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A Message from the President Team, We are committed to providing the necessary training resources to our employees that help educate and develop them to succeed and progress in their respective careers. In February, our fantastic North America Training Institute (NATI) was recognized as one of Training magazine’s Training Top 125, the 13th consecutive year our team has made the list. G4Su (, which is also managed by our G4S NATI team, offers thousands of courses and resources to help you invest in your personal career development. Whether you are interested in improving your knowledge about the industry, set yourself up for a potential promotion or improve your cultural fluency, NATI is here to assist you. Additionally, NATI has educational partnerships with American Military University (AMU) as well as the American Council of Education (ACE) and via these partnerships many of our training courses are recommended for college credit by ACE, allowing you to receive college credit at any university that accepts them. I‘m proud to announce that in 2018, our team completed more than two million hours of training. This achievement is a testament to our trainers as well as our employees, it shows our commitment to continuous learning and developing and also providing the best quality of service in our industry. Congratulations to everyone who completed training via G4Su, I encourage all employees to review the courses available and take advantage of this resource to expand your professional growth. If you have any questions regarding training and development, our G4S North America Training Institute team can be reached at Sincerely, Drew Levine President, Secure Solutions (USA) Please have a safe day!

Meet Your G4S Leader Brad Van Hazel Executive Vice President G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Background: Brad Van Hazel joined G4S in 2017 as Vice President, Strategic Account Operations with more than 30 years of experience within the security industry. In 2019, under the G4S Way of Operations, Brad was named Executive Vice President overseeing our Western Region. Prior to joining G4S, Brad was a proud member of the U.S. Marine Corps. After spending close to four years with the Marines, Brad joined Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Brad worked his way up within Pinkerton, being named Region President before being promoted to President of National and Global Accounts for Securitas. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Did You Know About?

G4S NATI Partners with EMS Safety Services In January 2018, G4S partnered with EMS Safety Services to provide quality first aid, CPR & AED training to all G4S employees. EMS Safety Services is a nationally-recognized training company and has been the leader in developing cost-effective emergency care training programs for more than 20 years. Their mission is ‘Teaching Skills for Life.’ The goal of training should be more than compliance, but rather learning, understanding and applying knowledge to each individual’s life in order to improve it and make it safer. Just like G4S, EMS Safety believes in exceptional customer service, integrity and value. EMS Safety checks OSHA CPR, First Aid and Blood-borne Pathogen requirements regularly to ensure that our programs meet or exceed the standards. EMS Safety’s programs follow the same guidelines as other national programs and have been reviewed, approved or meet the guidelines of more than 240 federal, state and local organizations, private agencies, and regulatory bodies. Emergency care procedures are based on recommendations from the 2015 ILCOR International Consensus on CPR and ECC Science with Treatment Recommendations, as published by the American Heart Association and the International First Aid Science Advisory Board. See the full course here:


G4S All Stars G4S Team Stops Fight From Getting Out of Control

NORTH CAROLINA - In some instances, a matter of seconds can make all the difference. In North Carolina, G4S Special Police Officers (SPO) were made aware that firearms had been drawn and a potential fight was about to ensue. SPO Sterling Hall arrived and was able to detain one man, but a group of onlookers and friends of one of the men involved attempted to pull Hall away from the individual. Sgt Dillon Collodi contacted local police as the crowd began to get unruly. Eventually, the crowd cleared and both suspects who were originally involved were taken into police custody. The team searched the area and found two firearms.

Left picture: SPO Sterling Hall. Right Picture: L to R: SPO Belinda Johnson, CPO Samantha Cameron, SPO Sgt. Dillon Collodi, CPO Andre Edmonds.

Great job by Sterling and Dillon, as well as SPO Belinda Johnson, CPO Samantha Cameron and CPO Andre Edmonds for their efforts to keep the location clear and make sure that no one was seriously injured.

G4S Duo Help Diabetic Man Get Emergency Care

PHOENIX - Beyond being able to provide security for G4S clients, G4S Security Officers need to act with dignity and respect to make others feel welcome and secure. While Shift Supervisor Ronnie Freitas was on patrol, she noticed a man having difficulty standing. She approached the man and learned he only spoke spanish. She brought Site Supervisor Armando Felix to the scene, and while the man said he was fine, they noticed he was making incoherent statements. Armando was able to learn he was a diabetic, so they contacted the nursing staff, who learned that his blood sugar levels were dangerously low and he was on the verge of a Diabetic Coma. Thanks to the awareness and patience of Armando and Ronnie, they were able to help save the man. Great work!

L to R: G4S Operations Manager, Ory Moore; G4S Shift Supervisor Ronnie Freitas; G4S Site Supervisor Armando Felix

G4S Security Officer Prevents Firearm From Entering Client Facility ATLANTA, Ga. - Being aware of visitors and guests to a client facility is vital in ensuring the safety of the location. When G4S Security Officer Michael Turner was on duty at the main entrance, a contractor arrived to work on-site. Michael noticed that there was a firearm on the front seat next to the man and immediately denied him access.

G4S Security Office Michael Turner


The great awareness and vision of Michael made it so that a firearm wasn’t brought onto the client site and prevented any harm from occurring to fellow G4S or client employees. Nice work, Michael!

G4S Payroll

G4S Payroll Daily Pay Available to G4S Employees

In 2018, G4S was proud to launch Daily Pay, a program that allows you to access a portion of your paycheck before your regularly scheduled payday. How does it work? As you work throughout the week, you build up an available balance based on hours worked. Then, you can transfer money from your available balance as you need it. With the tap of a button, you can request money to be instantly deposited into the bank account or prepaid card of your choice.You control how much and when you get paid and can use the service as often or as little as you need to. Depending on how quickly you want the money to transfer, there is a fee starting at $1.25. When your scheduled payday arrives, you will receive your full paycheck, minus whatever you previously transferred early from your available balance. DailyPay is optional, so if you don’t want to use it, you will continue to receive your pay as usual with no changes. Daily Pay is available to all employees. If you are currently using Daily Pay and wish to cancel it, not a problem. Please be aware that after you cancel Daily Pay, one more check will go through Daily Pay to make sure all funds are settled. After that, checks will no longer go through Daily Pay. To learn more about how DailyPay works, visit If you have any questions, contact DailyPay support at 888.906.9882, or email Please do not share your Daily Pay link with anyone. If you have any additional questions, visit the G4S Benefits Service Center 24/7 at, or contact your local G4S area office. If you have questions about these or any of your benefits, please contact the G4S Benefits Service Center at 844.474.6626. Benefit Representatives are available to help you Monday through Friday, 10 am to 7 pm Eastern Standard Time.


G4S Safety Moments

February Safety Moments Heart Health and Safety

As the United States’ leading cause of death, heart disease is responsible for nearly 610,000 deaths each year. In honor of American Heart Month, the G4S Safety Team wants you to be informed of the ways in which heart disease can be prevented. Diet One practical way to make a diet change is by eating foods that are low in sodium. Limiting sodium intake leads to lower cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Diet changes such as this lead to lower risk of diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Other feasible ideas could include keeping track of the number of servings consumed and using portion control techniques. Exercise Physical activity is another way to decrease risk of heart disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends two hours and thirty minutes of moderate exercise each week. This can include walking, cycling or any activity that raises your heart rate. As adults it can be difficult to find the time and motivation to exercise, but going for a brisk walk during a lunch break or taking a bike ride after work could be beneficial in the long term. Taking proactive steps like these not only decreases the risk of heart disease, but contribute to general well-being and overall health. Know the signs Although diet and exercise can decrease the risk of heart disease and chances of heart attack there is still a risk that they can impact us personally. Due to this risk it is important to be prepared and know the ways to assist someone if needed and be aware of the warning signs of a heart attack. Warning signs could include chest discomfort and shortness of breath along with pain in one or both arms and potentially even nausea. If you or someone around you is experiencing these symptoms it is best to call 9-1-1 immediately to prevent further risk. In a more extreme situation, cardiac arrest can take place. Cardiac arrest differs from a heart attack in that the heart cannot pump blood to the rest of the body and stops beating entirely. Nine times out of 10 an individual who experiences cardiac arrest outside of the hospital dies. This is why it is essential to become CPR certified and to educate yourself on best practices in case someone around you experiences any of these issues. Education on this information and small changes in diet and exercise can lower the risk of heart disease and related deaths. To get additional safety information, contact your local office or send an email to


G4S Training and Development

CPR and First Aid Training

Heart disease doesn’t happen just to older adults. More and more often, it is happening to younger adults. This is partly because the conditions that lead to heart disease are happening at younger ages. February is American Heart Month, the perfect time to learn about your risk for heart disease and the steps you need to take now to help your heart. The G4S North America Training Institute (NATI) has published training resources to help you when it comes to CPR and the facts about heart disease. The training, which can be accessed through the link below, will cover the following: • • • • • •

Hands Only CPR Heart Disease Facts Three Things You May Not Know About CPR Hands-Only CPR Lifesaver Mash-Up Elizabeth Banks in “Just a Little Heart Attack” 2019 AHA Guidelines for Cardiac Arrest

If you have additional questions about the North America Training Institute, including how you can obtain certifications, course completion cards, etc., please contact your local G4S office or G4S’ North America Training Institute via email at


Featured Employee Discounts

February Employee Discount Alliant Credit Union

G4S employees are eligible for exclusive benefits through Alliant Credit Union. As a leading national online credit union, Alliant can help you, offering great rates and convenient access. Unique to Alliant Credit Union, you can receive: • Below-market loan rates • Above-market rates on savings, IRAs and HSAs • Free checking with the option to earn a high rate • Free online banking with free Bill Pay • 24/7 toll-free Member Contact Center and self service telephone • Over 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide Here’s how you can enroll in Alliant Credit Union: • Log in at • Click Savings in the top left corner • Scroll over Perks & Exclusives in the top left and then click Exclusives • Click Alliant Credit Union under Featured Offers or Number Seven on the list at the bottom of the page • Click either Shop Now on the right hand side of the page, or click the link near the bottom of the page Once you submit your application, you will be able to receive the discounts. Sign up for weekly or monthly notifications ( from Perks at Work to stay up-to-date on exclusive offers not available to the public and limited time offers available to you and your family. If you have any questions about employee discounts, contact Thom McBride in the Employee Benefits department at (561) 691-6584 or by email at


Celebrating Service

Employees Celebrating Anniversaries February 2019 25 Years

Colorado Larry Fleet

20 Years

Arizona Arthur Pearson Illinois Darnell Gregory New York Wesley Vanderlinde Texas Sean Archer Nancy Bourland

15 Years

Arizona Brian Cole California Nanaajoa Boye Jacob Gorenstein Lawana Johnson James Mc Coy Connecticut Michael Frenis Delaware Dianne Henry Susan Loeb Florida Larry Hancock Mariana James Linden Redley Michigan Thomas Brenner Charles Greenwood New Hampshire Payson Clark Justin Fontaine Michael Moran New Jersey Allan Klumpp New York Casey Vernon North Carolina Charles Shelton Ohio Roger Nye James Pemberton Pennsylvania John Hannan Texas William Arevalo Henry Haynes Virginia Fifi Amakye

Washington Johnny Johnson

Virginia Kwabena Appiah

West Virginia Roy Absten

5 Years

Wyoming Edgardo Rodriguez

Alabama Rebecca Mote

10 Years

Arizona Charles Colvin Ashley Jorquez

California Keith Boles Mohamad Halwani

Arkansas Shameka Collins Dewayne Davis Frankie Linzy Alan Wilkerson

Alabama Ronald Locklyn

Colorado Shayne Charrier Delaware Darrell Saunders Florida Aston Anderson John Anthony Willie Forman Kenneth Hughes Michele Miller Colin Wright Hawaii Fred Rivera Kentucky Lowell Gullett Missouri Andrew Kapellusch

California Mohamed Belkhalfia Julie De La Puente Joseph DeSoito John Galvan Ericka Guerrero Lance Hallinan Daniel Lee-Andel Yeszi Medina Alden Octia Georgina Peneleu Michael Ramirez Gerardo Saucedo Milton Sowers Alexander Tristan Andrew Ward Colorado Mustafa Alkhazraji Clifford Chase Jeffrey Holt Edward Uyan

New Hampshire Nicholas Ahern Christopher Bigelow Andrew Childs Donald Ficek Robert Ingalls Charles LaVersa

Connecticut Rohan Cowie Evins Francois Teklehaimanot Sequar

New Jersey Kimberly Bowens Jacquelyn Brown Noe Diaz Jose Flood Chauncey Green Mary Anne Riley Murray Stephens

Florida Carrie Balmer Colin Beaumont Keith Bobby Lashadrian Brewton Tyrone Clarke Nathelia Denmark Kendal Dozier Lee Foullon Chris Herron Janice Ibarra Ricardo Irvin Alfred Jefferson Christopher Kogut William Kukula Joeyl Lambert Donovan McLarty Shane Mead Luis Moreyra Christopher Passinault Sharline Pierre Linda Placzkowski Jose Rosa

New Mexico Keith Peterson New York Jean Marie Derosier Pennsylvania Wade Jeffries Ronald Mundorff Tennessee Ronald Tuggle Texas Reynaldo Garcia Lucias Wyatt

Delaware Tory King


Celebrating Service

Employees Celebrating Anniversaries February 2019 5 Years Continued Georgia Christine Duford Gary Green Walton Womack Illinois James Englert James McEvilla Craig Spanton Lillie Turner Indiana Ashton Anders Kokou Dadrawoa Edward McEvoy Ralph Miller Iowa Autumn Scheer Angelo Vignaroli Kentucky Grant Forman Maine John Faulkingham Maryland Eric Paul Michigan Jeffrey Graves Philip Oleksiak Minnesota James Bartel Ahmed Ibrahim Missouri Emmanuel Motoko Nathanael Owens Mississippi Andrew Cain Maurice Surrell Nebraska Dick DeSmet Roxanne Dockter Monica Miller Nevada Aracelis Deutschkron Charles Forth New Jersey Olufemi Akerele


Yemane Asamenew Amal Beshara Howard Boykin Amidou Fayemi Huguens Gilot Makrand Jani Musie Mehreteab Theresa Petruzzi Rousselin Pierre-Louis Earlie Reed Ali Rizvi Joshua Roberts Nyesha Shorter Giorgi Sikharulidze Benjamin Solomon

Oregon Glenn Bathke Bruce Bernheisel James Carpenter Steven Estill Debra Freeman Eldon Mead Teresa Mitchell Jon Richelderfer Denise Roberts Shena Rosencrantz Tyler Sloan

New York Dennis Berry Sean Brooks David Caro Carmita Castro Terry Cruz Michelle Dailey Darrell Del Valle Stephen Dunson Gianbattista Gancitano John Gleason Corey Hartog James Hosey Alison Kerr Fatima Magwood Aleksey Padunin Ray Rivera Vaila Salina Robert Switzer Soultane Zakaria

South Carolina Edward Gauler John Griffey Jason Kerr Kenneth Kilby Seneca McKay Kyle Miller William Suggs

North Carolina Gregory Davis Andre English Edward Hendrickson Gentiane Joyner Michael Reynolds Daniella Sharpe Christian Wallace Yvonne Williams Ohio Ronald Haendel Douglas Jones Gary Kypke Ketearia Martin William Miller Robert Newman Oklahoma Ryan Cook Billy Kirby

Rhode Island Calby Sebastiao

South Dakota Terry Hoekman Tennessee Bradley Mitchell Kevin Rochfort Texas Ashlee Caudill Francisca Chacon Mohammed Farukuzzaman Shaundrea Guidry Donald Hendricks Brandy Mayfield Sonya Thornton Regina Townsend Virgnia Lakiesha Adkins Jordan Beck McKinley Lewis Bobby Mullen Timothy Stephens Gwendolyn Walker Washington Robert Liston Philip Roberts Wisconsin Abram Jones

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