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French American Culinary and Hotel Institute Inc. The European and American Connection

July 2011 – June 2012 Program Uniforms

Licence Professionnelle de Restauration Gastronomique à vocation Internationale «Parcours culture gastronomique Française et Européenne»

Professional Bachelor´s Degree in International Gastronomic Restaurant Management «With an emphasis in French & European Culinary Culture»

Uniforms for Practical Courses: Cuisine and Pastry: At least two full sets of “Cuisinier” (Chefs) uniforms including: • Veste de Cuisinier (chefs jacket) • Pantalon de Cuisinier (chefs pants or trousers) • Tour de cou (neckerchief) • Chaussures de Sécurité (chefs safety shoes) All the necessary professional kitchen materials and equipment will be provided to the student during their classtime. Restaurant Service and Operation: Men: Black business suit. Women: Black business suit, with the skirt just above the knee and not shorter. Black dress shoes with a half heel talon. Uniforms for Academic Courses: During Regular Class time: Men: Dark business suit, dress shirt and tie. Women: Dark business suit.

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