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Benefits/ risks

Public institution

+  Create new jobs Raise the awareness about particular sector/ problem

• Ineffective investment • Limited possibility to monitor the results

 Support the economic and social development

• Shared responsibility / Losing possibility to influence the result

 Integration of different sectors/ more effective solutions

• Intangible results

 Delegation of services to other stakeholders – spare money  Increase the credibility of the cluster for other stakeholders  Improve the life of the citizen  Increase the workability/ employability of the elder people  Improve the communication with other stakeholders  Improve the cooperation with other stakeholders


What can you bring ?

What can you receive ?

 Credibility to the initiative for other stakeholders

 Regional development (social and economical)

 Know-How / administration

 More detailed Information about the sector

 Information/ statistics/ data about the stakeholders/ contacts

 Flexibility in solving problems

 Financing

 Improvements in the sector (innovation, new jobs, more competitive companies)

 Political support

 Public – private partnership in case of sectors that are not profitable

 Policy support

Decision making

What is your proposed mission statement definition in a few words from your stakeholder point of view ? 1 2 3

 We are financing the cluster to support social and economical development of the region and to improve welfare of the elder people

Questions about public institution  

Innovage training sessions: Effective public policies to stimulate innovation (Sofia, Bulgaria, 20th November 2013)

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