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Tuscany, for centuries in the future


You know • How strategic it can be for your business to have in catalogue food products belonging to a prestigious territory worldwide, with over 27,000 potential suppliers and 5,300 certified organic companies (first in Europe in terms of number of companies and second for turnover).

• The importance of being able to rely on suppliers of the highest quality agri-food products in a context where consumers pay very high attention to quality products and their origin.

• The importance of being able to combine high-level agricultural production, and food and wine tourism in a single territory.

in Tuscany you can! • Have at your disposal the excellence of “Made in Tuscany”, famous worldwide for the tradition, the quality of hundreds of unique and inimitable, typical, original, genuine and special products.

• Have access to undisputed international leadership in sectors such as wine (from Chianti to Brunello of Montalcino and from Sassicaia to the most innovative Super-Tuscans) and extra virgin olive oil.

• Enjoy and learn about one of the most sought-after and innovative food and wine tourism destinations in the world.

• Benefit from a history that comes from a great tradition and high-quality raw materials, in a unique combination that gives life to more than 460 typical Tuscan dishes.

excellence grows up Since Tuscany is ranked the fourth region of Europe of the Future 2020/2021 for its attractive potential (Financial Times, February 2020), and it is one of the natural places of settlement of new initiatives and productive activities in the sector from all over the world:




• In addition to Universities among the top 10 nationwide with highly specialized training courses in the sector, Tuscany also has 18 schools of specialization for catering and 14 schools of specialization in agricultural production and management: the best of training and preparatory efficiency for technicians and personnel with high professional competence.






• The Tuscany region accounts for 10.4% of Italy’s certified production with 11 DOCG certified products; 41 DOC products; 6 PGI; 31 PDO&PGI.

• In Tuscany there is the entire supply chain of agri-food: in production, services, equipment, logistics.




• Tuscany offers an excellent logistics system to move and transport fresh, conditioned or packaged products.












in a land where Highly concentrated settlements of companies create an extended and naturally diversified landscape, in an excellent balance between innovation and tradition.

Subsector detail Agricolture

Wine and beverage

Food industries

Turnover 12% 33%

11.3 € Bn.


Agricolture contributes to Agribusiness Turnover by 55%.

Agribusiness in Tuscany

Companies 6% 28,900 83%



€ Bn Turnover Agricolture contributes to Agribusiness Companies by 83%.

28.900 Companies


People employed

The level of specialization of Tuscany in the agri-food sector compared to Europe significantly overtakes the continental averages, placing itself in the top group of leading regions more attentive to quality, origin, protection of local characteristics, in a careful balance between guarantees of authenticity, sustainability, innovation. «Revealed Comparative Advantage Index» (Europa = 1) Innovative food packaging

1,59 Sustainable fisheries

1,51 Green technologies in food production

1,32 Innovative food processing


first-class standards • The Tuscan sector accounts for more than 12% of wine exports and 6% of total national agricultural exports.

• Tuscany is a land of organic production with about 138,000 hectares of land cultivated according to organic culture, over 5,230 organic operators and in terms of Bio-districts 1 field out of 3 is organic.

• In Tuscany there are two specific segments of very high value: more than 15 million plants, 50,000 producers and more than 30 labels for Tuscan olive oil excellence in the world, alongside more than 4,000 organic farms, of which more than 3,000 are farmers and 1,400 are producers and processors: only in Siena more than five hundred.

• Extra virgin olive oil and wines of absolute quality such as Chianti Classico, Vino Nobile of Montepulciano, Brunello of Montalcino, Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Monteregio and Tignanello give an undisputed international recognition to the region. Even fine meats such as Chianina, cured meats such as Lardo di Colonnata or cheeses such as Pecorino are appreciated all over the world.

Tuscan organic culture key figures 138.000


+ 5.230


Hectares of organic production

Biological operators

Of Tuscan territory is organic

Of Tuscan companies are certified

suit your needs. The Tuscan economic fabric can respond to all the different investment and expansion needs of your business. It provides sectoral skills and dedicated infrastructure for the functions and areas of operation that most affect the investment objectives of your organization:

Research & Development For centuries, territory, culture and innovation have been closely linked. Thanks to this union, Tuscany has taken a leading role in the agri-food sector at international level. A territory naturally dedicated to research and development that provides a network of about 50 laboratories for technological transfer, of considerable technical-scientific consistency and well distributed in the territory, in addition to numerous private laboratories. In the agri-food sector, two of the three universities with specific departments of high scientific and technical level are worth mentioning:

• University of Florence - DAGRI Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences and Technologies – with 9 research areas and connected laboratories ranging the most diverse sectors of agricultural and food production, from Soil Science and Zootechnics, to Craft Beer Laboratory, Mass Spectrometry, and the Sensory Lab for the evaluation and research on perceptions of taste and food.

• University of Pisa - Department of Agricultural, Food and Agro-Environmental Sciences with 12 areas of research and experimentation on production, soil, resource management, precision fruit farming, environmental impacts.

+ 115.000


Agriculture & veterinary sciences


Student in Tuscany


Earth sciences


Business Services The Tuscany region promotes companies’ access to regional and European funding to support innovative investments.In addition, numerous initiatives are regularly planned in the Tuscan territory at the service of businesses:

• BuyWine is the largest commercial initiative for the wine sector in Tuscany

• AGRIETOUR is the first event in Italy entirely dedicated to the world of agriculture and multifunctional agriculture

• Taste is the Pitti Immagine fair dedicated to the excellence of Italian taste and the latest evolutions in the lifestyle, and kitchen design

• Tuscany leads the European Region for Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ERIAFF) to facilitate the integration of European policies in favour of innovation in agricultural, food and forestry areas

Logistics With 75% of the Italian market less than 400 km away, and a dense network of iron and rubber infrastructure for fluid logistics of people and products, Tuscany ranks among the main logistical nodes of the country. In addition, the presence of three seaports, including the Livorno platform (one of the best performing and most integrated at European level), facilitates connections with the rest of the world and with the rest of Europe. In particular, it allows a substantial saving of time to and from South East Asia and immediate access the main European corridors. Besides, the entire distribution chain is present throughout the region, creating an important strategic and logistical advantage.


Rail Infrastructure

Motorways provide good transports links througout Italy:

An execellent, rapid rail link system guaranteeing:

2 jey north-south motorway axes (the A1-E35 Milano-Roma and the A12-E80 Genova-Livorno)

50 daily links between Florence and Rome (1 hour 31 min)

24 daily links between Florence and Milan (1 hour 35 min)

1 east-west motorway (A11-E76-Viareggio-Pistoia)

17 daily links between Florence and Venice (2 hour 5 min)

Ports 2 commercial ports in Livorno (7th Italian port, 6th for cointaner traffic serving all the major ports in the world) and Piobino, in close proximity to other major Italian ports.

Airports 2 major international airports, Pisa and Florence, for passengers and freight, with numerous daily flights to major italian and Europen cities.

You know, in Tuscany you can! Since excellence grows up in a land where first-class standards suit your needs.

Tuscany, for centuries in the future.