or two.


Emmy Poulsen

Part owner of Boatrocker, makers of fine gin and vodka.

Subiaco resident and volunteer at Hollywood Private Hospital. Potter and candle maker and general jack-of-all trades.

Dog’s name: Henry

Every dog owner will tell you their dog experiences emotion, and body language is an indicator of whether their pet is feeling fear, frustration, anxiety, joy, relaxation and anticipation.

Emmy Poulson and her beloved Golden Retriever Henry, can add empathy to that list as they do their regular rounds as volunteers at Hollywood Hospital, providing comfort to the patients along the way.

Henry could just be Subiaco’s hardest working dog. Here Emmy shares the love. And there’s a lot to give.

“Henry is a local boy who was born on Christmas Eve, nine-and-a-half years ago. We got into volunteering at aged care facilities in Sydney and started at Hollywood five years ago in the geriatric and palliative care wards as a love and cuddles dog to patients, their families and staff.

“Over the years we have made special friends where Henry has been with some of those patients in their final hours.”

It is as if he gives them his energy to make their final journey.

“It is a very rewarding role as many have got pets at home and others have had dogs in years gone by. Henry takes their minds off what is going on in hospital, if only for a short while.”

He is also a big fan of some of the treats he gets when the patients feed him!

“We have been approached in the street when walking with people asking if it was Henry, and then we are told that they were the relative of someone who was in Hollywood, or they have a photo of Henry and their relative in their home.

“It makes me realise we do bring a lot of happiness to so many while

they are in hospital.

“We love going out and having coffee in Subiaco where Henry is made welcome by many. He often gets dog treats at Boucla. Melograno also make him very welcome and they serve the best Bircher muesli. Community Coffee give him lots of cuddles too. The girls in the chemist love to come out from behind the

counter to get cuddles as well.

“Henry is the most amazing dog, so loyal and loving. He has this uncanny ability to read people and know when they need some extra love.

“He knows when I put on my Hollywood uniform exactly where we are going, and a smile comes to his face and he is ready to go to work."

EDITION 9 | 2022 15

Wendy Page

Co-owner Thomas Meihofer Jewellery Design.

Dog’s name: Dexter (pictured above with Thomas Meihofer)

Breed: Xoloitzcuintle, an ancient breed originating in Mexico.

Dexter may just be Subiaco’s most reluctant celebrity. Shy and retiring, the hairless Mexican dog takes up his usual position working a full day job with his owner, Wendy Page, as she deals with customers in their jewellery shop. Wendy is used to customer

curiosity but Dexter . . . hmmm, not so much. His body language says: “I just want to be alone”. Challenge accepted!

Tell us about Dexter’s breed. Xolos bones have been found in artefacts dating back 3,000 years to Toltec, Aztec and Mayan cultures. They were considered protectors from evil spirits and guardians in the afterlife, often being buried with their owners in order to lead them through the underworld. On a more practical level, they were also watch dogs and a food source!

How did you come by such an unusual breed of dog?

We wanted a dog that didn’t shed a lot of hair, wasn’t drooly and had a calm disposition to fit into our lifestyle and come to work with us.

We found the only breeder at that time in Australia.

I met her at a dog show and while all of the other breeds were barking and hyperactive, the Xolos were elegant and graceful, just looking around calmly at the chaos surrounding them.

We waited patiently for two years for Dexie to be born.

How does Dexter exhibit his anxiety issues?

He is anxious of people he doesn’t know and of other dogs. His anxiety became very apparent on his first visit to our shop when he left a trail of poops all over the floor.

Otherwise, anyone that Dexter doesn’t know who wants to pay him any attention gets barked at.

Of course, as he is such a unique dog, everyone wants to say 'hello' to him!

He is the typical reluctant celebrity. Favourite outdoor place in Subiaco for you and Dexter?

We haunt Kings Park constantly for long, relaxing walks with lots of sniffing.

Most unusual story involving you and Dexter?

Last year, after were swooped by a magpie in Subiaco Council Gardens, Dexter decided to chase it while I wasn’t paying attention.

I ended up completely airborne and landing heavily on my wrist.

While sitting on the pavement, trying to call my partner (it took seven calls before he picked up), Dexter repeatedly attempted to get even with the magpie.

I ended the day in the emergency room with a fractured and dislocated wrist, soon followed by surgery and months of rehabilitation.

What is his favourite treat?

Fish twists, closely followed by dehydrated bull penis.


Kim Knight

Co-owner Bar Amelie and business owner and general manager of the Regal Theatre.

Dog’s Name: Pepper

Pepper, the resident Border Collie at Bar Amelie, is the kind of gal you could become best friends with. In fact, many customers of the dogfriendly bar already have. And it’s the first question many would-be friends ask when they walk in - where’s Pepper?

And that puts a big smile on the face of her real BFF, Kim Knight.

How did you acquire Pepper?

I found her on a Border Collie page on Facebook the day she was born, and I messaged the owners straight away. She was the only girl in the litter and I met her when she was a week old on my first visit to see her. Favourite outdoor place for you both? Cliff Sadlier park.

Do you have a Subi ritual?

We like to ride around on my bike in Subi when the sun is shining, and Pepper loves to run with me.

Best dog-friendly staff in Subiaco? She doesn’t mind sitting at the Subi

Hotel as everyone passes her stops to give her pats.

What do you find so rewarding about your relationship with Pepper?

She never answers me back and is always happy to do what I want to do. What is the coolest dog name you have ever heard?

I love Disco. This is a beautiful Golden Retriever that Pepper loves to play with. What silly pet name do you have for your dog?

Sometimes she gets called Monkey.

EDITION 9 | 2022 17

Subiaco resident of 20 years, nonexecutive director, Perron Institute. Volunteer, Dogs Refuge Home.

Dog’s name: Boy George

Denise Cheir and her cheeky Brussels Griffon (Griffon Bruxellois) are a regular sight on their walks around Subiaco as they stop to say 'hello' to friends and fans of the scruffy little bloke they all know as 'George'.

When Denise is not busy with her schedule at Perron Institute, leaders in neuroscience throughout the world, you’ll find her in her regular volunteer role at the Dogs’ Refuge Home in Shenton Park, matching abandoned dogs with the right owners.

How did you acquire Boy George? He came from a prominent breeder

from WA at a time when we needed some joy in our lives: my mum had recently died and I knew that having a cheerful and affectionate puppy would help.

How would you describe his personality?

Lively, very intelligent, has a sense of humour and definitely an air of selfimportance.

Favourite outdoor place for you both?

Subi Common – we have made lots of doggie and human friends since our debut, and we enjoy the interaction and friendship on all levels.

Do you have a Subi ritual?

You will find me (and Boy George) at Juanita’s on Thursday evenings; Café Melograno Friday lunchtimes; Café Café Saturday mornings and St Andrew’s Anglican Church Sunday mornings. Best dog-friendly staff in Subiaco?

He’s been coming to church with me since he was 12-weeks old, so he knows the Christian ropes and enjoys catching up with Father Peter.

Have you made Subi friends through your dog?

Everyone knows and loves Boy George. I would like to think that the village environment of Subi prompts friendships, with or without a dog, but he certainly breaks the ice.

What do you find so rewarding about your volunteering with the Dogs' Refuge Home?

I love dogs. When you see a dog who has been abandoned arrive with its head down, a confused, hurt look in its eye, it makes you determined to help find a new, loving, permanent home. We don’t get much official financial support, so we fundraise ourselves, we stretch every dollar to the max.


Tania Watton

Owner-manager, BOQ Subiaco.

Dog’s Name: Harry

If Hangs Espresso in Crossways Shopping Centre is the heart and soul of Subiaco then Harry is its biggest, hairiest fan.

You’ll often find him there with his devoted owner, Tania Watton, who works nearby in her BOQ office, overseeing him wolfing down the little treats given to him by the friendly staff.

What breed of dog is Harry? A ruby/caramel Cavoodle. How did you come about getting him?

After years of my two sons begging me to get a dog I finally caved in, given they would be going to

university and we would be home to look after him.

Do you and he have a favourite Subi ritual?

Harry and I walk up from West Leederville most Saturday mornings to drop my car off for a clean and stop for a nice coffee in Subiaco.

I usually try different places given the broad amount of cafes now opening up in this wonderful part of Perth.

How do dogs enhance the vibe of Subiaco?

We have many clients who come in BOQ with their dogs, so dogs make such a difference, especially given age demographics as lots of older people love to mingle with the dogs. At Hangs Café not only do people get to socialise but so do their dogs.

Sharlene Lee

Owner, Circles Hair Salon. Dog’s name: Pina Pina the Poodle could have many different titles. But we’re going to go with the prettiest. That’s a no-brainer. When your owner happens to be an award-winning hair stylist who has toyed with the tresses of the rich and famous - along with many a faithful Subi resident - for the past 30 years, you have a huge advantage with your grooming.

And Pina appears to be as popular as she is pretty at Circles where she plays receptionist with a lick of charm and an over-excited welcome - but sometimes falls asleep on the job. How did you come by Pina?

I brought her out from Sydney through COVID because it was such a uncertain time and I wanted to boost morale in the salon.

What is her role in the salon?

She greets clients on arrival, and she enjoys lots of cuddles and kisses from the team and clients. Pina’s favourite position is sleeping on the front desk.

How do customers react to her? They absolutely love her and go crazy every time they see her. She brings a calm energy to the salon.

Dog-friendly places in Subiaco?

Glamour Nails - Pina comes with me every three weeks to have my mani and pedi. Bark bar (with that name, why would it not be dog-friendly?) and Golden West Brewing Co.

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Ian and Robyn Gatjens

Owner/Chef, El Peruvian Food Co. Dogs' names: Deniro and Ellie

Ian Gatjens is as well known for being a generous, empathetic soul as he is known for his approach to giving back to the community. During COVID, the kind-hearted chef from Lima was offering free coffees to nurses on the front line.

It seems he and Robyn are just as popular with dogs and dog owners, as their two furry friends share their doggy love with customers. Naturally, when customers ask a question Ian often replies “you talkin’ to me?”

Here’s why:

Your dogs’ breeds: Deniro is Bullmastiff cross Staffy and Ellie is Staffy cross Labrador. How long have you had them?

Eight and three years. Favourite dog-friendly cafe in Subiaco?

El Peruvian Food Co (of course). Friendliest staff in Subi for dogs?

El Peruvian Food Co (see above). What is the strangest animal friend your dog has?

A cat called Evi.

Cathryn Bahen

Real Estate Agent, Tsokos. Dog’s name: Elvis

Cath Bahen is the original poster girl for Subiaco. Literally. Her face is plastered over For Sale signs right throughout the suburb, and beyond.

The popular real estate agent with Tsokos was born in Subiaco and has been selling character homes in her stomping ground for two decades. Her grandfather, Clem Bahen, grew up on Subiaco Road and played footy for Subiaco in the 1920s.

The former teacher has lived in the United States, the Middle East and the UK, but Subi is her greatest love. As a publican’s daughter, she knows how to get the lowdown on her suburb’s best haunts. Here she shares them.

What is your favourite go-to place in Subi to exercise your dog, Elvis?

Cliff Sadlier Park in Daglish, as it is a beautiful dog park surrounded by quiet streets with little traffic.

It is a real community down there at any time of day and has become a lovely dog family.

Where would we find you and Elvis having a coffee on a Saturday morning? Community Coffee or Boucla. Both make excellent coffee and welcome Elvis and I warmly. How did you come across Elvis?

During the pandemic, jet pets were not flying into Perth so I drove to Forster, NSW, to pick him up. That turned into an 18,000km road trip taking five weeks. It was the final road trip for my old dog Wally who had been diagnosed with cancer.


There are some places that go above and beyond just putting out a dog bowl. Here are some Subi joints that get a huge doggie, slightly slobbery lick of approval.

Cafe Café

Subiaco Square Road, Subiaco Brunch Makers

115 Rokeby Road Subiaco

Little Rokeby Café

269 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Whisk Creamery

151 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Jaffle Shack

95 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Cafe Melograno

67 Heytesbury Road, Subiaco

Hole in the Wall Cafe Subiaco Arts Centre, 180 Hamersley Rd, Subiaco

How long have you lived in Subiaco and what makes it so special?

I have lived in Subiaco for nearly 25 years but have been working in Subiaco for 32 years. Subiaco is not just where you live, it’s a tribe. My next door neighbour changed my tyre the other day, when he noticed it was flat.

Subi wouldn’t be Subi without . . .

The beautiful character houses and tree-lined, narrow streets. It was where my family first settled when they moved over from Richmond, Victoria, at the turn of last century. Fave Friday night drinks haunt?

I am quite a fan of Bark. Small, intimate, and the owners are really friendly. I look forward to more small establishments opening up soon too.


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316 rokeby rd, subiaco wa. 08 9388 3131 broome. dampier terrace chinatown & cable beach club resort ALLURESOUTHSEAPEARLS.COM.AU
Doggie -friendly Subi cafés

know Knead to


Subiaco’s bakeries are as individual as the bakers who make all those delicious pastries and breads rise like magic. Gail Williams rolls up her sleeves to meet them.

Something’s definitely on the rise in Subiaco. And it’s not just the towering One Subiaco building which has residents constantly gazing skywards.

On the ground, early risers are breathing in the wafting aromas of baking artisan bread as they walk through Subi streets and get a romantic whiff of the olden days when the Brown and Burns bakery in Hay Street, circa 1897, delivered by horse and cart.

The wheel has turned full circle since then, as a whole new league of passionate bakers discover the ancient craft of hand-moulding artisan bread as they toil away through the night to bring residents their daily loaves. These days, though, the breads in question are organic sourdough, baguettes, brioche, bun mi and rye – all making a huge comeback as small family-owned bakeries pop up through the suburb.

Of course, these hardworking, passionate artisans churning out hand-moulded bread to satisfy an increasingly sophisticated breadloving market are not the first wave of bakers in the suburb since Brown and Burns to discover that it takes talent, passion and plain hard work.

Leading the Perth sourdough renaissance in the 1990s was New Norcia Bakeries, which had an outlet in Bagot Road until 2018. Also Jean

Claude Sterchi opened his charming Swiss patisserie in 1997 to provide customers with his amazing variety of breads, cakes and pastries.

Originally, baking was done in Subiaco but production has now moved to West Leederville, but the charming Rokeby Road patisserie continues to attract daily queues for baguettes, pretzels, brioche and sourdough and yeasted loaves.

As they steered locals away from the “white sliced bread” syndrome, the attitude towards this universally loved food became anything but bland, boring and flavourless.

Here we meet a handful of today’s

kneaders and shapers adding richness to our suburb with their versions of the staff of life.

Bertrand Hofman Layers Bakery, 10/29 Station Street, Subiaco Visit

Ooh, la la! Bertrand is the charming Frenchman who is just itching to share his culture with anyone who stops by his bakery in Subi Centro for a little taste of Parisian decadence. They usually leave with a crusty sourdough under their arm, fresh from the oven.

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The former fine-dining chef uses traditional artisan methods to also churn out almond croissants, chicken truffle pies and chocolate coffee brownies, with customers making like they do in France – taking a bite before they’re even out the door.

Jason Ly Sorganic Bakery & Cafe

273 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco Western Australia, 6008 Ph: 6249 9456

Like many Vietnamese-born Aussie residents, Jason knows a thing or two about hard work, having put in 17-hour days to establish a firm following for his organic sourdough baked every day at Sorganic, the recently refurbished and extended Rokeby Road outlet. There is a daily treasure trove of house-baked goods to entice a regular crew of customers hankering after the seven types of loaves, including their signatuare fruit loaf, ciabatta, multi-grain and rye.

There’s also huge demand for house-baked muffins, brownies, cookies, pork-filled baguettes, custard Danishes, carrot cake and scones.

The fan club extends to several

IGA outlets and the Boatshed market, which stocks the sourdough handcrafted over 72 hours and made from chemical-free, stone-milled flour imported from New South Wales.

Jason and his wife, Tiffany Nguyen, took over the bakery and cafe two weeks before COVID lockdown and had to do a quick rethink about what take-away foods they could serve through the cafe window.

“I had done a hospitality course when I arrived here from Ho Chi Minh in 2008,” he says. “I had worked at my relatives’ restaurants like Viet Hoa as a chef. So I began doing take-away

Dough is a very tactile thing. You need to know exactly how much stretch it has and how fast or slow you can go.”
Jason Ly, Sorganic Bakery & Cafe

here and my chicken and rice was so popular, I still can’t take it off the menu.”

When it came to baking bread, he had inherited a team of bakers who worked through the night, teaching him the skill of kneading, folding and clawing the dough.

That’s where the sweat and some tears came in.

The organic starter, which has pride of place in the cool room and which needs to be fed daily, is named Chelsea, after the couple's baby daughter who died during childbirth five years ago.

“It is something to remember her,” says Jason, who has two other daughters now, Caitlyn and Celine.

Tiffany, an accountant, works in the cafe and looks after the management side of things. Having learnt the difficult art of baking bread Jason has an easier workload now, popping in to oversee the team churning out 200 loaves a day and helping with deliveries or manning the coffee machine.

He shrugs off the baking talent but admits it is definitely an acquired skill and says his “happy place” is when he has his hands in dough.

“There are so many variables,” he says. “It can be the starter, it can be the mixing (electric) or the skill of the baker. Some days you get a feeling about it. Dough is a very tactile thing. You need to know exactly how much stretch it has and how fast or slow you can go.”

Nila Khautama and Winny Phylicia Raisin’ Bakery & Café 4a/155 Onslow Road, Shenton Park

Ph: 9380 4530

Baking bread might sound like the simple science of combining four basic ingredients: flour, yeast, water and salt.

But, as every home baker knows, it is a little more complicated than that. That’s where the talents of two clever sisters come into their own in the Shenton Park bakery. Nila is the

pharmacist and Winny is an engineer; they use a Japanese raisin-based fermentation technique known as Ten’nen kobo to make their wild yeast bread which has a unique aroma, taste and crust. Pop in and pick up a curry or squid ink baguette along with a caramel double chocolate cookie.

Jean-Claude Sterchi Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie 333 Rokeby Road, Subiaco Ph: 9381 7968

Jean-Claude . . . now there’s a name needing no introduction to Subi lovers of all things Swiss-baked. Jean-Claude is local shorthand for “I’m hankering for a mini chocolate eclair” or “OMG, I have to host book club tonight. I'll visit Jean Claude for a savoury platter.” But most of all, his

BUNS IN THE OVEN Bottom, Layers Bakery are famous for their ultra-authentic French bakes. Below, matcha buns at Raisin' Bakery. Opposite, Jason and Tiffany at the newly renovated Sorganic Bakery & Cafe.

EDITION 9 | 2022 25

LOAFING AROUND Left, the delicious daily bread made by Jean-Claude's Patisserie on Rokeby Road. Above, the Strange Grains Gluten Free Bakery, headed up by Jenny Braithwaite Holten in Shenton Park.

from this artisan bakery tucked away in Shenton Park next door to Galileo.

customers are like Pavlov’s dogs . . . they start salivating over mini lemon meringue tartlets just at the mention of his name.

Bread? Yes, of course he does that. You name it – bagels, pretzels, brioche, sourdough, yeasted loaves, dinner rolls. Where would the suburb be without Jean-Claude? Hungry . . .

Jenny Braithwaite Holten

Strange Grains Gluten Free Bakery, 197 Onslow Rd, Shenton Park Ph: 0468 858 157

Chewy crust. Soft middle. Proper bread. That’s not strange, that’s how a lot of regular customers describe the gluten-free champion sourdough

The incredible former anthropologist behind it is responsible for putting the Holten name on the map. Years ago, Jenny was the owner of the go-to restaurant of the 70s. When she sold Holten's in 2000, she looked into starting up her own gluten-free bakery, and Strange Grains was born. The product range – which weighs in at just under a ton of bread a day – includes yeastfree buckwheat sourdough, French sticks, burger buns, bagels and pizza bases, all baked on-site. She’s also doing a gluten-free pasta now. And the 75-year-old grandmother also still works six days a week. “I’m the standover merchant, making sure everything goes OK,” she laughs.


Daragh and Trish Grier Wild Bakery

Subi Farmers Markets

Their home might be in South Fremantle, but you can catch this remarkable duo at the Subi Farmers Markets every Saturday, plying their wholesome trade while extolling the virtues of wild fermentation and authentic flavours.

The country-style Hannah Loaf was the one that started their journey, and – with a raw weight of 1.8kg – it is quite a hefty number. It’s their signature loaf and will keep for days.

But there’s more – pork and fennel sausage rolls, escargot, Turkish orange cake, and a weekly variety of quiche. But be quickregulars snap up their favourites at the market early.

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Ph: 0468 787 581
When life takes a turn... we’re here to help. At Bethanie Subiaco, our highly trained clinical staff take the time to understand our residents and tailor our care to meet their individual needs. To find out more or to tour our specialised high level acuity, dementia and palliative care aged care home, contact us via the below. Bethanie Subiaco Aged Care Home 131 151 |

Spring into Subi Farmers Market

Sloane Carvell creates a spring tart with produce from local growers
- and
explores some of the new stalls at Subi Farmers Market.

Kitchen Sloane's

Spring is the season of refresh and renewal. It’s a great time to explore seasonal produce from local farmers and maybe pick up something for yourself, or a gift for someone else, at the Subiaco Farmers Market. During winter we crave comfort food - lots of soups and hearty dishes - but spring is the time to feel light and refreshed. We crave more salads and smoothies, light tarts and citrus cakes, and plenty of fruit and vegetables that our bodies love. As well as exploring some new stalls at the market this spring, I’ve created a roast cherry tomato and feta tart - perfect for spring lunches or a picnic.

Poetic Pours

Nothing says spring more than flowers. Eve Marre of Poetic Pours is a nurse who started getting creative during the COVID pandemic to help take her mind off work in a stressful time by creating beautiful resin art, jewellery and homewares. What started as a hobby is now, she says, giving her life! She is a lover of nature and flowers, and handcrafts floral resin jewellery by drying real flowers and preserving them in resin. She also creates bookmarks,

tealight holders, and coasters. A pair of daisy earrings or a necklace with a kaleidoscope of blooms is sure to pick you up on a sunny spring daythey are food for the soul and make the perfect gift.

Innuendo by the Paramour Innuendo by the Paramour creates products that support self-care, comfort and healing. Founder Fleur created Endo Oil after her own painful path with endometriosis, during which she endured years of symptoms and surgery to support her pain management. Fleur was inspired to find a natural product that complimented medical treatment and created a unique oil blend. The oil can be used to help soothe pain points, aid skin and scar repair and hydrate skin. Fleur also donates $5 from each purchase of Endo Oil to someone in need through For the Warriors campaign. Other products include a For Her body elixir to nourish skin with ingredients such as honey, myrtle and camelia oil, and a Warrior Recovery Oil, which includes ingredients such as Tasmanian kunzea oil and sandalwood oil. Fleur wants to encourage women to embrace their whole self, regardless of messages they receive and challenges they face.

Gallant Gift Company Gallant Gift Company, run by Tess and Brooke, is a recent addition to the market. Their business focuses

on helping you find gifts for the men in your life - which is sometimes a hard task! While flowers are common to send women and used for everything from birthdays to thank-you gifts, there hasn’t really been an equivalent for men. Tess and Brooke saw a gap in the market and began Gallant Gift Company. As well as making men’s gifts easier, they are also creating a conversation around men’s health, community projects and the environment. They have got you covered for a congratulation present, a get well soon, ‘hope you’re OK’ or just a last minute gift for your dad or brother. They pride themselves on using Australian brands and businesses that also support communities and are doing their best to be sustainable. Where possible, their products are environmentally friendly, in that they might be organic or eco-friendly. They stock Bare Bros candles and products from companies such as Dingo Sauce Company, Beerfarm, Sunbutter Huskee Cups, Bloke Soap and Whipper Snapper Distillery. While not at the market every weekend, they will be there on Saturday, October 22 with men’s mental health packs available to buy, and hope to be there more regularly near Christmas. So, get ready to spoil the man in your life!

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WITH | Sloane Carvell in partnership with Subiaco Farmers Market

Spring Roast Cherry Tomato and Feta Tart

TARTS ARE PERFECT for showcasing spring ingredients. Here in WA, with our temperate climate, tomatoes are generally available from late in the season. Stakehill Produce have their beautiful tomatoes available all year at Subi Farmers Market as they specialise in hydroponic tomatoes. Along with GMT Produce, The Little Big Store and The Peoples Produce, you’re not short of fruit and vegetable choices at the market - and eggs from Treetop Farm.


500g cherry tomatoes

tspn salt and black pepper

2 sheets of frozen short crust pastry, partially thawed

200g feta cheese

2 cloves of garlic, minced

2 tbsp olive oil

2 large eggs

½ cup of milk

1 ½ tsp Dijon mustard

1 tbsp thyme


Place tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper in a medium bowl and toss until well coated.

Spread the tomatoes in a single layer on a large baking sheet and roast in a 200°C oven for 25 minutes or until slightly blistered. Allow to cool.

Meanwhile, whisk eggs and milk together, slowly crumble in the feta and mix to combine. Keep about a quarter of a cup of feta aside for topping the tart.

Place one sheet of pastry on a large sheet of baking paper. Cut the second sheet into three strips. Join one strip to the left side of the whole sheet and another strip to the top of the sheet. Use the remaining strip to fill the gap between them. Turn the pastry sheet into a 3.5cm deep, 24cm round loose-based fluted tart tin. Press the edges to line the sides and discard any extra pastry. Prick the pastry with a fork and freeze for 10 minutes.

Line the pastry with baking paper, fill with baking beads (you can use dried beans or rice) and bake for 10 minutes. Remove the paper and weights and bake for a further 10 minutes until the pastry is golden. Let cool.

Brush the pastry with the Dijon mustard.

Pour the egg, milk and feta mixture over the bottom.

Place the roasted tomatoes on top and drizzle the juice from the baking paper over the tomatoes. Top with the leftover feta and thyme leaves.

Bake at 200°C for 25 minutes until the filling is puffy and golden.



this spring


197 Onslow Road

Shenton Park is well-served by a couple of exceptional bakeries - and Strange Grains is one of them. You’ll find a delectable range of gluten-free baked goods, like an extremely photogenic dairy-free and GF Lamington cream cake, topped with fresh strawberries. The breads they make though are the real drawcards, turning the old cliché that gluten-free loaves are anything to write home about on its head. These artisanal bakers are also masters of creating wheat-free and vegan breads and judging by the way these loaves sell out each day, they’re onto something in this little corner of Shenton Park.


159 Onslow Road

Be prepared to come out with more than you intended to buy when you call into this beautifully stocked IGA. From the gorgeous blooms at the entrance to freshly baked sweet and savoury treats, there are more gourmet goodies than even a dedicated MasterChef could desire at this Shenton Park favourite. The Good Grocer’s expertise in sourcing superb local and imported gourmet foods, combined with IGA’s value for money on everyday items means you can expect quality, convenience and exceptional service – all in the one place. There’s also kombucha and cold-filtered coffee on tap for while you shop.


(formerly Onslow Road Pharmacy) 159 Onslow Road

This group of independently-owned pharmacies is growing (a 10th branch has just opened on Hay Street in Subiaco too), and prides itself on exceptional customer service, great gifts and the chance to earn $1 for every $15 spent in a rewards program which actually works.


4a/155 Onslow Road

Oh, you lucky Shenton Park peeps - here’s another artisanal bakery that ticks all the boxes for baking delicious French/Japanese-inspired bread and pastry. They brew their yeast in-house, and it’s cultivated from raisins (hence the name). Not just a bakery; this is also a cafe that will have you coming back for more from

dishes like sous vide pork with bbq sauce, coleslaw, pickled daikon, cheese with a slather of wasabi mayo, and matcha buns with matcha buttercream filling to round off things with a sweet treat.


85 Onslow Road

As the proud winner of Tennis West’s 2015 award for Most Outstanding Club, this warm and welcoming tennis club invites adults and juniors of all levels for social and competitive play. There are seven grass courts, some open all year around, and four flood lit hard courts. Unique to Perth, four of the grass courts are under lights so when the heat begins to make your forehand flag, you can play in the cooler evenings on grass.





make your own

EDITION 9 | 2022 31 162G Rokeby Rd Subiaco (above Brew-Ha Café) See website for online orders, classes & opening times. • Ph 0418 321 296
Handmade in Subiaco, naturally Buy from our
Take a walk along Onslow Road and around Shenton Park and you’ll find a collection of venues, stores and businesses as individual as the beautiful residential streets which run alongside.

Subi wine lovers! If you can feel the gentle spring sunshine warming your back, it’s time to drink pink. It’s time to think pink. And it’s time to head to your favourite Subi watering hole and slink your little pinky around the stem of a beautiful, pink-hued glass of rosé, the light and cheerful accessory to joyous backyard barbecues, family picnics and watching the sun go down over the beach.

Think liquid Argyle diamonds, coconut ice, everlasting wildflowers or even as a “tender caress in the mouth”. However you describe it, rosé is on trend to be the number one tipple for those toasting to the season of re-birthing, joy and love.

Subi rosé lovers have been contributing to soaring sales of rosé in Australia over the past five years as

pinkDrinkthey discover – and rediscover – the dangerously drinkable, pale and dry versions currently flooding the market.

Look to our local bars, and you’ll spot many millennials – among them dedicated males – sinking a quiet delicate-hued drop.

Liquor Barons’ manager, Vincent, says rosé sales at the Crossways outlet are giving sauvignon blanc a nudge as customers seek out affordable French rosé from Provence.

“Drinkers these days are much more discerning and are after that specific Provence-style of rosé which is pale pink and dry, minerally and delicately fruity,” he says.

We spoke to a few Subi-ites who are dedicated think pinkers enjoying the first blush of spring with a cheeky one in hand.

Rosé is having its moment in the sunwhich is perfect since spring is now upon us. Gail Williams discovers more about this delicious taste of sunshine in a glass (and in a cake).

The Rosé Maker

Mark Bailey, senior winemaker, Howard Park Wines

“La Vie En Rosé”

He might have started out his winemaking career feeding a desire to make top quality chardonnay, but Mark Bailey can’t keep the effervescence out of his voice when talking about rosé, one of the favourites in his extensive stable of wines as Howard Park’s senior winemaker. Based in Margaret River, his enthusiasm for rosé flows all the way to Subiaco, where Howard Park Wines have a prominent office on Hay Street.

“Rosé . . . what a wonderful wine to be enjoying a renaissance,” he says. “It’s such a great wine to be drinking in spring. It really talks to our climate, it speaks to our way of life in Perth. It’s not too serious and is a fun, outdoors sort of wine. It goes with a lot of foods and does bridge that white wine or red wine thing.”

You’ll notice his Madfish, Marchard & Burch and Howard Park Miamup on wine lists around the suburb.

In the meantime, here are some Howard Park fun facts about the pretty pink stuff.

• We may have the Greeks to thank for the invention of rosé. To try to maintain sobriety among drinkers, wines produced at the time were watered down and red and white wines were blended, creating the pink drink we know today.

• The style migrated to southern France, where Provence became the spiritual home of rosé, inspiring many Australian producers to emulate the style of reducing skin contact with red grapes such as

shiraz, pinot noir and grenache to give it a pink hue and lighter flavour.

• Contrary to what you might think it is OK for men to drink pink. There is a rapidly growing trend known as the Rosé Brosé. “It used to be high in sugar content,” says Mark, but it is no longer seen as a woman’s drink. All sorts of people are drinking it. And loving it.”

The Rosé Sipper

Subi local, Michelle Denny “Sip, sip rosé”

Michelle Denny (pictured above) could easily wear the crown of Subi’s Queen of Rosé. After all, the longtime Subiaco resident shares some qualities with her favourite bevvie. She’s lighthearted, refreshing, beautiful, and is the perfect accompaniment to good times with friends.

Where to find her holding court with fellow rosé lovers? Bar Amelie, where she enjoys sipping Whispering Angel on the deck. But she also loves Cherubino City Cellar, a top spot to sip a pretty Domaines Ott Clos Mireille. It’s a world-famous number from Côtes de Provence which is more orange than pink, and is intensely perfumed, silky and focused on the palate with mineral-accented red berry and citrus fruit qualities and a deeper suggestion of white peach.

The finish hangs on, leaving suave floral and mineral notes behind.

“I’ve been drinking rosé for over a decade now,” says Michelle. “I like to drink it chilled on a hot summer afternoon or evening. I love it with seafood, a charcuterie board or a cheese board.”

EDITION 9 | 2022 33

The Rosé Cook

Penelope Whitcombe, Subi resident and stellar home cook. “Stop and smell the rosé”

If you haven’t been invited to a Whitcombe dinner party in Subiaco, don’t worry, there’s still time to make the guest list of this lovely local identity who has achieved legendary status as one of the suburb’s most accomplished cooks. But where to find her? If you’re lucky, you could spot her alongside Michelle Denny at Cherubino City Cellar enjoying a rosé, when she’s not slaving away in her kitchen.

Having a few oenology units up her sleeve as well, it’s no surprise to find that she knows a thing or two about rosé which can – and does – find its way into her jaw-dropping cakes. She might even have the odd sip for

the cook, especially if she’s using Domaine Terrebrune Bandol Rosé, another favourite.

“It’s light, crisp, minerally and loves to be invited to long, lazy summer gatherings with family and friends,” she says. “It goes beautifully with grilled seafood, salads, Asian food - the foods I love. I first started drinking rosé on a trip to Nice about 15 years ago. We met up with some friends for a late lunch in a restaurant on the waterfront and were introduced to the local rosé. We have been great mates ever since.”

And if you really want to be invited around for a Whitcombe dinner, you could always get in first and invite her to your place, especially if the night is balmy and you have a back garden with a grape-laden trellis. She might even bring her Sparkling Rosé cake.

If you’re lucky, you could spot Penelope at Cherubino City Cellar enjoying a Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rosé . . .

Sparkling Rosé & Vanilla Naked Cake

Serve with Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol Rosé

4.5 cups plain cake flour

8tsp bicarb soda

375g butter, at room temperature

3 cups caster sugar

1.5tsp vanilla extract

9 egg whites

750ml bottle sparkling rosé

Pink food colouring gel Flowers to decorate Swiss meringue buttercream

250g butter

¾ cup caster sugar

4 egg whites

2tsp vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 180°C/160°C fan forced. Grease three 6cm deep, 20cm round cake tins and line base and sides with baking paper.

Sift the flour and bicarb soda into a large mixing bowl. Using a stand mixer, beat butter, sugar and vanilla in a separate bowl until very pale and creamy. Reduce speed to medium. Add egg whites, one at a time, beating well after each addition.

Add flour mixture and wine alternately in three batches, beating well after each addition. Tint pale pink with food colouring.

Divide mixture evenly among prepared cake tins and bake for one hour or until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean. Stand cakes in pans for 10 minutes. Turn onto wire racks to cool completely.

To make Swiss meringue buttercream, start by cutting butter into cubes. Whisk sugar and egg whites together in a heatproof bowl until combined. Place over a saucepan of simmering water and whisk continuously for about eight minutes until mixture reaches 70°C on a candy thermometer, or is hot to the touch. Transfer mixture to a clean bowl of a stand mixer. Beat for 10 minutes or until mixture has cooled and is almost at room temperature. Reduce speed to medium. Gradually

add butter, one cube at a time, beating well after each addition until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Beat in vanilla. Place one cake, cut side up on a cake rack. Spread with ¾ cup buttercream, top with the second cake and repeat. Top with remaining cake, and, using a palette knife, spread remaining buttercream over the top and sides. Using the edge of the palette knife, scrape off some of the buttercream to create the “naked” effect.

EDITION 9 | 2022 35 1 6 2 R o k e b y R o a d S u b i a c o
S U G A R F R E E E N E R G Y T E A S D A I R Y F R E E P R O T E I N S M O O T H I E S P R O T E I N I C E D C O F F E E S M o n F r i 9 a m t o 5 p m | S a t 9 a m t o 3 p m

Popular Subi spots to say “Hooray Rosé!”

The Village Bar

The vibe? This homey bar has long been a great spot for a Domaine de Cantarelle, from Côtes de Provence in south of France. Goes with? Crab croquettes and The Village squid salad with vermicelli, spring onion and coriander. How does it make you feel?

Like you are lying on a sun lounger facing the Mediterranean while toying with seafood.

Will Roser, Cherubino City Cellar

“The world looks better through rosécoloured glasses.”

On a rare day off, Will Roser, the popular bar manger at Cherubino City Cellar, might start his day with a negroni sbagliato. That’s a negroni made with prosecco instead of gin.

But Will uses a Cherubino rosé instead of prosecco, making it an ideal breakfast drink. Isn’t that what you’d expect from a guy with rosé in his name?

“It gives it a fun, spring twist,” he

says. An ideal day would also find him drinking one on a yacht, listening to Michael Bublé with a prawn cocktail in the other hand. If you can’t get to a yacht, head to Cherubino City Wine Cellar and Will will mix one for you.

He says there are so many rosé drinkers in the bar now they have renamed their golden hour to Rosé Hour.

“On Saturday afternoon, our bar tends to have a blush reflection due to the amount of rosé being splashed in the glass,” he says.

Here’s Roser’s recipe:

KICKER Ebis sande dita poritiori voluptatia desequiatem conseditae volupta epudiciet, ni sit ut quas quatquia.

Bark Bar

At Bark, you’ll find regular gaggles of happy gals drinking Marq Serious rosé on the al fresco deck. The name might be serious, but the vibe Marq rosé creates is anything but.

The winemaker, Mark Warren of Marq Wines in Yallingup, just happened to take out the rosé trophy at the Margaret River Wine Show for this particular wine and he gets to wear the pink jacket trophy forever.

The wine, inspired by the rosés of southern France, is described as “residual sugar dry, yet with a vibrant fruit sweetness. The flavours follow from the aroma with lots of cherry and strawberry. Lifted floral, cherry and strawberry characters with hints of citrus.”

Says Cassie Barrett, who serves it up: “It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s a daytime wine in summer, providing nothing but good memories. A drink for gals having fun in the sun.”

Lums Wine Bar

The Lums crew have a special affinity for 2021 Luminoso Rosé from Eldorado Road, in Beechworth, Victoria.

It’s a dry, savoury number made from Italian varieties of Sangiovese, Dolcetto and Nero d’Avola, giving it a beautiful copper salmon colour along with a textural mouth feel.

Ariane DuBois, venue manager at Lums says it is as close to perfect as

The Rosé Cocktail Mixer
Negrosc 20 ml Contratto Bitter 20 ml Contratto American Vermouth 20 ml Amara Blood Orange 40 ml Cherubino Rosé Build over ice and add blood orange wedge for garnish.
Village Bar

a savoury style rosé comes and should be served chilled to perfection along with fresh bread and a big helping of your favourite feta.

Bar Amelie

Bar Amelie and rosé go together like . . . well, like a wink and a smile. And if you drive up Rokeby Road on a sunny afternoon you’ll see groups of friends doing just that while sipping a French Trienes, the rosé which is the third most popular wine by the glass served at Bar Amelie.

This summer, punters will be queuing for a HoneyBomb Frosé, a colourful cocktail made with rosé, which is so cool it could also serve as dessert. It’s just the thing to go with their high tea (recipe, right).

Says Kat Dehavilland, its creator: “Spring is all about colours and freshness, and by adding this to our spring cocktail menu, we also felt it was a more on-trend version of the traditional frozen strawberry daiquiri.”

And keep watching this space for a Rosé Laneway during the Subi Spritz festival next March.

And one final quote on beautiful rosé.

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy rosé, and that’s close enough.”

Especially if you live in Subiaco.

HoneyBomb Frosé

45ml strawberry liqueur 45ml strawberry puree 150ml Devil's Lair Honeybomb Rosé 1.5 scoops of ice Whizz the lot together in a blender and serve garnished with a strawberry.

EDITION 9 | 2022 37


A new wine bar in an old building sounds faintly Biblical, and, as new arrival on Hay Street, Lums Wine Bar already garners a devoted following, Monique Ceccato takes a deep dive into the eclectic wine list.

Chablis, skin contact, lees, wild ferments - navigating the wine world and its jargon can be daunting. But, Lums Wine Bar’s Mitchell Jenkin is on a mission to change that.

Si Vintners’ strawberry-hued Baba Yaga is one of Mitchell Jenkin’s favourite wines. A blend of skin-contact sauvignon blanc and cabernet sauvignon, it’s got berries and rose petals on the nose and a touch of frizzante on the palate. But ask him what to expect from the drop, and more user-friendly terminology – like, "super refreshing" and "a great wine for drinking in the sun" – is what you’ll likely hear.

“Wine can be intimidating and scary for a lot of people,” says Mitch, one of the four proprietors behind Lums Wine Bar on Hay Street.

“You can go to some places and feel stupid for asking questions or ordering something that isn’t on trend. It’s not fun.”

Feeling ostracised for not knowing your pinot grigio from your pinot gris is the very antithesis of the winedrinking experience. It’s a beverage that’s best shared, one that’s supposed to bring you together over conversation and a good time. That same ideology is what drives Mitch’s vision for Lums.

“We wanted it to be super friendly, welcoming, and not too pretentious,” he says.

Mitch is well-versed in creating a space with a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere, having achieved it in his first endeavour, the West Australian-themed bar and cafe - Bark. It’s never taken itself

too seriously, which is evident in the quintessential Australiana decor and extensive beer list complete with tinnies of Emu Export. Opened in 2018, it’s now well and truly found its groove, and Jenkin was ready for his next challenge.

“There are always 10 ideas of ‘what’s next?’ in [your head],” he says. “I’d always wanted to do a wine bar, and I walked past [this building] one day and called the owner straight up. He was keen on the idea as well. But, we didn’t want the wine bar to be too high-brow. We wanted it to have the same kind of ethos as Bark.”

The first step in achieving that vision was stripping the 100-year-old building of its white false ceilings and stark fluorescent lighting. Now, the venue is back to its bones, and its true character shines. Original and


imperfectly aligned jarrah floors, textural plaster walls, and lead lighting panels are just some of the heritage features now front and centre, the forest green tile-clad bar tying it all together.

Behind it, Mitch and the team have curated a wine list that caters to novice wine drinkers, wine experts, and everything else in between. The countertop ice bucket holds reasonably priced classic chardonnays and pinots, sold by the glass. On the timber shelving above, bottles of champagne in the four-figure region and a host of funky natural drops.

“We wanted Lums to be somewhere you could come in for a sweet white if that’s what you’re into,” he says. “Or, you could come in for something a little more fancy – whatever you like, really. When you’re choosing to come and spend your time and your money here, you should be able to drink whatever you want. It should be fun for everyone.”

Non-wine drinkers are catered for, too, with cans of beer, cider, and ginger beer in the fridge and a small but considered cocktail menu. Not content with serving a stock-standard mulled wine, head bartender Ariane DuBois, spent many hours poring over and modernising classic wine-based cocktail recipes.

For now, the menu is heavily West Australian skewed, but that’s something Mitch anticipates will gradually change in time as he builds stronger relationships with international suppliers. And that’s just the start of exciting updates in the pipelines.

“In the next month, we are launching the deck,” he says.

“The basement will become the wine cellar once we get a takeaway licence, too. Down there, there will be a lot more cellared things and some funkier, secret, rarer wines for people to be able to buy.”

PULL UP A CHAIR Lums has already established itself as the go-to bar of choice for wine loving Subi residents.

Take a journey to South America with El Peruvian Food Co.

Our friendly small bar and restaurant will take you on a tour of Peru with flavourful food and amazing cocktails.


El Peruvian Food Co 3/22 Railway Road, Subiaco

EDITION 9 | 2022 39
To book visit

Introducing the new signature Gold Nugget collection created with exquisite deep sea pearls and diamonds, then embedded with gold nuggets.

The 2022 collection was inspired by Goldberg Variations, presented by West Australian Ballet. The unifying of classical music and modern movement.

A long term partnership between two iconic West Australian brands who have operated for decades in WA.

ng the new signature Gold Nugget collection created with exquisite sea pearls and diamonds, then embedded with gold nuggets. 022 collection was inspired by the Goldberg Variations Season by the West Australian Ballet. The unifying of classical music and modern movement.

Each jewellery piece is truly unique and one of its kind because of its natural formation derived from the earth.

erm partnership between two of the most iconic West Australian panies whom have operated for over several decades in WA.

Only available at Smales Jewellers

lery piece is truly unique and one of its kind because of its natural formation derived from the earth.

143 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

Ph: 08 9383 3222

Only available at Smales Jewellers

143 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

Ph: 08 9383 3222


It’s Friday night and it feels all right. Wine bars, old-school pubs, cocktails, craft breweries, and iconic establishments make Subiaco the perfect place for after-work drinks on a Friday or any day really. Bar hopping is easy thanks to the high concentration of bars around Rokeby Road and Hay Street, all walking distance.

On a sunny day, it’s hard to beat mid-afternoon drinks at Golden West Brewery. The big beer garden, shaded with colourful umbrellas, has great tunes pumping out and a fun vibe. If eating isn’t cheating, tuck into some tasty food, and, on Fridays, the kitchen hours are extended. The food, while not the usual pub fare, is an interesting fusion of European and Australian flavours with Asian spices

– chill garlic cheese naan anyone? They also cook up some interesting beers like the Roast Coffee Stout or the Smooth Bourbon Vanilla Porter. Brewed on site, I like the Super Australian Ale and the Classic Golden Ale, which go down a treat.

A few doors up on Hay Street towards Rokeby Road is Subiaco’s newest bar, Lums. It’s inspired by its building, the former home of EA Lums Grocery & General Store that operated in the 1920s. Drinkers have a choice of by-the-glass wines, from a funky local Pet Nat to classic Italian Nebbiolo, along with a good selection of artisan wines by the bottle. Inside, it has a rustic European feel, and there are small bites on the menu. Lums is an easy choice for a

quick catch-up after work, a work meeting over a glass of something good, before or after dinner drinks to make the evening last longer, and a stop on a night out. The best news is that it’s open late, until midnight Friday and Saturday, and there’s a cute little alfresco deck, too, if you want to soak up the night time urban vibes.

Keep walking along Hay Street and in few steps and you’ll find yourself at the iconic Subiaco Hotel. The grand façade is like a great dame, aged and beautifully kept. The Subi still knows how to pull a crowd, especially in the ever-popular sports bar. Catch up over a pint of craft beer while keeping an eye on the footy – both AFL and AFLW, rugby league, UFC, basketball,

As the evenings get warmer in spring, why not kick back and spend more time with those you love in some of Subiaco’s most welcoming venues.
drink longer

what you want on the list, just ask them to make it. Don’t miss the great selection of grazing boards too, if you’ve worked up an appetite.

Walk up Rokeby Road to Hay Street and, turn right, walk for three minutes for four more watering holes. Bark, from the same owners behind the new bar Lums is like going to a friend’s place or hanging out in a down south holiday house – but better because there’s someone else bringing you beers and quirky cocktails. It’s casual and friendly. There are board games, water bowls for your dog, and a TV in the corner for those that can’t miss the game. Bark champions WA-made beers, wine and spirits, and for those who like to start early, there are $12 espresso martinis from 10am on Fridays. Cheers to that!

Back on Hay Street, look up, and you’ll see the Vibe Hotel logo. Head up in the elevator and you’ll find a gorgeous rooftop bar in the hotel’s Storehouse restaurant and bar. The elegant cocktails are on point here and, on a warm night, it’s a lovely spot to watch the sunset over Subi’s streetscape.

Across the road on Hay Street is Squires Loft which has beers on tap, local and imported wines by the glass and bottle and a small but good selection of cocktails – Squire’s spritz, espresso martini, mojito, caipiroska - that won’t break the bank. If the thought of a perfect flame-grilled grass-fed steak gets your mouth

netball, golf, horse racing and cricket - just some of what you’ll find on the big screens. The lobby bar is popular on Fridays and Saturdays and there’s a roof top and alfresco bar. Keep an eye on socials for Subiaco Hotel’s special Friday drink special.

Head south along Rokeby Road to Subiaco Square to find Refuge Small Bar, which specialises in packaged beers, many of them bottlefermented. There’s also a healthy list of cocktails and if they don’t have

EDITION 9 | 2022 43
TAKE YOUR PICK Subiaco has a great collection of bars and venues, whether you're in the mood for beer, wine or cocktails.
You'll find a gorgeous rooftop bar in the hotel's Storehouse restaurant and bar.”

watering, Squires Loft is for you.

Tucked behind Squires Loft is The Village Bar, a buzzy venue that has boutique beers on tap along with 20 wines by the glass from prosecco to pinot noir, many from WA and all at sensible prices. Walk behind The Village Bar on Barker Road to find an old-school Boston-inspired pub, Fenway, a good spot to head to if a night in front of some sport on the big screen is your jam.

Walk along Barker Road to Rokeby Road, turn left and cross the road to step inside a Frenchinspired world. Bar Amelie has a philosophy of comfort, conversation and a welcoming vibe. The wine list tells stories, and the tapas menu is intentionally designed to encourage interaction. Night owls will love that it’s open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Bar Amelie regularly hosts special events and has just launched a new Supper Club with jazz legend Al Pithers – think dessert cocktails, whiskey paddles, cheese boards and petit fours.

Turn around and walk two minutes up Rokeby Road (toward Bagot St) to Cherubino City Cellar. Not obvious from the road, access is through providore retailer Simon Johnson, or if that’s closed, then go around to the

back entrance and climb the stairs.

Just like a wine bar in Italy, the bar has an elegant interior that feels sophisticated yet relaxed. It’s a fabulous place for Friday drinks, and my tip is to get there early because there’s usually a queue out the door. Think ahead and book a table on Fridays from 7.30pm, so you can linger longer. The thoughtfullycurated wine list features Cherubino’s own labels as well as wines from further afield, including Italy. Find couches in corners, stools at the bar and bar tables and armchairs around coffee tables along with shelves filled with wine. It's a place that's hard to leave - that is until someone else has

booked your table.

About six minutes walk up Rokeby Road is Juanita’s, an eclectic wine bar with old furniture, a big blackboard menu and plenty of character. Their mantra: come as you are, drink what you like. There are different areas inside, and the street side tables are a great place for people-watching. Don’t miss the delectable parfait and salt and vinegar shoestring fries.

There are some 16 bars in Subiaco, so whether you’re looking for casual or sophisticated, a pint or a pina colada, just one or a few, there’s plenty of choices within walking distance. Visit for more inspo.

Bar Amelie Bar Amelie Refuge Bar Juanita's

Jacksons Drawing Supplies is the go-to store for any aspiring –or established – artist in Subiaco and surrounds. Dianne Bortoletto discovers a passion for paint is a family affair.

Art is food for the soul. Creating art just makes you feel good, which explains the popularity of paint-by-numbers kits during the pandemic. The therapeutic benefits of art are well documented.

So if art is food for the soul, then there’s not better place to stock up on quality ingredients, all the tools and supplies for the budding or professional artist, than Jacksons Drawing Supplies in Subiaco.

The Subiaco store opened in 1961, the group’s second store, which has evolved into its flagship destination for artists.

Michael Boercamp had worked at Jacksons for 15 years before buying the business from the founders in 2010.

“I had a great understanding and

passion for the business and wanted to keep the name and history going,” says Michael.

The business Jacksons Drawing Supplies was registered on January 1, 1955. However, its origins date back to Kalgoorlie years before World War II. Harry Jackson formed a partnership in a printing and stationery business with a young man named George Jordan, naming it Jordan and Jackson. The new business quickly became a thriving concern and eventually established in Hannan Street.

After Harry Jackson served in the Royal Australian Airforce, he returned to the business, but things weren’t the same. Kalgoorlie’s economy had taken a downward turn, and his wife needed

regular medical treatment in Perth. Eventually, the Jackson family relocated to Perth. By a stroke of luck, Harry immediately found a city premises to open Jacksons Drawing Supplies.

At 44 years of age, Harry Jackson was starting business life again. It took many years of hard graft to import art supplies that didn’t already have commercial agreements with other retailers, and even longer to find clients that didn’t already have suppliers. Remarkably, he persisted, quoting on tender lists and continuing to call on potential clients. A series of events that included a chance meeting with the owner of an English paints brand and his never-failing attitude began to reap rewards.

In the 1960s, Jacksons started

SUBIACO: EAT SHOP LIVE46 art & culture

manufacturing their own folios and sketch pads, and placed Jacksons stickers on ink pots and paints. In the 1970s, the Westart label was registered, a Jacksons-owned brand that makes a variety of products, including canvases, sketchpads, paints, brushes, crayons and markers.

“I have a love of art products and how they can be used; there is such a diverse use of art materials,” says Michael.

“The Subiaco store is our flagship store, with so much history and high-quality products packed into this small space. The store carries a higher quality range of products, and great display stands full of products possibly not found at other stores.

“Customers that come into our Subiaco store love the character of the building, the memories, and the great customer service we provide.

“I have always loved the passion of the staff members and getting to talk with so many artists,” says Michael.

The notable reputation Jacksons has built up over the past 67 years can be attributed to their customer service and the quality and quantity of art supplies – in fact, Jacksons stocks over 15,000 products.

Walking past Jacksons on the corner of Rokeby Road and Forrest Street, I’m instantly drawn to the window, admiring the works on display.

Store manager Shelley-ann and staff member Ruth run the show. Ruth recently returned to work at Jacksons because she says the environment is so supportive. Both have an obvious passion for art which shines through during our chat.

Shelley-ann explains that the artworks on display in the window

rotate fortnightly between the WA Society of Art artist of the month, and a local artist of her choosing. The day I visit, my attention is drawn to a painting of a sultry woman wearing an off-the-shoulder red dress, eyes closed, throwing her head back to expose her neck and decolletage. It’s impossible not to appreciate the work

on the large canvas by emerging local artist Robyn Camerer.

“I love Robyn’s work, and being able to display it in our window will give her a little boost of confidence – she’s already sold one piece - and that’s what Jacksons is all about, supporting artists and the art community,” Shelley-ann says.

From established artists to hobbyists, students and those just starting out, Jacksons is the go-to store. Jacksons supports and works with Tresilian, an organisation which runs art classes, as well as Ellis House, the Fremantle Arts Centre, ArtSource and others.

Inside, Jacksons is a treasure trove of art supplies and every kind of paint – watercolour, acrylic, oils, sprays, resins. Interestingly, the Matisse brand of paints supports people with disabilities who are charged with the job of painting a sample on the outside of every tube so the buyer

Communities in need
Engage the Youth and provide them with life skills
Subiaco Hotel, 465 Hay Street, Subiaco • Tuesdays, 5.45pm



can see the paint’s true hue.

There’s charcoal, pencils, felt tips, chalk, graphite, and calligraphy sets. Easels, canvases, pads and paper for every kind of drawing, clay, glazes, technical supplies, tools, boards, brushes, waxes and more can be found in the packed store. If you can’t find it, the helpful team will find it for you.

Shelley-ann’s best advice for anyone thinking of picking up a brush, a pastel, or indeed a chunk of clay, is to create for yourself.

“Where many people come unstuck is when they try to create art for some other reason than for themselves, or when they compare themselves to others. Create for yourself, and if other people like it, then it’s a bonus,” Shelley-ann says.

“Acrylic paint is a great starting place – it’s water-based, so easy to clean, and if you make a mistake, you can easily paint over it.”

Shelley-ann says that at the moment, she enjoys creating art with oil paints but the medium changes depending on her mood.

“Working here, it’s hard not to try new things, so I’m always changing what I’m doing – that’s the beauty of art; there are no set rules.”

Shelly-ann says the technique ‘paint-pouring’ is a popular trend.

Get Crafty

4 Sistas Sip and Paint

With a glass of wine in one hand and a paint brush in another, delight your inner child and unleash your creative juices at workshops or weekly classes. The magic begins with an experienced artist guiding you through how to move the paint across the canvas with a brush in a fun and supportive environment. Expect plenty of laughs and you may just walk away with a piece of art you never knew you could create.

“We do sometimes run classes, particularly if there’s a technique that we are being asked about often,” says Shelly-ann.

“I’ll often demonstrate something to our team – such as paint pouring –so they have they know-how to show that to customers who ask or provide technique tips,” she says.

“It’s much better watching someone demonstrate something in front of you, where you can ask questions, than watching a YouTube video.

“I guess that’s our point of difference, we work here, and we’re all artists too, and we share our knowledge with our customers,” she says.

Since Jacksons began 67 years ago, it’s grown into an art supplies

empire with 11 Jacksons stores across WA and NT.

Michael says that many of Perth’s artists have, at some time in the career, worked at Jacksons, either in the warehouse, casually at one of the stores or at Head Office.

“I love speaking with people at functions, art exhibitions and gatherings telling me about their early, as well as recent times, coming into a Jacksons stores,” says Michael.

Jacksons Drawing Supplies in Subiaco is WA’s leading art supply store, but it’s much more than a place to buy craft supplies.

It’s a supportive artistic community ready to support you to feed your creative soul.


Ask Amy

Congratulations, you’re a mum. At such an exciting and busy time, it’s easy to put our

and exercise routine on the back burner, but you don’t have to, as long as you move gently and know your limitations.

Women often underestimate the physical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, birth and the “fourth trimester”. When it comes to returning to exercise post-partum, these changes need to be kept front of mind.

Receiving the all-clear from your health care provider to return to exercise post-partum is not a green light to resume the level and intensity of exercise you undertook pre-pregnancy, or even during pregnancy.

A gentle and measured approach should be taken, especially for women who have undergone a caesarean section, which is major abdominal surgery.

Many health practitioners recommend gentle exercise in the form of pilates to re-engage and strengthen the core and pelvic floor and to build strength into postural muscles which are often compromised from hours of holding and feeding your baby.

For post-partum women who attend our reformer pilates classes at Pillar, I am constantly reminding them that the goals around exercise should now be different.

Simply making it out of the house, in an often sleepdeprived state, is an achievement.

To assist in finding the motivation to return to exercise, I also recommend women choose a form of exercise they enjoy and view that exercise as a form of self-care, a time to check in with themselves and reconnect with their body.

Finding a specific post-natal exercise class also allows women the opportunity to connect with other women in the throes of early motherhood, which is incredibly important.

The benefits of sharing the ups and downs of motherhood with people in the same position as you can not be underestimated, it helps with feelings of isolation and encourages positive mental health.

And as you get back into the groove of stretching and exercising, please remember not to be too hard on yourself, your body has just created life and should be celebrated for it.

This is a sprint not a race, and gently does it should be your mantra. Your body and mind will thank you for it. Pillar Pilates runs weekly post-natal reformer pilates classes with baby-minding services available for the duration of the class. Visit to find out more.

natural looks COSMETIC MEDICINE • Targets Jowls & folds, saggy facial and body tissue including the genital area, active acne and scars, cellulite, stretch marks, fat reduction, fat remodelling, under arm sweating (permanent solution) • Tightens the skin and muscular fascia layer which provides the lifting • Great dermal filler alternative or taking your filler results to a whole new level • Only Radio Frequency (RF) Micro Needling device that can target multiple depths • Minimal to no downtime Book online at via QR Code or contact us at Phone 0431 062 646 BOOK NOW for a complimentary Morpheus8 consultation. REDEFINING NON-SURGICAL SKIN TIGHTENING WITH MORPHEUS8
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Gently does it . . . exercising post-birth for new mums


How do we love spring in Subi? Let us count the ways. Walks through Kings Park to see the wildflowers? Pink blossoms sprouting in front gardens. The smell of boronia in the air? There’s also the sounds of vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers and hedge clippers as Subiaco gets into a frantic spate of spring cleaning.

But spring is not just about cleaning out our physical spaces. It’s also a perfect time to focus on mental health and wellbeing. A time to slow down and rejuvenate our minds and souls.

There’s no shortage of harmonic havens in Subiaco where residents can lie back and do just that.

Here we meet a few:

Lunge Yoga

Level 1/157 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

Phone: 0412389603

This Japanese form of yoga is just the ticket for spring rejuvenation of mind and body. It follows a seasonal program in the Oki-do tradition: true knowledge comes from awakening deep, inner personal wisdom. Parents of teenagers would welcome that there is something to suit everyone,

including classes specifically for teenagers, men and surfers.

Rumble Boxing Subiaco Shop 1A/500 Hay St, Subiaco

Phone: 0473 515 999

If you thought that belting out your frustrations on a punching bag would not lead to a state of zen, it’s time to glove up and do a 45-minute 10-round workout with Rumble, a newbie to Subi.

A few sessions and you could be the undisputed Muhammed Ali of chillax.

As John Travolta would say, “It’s electrifying”. And it takes place against a background playlist of a megawatt sound system. Leave your yoga mat at the door but you’ll get the same high.

Beyond Being Yoga 32 Townshend Rd, Subiaco.

Phone: (08) 6161 7176 or 0411 581 550 Hayley Schmidt, owner and creator of Beyondbeing Yoga, has an invitation that is hard to refuse.

“Step into the flow of grace—and tap into your full physical, spiritual, and healing potential”. And she has a team of instructors ready to share the love with classes starting as early as 6am. Keep an eye out for the Gong Bath and Sound Healing workshops.

Life Wellness Massage Therapy

3/73 Hay St, Subiaco

Phone: 0481 187 830

Like all animals coming out of hibernation, humans turn to rebalancing body and mind in spring. Life Wellness, with their team of nimble-handed experts, are just the people to help whether you are after remedial massage, relaxation,

It’s time to shake off the cobwebs and focus on your inner core and wellbeing, says Gail Williams.

sports massage, deep tissue, or lymphatic drainage.

Or if you fancy a bit of back walking or firm trigger point to get rid of knots and stiffness, this is the place.

Embody Health

4C Centro Avenue, Subiaco

Phone: (08) 9380 9994

Aah spring babies . . . There’s a reason nature chooses spring as the best time to have a newborn. At Embody Health, they know all that, which is why they have a practitioner with a specialised skill set to return the bodies of new mums back to its best with a remedial massage.

And let’s not forget those who are pregnant with a range of holistic treatments, designed by Embody Health founder Caroline Oakes, to help women through the physical and emotional changes that arise during pregnancy. There’s also a fertility massage.

Living Wellness

201 Railway Road, Subiaco Phone: (08) 9389 1008

If a medical treatment has been around for 5,000 years it’s got to have something going for it. James Evans, licensed acupuncturist, hasn’t been around for quite that long.

But he does practice traditional Chinese medicine and consults on all sorts of things from the effective treatment of acute and chronic ailments including fatigue, insomnia, pain, infertility and complex gynaecological and medical conditions.

FOR HOME 126 ROKEBY RD SUBIACO | 9380 6233 | WWW.TABLECULTURE.COM.AU A curation of everything you need for your home, defined by form & function, and quality. For Life

beauty talk

Radiance awaits ...

SKIN DEEP Beauty editor Bev put herself in the safe hands of Dr Judy Craig at Natural Looks for the innovative and longlasting Morpheous8 treatment.

It hurt on my eyebrows (no padding there), my cheekbones, and my neck. The rest of my face was just mildly uncomfortable. It lasts 90 minutes, so once you start, you’re there for a while, but Dr Judy and her team are highly skilled and very gentle.

Like all beauty treatments, I think how it feels for you depends a lot on your pain threshold; what might hurt for me, won’t hurt for you, and vice versa – it’s a very individual thing.

After the treatment is over, your face will stay slightly numb for a while, and I was red as a beetroot, but it calmed down quickly.

The next day, you can’t wear make-up (eek!), and you’ll want to moisturise about three times a day. My skin also felt a little hot and puffy.

By day three and four, my skin had completely calmed down, but

I did have minor bruises around my eyelids and on my neck. While you can easily cover them with concealer, and there’s no real downtime from this treatment, I would say don’t plan anything important for a couple of weeks post.

My skin also felt a little rough but much better after I was allowed to exfoliate on day four.

The great thing about the Morpheous8 is that the results reveal themselves after about three weeks, then keep getting better for three to six months.

I’ve never met a beauty treatment

I won’t try, and if it leaves you glowing and gorgeous, then I’m in!

So when Dr Judy Craig and her team at Natural Looks offered me a Morpheous8 treatment, I booked a spot straight away.

The Morpheous8 is a skin remodeler, a combination of microneedling and radio frequency that stimulates collagen and elastin production, tightens, lifts, and leaves

you looking more youthful and radiant.

Before you start the treatment you have to sit with a numbing cream on your face and neck for an hour, and I will admit that having a numb face is a weird sensation. But you’re in safe hands with Dr Judy (an actual GP) and it’s necessary to be as numb as possible before you start.

The treatment feels like a quick electric pulse with some pressure.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive beauty solution that helps with skin concerns such as ageing, jowls, firmness and dark spots and leaves your skin dewy and flawless, then this is the treatment for you.

Three weeks afterwards, my skin is glowing, and everyone keeps asking what I’ve done, so that’s all the proof I need to tell me this treatment works.

See Dr Judy and her team, and they’ll be able to tailor the right treatment for your skin. Morpheous8 starts from $300 for a single area.

Try Morpheous8 at Natural Looks, Suite 5, Rokeby Road, Subiaco. Ph: 9287 2944 or visit

Bev Ligman gave the Morpheous8 skin remodeler treatment a test run at Natural Looks - and the results speak for themselves.

LILY LANE CREATIVE in Subiaco Square goes from strength to strength. Sarah and team regularly transform their clients' lives with ultra-professional colour and cuts, and have created a gorgeous, relaxed vibe in the salon next to Spoilt By Subi.

well as all the usual hairdressing services (including a dreamy massaging chair while you have your hair washed), they offer extras thrown in (like a free, nourishing K18 peptide ritual for colour treatments) which other salons add extra dollars for. So for your next treat yo'self hair do, email

elle design rugs

EDITION 9 | 2022 53 @elledesignrugs An exclusive range of luxurious and beautiful hand-knotted silk and wool rugs from India and Iran. Create your own bespoke design or let us help you source a unique rug.
Ph 0407 276 211 325 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco visit SUBI beauty news

the shopkeeper

Cups, Saucers, and Conversation

Jill Dallimore knows her regulars well. She knows their life stories. She’s met their children and has their dogs’ names down pat. Every now and then, she’s even on the receiving end of a pictorial show-and-tell. It’s all part and parcel of long-term store ownership in a friendly community like Subiaco.

“I like a chat, so I’ve made friends with people that have been coming into my store for the past 20 years,” says Jill.

She and her husband, Mark, have been at the helm of Dallimore's since the early 2000s. “I’ve always been interested in architecture, homewares, and what-have-you,

so buying the homewares store just seemed like the natural progression.”

What started as a franchised business quickly morphed into a stand-alone homewares boutique, taking on the Dallimore family name and unique identity. Dropping the

franchise gave Jill the freedom to handpick the brands and items she wanted in the store, and the flexibility to work in the way she preferred –lengthy chats with her long-time customers included.

“Those customers still come in now,” she says. “Sometimes they don’t buy much, and they just look. Other times, they just come in and have a chat. But, that’s what has really held us in good stead, our loyal customers.”

They’ve been there for Dallimore's through thick and thin, helping the store navigate the peaks and troughs in their lengthy innings in business. This unwavering support for their favourite local – and a universal quest to find activities to alleviate confinement-induced boredom – got the family-owned store to the other side of COVID lockdowns, one pasta machine sale at a time.

“When we got locked down, we thought, what the hell are we going to do?”

Like the rest of the world, the lockdown in March 2020 halted all trade at Dallimore's, forcing Jill and her family to scramble to find solutions. Luckily, it didn’t take long for the tills to turn over again.

“We were actually really lucky,” she says. “Business got so busy for us during COVID because people were all working from home. Our locals were coming in and buying things because they were all making bread, making pasta, and rearranging their homes during their lunch breaks. A lot of things that we might sell only two of a year, we started selling two a day. Our customers really helped us along with it.”

Pre-COVID, Jill stepped away from the customer-facing role in the store, leaving her daughter, Sarah, to take the reigns. Sarah made the store her

Dallimore’s is something of a homewares lovers’ institution on Rokeby Road, the place to head for if you need a funky spatula, a Le Creuset crockpot or a lovely set of bowls. Monique Ceccato reports.

own, reorganising a corner to house children’s fashion and setting the wheels in motion for a potential holein-the-wall cafe (which didn’t end up coming to fruition).

While her daughter had the store under control, Jill didn’t sit idle. Instead, she returned to university to complete her degree in landscape architecture she’d started before falling pregnant with her children and spent some time working in the field. There was also a brief foray into handsewn linen aprons and napkins, and she even managed a few shifts in the air with Virgin Airlines before her budding flight attendant career was abruptly grounded.

Now, Jill has come full circle. During the week, you can find her right back where she started, serving customers with a smile at the store.

“My daughter has just left us to go and work on other things. She has a family now and, I think after 20 years,



wander around Dallimore's and you'll be inspired to restock


she’s allowed to,” she laughs.

Though the store is, once again, in a new era, it’s still the Dallimore's customers have always known and loved. Business is still humming along nicely, and Jill has no plans to upset that balance.

“I think that, if you know what you’re doing, you do it well,

without trying to be everything for everybody,” she says. “You do what you know and stick to it. We may dabble in other things down the track, but, for now, we’re pretty happy just sticking with what we do.”

Dallimore's Homewares, 173 Rokeby Road, Subiaco. Visit

PHARMACY 777 Beauty Clinic

EDITION 9 | 2022 55
Subiaco Rokeby Road 136 Rokeby Road, Subiaco 6008 Beauty Therapy treatments such as facials, massages, waxing and nails. Gift Vouchers Available Ph 9381 1468

New threads

Give your wardrobe a spring clean with some new pops of colour, gorgeous jewellery to shine in the sun and shoes to elevate any outfit.

1 2 3 5 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 shop styleWITH | Desmond Eddy • IMAGES | Fabrizio Lipari
EDITION 9 | 2022 57 1. Gnome necklace, Kul Kul, $155 2. Unisa Valdes Metallic Monogram shoe, Marie Claire, $259 3. Cable pink Scandi shirt, Spoilt at Subi, $189 4. Anna Chandler multi coloured scarf, Cottage Garden, $45.00 5. Dolcezza crop jacket, moody mermaid, Ilsie Boutique, $229.99 6. Eloise Dress – Teal, Picnic, $149.99 7. Elk Lofte small bag, Spoilt at Subi, $179 8. 18ct white gold, Blue Topaz, sapphire & diamond drop earrings, Ecali, $5,295 9. 18ct white gold light blue sapphire & diamond ring, Thomas Meihofer, $3,750 10. Sylvia Toledano bague dots stone ring $225, & Pierre stone gold cuff $285, Emporia 11. Luma Beach tote bag, Sheridan, $99.99 12. Gold nugget pearl earrings, Smales, $2,750 13. Cohiba drop ashtray, Devlin's, $69.95 14. Tropical pearl ring, Allure, $3,900 15. Simone Pérèle Papaya bra, Hidden Lace, $149.95 16. Corkicle aerator, Devlin's, $44.95 17. Grand Seiko watch, Smales, $10,900 18. Drift Away Orange Howlite, Magnesite, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal bracelet, Jet Empire, $60 19. Knomo green leather organizer, Devlin's, $215 20. Moschino shoe, Di Mario, $999 21. Sassy duck yellow bag, Kul Kul, $81.95 22. 14k white gold filagree cup stud earrings, Atlas, $1,250 23. Cole Haan Zerogrand running shoe, Sheridan, $250 24 Millie wrap top, Bedtonic, $159. 12 16 13 14 15 18 17 19 20 23 24 21 22

Take a fresh eye to your interiors and chuck out the chintz in favour of bold, modern prints, fun accessories and just a little touch of luxe.

SUBIACO: EAT SHOP LIVE58 shop style 3 1 7 clean
6 4 5 8 Spring
EDITION 9 | 2022 59 1. Parrot ceramic deco $14.95, Bed, Bath & Table 2. Enamel floral frame $24.95, Bed, Bath & Table 3. Maxi tealight, set of four (Green Tea + Mint) $15, Bespoke Blends 4. Marimekko Unikko Teapot $149.95, Table Culture 5. M & W Floral coasters $2.95 each, Dallimore Homewares 6. Anna Chandler cup & saucer $32, Cottage Garden 7. Keelan Baby Blanket -pea, $89.99, Sheridan 8. Anna Chandler small yellow plate $47.95, Cottage Garden 9. Herbal Handbook $24.99, Dymocks 10. Christian Lacroix cushion, $418.00, Heather Levi 11. Birds of the World notecards $39.99, Pharmacy 777, $99.95 12. Holly green pots & flower $125, Kul Kul 13. Annabel trends cosmetic sherbet poppies bag $39.95, Pharmacy 777 14. Muddy Creek soaps $8.95 each or 3 for $21, Pharmacy 777 15. Manuscript Orange quill pen $24.95, Jacksons Drawing Supplies 16. Cat Garden flannel slippers $9.95, Bed, Bath & Table 17. Myrtle & Moss hand cream & soap duet $29.95, Spoilt at Subi 18. Focal Kanta No 1 speakers, $11,000 (pair), Addicted to Audio 19. Kollab mini mat Fleur floral $69.95, Spoilt at Subi. 9 10 11 12 16 14 15 17 13 19 18

New life

Baby on the way? Treat your new arrival to some of the cutest gear around from booties to gorgeous wooden toys that'll last for years.

1 2 3 4 5 6 8 7
EDITION 9 | 2022 61 1. Bebe floral hat, $39.95, and 2. Bebe floral dress, $59.95, Hidden Lace 3. Kate Finn floral doll, $96.95, Hidden Lace 4. Done by Dear first meal happy pots meal set, Table Culture, $39.95 5. Olivia Budget Hat, Cancer Council, $38 6. M & W Pink Unicorn 3 pce set, Dallimore Homewares, $15.95 7. Tiger tribe bath racers platypuses, Spoilt at Subi, $20, 8. Halcyon Nights Chasing Rainbows long sleeve body suit, Spolt at Subi, $34.95 9. Australian circle pearl children’s neoprene bangle, Linneys, $210 10. Hello Baby’s Black & White books, Dymocks, $12.99 11. Artibox wood box creativity set 86, Jacksons Drawing Supplies, $69.95 12. Les Mask Moulin Roty, $62, Plane Tree Farm 13. ABC touch think learn book, Table Culture, $59.95 14. Caravan Moulin Roty, $125, Plane Tree Farm 15. Pilbeam Ocean backpack, $XX, Greenleaf Pharmacy 16. Kelvin Tangello baby small toy, $19.95, Sheridan 17. Avanti Yum Yum bento lunch box $46.95, Dallimore Homewares 18 Birkenstock Eva Gizeh, beetroot purple, $59, BStore 14 13 17 18 12 11 10

Subiaco’s family jewellers know the value of heritage, and how to craft a gift to last multiple lifetimes.

A Gift for


There is something intrinsically special about a piece of fine jewellery that’s been passed down from one generation to the next. The craft and skill applied to create the original piece, a snapshot of the styles of a previous era, the memories it has captured from its past years – all bound together and given a new lease of life.

As a second-generation jeweller (and third generation craftsman, with his grandfather a watchmaker), Justin Linney knows all too well the significance of gifting a timeless piece of jewellery, and the value in crafting items that last.

“Jewellery is special from the initial investment; when you buy the gold


and gems, but that monetary value is superseded by the emotional value of the piece,” says Justin. “After a while, some pieces really do become irreplaceable.”

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Linneys was founded by Justin’s father Alan, whose philosophy was to hero Western Australian materials. Australian gold, Australian South Sea pearls and Argyle pink diamonds

form the backbone of Linneys jewellery, creating luxury pieces that are both beautiful and rare.

“Being in our 50th year, we’re now onto our third generation of customers,” says Justin. “We recently had a grandmother, mother, and daughter visit us, and they all had pieces of Linneys jewellery.

“A friend of mine recently brought in a ring my dad had made for her mum.

Her mum said, ‘you’re 25 now and I’d really like for you to have this ring.’

"It was blue sapphire – the stone's surface had some scratches and general wear and tear. She wanted to keep the ring as it was, but we needed to take the stone out, rebuff it, polish it, resize it to fit her finger, and when we were done, it looked like a brand-new ring after 30 years of being worn. There are not that many items that can be worn for that long.

"My dad had seen it and said, 'I remember making that ring'. She's just had children, and she will pass that down."

Justin says while some pieces are brought in for minor repair

EDITION 9 | 2022 63
Below and below right, Smales create legacy pieces, designed to be handed down through the family. A FAMILY AFFAIR The Linneys family of jewellers (opposite) are celebrating 50 years in business in 2022. Smales Showroom Smales Linneys Smales

and rebuffing only, others may be remodelled entirely – re-fashioned to retain their integrity and sentimental value, but in a contemporary style.

Linneys also has a particular knack for custom-making pieces that are destined to be passed down; gifted for significant milestones, such as the birth of a child.

One of Justin’s notable creations was the necklace he made for his wife Cat to commemorate the birth of their first child, Elle. He crafted a disc-shaped pendant fashioned in Linneys signature style with a handcarved, textured appearance and organic edging, featuring Elle’s name engraved in its centre.

The style is available for purchase, customised to order with a unique engraving.

Smales Jewellers is another Subiaco family-owned business that can attest to the power of personalised jewellery as milestone gift, intended to be passed down through the generations.

“Quality in jewellery lasts a lifetime and can be handed down from generation to generation,” says Smales marketing manager Shauna Samuels-Dunbar.

“This may sound like a cliché, but when my mum passed away,

I was given her solitaire diamond engagement ring; to this day, whenever I look at the ring on my hand it reminds me of her, and I feel like she is with me.”

Shauna says eternity rings are an iconic purchase for new mothers, especially upon the birth of a first child.

Having originated in 1937 in Kalgoorlie, Smales is renowned for its gold nugget jewellery, set with exquisite Hearts on Fire diamonds and pearls.

These organically textured pieces are true statement items that will retain relevance for years to come, making them the ideal gift destined for continuous renewal from generation to generation.

Allure South Sea Pearls’ Angela Russo says a singular pearl is the perfect gift to purchase for the birth of a child, to be treasured and transformed into a bespoke piece of jewellery for a milestone birthday, such as an 18th. Alternatively, when gifted as a custom piece for the mother, it can be gifted again to the child to renew its purpose and amplify its sentimentality.

“Jewellery is an intimate life-time gift that evokes memories of special milestones in everyone’s lives,” says Angela. “It commemorates

LASTING IMPRESSION Allure South Sea Pearls are a unique way to mark a special event, like an 18th birthday or anniversary.

everything that is important to us and can be treasured forever.”

Allure South Sea Pearls co-founder and second-generation jeweller Lindsay Youd works closely with clients to create bespoke pieces to mark special moments in time such as this and a custom pearl piece from his Subiaco boutique is guaranteed to be of quality craftsmanship.

Its genuine pearls are sourced from Australia, Tahiti, or the Philippines and inspiration is drawn from Australia’s unique landscape and reflected in its individual designs.

Smales Showroom

Events this spring in Subiaco

in Subiaco. This year's


LAST YEAR’S sell-out series, Suburban Vibes returns to Subiaco from October 7 to 16.

their signature chilled and intimate live music experiences for both free and ticketed shows, get set to immerse yourself in music and stories from must-see WA artists in iconic Subiaco spaces.

to you in partnership with See Subiaco, this year’s program features the hottest home-grown talent – from seasoned performers to the best up-and-comer – who’ll be playing in gardens, laneways, bars, and breweries across the 10 days.

your mates and family and dive into some incredible live entertainment in Subiaco.

Vibes is hosting artists in spaces in Subiaco, bringing their signature chilled and intimate style that has seen them sell out shows in Fremantle and across WA. Dive into a program of incredible live


you’ll find them at the following venues:


closing event Sunday In The Square brings a stellar line up and family zone to the grounds of Market Square as Suburban Vibes take over. From food trucks to fairies, we’ve got the family covered, with music from King Ibis, The Little Lord Street Band, Adrian Dzvuke and Dulcie.

16 October, from 1.30 to 6.00pm Market Square Park. Cost: Free

EDITION 9 | 2022 65 entertainment
 Katy Steele  Dulcie  Adrian Dzvuke  Timothy Nelson  Jordy Maxwell  The
Lord St Band And
 Hiddlestone Lane  Bar Amelie  Bar Loiter  Subi Hotel  Golden West
Live events AFTER
 Sunday
Visit Don’t miss . . . Suburban Vibes in Subiaco

Unwined Subiaco is back - and better than ever

One of the must-attend wine and food events in the city is getting ready for your enjoyment at Market Square Park in Subiaco. Save time and uncover amazing wines, craft beer and spirits all in one location at this festival, celebrating some of the state’s best boutique wineries and unique beverages.

There will be a top line-up of around 50 wineries, beers, ciders and spirits, many of which you may not normally have access to. It’s all happening without leaving the city on October 22 to 23 in Subiaco.

Now in its 12th year, UnWined Subiaco, with long-term partner See Subiaco, provides a great reason for friends and families to not just attend the event, but take time over the weekend to cruise the new bars and eateries in the precinct.

Foodies will line up to feed you with some tempting treats to enjoy while lazing on the picnic lawn with a glass of wine. Music will fill the park, and if you want an indulgent experience, there's always the Park Lounge with everything laid on for you.

Support the makers by buying a glass of your favourite to enjoy at the event. Before you leave, pick up some bottles at special event prices and

stock up your home cellar, or start prepping for Christmas.

Barrel sessions can add to your experience with presentations from exhibitors, including Morlet Wines, Plantagenet Wines, Miles from Nowhere, Cape Grace Wines, Wise Guys Gin and Nowhereman Brewing.

UnWined Subiaco is a great day out with friends and family where you can discover exciting new drinks, enjoy great food and relax to tunes in the heart of Subiaco.

UnWined Subiaco Market Square Park, Rokeby Road, Subiaco

Session 1 - Saturday, October 22: 11.30am – 4pm

Session 2 - Saturday, October 22: 5pm – 9.30pm

Session 3 - Sunday, October 23: noon – 5pm General Ticket (18+)

Pre-purchase - $35 for mini Plumm wine glass or $45 for a premium Plumm wine glass

At the Gate - $37 and $47 Park Lounge Tickets - $145, pre-purchase only Supervised children under 18 are free.

Regal Theatre raises the curtain this spring

Book your favourite show as the Regal Theatre brings comedy, drama and music to the streets of Subi.

October: Seussical the Musical Until October 2

Featuring the mischievous Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, Lazy Mayzie, Jo Jo and all their friends, Suessical is a stunning physical production that transports us from the Jungle of Nool to the Circus McGurkus to the invisible world of the Whos.

Leaving Jackson – Johnny Cash and June Carter Show

October 20

For more than 40 years, Johnny Cash and June Carter enthralled audiences around the world with their songs of life, love and heartache. Now Jeff Carter together with Brooke McMullen bring to life a captivating and unforgettable musical concert.


Sound of Italy – The Italian Song Contest

October 21

Over50 Australia Inc is a recently formed not-for-profit organisation, focused on assisting Italians living in Western Australia and promoting the Italian culture within our community. Under the auspices of Sound of Italy, The Italian Song Festival is their first major event, delivering a night of musical entertainment, with competitors vying for significant prize money. To book a show, visit

The Spongebob Musical October 27 to 30

Don’t be a simple Sponge - head down to Bikini Bottom, temporarily relocating to Rokeby Road. Come and bring your family and find yourselves in the famous undersea city, inhabited by happy-go-lucky and ever-optimistic SpongeBob SquarePants and his equally quirky circle of friends and neighbours.

Bikini Bottom is threatened by the eruption of Mt. Humongous, a nearby volcano.

Though SpongeBob SquarePants is incredibly fun and family-friendly, its timeless story of identity, crisis, and community is also a witty allegory that examines and critiques the politics of the modern era.

Kid-friendly and appealing to adults who've watched the show alongside them, SpongeBob SquarePants features an eclectic score of music. A different musical artist has written each song to recreate the type of musical hodgepodge exhibited by the original television series and it's a lot of fun as a result. Head to for tickets.

The Spongebob Musical
Double Glaze with DuoGlass Prepare your home for Summer! Be green. Reduce your bills. Stay cool and comfortable with DuoGlass Double Glazing. Contact us today SHOWROOM LOCATIONS Claremont 248 Stirling Hwy Jandakot 622 Karel Ave Joondalup 52 Winton Rd Midland 142 Great Eastern Hwy Osborne Park 23 Ruse St SAVE ON ENERGY SAVE ON BILLS ADD SECURITYREDUCE NOISE IT SAVES TO BE GREEN. GET INTO THE GREEN SCENE WITH 0% FINANCE* *T&Cs Apply.

Join Jane at Bespoke Blends

Our favourite candle-making workshops are ramping up for the change in season. Take your pick from the events below:


Sat Oct 22, 3pm - 5.30pm

During Unwined Subiaco, enjoy a glass or two of WA wine and gourmet grazing while making two or three naturally scented soy candles in your choice of containers. $95 per person.

Market Square Park, Sunday November 20, 10am – 2pm

This is one colourful Subi event where you are actually invited to bring your baggage. Colourful baggage, that is, treasures that you want to share with others. Recycled, upcycled handicrafts – anything that can fit into a suitcase is welcome at this exciting coming together of private sellers and businesses. It’s being put on by Subi Action and Kanga Markets.

Private sellers can rent a suitcase spot for the day, and businesses can erect a gazebo.

For more info contact Bev or James at Kanga Markets at


Sat Nov 5, 10am - 12.30pm

Bring some tea cups to transform into unique, naturally scented soy candles while enjoying a tasting of locally blended organic teas. Perfect for tea lovers of any age. $75 per person


Tue Nov 15/22/29, 6pm - 7.30pm

Take your candle-making up a notch with three evenings of creativity. Make candles of various sizes and styles, plus an aroma diffuser and natural perfume. A highly recommended course. $195 per person.


Sat Nov 19, 10am

Sip a barista brew while making a coffee-inspired natural candle in a glass container. $65 per person.


Sat Nov 19, 3pm, Fri Dec 2, 6pm, Sat Dec 3, 11.30am

Learn to blend pure essential oils for fragrance and health benefits to create your own signature scent in a lovely glass bottle. From $45 per person.


Sat Dec 3, 9.30am

Blend pure essential oils to create a stunning and fragrant natural room diffuser. $45 per person.


HERO HUB Subiaco’s

The work of Subi-based charity zero2hero is more in demand than ever, with local heroes like Gemma West making a difference every day to young lives.

Gemma West was delivering nutrition education programs to remote Aboriginal communities in the Pilbara when she realised the biggest issues young people face all begin with their mental health.

That’s how she came across zero2hero, a youth mental health charity with its Hero Headquarters located in the heart of Subiaco. Gemma decided it was time to leave the north and join the team as their first Education Manager.

Since joining zero2hero, Gemma and her school's team have delivered a company record of mental health education and awareness programs to schools across WA.

“In the last five months, the team and I have impacted over 18,000 young people with our programs,” said Gemma.

“We’re set to almost double our impact from last year, which is huge! It feels amazing to be a part of something that holds such huge importance and is being received so well.”

Gemma’s colleagues describe her as an anomaly; someone who leads the charge, is always the first into the office, and is the perfect leader and friend with a huge amount of integrity and a great sense of humour.

On a standard day, you’ll find Gemma juggling multiple projects, managing relationships with company stakeholders, leading a growing team of school facilitators and liaising with almost every high school in WA. But with an almond latte in hand and a cool, calm look on her face, you’d never guess just how much is on her plate.

Although she’s mostly stationed behind her spreadsheets, Gemma’s reach expands far beyond her laptop at Hero HQ. In August, she took zero2hero to Kalgoorlie for its first ever Goldfields roadshow. In five days, the team delivered 34 programs to more than 1,600 students in the remote region, to support and maintain their mental health.

“Kalgoorlie has definitely been a highlight for me since starting with zero2hero. Having the opportunity to support young people who need it most was so rewarding and humbling, and really solidified for me how important and crucial our work is.”

“We were able to collaborate with local community organisations, parliament members and large corporations to deliver a week that carried huge importance, and made the mental health of young people in regional areas a priority.”

It should also be mentioned that in Gemma’s spare time, she is also a pilates instructor and has another “full-time” job training her wild and energetic puppy, Toto.

A wide range of programs delivered by zero2hero are free for schools and can be delivered to students in Year 5 to 12, ranging from eight-week programs to one-hour workshops.

If you’d like zero2hero to deliver a free mental health program at your school or workplace, you can reach out to Gemma at

EDITION 9 | 2022 69
Ephemeral feeling, captured in courageous brushstrokes, taking on magnificent woven form. Available at Heather Levi Interiors 439 Hay Street, Subiaco E | M 0427 466 796 HANDWOVEN ART RUGS BY

Meet the Maker

The exotica of the Far East has made Rokeby Road’s Japanese Flea Market a magnet for lovers of gorgeous artisan Asian ceramics, jewellery and clothing. Gail Williams reports.

If the exotic walls of Sabrina Wong’s Japanese Flea Market could speak, they would tell a vastly different story of the Rokeby Road shop’s previous life as a slick and smooth ultra modern Vodaphone store.

Things have calmed down somewhat since Wong took over that buzzing space and transformed it into a tranquil, ethereal and spiritually-calming reminder of an ancient time in Japan.

That was back when silent, meditative contemplation produced beautiful works of art using silk,

ceramics, handmade rugs and soaps.

Under Sabrina’s gentle direction, the store at the bottom end of Rokeby Road now pays exquisite tribute to all things Japanese, while subtly educating customers on zero waste, seeing the beauty in imperfection (wabi sabi) and traditional Japanese art and craft techniques such as sashiko (hand stitching).

With soothing jazz on the soundtrack and sandalwood incense wafting through the air, a constant procession of artists and artisans

– and people who are just curious wander into the kimono-lined shop and enjoy a green tea under the Japanese chimes.

They leave carrying one-off treasures, wrapped in origami paper, knowing their purchases will outlast any mass-produced bargain from a chain store. They’re also welcome to take a little note bearing a message like: “You Will Never Regret Being Kind.”

The shop fittings blend in so seamlessly with the retail items that customers often ask if they can buy


floor rugs or the couch they’re sitting on.

“I want this space to be like someone’s home,” says Wong.

Using her unique home-taught design skills and the production talents of overseas friends, Wong magically transforms fabrics – from kimonos, bolts of hemp or linen fabric or pre-worn garments – into wearable works of art, donating a percentage of each sale to Chab Dai, a charity in Phnom Penh which provides care to survivors of modern slavery.

Customers who buy a deconstructed kimono, a silk necklace, an origami greeting card, house-made soaps, a ceramic pot, or a leather cuff made from an old ring are contributing in their own small way to help eradicate the practices of forced labour, sexual exploitation, human trafficking and forced marriages affecting 40 million people around the world.

“It’s my way of giving back to people who really need it in Cambodia,” says Sabrina, who was born in Malaysia. “I really love beautiful things, and I have loved everything Japanese since I was a young child.”

The former commerce graduate, who worked for the Australian Trade Commission in Brunei, learnt Japanese as part of her double-degree major and worked in

“Anything really that inspires me to turn it into something beautiful,” she says.

To illustrate the process, she takes a floaty greyish-blue silk top from the shelf.

“This used to be a beige, Italian linen top,” she says. “I re-dyed it and sewed part of a doily onto it. Works like this take about a week to make. Some customers commission me to make things out of beautiful pieces their loved ones have given them or worn. Somebody might have a T-shirt they loved or that was worn by someone they loved. I can deconstruct it and make a diary cover out of it.”

She also stocks garments by local zero-waste textile designer, Luke Van Den Hoek.

“That is our philosophy,” says Sabrina. “No waste. We are making something look vintage, but at the same time, it’s not. The fabric comes alive, and it has a new identity. We want this to be a store where people come in and only want unique stuff.”

And while Sabrina is doing her bit to wipe out modern slavery, she is also adding vibrancy, colour and a positive energy to Subiaco.

For that, she needs a medal. Or at least a Japanese five-yen coin attached to an origami crane. The meaning behind that? Good luck. We think she’s already got that in spades. And, now, so has Subi.

Japanese restaurants to put her through her studies.

“I look Japanese,” she says. “And I loved wearing Japanese clothes.”

When Wong returned to Perth from Brunei she started her own fashion label, Sab Five Five, in Claremont.

She then did a stint in Phnom Phen, where she designed a restaurant interior, which is where the plight of victims of modern slavery inspired her to do something to help.

On her return to Perth in 2020 during the pandemic, she opened her Japanese Flea Market in Forrest Street and moved to the larger premises in Rokeby Road last May. Her workshop at the shop’s rear is crammed with fabric bolts, dyeing equipment, jewellery pieces and a sewing machine.

EDITION 9 | 2022 71 Hand-picked luxury shoes and accessories | Fashion styling BOUTIQUE: 391 Hay Street, Subiaco (08) 9380 9230 the

If you’re a new parent in Subiaco, there are some wonderful resources available to help make those early few months less stressful, says (new mother) Brooke Hunter.

We all know pregnancy and motherhood are hard to navigate, but Subiaco businesses are making it easy for new parents in 2022. Think pre- and postnatal workouts, pregnancy massages and even spa treatments for newly born babes.

Subiaco is certainly the place to be when it comes to a new parent finding their feet in a family-friendly community.

Divine Mother

Offering one-on-one birth hypnosis, mother blessings and breathing sessions, the Divine Mother is a Subiaco-based birth doula, HypnoBirthing® practitioner and placenta encapsulator.

Kara believes becoming a mother is a sacred, magical and a life-changing event. Through her coaching sessions, she supports and informs women from the first time


they discover the growth of their little babe, right the way through to the early postnatal period.

Understanding the emotional and physical needs of a new parent, Kara is available to help Subiaco women navigate their pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Roydhouse Street, Subiaco | 0412 855 992 | | @divinemotherperth

Embody Subiaco

With a team of gentle and experienced massage therapists, Embody has specialised in pregnancy and postnatal massage for more than 18 years.

Understanding the physical and emotional changes that occur throughout each trimester, the masseurs work to relieve pregnancy aches, pains and fatigue.

Embody’s Mind Body Soul Pregnancy Balance blends remedial pregnancy massage with an intuitive mix of other modalities – including kinesiology, reiki, sound healing and breathwork – to provide guidance and support to help women on their maternal journey.

The team can also help new mums regain abdominal strength, reducing

stress levels and offers a short respite from the demands of parenthood.

4C Centro Avenue, Subiaco |9380 9994 | | @embodyhealthperth

Baby Spa Perth

Catering for newborn babies up to six months of age, Baby Spa Perth is the place to be for chilled-out cherubs. As Australia’s first spa for babies, the spa offers bubs hydrotherapy and massage sessions.

Babies are treated to a warm hydrotherapy float in a dedicated spa, allowing them to kick to their heart’s content. The small rocking waves help improve their balance, supporting their ability to eventually crawl, walk and swim.

Babes are then offered a lengthy infant massage using organic grape seed oil, leaving them feeling positively relaxed.

68 Coghlan Road, Subiaco | 9382 2490 | | @babyspaperth

Bodyworks Subiaco

Bodyworks offers some great packages pre and post-pregnancy, including pilates and physiotherapy.


Physical therapy during and after pregnancy strengthens the pelvis and spine and helps give your body the best support during pregnancy.

New mums are also taught specific and targeted exercises to return to full function post pregnancy, working on pelvic floor, abdominal and glute control. 179 York Street, Subiaco | 9381 5565 | | @bodyworkssubiaco

Subiaco Women’s Health

Subiaco Women’s Health provides a whole circle of support for local women during pregnancy, postnatal and beyond, including physiotherapy, antenatal and post-natal exercise and massage.

There’s physio treatment for pregnancy-related conditions, postnatal assessments and breastfeeding issues. On top of this,

the centre offers pre and post-natal massage, antenatal hydrotherapy, all age women’s water fitness classes, one-on-one rehabilitation and independent rehabilitation.

Baby Swim Subiaco Women’s Health’s Hydrotherapy Centre is also home to the Baby Dolphins’Swim Program – providing an opportunity parents

and bubs to participate together in a warm, nurturing, aquatic environment. Starting swimming early has great benefits in terms of motor development, helping to develop lifesaving habits as the child grows older.

St John of God Subiaco Clinic Suite 101, 175 Cambridge Street | 9382 9600 | subiacowomenshealth. | @subiwomenshealth

Baby Rhyme Time

Introducing fun ways of sharing nursery rhymes, baby rhyme time is for parents and babies aged between two months and two years. Rhyme time helps build a special bond between bubs and their carers and makes for a great rainy-day activity too!

Baby rhyme time is held at Subiaco Library on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10am. During school holidays, sessions are held on Mondays only.

Baby Rhyme Time, Subiaco Library | 9237 9222 | | @cityofsubi

EDITION 9 | 2022 73
CUDDLE TIME Choose your class once your little one arrives and join the Subi community of new mums and dads.

Village people

To those who live in Subiaco, there’s a feeling of belonging and community, and businesses in this special spot also contribute to the sense of being in a village, says Gail Williams.

If you’re after a bland, token definition of the word, village, just look to your dictionary.

“A village is a place where people live that’s smaller than a city or town.”

We prefer that of Irish author Charles Handy: “Villages are small and personal. Their inhabitants have names, characters, and personalities. What more appropriate concept on which to base our institutions of the future than the ancient social unit

whose flexibility and strength sustained human society through millennia?”

Look no further than Subiaco, which has – for almost two centuries now – boasted proudly of its village feel. It’s a cliché when residents are asked what they love about Subi. “Oh, the village feel of it,” residents chortle. But they’re not wrong. Here we meet a few of the suburb’s operators bringing to colourful life Handy’s definition.

Gentleman’s Hair Lounge

Shop 3/34 Subiaco Square Rd, Subiaco

Phone: 0403 333 381

Too much side and not enough salad? Here, you’ll get a complimentary nip of Glenmorangie to go with your short back and sides. Forget the striped barber pole, it’s all leather Chesterfields and gilt-edged mirrors inside this classy men’s pampering palace that promises blokes will be treated like kings.

Cafe Cafe

8 Subiaco Square Rd, Subiaco

Phone: (08) 9388 9800

With an ambient outlook onto the village square, this constantly buzzing hub (which claims to be the longest-standing cafe in Subi for over 30 years) is like a comfortable favourite shoe for regulars who are welcomed with equal gusto along with dogs and their owners. It has a private meeting space, an upstairs and – little-known fun fact for fans of their drunken chicken – it is BYO.

Be Free Organics

9d/531 Hay St, Subiaco

Phone: 0405 425 262

If you want to experience a true sense of village belonging, head to Be Free on a Saturday morning and order brioche with rhubarb and strawberry compote. You might just burst into song like The Village People and belt out Macho Macho Man. They’ve launched a new menu - try the Za’atar eggs and granola. They're pretty as a picture, downed


with a smoothie, and then pick up a soy candle on the way out. Natter and banter optional but definitely encouraged.

Unicorn Bar

210 Nicholson Rd, Subiaco

Phone: 0431 710 618

Nothing says local like the Unicorn where regulars are so comfy with the friendly staff that they don’t mind a bit when their tardy friends keep them waiting. They just order a chardy and which has already been poured as soon as they’ve walked in. Like the beautiful old building its housed in, everything about this gem oozes class and warmth.

Wholefood Circus

107 Nicholson Road, Shenton Park.

Phone: (08) 6380 2196

Rachel Torre is the walking, talking personification of village ethos when she explains what makes Wholefood Circus tick.

“It is a place for everyone, a place for community, a place where you can buy a sticky jam donut, a superfood salad, exotic spices where the team remember your coffee and help you to your car. “ Say no more.

El Peruvian Food Co.

22 Railway Rd, Subiaco

Phone: (08) 6102 6726

If it takes a village to raise a child, Lima-born Ian Gatjens is proving that the adage also works for dogs. De Niro the Bull Mastiff is just as popular as his owner, showing Subi a thing or two about Peruvian village food in dishes such as pulled beef toasties. Ian has enough Latin American enthusiasm to make customers feel like he’s lived here forever.

“Being able to share a bit of Peru with you all through our food and music puts a big bloody smile in our hearts.” he says. Back at ya!

Kul Kul

151 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

Phone: (08) 9388 7900

Customers stepping into Cheryl

Burton’s Kul Kul jewellery store feel an immediate sense of belonging. It doesn’t take long to figure out why as they chat with Cheryl about her love of each piece on display and the abundant knowledge of the stories behind each item.

In villages ,all people are equal, and anyone who walks away with an exquisite handmade ring or brooch, definitely feels that.

Heather Levi Interiors

439 Hay St, Subiaco

Phone: 0419 924 038

If you’ve spent three decades decorating the homes in a suburb you get to know a thing or two about the residents. That’s why Heather and Cecil Levi can proudly proclaim they have built strong friendships over years of providing expert advice about interiors - and they’re celebrating 30 years in the same Hay Street store this year.

Like their landmark store, the couple have become, dare we say, part of Subiaco’s social fabric.


Opposite, tuck into some brekkie at Cafe Cafe, try the new menu at Be Free Organics,and book at trim at the Gentleman's Hair Lounge. This page, ceviche at El Peruvian and a glass of something delicious at Unicorn Bar.

EDITION 9 | 2022 75 290 Hay Street Subiaco Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm Turn your pool into a nighttime oasis Illuminated LED multi-colour waterproof Sphere Balls Prices valid in-store at Glow until 26/11/2022 or while stocks last. Not valid with any other offer or promotion. Make a statement with Glow plant pots Solar Powered multi-colour garden light Illuminate your outdoor entertaining with Glow Introductory price only $67 Priced from $98 Priced from $39 Priced from $39 New Neon Lights Now Available

A WORD TO THE Earthwise

community centre located at the Uniting Church in the heart of Subiaco to promote sustainable living practices through reducing consumption, re-using and recycling.

materials. There’s also an allotment area for the community to grow their own veggies or herbs.

A typical morning in the garden is spent tending to the many worm farms, collecting worm wee to nourish the plants, making compost or collecting coffee grounds from local cafes such as Brew-ha three times a week.

If you live in or around the City of Subiaco and haven’t discovered

the joys of the Earthwise community yet, it is probably about time you did.

Creating connections with people, young and old, animals, volunteers, teachers and visitors, Earthwise is a space where the Subi community comes together to make a difference to the planet.

Earthwise is a non-funded

Coordinator Jen Korab said Earthwise offered a space to explore, learn, grow and belong. Using local waste products to create a permaculture garden, people are welcome to wander, touch, smell and taste something fresh.

“Whether it’s finding super-cheap bargains in our op-shop, buying low-cost food at our Thursday FoodCentre or joining our gardening busy bee on Friday mornings, there is always something to see and do at Earthwise,” she said.

Visitors are welcome to wander the garden to see how Earthwise uses worms, compost and chickens to make beautiful soil from free

“We have drop-off points for people in the community to deposit their food scraps. We get horse manure from the Riding for the Disabled Association in Claremont and shredded paper from people in the community to assist with feeding worms and making compost piles,” Jen said.

Earthwise would not be able to function without the many volunteers who work in the permaculture garden, Thursday FoodCentre or opshop. The volunteers are an eclectic group of people from all walks of life, donating time and energy to Earthwise and the planet.

“Work at Earthwise ranges

Earthwise - with its bright pink church as a landmark - is a special part of the Subiaco eco-community.
WORDS | Brooke Hunter

from feeding chickens to general maintenance, and we work to find something that each person enjoys doing,” Jen said.

“Visitors and volunteers alike talk about sensory experiences such as the sights and smells and sounds of being in the garden, of being up to their elbows in compost; or the sight and smell of flowering trees in spring and the sound of kookaburras teaching their offspring to talk.”

Co-founder and volunteer Peg Davies runs tours of Earthwise. Here, adults and children of all ages can experience the wonders of nature, make their own plant pots from newspaper, experience worms up close and personal, make their own compost, visit the friendly chickens and see how compost is made and soil prepared.

Peg also supervises the gardening busy bees that take place on Friday mornings.

“(Peg) is a powerhouse of knowledge with a very kind heart, and we are truly blessed to have her presence here at Earthwise,” Jen said.

Ultimately, Earthwise provides an area that enables the people of Subiaco to have a connection to the earth and to each other.

“The garden was created to foster connections between people and nature while educating volunteers and visitors on sustainability - a job it does with enthusiasm and respect,” Jen said.

“Earthwise provides an opportunity for people to engage with something they enjoy doing in an atmosphere of conviviality, and at the same time contribute to their community and the people in it.

“The earth has only so much room, and permaculture aims to allow future generations to continue working with, rather than against, nature to grow food.

“We all need to take part in being a little wiser with our waste. There is so much of it, and Earthwise is doing its own small part to help.”

EDITION 9 | 2022 77
What’s on? Op-shop – open between 9am and 4pm on weekdays and on Saturdays 9am to 12.30pm. Busy Bees – Friday mornings Regular music nights - Informal music jam sessions are held on the third Sunday of the month, 2 to 5pm. Thursday community lunch from 10.30am - pick a wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables and grab a hot meal at affordable prices. If you would like to get involved and volunteer with Earthwise, contact Jen. Contact: Address: 315 Bagot Road, Subiaco Website: Earthwise Community ( Earthwise Community | Facebook @earthwiseopshop Ph 0420 429 331



love being surrounded by beautiful things. And for the past 18 years that has been a huge incentive for them turning up to work every day at Table Culture where the couple have welcomed a legion of repeat customers while inspiring many a classy dinner party.

Surrounded by exquisite objects that are as functional as they are beautiful, the couple put style, elegance and pure class into entertaining.

Many a local friendship has been forged over their Marimekko serving dishes, Avanti coffee plungers, picnic baskets and Alessi fruit bowls.

And, during their time together on Rokeby Road, they have seen a constant – and colourful – passing parade of neighbours while making friends with their customers. Here they share their love of Subiaco. Interviewed by Gail Williams.

How did you come to open up a store in Subiaco?

He says: We moved to Perth from Ireland and we wanted do something together. I grew up in retail as this was the family business, and Em had a marketing and business degree. Even then, she had great taste and an amazing sense of style, so we wanted to combine our qualities.

She says: We came across The Dinner Warehouse for sale. I am an interiors tragic, and we both love good design; the location was great, so we decided to buy it and make it our own. We re-branded a year later to Table Culture and completely changed the offering.

How did you meet?

He says: I was travelling around Oz on a tourist visa, and when I came to Perth for a visit, I met and fell in love with Em. Together ever since!

She says: I got dragged out by a friend to the Moon and Sixpence to have drinks with her new Irish boyfriend, who happened to have a friend who was on a working holiday with him. The rest is history.

What is one of the best things about working together as a couple?

He says: We seem to complement each other' strengths and weaknesses and have identical values.

She says: It has been really rewarding building something together and making it work for our family. After all this time working together, we are so in sync and still manage to have fun at work despite the challenges of running a small business.

What do you love about Subiaco?

He says: We fell in love with Subi from the moment we opened our store. It's a beautiful, classy but still retains a relaxed and easy going vibe and charm.

She says: Its leafy streets, walkability, beautiful buildings and the community.

Where would we find you winding down in Subiaco on a Friday night? He says: Bar Amelie, our new neighbour and Cherbino’s is class. Love Juanitas too.

She says: Juanita's for vino and some parfait, Cherubunio’s because... hello? great interior and wine, Bar Amelie next door for a quick bite and I am a huge Mex fan so looking forward to adding La Condesa (formerly Rice Baby) to the mix when it opens on September 28. Lums Wine Bar is also perfect for a cosy wine.

Favourite place in Subiaco?

He says: At the moment, the boys at Community Coffee have built something wonderful.

She says: Table Culture, of course, it's our second home. Visit

WORDS | Gail Williams PORTRAIT | Matt Jelonek
the last word
EDITION 9 | 2022 79 Heather Levi FP Curtains • Blinds • Shutters • Upholstery • Wallpaper • Rugs Sofas • Lighting • Furniture • Chairs • Turnkey options Official stockists of Designer’s Guild, Ralph Lauren, Christian Lacroix and Verosol shutters/blinds Studio • 439 Hay Street, Subaco (free parking at rear) • Let’s talk – call 0419 924 038 Collaborate with Heather Levi Interiors on new homes and apartments, renovations and styling and achieve beautiful living at trade prices EST 1992
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