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Freewill Shakespeare Festival

message to our audience Freewill Shakespeare Festival 2013 “WHY, THIS IS VERY MIDSUMMER MADNESS” Dear Friends, Welcome to the 25th Anniversary of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival! We are delighted to welcome our new Managing Director, Cadence Konopaki! It is our distinct pleasure to introduce guest director Jim Guedo, actor Dave Horak, Young Company members Bobbi Goddard and Luc Tellier, and assistant stage manager Sang Sang Lee – all who are joining us for the first time. We’re thrilled to present Julien Arnold, Jesse Gervais, Sheldon Elter and Kristi Hansen, who return to our acting company for our extraordinary 25th season. This summer’s productions are King Lear, directed by Jim Guedo, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by yours truly. Both plays share a common theme: the characters in both plays must surrender to the rules of nature once they choose to abandon the laws of society.

us profoundly, if we focus on the truth of his text, champion his themes, and build authentic characters that most any human being can relate to, in helping us to interpret him now. A quarter of a century ago, a group of BFA acting graduates from the University of Alberta came up with the idea that Edmonton needed to provide an outdoor Shakespeare Festival for the citizens of Edmonton, and headed down to Hawrelak Park in 1989 to do just that. It was a pass the hat affair with a budget of about a thousand dollars. Today the Freewill Shakespeare Festival operates on a budget of just over half a million dollars, and since 1989, almost a quarter of a million audience members have been in attendance.

Four hundred years ago, the Elizabethans came up with a brilliant form of entertainment when they combined theatre with the outdoors. But they were successful mostly due to Shakespeare’s talent to create passionate, inventive, imaginative, heart breaking, hilarious stories with themes that inspired his audience members to suspend their belief, fuel their imaginations, and launch themselves into fantastic worlds that helped them to interpret their present world.

In the past 25 years, all the founders, actors, artistic directors, managing directors, designers, technicians, stage managers, production managers, administrative staff, board members, associates, volunteers, sponsors, donors, funding agencies, city council members, and audience goers have all become members of what we proudly call the Free Will Players. It is because of all of you that we are able to continue to bring productions of excellence to our community. We would like to thank you all for your amazing support and look forward to continuing our journey with you in the future. Welcome friends, and Happy Anniversary!

The challenge for our Festival has always been to encourage our audience members to enjoy and understand Shakespeare in our present world. His stories can move through time and geography and affect

Marianne Copithorne Artistic Director

Mission Statement: Free Will Players are a not-for-profit theatre company formed in 1989. As operators of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival, the Players endeavor to create professional, contemporary, innovative productions of the works of William Shakespeare that are accessible to all audiences, regardless of age, ability, education, or income levels, while also developing new audiences and mentoring theatre professionals of the future. Freewill Shakespeare Festival, 618 – 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB T5J 2V5 T: (780) 425-8086 F: (780) 426-3248 E: W:



On behalf of City Council and the people of Edmonton, Alberta’s Capital City, I’d like to welcome everyone to the 25th anniversary season of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival! Every summer, rain or shine, the amphitheatre in Hawrelak Park showcases the great works of William Shakespeare in the beautiful setting of Edmonton’s River Valley. Whether being immersed in the madness and betrayal of King Lear or submitting to the magic in A Midsummer Nights Dream, audiences of all ages will experience a thought-provoking night of entertainment. Thank you to all the players, directors, volunteers and sponsors who have worked tirelessly to organize this year’s festival. It’s a spectacular display of the talented people who live in Edmonton, and reinforces our reputation as Canada’s Festival City! Enjoy the show! Yours Truly,

Stephen Mandel Mayort

Message from Honourable Heather Klimchuk Minister of Culture

On behalf of the Government of Alberta, it is my great pleasure to welcome everyone to the 25th season of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival in Edmonton’s Hawrelak Park. “The course of true love never did run smooth” – and thank goodness! Without the ingenious complications of Shakespeare’s comedies, life would be very dull indeed. Likewise, there will always be tragedies to make sense of in life, and there are few guides better than Shakespeare to see us through them. What we owe to Shakespeare, we owe no less in this milestone year, to the talents, enthusiasm and dedication of a generation of performers, directors, stage crew, festival organizers, sponsors, volunteers and audience members. Without you, the Freewill Shakespeare Festival would not have been brightening our summers since 1989. I say it again, since it cannot be said too often: thank you. And may this milestone be one of many on a long journey. My very best wishes, as the Bard might say, that “thy eternal summer shall not fade”. Enjoy the show!

Heather Klimchuk Minister PAGE


Our Government understands the important role that arts and culture play in creating vibrant communities and a strong identity. We know that creativity and innovation are vital to maintaining a robust Canadian culture, as well as to strengthening the economy. One good example of this is the Freewill Shakespeare Festival, which, for a quarter of a century, has been entertaining audiences with exciting and inventive performances of some of the best plays in the English language.

Notre gouvernement connaît l’importance des arts et de la culture lorsqu’il est question de bâtir des communautés dynamiques et de renforcer notre identité. Nous savons que la créativité et l’innovation sont essentielles au maintien d’une culture canadienne riche et d’une économie forte. Le Freewill Shakespeare Festival en est un bel exemple. Depuis un quart de siècle, ce festival divertit le public en présentant de grandes œuvres du répertoire anglophone d’une manière novatrice et captivante.

On behalf of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Government of Canada, I would like to congratulate the Freewill Shakespeare Festival on its 25th anniversary and to wish cast and crew and audience members another great season in 2013.

Au nom du premier ministre Stephen Harper et du gouvernement du Canada, je tiens à féliciter le Freewill Shakespeare Festival à l’occasion de son 25e anniversaire. Je souhaite aux artistes, aux artisans et aux spectateurs une bonne saison 2013.

The Honourable / L’honorable James Moore



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A Major Sponsor Since the Creation of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival in 1989 • 10501-82 Avenue (Strathcona Square) Phone (780) 439-9829 • • 13712-40 Street Phone (780) 456-3211 • PAGE




Freewill Shakespeare Festival Administration

Lisa Dalmazzi Production Assistant

Geneva Seaton Site Coordinator

Marianne Copithorne Artistic Director

Candice Charney Stage Manager, King Lear

Jake Prinns Administrative Assistant

Cadence Konopaki Managing Director

Tracey Byrne Stage Manager, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Lucas Boutilier/Naked Rain Creative Festival Photographer

Sang Sang Lee Assistant Stage Manager

Annette Loiselle Youth Programming Director

Andrew Paul Publicist

Gil Miciak Apprentice Stage Manager

Mother Nature Ambience Director

Josiah Hiemstra Head of Lighting

Sharla Matkin Camp Shakespeare Administrator

Jim Guedo Director, King Lear

Matthew Koyata Sound Technician

Marianne Copithorne Director, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Chris Hayes Head Carpenter

Cheryl Andrews Assistant Managing Director/ Volunteer Coordinator

Cory Sincennes Festival Lighting & Set Designer

Greg Cardinal Richard Green Serge Menard Carpenter

Narda McCarroll Festival Costume Designer

Amy Kucharuk Props Master

Joanna Johnston Head of Wardrobe/ Assistant Designer

Darrell Cooksey Gizmos/Whizbangs

Dave Clarke Composer/Sound Designer, King Lear Matthew Skopyk Composer/Sound Designer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream Kevin Corey Fight Choreographer Bobbi Goddard Dialect Coach, A Midsummer Night’s Dream



Julie Davie Brenda Inglis Cutter

YOUNG COMPANY Bobbi Goddard Luc Tellier

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kevin Mott Chair Sue Quon Vice Chair Teresa Goldie Secretary Michelle Docking Treasurer Sandy Bugeja Janine Hodder

Kathleen Mulder Kathryn Neuman Stitcher

Jody Jones

Michelle Warren Milliner

Mary-Ellen Perley

Sylvia Evans Wardrobe Assistant

Janice MacDonald Sarah Polkinghorne


Nicole Deibert Head Painter

Tracey Byrne

Tyson Erno Festival Production Manager

Andrea Steinwand Painter

Troy O’Donnell

Tiana Boutilier Assistant Production Manager

Katie Elliot Concession Manager

Annette Loiselle

History of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival The Freewill Shakespeare Festival is produced by the Free Will Players Theatre Guild in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Free Will Players was formed in 1989 by a group of actors in a truly co-operative, pass-the-hat spirit with the mandate to produce the works of William Shakespeare. Since then the company has attracted over 220,000 people to 37 main-stage productions. These large numbers are a reflection of the high quality of production and the very affordable ticket prices, which range from pay-what-you-will performances to free admission for children under twelve. We also offer discounts for seniors and students and an economically priced season pass. The Freewill Shakespeare Festival, which became a professional not-for-profit theatre company in 1998, consists of two fully realized Shakespearean productions that run in repertory over four weeks from late June to late July. Productions boast contemporary interpretations of setting, theme, and character to best communicate the plays ideas to a modern

audience. The Festival also offers the Camp Shakespeare program which runs in tandem with the Festival. Week-long camps expose young people aged 8-18 to Shakepeare’s text, music, dance and stage fighting, culminating in an afternoon showcase for friends and family. The Free Will Players / The Freewill Shakespeare Festival has been nominated for numerous Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards for excellence in Edmonton theatre. Most recently, Chris Bullough received the award for Outstanding Actor for his sensitive performance as the tragic title character in the 2008 production of Richard III and Nadien Chu received the award for Best Supporting Actress in the 2010 production of Titus Andronicus. In 2003 the Free Will Players / The Freewill Shakespeare Festival was honored to receive the City of Edmonton’s Salute to Excellence Arts Achievement Award and the Syncrude Award for Innovative Artistic Direction at the Mayors Luncheon for Business and the Arts in Edmonton.

“He that is thy friend indeed, he will help thee in thy need”

– William Shakespeare

As we move into our next 25 years, the Freewill Shakespeare Festival is seeking new Directors for our Board as well as Committee Members. To apply, or for more information, please forward your letter of interest to PAGE


…that very first show... By Annette Loiselle & Troy O’Donnell Founding Members of the Festival

The first year of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival (known as Free Will Players in 1989) and our production of The Comedy of Errors was a hodge podge fly by the seat of our pants sort of affair. In what has become Freewill legend, Annette Loiselle (having spent the previous summer performing outdoor Shakespeare in Calgary) was taking a shower and realized that every major centre seemed to have Shakespeare in the Park except Edmonton. She brought the idea to her classmates, the graduating class of the BFA Acting Program at the University of Alberta. By the end of the school year five members of the class along with two from other programs began the task of bringing the dream to life: Geoff Brumlik, Shelley Kline, Annette Loiselle, James MacDonald, Lisa Meekison, Troy O’Donnell, and Declan O’Reilly. While the grand idea of getting grants to pay everyone did not come to fruition, we did manage to receive one STEP grant to cover an administrator/publicist position. With no other resources, money was fronted from company members’ day jobs as servers and paid back through pass the hat donations at the end of each performance. After expenses were covered, every speaking actor walked away with $100 for their trouble. Everything was beg, borrow, or steal. Set pieces, costumes, and props were scrounged from a variety of sources, including dumpster diving at Namao Junior High School whose drama PAGE


department was having a huge end of year cleanse. Office space was donated by the University of Alberta, Rehearsal space from Stage Polaris, and a friend’s basement apartment for visiting director Susan Cox. The lack of resources did not deter us from trying to present spectacle on a shoe string budget. The cavernous stage was filled with a complete band playing live soundtrack and a cast of over twenty five. We did not have the resources to build a forestage out from the permanent one in the amphitheatre, as we do now. We did not have money for microphones. To allow the beautiful poetry of Shakespeare to be heard past the 20 odd feet that separated the audience from the stage, a high energy “turn your head and shout yourself silly” style of acting was adopted. This was complimented with brightly coloured costumes, clown wigs and makeup, and big signs announcing scene settings all set against a backdrop of the town clock fashioned from dumpster-rescued flats held in place by offstage actors to prevent them from blowing away. Surprisingly, with little publicity and no history we still managed to attract close to 1000 audience members that year. It was clear that it was something missing from Edmonton’s landscape and we were thrilled to be able to provide it.

1. Comedy of Errors (1989) 2. Midsummer Night’s Dream (1993) 3. Romeo and Juliet (1994) 4. Two Gentlemen of Verona (1999)











A work in progress.



The arts enrich our lives and enhance our communities. Yet artists have to start somewhere, and sometimes all they need is a helping hand. That’s why RBC® supports emerging artists, bridging the gap between their academic training and their professional careers. Emerging artists: they’re a work in progress. We can’t wait to see how they turn out. We are proud to support emerging young artists through the Free Will Players ‘Young Company’ program.

To find out more, go to



We have a class for YOU! CHILDREN • TEENS • ADULTS

Register now for fall session CLASSES BEGIN SEPTEMBER 14



® / ™ Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada. PAGE


Directed By Jim Guedo


Character (in order of appearance)


Earl of Kent, Lear’s royal advisor

John Kirkpatrick

Earl of Gloucester, one of Lear’s cabinet

Julien Arnold

Edmund, Gloucester’s illegitimate son

Sheldon Elter

Edgar, Gloucester’s legitimate son and heir

Nathan Cuckow

Lear, King of England

John Wright

Goneril, Lear’s eldest daughter

Annette Loiselle

Duke of Albany, Goneril’s husband

Troy O’Donnell

Regan, Lear’s second daughter

Belinda Cornish

Duke of Cornwall, Regan’s husband

John Ullyatt

Cordelia, Lear’s youngest daughter

Kristi Hansen

Duke of Burgandy, suitor to Cordelia Oswald, assistant to Goneril Soldier / Captain

Jesse Gervais

King of France, suitor to Cordelia Soldier / One of Cornwall’s Men

Kevin Corey

The Fool, Lear’s sidekick

Dave Horak

Waiter / Curran / Soldier / Servant

Luc Tellier

Waiter / Old Women / Doctor / Soldier / Servant

Bobbi Goddard

Under the terms of the Indpendent Theatre Agreement, Freewill Shakespeare Festival engages professional artists who are members of the Canadian Actor’s Equity Association.

There will be one fifteen-minute intermission. Photography, video-recording and audio-recording are strictly prohibited. Please remember to turn off all cell phones and pagers prior to performance.



SYNOPSIS DIRECTOR NOTES Lear divides his kingdom between his three daughters. Put to a test of their love, Goneril and Regan flatter him, but Cordelia speaks the truth. Lear disinherits her, leaving her to marry the King of France. His advisor Kent tries to reason with him, and is banished. Gloucester, also loyal to Lear, has two sons: Edgar and Edmund, a bastard plotting to gain his brother’s inheritance. Edmund convinces his father that Edgar plans his death, then persuades his brother to flee his father’s wrath. Edgar disguises himself as a homeless person, ‘Poor Tom’, to avoid capture. Lear visits Goneril and Regan with his Fool and a disguised Kent, who Lear unknowingly takes into his service. The sisters pressure him to dismiss his entourage. In a rage, Lear leaves into a violent storm, where he meets Poor Tom. Gloucester leads them to shelter, then sends them to Dover where Cordelia arrives with the French army to aid Lear. Edmund betrays his father to the Duke of Cornwall who puts Gloucester’s eyes out. In a struggle, Cornwall is killed. Gloucester meets his son Edgar disguised as ‘Poor Tom’. Withholding his identity, Edgar leads his father to Dover. Animosity between Goneril and her husband Albany leads her to shift her affections to Edmund; Regan also turns her desires towards him. England and France battle; Lear and Cordelia are captured and sentenced to death by Edmund. Edgar battles Edmund. Out of jealousy, Goneril kills Regan. When Edmund is defeated, Goneril then kills herself. Before dying, Edmund confesses his evil deed of the death sentences of Lear and Cordelia. Lear enters with the body of Cordelia. He collapses in sorrow and dies beside her. Reconciled with his son Edgar, Gloucester also dies. Kent and Edgar depart, and Albany is left to rule Britain.

Why is this show relevant to today’s audience? At it simplest, Lear is a family drama. An

aging parent trying to leave a legacy but instead unleashing strife within a family can happen any time, anywhere. Shakespeare captures all the contradictions of human behavior in his writing, so Lear especially can speak to us about the consequences of our actions in a world without a moral compass. What themes of the show inspire you most?

The play addresses and balances so many arguments: blindness versus sight, both literal and metaphorical; reality versus ‘madness’; power versus responsibility. The landmines when maneuvering the landscape of ‘family’ is especially intriguing. What context have you decided to set the play in, and why?

We’re doing modern dress; I’ve never been interested in doing Shakespeare in a perceived ‘period’ flavor. In his day, all productions of Shakespeare were modern dress actually…one didn’t see togas in Julius Caesar until a century later. He conceived his work to be performed with minimal scenery and without elaborate costumes to allow the play and his words to breathe. We intend to do the same. So it’s the distant past, prior to the high tech world of cell phones, WiFi and Twitter. If you could tell the audience one thing before they watch the show what would it be?

This play embraces contradictions. It’s open to multiple interpretations because its themes are woven into a strong tapestry of characters. So approach it with no pre-disposed judgment about any character. Yes, we know bad people can do bad things… But you’ll see good people do bad things. Bad people do good things. Who is right? Who is wrong? What is just? And what is cruel? A great play leaves you with more questions than answers. Lear is such a play. PAGE


Directed By Marianne Copithorne


Character (in order of appearance) Nick Bottom, a weaver / Ass / Pyramus

Actor John Ullyatt

Fern Bottom, Nick’s wife / Feather, servant faerie to Titania

Annette Loiselle

Philostrate, servant to Theseus / Robin Goodfellow, servant faerie to Oberon

Kevin Corey

Theseus, Duke of Athens / Oberon, King of the Faeries

John Kirkpatrick

Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons / Titania, Queen of the Faeries

Belinda Cornish

Atom, a tiny Shih Tzu / a tiny changeling pup

Atom Cornish Meer

Egeus, father of Hermia

John Wright

Hermia, daughter of Egeus, in love with Lysander Bobbi Goddard Demetrius, suitor to Hermia

Jesse Gervais

Lysander, in love with Hermia

Sheldon Elter

Helena, in love with Demetrius

Kristi Hansen

Peter Quince, a carpenter / Mustardseed, a faerie / Stage Manager

Troy O’Donnell

Francis Flute, a bellows mender / Peaseblossom, a faerie / Thisbe

Luc Tellier

Robin Starveling, a tailor / Cobweb, a faerie / Moonshine

Dave Horak

Tom Snout, a tinker / Moth, a faerie / Wall

Nathan Cuckow

Snug, a joiner / Dandelion, a faerie / Lion

Julien Arnold

Under the terms of the Indpendent Theatre Agreement, Freewill Shakespeare Festival engages professional artists who are members of the Canadian Actor’s Equity Association.

There will be one fifteen-minute intermission. Photography, video-recording and audio-recording are strictly prohibited. Please remember to turn off all cell phones and pagers prior to performance.



SYNOPSIS DIRECTOR NOTES In Athens, Hermia loves Lysander, and refuses to marry Demetrius. Duke Theseus states she must marry the man her father chooses, or be sentenced either to death, or to a nunnery. Hermia and Lysander decide to elope, and tell their friend Helena. In love with Demetrius, Helena tells him about their plan, and they pursue Hermia and Lysander into the forest. In the forest, Faerie King Oberon is angered when Titania refuses to give her little ‘Changeling’ to him. Oberon orders Robin Goodfellow to find a magic flower called ‘love-in-idleness’. When applied to the eyelids, the intended victim falls in love with the first living thing they see. Oberon applies it to Titania, and orders Robin to use it on Demetrius so he’ll fall in love with Helena. Robin errs, causing both Demetrius and Lysander to fall in love with Helena, and turn against Hermia. When amateur actors arrive to rehearse ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’, Robin transforms Nick Bottom into an ass, and Titania falls in love with him. Oberon pities her, and releases Titania from her spell. Robin reverses the spell on Bottom, unites Lysander with Hermia, and Demetrius with Helena. At dawn, the faeries disappear, and the lovers head back to Athens. Bottom joins his cast at the palace, and they perform their play for Theseus, his new bride Hippolyta, and the contented lovers.

What are the biggest challenges specific to presenting A Midsummer Night’s Dream? My biggest challenge is always to find a way to cast the entire play with a relatively small company of actors. This one has about 30 characters, and Oberon and Titania require a veritable fleet of faeries. We are producing this play with 15 actors, so that’s the trick in creating a concept to satisfy Shakespeare’s needs. Why is this show relevant to today’s audience?

I’d like to think most people love a little crazy fun in the forest and want to believe that faeries exist. Love is a fickle emotion, and people can do pretty foolish things when they’re spellbound. Shakespeare knows he’s making fun of love, and mocks Romeo and Juliet in the play within his play – Pyramus and Thisbe. What themes of the show inspire you most?

Order versus Chaos – Oberon trusts Puck enough to give him the magic flower potion and to follow his directions correctly. But faeries don’t understand order – they like to cause chaos – they are more irresponsible and erratic that humans are – so who is actually in charge here? It’s every man, woman, and faerie for him/herself in this neck of the woods. You have worked with Freewill for a number of years in different capacities (actor, director, and AD). What keeps you coming back?

I love directing Shakespeare performed outdoors. Lighting designers have always told me how jealous they are of Mother Nature – they just can’t compete with her when she conjures a brilliant sunset as a backdrop to our comedy – or an electrical storm during one of our tragedies. She doesn’t always get it right – but when she does, it’s simply awe inspiring.



“For never anything can be amiss, When simpleness and duty tender it.” A Midsummer Night’s Dream (5.1.82)




14115 - 23 AVE EDMONTON, AB T6R 0G4





Your credit union, our community. Servus Credit Union is a proud sponsor of Free Student Sundays at the Freewill Shakespeare Festival. As a credit union our roots run deep in our community. Helping others is in our nature, so it only makes sense to do it in the place we call home. Let’s talk. 187SERVUSCU | 1.877.378.8728

feel good about your money.



We look at everything from a creative perspective. The official design partner of Freewill Shakespeare since 1998. .com

25 seasons of holding the Mirror up to Nature Linda Duncan




Celebrating 25 years of the Bard’s best!

Tix-on-the-Square: 780.420.1757

Visit for performance and ticket details.


“What win I if I gain the thing I seek?” You’ll never know unless you buy a 50/50 ticket! Listen carefully at the end of intermission for the announcement of the 50/50 draw winner. Winners must present their ticket at the Concession at the end of the show to claim their prize. All proceeds from 50/50 sales support the Freewill Shakespeare Festival.

Best of luck!

Indulge Your Passion for Books…and Shakespeare! Bring your Freewill Shakespeare Festival ticket stub to Audreys (until July 21st) for a 20% discount on any play in stock or 10% off special order plays. 10702 Jasper Ave PAGE



• • •

King Lear A Midsummer Night’s Dream Production Team

JULIEN ARNOLD – Earl of Glouchester / Snug / Dandelion / Lion

Julien is so happy to be back in the company this year he could almost burst. His first show in the park was 1992’s Much Ado About Nothing, and since then some of his favourite roles have been Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Malvolio in Twelfth Night, and Don Armado in Love’s Labours Lost. Julien was an artistic associate with the company for many years, but left last year to run his own company, Atlas Theatre, which does plays in the Lower Arts Space in the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Old Strathcona – look for their production of Shipwrecked at this year’s fringe. Julien has also performed with many of the local theatres, including The Citadel, Workshop West, Theatre Network, The Mayfield, and Teatro La Qundicina, and will be acting in the upcoming production of A Picasso at the Fringe, directed by Shadow Theatre’s artistic director John Hudson. TIANA BOUTILIER – Assistant Production Manager / Stage Carpenter

Tiana is back for her 7th year of summer fun! She now has enough XP to control the weather. Enjoy the rain, mortals!

TRACEY BYRNE – Stage Manager, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This year marks Tracey’s twelfth season with Shakespeare in the Park! Some of her favorite Freewill credits include stage managing The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, Titus Andronicus and The Taming of the Shrew. Most recently, Tracey stage managed The Penelopiad for the Citadel Theatre. Last season, Tracey was assistant stage manager for The God of Carnage and The Rocky Horror Show for the Citadel Theatre. Many thanks to Marianne, Cadence, Candice, Sang Sang and Gil. CANDICE CHARNEY – Stage Manager, King Lear

Candice is excited to be back for her eighth summer at the park. Previous shows this season include A Christmas Carol with the Citadel Theatre; Where the Blood Mixes with Theatre Network; Soul Collector with Catalyst Theatre. Thank you to Tracey, Sang Sang and Gil for another great summer. DAVE CLARKE – Sound Designer / Composer, King Lear

Dave is a musician, actor and writer. He has composed music and produced sound designs for theatre, film, dance and multi-media for three decades. Recent designs include Let The Light Of Day Through (Theatre Network), 6.0 Heap & Pebble (Northern Light Theatre), Evie’s Waltz (Shadow Theatre) & Julius Caesar (Free Will). Other projects include The Missionary Position (University of Alberta), a soundtrack for the feature film The Pharmacist and a family musical about a profoundly deaf mother with a hearing son based on his own experience entitled Songs My Mother Never Sung Me. Dave is the co-writer and composer for the animated cartoons at He is also the sound guy for CBC Radio’s The Irrelevant Show. Dave has won several awards for his work, including Sterling Awards for Outstanding Score (Dog, Surreal SoReal Theatre), Musical Direction (Ilsa, Queen Of The Nazi Love Camp) and Sound (Shakespeare’s Will, Vimy, The Ecstatics). PAGE


MARIANNE COPITHORNE – Director, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Marianne is delighted to be directing A Midsummer Night’s Dream for Freewill’s 25th Anniversary! Freewill directing credits include The Merchant of Venice, Love’s Labor’s Lost, Hamlet, As You Like It, Titus Andronicus, Much Ado About Nothing, and Othello. Other directing credits include Blithe Spirit (Vertigo Theatre); Communion, Woman in Black, Palace of the End, Choke, Habitat and Perfect Pie (Theatre Network); Dial M for Murder, and Little Shop of Horrors (Mayfield Dinner Theatre); and Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet, and The Double Inconstancy (Studio Theatre, Timms). Marianne is a member of CBC’s Irrelevant Show cast, and is a graduate of the BFA Acting and the MFA Directing Programs at the University of Alberta. KEVIN COREY – King of France / Soldier / Cornwall’s Servant / Philostrate / Robin Goodfellow

Past Free Will productions include Julius Caesar, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, Macbeth (twice), Twelfth Night, Merchant of Venice, Romeo & Juliet, Love’s Labour’s Lost, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Henry V, Richard III, As You Like It, The Winter’s Tale and Two Gentlemen of Verona the musical. His most recent credits are The Ends of The Earth at Vertigo Theatre, Old Nick at Caravan Farm Theatre as well as A Few Good Men at The Citadel Theatre and The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre. BELINDA CORNISH – Regan / Hippolyta / Titania

Belinda is thrilled to be joining Freewill for the 25th anniversary season! Previous appearances with the company include Julius Caesar, Othello, Much Ado About Nothing and Titus Andronicus. Other recent credits include: Shear Madness, Boeing Boeing, The 39 Steps (Mayfield Theatre); The Exquisite Hour, Mrs. Lindeman Proposes, Witness to a Conga (Teatro La Quindicina); Going To St. Ives (Atlas Theatre). She is a core company member of the live improvised soap opera DieNasty, and can be seen in Superchannel’s new sitcom Tiny Plastic Men. Belinda lives with her brilliant husband Mark and two small but wily dogs, one of whom will be upstaging her wildly during every performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Enjoy! ATOM CORNISH MEER – Atom / A tiny changeling pup

Atom is delighted to be making her debut with this wonderful festival, and to be following in the distinguished shih tzu footsteps of Woody Copithorne-Wright. Atom’s previous stage credits include: the title character in Diamond Dog (Panties Productions); The Infinite Shiver (Teatro La Quindicina); as well as appearing in Rapid Fire Theatre’s Chimprov. She can also be seen in Superchannel’s AMPIA-nominated sitcom Tiny Plastic Men. Yes, seriously – she has actually appeared in all these things. She likes stealing tomatoes and swimming.


021 21

NATHAN CUCKOW – Edgar / Tom Snout / Moth / Wall

Nathan is an Edmonton-based actor, producer, and writer. Recent credits include: Flight of the Viscount (Shadow Theatre); The Tempest / Julius Caesar (FreeWill); In On It (Theatre Network); Waiting for Godot (Wishbone Theatre); and Victor and Victoria’s Terrifying Tale of Terrible Things (Kill Your Television). Nathan is the proud recipient of a 2007 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding New York Theatre, and a Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in Kill Your Television’s production of Daniel MacIvor’s one-man show, Monster. Nathan is thrilled to be returning to the park this summer and to be working with such a talented creative team. Special thanks to Marianne and Jim for this exciting opportunity! SHELDON ELTER – Edmund / Lysander

Sheldon is ecstatic to be back in the Park. Previous Freewill credits include Two Gentlemen of Verona (The Musical), The Winter’s Tale, Romeo and Juliet, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Twelfth Night and Merchant of Venice. His one-man show, Metis Mutt, has toured across Canada and internationally. Other theatre credits include Beowulf (Workshop West Theatre); Vimy, A Prairie Boy’s Winter, and Julius Caesar (Citadel Theatre); Shear Madness, Buddy Holly, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and The Full Monty (Mayfield Dinner Theatre); Hroses: An Affront to Reason (The Maggie Tree); L’Homme de la Mancha (L’Unithéâtre); The Canada Show (Monster Theatre/MTYP); Undiscovered Country (Undiscovr’d Country Collective); Wrecked and Dungeon Master’s Handbook (Azimuth Theatre); Frostbite Christmas (Stuck in a Snowbank Theatre, Yellowknife). Sheldon is a founding member of the ukulele group, The Be Arthurs. He stars in the APTN series, Hank Williams’ First Nation, and can be seen in APTN’s sketch comedy series, CAUTION: May Contain Nuts. Sheldon is very excited to be heading to Ottawa next season to be a part of Jillian Keiley’s ensemble of actors at the National Arts Centre of Canada. TYSON ERNO – Production Manager

Tyson Erno is an Edmonton-based Production Manager, Entertainment Technician and Consultant. This is his fifth and final year of guiding Freewill through the forest. His career highlights include: Technical Consultant with Edmonton Tourism and their Festival City in a Box promotion; Head of Audio for the University of Alberta’s Department of Drama; leading the Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts in Leduc, Alberta through its inaugural season as Technical Director, and Technology Consultant on the Morinville Community Cultural Centre. Tyson is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s BFA (Theatre Production) program, and a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. Tyson is moving on to pursue opportunities with Western Canada’s preeminent Sound Reinforcement Company, FM Systems. He cherishes and will miss his time with such a merry band of rogues and ne’er-dowells.



JESSE GERVAIS – Duke of Burgandy / Oswald / Soldier / Captain / Demetrius

Jesse Gervais is an Edmonton based Actor, Dancer, Street performer and Voice over artist. He has been very fortunate to have performed for many companies across Canada including: Theatre Network, Northern Light Theatre, The Citadel, The Free Will Shakespeare Company, Firefly Theatre, Teatro La Quindicina, Shadow Theatre, The Maggie Tree, Blarney Productions, Theatre Calgary, Vertigo Theatre, Alberta Theatre Projects, The High Performance Rodeo, The Fluid Festival, Concrete Theatre, Globe Theatre, and The National Arts Center. He has appeared in ATPN’s comedy sketch series: Caution May Contain Nuts, Bite TV’s: E-Town, and appears as ‘Jesse’ in Tiny Plastic Men on Superchannel. He has lent his voice to videogame characters in Bioware’s: Mass Effect 1, 2, 3; Dragon Age 1, 2, 3; and various cartoons for the Cartoon Network. Jesse is the Co-Artistic Director of Windrow Performance with his partner Amber Borotsik and has produced and performed in 3 full length dance\theatre productions across Alberta. Jesse has recently made a full recovery from Bi-Lateral Calcaneus Fractures (Broken heels). Jesse has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Alberta. BOBBI GODDARD – Attendant / Soldier / Servant / Hermia / Dialect Coach, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Bobbi is most grateful and joyful to be a part of this year’s Freewill company! An Alberta-based artist, Bobbi is a graduate of Mount Royal University’s Theatre Performance program and is currently a BFA actor at the University of Alberta. Recent credits include: The Actress in Jason Chinn’s adaptation of The Seagull, The Bearded Lady in Death of the Freak Show at OYR’s HighPerformance Rodeo, and most recently she joined the creative team for The Last Days of Judas Iscariot as Assistant Voice/Dialect/Text Coach. Look for Bobbi next year in the Corner Stage at the U of A! Thanks and ever thanks to the ones I love. Supported by the RBC Emerging Artists Project. JIM GUEDO – Director, King Lear

Over the last thirty years, Jim Guedo’s work as director has been showcased across the country at Canadian Stage, The National Arts Centre, The Neptune Theatre, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Sudbury Theatre Centre, The Globe Theatre, Alberta Theatre Projects, The Citadel Theatre and The Phoenix Theatre. Recent directing credits include: Joni Mitchell’s Songs of a Prairie Girl [National Arts Centre]; Rabbit Hole and Shining City [Persephone Theatre]; The Shape of Things [Canstage]. Independent production directing credits include Dying City [Fire in the Hole Productions]; It’s Raining in Barcelona [2011 Fringe Tour]; The Four of Us [Skinny Walrus]; Bad Jazz and Julius Caesar [Theatre Ecstasis]; It’s All True and The Coronation Voyage [Last Exit Theatre]. With his own company Wild Side Productions he directed The Pillowman, as well as the Canadian Premieres of Neil Labute’s Fat Pig and Jim Cartwright’s I Licked A Slag’s Deodorant. He’s directed over two dozen Canadian premieres, and won six Sterling Awards (Edmonton) for Achievement in Direction as well as two S.A.T.A. (Saskatoon and Area Theatre Award) for direction. He was nominated for the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre, as well as a Dora Mavor Moore Award for Oleanna with R.H.Thomson and Kristin Thomson. As a Designer, Jim won the S.A.T.A. Award for Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, and a Sterling Award for the set design for M. Butterfly. Since being appointed Chair of the theatre Arts Program at MacEwan University’s CFAC campus, he has directed Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music and Merrily We Roll Along, Spring Awakening and The Musical of Musicals: the Musical!, as well as the Canadian Premieres of Xanadu and Vernon God Little. PAGE

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KRISTI HANSEN – Cordelia / Helena

Kristi was last seen in the park in 2005 in Romeo and Juliet and Love’s Labour’s Lost. A graduate of the University of Alberta’s BFA Acting program (2004), and of the Grant MacEwan Theatre Arts Program (2001), some of Kristi’s theatre credits as an actor include Little Elephants (Shadow Theatre); Apocalypse Prairie and Absolute Blue (Azimuth Theatre); L’Homme de la Mancha and Grace et Gloria (l’Unithéâtre); Saying Sorry is Not Enough (Tall Tree Theatre/Azimuth Theatre); Pith, The Scent of Compulsion, and The Ambassador’s Wives (Teatro la Quindicina); [sic] and Dying City (Trunk Theatre); Age of Arousal, Hroses: An Affront to Reason, Folie à Deux, and Hunger Striking (The Maggie Tree); Grumplestock’s (Surreal SoReal Theatre); One (Ghost River Theatre/ REDtoBLUE Performance); The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Mayfield Dinner Theatre); and Woody (OneLegged Productions/Azimuth Theatre). Kristi is the co-founder and co-Artistic Director of The Maggie Tree, and an Artistic Associate with Teatro la Quindicina. Kristi is a Sterling Award winning actor and producer. DAVE HORAK – Fool / Robin Starvelling / Moonshine / Cobweb

Dave is excited to be making his debut in the park with such a fabulous company of artists working on two great plays! He has performed across Canada and the United States at such theatre companies as Vertigo Theatre (Ends of the Earth), WPA Theatre NYC (My Life with Men), and Theatreworks USA (Ramona Quimby), The Citadel Theatre (Death of a Salesman), The Mayfield (Boeing-Boeing, Full Monty), Catalyst Theatre (Sticky Feet), Workshop West (The Bus Show), Leave it to Jane (Midsummer Night’s Dream, Wonderful Town) and Quest Theatre (Under the Big Top, The General). He also once played a bowling pin in a mattress commerical. Dave teaches movement for actors at MacEwan University and has also directed many productions there, the most recent being Martin Crimp’s Attempts on her Life. He is a new contributing editor for the Actors Centre Journal in New York and holds BFA (Acting) and MFA (Directing) degrees from the University of Alberta. JOHN KIRKPATRICK – Earl of Kent / Theseus / Oberon

John is an Edmonton based, award-winning actor/director and former Artistic Director of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival. Recent acting credits include: A Few Good Men, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Julius Caesar, Noises Off, and Fully Committed; The Citadel Theatre, The Pirates of Penzance; Edmonton Opera, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels; Mayfield Dinner Theatre, Twelfth Night and Othello; The Freewill Shakespeare Festival, The Gift of the Coat, and The Age of Arousal; Alberta Theatre Projects, Of Mice and Men; Theatre Calgary. Recent directing credits include: 9-5, the Musical, Boeing Boeing, The 39 Steps; The Mayfield Dinner Theatre, Human Remains; Studio Theatre, The Tempest, Julius Caesar, and Macbeth; Freewill Shakespeare Festival. John has had the good fortune to act for companies across Canada including; The Vancouver Playhouse, The Globe Theatre, The Manitoba Theatre Centre, The Canadian Stage Company and The National Arts Centre. John has a BFA in Acting (1993) from the University of Alberta. Enjoy the show!



SANG SANG LEE – Assistant Stage Manager

Sang Sang is very excited for her first shows at the Park! She is looking forward to the new challenges that outdoor theatre will present. Earlier this season, Sang Sang was an assistant stage manager for the Citadel on Monty Python’s Spamalot and Private Lives. Previously Sang Sang has worked on Sound of Music, Rocky Horror, A Christmas Carol, Billy Bishop Goes to War and As You Like It (Citadel Theatre); Hunchback (Catalyst Theatre); The Super Groovy 70s, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Mayfield Theatre). She has also interned on Don Giovanni in Italy with COSI. She is a graduate of Grant MacEwan’s Theatre Production program. Many thanks to Tracey, Candice, and Gil. ANNETTE LOISELLE – Goneril / Fern Bottom / Feather

Annette is thrilled to be back in the park after a broken collar bone kept her away last July. Soon after, she got very busy with her performance in The Passion of Mary at the Roxy, a play she wrote and co-produced with the Passion Project. Then A Christmas Carol at the Citadel and most recently she got to sing and dance in STRIKE! The Musical, for Workshop West Theatre. She is one of the founders of SkirtsAfire, HerArts Festival which had an extremely successful debut in March. Annette is also an Artistic Associate with the Freewill Shakespeare Festival, and her favorite roles include Beatrice (Sterling Nomination) in Much Ado About Nothing, Kate in The Taming of the Shrew, Portia in The Merchant of Venice, Hermione in A Winter’s Tale, Rosalind in As You Like It and Queen Elizabeth in Richard III. Other favorite performances for Annette include Rabbit Hole for ATP, Calgary; The Last Train for Shadow Theatre; My One and Only for Workshop West Theatre and Bloody Poetry (Sterling Nomination) for Northern Light Theatre. Much love to Terry, Lili, Josie, Dez and Riles. NARDA MCCARROLL – Festival Costume Designer

Narda is very happy to be part of Freewill’s 25th anniversary season! She has been designing costumes for the company for 15 sunny (mostly) summers. Favorite design credits elsewhere include: costumes for The Penelopiad, lights for A Few Good Men, set/lights for True Love Lies (Citadel Theatre); production design for Red and Mary’s Wedding (ATP): set/lights for Gaslight, Sweeney Todd (Vertigo); set/costumes for The Trespassers (Belfry, Vancouver Playhouse) and lights for the national tour of The Drowning Girls. She is the recipient of 3 Sterling Awards, 2 Betty Mitchell Awards. GIL MICIAK – Apprentice Stage Manager

Gil was the apprentice stage manager last year for The Tempest and Julius Caesar and is thrilled to be returning to Freewill this season. Recent credits include apprentice stage manager The Soul Collector (Catalyst Theatre), Evie’s Waltz (Shadow Theatre), Aida (Edmonton Opera), and Stage Manager of Saint Joan (Studio Theatre). Next season, Gil will be stage managing the Edmonton run of Aladdin for Alberta Opera. Gil was born and raised in Edmonton and graduated this spring from the BFA, Stage Management program at the UofA.


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TROY O’DONNELL – Duke of Albany / Peter Quince / Mustardseed / Stage Manager

No stranger to danger, Troy has played Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Greenfield Player), Egeus, Flute, and Mustardseed in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (University of Alberta), Peaseblossom and Lord in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Citadel Theatre), Philostrate, First Faerie, and Snug in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Free Will Players), Philostrate, Starveling, and Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Leave It To Jane), Theseus and Oberon in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Theatre Prospero), and Starveling in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (River City Shakespeare Festival). Playing Peter Quince this year gets him one step closer to his goal of an even dozen productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. MATTHEW SKOPYK – Sound Designer / Composer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Matthew Skopyk is an Edmonton-based Sound Designer and Composer. Recent design/composition credits include: Richard III, Titus Andronicus, Much Ado About Nothing, and Macbeth (Freewill); Spreepark the Musical (Mischief and Mayhem); Palace of the End (Theatre Network); Annie Mae’s Movement (Studio Theatre); and Something Red (Vault). A BFA graduate of the U of A Technical Theatre Production program (2006), Matthew excels at software/hardware manipulation, allowing for new realms of possibility in theatre through manipulation of data. His works include wireless performer-worn sensors that allow for performer control over technical aspects of a production, a glove-based three-dimensional-panner for sound designers, and a MIDI cello. Matthew has worked as a Front of House mixer for companies such as Free Will Players and the Catalyst Theatre. Matthew is the current Head of Audio for the Drama Department at the University of Alberta. CORY SINCENNES – Festival Set and Lighting Designer

Cory’s set, costume, lighting and video designs have been seen throughout Canada; as well as in Germany, Austria, Belgium, England and Russia. He has received both national and international recognition for his design work, and is fast becoming one of Canada’s newest talents. Recent design credits include: Spamalot, The Rocky Horror Show, Three Musketeers and Little Women for The Citadel Theatre; Next to Normal for Citadel/Theatre Calgary; Let the Light of Day Through, Michel and Ti-Jean, Communion, Hardcore Logo: LIVE and The Woman in Black for Theatre Network; Chicago and Boeing Boeing for the Mayfield Dinner Theatre; DOG: A 1950’s Homelife Nightmare and Grumplestock’s for Surreal SoReal Theatre. Cory studied design at Ryerson Theatre School and holds a degree in Architectural Studies from Carleton University. He also holds an MFA in Theatre Design from the University of Alberta. LUC TELLIER – Curran / Soldier / Attendant / Servant / Francis Flute / Peaseblossom / Thisbe

Luc is thrilled to be making his Freewill debut this summer! He has previously worked with Surreal SoReal Theatre, Promise Productions, the Citadel Theatre, and has made numerous appearances in both the Edmonton Fringe and the Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival. Luc is studying Theatre Arts at MacEwan University where he recently received the Timothy Ryan Memorial Award. He is a proud alumnus of St. Albert Children’s Theatre and The Broadway Theatre Project. Love to mom, dad, and J-Flo for making everything possible. Play on! PAGE


JOHN ULLYATT – Duke of Cornwall / Nick Bottom / Ass / Pyramus

John was last with Freewill as Iago in Othello and (very briefly) as the Sea Captain in Twelfth Night. Other appearances with Freewill include Much Ado About Nothing, MacBeth, Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Tempest, Julius Caesar and Merry Wives of Windsor. He has recently finished Spamalot and Private Lives at The Citadel Theatre. He is a co-founder of Firefly Theatre, with whom he was part of the creative team of Duck Duck Bang, Primordial Blues, and Operation EVAsion, and the world premiere in November of Craniatrium. He is also the creator and performer of street acts, The Dung Beetle, The 21st Century Gargoyles and The Human Fountain. JOHN WRIGHT – King Lear / Egeus

A 38 year veteran of the Canadian stage, John has appeared across the country from Halifax’s Neptune Theatre to the Vancouver Playhouse. He is delighted to be back with FreeWill, a company he holds with great fondness, and has appeared in productions since 1995. Favourite roles include Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, Titus in Titus Andronicus, Prospero in The Tempest and Malvolio in Twelfth Night. Thanks to you, our audience for your support over the years. Special thanks to the “unseen”: designers, Stage Management, technical staff, our board, volunteers, administration and all the amazing directors. Enjoy the summer!

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VOLUNTEER HONOR ROLL The Free Will Players would like to extend our utmost gratitude to all of our Festival Volunteers. This fabulous summer tradition could never happen without each and every one of you! Necha Aitkin Neeltsje Algera Alysha Anderson Frazer Andrews Georgia Ashworth Lynnea Bartel Nickel Kathy Bateman Marcia Bell Daniel Belland Alison Besecker Conor Bewick Douglas Bewick Lorna Bewick Derek Biollo Rebecca Bissonnette Gregory Black Astrid Blodgett Dan Boonstra Jessie Burry Wendy Busse Jeanie Casault Taylor Casavant Sable Chan Tina Chen Harvey Chimera Janet M Clark Keon Collett Tangraya Coupland Dezmond Coyes-Loiselle Josephine Coyes-Loiselle Lilianna Coyes-Loiselle Riley Coyes-Loiselle Joan Coyle Linda Crawford Erin Crene Kevin Crockett Miranda de Haan Drew Delbaere Amelia Deneka Vinod Kumar Doddi Virginia Downar Inna Dymouriak Courtney Edwards Tristan Fair Megan Ferguson Jennie Frank Lauren Gagnon Justin Gallant PAGE


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1. Richard III (2008) 2. Love’s Labour’s Lost (2005) 3. Midsummer Night’s Dream (2003) 4. Macbeth (2010) 5. As You Like it (2001)








Memories and Thoughts on the Freewill Shakespeare Festival “There is something sublime about Shakespeare outdoors, as it was in the old theatres of London. Indeed, it is all-immersive to be in our cherished river valley, hearing those immortal words. But what makes this festival so special is the creativity of our theatre community in proving fresh interpretations of the classics. Congratulations on 25 years!” – Councillor Don Iveson

“Glorious summer evening, sold out performance, after - the traffic jam slowly leaves the park. An audience member watches in awe: It’s like leaving a hockey game!” – Linda Huffman, former Managing Director

“It is such a gorgeous experience. A beautiful Edmonton summer night and the plays, the acting and the sets are all excellent! The experience of high calibre open air theatre cannot be beat – definitely one of Edmonton’s treasures.” – Carol Watson, festival goer

“Apart from the tribute to Mother Nature each year, my memorable times at the park are participating in the sponsor BBQ events featuring a chat with the artistic director which gave welcome context to both plays. Here’s to 25 more years!” – Gail Stepanik-Keber, Servus Credit Union



“What I chiefly remember from the Free Will Players builds, apart from the inevitable squirrel running across the heads of the audience, and the invariable rainstorm in the midafternoon of setup day, is how I and my friends laughed at the comedies on opening night.” – Peter Lococke, Freewill Carpenter

“1999. My first summer as costumes designer. Pregnant Annette, Daniela and Beth dressed in bedraggled, shredded wedding dresses conjure. Real lightening cracks. Thunder rolls. Awesome.” – Narda McCarroll, Freewill Costume Designer

“Titus Andronicus - a truly amazing production with some of the finest actors I have ever worked with. They leaped fearlessly into HELL every single night.” – Marianne Copithorne, Artistic Director (2008 – Present)

“We’re fortunate that for 25 years we’ve had the Freewill Shakespeare Festival in Edmonton. The combination of the relaxed outdoor setting and the intensity created by the high quality productions makes for a unique theatre experience. And of course the playwright is first rate.” – John Mahon, Edmonton Arts Council

“The spontaneous, crackpot joy in camping out with Free Will: the unpaid chorus of shrieking ravens for Macbeth, the lame duck extra, or the squirrels who chattered their disapproval of the gory meat pie scene in Titus Andronicus. “

“Outdoor theatre has its own magic. Sure there have been thunderstorms at just the right moment. One memory for me was when Chris Bullough is playing Richard III. Mortally wounded, he struggles for life in his final soliloquy, when on the verge of death, the Stars Air Ambulance cruises overhead.”

– Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

– Kevin Mott, Board Chair

Without Whom‌ The Freewill Shakespeare Festival would not be what it is without the contributions of the following people over the past 25 years. We gratefully acknowledge: Julien Arnold

John Kirkpatrick

Geoffrey Brumlik

James MacDonald

Stephen Heatley

Beccy Starr

Linda Huffman

Wes Stevens




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