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This is our first installment of 2016 and we wanted to bring you something different for this year as we continue to grow and show the Urbane industry the amazing talent and possibilities that are most of the time overlooked because of the saturation of programmed industry fluff. 2016 is the year we will bring you Awareness, Access and Training as we know and have heard the same stories of the new and emerging talent and business continue to get in and understand the Urban Industry and not only survive but prosper. When we really look at the industry and look at what has been spoon feed to us we first must understand that the historic frame of programming for the Urbane culture has s always been to make employees and not C.E.O’s, not dreamers and producers of one’s own community reality. Answer me this. What is your definition of a helpmate? Think about it. One possible understanding of a helpmate is someone who seeks to help you because you have a plan that needs to be worked on and you choose helpmates in your life to aid you with those goals and objectives to make those dreams become a reality. Sounds simple right? Well when most of the new talents approach our publication we hear the same thing over and over again. At best have very vague plans if any at all. If you do not know what you want to clearly do, how can you effectively put together a team or ask your friends or family to help you in your quest? And that is where most are captured by “THE INDUSTRY” We will address these issues and a few more this year to help as we not only show you some of the game but offer solutions and people who you can connect to that can help. Be sure to check out the Industry Insider as its just one example of a talent who nearly got caught up in the maze and the lessons she learned from it so it can now help you. Now we do not know everything but collectively with the talent in our pages we can surely find out just about anything needed in this industry that needs to be addressed. We want to see favor in the lives of our readers and that will help us to continue to showcase new and emerging talent on going to show all that your dreams can really come true and connect you to people who have the skills or tools you need to make it happen. WELCOME TO F-STYLE 2016!!! Join the movement and favor of Urbane Fashion!


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Toinee Huston p 40

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Siddique Muhammad p 16

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Sydney Kelliee of Tyra Cosmetics p 20

The Walkers Models walk the runway for designers p 70 Music

Don the Rapper Cloud 9

Exclusive Video Interview with Toine Houston

“Tyra is the CEO of the Company. We are a Direct Sales company promoting the line and gettng paid for doing that I am at the Top. I was handpicked by Tyra along with 200 other people and all of the teams/ crews are built under us. Im as close to the top as you can get.� click for video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKP7-KLJBkA

Time with Sydney of Tyra Cosmetics

click for video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKP7KLJBkA

Be sure to see and support your Favorite Top Model’s Cosmetics Line! Trya Cosmetics is HERE!

New MUA’s Need to learn the Art of Branding but most importantly they should connect themselves to a product that they can sale to create a residual income stream and partner with other MUA’s to learn how to properly build a 6-7 figure business. Partnerships are the key to success.

Charles Wilson Nuclear Mechanical Operator

When you think some opportunities and jobs are just out of sight, start setting your sights higher. You must check out www. cwconsultinggroup.com to understand that coming from the streets does not limit you from even being a Certified Nuclear Mechanical Operator and engineering Laboratory Technician . Charles Wilson will show you and show how your children also can achieve the dream. Think outside of the box of possibilities you and your children can achieve go to the website call and see 773332-9387

Achieving your dreams takes committed support along the way. Let F-Style show you who you can connect to help your journey

Name to know Chance the Rapper

The goal of Warmest Winter 2016, a project co-created by Chicago artist Chance The Rapper and a Detroit-based nonprofit called The Empowerment Plan, is to give 1,000 coats to Chicago’s homeless. the coats are manufactured at the Empowerment Plan factory in Detroit, which hires “homeless parents from local shelters to become full time seamstresses so that they can earn a stable income, find secure housing, and gain back their independence for themselves and for their families. WOW way to go Chance!

Name to know Lupe Fiasco


Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco is helping out inner city businesses in underserved communities with his new nonprofit. Fiasco and Di-Ann Eisnor, tech business leader and director of the GPS mobile app Waze, started the organization with the intention of targeting entrepreneurs in low-income neighborhoods who need help with funding their ideas. According to the organization’s mission statement, it wants “to turn every neighborhood fund into a local micro-economic engine.” neighborhood of Brownsville in Brooklyn, New York on Nov 13. The organization’s site said it provides access, network workshops, mentoring and funding to help potential entrepreneurs reach their goals. Businesses interested in the project get to compete for funding by pitching their ideas on a live stage to judges for a chance to win $5,000 and coaching from industry leaders to develop their business prototype.

click for video link


Health and Fitness

click for video link https://vimeo.com/156188903

Sponsor Carshena Ross of Jewel Bus Company

no excuses! Siddique Muhammad Chicago’s own celebrity personal trainer is making the

impact! The NO EXCUSE BOOT CAMP if you have not heard of it or did not attend any of the free sessions! Let us be the first to tell you, if you are in the industry YOU ARE MISSING OUT! When he says NO EXCUSES its just that! At this boot camp you have everything you could possibly want and need to help YOU stay fit and prepared for the industry and maintain a quality of life you can feel good about. F-Style will show you 5 reasons why Siddique gives your now excuse to work out with this event and stay fit.



All the times models and talent need money! Well Siddique has partnered up with many influential business partners so they could give a cash prize of $1,000 to the winner of the fit challenge.

2016 fitness challenge winners

Traci Benjamin Frst American Title

David L. Thomas Realestate broker

R&B Singer Syleena Johnson

NO EXCUSE No. 2 Celebrity Connections

Imani Josey

We hear talent always seek to get plugged in the industry, they seek to make connections so they can be seen or heard. Well being a celebrity personal trainer as you can see Siddique surrounds himself with these individuals to network with, R&B Singer Syleena Johnson, Marquice Cole, Dhan the Rapper, Imani Josey Former Luvabull . Just to name a few of who comes out to support him at this event.

Kiwane Garris

Dhan the Rapper

Marquice Cole

NO EXCUSE No. 3 Good Food

Rahim Muhammad chef. & Chef Tracy C. Reed

I see many new and emerging talent come to the studio or see them out after the clubs and they do not consume the right foods to maintain their great shapes, well here we go again. Siddique at his boot camp not only provides amazing smoothies his own brand of fat burning pills, but this year Siddique had a chef Rahim Muhammad and Chef Tracy C.Reed who if you do not know or you just needed to understand how healthy actually can taste good they were there to help you with some amazing salads and smoothies.

No Excuses NO EXCUSE No. 4 Good Music Plus great live music by Dj. buck You literally have no excuse!

Dj. Bucky

NO EXCUSE No. 5 Trainers for all levels of fitness The famous quote both models and clients use like a broken record is “ I just want to loose a couple of pounds so I can be right for the shoot!� SOOOOO of course Siddique not only trains you to do this, but he also brings a host of trainers that can help you with your specific needs and goals. Learn how to take care of your body year round and not just for the shoot, so you can ALWAYS be fit, ready and confident to show the world what you can do. Change your mind and put that

excuse to rest.

“We wanted to not only do the largest bootcamp the city had ever seen, but really change the culture of how Church is done. If we extended one life then our goal was accomplished. We saw 3 generations working out together every Sunday in January!” Siddique literally has roughly 1,000 people to come out the boot camp so you will not be alone and feel that this is only a issue you have rather your are old or young. If you are serious about being in the industry and you are really looking for staying power and making solid connections Keep Siddique Muhammad’s No Excuse Boot camp on your radar! There should be no excuse why you can’t If you are a business or a new talent that want to connect with Siddique for this event or his personal services you can always connect with him at


click for video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl4QEd-nks

Tech Nuggets Now that you got your amazing body to show off with, you might want to travel a bit. Here is something you must see! Developed by a husband and wife team. Ever lose your bag ,has your phone died when you needed to call for a ride, or had a hard time wheeling it around? Well this company just made things a lot easier, another game changer in the industry

click for video link https://youtu.be/-Yq4GqMNWQU

tech Nuggest the drinkable book


The Drinkable Book™ is both a water filter and an instruction manual for how and why to clean drinking water. This filter is patent pending technology (US Serial No 62/153,395), and works to produce clean drinking water by pouring dirty water through a thick, sturdy sheet of paper embedded with silver nanoparticles (a.k.a. pAge drinking paper), which are lethal for microbes. This paper was created and shown to be highly antibacterial during Theresa’s Ph.D. at McGill University. click for video link Watch on line https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=qYTif9F188E

safty apps

Once you’ve registered with bSafe, the app asks you to select Guardians from your contacts list. You’ll need to have at least one contact that can be reached via telephone; other Guardians can be

Much more than a normal soccer ball, the SOCCKET is a portable generator that provides fun and power to those who play with it. Developed for third world countries to supply light and energy to small divices. Explore the posiblities.

click for video link Watch online https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=un-3gPKOGnw

Nanosats are go! Small satellites: Taking advantage of smartphones and other consumer technologies, tiny satellites are changing the space business. Nanosats Look for them in your next highschool science project and get ready for the new wave of affordable satellite tech you can invest in. click for video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzAlF2teB0U

accessible via text mes- light on your phone, texts your location sage or a combination to your contacts, and calls a Guardian. of the two. Note that all active Guardians are triggered when you hit that alarm, someIf you’re in danger, hit thing to keep in mind if you’re tempted the red SOS button, to add more than a handful of contacts. and the app sounds an alarm, sets off a bright

The Menu Quick, Healthy and Good!

click for video link watch link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPr2VHZen7Q

Chef Quentin Love, owner and operator of Turkey Chop Gourmet Grill click for video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_ continue=50&v=jPmOxeNJ354


our food

Must Watch!

click for video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwdvPst3ECQ


Are you wondering “what is aquaponics?� The most simple definition is that it is the marriage of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) that grows fish and plants together in one integrated system. The fish waste provides an organic food source for the growing plants and the plants provide a natural filter for the water the fish live in. The third participants are the microbes (nitrifying bacteria) and composting red worms that thrive in the growing media. They do the job of converting the ammonia from the fish waste first into nitrites, then into nitrates and the solids into vermicompost that that are food for the plants. In combining both systems aquaponics capitalizes on the benefits and eliminates the drawbacks of each. Aquaponics More to come


Click to View Video https://youtu.be/OAEnAxzI8JY

What got you first interested in your industry? What first got me interested in the the modeling industry was several years ago, a good friend of mine, whose a talented photographer, started me out on my first photo shoot and from then on, I was sold on modeling. Initially, I thought he was joking about it but he was serious. So I came up with hair, makeup, and wardrobe that was all she wrote. Did you have any mentors helping you as you navigated your craft in the beginning? Actually everyone I have a established relationship with in the fashion industry has given me some great suggestions and advice. For example, when I’m not chosen by designers to walk in fashion shows I asked them what they’re looking for and take heed to their suggestions. I strongly believe that anything that I can learn from those who have been in the fashion industry for quite sometime so I can benefit from their expertise. What were some of the most important lessons realized that help to open you to more success? Currently, I am still learning as I am taking this journey. When it comes to the modeling industry, the one thing I’m learning is to know my value and my worth before being taken advantage of. Do you have any social causes you stand behind i.e breast cancer, green movement etc? One cause I do advocate for is children with autism and breast cancer. These causes hits close to home because I have a nephew who is autistic. He’s a kind hearted young man whose special and perfect in his own way and I just admire his innocence. Also, one of my closest friends was diagnosed with stage three breast and had to get a mastectomy that too was heart breaking but it also made me take heed to get mammograms ever month. What do you want your legacy in the industry to be? I want to leave a legacy in the modeling industry to where young girls see my work and see that they too

can inspire other young ladies to express themselves through beauty and art. This day and age, young ladies deal with low self esteem they low and look for self gratification in the wrong places. I just want to be the model that everyone sees as an artist and only for my physical attributes. What is your greatest strength as you see it at this time? If I had to say what my greatest would be it would have to be my courage to chase after my dreams and turn them into reality. Believing in yourself is the best thing a person can do for themselves as well as have. What do you feel is the greatest misconceptions about what you do in your industry? The misconception of the modeling industry is that models are they are considered nothing more than eye candy and not artists as opposed to photographers and designers. We all have something to bring to the table and can collaborate to bring an

artistic vision to life. Some of the misconceptions also comes from the personal dogmas of others. It’s rather unfortunate but I don’t allow the opinions of others to define who I am. What do you draw upon for inspiration during the hard times? I look to inspiration through those who work toward their dreams. When I see others pursue their passions, it makes me want to do the same. Sure there will be road blocks but that’ll be apart of my testimony to motivate others who want to make their dreams a reality. What can you see from your experience that holds a lot of people back in your industry? Honestly, I have yet to see the hindrance of those who feel stagnant in the modeling industry. I take every lesson as a way to become better than the last time. I never get too comfortable that I don’t need to practice and perfect my craft.

What was the best project you worked on so far and what was it so great? There are quite a few projects I have worked on so it’s hard to say what project stood out the most. I take every project that I’ve experienced to grow and become better in the next project and I was doing the previous one. Was there any surprises in the industry that you have experience that you wish you would have been prepared for? Honestly, I haven’t experience any unexpected events at this point. However, I will stay prepared and maintain professionalism at all times in the event something unpredictable occurs. What is something that people would be surprise to know about yourself?

Other than the fact I am trying new things such as modeling and soon acting, not too much of anything. At the end of the day when you take off the makeup and designer clothes, you just have a good person who’s family oriented, hangs out with her friends, and likes to eat fried chicken and waffles LOL. In your area what would you advise someone to really look out for and prepare themselves for as they are seeking work? The advice I would give someone in order to prepare themselves to enter the modeling world is be to sure this is something that he or she wants to do because you have to have thicker skin in the event you are rejected for walking in fashion shows as well as other opportunities for projects. Doing your homework is a must in order to know what protocols to follow in the fashion industry, and most importantly main-

“I look to inspiration through those who work toward their dreams. When I see others pursue their passions, it makes me want to do the same. Sure there will be road blocks but that’ll be apart of my testimony to motivate others who want to make their dreams a reality.”

tain good working relationships with designers and photographers. Where can we find you on the web? I can be found on web on Facebook under Kam Patrice as well on Instagram under Kam_Patrice. If you had super hero power what would be your powers and what would you use them for? If I had super hero powers I would have the ability to read minds that way I would know what type of people are trustworthy and loyal.

KAM Patrice



click for video link https://vimeo.com/156084519

. What got you first interested in your industry? I was first drawn to my industry by my love of film, along with the deep desire to be seen, heard and noticed. Did you have any mentors helping you as you navigated your craft in the beginning? One of my greatest mentors, Kathleen Owens, motivated me to be all that I could possibly be. She served as a mother figure to me at a time where I needed it most. What were some of the most important lessons realized that help to open you to more success? An important lesson I’ve learned that helped open me to more success was never to judge others by what you hear on social media sites! Research and ask questions for yourself. Get out and network! Do you have any social causes you stand behind i.e breast cancer, green movement etc? I have been a part of shows to help raise funds and awareness for programs working to improve the state of child hunger, ALS, and Breast Cancer. What do you want your legacy in the industry to be? I want to leave a stamp of longevity in my industry. I want people to hear my name, think of me and know me forever... What is your greatest strength as you see it at this time? My greatest strengths are my two little girls. They are the motor to my Lambo! What do you feel is the greatest misconceptions about what you do in your industry? When times get rough, I like to lock myself away and sing my heart out to all my favorite songs. Singing and performing bring me away from whatever sadness I may be feeling. What can you see from your experience that holds a lot of people back in your industry? In my opinion, what holds people back in my industry is the inability to conform to the hard work and dedication it takes to stay relevant.

What was the best project you worked on so far and what was it so great? I was selected from thousands of women to be a nationwide Calendar Model/Brand Ambassador for Seagram’s Gin. It has allowed me to travel and experience other levels of exposure that are essential to moving forward in my career. Was there any surprises in the industry that you have experience that you wish you would have been prepared for? I wish it would have been more prepared for phony industry ‘professionals’ that didn’t have my best interests at heart. What is something that people would be surprise to know about yourself? I am a huge horror movie/novel buff! I love scary movies! In your area what would you advise someone to really look out for and prepare themselves for as they are seeking work? Look out for fake photographers and talent agents/companies. Make sure to always research anyone or any project that you may want to be a part of. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Where can we find you on the web? Google Joanna Lynn The Model and links to my social media sites should pop up!Also check out Seagramsginusa.com for special clips and pix. If you had super hero power what would be your powers and what would you use them for? I would love to be able to read people’s thoughts. I always strive for the right things to say or do to help get me to the next level... That superhero power should definitely help!

Joanna Lynn


I was selected from thousands of women to be a nationwide Calendar Model/Brand Ambassador for Seagram’s Gin. It has allowed me to travel and experience other levels of exposure that are essential to moving forward in my career.



s a model, aspiring and established alike, there are certain precautions one must be aware of in order to maintain a comfortable level of safety. In this article I will share a few of the most common pitfalls in the modeling industry based on my experiences as well as other’s. Secrecy. Upon the first conversation with said individual, they are expected to provide credentials, that which is supposed to be already composed. If you ever meet anyone that seems reluctant (or in my experiences, rude) to prove what they’re saying, it’s safe to say it isn’t true. Demanding. No one that you work with is supposed to have a demanding attitude towards you, especially when they are working for you in the position of your manager or agent. It’s normal for them to “strongly suggest” something, but their conversation should

SIDENOTE: Never sign a contract without having your attorney review it first.

never seem verbally abusive or desperate. Money Hungry. Managers, agents, etc., are supposed to agree to accept an already agreed upon percentage based on many factors, specifically seasonal, types and amount of jobs. Never is he supposed to ask you for more money in order to provide you with the services of an agent/manager.

Manipulative. Sometimes manipulation can go on under your very nose and you may still be unaware of it. Depending on the type of person you are dealing with, manipulation may come in many forms. For example, “shelfing” may occur. Shelving means they will do nothing for you career-wise. For example if you don’t pay more money they won’t provide certain services.Usually, this occurs after you sign to a contract that gives you no option to get out of whether or not things are mutually beneficial, but they as an “entity” can drop you at will. SIDENOTE: Never sign a contract without having your attorney review it first. Dishonesty. In every relationship , whether romantic or otherwise, trust is an essential part of it. If ever you suspect any member of your team is deliberately displaying signs

of dishonesty, you should sever ties and immediately look for their replacement. Your team should always remain open and honest with you no matter what! Modeling can be quite a fulfilling career if done properly. Always remember, Safety must come first! Know the people you deal with, that includes their name and any and all other identifying information. Hopefully, I have shed some light on a few of the most common pitfalls in the modeling industry. My goal is to help you recognize some of the things that you can become exposed to while building or maintaining your career. If you are not careful in choosing exactly whom you deal with, your modeling career can quickly become a portal to anything from extreme disappointment to human trafficking, just to be vague. Do your research. Check if they are a legitimate business, ask for a summary of their credentials, etc. and if they seem reluctant in any way, immediately stop dealing with them. I wish you all much success in your future endeavors. - VeeVee Sänger Entertainer/Entertainment Journalist veeveesanger.com

We are creating a new concept for our publication and we truly hope you will like it. This section will be dedicated to the new and emerging talent that seeks to hit the runway! Is that you? Do you think you have what it takes? Designers are you looking for girls who can walk your next show? Models, do you want to have industry professionals see more of what you have to offer for potential jobs! Well The Walkers aims to do just that for you! There will be no height requirement just pure passion for fashion! Submit your walkers video to us and get a chance to show your stuff. Email us at Fstylechicagomagazine@gmail.com for review so you can be feature in the upcoming issues. To start it off we have four New and Emerging models that came to our studio to provide you with the first look on what The Walkers is all about. Thank you Amanda ( former miss teen Puerto Rico) , Fabienne, Kiara and Felicity.


w click for video link



w click for video link



w click for video link



w click for video link


deep productions studios

for your movie productions ( have a script , you can have a director) commericals actors reels and specialty video and editing needs



Emerging Directors to keep on your radar Brought to you From Texas

he power of social media to connect great talent together is unquestionable. In a search to find talented industry professionals one night, Kevin Tillett answered our call. Though he does not resided in Chicago anymore he ventured out and because of his actions, he was now able to bring us four amazing new directors to keep on our radar. We are honored that Mr. and his group have joined on to our talent, family and cause with the hopes that more of our talent will now have access to the Texas region to find more working gigs for their dreams. Connect wit him if you have acting and travel plans to Texas.

I am retired Army, I was on medical my whole career, medical is huge in Texas, the weather is awesome and Texas is one of the top states that takes care of their retirees. But ended going after my passion and dreams of being in the entertainment industry. So I am now acting/casting/creative consultant, company under way with some amazing writers/directors/producers.

Film Watch


Kevin brings us for this issue Director Deanna Chandler “Jaded Reflections, Calvin Walker director of “ Coda”, A. L . Smith Director of Behind Closed Doors 2 and Director Nzuri Austin “Unspoken Truth”

Behind Closed Doors 2 click for video link http://vimeo.com/137321122

A. L . Smith Director

“Unspoken Truth” Director Nzuri Austin

click for video link



“Jaded Reflections” click for video link https://youtu.be/atP6SmrPzdU

Director Deanna Chandler

director Calvin Walker

“ Coda” click for video link http://youtu.be/TLSPShokrE4



So time and time again it never seems to amaze us of the incredible talent we get to work with at F-Style. We mini feature of Malcom Banks in our last issue. Well now he is back with a whole new accomplishment as a rising star now can be seen on CHICAGO PD! Congrats Malcom and for those who missed him we encourage you to view his new Actors reel in F-Style. click for video link https://youtu.be/qfuN5_1rpdg click for video link

actors reel



Actor if you have a good quality video reel, we would love to see and possibly feature you .

Malcom Banks with co-star Ebony Appeal on Sunshineday Movie Production

Can We Brag A Little More?

F-Style would like to acknowledge Lucy Hernandez the Make up artist for this month’s Egyptian look. It’s always a good thing to see our talent being noticed by some of the majors in the industry. We got this message from Lucy and had to share her good fortune. Congrats Lucy you deserve it. click for video link https://vimeo.com/156084518

Lucy to F-Style

“ I am telling you she saw the Egyptian look I did on Joanna & she loved it! So she offered me a job &me she showed the pic of Naomi Campbell & she said I can do her makeup anytime! “

click for video link

http://www.jamaicanstarstore. com/

click for video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwYeopy1GO8


When you are up late night working on your passion, and you see another person up the same crazy hours you and you explore what they are doing and you see YOU LIKE THERE WORK AND THEY LIKE YOURS that is when the magic happens. To understand that there are so many talented photographers in the industry is mind blowing but not every photographer has to be great a fashion to be a well know and respected photographer. Though you can truly see Jerome Lynch can easily branch out into fashion he desired to but he states he wants to stay with sports, nature and portraits. This amazing business man comes from a humble beginning but his passion has lead him to many great directors and talent of the industry you may be familiar with like Director Chirstopher Nolen II as well as a host of powerful public figures, actors and sports greats. We at F-Style just had to showcase this worthy talent and encourage you to keep him on your radar as well. Jerome is doing big things in the industry that is outside of the box with photography and will be that household name of legacy icons in the photography industry.


with a great

Sports Media and Movie Photographer Jerome Lynch

What got you into Photography? I got into Photography taking pictures at my sons Baseball games. How did you develop your business wisdom? I had a mentors who’s been a Photographer for over 15yrs. The advice I carry with myself is to constantly study & practice. My 1st real break was becoming a Staff Photographer for the Chicago Crusader Newspaper. What is the best moments in photography you can recall? I have 4 major projects that I’m most proud of. Traveling to cover President Obama, The First Lady, shooting Purdue Men’s Basketball games in Lafayette & being a Still Photographer on a movie set. What do you see your legacy to be at this point? What separates me from other Photographers in Northwest Indiana is that 99% of them focus on Photo Shoots & I’m the Trendsetter around here when it comes to shooting Sports & creating Posters for High Schools. What’s next for you for us to follow? My next project is in March as a Still Photographer for my 3rd movie I can add to my portfolio. What advice can the you now give a younger you? If I could go back in time I’d tell a younger Jerome to slow down & don’t rush anything. How can we follow and keep up with you? I can be found on Twitter & Instagram under JayLynch Photos, Jerome Lynch Photography on Facebook. www.jaylynch.smugmug.com.

6th district council woman Gary, IN

Noree Victoria actress


Music Playlist

Chicago Loud 9 We first ran into Dhan the Rapper being a personal trainer with Siddique Muhammad, at the time he was new to modeling but already big on rapping. Not just your typical style of rapping is what we loved about Dhan, still just as hard core and energetic with a Roots Style Flavor. Now you can see Dhan the Rapper’s dream manifest as his band was recently featured on Windy City Live and then rocked the House of Blues shortly after. Keep him and his amazing band on your radar.

Chicago Loud 9 | Just Once In Jan. 2012, members of three local bands came together for a Friday night winter showcase at the Chicago House of Blues. What began as a one-night-only musical experiment has become a fully-stacked, nine-piece hip-hop / rock / pop ensemble, known for their wild mix of styles and high-intensity, rock-infused performances. Since their unlikely formation, Chicago Loud 9 (commonly abbreviated as cLOUD9) has headlined a number of major venues across the Windy City, including the Double Door, Hard Rock Cafe, Subterranean, Metro, and Reggie’s Rock Club. The group has also taken the Chicago summer street festival circuit by storm. Listed in Illinois Entertainer as one of the “Best Local Acts in Chicago”, cLOUD9 was recently showcased as the house band on ABC 7’s Windy City Live, Chicago’s No. 1 day-time talk show (as seen in photo above). cLOUD9 is a diverse group with an eclectic sound that merges an intense postalternative rock experience with sounds from many past decades. The group’s unique blend of musical backgrounds leads to sounds of hip-hop, funk and reggae with other influences ranging from punk to blues to jazz. cLOUD9 released their second EP, “Just Once”, during the Summer of 2015 to a sold-out show at Chicago’s Cubby Bear and followed the release with a supporting tour around the Midwest. Armed with an infectious sound that engages ears of all musical palettes and eras, the group is quickly earning fans from all sorts of backgrounds

click for video link http://abc7chicago.com/entertainment/chicago-loud-9-rocks-it-out-as-wclshouse-band/1178980/

In the Books

Millioniare turned author, speaker and coach Ken Brown a name and book to remember! A one man from the South Side of Chicago has a powerful story on how to beat the odds to become a millionaire by working his way in McDonalds. Many need to realize that is can be done! His amazing story of struggle as his family constantly faced homelessness during his childhood. A determined Ken Brown pressed forward to over come all his obstacles even dealing with a learning disability, IT DID NOT STOP HIM! This is a must read that will give you a NO EXCUSE attitude to make it . You can also connect to a Millionaire who can coach you along the way Mr. Brown has seminars which you can attend, Visit his website for more information where you can see him.

www. kenbrowninternational.com

In the Books

Ken Brown aad Toneal M. Jackson

Authors FYI Now you have yet another new home to showcase your books. If you have not heard Toneal M. Jackson who is founder of Authors Promoting Success ( APS) which assists authors in gaining exposure and achieving success, now has a book store in Chicago’s own Ford City Mall. She can help you promote a book signing and get you direction on where and how to really get your book

plans together. Don’t wait contact her. She has amazing space, plans and connections! Look her up on FB or call her at (855) we r 1 aps or (855) 937-1277 www.weareaps.com We stopped by her store to look into the book signing of Ken Brown and truly overwhelmed with the possibilities for all our authors who had plans, but did not really know how to move forward or where to really put their books. We now found a solution for you!

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The Everyday Girl Coming from the East cost Publisher NeVaughn Brown has created “ The Everyday Girl” . Be sure to look them up. Make sure you watch his promo video as he aims to come to Chicago soon.

click for video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB-dnSk6GK0

Let me impregnate your mind through the test of time with the REAL strong image of Black Love

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