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For the past six years, during the month of January, the Cartagena International Music Festival has lured a specific type of tourist to the city, presenting a cultural and alternative option of activities for those looking to diversify their vacations. Around 50,000 tourists arrive each year from the cruise lines that dock in Cartagena, and as they arrive, they are provided with the new option of spending their time in a cultural gathering unlike any other.

The Number of UK visitors was up 40 percent from last year and as Colombian´s tourist brochure proclaims, “the only risk is wanting to stay.� Classic FM, London

The Salvi Foundation has developed alliances with important hotels to offer exclusive rates and promotions to those who attend the Festival, making their experience more enjoyable and comfortable. Every year, the Festival creates tourist packages that offer an array of services and benefits including access to the VIP parties, transportation in luxury Audi vehicles, and spaces to enjoy and witness the breathtaking site that is Cartagena. In 2012, nearly 24,000 people enjoyed Cartagena and all the events organized by the Festival. This shows the magnitude and impact of the event that within the past six years has turned Cartagena into one of the top musical destinations of the world.



HOLIDAY SUNSHINE How about sun, sand, sea and some of the best classical music in the world?

“Over the course of nine days, renowned musicians from across the globe fill the city’s plazas, churches and theaters with classical music. It’s not just the Caribbean locale and classical music that makes this Festival special.” (2012) Nina Agrawal, Americas Quarterly


“Once again it was demonstrated that in just six years the Cartagena International Music Festival has established itself as one of the largest in the world.” (2012) GIG Magazine

“If that sounds appealing, consider the International Cartagena Festival of Music, one of the best kept secrets of cultural travel. In its sixth year, the Festival features first-class musicians playing well known classical standards alternating with innovative contemporary pieces by Hispanic composers -- all in the surroundings of a beautiful old colonial city. Put that together with consistently sunny weather, friendly people, elegantly renovated concert halls, balconies overflowing with bougainvillea, creative cuisine -- and you have an incomparable tourist experience.” (2012) Julie Hatfield, Boston International Travel Examiner


HISTORY OF THE FESTIVAL Established in January 2007 by the Salvi Foundation, the Cartagena International Music Festival, taking place in the beautiful city of Cartagena, Colombia, is a week-long event filled with concerts and seminars by the world’s most acclaimed classical musicians. Since its inception, the Festival has grown to be one of the most important cultural events in Colombia. Created by Victor Salvi, Julia Salvi and Charles Wadsworth, the Cartagena Festival strives to achieve its mission of breaking social boundaries and offering unique experiences through music to the people of South America. Through the Festival, the Salvi Foundation gives opportunities to teachers and students to work with international musicians to strengthen teaching and learning techniques, to participate in master classes, to observe open rehearsals and to build relationships.



OF THE FESTIVAL “Cartagena, such as cities like Paris, Venice or La Habana, has the spark and the enchantment to transport you to other ages. It is the perfect place to travel with music.” (2012) Discovery Channel

“Being here in this Festival adds too much to the experience of Cartagena, even to those who don’t consider themselves adepts to classical music. There is so much enthusiasm from the audience that infects you immediately.” (2012) Rebecca L. Rhoades, AAA World

Cartagena breathes antiquity. On every street and every corner a small piece of history can be found. Everything that surrounds the city has also been the inspiration for poets, writers and artists. Its churches and squares invite you to conversation and culture. The Music Festival occupies these spaces for its largest concerts, offering an irresistible program of at least four concerts each day, featuring intimate chamber music as well as grand choral ensembles. 7

THE VII CARTAGENA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL WILL PRESENT “EL ESTILO ITALIANO” The program of the VII Cartagena International Music Festival will celebrate Italian music and composers from the 14th to 18th centuries, including the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods. An undisputed authority and international expert of Italian music, Rinaldo Alessandrini, will make his Cartagena International Music Festival debut as our newly appointed Artistic Advisor. In 2013, the city of Cartagena will resonate with the great musical highlights that made Italy famous, performed by our world-renowned Italian guest artists. Performances of the most popular music of the Middle Ages, the virtuosic arias of the first Handel operas, and Pergolesi’s operas and choral pieces, will set the stage for our grand finale of Vivaldi’s most well known instrumental work, The Four Seasons.


To help our audience explore these musical time periods, we are also offering an exposition of reconstructed instruments and a video sample of the cities and venues from this time. The VII Cartagena Festival is excited to premiere a new series of Latin American music entitled, Series de Musica Latino Americana. This series will consist of five concerts dedicated to the composers and musicians of Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, among others. These concerts will give the audience an opportunity to hear and discover new works created and produced in Latin America.


Declared a national monument, the Teatro Adolfo Mejía is considered one of the most beautiful concert halls in Latin America. Built in 1911 and renovated in 1998, the theatre still preserves the façade of the era with its beautiful staircases and Italian marble sculptures. The ceiling, painted by Colombian master Enrique Grau (1920-2004), is a beautiful fresco which depicts Muses engaged in their respected artistic endeavors.

Teatro Adolfo Mejía

The Hotel Santa Teresa was once the chapel of the Convent of the Carmelites, with a capacity for 250 visitors. This setting is the ideal place for chamber music concerts due to its perfect acoustics. Located in front of the Plaza de Santa Teresa, the hotel was the first convent restored in the colonial city since its construction in the 17th century.

Capilla Santa Teresa

The Convent of Santa Clara (today’s Santa Clara Hotel) was founded in 1617. Beautifully restored, the hotel has preserved all of the rich colonial architectural style that has marked its history and has also maintained much of the original walls of the Convent. Concerts are held in the mystical “Cloister of Clarisse,” where hundreds of years ago residents of the convent would pray.

Capilla Santa Clara

During the Festival, this square by the San Pedro Claver Church, becomes a spectacular backdrop for the free one hour late-night concert series. The San Pedro Claver Church was built in honor of the priest St. Pedro Claver, who was canonized as the first saint of the New World. The building has an imposing stone façade, with fine stained-glass windows and a high altar made of Italian marble inside. The remains of the San Pedro Claver are kept in a glass coffin inside the altar.

Plaza San Pedro Claver

The Church of the Holy Trinity was built in 1643. Its simple façade with picturesque Spanish design recalls the cloister of Santo Domingo. Inside you will admire two of Cartagena´s artistic treasures: a Madonna and a painting entitled “The Souls in Purgatory,” both from the colonial era. Recent restoration by Yaneth Molina and Eduardo Serrano describe the painting as representing the essential human drama of the conflict of good and evil, determined at the end of history for the triumph of love. It was commissioned for the church on 1868. The painting demonstrates that purgatory is not a state of condemnation but a transition into the beyond. It is a hymn to the glory of God as an invitation to hope and virtue. (1993). Restoration Today

Plaza de la Trinidad

El cerro de la Popa (The Stern’s Hill) is the highest geographical point in the city of Cartagena de Indias. The Spanish, who discovered it in 1510, imagined that they saw an enormous galley coming out from the sea, thus calling it Cerro de la Galera (Galley Hill) and the top of it, La Popa de la Galera (the Galley’s Stern). Later, the old people from Cartagena called it Cerro de la Cruz (the Cross Hill) because of the cross that crowns it. On its top, there is a beautiful church and a colonial convent built in 1609 and 1611, respectively. The cloister of the Convento de la Popa is one of the most beautiful convents of the colonial city of Cartagena and throughout Colombia entirely.

Cerro de la Popa



At the baton of its Founder and Director, Rinaldo Alessandrini, the Concerto Italiano Orchestra will make its Cartagena International Music Festival debut. This baroque group, consisting of both a vocal and an orchestral ensemble, was created in 1984 to renew the approach of the performance of Italian music, specifically by Monteverdi and Vivaldi. Its discography, with more than 60 titles, has been awarded with more than four Gramophone Awards. “Monteverdi: Secondo libro de’ madrigal, a cinque voci (1590) (Opus 30-111, Rec. 1994), by Concerto Italiano under the direction of Rinaldo Alessandrini, sets a standard I defy anyone to beat. (…) Their intonation, ensemble and blend are nearly flawless on this recording, while their sumptuous singing (…) does not prevent them from conveying all the interest in the text and music.” (Early Music, 1996)

Rinaldo Alessandrini (Italy) Invited Artistic Advisor

“He is considered one of the world’s leading specialists in the operas of Monteverdi, and also revives lesserknown Italian opera composers such as Cavalli and Vinci. He includes the Italian operas of George Frideric Handel in his conducting repertoire, and he and Concerto Italiano have recorded harpsichord concertos of Johann Sebastian Bach.” (All Music, 2011)

“Having also established himself as a successful conductor, chamber musician, and teacher, Accardo may be considered one of the most accomplished and influential musicians of his generation.” (All Music, 2011)

Salvatore Accardo (Italy) Violin Andrea Lucchesini brings an elegant Italian style, youthful virtuosity, and keen intelligence to every work he performs. He became the first Italian prize winner of the Dino Ciani International Piano Competition, which launched him on a brilliant international career.

Mario Brunello was the first Italian ever to win the International Tchaikovsky Competition which launched him into an international career.

Mario Brunello (Italy) Cello


Andrea Lucchesini (Italy) Piano

Invited Artists “Pure music without resort to idiosyncratic mechanical effects. Xavier de Maistre is a virtuoso of the highest order, profoundly musical and capable of realizing a remarkable range of nuance.” (Gramophone)

Xavier de Maistre (France) Harp

Sara Mingardo (Italy) Alto

Ricardo Novaro made his professional debut as Guglielmo in Cosi fan tutte in Cagliari with great success, and since then he has been offered Mozart roles such as Figaro, Conte, Guglielmo, Papageno, Don Alfonso and Masetto all over Europe.

Ricardo Novaro (Italy) Baritone ∕ bass

Italian singer Sara Mingardo is considered among the more important contraltos of her generation. Her repertory is broad, encompassing works by composers from Monteverdi to Britten, though she has scored some of her greatest successes in operas and sacred music of the Baroque.

Italian soprano Maria Grazia Schiavo has a bright, clear voice and awesome technical skills, ideal for this type of music. The music is highly enjoyable, not just for the performance, but for the music itself.

María Grazia Schiavo (Italy) Soprano


Invited Artists Directed by Giuseppe Paolo Cecere, Dramsam offers the public a generous musical proposal of the rich medieval and renaissance repertoire (especially Italian) while respecting the historical points of performance practice. The group uses instruments reconstructed from attentive studies of the insturments used in Medieval Europe.

Accordone unites the interpretation of music from the past with compositions of new music, giving rise to a new repertoire created expressly for their own concerts, and uniting the cultural legacy of the Renaissance and Baroque with the present day.

Accordone (Italy)

Dramsam Ensemble (Italy)

Pentabrass takes on the challenge of playing compositions that are very challenging and are not traditionally performed by brass ensembles. This opens new horizons and possibilities to the way people view brass instruments.

Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare is one of the most important groups of revival of Italian popular music. Their 17 years of existence, extensive discography and countless performances around the world confirm this.

Nuevo Campagnia di Canto Popolare (Italy)


Pentabrass (Italy)

Latin American Series Musicians

Elvis A. Díaz (Colombia) Harp

Folk harpist, Elvis A. Díaz (17-yearsold) has become one of the most outstanding and virtuous musicians of his genre. He was invited by Elizabeth Hainen, renowned classical harpist, to present a concert at the Curtis Institute of Music. In 2011, he was selected by the Cartagena International Music Festival to perform at the Young Talents Concert.

André Mehmari (Italy) Piano

“At 29-years-old, André Mehmari is a creative Brazilian soul. His music has no boundaries or adjectives. [...] Mehmari walks through several centuries: since one arrangement of one Monteverdi’s aria, through jazz improvisation to a knowledge of instrumental popular music. He slides in the harpsichord with the same smoothness as he writes for orchestra. [...] he is lyrical as Jobim and adacious in the piano as Brad Mehldau.” (Paulo Roberto Pires)

An inventive arranger and virtuosic performer, Gabriel Mirabassi is one of the most significant clarinetists on the international level. Early on, he focused on performing modern compositions by John Cage and Gunther Schuller, but later combined his interest in contemporary music with jazz, collaborating with accordionist Richard Galliano.

Gabriel Mirabassi (Italy) Clarinet


Latin American Series Musicians

“Ms. Salmaso reaches into the boundless resources of Brazil’s musical past. She rediscovers old songs and find new ones in old styles: bossa novas. old sambas, ballads. Yet she treats them not as purist remakes, but as modern close-ups.” (New York Times)

Mónica Salmaso (Brazil) Voice “Argentine pianist and composer calls his music “not tango, but close.” In fact, his post-Piazzolla tango features a similar instrumentation to that of the maestro’s (violin, guitar, bandoneón, bass and piano) and shares references (Bartok and Stravinsky as well as tango tradition) before going its own way. [...] smart writing, beautifully shaded, and paced playing and a path to the tango for the 21st century – or something close to it.”

Diego Schissi (Argetina) Quintet



THE CITY TO DREAM AND LIVE THE FESTIVAL’S MAGIC Proclaimed as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, Cartagena de Indias is proof of the colonial splendor in the New World. Most of its buildings, walls, fortresses and squares date from the 17th and 19th centuries. This Caribbean port, rich in pirate and colonial treasures and gold prospector stories, was considered the most important bastion of the Spanish Empire in the Americas. With a mixture of the world´s flavors and cuisine with many centuries of history, Cartagena´s culinary offering is an exquisite open letter which perfectly combines the local cuisine with national and international flavors. Due to its international atmosphere, Cartagena has a variety of specialty restaurants, where you can find the best seafood, regional food, Italian cuisine and fusion food.

“So romantic is Cartagena, Colombia… Enclosed within thick fortress walls, the city is a fascinating mosaic comprising shaded plazas, bougainvillead-festooned mansions, and centuries-old cathedrals and castles.” Caribbean Travel & Life

“Cartagena is a storied city on Colombia´s north coast with a gorgeous full name, ’Cartagena de Indias’. She inspired Gabriel García Márquez novels of magical realism (indeed, the master still lives here).” Condé Nast Traveler


INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS PACKAGES If you would like to attend the Cartagena International Music Festival, but have arranged your own accommodations, the International Friends Package is the perfect option for you to make the most of your visit.



January 5, 2013

Departure January 14, 2013

USD $2,400 per person (Includes a tax-deductible contribution of USD $1,000)

The package includes: • Concert ticket(s) to the six (6) evening concerts at the Theatre Adolfo Mejía.* • Concert ticket(s) to one (1) dinner concert at Santa Teresa Chapel or Santa Clara Chapel.* • Concert ticket(s) to the cocktail concert at Cerro de la Popa. • Concert ticket(s) to two (2) Latin American series concerts at Claustro La Merced. * • Ticket(s) for three (3) music conferences at the Santa Clara Chapel. • Concert ticket(s) to the Young Talent Concert. • Invitation to exclusive events during the Festival. •Inaugural Party

• Closing Party

• One Sponsor Party in their private Cartagena home

• Recognition on the International Benefactors page inside the Program Book.


*Tickets to additional concerts can be purchased separately



January 5, 2013

Departure January 10, 2013

USD $2,000 per person (Includes a tax-deductible contribution of USD $1,000)

The package includes: • Concert ticket(s) to the three (3) evening concerts at the Theatre Adolfo Mejía.* • Concert ticket(s) to the dinner concert at Santa Clara Chapel.* • Concert ticket(s) to the cocktail concert at Cerro de la Popa. • Concert ticket(s) to one (1) Latin American series concert at Claustro La Merced.* • Ticket(s) to two (2) music conferences at the Santa Clara Chapel. • Invitation to exclusive events during the Festival: • Inaugural Party

• One Sponsor Party in their private Cartagena home

• Recognition on the International Benefactors page inside the Program Book.


*Tickets to additional concerts can be purchased separately



January 10, 2013

Departure January 14, 2013

USD $1,900 per person (Includes a tax-deductible contribution of USD $1,000)

The package includes: • Concert ticket(s) to the three (3) evening concerts at the Theatre Adolfo Mejía.* • Concert ticket(s) to the dinner concert at Santa Teresa Chapel.* • Concert ticket(s) to one (1) Latin American series concert at Claustro La Merced.* • Ticket(s) to one (1) music conference at the Santa Clara Chapel. • Invitation to exclusive events during the Festival: • Closing Party

• One Sponsor Party in their private Cartagena home

• Recognition on the International Benefactors page inside the Program Book.

*Tickets to additional concerts can be purchased separately





When you graciously participate in the Cartagena International Music Festival as a Visitor, your contribution goes to offering three outreach concerts in Cartagena´s poorest neighborhoods. These concerts are offered free of charge to the public, featuring the same soloists, repertoire and production team as the concerts performed inside the city.




By contributing to the Cartagena Music Festival, either by sponsoring a Young Talent or an Artist, you help foster the growth of Colombia´s next generation of musicians.



YOUNG TALENT Minimum tax-deductible donation of USD $5,000

The Young Talents Program at the Cartagena International Music Festival was created to offer young Colombian artists who are in the beginning of their musical career new opportunities for learning and showcasing their talent. By sponsoring a Young Talent, your funds will go directly toward scholarships granted to these young musicians, giving them the opportunity to participate in the Cartagena Festival master classes and perform at the Young Talents Concert at the conservatory. Each year, the Salvi Foundation awards three to four students these scholarships.


• Recognition on the Young Talents page in the Program Book. • Exclusive access to the Young Talents closed rehearsals. • Personalized tour of the master class conservatory with the Academic Director and Salvi Foundation President, Julia Salvi. • Six reserved seats for the Young Talents Concert on January 13th.




Minimum tax-deductible donation of USD $15,000 During the Cartagena International Music Festival, artists not only perform at concerts but also fully participate on a tight schedule of master classes offered to over 450 Colombian young musicians and professors. Julia Salvi designed the Festival having experienced the value in music education first hand. She explains, “Colombia’s young talent musicians need role models that demonstrate that music is an accessible career path. The Cartagena Festival brings to the youth world-renowned artists to teach, motivate, and develop their skills during nine days.” During their stay in Cartagena, artists build a connection with the students, professors and people of Colombia.


• Recognition in the Promotional Magazine and Program Book. • Ten copies of the Program Book autographed by your sponsored artist. • Dinner with the Salvi Foundation President, Julia Salvi, other artist donors and the Festival´s Artists at the home of Salomón Finvarb in Cartagena. You will be seated with your sponsored artist. 29



I am delighted to attend: Name: Name: Select Package:

GOLD USD $2,400 per person (Includes a tax-deductible contribution of USD $1,000)

SILVER USD $2,000 per person (Includes a tax-deductible contribution of USD $1,000)

BRONZE USD $1,900 per person (Includes a tax-deductible contribution of USD $1,000)


RESPONSE FORM Name Address City Country Telephone (Day) Cell Phone E-mail

Contact us: Heather Azem 168 N. Ogden Avenue Chicago, IL 60607 Telephone: + 1-800-621-3881 Ext. 312 Fax: + 1-312-226-1502

Please Note: Dates and venues are subject to change.



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