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Benefits/ risks


+ Innovation & market access  New ideas from research

Freedom to act Less freedom for decisions

 (New) improved products


 Testing fields

Reputation risks

 User involvement Image

Conflict management

 Public as partner

Unhappy partner (city, users)

 Visibility

Conflicts of interest

 Product credibility Resource

Competition with other stakeholders

Risk sharing/ money/ responsibility

Competition (IPR, other takes the consumer, idea…)

Human resource


 New employees (contacts)

Loosing employees

 Motivation of employees by engaging for public goods

Spent time and money no results, products


What can you bring ?

What can you receive ?

 Network

 Network

 Business network (companies)/ subcontractors

 Access to policy makers

 Engagement reliability (company person CEO)

 New partners

 Knowledge

 Personal connections

 Knowledge about markets (commercialization)

 Knowledge

 Technical knowledge, new solutions

 Access to academic sector, knowledge, trends

 Finance

 Information on finding opportunities

 Money (membership fee, fees from sale)

 Resource  Reduce the cost for R&D  Shared cost for the marketing

Decision making

What is your proposed mission statement definition in a few words from your stakeholder point of view ? 1

 Improve the quality of life for our parents “we do care”


Create a market


 Provide solutions for staying at home for elederly

Questions about industry  

Innovage training sessions: Effective public policies to stimulate innovation (Sofia, Bulgaria, 20th November 2013)

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