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A Team Effort By Frank Taylor Email:

Alabama Crimson Tide’s Football Team won the 2018’s College Football National Championship. On February 4, 2018, the National Football League (NFL) crowned the Philadelphia Eagles as Super Bowl Champions. Honestly, everyone wants to win and help hoist the trophy on the platform. However, to win, your team must be willing to practice, sacrifice, build continuity, and camaraderie, and exude a highoctane commitment of getting it done in ordinary, and unordinary circumstances.This formula could best describe how the Winston County Self Help Cooperative, and its allied partners delivered relevant information, to enhance life in rural America through multiple “Saving Rural America”


Conferences. “We appreciate our partners’ willingness to assist in educating farmers, landowners, and natural resource enthusiasts, according to WCSHC founding member, Bobby Hardin.” As the team leader, personally, I am thankful for the opportunity, to help share our purpose and mission of empowering individuals with knowledge to protect their ancestral land legacies. Interesting facts from 2018 SRAC’s, a total of sevenhundred and thirty-one (731) participated, representation from fifty-four (54) counties and seven (7) states. Seventyone (71) percent of the farmers previously used or received services through USDA, fifteen (15) percent used the Mississippi Forestry Commission, and thirtyA Team Effort Continued on page 2


CCSHP Celebrated 7th SRAC on Saturday, February 3, 2018, at the extension auditorium in Collins, MS. The morning chill relented for Fenton Pope and members to provide an early start for CCSHP’s SRAC. Fenton arrived before 6 am and started an ardor process of making coffee, aligning chairs and preparing the auditorium’s Covington County Self Help Project celebrated their 7th Saving Rural America Conference

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WINSTON COUNTY SELF HELP COOPERATIVE 3450 Shannon Dale Drive • Jackson, MS 39212 Phone: 601-291-2704 • Email: • Web: “Saving Rural America”


A Team Effort Continued from page 1 nine (39) percent participated in extension programs. Indeed, we appreciate your support and efforts in creating successful SRA conferences in 2018. If you would like to participate in 2019’s Saving Rural America Conferences, please call 662-446-2423.

and generate income from their natural resources. According to Pope, “This venue will provide attendees an opportunity to connect with service providers and meet peers who share similar dreams.” Esmeralda Dickson, Mississippi State Statistician for NASS, encouraged participants to complete their census forms immediately. Elvert Cole, SDC-NRCS, recounted services available to assist landowners and farmers to improve their operations, he urged attendees to learn more about Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP). CSP ‘s applications are due on March 2, 2018. Freddie Davis explained his role as Private Forestry Consultant. “As a private forestry consultant, one can provide landowners with timber cruises and reforestation practices.” Carol Conger, Covington County Extension Agent, described a plethora of services to help families improve the quality of life in Mississippi. Roger Jones, retired Heifer International Administrator, thank CCSHP and other groups for continuing to lift communities through caring and sharing. The regime of Darlene Edge, Richard and Ruthie Carter of Wayne County Self Help Organization of Waynesboro, MS indicated they enjoyed participating in this conference, they thoroughly loved the atmosphere and

the food. Bobby Joe and Sherrie Spivey of Scott County Small Farmers and Landowners Organization from Forest, MS, joined in for their third visit as well,” We relish being a part of Mr. Pope and CCSPH activities.” Lorine Gladney, a WCSHC member, said, “This venue provided an opportunity for individuals to renew friendships and ideas about preparing spring’s corps.” Mayor Hope Jones said after attending the entire conference, she would like to partner with CCSHP to conduct a housing seminar. Frank Taylor, WCSHC, congratulated everyone for participating over the last three weeks of Save Rural America Conferences. “Additionally, we shall start planning for 2019’s SRAC, beginning on March 1, 2018. If you would like to participate in 2019’s Saving Rural America Conferences, please call 662-446-2423.”

MSPAG’S 5th Saving Rural America Conference

led an anti-lynching crusade in the United States. Later, Ms. Wells went on to find and become integral in groups striving for African-American justice. Now, armed with this knowledge, you should make Holly Springs, MS as one of your destinations for summer vacation. As participants offloaded from their vehicles into the Beckley Center, MSPAG members welcomed everyone with warm smiles. After the consumption of grits, sausages, eggs, and coffee, Mr. John Jarrett, MSPAG member called the 5th Saving Rural America Conference into a session with firm instructions for participants and

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ambiance for a successful conference. This commitment created dividends for CCSHP with more than 30 individuals present before 7:15 am. Momentum propelled and ensured participants would ascertain pertinent information to change lives in rural America. Darius Pope offered words of prayer to attendees. Hope Magee Jones, Mayor of Collins delivered inspiring words of welcome to the northern Pine Belt City. Additionally, she thanked participants for supporting the lovely city of Collins with their dollars. Fenton Pope lamented about the purpose of this conference. Pope embraced the theory of small farmers and landowners working collectively to maintain

On the brisk chilled morning of Saturday, January 27, 2018, individuals’ transverse across Mississippi and neighboring states for Mid-South Progressive Agricultural Group’s


5th Saving Rural America Conference. This learning session occurred on the historic campus of Rust College located in Holly Springs, MS. This institution of learning opened their doors one year after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1866 with the support from Northern Missionaries and a group called the Freedman’s Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Rust College, distinguished as one of the oldest college for African Americans in the United States. Another interesting fact to know about Holly Spring, MS, the birthplace of Ida B. Wells an African-American journalist, abolitionist and feminist. In the 1890’s she

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MSPAG’S 5th Saving Rural America Conference Photo Gallery

CCSHP Celebrated 7th SRAC Photo Gallery


presenters to work collectively to ensure a productive conference. Representatives from USDA, extension, entrepreneurs and community-based organization spewed valuable information to develop healthy communities. Betty Liddell, RD, Area Specialist elaborated on the housing 502 direct and indirect loans. Also, she highlighted the 504 grant and loan programs to assist families with repairing safety and health issues in their homes. Angela Brummett, a local farmer, discussed reclamation of the family farm to generate profit. Steve Richardson, a bonafide high tunnel house specialist, dialogued on the pros and cons of growing vegetables in this system. Samantha GreenBaruti, Lilee’s Gourmet Bakery conversed on following your dreams with a purpose. She lamented about the inception of Lilee’s Gourmet Bakery and the grunt work needed to build a thriving business. For more information visit www.lileesgourmet. com or call 901-230-5048. Lemon Phelps, Extension Agent lll disentangled numerous activities offered through the extension office. Personnel from Alcorn State University and Mississippi Association of Cooperatives presented relevant information. As the 5th Saving Rural Conference neared to closure, participants transitioned to the dining room for lunch. Revelyn Coleman, MSPAG Communication Specialist, thanked everyone for participating and help to create a successful conference. Frank Taylor, WCSHC, Team Leader showered MSPAG members and friends with congratulations for conducting a superb conference. Additionally, Frank thanked WCSHC members for traveling and participating.


Registration Deadline – March 15, 2018 Registration Fee – $30 (fee waived for small farmers) To register or to learn more about the schedule of events, please visit the Small Farms Week webpage:

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WCSHC February 2018 News Blast 2nd Edition  
WCSHC February 2018 News Blast 2nd Edition