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Peter Bjørn Larsen, Business Development Manager

VISION AND MISSION Our Vision: Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster strives to become one of the leading, and most dynamic cleantech clusters in the world. By focusing on contemporary societal challenges, CCC works to generate new business opportunities that can strengthen our members. Our Mission: 1. We support the development of new innovative solutions to societal challenges 2. Support and assist new cleantech companies during start-up 3. Attract new cleantech companies to Denmark


Private Companies and Organizations

Research Institutions

Public Authorities

CCC is a leading cleantech cluster. • Innovation is the basis of our activities and services  Innovation Platforms (core activity)  Internationalisation  Events & Matchmaking


Identify the challenge • Explore key focus area • Scalable global market potential? • Engage potential project developer

Step 2:

Innovation platform • Analyze value chain • Map capital and material flows • Involve stakeholders • Define the needs

Step 3:

Tender / idea competition • Invite consortia to develop solutions to the challenge • Prequalification and competitive dialogue • Evaluation Committee selects winner • Contract signed

Step 4:

Implementation • Project developer finances the implementation of the winning idea.


GOING GLOBAL With our dedicated international focus, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster acts as a gateway between Danish cleantech industry and the global market. Through CCC you can showcase and promote products, services and research, access new markets and build international partnerships. Specifically, CCC members can explore global opportunities through: • International Cleantech Network (ICN): Direct access to international markets, new business partnerships and research institutes abroad. • Complex Cleantech Solutions (CCS): Join forces with other Danish companies to co-create integrated and sustainable solutions for global cleantech market. • International Matchmaking: Get actively involved with international delegations (e.g. international private foundations, national governments, NGO’s) visiting Denmark. “Working closely with CCC brought us new business opportunities in the Middle East and China, which would have been difficult to find on our own” – Lars Ostenfeld Riemann, Group Director Ramboll For additional information on internationalization, see our website

CCC ACTIVITY COMPLEX CLEANTECH SOLUTIONS Creates international business opportunities for Danish companies, based on concrete local challenges, around the world. Examples: •

Conservation project of the Mithi River in India (picture)

Developing and implementing a solid waste program for a municipality in Brazil

Executing the energy efficiency programs for a city in Russia

Developing an energy efficient technology park in China

Project structure:

Phase 1: Market Analysis


Phase 2: Relation Building

Phase 3: CoCreation

Phase 4: Implement ation

Identify complex environment, energy and sustainability challenges


Develop relationships with stakeholders such as regional, city authorities

Mithi River Development


Co-create solutions with local content for these challenges


Implement solutions

CCC ACTIVITY INTERNATIONAL CLEANTECH NETWORK International Cleantech Networks (ICN) connects the leading cleantech clusters from around the globe. CCC members can use ICN for: • Partnership-building: ICN open doors and match business opportunities across borders • Opportunity spotting and market insights: ICN provides upto-date information on international projects, funding, and test and demonstration facilities • Entrepreneurship and incubation activities: ICN support startups and SME’s with information on funding sources etc. • Education, research and exchange programs: ICN improves the talent-pool by building bridges between companies and knowledge institutions from other countries • Cross-regional transparency: ICN conduct supply chain studies/asset mappings of the cleantech industries

For additional information, visit the ICN website


MEET AND GREET Understanding the current business landscape can be challenging, given the great number of companies operating within the Danish cleantech industry. CCC works actively to build the ties between companies within, and across sector lines. CCC members can expand their network through: • Events: CCC members are invited to specific knowledge sharing and matchmaking-events, throughout the year. • Partnering: Member companies can benefit from CCCs broad local network when locating the right partner for specific projects. • Information Updates: Get access to relevant political development updates, funding opportunities, market analysis and asset mappings through our publications. In short, we work actively to build synergies within the Danish cleantech industry. ” CCC is continuously providing us with unique networking opportunities and valuable insight into the latest developments in the cleantech industry” – Jens Chr. Hesse Rasmussen, Partner Bech-Bruun For additional information on events, see our website

Financial set-up

CCC FINANCING MODEL (2013) Membership fees • excl. in-kind

External funding • SMART Copenhagen • Plastic waste • Building and construction waste • Innovation Network for Environmental Technology • Ôresund Smart City Hub • Smart City Expo, Barcelona • Complex Cleantech Solutions • In-kind services from members

4-5 M Fixed costs

Approx. 40-50 M Combined project portfolio

MEMBERSHIP Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster offers two levels of membership

1: Founding Member:

Full strategic membership. Founding members join CCC's Board of Directors, shape the strategic direction of new projects, access to all CCC activities and full co-branding package. Annual Contribution: 300.000 DKK + VAT

2: Member:

Standard membership. Members gain access to CCC activities, published materials and co- branding package Annual Contribution: 10.000 DKK + VAT For detailed information on memberships, see our website

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Copenhagen CleanTech Cluster  

Innovage training session: Business models, Intercluster collaboration and Cluster labelling (Vilnius, Lithuania, 26th-27th February 2014)

Copenhagen CleanTech Cluster  

Innovage training session: Business models, Intercluster collaboration and Cluster labelling (Vilnius, Lithuania, 26th-27th February 2014)