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NEWS FLASH April 2014 | 1st Edition

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Greensboro Day 2014

By Frank Taylor

As the clock tilted towards Greensboro Day 2014, Mother Nature unleashed inch and half of deserving rain on early Friday Morning which caused alarm in Greensboro, MS. Nevertheless, the Greensboro Planning Committee Members Elaine Miller Hobson & Joan Miller Eiland seemed unfazed by weather conditions as they redoubled their efforts to ensure an Epic Celebration. Joan said, “We are connecting our past with the future by allowing our senior citizens to share their dreams and aspiration with the next generation of leaders, therefore, we are excited about this grand opportunity to embrace our rich history”.

Greensboro Day’s kicked off Friday Night April 4, with Chef Walrickus Cistrunk & Family’s Down Home Cookout which included Corn on the Cobb, Barbecue Ribs, Boiled Turnkey Necks, Ham Hocks and Neck Bones. Roy Cooper of St. Louis Missouri said “this is an excellent venue for families and friends to share historic facts and renew old friendships. Friday Night’s celebration ended around 1:45am as the last individual departed for home with anticipation of a timely start for Greensboro Day on Saturday. On the edge of early Saturday Morning individuals started gathering at 6:45am for a day of excitement and entertainment in the heart of Greensboro, MS. Elaine Hobson arrived multi-tasking on numerous activities with a determination of starting Greensboro Day’s Annual Parade on time. Parade partakers assembled on the corner of Major Brown & Greensboro Roads where Parade Goers received Greensboro’s Signature Green & Gold pom-poms to signify participation. Winston County Sherriff Jason Pugh escorted an entourage of cars, trucks and horses north to the host site “”Frank Taylor’s Place 1973 Greensboro Road. Fun and games started at 10:30am which included space jump, Greensboro Day 2014 Continued on page 2

WINSTON COUNTY SELF HELP COOPERATIVE 716 Old Robinson Road • Louisville, MS 39339 Phone: 662-779-2400 • Email: • Web: “Saving Rural America”


Greensboro Day 2014 Continued from page 1 face painting and educational activities. Valerie Smith & Family provided sounds and lives performances of gospel songs. Linda Stephen orchestrated musical lessons on various instruments including drums, rub boards, bells and shakers for youth members. Vendors provided fish, hamburgers, hot

dogs, smoke sausages and assortment of sodas. Greensboro Day Planning Committee appreciates Supervisors Gloria Turnipseed and Bert Warner, Sherriff Jason Pugh and Chancery Clerk Julie Cunningham for participating & supporting this community’s effort. Additionally the planning committee conveys thanks to each person for attending this historic event and we look forward to you joining 2015 Celebration.

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Greensboro Gazette News Flash April 2014  

As the clock tilted towards Greensboro Day 2014, Mother Nature unleashed inch and half of deserving rain on early Friday Morning which cause...

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