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STOP THE VIOLENCE! News and other media outlets cover only a part of the story and serve as platforms for propaganda of political officials. In the status quo, it has become blaringly obvious that getting to the root cause of violence is not on nay “ authority figure’s” agenda. The Stop the Violence project is an offspring of the Modeling for a Cause Project that was created by Marcus Fizer a south side photographer who grew up in the mean streets of the Pullman/Roseland community. He understands and want you to understand that when he working in the Safer Program of the Department of Corrections that everyone understood that we are creatures of habit. It take approximately 28 days to formulate a habit, 52 day of concentrated efforts to break a habit with transference and if your do not have anything to transfer over to then you will always go back to your default behavior no matter how bad it is for you.

Marcus wanted the entertainers, models and the urbane fashion industry professionals to be more conscious of the media perceptions that they were putting out to the community. He believes all reinforces to the violent mindsets and consciousness of the communities that receives and uses them on all platforms: Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, Economically and Emotionally

The Stop the Violence project will serve as a catalyst for a mass mindset shift and we approach the project with three goals in mind. First, we seek to humanize the people who are targeted for violence. Second, we seek serious questions and solid support for a planned community wide solutions. Lastly we challenge the community to re educate your selves, your family structure and understand the purpose & power a conscious family united has.

We must not only confront our own preconceived notions and stereotypical behavior, but also ask and seek out information and research of the true intentions of those in power and hold them accountable. What is violence? Who are the benefactors? Why do people act out violently? What is a true and effective method of redefining and reprogramming our family and community mindset? How is the digital divide and the use of social media really affecting our communities consciousness and economic position? We challenge our community to seek and find the answers to these questions and unify with one conscious move towards a resolution.

Starting out here are 4 ways you can help begin this process. 1. pose for a picture- we are looking for all ages & shapes and economic backgrounds to take a picture in support of this movement and once you receive your pictures, share and post them to your social media platforms 2. Donate a wall, roof or billboard- we are looking for businesses, schools, churches and property owners to donate a visible wall, roof or billboards to post one or more pictures. 3. Donate your time- each one teach one, talk to your children about guidelines of social media, really listen to the messages in music and our media and understand its true intent. Develop a family action plan for our household. 4. donate- as these posters are not free, we must raise money to make this project happen. You can support this project financially with donations Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, Economically and Emotionally


Special edition stop the violence  

This is a special edition we will be updating this issue soon with more information on programs and organizations.

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