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The grand boxes at The Coliseum Theatre, London, England. Additional Credit: Society of London Theatre




spotlight news bulletin edition

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Welcome to the first issue of the 2018 Spotlight. As in the past, our January issue is delivered much later than we would like due mainly to our printers´ holidays. We apologise for this delay. The hard copy version of Spotlight versus the on line digital version has been the subject of concern for some time in relation, given the overall costs of the magazine. The British Society recognises the importance of Spotlight as a means of communication with its members, but feels if it could liberate the costs of production this would help maintain the focus of the Society on the important contribution to the welfare help to our community. We believe the hard copy version of Spotlight should continue. We are therefore appealing to all of our readers to help us continue by contributing R$100,00 for one year. Details of how you can contribute are included in this issue. The Fundação Britânica de Beneficência held its Annual General Meeting at the Brazilian British Centre in December. We will be publishing more details in our next issue.

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Our regular proof reader Alison was travelling and so I am grateful to Alan Marcus for his review of this issue.

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On behalf of all of us at Spotlight and the British Society, I wish our readers and contributors a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2018!

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The Pipe Band continues to be very active, and were present at the following events:

took third place and we obtained fourth in the Highland dancing competition.

1) CIRCULO MILITAR – CELEBRATIION PARTY - for the Officers of the Academia das Agulhas Negras – Graduation of 1958

Following Bands were at the GATHERING

This GATHERING takes place every 18 months in 4 countries in South America, and this was our second time in Santiago where the event was held at the PRINCE OF WALES COUNTRY CLUB – a fantastic venue

1) 11thFire Company PB – Santiago – Chile 2) Bariloche Highlanders – Argentina 3) Eagle School Antofagusta PB – Chile 4) SAPA – BA – Argentina 5) Santiago Metropolitan PB – Chile – Host band. 6) Sacrament o PB – SASPD Sao Paulo & Riverside PB Montevideo – joint Band under this name to compete 7) Brasil Caledonia PB – SP – Brazil 8) SASRP – B.Aires Argentina 9) Southern Winds PB – Chile 10) Mendonca Highlanders – PB – Argentinaq 11) Asturian Pipers – Chile

The SASPD ,together with four members of the Riverside Pipe Band of Montevideo ,competed in all the events in the QMM ( Quick March Melody), where we

The next gathering will take place in BARILOCHE – ARGENTINA – OCTOBER 2019 – hosted by Bariloche Highlanders PipeBand


We continue to teach piping , drumming and highland dancing at our band practices held on Sundays 10.00 until14.00. Colin Pritchard D/M SASPD Banda de Gaitas de Fole Escocesa


BRITISH SOCIETY 2017 was a great year for us at the British Society! increase our positive impact.

First of all, Fundação Britânica de Beneficência will be awarded the Salva de Prata from the São Paulo City Council in honour of its 70 years of existence and its great work for the elderly and for the British Community. Mrs. Gertude Vigar will also be honoured and receive the title of Cidadã Paulistana (Citizen of São Paulo), the greatest honour someone who was not born in our city can receive. The ceremony has not happened yet, but we will send a digital invitation to everyone on our mailing list as soon as we have a confirmed date. so we can have many people from our community on the City Council to join us on this great occasion. We also launched a new website at the end of the year: Its goal is to advertise the great work we do at Fundação for the Brazilian Community and become better known as a society. We believe we can acquire more supporters and donors, which will allow us to improve our programes and

Finally, 2017 is the year that we took our senior people from the community to over 200 medical appointments as part of our Care Programme. We managed to organize the greatest exhibition of British classic cars in Brazil, as you may have read on Spotlight’s last issue. What a busy and gratifying year!. And what about 2018? We are looking forward to the expansion of our activities, (mainly within the Care Programme), since this has a major positive impact on our residents life quality. There will be more events as well. We believe they are the perfect way to bring the community together, promote the organisation to people who still don’t know it, and raise funds for our projects. You will receive more information about them really soon! Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or suggestions about things we could be doing. Just send your message to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. It is always a pleasure to hear from the community members.





SPYC & SAILAWAY São Paulo Yacht Club opens the Sailing Season Opening Regatta: 4th February, 2018 The São Paulo Yacht Club or “SPYC”, was the first sailing club of the state of São Paulo, and celebrated 100 years in 2017. As the pioneer sailing club in São Paulo, it was also the first to start racing and organizing regattas on the Guarapiranga lake. Some of these regattas became very prestigious and traditional, with beautiful cups and trophies, and are part of the club’s annual championship (13 cups along the year) some of these cups (like the Foster & Knowles cup) from the early 1920´s, are still part of the annual championship.

of the biggest sailing events of the country. Many Olympic medalists, world champions, Pan-American champions have participated in this regatta

Since the sport of sailing grew around the lake, other clubs and marinas appeared, the club also hosted bigger events, such as state championships, national championships and even South American Championships, with sailors coming from all over to compete. But it is the Regata de Abertura that the club is most known for ,as it is one of the biggest and most prestigious regattas of the state of São Paulo( maybe even Brazil given the size and importance of São Paulo in the Brazilian sailing community).

SPYC is also very thankful to all sponsors that make this an event possible, such as Cultura Inglesa who has supported the regatta over many years.

The Regata de Abertura is the first official Regatta of the São Paulo Sailing Federation (FEVESP). Organized and hosted at SPYC. To this grand event, all clubs, sailors, sailboats and enthusiasts are invited. Some editions had more than 250 boats participating, making it one

For this event, the club is open to the public and anyone who wishes can come and be part of such party. To register for the regatta, each competitor should bring 2kg of nonperishable food (which is donated to a social entity), and the registration form filled. Details will come, keep an eye at:



It is holiday time, even for politicians. Someone asked me the other day if I knew the meaning of POLITICS in Brazil , and I got the following explanation: POLI = many; TIC = a nasty insect you can’t get rid of once you have got it. (Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to swallow them ). Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is a 10 square km salt desert which in pre-historic times was a huge lake. What about the Dead Sea, which is also going the same way ? 430m below sea level and as salty as the ocean, it is 304m deep, 50km long and 15km wide. Its main in-flowing river is the Jordan which is also carrying less water. The Dead Sea is shrinking at 1m per year and ground water is disappearing creating sinkholes. A project to link the Red Sea to the Dead Sea is underway, a huge pipeline system to start operating in 2018.

of iron ore and inhabited by people some ten thousand years ago, is now being explored by Francesco Sauro from the university of Bologna, as reported by the BBC. The stream running through the caves holds red water and the walls are of pinkish quartz and form an eerie picture.

Secrets of the Amazon. On the frontier Brazil, Venezuela, Guiana, Andrés Ruzo, a National Geographic explorer found the Mayantuyacu boiling river which runs water at 86°C for 6km, in a region where there are no volcanoes or any trace of magma . Anything or anybody that falls into it is simply cooked instantly. The Tepui rocky tabletop mountain and its high peaks hiding caves

These are some hints for those who enjoy adventurous holidays.sit beside the fire and think of people long ago, and people who will see a world that I shall never know. But all the while I sit and think of times there were before, listen for returning feet and voices at the door. (Tolkien – the fellowship of the ring – the ring goes south) Christina Thornton





There is a new treatment for animals which I had not heard

BUT – the new treatments for animals and humans do not

of – ozonioterapia. My Muffin, a small dachshund, began

have to come at the cost of painful or fatal experimentation.

feeling his age at about 14, and obviously had back ache.

There are many substitutes for experiments on live animals,

He started to walk with his back humped, and no longer

and if you are viscerally against vivisection and unnecessary

jumped easily onto the sofa. My regular vet recommended

cruelty, you will be pleased to know that the Physicians Com-

someone new: Dr. Adriano Caquetti, a vet who has specialized

mittee for Responsible Medicine has shut down another five

in this treatment. He can be found on Google, address and

(5) animal laboratories this year! This action committee con-

all. It was miraculous, and Muffin had several more happy

tacts veterinary schools to encourage the use of models and

and comfortable years, for which I was grateful.

techniques that are perfectly adequate and spare the live animals that were routinely used to test medication and pro-

After a spinal X-ray to see exactly where the problem was,


Dr. Adriano injected Muffin at that spot and nearby with ozone, to his almost immediate relief. I have recommended

As it is the end of this year and the beginning of the New,

Dr. Adriano and the treatment to several friends who have

inspite of terrible things that happen that we can do nothing

been pleased with the result. This really does help elderly

about, we have much to be thankful for. New treatments,

animals with a back problem! Also helpful for the not-yet-

new attitudes, new hopes keep us going. And our friends

elderly...just injured. Dr. Adriano started with horses who were

and activities keep us going...

needing help at the Jockey Club, and progressed from there. Dr. Adriano, Rua Republica do Iraque 1403, Campo Belo.

The Associação takes this opportunity to thank again, most

Telefone for appointment: 5093-1063.

warmly, all the kind people who have helped us over this past year. With every good wish for a New Year full of good hap-

The new treatments have been a blessing for many people


and animals, and there seems to be something new all the time!

Lula May Reed


THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION – SÃO PAULO BRANCH greater. The horrendous suffering in the First World War - known as “The Great War” and the global loss of life in the Second World War must not be forgotten and this is why we need to continue to remember.

REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE The annual Remembrance Day Service was held at 10 am on Sunday, November 12th at St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral. The service was attended by over 280 people. This was an excellent turnout from the community and we were supported by the normal Commonwealth countries and the allied nations, including Holland, France, Belgium, Brazil (FEB and FAB) and the USA.

As we are currently in the centenary period of the First World War our service was focused on this and the 33 people who participated in this conflict and are remembered on our memorial plaque. We also of course remember the sacrifice made by the thousands of British and Commonwealth service people who have died in the subsequent conflicts that have taken place since the end of the Second World War. The musical support and the choir of St Pauls School helped us once again to make the service an even more moving service. We had a collection for the Poppy Appeal which is one of the principal sources of the funds that the RBL requires to ensure it can provide help to and defend the interests of needy service men and women, and, as is the case with us in Brazil, provide help to ex-service people and their dependants, when in need.

The photograph above shows the RBL, FEB and BSSP wreaths being brought up to the memorial and in the background are some of the national flags and standards. We believe that the Remembrance Day Service is an important event for the British and Commonwealth Community. As the years go by, and the two World Wars become remoter in time, the importance of our remembering and celebrating the sacrifices of the millions including the 77 people we remember locally who surrendered their lives in order to save democracy and ensure freedom for the succeeding generations is ever

I would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the poppy sales either before the service via the schools, remotely from other locations or British organisations and at the service on the day.

The photograph above shows Stepanie Vinaz and Be-

11 atrice McMahon from St Nicholas School leading the Poppy ladies Carol Arntsen and Judy Beer up to the altar with the poppy sales baskets and church collection The Cathedral technical staff organised the recording of the service and if you did not make it to the service on the day or if you would like to watch it again you can do so via the link below: events/1811322/videos/165833710 The photograpgh above shows the congratulationons letter Ted Forster received from HM the Queen

The photograph above shows the RBL President – Paul McMahon escorting the H.M. Consul General Jo Crellin out of the cathedral at the end of the service. Following the service we had the normal reception which was provided with the assistance of the British Society São Paulo. The reception was also very well attended and we had a special birthday greeting for Ted Forster who was at the service. We sang happy birthday to Ted for his hundredth birthday which was on the 9th of November. Ted received the customary congratulations letter from HM the Queen just in time for his birthday. Ted is shown here talking to H.M. Military Attache, Capt. Kevin Fleming RN and the H.M. Consul General Jo Crellin Paul McMahon President Royal British Legion - Sao Paulo Branch



KEEPING A JOURNAL: A HEALTHY (NEW?) HABIT FOR 2018 HERE’S WHY: Writing in a Journal Optimizes Your Own Creative Potential: Most people tend to live their lives on other people’s terms. For example, many people wake up and immediately check their phone or email. In other words, we’ve become increasingly guided by other people’s agendas. If you want to have more creative flow in your life, stop checking your social media and email so much. Check them once or twice per day. Detach from the addiction to numb your mind and escape reality. Instead, get lost in the creative projects you’ve always wanted to do. Writing helps Clear Your Emotions: Several research studies have found that writing in your journal reduces stress. These benefits include: increased focus, greater stability, releasing pent-up thoughts and emotions and detaching and letting go of the past. After you’ve vented on the pages of your journal, you’ll be better able to move forward. An honest and inspired journal session can be a great form of therapy; and, if you still feel stuck, you might decide to discuss your journal entries during counseling sessions. Writing Ingrains Your Learning: Humans are bad at retaining information. We forget most of what we read and hear. However, when we write down the things we’ve learned, we retain them far better. Even if you never reread what you’ve written, the simple act of writing something down increases brain development and memory.

Writing allows our memories to target and ingrain the important stuff we want to remember. Furthermore, we’ll be able to work out problems and get insights while we ponder and write about the things we’re learning. Keeping a Journal Increases Your Gratitude: Gratitude will change your entire life orientation from one of scarcity to one of abundance. The benefits of gratitude are seemingly endless: Gratitude makes us happier, healthier, strengthens our emotions, develops our personality, makes us more optimistic, reduces materialism, increases spirituality, makes us less self-centered, increases our self-esteem, improves our sleep, increases our energy level, helps us relax and deepens our friendships. Keeping a Journal Unfolds The Writer In You: Keeping a journal can help you develop strong writing habits and discover your “voice”, whilst clearing your mind and clarifying your ideas. Even if you never intend to publish your writing, you will have recorded valuable personal and family stories which will be cherished in later life and by future generations of your loved ones. Penny Freeland is a British qualified counsellor and coach. For further information please contact Feedback and suggestions for future topics are always welcome. All communication will remain confidential.



MY HEART JOURNAL Your heart starts beating very fast, with that pounding sensation as if it would jump out of your mouth and break free. When you seek medical advice, or even go to the emergency department, the sensation suddenly is gone. This is where an exam called holter monitoring can be very useful. This device is also known as an ambulatory electrocardiogram, in the sense that your electrocardiogram, or the electrical signals generated by the heart, is recorded while you are moving around. The first devices were rather cumbersome and bulky, the electrocardiogram was recorded on a cassette tape. Now everything is fitted into a computer chip, and the battery-operated device is about the size of a postcard or a tiny digital camera. Tiny wires connect the monitor to electrodes placed on your chest, and the monitor is usually attached to a belt. It continuously records the heart’s electrical activity for 24 to 48 hours. The newer models can record up to two weeks. The main disadvantage is that usually you cannot have a bath during that period. Patients are encouraged to write a diary describing all symptoms they experience while wearing the device, when they occurred, and what activities were performed when the symptoms appeared. It is very important to mention chest pain, changes in heartbeat and dizziness. After the test period, the doctor will download the information to a computer that will analyze the heart

rhythm and count the type and number of irregular heartbeats. The results will be compared to the written symptom diary to help diagnose any heart problems. Some symptoms increase the likelihood of your doctor ordering a holter monitoring, such as a fast, pounding heartbeat, as mentioned in the introduction, a very slow or irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, or chest pain that is not associated to exercise. The test can also be ordered to know how a pacemaker is working. The test can diagnose fits of atrial fibrillation, a rapid, irregular heartbeat that is a very frequent cause of stroke. It can also reveal bouts of ventricular tachycardia, a very fast heart rate that can degenerate into cardiac arrest and death. Other findings are cardiac arrhythmias in general, conduction disorders, and heart block (very slow rates leading to faints and blackouts). The test is painless and relatively inexpensive. Apart from being unable to bathe, shower or swim, it might be a good idea to keep away from magnets, metal detectors, and high-voltage electrical wires. So this particular kind of journal can be very helpful indeed, sometimes even saving lives. Michael Ray Smith M.D. MOBILE ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY Phone: 99183-2093 E-mail:



ELITE RESIDENTS ATTEND THEATRE PREMIERE On Thursday November 30th, residents and carers from Elite had the pleasure of seeing some of their regular visitors from St. Francis College performing on stage. Students Konsta Karavitis, Arthur Rodrigues and Luiz Felipe França were the lead characters in a sardonic comedy called “Out at Sea” written by Polish playwright Slawomir Mrozek in 1960. The Elite guests were welcomed with cakes and sandwiches, and a proper cup of tea, served by some of the St. Francis students, in the school’s dining hall. Afternoon tea also set the theme of the play. The story of the play is that there are three men out at sea on a raft after their ship is wrecked, and they have

run out of food. They must decide which one of them is to be eaten. How they make that decision is the substance of this biting political satire. It is both a play utterly of its time – when the Soviet Union dominated all of eastern Europe, including Poland – and also much more widely relevant. Elite had front row seats in the St. Francis Pinheiros auditorium, very close to the actors, so that they could almost touch them. The actors spoke their lines very clearly, and their audience responded with laughter and surprise, and were even a little shocked. A thought-provoking entertainment! Arnold Drenth Head of Drama



THE SOUND OF MUSIC I had been asked numerous times over my tenure as Director

and backstage team were certainly impressive, and the round-

of Music if we could perform the Sound of Music for our

ing ovation that awaited them after each of the four perfor-

biannual Senior School musical here at St. Paul’s. For a num-

mances spoke for itself. Here our very own Captain Von Trapp,

ber of years, I was reluctant to agree as we simply didn’t have

Upper Sixth pupil Gabriel Newton, reflects on his experience

enough singers willing to take part. Imagine my surprise this

performing in his last production at St. Paul’s:

year when we ended up with so many pupils auditioning for roles that we had to decide to have a double cast! Such was

Lee Ward - Director of Music

the talent that we felt we needed to include all in the project. To say it made the rehearsal schedule more complicated is

I was the Captain for the musical and, like all other past

an enormous understatement. In fact, we never had the en-

characters I have played – David, Freddy, Alfie, Billis and

tire cast perform together until the week of the performances

“random WW1 Soldier who plays the harmonica” - this

in late November. What was a great relief, however, was the

character stuck with me. There will always be a place for

evident camaraderie of the pupils and their hard working

the Captain in my mannerisms. This was my last acting

ethos. This year we included a small group of Prep children

performance on the school stage, as this is my last year

to play the part of village children (especially written into the

in school. I kind of liked being the oldest member of the

play) and they brought some charming scenes to the show.

cast; it made me feel very responsible, and helped feed

The show is a real golden oldie, and it was soon apparent

my “very-much-exaggerated” sense of maturity.

how timeless the songs are. I well remember watching the film back in the UK every Christmas and being transfixed by

The following is a message to people who are thinking

the music and the story. Well, if the singing of the songs

of acting yet haven’t tried it yet; anyone with the slight-

around the corridors of the school (even now some days

est doubt as to whether they should or should not get

after the performances) is anything to go by, then they are

up on stage along with everyone else: I once heard, some-

just as attractive today as they were back then.

where, that doubting yourself, not believing that you can do the most selfish thing possible. “I know

Over 1000 tickets were sold and the audiences showed their

you share this love. I pray that you will never let it die.”

strong appreciation after each performance. As my last pro-

(Captain Von Trapp). Gabriel Newton Upper 6 pupil

duction at the school, it was a truly moving and memorable one. To see so many of our pupils being involved in performance arts, with such skill and dedication, was extremely satisfying. The talent and professionalism of our large cast




the school become what it is today, and who consequently

Mão Amiga is a private school in Itapecerica da Serra, which

also helped her achieve her hopes and dreams. I had the

is about an hour away from our school. Their objective is to

chance to talk to Michelle, who explained she was extremely

give neighbouring communities in Itapecerica access to af-

happy to be starting high school next year. Previously the

fordable and quality education. The school pays its expenses

school did not have the resources to provide a high school

through support from donors, so their resources are limited.

education to pupils, and Michelle feared not being able to

In 2012, our school began a partnership with Mão Amiga.

afford somewhere else. But with the help of partnerships and

Further information about the school can be found at http://

donations the school is now able to provide a high school

programme. Now Michelle is excited at the prospect of completing her high school diploma and eventually being able

In December, three members of the school council and I had

to enrol at a public university.

the opportunity to visit the school, and I was truly amazed to see the impact our community has made to the lives of

Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces and their motivation

500 pupils. With our school’s donation they were able to

to learn has made me value more the opportunities we are

build and restore an entire building with new and improved

given at St. Paul’s all the more. We are really fortunate to be

classrooms, bathrooms that are appropriate for the children’s

able to receive such an excellent education; this should lead

age and a beautiful playroom. The building was named “ed-

us to work to the best of our abilities at all times, and always

ifício St. Paul’s School”, as a tribute to the help they have

remember the importance of giving back.

been given. Carolina Pascolato Costa - Vice School Captain During the visit we entered some classes and the attention and dedication of the pupils was admirable. They would not take their eye off of the teacher; one of the pupils approached me very excited about his achievement of having completed 5 pages of work in his Portuguese class. When we asked them if they were enjoying their class, we would receive a very enthusiastic and unanimous yes. When the visit was over, children from the middle school put together two performances to thank us for contributing so much to their school. The performances ended with the pupils giving us thank you notes and warm hugs. Michelle, a 15-year-old girl who is part of the first class who began studying at the school in 2002, also delivered a speech about what the school meant to her and her community. She also thanked the ones who helped



Apartamento 3 dormitórios -

B.Sc. (Hons), B.Arch., Dip. CAD.


Professional British translator based in São

1 vaga de garagem

Paulo, at your service.

Rua Afonso de Freitas, nº 550 - 9º

All kinds of texts translated from German or

andar -Bairro Paraíso - São Paulo

Portuguese to English

Valor : R$ 1.100.000,00.

and from English or German to Portuguese.






My neighbours are listening to great music, whether they like it or not. It is important to make breaks between individual exercises. I personally stick to a break of three to four months! I am nobody-Nobody is perfect-Therefore I am perfect. If a man says he will fix it, he will fix it. There is no need to nag every six months about it. I used to think you were a pain in the neck. My opinion of you has dropped significantly since then. If you have to choose between a diet and a piece of chocolate, would you prefer dark white, or milk chocolate? I am not lazy, I am just naturally a very relaxed person. He who wakes up early yawns all day; No thanks. I did not fight my way to the top of the food pyramid to become a vegetarian.





Rhena’s and both husbands’ participation in the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship William Moffitt Harris – Part 9 In the Summer of 1948 Dr. Schweitzer rested for some time in the Black Forest retreat of Koenigsfeld where his friends noticed his extreme weariness and loss of weight. He then spent some time in Switzerland where he met his four grandchildren for the first time. He closed his book Out of my Life and Thought, which he completed in 1931 in Lambarènè, with the following thought “Whether we be workers or sufferers, it is assuredly our duty to conserve our powers, as being men who have won their way through to the Peace which passes all understanding”. Rhena was trained as a medical technician for a couple of years so as to work beside her father at Lambarènè from 1950 onwards. Following her father’s death in 1965 until 1970 she took over the operation of the hospital as a strong collaborating administrative agent to the director of the hospital Dr. Walter Munz, first assistant to Dr. Schweitzer. There she met Dr. David C. Miller, later her second husband, a cardiologist who was interested in studying malnutrition on the hearts of the natives. On discussing his schemes and results he captivated a longing friendship with Schweitzer and cared for him until his passing over. On his death bed in 1965 the old man begged forgiveness from his daughter for not having had time to go to her wedding with Jean Eckert. Rhena died in 2009 at the age of ninety. From her first marriage Rhena left a son and three daughters, eight grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Her work at the Fellowship and branches spread throughout the States, England, Austria, Switzerland, Gemany and France;it was most praised all over the world. She was really the key manager of the organization.

After getting married in 1971, Rhena and Miller lived for a few years in Atlanta and travelled around the world offering medical assistance in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam and Yemen. They promoted conferences and gave firsthand information on the work in Africa where international help continued its expansion under Dr. Schweitzer’s philosophy of Reverence for Life Preservation. From her second marriage, there are no descendants. Her husband, David C. Miller had already died in 1997 also at the age of ninety in Pacific Palisades, California, at the home of one of his wife’s daughters. For his remaining years he was victimized by a disease that damaged his brain to the point of him not even recognizing his wife any longer. No medical help could cure him so he was bedridden in the care of one his stepdaughters, a medical research specialist at the local university. The Miller couple and Harold Robbles founded the Albert Schweitzer Institute for the Humanities in 1984 which later established its headquarters at the Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, and after a couple of years moved to new headquarters of the Fellowship in Boston. They created the Reverence for Life Comendation in 1990 to recognize humanitarian efforts performed in the spirit of Albert Schweitzer. It was interesting to have read about groups of persons belonging to other professions getting inspired by Schweitzer’s philosophy, such as veterinarians, botanists and environmentalists. A good example is in Germany where in the year 2000 Attorney Wolfgang Schindller founded the charitable Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our Contemporaries as a politically independent animal protection organization. The Foundation received Schweitzer’s name from Rhena. Some of its objectives encompass: compassion in world farming, compassion over killing and to create the public response to the injustice of animal exploitation. Schweitzer himself had idealized the Animal Welfare Institute from 1951 to the time of his death in 1965.





Sermon delivered by Bishop Roger Bird at the November Remembrance Service In November 1917, World War I was in its 4th year. Things

warnings from the USA. not to do so. This meant that Ger-

were still very uncertain and I doubt that anyone believed

many would attack not only warships but merchant ships as

that the war would terminate one year later on the 11th No-

well and would thereby force Britain to her knees by cutting

vember 1918. Things looked very dark, both for the soldiers

off her supplies. Two days later, the USA severed diplomatic

fighting on the battle fronts and for the civilians back in Eng-

ties with Germany and on 6th April declared war on Germany.


America entered the war.

I imagine that Amos’s prophecy that the Consul-General read

The second factor was that in April Lenin arrived in Russia

to us a few moments ago was very significant to many of

and the Bolshevik revolution took place on 7th November

these people (Amos chapter 5 verses 18 to 24). Amos was

with all the consequences that we know. Just before Christ-

warning the Israelites that God would forsake them unless

mas, the Russians opened peace negotiations with Germany

they changed their ways and truly worshiped him. That God

which were concluded in March 1918. This meant that Ger-

was tired of their religious attitudes which were put on for

many was able to deploy troops from the eastern front to the

show only and did not come from the heart.

western front.

The day of the Lord was the day when God would come to

One interesting detail that happened in 1917 was that Ger-

establish his kingdom on earth and the Jews believed that,

many developed a bomber, the Gotha G IV, which was able

as they were God’s chosen people, it would a wonderful day

to bomb London. Now the house names of the British Royal

for them and they would be exalted. However Amos warned

Family were of German origin, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (the

them that what counted was not that they were descendants

same name as the bomber). On 17th July, King George V

of Abraham, but how they worshipped God in heart and mind

issued a royal proclamation stating that from that date the

and soul.

Royal Family would be known as the House and Family of Windsor, which continues to today.

As the reading concluded, what was important is that justice should roll on like a river and righteousness like a never-fail-

Certainly 1917 was a difficult year for both the civilians and

ing stream!

those serving in the armed forces. Living conditions were appalling both on the fronts and back at home. Had God

Many of the civilians and soldiers back in those bleak years

abandoned them? Could they dare to hope? Was there a

of 1917 must have wondered where God was? Had He for-

light at the end of this dark tunnel? Without a doubt, many

saken them? Had they forsaken him? Was this the end of

believed that God was with them, that He was their God and

time, the day of the Lord?

they were his people, and they took comfort in the words that St. Paul wrote to the Philippians which the President of

1917 certainly saw a number of victories and defeats for both

the Royal British Legion just read to us (Philippians chapter

sides. On 11th March British forces captured Baghdad. How-

4 verses 4 to 9).

ever, on the 1st September the Central powers took over the northernmost end of the Russian front and on 24th October

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by

broke through the Italian lines. On the other hand, Jerusalem

prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests

fell to the allies on 9th December.

to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ

Possibly the two main factors that mostly influenced the out-


come of the war occurred in 1917. On the 1st February, Germany resumed unrestricted submarine warfare despite strong

I believe that while it was virtually impossible not to be anx-

ST PAUL’S ANGLICAN CATHEDRAL L GENERAL COMMUNITY CALENDAR ious, those who lifted up their prayers and petitions to God,


felt his peace descend upon them and trusted that peace would once again spread throughout the world.

Last Sunday, we had a surprise party after the serAnd what about us living in Brazil in the year 2017? Regret-

vice in the Salão Alpha! It was a pleasure for all of

tably we are seeing what is potentially a great nation getting

us to celebrate Elizabeth’s 70th birthday. As you

destroyed because of greed, corruption, lack of ethics and

can see from the photo, we all had a good time!

moral decay. Possibly the Brazilians need to heed Amos’s


words and let justice roll on like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream

We have the pleasure to advise that this year the What can we do living amid such filth? I think that St. Paul’s

Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil, subsection Santo

words to the Philippians are valid for us.

Amaro, has indicated Bishop Roger Bird to receive the award “Destaques OAB Santo Amaro - 2017”.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, what-

This award was presented on Friday 15th Decem-

ever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever

ber 2017 at 19:30, in the Associação Comercial,

is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think

Rua Mario Lopes Leão 406, Santo Amaro. Roger,

about such things. And the God of peace will be with you.”

congratulations from all of us!

May the God of peace be with you.

DEATH Bishop Glauco passed away late December. RIP



Opening Regatta




Feb 04

São Paulo Yacht Club

São Paulo Yacht Club

Annual Flower Show

Sept 22/23

Brazilian British Centre

São Paulo Garden Club

Children’s Day Olympics

Oct 06

São Paulo Yacht Club

São Paulo Yacht Club


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Spotlight News Bulletin nº 118  

January & February 2018, published by the British Society São Paulo

Spotlight News Bulletin nº 118  

January & February 2018, published by the British Society São Paulo