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Yourself Here!

The Gallaudet


Established in

1864 99 Here at Gallaudet, we have what’s known as “The Gallaudet

Acres of historic campus


place in the world at no other time in your life. A unique community that is built around providing a bilingual living and learning experience that promotes individuality, academic engagement, and community dialogue. —an experience you will get at no other

Here at Gallaudet, everyone has the advantage of an equal playing field— whether it’s Student Body Government president, captain of the volleyball team, a stage or screen actor, or editor of student newspaper The Buff and Blue, there are

no limits

to what you can achieve. It’s time to...

Imagine Yourself Here


Cont Academics

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General Studies Program Honors Program Consortium of Universities Degree Offerings Self-Declared Major Brain and Language Lab Full-Immersion Experience Study Abroad The Collegiate Experience Career Preparation Hearing and Speech Center A Barrier-Free Classroom Changemakers

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Living in “DeafSpace� A Welcoming Place Arts, Theatre, and the Screen An All-Access Pass Student Clubs and Organizations Athletic Accomplishments

23 . . . Washington, D.C. Charter signed by

President Abraham Lincoln

Number of U.S. Presidents who have visited campus


24 . . . . . . 25 . . . . . . 26 . . . . . . 27 . . . . . . 27 . . . . . .

Getting Around Your Next Internship Alumni Profiles Enhancing Your Resume Networking

28 . . . Visit Gallaudet


Introduc Introduction Gallaudet’s liberal

arts education philosophy embraces cross-disciplinary learning, collaborative

work in diverse groups, applying critical thinking to real-life problems, and knowledge of cultures and global issues. Gallaudet’s faculty believes that lessons and theories that are taught in the

classroom must be applied to real-world situations in order for them to become lasting and

meaningful. To meet this objective, Gallaudet offers study abroad and community service opportunities, and research with world renowned scientists in the University’s new, state-of-the-art laboratories.

Ethical decision–making is another attribute of a liberal arts education that Gallaudet holds in high regard. Providing knowledge of global concerns and instilling respect for diverse groups of people helps cultivate values that make students productive and responsible citizens of their community, their nation, and the world, as well as good stewards of the environment. Today’s job market doesn’t stand still. Gallaudet prepares students to succeed in this ever-evolving workplace. Students who study at Gallaudet successfully are broad-minded, multidisciplinary, and prepared for the future. By providing a well-rounded education, a liberal arts education prepares students at Gallaudet for graduate work in many fields including business, diplomacy, research, science, and teaching. A liberal arts education at Gallaudet prepares its graduates for a lifetime as a professional. A recent survey conducted by the University reveals that 95

percent of respondents from Gallaudet’s Class of

2012 are either working or furthering their education through graduate study. The same survey shows that 100

percent of the respondents with graduate degrees are employed or continuing

their educational pursuits.






Academic Academics Success begins here.

Imagine an

integrated approach to cultivating your


The undergraduate education at Gallaudet features a unique mix of interdisciplinary courses, study abroad, and internship opportunities. Here, high academic expectations are paired with direct access and support services specifically designed to make sure you make the most of your own liberal arts experience and prepare for the workforce or postgraduate education after graduation.

Gallaudet has been an amazing place for me. The benefits are countless. I love how communication is never an issue. The size of the classes is quite small and allows me to develop a rapport with my professors that usually doesn’t happen at larger universities. Because of that, I have received nothing but support and encouragement from them. I have never been told “you cannot,” only “you can.”

Caroline Suggs

Washington, D.C. Educational Drama major


General Studies Program


Student-faculty ratio

Gallaudet’s General Studies Requirements (GSR) are planned with the University’s liberal arts philosophy in mind. During your first year, you will complete a cluster of four Freshman Foundation courses that comprise the basis of the critical thinking, reasoning, language, and communication skills that you’ll use for the rest of your collegiate career and beyond. Next, you’ll take integrated courses that challenge your inner intellectual. Faculty members from different departments team up to present an interdisciplinary course around a central topic that allows you to connect skills and knowledge from multiple fields and experience. Finally, cultivate your scholarly skills in a Capstone course by teaming up with classmates to tackle a real world problem through a project, artifact, or work experience.

Honors Program Students accepted into the Honors Program may pursue General Studies Honors or Capstone Honors. The Honors curriculum features interdisciplinary courses and research apprenticeships especially designed by select faculty to fuel rigorous investigations of ideas, rhetoric, and philosophies. Opt to do a Capstone project, and face the ultimate test of scholarship: working closely with a faculty committee of your choice to design and self-direct a thesis or project that contributes to existing knowledge or understanding. The Honors Program has previously supported students who submit proposals to the National Collegiate Honors Council or do research and internships in Hawaii, New York City, and London. Other benefits include possible merit-based scholarships, an annual retreat for incoming and returning students, and a summer discussion board to foster both academic and social dialogue.



Number of universities in the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area

Academic Academics

Undergraduate Degree Offerings

Graduate Offerings

Many of the majors and concentrations below are also offered as minors. Please check our undergraduate catalog online for which majors are also offered as a minor.

Research, Graduate School, Continuing Studies and Outreach, and International Affairs

College of Arts and Sciences Majors ƒƒ American Sign Language ƒƒ Art and Media Design •• Art History •• Digital Media •• Graphic Design •• Photography •• Studio Art

ƒƒ Biology ƒƒ Chemistry ƒƒ Communication Studies ƒƒ Deaf Studies ƒƒ English ƒƒ History ƒƒ International Studies ƒƒ Mathematics ƒƒ Philosophy ƒƒ Psychology ƒƒ Sociology •• Criminology

ƒƒ Spanish ƒƒ Theatre Arts: Production/Performance Minors Only ƒƒ Ethics ƒƒ Linguistics ƒƒ Writing

School of Education, Business, and Human Services Majors ƒƒ Accounting ƒƒ Business Administration

•• Business Law •• Economics •• Finance •• Human Resource Management •• International Business •• Marketing

ƒƒ Education

•• Early Childhood Education •• Elementary •• Secondary Education - English - Science - Mathematics - Social Studies

ƒƒ Government ƒƒ Information Technology •• Medical Informatics •• Network/Database/Web

ƒƒ Interpretation ƒƒ Physical Education and Recreation ƒƒ Social Work Minors Only ƒƒ Athletic Coaching ƒƒ Dance ƒƒ Economics and Finance ƒƒ Family Studies ƒƒ Recreation and Sports Programming

ƒƒ Audiology, Au.D. ƒƒ Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. ƒƒ Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infants, Toddlers, and their Families: Collaboration and Leadership, certificate ƒƒ Deaf Education, M.A., Ed.S. ƒƒ Deaf History, certificate ƒƒ Deaf Studies, M.A., certificate ƒƒ Education, M.A., Ph.D., certificate ƒƒ Educational Neuroscience, Ph.D. ƒƒ Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences, M.S., Ph.D. ƒƒ International Development, M.A. ƒƒ Interpretation, M.A., Ph.D. ƒƒ Linguistics, M.A., Ph.D. ƒƒ Mental Health Counseling, M.A. ƒƒ Public Administration, M.P.A. ƒƒ School Counseling, M.A. ƒƒ School Psychology, Psy.S. ƒƒ Sign Language Teaching, M.A. ƒƒ Social Work, M.S.W. ƒƒ Speech-Language Pathology, M.S.

Self-Declared Major: Imagine a Do-It-Yourself Degree

Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area

Don’t see the major you’d really like to pursue? Design your own. Take additional courses at Georgetown University or the George Washington University through a local consortium of universities.

Gallaudet is a member of what’s known as the “Consortium” of universities in the Washington, D.C. area. Students throughout the Consortium can take classes at member institutions for full credit toward their degree. Gallaudet students have taken classes at some of the country’s most renowned institutions— American University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, and Howard University, to name a few.

Whether you customize your major from scratch or combine some of our existing majors, you can create an academic experience uniquely yours.


A Full-Immersion Experience for Hearing Students Bachelor of Arts in Interpretation (BAI) With video and audio equipment in Gallaudet’s award-winning interactive laboratory replicating real-life working situations, students who graduate from Gallaudet’s BAI program are uniquely prepared to work in a variety of legal, medical, business, education, and government settings. This program is open to deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students. Hearing Undergraduate Students Admission is also open to a limited, select group of hearing undergraduate students, known around campus as “HUGs.” The HUG program is for students who have knowledge of American Sign Language and want to work with deaf people or in the deaf community. Live alongside deaf and hard of hearing classmates and immerse yourself in a bilingual learning experience like none other in the world.


of incoming freshmen were new signers in the fall of 2012

Brain and Language Lab Features Revolutionary Technology Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto, a world-renowned cognitive neuroscientist and a developmental cognitive neuroscientist, runs Gallaudet’s state-of-the-art Brain and Language Laboratory (BL2). Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, or fNIRS, is the centerpiece of BL2 and is one of the world’s most advanced brain imaging systems. At this lab, Petitto and her team study the acquisition and neural processing of language, the optimal conditions for bilingual language development, and the effects of early bilingual language exposure on the developing brain and its functions. Having an independent neuro-imaging center at Gallaudet affords both undergraduate and graduate students research and internship experience. It also allows undergraduate students the chance to be certified in operating fNIRS. “It is particularly rare for undergraduate students to have access to such a sophisticated machine,” says Dr. Petitto. “These newly certified students have a powerful tool at their disposal to aid their professional development.”

8 8

Academic Academics

Imagine a Degree that Takes You Around the World

Spend Your First Spring Break in Another Country

Gallaudet regularly offers international study experiences to its students, faculty, and staff, leaving a mark on places visited as much as on themselves. Recent tour and internship sites have included Inida, France, Italy, Japan, Laos, Norway, and South Africa.

The First Year Study Tour (FYST) program is offered as a onecredit study abroad course to first-year students. Prior to and after the week-long study abroad, students take seminar-style classes in preparation for the trip, which features service learning projects that benefit local schools and communities. In addition to gaining profound personal growth, team building, and leadership skills, students expand their interest in world affairs, experience another country’s culture and language first hand, and develop confidence in international travel. Nationwide studies show college students with a study abroad experience having an edge in the job market.

Awarded the Top Ten Citizen Diplomacy Award for international relations and education activities by the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy and the U.S. State Department, Gallaudet and its students are directly engaged in learning experiences around the globe.

Internships Asia • China • India • Malaysia • Nepal • Philippines • South Korea • Thailand

Africa • Cameroon • Gabon • Kenya Central America • Costa Rica • Guatemala • Mexico

Study Abroad Beyond the First Year Caribbean Asia • Jamaica • China • Panama • India • Japan • Puerto Rico • Malaysia Central America • South Korea • Belize • Thailand • Costa Rica • Vietnam • Guatemala Africa • Cameroon • Ghana • Kenya • Liberia • Mali • Nigeria • Tanzania • Togo • South Africa • Zanzibar

Europe • Belgium • France • Finland • Germany • Greece • Italy • Netherlands • Spain

• •

Europe • Belgium • Bulgaria • Finland • Norway • Spain • Slovenia • Switzerland • United Kingdom

Pacific Ocean • American Samoa • Marshall Islands • Guam

Sweden United Kingdom

South America • Argentina • Brazil

South America • Argentina • Chile • Peru


Imagine Unparalleled Access to a Collegiate Experience Designed Just for You Services that make it a breeze to excel in your classes and gain valuable experience include: JumpStart ASL is a five-week immersion program designed for first-year undergraduate students who are unfamiliar with a bilingual living and learning environment. Prior to your first semester, you’ll learn enough basic sign skills to communicate with your new classmates and teachers. You’ll also get oriented to Gallaudet’s history and traditions, deaf awareness, and deaf culture. Bonus: participate in adventurebased programming focused on developing teamwork, as well as decision-making and conflict resolution skills. The Academic Advising staff provides customized counseling for your academic career, whether you’re choosing your next class, declaring your major, or refining your career goals. The individual attention given to undeclared majors is indeed individualized: staff are trained to assist students as they complete interest and personality testing, computerized career guidance programs, and evaluating their own values, interests, personality, and skill sets for compatibility with a major. The Career Center is a hub of activity for students seeking professional experience. Networking opportunities, training, and self-marketing workshops are provided year-round. Job and internship opportunities are actively pursued with local, national, and international employers. Supplemental Instruction is an academic assistance program in which students who have previously done well in a given course, known as “SI leaders,” attend all class lectures, take notes, and facilitate free, informal study sessions for current students.

As eager as I was to have a fresh start in a brand new city, I was nervous at the possibility of culture shock and becoming overwhelmed by such drastic lifestyle changes. In JumpStart, I was offered the ease of a subtle transition into a new culture. Also, we were able to make lasting friendships before the hectic fall semester starts. I could not have been more satisfied!

Kallissa Bailey 10

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Psychology major

Academic Academics

Hearing and Speech Center: Your One-Stop Shop on Campus The Hearing and Speech Center (HSC) is located in the state-of-the-art, visu-centric James Lee Sorenson Language and Communication Center. The HSC offers services to the Gallaudet community and the general public. Services include audiological testing, cochlear implant services, hearing aid evaluation and dispensing, assistive devices, speech-language evaluation and therapy, and aural rehabilitation services. The entire staff is fluent in American Sign Language. Health insurance third party payments are accepted; staff are also experienced in working with students who use Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) support to pay for services.


of undergraduate students have cochlear implants

Customized Career Preparation The University Career Center is staffed by enthusiastic career consultants, each averaging over 20 years of experience, who can assist you as you market your skills to potential employers. Available during walk-in hours or by appointment, receive one-on-one advice on how to improve your resume, hone your interview skills, and find out about networking and internship opportunities both on and off campus.


While you’re busy in class, Career Center staff members are also hard at work reaching out to the community, creating partnerships with non-profit and private businesses, and federal and state government employers. These partnerships result in the development of career and experiential education opportunities consistent with your needs and interests. The Career Center is centrally located in the Student Academic Center, steps away from classrooms and the popular Java Corner.

hours advising students on internships and careers each year 11

Imagine a Barrier-Free Classroom Unavailable Anywhere Else “The Gallaudet Advantage” is direct, visual access central to communication with fellow classmates, faculty, and staff. Gallaudet is committed to ensuring that access is available to everyone at any time. The library doesn’t just serve Gallaudet University students, it serves faculty, staff, and visiting researchers from around the world. The library’s membership in the Washington Research Library Consortium means you have access to seven additional university library collections in the D.C. area, which includes over eight million individual items as well as dozens of electronic resources, all available for free to students, faculty, and staff. The Office for Students with Disabilities strongly advocates student autonomy through the provision of reasonable accommodations, academic support groups, and self-advocacy training. eLearning provides Internet support and training and manages centralized computer labs. You can also walk in for on-the-spot computer help and participate in computer-based training sessions. The Echo360 Video Recording suites are also available for your use when you have academic ASL assignments or need to pre-record a presentation. Gallaudet Interpreting Service specializes in providing ASL and spoken English interpreting and captioning services that support educational needs in the classroom and at campus events. Real-time captioning service, akin to captioning in the classroom, is provided as needed to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Tutoring and Instructional Programs provides a safe and open learning environment for students who request tutorial assistance. Meet with a tutor to discuss that tough class assignment, or have a writing expert look over your latest paper.

Student body represents

46 29 and

U.S. states and territorities 12


The Center for International Programs and Services is Gallaudet University’s one-stop office for all things international. Apply for an overseas internship or go on an international study tour.

Academic Academics

Changemakers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Students interested in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) fields can now apply for scholarships at Gallaudet thanks to a generous grant by the National Science Foundation. The project, entitled “Overcoming Barriers to STEM Success for Deaf Undergraduates,” aims to address a severe under-representation of deaf and hard of hearing people in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. “The goals of the STEM scholarship project are to increase the number of talented deaf students who choose a STEM major and ensure they are well-prepared for graduate programs and careers,” said Gallaudet University President T. Alan Hurwitz upon receiving the grant. “As a trained engineer, I understand the value of a STEM degree. The National Science Foundation grant is helping us prepare our students for the careers of today and tomorrow.” Opportunities for internship and research experiences in fields such as genetics, bioinformatics, and ecology will be available through the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Gallaudet and off-campus internships will be available with collaborating programs at Duke University, Tufts University, and James Madison University.



Commu Community Get in . .stand out.

Imagine living

people you.

alongside who really get

The diverse and active Gallaudet campus community and culture is one that defies traditional definitions. All activities feature bilingual immersion and people who care about welcoming you to pursue your passions. That’s not the unusual part, though. The difference is that the undergraduate student body at Gallaudet is made up of people who—like you—know there’s more than one way to talk about the chem test after lunch or the camping trip this weekend.

Gallaudet has been my gateway of opportunities. It has given me freedom in an environment where communication flows freely and easily. I am now more confident to go out and accomplish my dreams. I am a completely different person because of Gallaudet.

Natalie Delgado

Baton Rouge, La. Psychology major, transfer student


Imagine Living in a

“DeafSpace� Designed Around You A recent $5.7 million renovation project for public spaces in all existing residence halls ensures students are welcomed home to a university that not only promotes DeafSpace design concepts, but is also well maintained and energy efficient.

Living and Learning Together Gallaudet has seven residence halls, most of which have undergone significant upgrading and remodeling. Most residence halls are named after prominent figures in the histories of Gallaudet, the deaf community, and the deaf education field. The brand-new, $16 million Living and Learning Residence Hall was designed with input from the Gallaudet community; meaning deaf-friendly architectural principles are used throughout the building. Suite-style bedrooms are on secured upper floors over ground floor classrooms and gathering spaces.

98% of new students live on campus


Commun Community



undergraduate students in fall 2012

Imagine a Place that Welcomes You, Just as You Are Keeping the Promise provides cultural workshops and mentorships designed to support the inclusion and educational success of Latino and black students. LGBTQA Resource Center provides opportunities for participation in volunteer-led entities like the Rainbow Society; Parents, Friends, and Families of Lesbians and Gays; and the Safe Zone program. Multicultural Student Programs (MSP) is a cultural advocacy and resources unit providing support to racial and ethnic minority students and multicultural student organizations. MSP also hosts activities, cultural celebrations, events, and workshops for students, faculty, and staff. Office of Campus Ministries is made up of a volunteer group of staff, including full-time and part-time religious workers appointed by their jurisdictional supervisors and recognized by the University as religious workers to serve and minister on campus. A variety of faiths is represented, and referrals to offcampus resources are also offered. Office of Diversity and Equity for Students provides hosted lectures, celebrations, and workshops with the goal of empowering all multicultural students of all backgrounds and abilities to achieve academic, career, and personal success. This office serves deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing undergraduate and graduate students by offering programs, services, and resources which foster self-awareness, intellectual curiosity, and cultural awareness in an academically stimulating environment.


of students come from mainstream high school programs 17

Arts, Theatre, and the Screen The arts and theater community at Gallaudet is thriving. A Commedia Christmas Carol, staged at Estad Auditorium by Faction of Fools, the professional company in residence at Gallaudet’s theatre program, was among seven productions nominated by the prestigious Helen Hayes Awards for the Charles MacArthur Award in the Outstanding New Play or Musical category. The Helen Hayes Awards celebrates outstanding achievement in over 80 professional theatres throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Gallaudet theatre and acting majors served both in its cast as well as in backstage production. If theatre is not your thing, and you like the intersection between art, technology, and quirkiness, come meet Max Kazemzadeh. An assistant professor in the Department of Art, Communication, and Theatre, Kazemzadeh teaches beginning-to-advanced courses in digital media. He also team teaches a course on “Robotics and Interactivity” with Dr. Henry Snyder, a professor in the Department of Science, Technology, and Math. Students taking the class learn to build a prototype robot that collects data as it moves through space. Outside the classroom, Kazemzadeh has made quirkiness an art form. Take the “Jabbertalkey!!! The Automated Celeb Gossip Generator,” an interactive exhibit created by Kazemzadeh that was part of the fall Faculty Art Show, “Ripple Effects.” The name of the show originates from the gradual spreading effect or influence of art, photography, design, and digital media on society. Kazemzadeh’s exhibit takes its name from “Jabberwocky,” a nonsense verse poem written by Lewis Carroll in his 1871 novel Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, a sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Patrons who approach Jabbertalkey suddenly see themselves on a video screen with a larger-than-life-sized head of one of eight celebrities imposed on their bodies. There, they are thrust under the public microscope where their most mundane everyday tasks are scrutinized and dissected. The exhibit has been popular with students and other visitors because it is interactive, which gives them a feeling of connection to the art. Their input on the accompanying Twitter feeds allows them to contribute to an evolving, kinetic work.

more than


student organizations from which to choose 18

Jabbertalkey also makes a social statement. “People make fun of celebrity gossip as a waste of time, and that it’s ridiculous how the media make celebrities bigger than life. But the fact is it creates such an intimacy between them and the public that we almost treat these people like family, and the most trivial incidents in their life fascinate us,” said Kazemzadeh.

Commun Community

Imagine an All-Access Pass to Faculty and Staff Who Understand You Whether you’re stopping by the Campus Activities desk to rent camping equipment for the weekend, or you have an appointment with your academic advisor to schedule your next semester’s worth of courses, or you’re telling a chef how you’d like your Sunday omelette prepared, the employees on campus are dedicated to this unique community called Gallaudet University. Students are involved in University governance and enjoy cultivating direct relationships with University employees of all rankings.

Some of our Student Clubs and Organizations... ƒƒ Alpha Psi Omega Society ƒƒ Alpha Sigma Pi Fraternity ƒƒ Alpha Sigma Theta Sorority ƒƒ Art Club ƒƒ Asian Pacific Islander Association ƒƒ Bison TV ƒƒ Bison With Attitude ƒƒ Black Student Association ƒƒ Buff and Blue Crew ƒƒ Delta Epsilon Sorority ƒƒ Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity ƒƒ Delta Zeta Sorority ƒƒ English Language Institute Student Organization ƒƒ Gallaudet Chess Club

ƒƒ Greek President Council ƒƒ Green Galladuet ƒƒ International Student Club ƒƒ Kappa Gamma Fraternity ƒƒ Kappa Sigma Fraternity ƒƒ Latino Student Union ƒƒ Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority ƒƒ Psi Chi Organization ƒƒ Rainbow Society ƒƒ Sisters of Color ƒƒ Student Body Government ƒƒ Student Academy of Audiology ƒƒ The Buff and Blue ƒƒ ThinkBiz

Student Organizations With the majority of all Gallaudet students opting to live on campus, it’s no wonder there’s plenty to do after hours. Join one of the many student-led organizations and find inspiration and camaraderie. Department of Public Safety Several alumni officers serve within the Department of Public Safety (DPS), and the director of DPS is, along with being a former police officer and head of security, a child of deaf adults and an RID-certified interpreter. No matter what you need, you have a campus community centered around full access full-time.


of faculty are deaf or hard of hearing


Imagine Doing What You Love The Bison have become a leading contender in the North Eastern Athletic Conference. Newly revamped Field House facilities and rebuilt athletic fields serve as the staging grounds for coaches and staff who work around the clock to ensure you perform at your best in competition and in the classroom.

Sports teams











Flag Football

4x4 7x7



4x4 6x6



Indoor Soccer



Cross Country



Wall Dodgeball











Tug O’ War




Wallyball (co-ed)




PlayStation 3 tournaments




Team Handball




Chess (individual)




Ping Pong (individual)



Softball Track & Field


Volleyball Volleyball*


Soccer *Club status

** Eastern Collegiate Football Conference

Athletic Accomplishments 2012-2013 Baseball

ƒƒ Won a share of the NEAC regular-season title, hosted NEAC tournament ƒƒ Curtis Pride selected as NEAC Coach of the Year for the second year in a row ƒƒ Brandon Holsworth named NEAC Pitcher of the Year

Men’s Basketball

ƒƒ Two seniors surpass 1,000 career points scored ƒƒ Two all-conference selections

Women’s Basketball

ƒƒ One all-conference honoree ƒƒ Active in the community hosting basketball clinics, volunteering at D.C. Central Kitchen

Men’s and Women’s Cross Country

ƒƒ Five runners compete at NCAA Division III Mideast Regional ƒƒ Ivan Alfaro named 2012-13 NEAC Inspirational Award honoree



ƒƒ 13 All-ECFC honorees, Tony Tatum named Defensive and Special Teams Player of the Year, Todd Bonheyo selected as Rookie of the Year ƒƒ Adham Talaat named to CoSIDA Academic All-America second team ƒƒ Tony Tatum signs with Arena Football League

Women’s Soccer

Men’s and Women’s Track and Field

ƒƒ Darius Flowers earned second All-American honor, finished seventh in the triple jump at the NCAA outdoor championships ƒƒ Flowers named Mason-Dixon men’s field athlete of the meet ƒƒ Mariah Ransom sets school record in 100-meter hurdles at ECAC outdoor championships

Men’s Volleyball

ƒƒ Kara Gulvas leads NCAA Division III with 226 saves ƒƒ Seven players named to NEAC ScholarAthlete list

ƒƒ Four players named to the NEAC ScholarAthlete list ƒƒ First varsity season since 1984


ƒƒ Won a third straight NEAC championship and third consecutive appearance in the NCAA tournament, ninth overall in program history ƒƒ Ann Whited named to CoSIDA Academic All-America third team, first female in school history ƒƒ Bison swept all-conference awards as Lynn Boren was named Coach of the Year, Whited picked as Player of the Year, and Jessica Israel tabbed as Defensive Player of the Year as four Bison earned All-NEAC accolades.

ƒƒ Won its first eight games, a school record, to start the season ƒƒ One all-conference first team honoree

Men’s and Women’s Swimming

ƒƒ Seven All-NEAC honors for the men’s program ƒƒ Women’s program earned six all-conference honors

Women’s Volleyball

Commun Community

49 Student-Athletes Named to NEAC Scholar-Athlete List Gallaudet University placed a record 49 student-athletes on the 20122013 North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) Scholar-Athlete list, as announced by the conference this summer. Each student-athlete was required to accumulate a 3.4 or higher grade point average for the fall and spring semesters combined. Gallaudet finished third overall among NEAC institutions and three associate members, a school best finish for the Bison. GU’s total is up 11 from last year’s tally of 38 when the Bison were ranked fifth overall. GU had honorees hail from 19 states and five countries. The conference total improved by 82 student-athletes from a year ago and 141 from the 2010-11 total. In addition to the NEAC Scholar-Athlete list the Bison had eight student-athletes named to the Eastern Collegiate Football Conference (ECFC) all-academic team back in February. Those honorees had to post a GPA of 3.3 or higher. Gallaudet’s grand total of student-athletes who earned all-academic conference honors this season is 57, a new high for the Athletics Department with its current conference affiliations of the NEAC and ECFC.

Being a student at Gallaudet University is truly unlike any other institution of higher learning. There is a sense of belonging and selfimprovement that I experience here that is not solely in the classroom, but in every other aspect of my life. At Gallaudet, I am surrounded with positive influences such as teachers, coaches, and fellow students, each of whom I continuously learn from and grow as an individual. They give me the tools I need to succeed. As a result, I feel myself maturing and truly working harder to accomplish goals I have set for myself and push myself to go the extra mile. Another quality that you can experience here at Gallaudet is the humility that people have. We have world-class coaches and former professional athletes working here at Gallaudet, but you would never know that by how they act. Everyone is so down-to-earth and helpful and encouraging to one another; it’s a wonderful environment.

Adham Talaat

Springfield, Va. Physical Education major, transfer student




gton, D.C. Washington, D.C. Accessibility awaits. Imagine a

deaf-friendly town like no other. Gallaudet is closer to the U.S. Capitol than any other university in the nation. If that isn’t cool enough, think about the day you’re lunching in the hip Atlas District neighborhood just a few blocks away from campus and one of the waiters comes out to greet you in American Sign Language. Washington, D.C. is home to an astoundingly large number of potential employers and internship providers as well. Your next job could be on Capitol Hill!

Living in Washington, D.C., with its museums, monuments, and landmarks, I’ve learned more about politics and American history than I would anywhere else in the country. The city is a living, open textbook filled with historical characters that make America’s history come alive.

Anthony DeFranco

Ringwood, N.J. Deaf Studies major


Imagine Living in a City That Makes It Easy for You to Get Around The nearest Metro station is so close, “Gallaudet U” is in the station’s name. Hop on and whiz away across the city. Or, grab a bike from the Bikeshare stop on campus and visit the farmers’ markets either at Eastern Market to the southeast or at Union Market, directly across the street from campus. Going a little further than a few blocks? Shenandoah National Park has some great overlooks that are easily reached by car from the Zipcar stop on campus.


largest metro area in the U.S.


“Most Educated U.S. Cities”

Imagine Having Everything You Want Right at Your Fingertips One of the most deaf-friendly cities in the country, D.C. features a large deaf community—and all the benefits that come with it. Attend ASL “open mic” night at D.C. hotspot Busboys and Poets, or an ASL-interpreted/captioned show at the world-renowned John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Cheer on the Redskins at FedEx stadium, which features open captioning. Take in an ASL-interpreted rock concert at the Verizon Center. The nearby Chinatown and Georgetown neighborhoods are also popular for both closed and open-captioned movie showings for the local deaf community. The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) has its headquarters nearby, as do many of the national advocacy organizations for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Getting Around The Gallaudet campus is in the heart of Washington, D.C., in close proximity to well-known landmarks, Union Station, and Metro stops. Our Gallaudet shuttle bus provides easy access to Metro stops taking you to museums, ethnic restaurants and neighborhoods, sporting and nightlife events, shopping malls, and parks. 24


“ ” Washington, D.C.

Internships are very rewarding. You really hone the skills you need, such as communication and navigating a

budget plan. I also discovered I am best suited in an office working with numbers and people. Doing internships

with both NASA and Merrill Lynch allowed me to see that.

Nathan Engle

Cross River, N.Y. Business Administration major Interned at NASA and Merrill Lynch

Your Next Internship

Could be on Capitol Hill?

Washington, D.C. features a wide range of industries that call the city home, including:

Apply to Gallaudet, and you could also be signing up for an education in governance. That proved true for government majors Zach Ennis and Jared Yamauchi, who completed internships in the offices of U.S. Representatives Kevin Yoder (Kansas) and Mazie Hirono (Hawaii), respectively.

Industries • Education • Federal government • Government-related research • International finance • Medicine • Publishing • Research • Tourism

These internship opportunities are the product of the Capitol Hill Internship Program (CHIP). CHIP is an initiative to connect more students with internships in Congress. The program is designed to help interested students see the American political system in action, and it all happens just a few blocks from the Gallaudet campus.

World Headquarters of • American Red Cross • AMTRAK • Exxon Mobil • Gannett News • International Monetary Fund • The National Institutes of Health

“ ” Being in a fast-paced congressional office, answering mail

from constituents, and witnessing the evolution of policies, such as researching, developing ideas, and meeting and advising Rep. Hoyer, gave me a broader perspective.

The experience taught me about how politics ‘really’ works, and how to assess and address different issues thoroughly.

Stephanie Johnston

Marlboro, N.Y. Government major Interned at Office of Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.) and National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty


“The Gallaudet alumni I met and interacted with during my high school years, and later the Gallaudet professors who became my mentors, shaped my perspectives. I was put on the fast track to a great career because they believed in me. They took me under their wings and lifted me up with their wisdom and advice and helped me to see how crucial networking is. My views were also chiseled by the many student activities I was involved in. It was because of networking that I am at SEC today.”

“Gallaudet University’s Government Department provided me with a fully accessible immersion experience at a political convention, which opened my eyes to so many possibilities and put me on my current career path. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with a team of deaf Gallaudet students and hearing professionals effectively showed me that with some creativity, a deaf person could easily do the same things as a hearing person in government or politics.”

“You won’t find ‘giving up’ in my dictionary. I developed mental toughness from playing basketball at Gallaudet, which demanded I give my all as a student-athlete. Getting up for the 6 a.m. basketball practices, attending classes, studying and holding part-time jobs, instilled in me a commitment, persistence, and self-discipline that I found practical as lessons for the working world and for my work ethics. Anything less than my best effort is not an option and never will be.”

Christopher Kearney

Leah Katz-Hernandez

Kazeem Babatunde

Hometown: Dallas, Texas B.S., Accounting, 2010

Hometown: West Hartford, Conn. B.A., Government, 2010

Hometown: Providence, R.I. B.A., Graphic Design, 2009

Chris is the Business and Administrative Officer for the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington, D.C. In his role, Chris works closely with management and oversees OMWI’s business activities, including its budget and ensuring implementation of various agency requirements, ranging from internal controls to reporting.

Leah is currently a staffer in the First Lady’s press office at the White House. She conducts research and assists with media at the First Lady’s events. Previously, she worked for Obama For America’s Chicago headquarters in 2012 and worked on the Hill as a Fellow supporting the Committee on House Administration.

Kazeem is an information technology specialist at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) under the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Kazeem develops and manages website projects for NHLBI, ensures website accessibility compliance, and maintains an internal blog site. He was awarded the 2013 NIH Director’s Award in “recognition of excellent performance and achieving extremely high customer satisfaction ratings while developing and maintaining high-profile and high-quality NHLBI websites.”


Washingt Washington, D.C.

Networking across the


It’s an open secret: the worldwide network of Gallaudet alumni is strong. It’s also a widely accomplished one. Among the more than 18,000 alumni are people who help investigate financial crimes for the Department of the Treasury and literally wade wild waters doing fieldwork for conservation programs. Gallaudet alumni maintain interesting, fulfilling, and, above all, meaningful careers.

Imagine Enhancing Your Resume Washington, D.C.-area employers that accepted Gallaudet interns include: • • • • • • • • •

AmeriCorps – City Year Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) DC Prep Public Charter School Discovery Channel Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Kennedy Krieger Institute Library of Congress National Association of the Deaf Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia

• • • • • • • •

Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. The National Museum of American History The Smithsonian Institution United States Congress Volkswagen of America The White House U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission National Public Radio


of full-time students held an internship before graduation


of 2012 graduates are employed or in graduate school 27

Imagine a college application experience made


1. Visit.

2. Apply.

3. Afford.

The only way to truly experience “ The Gallaudet Advantage” is by visiting campus. Attend one of our undergraduate Open House sessions or contact us at to arrange your own private tour of campus.

Applying to Gallaudet is easy! Apply early, and we’ll waive the application fee.

If you are serious about learning, we are serious about helping you find the right financial assistance.

Meet with students, faculty, athletic coaches, academic advisors, and financial aid representatives who can answer all of your questions and take you step-by-step through the application process. You can also take the ACT here on campus in a fully accessible environment.

Use the list below as a guide to complete your application. • • • • • • •

Apply at $50 application fee ACT/SAT scores Two letters of recommendation Essays Audiogram High school and/or college transcript

Feel free to contact your admissions counselor if you have any questions.

Once you fill out financial paperwork, we will work on your behalf to determine the amount and type of financial assistance you need and are eligible for. We’ll tailor a financial plan that works with your unique situation. To get started, contact the Financial Aid Office at


of students received financial aid in 2011-2012 28

Application Deadlines December 5, 2013 to waive $50 application fee February 1, 2014 for Merit Scholarship consideration February 14, 2014 for hearing undergraduate applications April 1, 2014 for Honors Program applications April 30, 2014 for the Bachelor of Interpretation program May 30, 2014 for international students for Fall admission October 30, 2014 for international students for Spring admission Applications from deaf and hard of hearing students are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Contact for more information.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Application •


(available online each January)

Types of Financial Aid •

Federal Financial Aid (i.e. Pell Grants)

Federal Loans (i.e. Perkins, Stafford)

Gallaudet Institutional Financial Aid Application (IFAA)

• • • • •

Federal Work-Study Institutional Scholarships Merit-based Scholarships Private Scholarships Vocational Rehabilitation

Contact for more information.

Open House Dates Fall 2013

October 14 November 11

Spring 2014 March 28 April 18

Fall 2014

October 13 November 10

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ACT Testing Dates Fall 2013

October 13

Spring 2014 March 29 April 19

Fall 2014

October 12

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