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Free Mammograms, Breast Exams, Pelvic Exams and Pap tests and low cost treatment to all UNINSURED women





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Letter from the Editor So how many times have you heard or said “I’ve wanted to do this my whole life” but when the basic questions are asked like, what direction do you want to go in, what books are you currently studying on it, who are your role models and mentors, and this is what makes the crickets come out , did you physically write out a PLAN! I know right off the back when I hear models say to me that they want to go to the top and really have no clue of what the top is only what they perceive in the media. In a effort to understand I realize that there are a few things wrong with their planning equations. THEY HAVE NONE! lol Marcus Fizer Photographer/Publisher F-Style Chicago Magazine

F-Style Chicago Magazine in each issue will continue to bring conscious knowledge base resources and concepts to allow our readers to stretch the limits of their programming and imaginations. We understand that there are many BOXES that many have crawled into since they were born. Many of the talent in the community not all come from a Traditional MINDSET family of either a blue collar thinking or a White Collar thinking and for most of them to understand the ARITST/ MODEL/DESIGNER/STYLIST/MAKE UP ARTIST/DIRECTOR/ACTOR etc. The support may just not be their because of the limitations the family , community or support systems are familiar with. Of course there are always exceptions to the rules but for the most part what I have personally seen over the 22 plus years of great beautiful models coming out strong and everyone wants to work with them on every project and they are invited to all the clubs, parties, celebrity events and then when you research them just 3 years later they have fell in the industry traps and did not achieve their dreams and did not have the support systems in place to help them keep it organized and focus. BUT NOW! the Chicago Industry has F-Style to help shed a little light on situation. Enjoy the read and tell your friends!

Hadiya Pendleton Foundation info Toll-free 855-4hadiya (855-442-3492)



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Key Fashion Personalities Richard Avedon

Cristobal Balenciaga

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Cecil Beaton

Manolo Blahnik

Isabella Blow

Hamish Bowles

Alexey Brodovitch

Pierre Cardin

Mary Randolph Carter

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finding your

green We live in fascinating times. As many of the worlds inhabitants begin to move in concert to green their lives, their businesses, and their governments, this eco-conscious movement is picking up incredible speed. Seemingly on a daily basis, it is changing the landscape of the earth and the culture of its peoples


There has never been a better time to go green. Chicago has been historic in its efforts to be green conscious, currently there are more earth- friendly tools, resources, products, fashion concepts and passionate organizations than ever before. Living green does not have to involve lots of sacrifice. In fact, a quest to green your lifestyle can be exciting, adventurous, and fun. But, green may not be exactly what you think it is. There is a new collective consciousness on this horizon: one that has shaped a different definition of “Green.” What is this new green? It’s all about respecting and caring for the planet PLUS caring for our own health by reducing the amount of harmful chemicals that enter our bodies and our waterways. Going green is good for longevity of all parties involved. The best part, given our turbulent economic times, is that going green is affordable and depending on the right investor very lucrative. In fact, in most cases making your life more earthfriendly will absolutely save you money and make you money in the long run if you have the knowledge applied with the financial wisdom. Who doesn’t want to save and make some green? F-Style Chicago Magazine is dedicated to help you trim down your own personal carbon foot print, measure your activities that you are having on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emission and photo project that will PICTURE


Home Health Medical, LLC Provides medical services to the elderly and disabled in the home

“ We bring the Doctor to you . . . Beacuse We Care! “


Home Health Medical, LLC provides these in- home services

In- home doctor’s exam Skilled nursing care Podiatry/foot care Ophthalmology/eye care Social Workers/Spiritual counseling Dieticians

Ocucupatiional Therapy Labortory Test EKG’s Perscription drugs and medical equipment assitance

Dr. Ronald Sam

Christ Hospital-Physician Office Building 4400 west 95th Street Suite# 106 Oak Lawn, Il 60453 office (708)422-7758

Call for an In- Home Visit Today 15/F-STYLE CHICAGO


Healthy You Fouche... For Health and Fitness

With over 10 years of personal training

experience, Stephan Fouche models the importance of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Stephan founded NLS (which stands for New Life Style) Personal Training with the mission of reaching and teaching people about the impotence of a new lifestyle. Stephan has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science for North Park University, he is a Corrective Exercise Specialist certified through N.A.S.M., and is a certified Kickboxer Instructor through I.S.C.A. Stephan is committed and dedicated to this field of health and fitness; consistently developing the most innovative


techniques there are in order to reach a given goal. This includes encouraging sound nutrition habits and routine exercise techniques that are unique in design for the needs of each individual. Stephan continues to grow by staying educated within the health and fitness industry. His training style stretches into athletics, corrective exercise, intensive training, and


beyond. His most popular group class, Warrior Bootcamp, which began March 1, 2014. Stephan loves what he does and is fully committed and believes in it. Currently serving clients in the Chicagoland; including Lifestyle Management

Consultant and Radio Talk Show Host, Sam Graham of Designer LifeStyles and other private clientel, Stephan and the NLS brand has a started increase into the West Coast. Stephan Fouche will be releasing a book in 2014 which guides people into living a better quality of life.

no excuses

Making Fierceness happen Find Your Path




Eating Isn’t just about satisfying hunger. So say the growing ranks of nutrition experts who specialize in fine- tuning the metabolic performance of business leaders. Think of yourself as a athlete in the studio, so you should eat like an athlete.



t the very least, that means lots of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates; no processed foods; and minimal white flower and sugar. But when you spend all day confronting challenging mental and physical tasks on a photo shoot day, the brain’s nutritional demands are greater. You produce lots of oxidants in the brain when you’re working. Foods that are high in antioxidants- berries, beans, apples, tea act like flame retardants. And we can not forget about alkaline water. Remember the brain is 70 to 80 percent water and when it’s metabolically active 10 to 12 hours a day, removing metabolic waste from the brain requires optimal hydration. It is suggested to super-hydrate with two cups at the beginning of the day and avoid dehydrators like processed sugary foods, high does of caffeine and soda. Watch out for “ brain fog,” which can be evidence that you need to hydrate. It is said that coffee depletes serotonin, which contributes to a sense of well-being. If you have it on an empty stomach, that quick delivery to the bloodstream leads to more anxiety and stress. It is advise to save the coffee for midafternoon, when your hormonal and neural connections often need the boost.

Eat to win- a meal plan for model winners Start your brain; ensure long- lasting energy Egg white omelet; breakfast burrito on whole grain tortilla; steel cut oatmeal with fruit; smoked salmon on whole grain bread; high fiber muesli with nuts, fruit and yogurt Lunch Fill up with out bogging down Eat a salad with meet or fish ; a wrap with vegetables; sushi; chilli, veggies and grains are packed with antioxidants to fight fatique. Snacks Sustain energy and focus Eat nuts and berries boost omega-3s and antioxidants. For something sweet, stick with citrus fruits. They contain pectin fiber, which helps you use the plant sugars slowly- compared wit the sugar rush you get from candy Dinner Lay the foundation for a good night’s sleep Eat if you’re hungry, have a healthful snack before bed- low glucose levels interfere with sleep. So does alcohol. A better bet chamomile tea, which helps induce sleep as the body cools after drinking




Hungry, lol of

course you are. Find out what you can prepare that is good, easy to make, budget conscious and fast to make for the business man, model and just health counscious people. Take out your grocery list and add these delious meals to your planning.


Directions Ingredients 1 tablespoon canola oil 1 large onion, chopped (about 2 cups) 8 ounces white button mushrooms, (about 3 cups) 3 cloves garlic, minced 2 cups cooked chopped skinless, boneless chicken breast (1 breast half) 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon chili powder 1 teaspoon dried oregano 2 cups baby spinach leaves, sliced into ribbons 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper 4 (10-inch) whole-grain flour tortillas

1 cup shredded Mexican cheese

Heat the oil in a large skillet over a medium heat. Add the onions and mushrooms and cook until the mushroom water is evaporated and they begin to brown, 5 to 7 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for 1 minute more. Add chicken, cumin, chili powder and oregano and stir until all spices are incorporated. Add spinach, salt and pepper and cook until spinach is wilted, about 2 minutes. Lay 1 tortilla on a flat work surface and sprinkle with 1/4 cup shredded cheese. Spoon 1/2 chicken and vegetable mixture on top of cheese, then top with an additional 1/4 cup cheese. Top with another flour tortilla. Heat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray over medium heat. Carefully place 1 quesadilla in pan and cook 3 minutes. Using a large spatula, gently flip quesadilla and cook an additional 3 minutes until lightly browned and cheese is melted. Repeat with second quesadilla. Slice each quesadilla into quarters. Place 2 quarters on a plate with 1 tablespoon sour cream and 2 tablespoons salsa.


F-Style Cookin Healthy This thick, creamy shake is a breeze to make. Just be certain that the almond milk is truly ice cold and that the banana is frozen. Peel and halve the banana before freezing. Serves 4 Ingredients 1/3 cup chopped pitted dates 2 tablespoons warm water 2 cups vanilla almond milk, chilled 1/2 cup fat-free vanilla soy or dairy yogurt 1 very ripe banana, frozen 4 ice cubes 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg, plus extra for garnish Directions Put the dates in a small bowl and sprinkle with the warm water. Let soak for 5 minutes to soften, then drain. In blender, combine the dates, almond milk, yogurt, banana, ice cubes and the 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg. Blend until smooth and frothy, about 30 seconds. Pour into tall, chilled glasses and garnish each with a dusting of nutmeg.


F-Style Cookin Healthy

Prepare a 9x13 baking pan by spraying the inside with cooking spray. Place the bread in a single layer in the baking pan. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs and egg whites with the milk, vanilla, cinnamon and maple syrup. Pour this mixture over the bread in the pan. Scatter the blueberries evenly over the top and sprinkle with the almonds and brown sugar. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight (at least 4 hours). When ready to prepare... Bake for 40 to 50 minutes in an oven preheated to 350 degrees.

• 1 whole-wheat baguette (about 18 inches long) - cut into 1-inch cubes • 8 large eggs • 8 large egg whites • 2 cups lowfat milk • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon • 1/3 cup pure maple syrup • 2 cups fresh blueberries • 1/3 cup sliced almonds • 2 Tablespoons dark brown sugar


Knowledge Nuggets

Where to buy Healthy Food Chicago Health Food Stores Bonne Sante 1525 E. 53rd St. 773-667-5700

Sunrise 17650 Torrence 708-474-6166

The Life Store 1639 E. 87th St. 773-731-2530

KMT 233 E. 75th St. 773-224-7500

Good Food 1966 E. 73rd St. 773-420-3832 Kudus 8515 S. Cottage Grove Ave. 773-994-1754 Southtown 2100 W. 95th St. 773-233-1856

Native Foods Cafe 218 S Clark St, Chicago • (312) 332-6332 Soul Vegan 740 W 63rd St, Chicago • (773) 454-4494 Karyn’s Cooked 738 N Wells St, Chicago • (312) 587-1050



Top six ways to offset your sugar cravings:

 Choose fresh fruits for snacks and desserts instead of processed, high-sugar foods- Natural sugars in foods are part of a complex carbohydrate package that provides fuel and energy for your body.  Add protein to each meal to stabilize blood sugars.  Don’t add sugar to your cereal or other foodsAdd fruit and nuts.  Don’t purchase sweets when you go grocery shopping or ask your spouse not to. If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it.  Exercise, it makes you more conscious of what your eating, its hard to stuff your face with cake when you know you have a cardio session the next morning.

 Delay gratification, tell yourself not this time but next time. This puts off eating the product until your craving pass and hopefully by then you will have lost so much weight you don’t want it!


Incereasing Finanical IQ at any



A surprisingly large number of adults, including

many businesspeople, have a secret fear of numbers. When they have to analyze budget figures, or even calculate a restaurant tip, they react with confusion or panic. Symptoms of adult math anxiety: going blank when figures are discussed. Blurring together numbers printed on a page. Forgetting basic mathematical procedures. Typical results: avoiding tasks or even entire fields of endeavor that depend on math. Buck passing or stalling on math-dependent decisions. Failing to question suspicious numbers. To solve the problem: dispel myths that math is a rigid discipline or that some people just naturally lack mathematical ability. Reality: in many cases, approximate figures will do. Even those not well schooled in math can catch up quickly with proper instruction. Here’s a quick guideline for teaching your child about money management to start them out being familary with math and money matters. Earl M. Moton, president and ceo of E.M.O financial serices Inc and Sherly Ridley- Dorsey, author of Money Mangement for Teen$ ( teen$ & kids Publishing co. : $13) offer these tips: Age 3 to 5 teach your child the value of money ( it is used to make purchases) Also discuss needs versus wants. Age 6 to 9 Place a piggy bank in your child’s bedroom so he or she can see it and begin to understand the concept of saving. Incorporate money games to make learning fun: has a wide selection

Publishers thoughts ( if your children know the latest dance moves, they should learn the mathmatics just as well)

Age 10 to 12 Open a savings account at a bank. At this age, kids are better able to understand the return on their money. Now is also a good time to go over the basics of budgeting and buying stock. Age 13 to 17 Emphasize responsible credit management. If you allow your teen to have a credit card, make sure it has a low balance. This will reduce the temptation to overcharge. Age 17 and up: Encourage your child to continue to developing money management skills by attending workshops and reading books For more information about the young bankers club Visit financial –empowerment Money also check out the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series by Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad Cashflow Quadrant Rich Dad Poor Dad Increasing Your Fiancial IQ


Soon will be serving up gluten free chocolate pastires and vegan chocolate truffles along with our traditional truffles! So much chocolate and so little time! Make your order today

30/F-STYLE CHICAGO 888.773.7870



Elevate How to turn your anger into action

Heath Food Stores con’t Native Foods Cafe 1518 E Harper Ct, Chicago • (773) 241-7800

Those who have a high need for control live in a paradoxical world. If you are one of these people, you desire control in the people and world around you and experience a great deal of stress when you don’t get it. The paradox is , while you desire control over others, you are not in control of yourself. You are not in control of yourself when you allow your thought life to run amok, spewing negativity and festering with unrealistic expectations. You are not in control of yourself when you allow yourself to build up resentment, anger, and frustration. You are not in control of yourself when you view acorns as catastrophes and demand that everyone else in your life view them the same way. Let Go

Urban Vegan 1605 W Montrose Ave, Chicago • (773) 404-1109 Fox and Obel Food Market 401 E Illinois St Ste 1, Chicago • (312) 410-7301 Karyn’s Raw 1901 N Halsted St, Chicago • (312) 255-1590 Azucar Vegan Bakery Bing Local 2235 N Western Ave, Chicago • (773) 235-8807 Soul Gourmet Vegan Cuisine Bing Local 55 E Monroe St, Chicago Urban Veagan 1550 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago • (773) 472-8208

To “let go” does not mean to stop caring; it means you can’t do it for someone else. To “let go” is not to cut yourself off: it’s the realization that you can’t control another. To “ let go” is not to enable, but to allow learning from natural consequence. To “ let go” is to admit powerlessness, which means the outcome is not in your hands. To “ let go” is not to care for, but to care about. To “let go” is not to fix, but to be supportive. To “ let go” is not to judge, but to allow another to be a human being. To “let go” is not to be in the middle arranging all of the outcomes, but to allow others to affect their own destinies. To “let go” is not to be protective, it’s to permit another to face reality. To “ let go” is not to deny, but to accept. To “let go” is not to nag, scold, or argue, but instead to search out your own shortcomings and correct them. To “ let go” is not to adjust everything to your desires, but to take each day as it comes, and cherish yourself in it. To “ let go” is not to regret the past, but to grow and live for the future. To” let go” is to fear less and to love more. Gregory L. Jantz, PhD



Mireya Fouche One Heart Helping A Lot of SOULS Mireya Fouché is a native Chicagoan and a very good friend of mine. Mireya and I met in Los Angeles, California while attending the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) - Los Angeles campus. Mireya studied and obtained a degree in Apparel Manufacturing Management from FIDM. What was unknown to me about my friend is that she was a “sofa surfer”. During our interview, Mireya informed me that the term “sofa surfer” is another term for a person is who is homeless.


One Heart One Souls provide many services for youth and the homeless youth. One Heart One Soul started with their winter drive, “UMatter: Chicago Winter Drive”. The purpose of this drive was to bring communities together in collecting winter items which would then be passed out to homeless communities that weren’t in shelters. The first year they gathered over 700 items and had over 50 volunteers. This has become an annual drive for One Heart One Soul. Something of great impact happens when people have the opportunity of being directly involved in the lives of others. Another program dear to Mireya’s heart is, “UNSPOKEN WORDS, a voice for homeless youth”. This is an art program run by volunteers who teach a variety of art mediums to homeless youth as a means of self-expression. We partner with businesses who display art work at their locations and at the end of the session we host an art exhibit giving the youth an opportunity to share their work with the public. If they choose, their artwork is sold and all of the money goes back to them. The One Heart One Soul program is youth focused; in order to be a part of the program you have to be age 17 -21 to enter the program. We don’t have any age-out regulations; meaning if the youth starts at the age of 18 they don’t have to leave the program for turning 22. We become a family and pour into the next generation. As I have done, they have done.


Originally, the program started by bringing our services to a homeless youth housing facility and that is how services were obtained. As One Heart One Soul progresses, we’re currently looking for our own space that would provide opportunities for more youth to get involved. Until then, we will continue being a Mobile Program and connecting with youth resident programs. One Heart One Soul is a grassroots organization, that host their own events to raise funds and awareness on the work they do. This year One Heart One Soul started “Rock Your Socks” red-carpet event in support of their annual winter

drive. The One Heart One Soul organization havealso been invited to speak at events such as the Chicago International Social Change Film Fest, Open House Chicago, and other events as a means to share information about One Heart One Soul and homelessness. “We enjoy collaborating with other organizations,” stated Mireya. Their motto is “Help from all brings hope to all”.

Spending a major part

of her time in the FIDM library until closing, Mireya struggled through this journey of her life, obtained affordable housing, a job with a major retailer, and began working countless hours and feeling empty. After graduation, Mireya re-evaluated her life and postion, prayed about her situation, and felt led to re-locate back to Chicago, Illinois. Six months into her re-location back to Chicago, Mireya gave birth to her organization “One Heart One Soul”. One Heart One Soul is a grass-roots organization created with the purpose of bringing communities together to help others in need. As a direct provider, the goal of One Heart One Soul is to provide a platform; a voice for the voiceless. Why did Miry start this organization? “For a while I looked back at my situation to try and figure out why I went through what I went through. Then I changed my mindset and started asking myself how I can help others who are going through what I went through. A change in perspective goes a long way. One Heart One Soul has a purpose of eliminating misconceptions people have about homelessness – it all starts with a circumstance,” stated Mireya.

Their is an Art component of the One Heart One Soul The art program is geared towards homeless youth. Art was an escape for Mireya and she is passionate about introducing this outlet to many youth who may not have the opportunity to indulge, especially this day and age where art is typically the first thing cut in school and social programming.

Why did you choose that name for your Non-profit organization? Upon her return to Chicago, Mireya had plenty of conversations with God, asking why He brought her back here (to Chicago). Mireya graduated from a prestigious school, the Harvard of Fashion, finally got stable into her own place, and had a great job working production for a Global Apparel company, yet here she was feeling like and looking at herself as a floater. Then, one night in church the sermon was about community; the pastor briefly read Acts 4:32 “Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common.” This scripture replayed in her mind following by the question, “What if people did this today? What would this look like if people came together in one accord to help others in need?” That is how the name One Heart One Soul came about; bringing the idea into action.


F-STYLE Mireya isn’t just a good hearted, pretty, fashionable, God fearing woman. Mireya is a visualis, a communicator, and a leader who wears many hats. For starters she is a wife; a newlywed who’s been in this game for over 7 months and loving every moment of it. Actually, she and her husband, Stephan Fouche, have recently launched a new segment to the NLS Health and Fitness business. It’s called Her-NLS, a division of NLS Personal Training ( It’s a world where fashion & fitness combine for women transitioning into a better quality of life. NLS, which stands for New Lifestyle, is fitting because this new lifestlye creates an impact on more than weight; it impacts our fashion, selfesteem, buying decisions and so much more. That’s where I come in. Mireya also specialize in communications (visual, written, outreach) and providin consulting services to those looking for innovative ways to reach others – concept through completion sort to speak. As for education, Mireya will soon be starting a Masters program at the end of this year; education is key in her home. More importantly, Mireya is a leader in the body of Christ who teaches foundations. Mireya shared the following thoughts and quotes with me during the endo of our one-on-one interview. “Take your passion and run with it.” I on the other hand, don’t. Passion is key but don’t just run with it. In comparison to creating a garment – yes, it’s impeccable, but how will you get in it (the garment and/or the industry)? For starting a business, whether it’s for-profit or nonprofit, a vision without a plan of entry remains a just a vision. It’s important


to assess the “garment” (your endeavor) by asking yourself questions such as, “What is the purpose of me doing this? Is there a need? How much of my time am I willing to invest?” Answers to these questions will create an entryway into your garment, so to speak. As for running the business, from experience, I’ve learned the importance of finding like-hearted individuals with different mindsets. Find people who share your heart for the vision but can mentally bring other thoughts and ideas to the table. This will allow you to focus on your purpose as well as allowing them to work on their purpose. We all have lanes to stay in. I can go on and on, and would love to, but for the sake of space and time I leave you with this…Time is precious, be intentional about how you use yours.” My time with Mireya was enlightening and emotional, but worth every moment. Live YOUR life! Sam Graham Celebrity Columnist


Shontay Pinder Chicago designer Shontay Pinder kicked off her five-year anniversary with a runway and trunk show event at the Society Art Gallery in Chicago. Guests enjoyed a runway show of Shontay’s Spring/Summer 2014 line, an all-white collection of 1950s-style tops, skirts and dresses, with a few elements of surprise and adorned with accessories by Cayetano Legacy Collection. Chicago agency NuLuxe Group produced the event, which raised $450 for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Shontay Pinder is an affordable women’s contemporary apparel wholesaler manufactured in Chicago. Shontay is known for her classic design aesthetic with a modern flair, and above that she is applauded for the quality and sustainability of her garments. She has been recognized by the Apparel Industry Board in Chicago and was recently chosen to showcase her line among nine top emerging Chicago Designers at the well-known Style Max Show at The Merchandise Mart. For more information on Shontay Pinder Designs, please visit


Shontay Pinder 41/F-STYLE CHICAGO

Soultry Shoes is a uniquely inviting, go-to shoe boutique

that caters to fashionable women who love the finer shoes in life. Located in Pilsen’s Art District, this Halsted Street gem is the perfect place to satisfy your desire for chic footwear that fits your budget. Guests can add finishing touches to a new outfit or update an existing wardrobe with complementary handbags, handcrafted jewelry and hosiery from Soultry’s select collection. This Boutique features beautiful paintings by local artist for your viewing pleasure and it’s the perfect place to have an intimate gathering or girl’s night out.


1706 S Halsted Chicago, IL 60608 tel (312) 243-0544







If you have not heard of Sam Graham then just wait! This is one of Chicago’s Emerging designers and new Radio Personalities. We at F-Style have had the extreme pleasure of following around this New Media Mogul as he not only launched his new Radio Show but is also getting ready to release his new line. Be on the look out as the weather get’s nice we will be seeing and hearing more from him in the months to come. In the mean time you can catch him every Friday “LIVING…WITH SAM GRAHAM” SHOW on WIIT 88.9FM radio. ( – click on “Live Stream”) FROM 3pm – 5pm Central Time where he showcase the new and emerging talent of the industry. If you have great music or a event to announce remember to listen in every Friday and connect with the “LIVING…WITH SAM GRAHAM” SHOW




Larkin Designs Studio

1200 W 35th Street Chicago, Illinois


Urbane Pioneers



What is Tewwt? TEWWT is a professional social networking website that seeks to improve networking, collaboration and support amongst the interconnected world of entertainment. Exclusive to intermediate and advanced-level professionals, it merges all (sophisticated) industries so that daily business interactions can be streamlined (singers, dancers, actors, screenwriters, producers, managers, etc.). This includes venues and business professionals that play a role in the entertainment industry. We are providing this platform in order to encourage artists, professionals, vendors and venues to network in innovative ways. We are also a resource for helping individuals and companies advance to their next level. Tewwt is creating a culture for professionals in the entertainment industry that have a respect for arts and entertainment, who want to uphold its integrity and create quality entertainment. Tewwt was founded on the premise that true artists deserve to be valued more than they have been. It is because of the tireless hours of time and money spent perfecting the love of their craft that audiences can step outside of their routine lives and be entertained. The beauty of artistic skill has been diluted by the tolerance of today’s substandard views of art. As a result, many experienced Artists have taken a back seat. It’s our belief that many of these Artists have gotten lost and overlooked in a world of superficial “talent.” Passion is lacking in a lot of areas of the industry; money and fame seem to be the driving force behind many.. The younger generations are now misconstruing artistic value and oversaturating the industry, which is making it difficult or people with vision to find other like minded people. Tewwt wants to shine the light back on quality entertainment arts and artists, and show today’s generation what


creativity and originality really looks like. We are building a culture and movement that sets a standard for quality entertainment. More than just a networking site, we are crafting a virtual forum where Artists can display their skills and promote themselves, manage and organize projects that stem from onsite collaboration, celebrate their triumphs, express their thoughts on the state of the industry, and yield sound advice to their fellow counterparts. The E-Folio, short for Electronic Portfolio, profiles each user’s skill set through several media facets and also provides a place for them to display their work collage/press kit and electronic


resume. It’s also a great way to research people you’re interested in working with. The Projects section allows user’s to add other user’s to roles they need for new projects, productions, or events. Users can add tasks and deadlines, upload documents, organize rehearsals, meetings and other elements of your projects.

E-Folios, amongst other things, will be displayed. TEWWT-1-1 is slated to be our entertainment hub. Here we’ll keep readers abreast of current events in the news and industry. Written in a unique and witty style, TEWWT-1-1 is destined to become our readers’ first stop for daily news. This section will also serve as a platform to spotlight quality artists and venues.

The Mixx will allow Artists to socialize and see what the people on their preferred list have been up to. Here, is where updates to their

We, at Tewwt, are here to support Artists and Professionals who use

their God-given talents and inspire the ones who don’t know how to advance to the next level. We are about positivity, support, inspiration, focus and professionalism. We are about banding together and recreating a culture that upholds the true art form of entertainment. If you can relate or want to offer support, we invite you to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!




Angels of Essence . This one-of-a-kind event, which celebrates the achievements of some of Chicago’s most successful single mothers, also funds scholarships for single mothers who attend the University. The 2014 honorees are Brenda Palms Barber, Executive Founder, North Lawndale Employment Network; Cristina Baines, Manager, Chicago State University Creative and Print Services; Aundrea Holland, CSU Student; Lisa Haley Huff, Senior Vice President, PNC Bank and Gwendolyn Mackel Rice, Non Profit Consultant. Honorees will share their stories of success and speak about the importance of serving as an “Angel” and role model to CSU students and the community at large. This award celebrates the talents and dedication of women who exemplify success and achievement in their careers and devote themselves to making their communities healthier, safer and more inspirational places to live while balancing the commitment of being a parent. Past honorees include Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County; Barbara Bates, noted fashion designer and philanthropist; Darlene Hill, Fox 32 Chicago and Amy Hilliard, newly named President of Fashion Fair Cosmetics. Most importantly the event raises funds to support


single mothers who attend CSU and are in need of scholarship assistance. Presently, over 50% of female students enrolled at CSU are single mothers. This year’s honorees bring to 20 the number of women leaders and CSU students who have received this special recognition. “The “Essence of An Angel” awards celebrate extraordinary leaders and role models,” says Katéy Assem, executive director of the Chicago State University Foundation. These women show our students what is possible through education and hard work.” The honorees were submitted through an open nomination process, and were selected by a panel of past honorees, CSU Foundation Board members and CSU staff and students. Criteria included: • Commitment to serving others in the greater community; • Commitment to CSU and its mission; • Service as a role model for students, faculty, or staff; • Excellence in job performance or field of endeavor

About “Essence of An Angel” Scholarship Luncheon The “Essence of An Angel” Scholarship Luncheon’s purpose is twofold: Celebrate the achievements of women in their professional and personal lives as single mothers, while acknowledging and supporting the impact single mothers have made on CSU and the Chicago community. Funds raised through the event provide financial support for single mothers attending CSU. Any full-time CSU student, who is a single mother and meets the grade point average and other criteria, may apply The Chicago State University Foundation was chartered in 1967 and incorporated in 1968 as an independent, charitable organization with the sole purpose of soliciting, receiving, and administering private gifts to the Chicago State University. The CSU Foundation is committed to “helping one student at a time” by raising funds to support CSU students and programs.



10th Annual DreamKeepers Awards Gala honoring Patrice Purcell DeCorrevont J.P. Morgan, CEO, Government Not-For-Profit and Healthcare Banking with Master of Cermonies Rob johnson CBS Anchorman at the The Ritz Carlton Chicago


LINK Unlimited Scholars provides educational college preparatory opportunities for economically disadvantaged African American high school youth. In so doing, it integrates mentoring relationships, college readiness and leadership development to foster academic success, personal development and interracial understanding and harmony. LINK Unlimited was founded on five key principles, which are designed to help prepare students for a lifetime of professional success and personal fulfillmentEducation- LINK provides support systems designed to help scholars successfully complete high school with the necessary preparation to excel in college. College Readiness & Success- LINK assists scholars and parents in making informed college selection decisions by providing information and guidance to help ensure excellent placement with exceptional financial-aid packages. During the college years, LINK staff offers dedicated support and resources to promote college graduation for all LINK scholars. Leadership Development- LINK prepares its scholars for current and future leadership positions by providing training and experiential learning opportunities. Spiritual Development- LLINK involves its scholars in programs that stress personal growth, human relations, kindness, charity and moral and ethical values. Interracial Harmony- LINK provides opportunities for all members of the LINK family to become more knowledgeable about, and sensitive to, other cultures through personal contact and informational exchanges.







s t i r i p S e c n e l l e

c x e F O


M UARD RY G O W S OF T THE INUST S O R KEVIN LENCE TO D N A BELL T OF EXCEL P M d A IRI CA C P ties an ica I i S r R b A e E l . e D Er ng c MRS SIC AN coveri n’s expo with st U n e M e b D a ve mo GOO ckwom rs I ha of the


so bla yea ne many ience at the doubtedly o . I have seen ents e h t f v o r Out e expe Ross was un the industry eams go to e h t s r e to manag ll and Kevin perienced in anagement t ult it is this c ffi i e x m b d e p any kes how very Cam hat ma have e and go, so m e all know I w e o u S q w uni ago ome itics. artist c ark. In Chic Industry Pol ans y n a m m musici f l o e e s h p t a s e s o s s i g and m through the ary the cal church. at M y r e a t lo ? a t wh M navig ifferen setters like l noise at the he industry d e c y n d e t als pla u experi of such tren aking a joyfu ly showing d i v i ind ru m se Becau g more that TV show is t now a lot of ean to use k m in ir rs. We oes it really ? Mrs. Erica are do ary with the o i r r a td lw ms Mary M o be spiritua storms wha hrough stor e t t h t s it take ut through t ge to make i b d e h nowl churc itual k r i p s r you


Campbell sings it best when she says: “My backs against the wall now, Done all that I can do I prayed every prayer Went to every service Like I know how Just a ship without a sail I’m lost without your HELP!” Mrs. Campbell with her new album entitled “Help” testifies that the struggle is real and no matter what level of success you find yourself, you still need HELP! There are few management companies that I can think of that could step up to this call like Kevin Ross of Two Guard Media. In such a short time with his grass roots efforts Kevin Ross can truly be credited with ushering a new era for the Chicago Music industry. Mr. Ross has worked with endless Grammy winners and hit makers over the span of his years in the music industry. Mr. Ross social impact on the music industry continues to challenge and show that Chicago Managers do not have to be plagued by inadequacy. They can be smart, likable and better yet their talents, skills and work ethic can be marketable!


As I worked and watched these two great people a true degree of excellence was exemplified. As Mr. Ross told me and I am paraphrasing “this is not what you see on FB in make the greatness happen” Behind the scenes was amazing! I watched Mrs. Campbell have the mannerisms and poise like that of First Lady Michelle Obama. In her interviews she “kept it real” show that she had issues and battled with them just as we all do and she also told how she personally dealt with them both teaching and educating her attentive listeners. Her fans flocked to her and she received them all and even to two Nigerian women who pushed their way through the crowd and the security to receive a hug. Mrs. Campbell show true grace to their efforts.


Behind the scenes even with a bum knee this fifty something pioneer move through the crowds focused and driven. This man was on a mission networking, pulling key people together to connect with Mrs. Campbell, helping out at the table, if not at the table he was catering to Mrs. Campbell’s needs from walking her securely down the stairs after a performance down to the small detailed things like twisting the cap of a bottle water before she had to think about it as she reached out for it. WOW he reacted so fast to her needs I lost capturing the moment for I was such in amaze on how he like a great basketball player anticipated the moves before they happened. It was hard for me to keep up all I keep thinking was how much younger I was from him and I could not keep up lol. But what was more impressive was how everyone around was receiving him. 66/F-STYLE CHICAGO

He made everyone feel important and welcomed. When you were with him you felt like family as he accepted you in which was also confirmed by one of his assistants Ms. Kimberly Marie. But it does not stop there. I have been with many management teams and the most impressive thing I have to say I witness was that even with all his music industry accolades he was humble enough to continue to receive guidance and HELP from his MENTOR who showed up at the event to give a helping hand. AMAZING and IMPRESSIVE! This Chicago is what separates Kevin Ross and Two Guard Media from all the rest. Look out for more great works from Mr. Ross and the Two Guard Family he has a lot of great things coming like the Midwest Music Festival coming up in June.


“My backs against the wall now, Done all that I can do I prayed every prayer Went to every service Like I know how Just a ship without a sail I’m lost without your HELP!”



Erica Campbell and Kevin Ross were truly great examples of industry excellence that should be showcased more in the Urbane community and I personally am glad Mrs. Campbell came to our city and brought HELP to the industry at this years Black Women’s Expo. Through faith and actions she continues to help us understand how to navigate the industry storms and more. Support Mrs. Campbell’s new album “HELP” go out and buy it and put it in your playlist today.





Industry Tips Things to do during the gig

So you finally booked the gig, and now you are on your way to do the great performance you have been planning for, practicing for and lol yes arguing and debating on for money and terms. BUT WAIT! The work is not over yet, you still have to capitalize on the gig while you are there. There every artist should know that there is a beginning, during and end process to ever gig. So here is just a few tips and pointers to remember for your next gig. We will continue to put out more tips as pointers for artist so write in and let us know some issue you need addressed as you navigate your fame and fortune as we cover you.

1. have a banner with your logo or bands logo hung behind the act, high enough to be easily read by all. You’d be surprised how many people will see and hear your act and never know who you are. A visible banner solves that problem. 2. place “table tents’ with interesting artist/band information ( trivia, song lyrics, etc.) and gig schedules on each table around the club. Use sturdy, postcard stock for best results. 3. set up a visible area for merchandise ( t- shirts, posters, cds, etc) the person ( non- band member) running the merchandising can also oversee the new fan mail list. Be sure there’s plenty of writing instruments and paper on hand or a tablet if possible. 4. have plenty of business cards with a readable contact person’s name and number in the pockets of all group, band members or supportive crew. Distribute them liberally( side note: I found a wonderful artist I wanted to showcase in the publication, but he was such a artist that he put all his information in a way I could not read nor understand to contact him) 5. when you’re on stage, remember to make your show stimulating visually as well as aurally. You’re on display and all your clothing, colors, movements and lines should blend with the music you’re playing. Give the people what they want- a feast of sight and sound. This is an essential part of “ working the crowd” and finally, make sure that you can give a website or a way for your fans to follow you at the end of your performance. Remember most with their camera phones will be recording you so make sure you advertise so they can share it with their friends or if they can not get to you at the end of the performance. Ok this is just a few tips more to come and good luck and see us next issue for more tips and resources to help you maintain and grow your fan base.





Leaders of the new cool


About Lil Stan Stanley “Lil Stan” Rimpson is the perfect example of the expression “you are a product of your environment”. Born and raised in Joliet,IL music has always been apart of his life. Attending church 3 times a week, it was impossible to escape his musical calling. Stanley has been performing in Joliet, and surrounding areas since the age 16. Born into a family of musicians(Father is Pastor/Organist/ Singer, and Uncle is guitarist/singer), Stanley began playing guitar at the age of 11. Stanley has proven to be versatile,whether it be Gospel, R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Rock. His unique playing style derives from two major mentors, and influences whom are Cornelius Rimpson Sr(Uncle) and Pastor Nate Robinson.

W.A. Watson W.A. is very creative & has a vast collection of his own original poetry, songs, music, & videos. W.A. knows how to play the trumpet & has been in several concerts for school & church from the ages 8-18. W.A. is committed to God, friends, family, & others & believes that the world will see change.


Featured Model:


From “b-boys on the street” to “grown men with responsibility”, we address harsh, contemporary themes with positive inspiration for the youth raw with refined experience. Disciplined, educated artists who work have studied and performed with numerous artists of various genres including the legendary RunDMC, Redman, Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu, Common, Fareed Haque, Frank Orral, Bobby Irving, Kahil El Zabar, Ari Brown, Dizine, and Tamara Shaw and many others. the primeridian has remained active in the community working extensively with youth & performing at anti-war demonstrations across the nation and standing in solidarity with the struggles of the oppressed peoples in the world. Simeon AKA ‘V’, a native of Chicago’s southeast Hyde Park area, represents the ‘the soul’ of primeridian. Born to a family of gospel and jazz artists, V was ‘raised in music.’ His work centers on the search for spiritual alignment and growth of character amidst the mayhem of urban madness. With metaphysical imagery and cultural history, V takes the audience on a soul filled “mental ride.” He encourages the audience to read between the lines and not just look at the face value of things, leading them to a space of original thought . . . with spirituality that is collective in essence but objectively different. 78/F-STYLE CHICAGO ray-elementary

Mulatto Patriot (Producer, Engineer, DJ) Hailing from the streets of Chicago you may know MP as a producer that creates feel good hip-hop jams, beats that have an infusion of live instrumentation, or commercial hits that bring MP’s original sound to the mainstream. Or, you may know MP from behind the turntables DJing for Psalm One opening up for Rakim, Digable Planets, Immortal Technique, or DJing for Neak opening up for Little Brother or DJing for Fable opening up for DJ Vadim. Or simply you just might know MP as one of Chicago’s best hip-hop engineers working in the studio consistently on various projects with Psalm One, Pugs Atoms, Primeridan, and other great Chicago artist.







scan for authour’s website


Must Read Authors

encourage our (future) to dream and aspire for greatness. Dywane Smith Author/Radio host

Growing up a young African Male on the Westside of Chicago without parents is what sparked my interest in youth development, mentoring, and leadership training for youth. These were areas in my life that I wished someone would have stepped up after the death of my parents. I would not have made the mistakes I made. Now, I’m on a quest to provide as many opportunities possible for this generation of young people.

b. Giving respect when others did not respect me. c. Not allowing life’s circumstances (failures and successes) define me and limit my forward progress. d. Seeking God for approval instead of people.

I believe the biggest market to get work is the market of building our youth and families. The family unit is under tremendous stress and does appear to be any letting up. I believe effective family programming that strengthens the family unit is vitally important and the greatest need.

My greatest strength as I see it at this time is my drive to accomplish goals in life. As you know, life if full of twist and turns. However, once I made up my mind it didn’t matter what obstacle or barrier, I was getting to the other side.

During hard times, my inspiration to keep it moving comes from my faith in God. Jesus is the Lord of my life and when I’m not feeling my best, I pray Psalms 23 and Psalms 91. Then, I get up and keep the Train moving.

I did not have any mentors to I feel the greatest misconception navigate me along the way. However, I was a good listener and about the industry of youth development is that the youth I did follow good random advice that was offered from time to time. are hopeless and they don’t care about their future. The truth of the Some of the important lessons that matter is this; until we show the I realized that helped to open me to youth that we as parents, leaders, experience success in my life were: and educator care; they don’t a. Learning to treat others the way care what we know. We have to make the connection and cultivate I wanted to be treated. the relationships. We have to


What I see in my industry that holds a lot of people back is the lack of PATIENCE. The youth and the parents have to learn to be patient and trust the change process. Instant gratification is the biggest hurdle to overcome in my industry. People are always surprised to know that I am a natural born comedian. I love to laugh and to find humor in every situation. The

best advice I would give someone in my industry is to not get overzealous in their efforts to help positively impact the lives of others. This can be perceived as pushy and a cause the student(s) to shut down. I can be found on the website, I also, you can email me at

Wallace ‘Gator’ Bradley is a living legend. He also is my dear brother whose courage and compassion inspire all of us to grow, develop and become better persons. Brother Gator has lived a rich and blessed life that starts on the streets of the south side of Chicago through the prisons of Illinois to the White House of the USA and back to the schoolrooms and playgrounds to serve young people. Like his favorite piece of biblical scripture – Psalm 140 – God has preserved him from violence, delivered him from wickedness and empowered him to fight for “the cause of the afflicted and the right of the poor.” I first met Brother Gator in the context of the gang summits that tried to bring peace and promote justice for our precious young brothers who have been socially neglected, economically abandoned and targeted by police surveillance. I was struck by Brother Gator’s acute intelligence, genuine sincerity and soulful smile. It was clear he was my kind of brother – a brother shaped by the inimitable music of Curtis Mayfield, the spiritual struggle of Malcolm X and the visionary leadership of Larry Hoover. Fortitude and forgiveness, bravery and maturation, courage and conversion are shot through the life and times of Brother Gator. His powerful and poignant book is a testament to his strength and determination to be a force for good in the face of overwhelming odds. It charts his fascinating trek from the Racine Courts housing project to the racist courts of law in Chicago to his monumental anti-racist political activism in the historic campaigns

of Jerry Butler, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama. As one of the few ever pardoned by an Illinois Governor, Brother Gator has been an exemplary citizen in his adult life – with his loving and highachieving wife and children, the great respect of fellow citizens for him and the high demands for his wisdom and skill from local, national and global leaders. He is an old school freedom fighter and new school urban translator whose actions and words lead us through the complex dynamics of Chicago criminal life, political life, prison life and moral service to poor people. Like Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, Brother Gator is a grand figure in the black freedom struggle who used past prison experiences to deepen love of and service to black people. I thank my dear sister Dr. SaFiya D. Hoskins for helping preserve the prophetic witness of Brother Gator for present and future crusaders for justice! -The Foreword by Dr. Cornel West

Authors Promoting Success takes pride in being your one-stop shop for all things literary. From book events and interviews, to workshops and teleconferences, and even publishing, A.P.S. provides an array of professional and promotional services for aspiring, novice, and seasoned authors. Bound by the mantra, “We are better together”, Authors Promoting Success is comprised of authors from across the nation who believe in the importance of establishing a literary support group. Our Chapter Presidents have achieved success in the literary industry despite personal struggle.


13 and 14, Ken’s parents brought their first child into the world; by 17 and 18, they were mother and father to five children. In spite of poverty and a trail of 10 evictions, Ken’s parents still emphasized the importance of education and a strong work ethic. After starting his journey in less than ideal circumstances, this Chicago native worked his way through Southern Illinois University as a bus boy and waiter. Once he graduated, he maintained his focus as well as his hunger for excellence, which has paid off in monumental personal and professional opportunities. As one of the youngest African-American owner/ operators of a McDonald’s franchise, Ken’s light has shone brightly in the arena of entrepreneurial accomplishment.

Ken Brown

Ken’s favorite mantra, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it,” epitomizes his modern-day rags-to-riches story, which has inspired and motivated others to live out their dreams.

Inspirational Speaker, Business Coach, Author and Entrepreneur

He has authored and sold nearly 20,000 copies of two life-changing books, A Leap of Faith and L.I.F.E. - Living In Freedom Everyday. Through media appearances, seminars, workshops and business conferences, Ken has left a lasting impact in the minds of thousands.

Everyone has a story to tell. Few, however, prove to be as profound and inspirational as that of Mr. Kenneth Brown. He had every excuse to choose a life of failure. At the age of


With endorsements from renowned mentors Les Brown, Tavis Smiley, Ronald Hairston and Herbert Harris, Ken has what it takes to encourage others, inspire dreams and instill hope. Featured recently on ABC’s “Wife Swap,” Ken Brown offers expert personal and business advice as a life coach, professional speaker and author. He helps small businesses nurture leadership from within, build sustainable, profitable enterprises, as well as, recognize and leverage opportunities.


Ken Brown was born to unmarried, teenage parents, grew up in the inner city of Chicago, and as a child, he faced financial hardships and evictions from his homes. Ken used these lessons to turn childhood struggles into career successes and became the owner of two McDonald’ restaurants.





Ask your self

“ WHO IS THE THASHER?” Every so often, a production comes along that is aimed directly at my personal demographic, by which I mean strong, educated, wealthy and Stolen from Africa. LOL. “The Thrasher” Dares to inspire the hearts and minds of many men in the community to see a super hero that is handsome, strong, smart and well equipped to take on the filth of the streets. There is a never a dull moment in this fan movie directed by emerging director Lawrence Lee Wallace for Marvel Comics in its attempts to revamp and diversify its growing and popular AVENGER series. Fans will be glad to see the familiar face of Chicago’s own Erica Lane most noted in the community for his work in R-Kelly’s Trapped in the closet series. If you were like me when I was first presented with this project I was like WHO is the Thrasher. Well check out this video link to inform you on who this character is and the significance of his history. I got a chance to catch up with the director and ask a few questions as he is preparing for production. What gave you the inspiration to take on this project? I have always been a big fan of Marvel Comics and “Night Thrasher” since I was a kid. I knew I wanted my next fill project to be Marvel superhero based and when my friend actor Eric Lane called me and asked me to write a screenplay with him as an action hero I thought….Now is the time. What do you think this can do for the acting community of Chicago? I hope it will inspire actors to want to hone their abilities and




professionalism, we have a lot of talent here but we are being left out of the game. All the talent on this film was very professional as well as talented and you have to have both if you want to succeed in this industry. What are some things you think this character will do for the Marvel Industry and the parts played by African American men in superhero roles? Right now in the film and TV Marvel Universe we are seeing mainly African Americans plying the sidekick character when the Marvel Comic book Universe has a huge library of African American heroes that stand alone like Night Thrasher, Black Panther, Misty Knight, Blade, Luke Cage and others. I know that adding more of the Marvel Universes ethnic characters will bring a much larger audience to the films and TV shows and I think Night Thrasher: RAVE will be the catalyst of that. 93/F-STYLE CHICAGO

Beautifully Conneted Support our media affiliates

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“LIVING…WITH SAM GRAHAM” SHOW on WIIT 88.9FM radio. ( – click on “Live Stream”) FROM 3pm – 5pm Central Time.

Go to youtube and subscribe




What got you first interested in your industry? I became a musician in 8th grade. As a percussionist and keyboardist I joined Concert, Jazz, Choir and Marching Band. Becoming a DJ was just an extension of my love for music and its various ways of expressions.


Did you have any mentors helping you as you navigated your craft in the beginning? For my new found respect for acting Tommy Ford, Carl Payne and Rodney Perry have been a huge influence of my growth as an actor! Now as a DJ, it originates from my Chicago roots.

Steve “Silk” Hurley and Mike Love skill to continuously to keep the party going non-stop and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s ability to engaged the crowd have been my influences. What were some of the most important lessons realized that help to open you to more success?

Urbane Spin

Being humble, finding every opportunity as a learning experience are just I few things. Having a professional, approachable and helpful work ethics will make you an asset to anyone. What is your greatest strength as you see it at this time? My patience and ability to absorb information quick. What do you feel is the greatest misconceptions about what you do in your industry? Sex, lies, drugs and video tape! LMBO!! Most of my friends and Mother always think Im hanging with Justin Bieber and Lindsey Loehand in their drunken, High circus acts. LOL It has never been in my mental to want to deal with that madness and I never will! 99/F-STYLE CHICAGO

What is the biggest market to get work in? International and Oversees! There is a greater appreciation for us DJs their then here in the states. What do you draw upon for inspiration during the hard times? I focus on my daughters first, then I recall what my eldest daughter’s inspiring words to “do finally go succeed in what I love to do, because I have been there for everyone else for so long, its time for you to focus on what you always wanted.” What can you see from your experience that holds a lot of people back in your industry? Themselves. Lack of educating themselves, arrogance and lack of respect for others always stall their progress. What is something that people would be surprise to know about yourself? I tried out for the NBA before I moved to Atlanta. I have been on the NBA-D League waiting list for the past 3 years. In your area what would you advise someone to really look out for and prepare themselves for? Be

mindful of shady managers, promoters, directors etc etc. Not all projects and money are good projects and money. Have a career plan in place and do not compromise yourself. Where can we find you on the web?,

What new project do you have coming up? Recurring acting part in a new tv series to come out called Atlanta Law. A panelist for a new production organization called 480 Music. We are in search for the next Power Female Group. And soon to have my semi-autobiographic movie in production for the BIG SCREEN. If you had super hero power what would be your powers and what would you use them for? This is a great question! I have asked myself this many of times being a Marvel/DC Fan. After careful thought and many changes I have settled with Time Travel. Its one thing I have learned to appreciate more is my time and how its spent. I can correct wrongs, set up for a 100/F-STYLE CHICAGO


better future and make the world a better place! Yeah corney I know...this is my answer and Im sticking to it!! LMBO! djhershey2013







Valerie Romo I have to say, working with this model was an amazing unexpecting experience. Our schedules always conflicted but when we got together the experience was AMAZING! She truly has a fire and passion for modeling and I truly am honored to bring you a small look in to this AMAZING models world. LOL did I say AMAZING!!!






What got you first interested in your industry? Years ago when a stranger told me that I had an interesting look. This woman told me that I should do something with it. That’s when I decided I would find out how to start modeling. Did you have any mentors helping you as you navigated your craft in the beginning? No, not really. I really just went out there and pursued it all on my own. I had friends who were photographers, submitted photos to agencies and things just happened based on my own ambition. What were some of the most important lessons realized that help to open you to more success? Going outside of your comfort zone is key to making you a versatile person in the industry. Can she play a vixen, an innocent, a mom? To do this, you have to be an actress and morph into different roles. It’s fun and helps you evolve.hat is your greatest What modeling/acting strength as you see it at this time? I am quick witted and adventurous.


What do you feel is the greatest misconceptions about what you do in your industry? That you have to be tall and a size 0 to be a model. There are so many types of people that can represent so many things and the girl next door can be a huge competitor in this industry. What is the biggest market to get work in your state do you think? Definitely commercial and catalog in Illinois. It is a melting pot of cultures and people want to see diversity at Target, Kohl’s, Sears, Macy’s.

What do you draw upon for inspiration during the hard times? That you have to have hard times to appreciate when it’s good. So when that next great thing happens, you feel so unbelievably grateful. What can you see from your experience that holds a lot of people back in your industry? When you put yourself in a box with no direction up or down or sideways to move. Don’t make yourself one

dimensional in an industry that is always changing. What is something that people would be surprise to know about yourself? That I really wanted to be a dancer before I hurt my knee while doing college cheerleading. In your area what would you advise someone to really look out for and prepare themselves for?

Just to be prepared to change your look, your attitude, your stance if you have to just to show you can. What new project do you have coming up? Fingers crossed, more acting and modeling jobs! If you had super hero power what would be your powers and what would you use them for? Invisibility. So I can hide until I’m ready to be seen.





a beautiful struggle



color of purpose





Ambitious, beautiful, and egar to work! She’s on track to take on the Industry this year. F-Style captures a creative day in the hectic life of this rising model


photography by Marcus Fizer 115/F-STYLE CHICAGO



breakthrough shine


What got you first interested in your industry? My auntie Johnny-May used to always tell me. I was beautiful and she knew that I was going to be a model one day and she wanted to see me on the next top model then my first time behind the camera at the age of 12 I just fell in love. Did you have any mentors helping you as you navigated your craft in the beginning? David Beasley was my mentor and my mother What were some of the most important lessons realized that help to open you to more success? you cannot trust everybody. you have to believe in yourself and strong minded patient in time. What do you feel is the greatest misconceptions about what you do in your industry? some people believe that it’s not a real job. that the stardom of being a fashion model happens overnight but it takes hard work and practice. What do you draw upon for inspiration during the hard times? during my hard times I like to be behind the camera and music inspired me...because it makes me forget about all the negativity around me and just gives me some clarity. What can you see from your experience that holds a lot of people back in your industry? patience is the key people want it to happen overnight and this is not an overnight process you have to believe in yourself. you have to really want it. And just liking to take pictures won’t cut it in this industry. What is something that people would be surprise to know about yourself? That my dream is to one day manage my own agency and studio just to work with only kids in fashion, modeling, and commercials



Rose What got you first interested in your industry? I became interested in modeling when I was a teenager, I used to model in Music videos, now I am working my way into the Fashion industry. Acting is a more recent interest that I became more aware of after working as an Extra in several TV shows that are being filmed in Chicago. Did you have any mentors helping you as you navigated your craft in the beginning? I came across a couple of amazing photographers that went above and beyond in explaining how I should pose, hand placements, facial expressions, where to look for work, and how to audition. They also let me know the importance of having a good attitude and confidence. This has helped me tremendously. What were some of the most important lessons realized that help to open you to more success? I learned quite a few lessons; one that comes to mind is that in order to be successful, you need to be grateful for every opportunity that you get. With each opportunity, you learn something about yourself that you can improve on and therefore perfect your talent. Also, the importance of consistently thinking positive has proven to be life changing. What is your greatest modeling/acting 120/F-STYLE CHICAGO

Chicago strength as you see it at this time? My greatest strength would be my ability to be comfortable in front of the camera. When you can find the moment when you are most at ease during a shoot, the remainder of the time becomes much more exciting.


What do you feel is the greatest misconceptions about what you do in your industry? I believe the greatest misconception would be that this is not really “actual work.� The mind set, the time, and the energy that goes into acting and modeling is very much of the same type of effort that would go into any other industry. I think anything that you work hard at and get paid for is real work regardless of the nature. What do you draw upon for inspiration during the hard times? What inspires me most is seeing other women who have worked hard and become successful from being dedicated to what they love to do. This encourages me to keep trying to perfect my talents and working toward my goals. What can you see from your experience that holds a lot of people back in your industry? Something that holds people back in this industry is a having a bad attitude, or thinking that everything will fall into their lap. The truth is that you need to be prepared and work for the opportunities you receive and perform at your best, every time. This along with being friendly and

personable during auditions and on set is what will get you more bookings and companies will want to have you come back and work with them. What is something that people would be surprised to know about yourself? I am a Jazz/Blues singer, my latest live performance was at Buddy Guys Legends in Chicago. 121/F-STYLE CHICAGO

In your area what would you advise someone to really look out for and prepare themselves for? In Chicago, there are many opportunities available that were not available before. The industry is growing rapidly. It would be good to take classes or receive education in your interests, acting, modeling etc., so that you can have the skills that are needed for may of the new jobs that are becoming available. Also, lookout for opportunities with smaller name brands or indie films that can help you build your portfolio or resume. When a bigger brand comes along they will like to see that you have experience and have been working.

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What new project do you have coming up? I was recently signed to a talent agency in Chicago, and have been working on Print modeling and Commercials. If you had super hero power what would be your powers and what would you use them for? If I could choose a super power, I would have the power to go freeze time. I always wished I could be in the right place at the right time to pull someone out of a car in the nick of time before an accident, or some other lifethreatening situation.

Isis Rose

photography by : Gary Blanks





Ashely Boom

What got you first interested in your industry? “Growing up I was always told I should be a model. So, once I started going to different casting I began to enjoy it more.” Did you have any mentors helping you as you navigated your craft in the beginning? “No, however I met different models from time to time by just going to different evens and they’d give me a few tips.” What were some of the most important lessons realized that help to open you to more success?

What got you first interested in your industry? “Growing up I was always told I should be a model. So, once I started going to different casting I began to enjoy it more.” Did you have any mentors helping you as you navigated your craft in the beginning? “No, however I met different models from time to time by just going to different evens and they’d give me a few tips.” What were some of the most important lessons realized that help to open you to more success? “To be a model it’s best to give yourself diverse looks and always feel as if your tall, even if you’re not” What is your greatest modeling/acting strength as you see it at this time? “Working the camera” What do you feel is the greatest misconceptions about what you do in your industry? “Every now and then I get calls from people who want me to be a iCandy model, a video vixen, or a stripper and not that those are bad, I just rather keep my portfolio clean for the corporate world.” What is the biggest market to get work in your state do you think ie fashion, commercial, glamor, catalog etc. In my state I’d say a little bit of everything. It just depends on what you’re more focused on most. What do you draw upon for inspiration during the hard times? “motivational quotes and the reasoning’s behind why I do what I do.


What can you see from your experience that holds a lot of people back in your industry? “I think not having the ability to travel can hold people back. I feel if you’re going to do any type of modeling or entertainment businesses you should have different outlooks in different cities for different connections. What is something that people would be surprise to know about yourself? As young as I am I’m actually very experienced. I use to rap. I DJ. I can do urban street dancing. I can hoop, very athletic. And last but not least I’m very determined for my age. I am currently in school, with a great GPA, Miss Black & Gold for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., I’m a senator of my school, and part of the Hip Hop Dance Crew at my school. In your area what would you advise someone to really look out for and prepare themselves for? “Not to limit themselves. Don’t be known for being a model just in your city but branch out to other cities. That’s how you meet more people, get bigger connections, and become more known.” What new project do you have coming up? Currently, I’m working on my platform for Miss Black & Gold so I have a few events I will be hosting this year along with traveling with the Fraternity for their events, national programs, and community services If you had super hero power what would be your powers and what would you use them for? I’d like to read minds. I know every one hides stuff and being able to know how they really feel inside I feel like I’d be able to help make them feel better.






What got you first interested in your industry? I always wanted to model since I was about 11! I went to castings for modeling schools and such but my mom never could afford any of them. A lot of times when I am told I can’t do something because of whatever reason, I am determined to be sure that I do! I don’t believe there is a thing I can’t do with enough passion and dedication.

it takes hard work! It’s about looking “pretty” even when you’re in pain! Being able to push through!

Did you have any mentors helping you as you navigated your craft in the beginning? No I did not. I did tons of research and was very careful on my own.

What do you feel is the greatest misconceptions about what you do in your industry? People seem to think that it’s easy! But it is not! People seem to think that anyone can do it, but they can’t! It’s not just taking pictures! It’s about taking on a world separate from the one you know alone! It’s about being strong and driven to keep persevering even when people tell you that you will not and can not make it! You keep

What were some of the most important lessons realized that help to open you to more success? I learned that pretty is a “dime a dozen” as Miss Yolanda Webb would say! It’s not about being pretty, it’s about be able to understand that

What is your greatest modeling/acting strength as you see it at this time? My greatest strength would be my personality! I am a hard worker! It’s embedded in me! It shows in every photo, every event! I go for it!


going! Not everyone can do that! What do you draw upon for inspiration during the hard times? I pray like no other and I watch Audrey Hepburn movies one after another until I feel better! What can you see from your experience that holds a lot of people back in your industry? I would say that their mind sets hold them back! Nothing no one says or does but they hold themselves back! No one will stand up against a shooting star! They don’t keep pushing through, I guess they loose hope, faith and that good old thing called passion! What is something that people would be surprise to know about yourself? Hmmmmm, let’s see, I guess it would be that I am a Tom Boy! I love to be on the range! I served in the military! I have combat boots right next to my heels in my closet! I’m not afraid to get down and dirty!!! In your area what would you advise someone to really look out for and prepare themselves for? I would say remember that this is a small place and the world is huge! If you get nowhere here, you still have everywhere else in the world to go!!! What new project do you have coming up? I am working on a campaign with an online boutique called “pretty rebel”. If you had super hero power what would be your powers and what would you use them for? I would be Cupid! Yes, yes, I know Cupid isn’t a super hero! But he should be! I would make more people love instead of hate! I feel like love is the only true peace in the world! The greatest accomplishment!




Leslie Ebony Perry

Lisa Terry Photography


What got you first interested in your industry? I was just reading a personality test that described me as a “Jack or Jill of all trades.” By day, I am an internal auditor and risk consultant which speaks to my analytical nature and when I’m living out the dream that stirs my soul, I am a performer. I love being on stage, most people know that about me. What only a few people know about me, is my passion for modeling. I’m drawn to modeling because it such a representation of creativity and beauty, two elements I desire to emulate. Did you have any mentors helping you as you navigated your craft in the beginning? To narrow it down, I would say my craft is performance poetry. My first mentor was a man by the name of Doctor Groove. He performed on the subways of Chicago, in particular the Red Line. I got up the courage to perform one of my pieces with him one day. It was such a rush! To command a morning train with your voice and deliver with enough passion that people actually give you their attention. It is a very special feeling. One man gave me a twenty dollar tip (and that was back in 1999), encouraging me to continue in my gift. That moment still brings a smile to my face. What were some of the most important lessons realized that help to open you to more success? One lesson that stands out the most …is that while I love the stage and applause is great, the purpose of my gift is not to win over people or impress. While it is “performance” poetry, it is not about the performance. What matters is whether hearts were touched. It can be a lesson that can easily be lost or forgotten. I constantly remind myself and thus made it my mantra …”my goal is to reach and touch hearts.” What is your greatest strength as you see it at this time? My greatest strength is positivity. I know that people sometimes get tired of my “Pollyanna” way of living. However, I believe being happy is a decision and practice. You have to actively engage and shift your thoughts to live in that higher plain. My attitude has opened doors that my skill alone could not have opened. This applies to all areas of my life.

What do you feel is the greatest misconceptions about what you do in your industry? That you can’t do it full-time and earn a sustainable living. Even I internally battle this misconception, so I am ever so grateful to full-time artists who demonstrate the possibility and reality! What is the biggest market to get work in your country Corporate events. Event planners are often looking to do something different and unique. I have a band I work with and we can provide a difference experience and I often add a customized





poetic piece to the mix that makes the performance extra special. What can you see from your experience that holds a lot of people back in your industry? One style. One theme. While people love you as an artist because of your style and topics, I think it is important to grow. People change. Issues change. Our art deserves some change as well. What is something that people would be surprise to know about yourself? I’m a loner. I can be extremely social but I am also hermit at times. I really enjoy my alone time.

What do you draw upon for inspiration during the hard times? Gratitude. I start thinking about everything I am grateful for in my life. When I’m feeling really down, it can be hard to come up with the first few things …but it snowballs quickly. I also have experienced depression before. Fortunately, it didn’t last very long (maybe a week), but I remember that feeling of hopelessness and unable to move forward. After getting through that, I made a decision that throwing pity parties are a dangerous thing and they can get out of hand very easily. The thing about pity parties is that just because you ask your guests (sadness, loneliness, fear, doubt and the host of others) to leave because you ready to start anew, doesn’t’ mean they will exit stage when you ask. It is best not to host them in the first place. Those feelings come for sure, but I do my best to show them the door quickly.


In your area what would you advise someone to really look out for and prepare themselves for? People thinking that poets should perform for free. Where can we find you on the web? What new project do you have coming up? My day job really took over all my time and energy last year. I just did a few performances, didn’t write much and put all projects on hold. This year is about moving forward. A video, some collaborations with other artists, working on a book and CD. Just giving my craft the energy it deserves! I don’t want the muses to forget about me and move on to someone else. They say …”use it or lose it.” If you had super hero power what would be your powers and what would you use them for? I would be able to know why people are hurting and heal their pain.

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n e p p a h it

MS e k a


7 ways to

Producit They say that we become the stories we tell about ourselves. So what’s your story? From our cover, to all the models and talent individuals who have stepped into the spotlight as a global super story. The talent in this issue have crafted their own scripts, embracing self determination and self-creation with a vengeance- and with their productive wardrobes playing a crucial part in their success. Here are seven plot points to consider for your daily mission: Seven ways to get the most out of your day 1 keep your targets in sight at all times Post your goals in a prominent place where you can refer to them for direction, inspiration, and motivation. This could be hanging on a wall near your desk, in your personal organizer or calendar, or in a handy folder. Remember : out of sight out of mind. The mind goes towards what’s in front of it. To keep your business on track, keep goals always in sight and on your mind.


2 plan your work, work your plan Chart your goals and work backward in time to create smaller project task, so that all aspects of your work build on each other.. Define specific annual goals, with monthly and weekly tasks that enable you to reach them. Once your plans is on paper, refer to it regularly to keep your energies focused and as a record of your accomplishments. When making your daily to-do list, be realistic and target only six to ten items you’d like to accomplish. If the list is too long, you’ll become demoralized and feel that you’ve never getting ahead. 3 know your internal biological clock. Be aware of which activities work better for you at different times of the day. Are you someone who springs out of bed each morning singing? Or do you really start rolling in mid- afternoon? Whatever your personal bio- clock dictates, try to

ivity match important tasks to periods when you’re most alert. One of the main attractions to the important tasks to the entrepreneurial life is the liberty to design your day. Use this freedom to optimize your productivity by staying in touch with your physical and mental states. 4 “ bank” time for different activities Individuals can be significantly more productive if they group similar activities into time segments. For example, many solo entrepreneurs avoid telephone interruptions by having a voice mall, or a service pick up their calls during certain hours. They “ bank “ return phone calls for a specific time of the day and make all calls then. 5 end the day with review and planning Take a few minutes at the end of each day to review what you’ve accomplished and what remains to become part of tomorrow’s list. You may want to adopt the habit shared by many entrepreneurs of planning tomorrow’s activities and creating a detailed to-do-list at the end of the day. Using

this technique you don’t have to think about what needs to be done when you hit the office fresh in the morning’ it’s there on paper right in front of you. An added bonus is that you can walk away from the office at night knowing that you’re prepared to make tomorrow a productive day. Some even say that putting plans on paper the night before allows you subconscious mind to do some problem solving while your sleeping. 6 refine, don’t reinvent Once you find a time management system that fits you, use it faithfully and continually refine it to suit your changing needs and interest. Resist the temptation to jump on the latest bandwagon or to adopt a new system every year. Ironically, it takes a lot of time to master a time management system- and you don’t want to be spending valuable time always trying to get organized. A simple system can serve you well for many years. 7 give yourself credit. No independent entrepreneur can hit peak productivity 100 percent of the time. As seasoned entrepreneurs can attest, some days seem to evaporate and leave little progress to show. Accept this as a natural condition, and don’t be hard on yourself. Focus instead on the achievement of the day, and trust that you’re working better- and smarter- all the time.



If you have soft nerves, you’ll be sorely disappointed if you want a modeling career. Not everyone is going to love your look or your photos. There will be jobs that you just won’t be right for, and they’ll tell you so. Your agent may tell you the things they don’t like and will need you to change. A model is put out there for the world to see and you will be criticized just as much as you’ll be praised and complimented.


Build up nerves of steel and be prepared to be fully inspected, stereotyped, picked at and critiqued. It doesn’t reflect on you as a person so don’t take it as a personal attack. This is a business and criticism is a huge part of the terrority that you agree to take on once you sign a modeling contract.

ne of the most common answers to that question is usually: “You have to be really beautiful and really tall.” Eh, not really the truest answer but the physical aspect does account for a lot in the modeling world. But there are many other factors and traits that you must have in order to not only be a model, but to be a good model.

No photographer or client wants to work with someone who has a dull or boring personality--or worse--no personality at all. If you’re not the type of person who can open up and get to know others or if you aren’t excited or enthusiastic about the work you’re doing, modeling is not for you. The ability to take criticism


Patience Nothing happens right away and the modeling world won’t always be so fast-paced. Photo shoots take time, getting the right shot takes time, even getting the right bookings takes time. Time is money but if you aren’t able

to handle delays or standing around for periods of time without throwing a fit, then you’ll have a tough time making it in this industry. Tolerance There will be other models, crew, clients, photographers, etc. that you may not get along with. No matter what, you have to maintain a high level of tolerance to deal with difficult situations, shooting conditions, and other factors that can come into play that will try your patience. Having a good level of tolerance will help you get through the toughest times and the toughest people. Confidence/Self-Esteem If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Wear your confidence on your sleeve and make it be known that you are a person who believes in what you have to offer. Loving yourself and knowing your self-worth is a must-have trait that I can’t stress enough. Having the ability to believe in yourself is half the battle in the modeling world. Humility While it is important to believe in yourself and your capabilities, it is also essential that you not let your career go to your head. Developing an ego and acting like you’re the best thing on the planet will be your downfall and people won’t want to work with you. Understand that while you may have it going on now, getting a big head will make you view the world in a distorted way. Don’t treat others as if they’re beneath you. It’s very unbecoming and one of the easiest ways for the most beautiful person to be ugly.

The ability to multitask There’s more to modeling than just smiling. There will be times when you have to pose awkwardly but still capture the right facial expression, while also keeping in mind lighting, angles, etc. If you already have a keen grasp of how to do more than one thing at a time, modeling will be a breeze. Be a morning person Guess what? Photo shoots start early, usually at the crack of dawn, so if you’re not a morning person, you may want to start learning! Not only do you have to be up at a ridiculous hour, but you’ve got to bring your game face and be ready and energized to work as if it was 2:00pm. The ability to follow directions I’m not talking about driving directions. Modeling involves taking direction from the photographer, stylist, casting director, etc. They will be telling you how to pose, which way to turn, to smile, to not smile and a whole score of other commands that you need to be ready and able to execute. If you don’t like authority or don’t take orders or follow directions well, you will not be a good model. Be open-minded/ready to take a risk Modeling is a world where you’ll be introduced to many things that you may not be comfortable with or used to. And that can include the types of outfits you’ll be required to wear, the types of poses you do, locations and themes. Maybe you’re not used to being dressed so provocatively, or you don’t like to be all touchy feely with the opposite sex.

In modeling, you’re selling an idea, a theme, a product--not your beliefs. You have to be willing to try new things and settle into it as if you’ve been doing it all your life. No one has the time to hear you complain about how you’re showing too much or how you don’t want to pose in a sexually suggestive way with a male model you’ve never met before. If you’re shy, squeamish or have very religious values, modeling will not fit you at all. Be willing to travel If you don’t like planes, you’re going to have an awfully hard time getting to another country for a runway show. Travel is a part of a model’s life because you are the employee and your client is paying you a lot to represent them and that involves going to where the action is. Be prepared to adjust to long plane rides, long drives in a car and other modes of transportation. It’s a hectic lifestyle at times and you’ll need to know how to wake up early to catch a flight or how to pack just the essentials so you don’t cause a delay. Also remember to use the safty app. Know how to have fun Modeling is fun, too! Take the risks and put yourself out there while you’re out on your bookings and shoots. The best model is a happy model so show the world that you love what you do!


How to take your Measurements What models need to know on the subject, including instructions for finding their accurate measurements. In the modeling industry, it is vital that you take the time to accurately determine ALL of your measurements. There is a proper method to this, but looking down at your chest, shrugging, and giving it your best guess is not it. In addition to determining your measurements, it is equally important to RECORD your measurements as you go along. You are of no help to any client if you tell them, “I took my measurements once… but I don’t remember what they were.” Make sure to save all of your measurements in a word file on your computer, so that it is readily available to copy/paste upon request. (For reference, basic measurements are written as a series of 3 numbers, separated by hyphens. The accepted format requires the following info: Bust-Waist-Hips, IN THAT ORDER. So to recap, if a model lists their stats as “34-24-35”, that indicates their Bust is a 34, their Waist is a 24, and their Hips are a 35.)

As a model, you should be updating your measurements every 6 months at a minimum- although every 3 months is ideal. Clients need accurate stats from any potential model, and if you waste their time by sending measurements from 3 years ago and when you were 50 pounds lighter, they will NOT take kindly to having their time wasted in such a way. When it comes to measurements- keep them updated, and keep them accurate! It will only benefit you in the long run. Again- DO NOT LIE ABOUT YOUR MEASUREMENTS. There is no benefit whatsoever in giving “embellished” (aka, falsified) measurements in the first place; on top of which, you WILL get caught. There is no excuse for anything but the truth when it comes to this!!! Another important detail: If you have a profile/portfolio on any modeling website, FILL IN YOUR MEASUREMENTS! Those blank fields asking you to enter your measurements? Yes, they really are there for a reason- and yes, they really will remain blank unless you fill them out. The “stats section” appears on your public profile at all times; filled out or empty, like it or not- it will always be displayed to the world. The reason this pertains to you: People in this industry have fleeting attention spans to begin with, but they will especially lack ANY sort of patience for a model that omits such basic (and essential) information while trying to make a first impression. Be as thorough as possible when it comes to your online profiles- this is a direct reflection upon you, and it is the message you are choosing to send to the world. Many models ignore this simple step; thus many models GET ignored (for wonderful opportunities) as a direct result. Don’t let this happen to you! HOW TO TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS: Start with a soft, flexible measuring tape- the kind you would use for a sewing project, NOT the sturdy kind that your dad would use for a house project. It is preferable (and easier) to have somebody else take your measurements, but not a requirement. BUST: Place the measuring tape under your armpits; arms should rest at your sides. Next, measure around the shoulder blades and the fullest part of your breast. your arms should be relaxed, down at your sides The number showing is your “bust measurement.”


Bust bust not your bra size. Take the tape around your back and bring it across the fullest part of your bust. Your arms should be relaxed, down at your sides. You must wear a bra when taking this measurement.

Waist waist- this is the smallest part of yoru waist. Typically its an inch or so above your belly button also know as the natural waistline.

Hips- this is the widest part of your hips across the hipbone. Measurement is taken approximently 7 inches below the natural waistline.

WAIST: Locate the slimmest part of your natural waistline, and measure. The number showing is your “waist measurement.” HIPS: DO NOT measure your hip bone. Instead, locate the fullest part of your butt and measure around this. This measurement will serve as your “hip measurement.” (Again, basic measurements are written as a series of 3 numbers, separated by hyphens. The accepted format requires the following info: Bust-Waist-Hips, IN THAT ORDER. So if a model lists her stats as “34-24-35”, that indicates her Bust is a 34, her Waist is a 24, and her Hips are a 35.) CUP SIZE/BRA SIZE: Unless specifically asked to include cup size in your Bust-Waist-Hip measurement, it should be left out; it generally serves as its own separate ‘measurement’. To determine your cup size, wear a comfortable bra and follow these steps: 1) Measure around your rib cage, just below your breasts. If the number is less than 33”, add “5” to your number, then record this figure. If your number is more than 33”, you will need to add “3” to your number. Record this figure. (This is your band size) 2) Measure around the fullest part of your breasts. Record this number. (This is your cup size) 3) Subtract the number from “Step 2 (Cup Size)” by the number you recorded from “Step 1 (Band Size)”. Now, record this new number. 4) Finally, you can determine your bra size by using the following chart: If the number you determined during step 3 is: Less than 1/2″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “AA”. 1″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “A”. 2″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “B”. 3″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “C”. 4″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “D”. 5″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “DD” or “E”. 6″ larger than measurement #2, then your bra size is “DDD” or “F”.


ELEV Sometimes the most obvious is not so obvious when the images of fame and glory of the supper stars and super models are so layered in a cloud of fluff with a lot of bells and whistles for the mainstream media to soak in and admire, but for all that are reading please realize ITS WORK even on the levels of misperception and spin techniques there are true masters of deception to create the wonderful images of beauty and success you see. So in a effort to go to the root problem most models have getting into the industry I first want to add to their equations of a bit of order so they can begin to unfold the layers of media perception and really organized their thoughs and planning for the Great Success they aspire to get that they have been DREAMING about all their lives. On the flip side, it’s also easy to see how feelings of insecurity, low self esteem and lack of confidence end up becoming a regular part of these young ladies’ lives. We have to constantly remind everyone the truth about airbrushed images and not-so-glamorous side of the modeling and media industry so we can stop aspiring models from feeling like they have to transform themselves completely in order to have a shot. I get countless emails from young and old women not just asking for



advice about getting in the industry but asking for my opinion and--in many instances--validation that they are pretty. It breaks my heart. Lack of confidence is the first rule of a troublesome shoot.

Modeling isn’t easy, nor is it for everybody with these goals. However, if you’re going to jump into this crazy industry, equip yourself with confidence. Whether you want to freelance, get represented by an agency, are pursuing a fashion career or want to make it in the print world, understand how important confidence is to women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Love What You See in the Mirror You hear it said by all use the mirror as a tool to help with posing, facial expressions and getting comfortable with your body. However, mirrors also serve another purpose: to help improve a person’s confidence. I get it, we all have flaws...I’ve heard every type of self complaint there is: I’m too fat, I’m too skinny, I have pimples, I have bad skin, My nose is too big, I have flabby arms, My feet are a man( lol not yours) and a publishing

photographer I really do not want to hear all the negative talk about yourself in a shoot or afterwards. You seek to draw others in your pitty party which is very counterproductive interms of the industry. Ask yourself if your friends or man keep talking about their flaws all the time would you seriously enjoy their company? It is your job to be confident and make the experience pleasent for those working with you to refer you to other projects. The mirror does show what we don’t like but that should serve as motivation to do what is possible to turn that situation around for the better. All that negative energy you use to criticize yourself each time you look in the mirror? Take it and do something positive. Solutions to everyday beauty, skin and body issues are only a search engine away and much of what is covered in our publicaiton. If we all took the same pains to build ourselves up as we take to tear ourselves down, we’d all be better off.


Recognize your flaws, work on what you can and then work on embracing the flaws you can’t do anything about. The day you can look in the mirror and not say one critical thing about yourself is the day you’ve truly embraced the person looking back at you. Realize There is Only One You Unless you have an identical twin, chances are there is no one that looks, acts or sounds like you. And that is something amazing, believe it or not. While there is a standard type of physical look that certain modeling categories call for, such as runway and fashion, there is much more to being successful than appearance alone. Confidence is about believing in yourself and what you have to offer an agent or a client. They see tons of models each and every day. After a while they all start to become one big blur. But the model with confidence always stands out. You know what’s great about yourself and it is up to you to sell that to agencies and clients. Not realizing your true worth and how you stand out from the crowd is the fastest way to become one in a sea of many generic model wannabes. It Isn’t Personal, It’s Business Losing out on a modeling job or being turned down by an agency sucks. I’m not even going to sugarcoat that. But you know what? Modeling is a business. Although it is a business that analyzes, judges and criticizes, the foundation for those things isn’t to tear people down and make them feel terrible about themselves. The decisions made by clients and modeling agencies are solely for the purpose of business. There is a lot of money that goes into the modeling industry and that’s what it’s about: who can make us the most money? Who will designers and clients fight over to work with? Who has what it takes to guarantee a long career and plenty of paychecks for all involved? When you’re being judged, it is not on the basis of who you are as a person but who you can be and what you can do


for an agency or client. Sounds superficial doesn’t it? But that’s the good IS superficial and a big sign that it’s nothing against you personally. Aspiring female models always hear about the importance of building a thick skin and that advice will forever ring true no matter how much the industry changes (or doesn’t change). Rejection is a regular part of the job and you have to learn how to adapt to this part of the business. Being turned down doesn’t mean you weren’t good enough, it simply means you weren’t the right fit. That’s not to say you shouldn’t feel bad when you do get rejected--it’s a normal human emotion to feel sad, upset, angry or even cry. Express yourself however you feel comfortable but only give yourself 10 minutes to throw a pity party. Once those 10 minutes have passed, pick yourself up and stand even taller than you did before. Focus on Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses Mind over matter plays a huge role in the modeling world! There will always be someone you consider taller, thinner, curvier, prettier, blah, blah, blah. You’re not them so why are you so focused on who the competition is and what they’re doing? Focus on you and what you have to offer. One of the biggest mistakes aspiring female models make is to look at the competition and automatically believe they are not good enough by pointing out all the reasons they don’t make the cut. For every negative thing you think about yourself, think of TWO good things. Make a list of your strengths if necessary. In fact, I encourage those dealing with issues of self confidence to put together a list of the things you like about yourself or that you find to be a strength. This could be personality related or something dealing with your physical appearance...whatever works. Now take that list and memorize it. Make copies and put it in front of every mirror you own so that it stares you in the face each and every day as a reminder of why you’re deserving of the utmost confidence in yourself.

Regardless of how your modeling career turns out...whether you become super successful, find that it’s not something meant for you or if you don’t have any real luck with it at all, maintaining a healthy level of confidence throughout is essential and a trait that will take you far in life. You don’t have to be a model to be beautiful, successful or admired by others. Confidence alone can help achieve all those things. And don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise.




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