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Tomorrow’s Farmer Averill Gladney WCSHC’s Heifer

21 year old Eupora, MS Farmer Averill Gladney

By Frank Taylor

We should ask ourselves this question; who will feed our families in the next 20 years? According to National Agricultural Statistic Service the average American farmer is 58 years old and growing older by the minute with a glimmer of hope in 21 year old Averill Gladney, of Eupora, MS. Averill’s lifelong dream is to become a fulltime farmer with God’s blessings and support of his family & Winston County Self Help Cooperative. Averill first encounter with agriculture surfaced from riding horses and observing other entities closely connected to farming such as hay production. This experience set Averill’s dreams assailed to inquire about cattle production and other means of earning income from natural resources. After consulting with his father, Averill contacted WCSHC for technical advice in developing a farm management plan which initiated his quest. WCSHC assisted Averill in obtaining a Youth Loan through Farm Service Agency which he used to acquire 4 bred heifers in 2011. This positioned Averill to apply for USDA’s Microloan in 2013. With this loan Averill purchased14 heifers, tractor, hay spear, cattle trailer, bush hog, and cattle panels to enhance his farm operation. Averill

said “I am building my farm operation with an aim of becoming a fulltime farmer to feed America. Presently, I am working for Natchez Trace Electric Power Association as apprentice linemen. I would like to thank Winston County Self Help Cooperative and USDA-Farm Service Agency for making my dreams a reality.” According to UDSA’s 2013 Statistics Mississippi lead the nation in approval of Microloans. In early January 2013Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the new microloan program from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) designed to help small farmers and family operations which will allow beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers secure loans under $35,000. The new microloan program is aimed at bolstering the progress of producers through their start-up years by providing needed resources and helping to increase equity so that farmers may eventually graduate to commercial credit and expand their operations. The microloan program will also provide a less burdensome, more simplified application process in comparison to traditional farm loans Microloans up to $35,000 aim to assist small farmers, veterans, and disadvantaged producers. For more information visit www.

WINSTON COUNTY SELF HELP COOPERATIVE 716 Old Robinson Road • Louisville, MS 39339 Phone: 662-779-2400 • Email: • Web: “Saving Rural America”

Project Gifting Families

By Frank Taylor

The Winston County Self Help Cooperative’s Heifer Project parlaying and multiplying opportunities for small farmers in Eastern Mississippi by providing families with heifers to start their cattle operations. Heifer International funded WCSHC in 2001 with a grant of 74,500. Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth. You can learn more by visiting WCSHC and Winston County Extension Director Mike Skipper developed guidelines and requirements for designated families to receive heifers. Criterions included fence, water, forage, detainment area, and access to veterinary services. Additionally families received technical support in developing Conservation plans through Natural Resources Conservation Service for as cross fence, heavy use pads, water sources. Farm Service Agency provided loans to purchase WCSHC’s Heifer Project Gifting Families Continued on page 2


WCSHC’s Heifer Project Gifting Families Continued from page 1 equipment. Nonprofit organizations dispensed leadership and policy trainings. WCSHC purchased 40 bred Angus Heifers on August 8, 2002 from cattle broker in Oktibbeha County, MS. WCSHC placed 5 bred heifers each with eight families. Each recipient signed a letter of agreement to maintain healthy heifers and return back five quality heifers to help other farmers start their cattle enterprises”. As of today WCSHC placed 303 bred heifers with 45 members

and 7 families waiting for pass on. This gift from Heifer International’s continues to multiply and generate sustainability in Winston County through sales of animals, purchase of farmland, wire, posts, tractors, hay equipment, and other implements to manage their farm enterprises. WCSHC’s Heifer Program contributed more than 2 million dollars to Winston County’s economy over 12 years. Additionally, this initiative added 20 beginning famers and expanded its outreach component into a national brand. WCSHC’s Work-plan encompasses Mississippi and Alabama to help farmers

and landowners’ access services to generate income from their natural resources. WCSHC awarded Fred Scott and Roy Brookshire with quality heifers on April 17, 2014 to increase the size of their herds. These individuals should complete their pass on in fall of 2017. Please join Winston County Self Help Cooperative’s efforts to help save rural America and return optimism back to the next generation of citizen. If, you need more information about WCSHC’s Heifer Program email and visit wcshc. com

WCSHC Delivers Homeownership First Time Users of By Frank Taylor

Most people identify Winston County Self Help Cooperative as an organization assisting individuals in starting their farm operations, however, WCSHC also provides technical support in helping families purchase homes. WCSHC convened workshops for individuals to learn processes how to purchase a home and post education classes to hinder foreclosure. WCSHC partnered with USDARural Development, Mississippi Home Corporation, banks, and credit unions to make the America’s dream of homeownership a reality for Denisha Gladney on March 31, 2014. WCSHC and Denisha linked together in January 2013 and started the arduous journey to homeownership with a credit check. This process helps individuals discover positive and negative reports to credit

bureaus and allows you an opportunity to advocate for corrections. Additionally, you can obtain valid credit scores based on bureaus’ reporting methods. Denisha stated “you must be patient and undeterred in your path to homeownership. WCSHC’s Homeownership Program provided my family with timely services from completing the initial application,homebuyers’education classes and closing process. This process enables me to build a level of confident in this life’s long obligation and I am thankful to Winston County Self Help Cooperative.” Additionally, we appreciate Terri Tate of Rural Development-Housing Specialist for delivering professional services and assisting with the unknowns in homeownership. We will encourage other peers to consider purchasing homes in Winston County.

Denisha Gladney became a homeowner through the WCSHC’s Homeownership Program


NRCS’s Practices

Calvin Triplett and Allen McReynolds

By Staff

Calvin Triplett, farmer from Heidelberg, MS said, “My family finally received financial assistance through Natural Resources Conservation Service in 2013 after Allen McReynolds of Winston County Self Help Cooperative (2501) assisted our family. We applied for financial assistance over a span of 20 years without success; however, after attending an outreach meeting in 2012, Allen assured me of qualifying for services in the upcoming year. Allen visited our family farm on numerous occasions and discussed farm management planning at length. He analyzed our livestock operation and prioritized services needed to achieve sustainability. This process prepared us for a visit with NRCS’ personnel to cultivate our conservation plan. This preparation soured an approval for technical assistance NRCS through (EQIP) Environmental Quality First Time Users of NRCS’s Practices Continued on page 3


First Time Users of NRCS’s Practices Continued from page 2

ANNOUNCEMENTS Mississippi Minority Famers Alliance Inaugural Spring Field Day on Tuesday May 13, 2014 at Chris & Carolyn Jones’s Farm located 32466 Hwy 45 Alt, Okolona, MS. 38860. For more information contact Carolyn Jones 662213-2433. Winston County Self Help Cooperative Forestry Field Day May 19, 2014 at Louisville Coliseum 201 Ivy Avenue Louisville, MS 39339. For more contact Jean Harper 662-312-8004.

USDA Service Center Outreach Meetings Representatives from the participating agencies will share information on the services they provide to the residents of their respective counties.

Incentive Program which includes a pond and cross fence. I am encouraging my friends and family members here in Southeast, MS to attend meetings and learn about availability of services to generate income from their natural resources. Finally, you should join Wayne County Self Help Organization or Winston County Self Help Cooperative to advocate for your community needs to help strengthen families”.


Locations, Dates and Times

Some of the topics covered are: 

Conservation programs for landowners/farmers Home ownership/Home repair programs Farm/Equipment Loans ————————


CLARKE COUNTY Monday, May 5, 2014 6:00 p.m. Your Meeting Place 1845 Hwy 18W Quitman, MS 39355 LAUDERDALE COUNTY Tuesday, May 6, 2014 6:00 p.m. EMEPA Auditorium 2128 Hwy 39N Meridian, MS 39302 KEMPER COUNTY Thursday, May 8, 2014 6:00 p.m. Farmers Market Building (Extension Center) 587 Old Scooba Rd DeKalb, MS 39328 Any questions may be directed to Kelvin Jackson at 601-483-4100 ext 3. USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer


In Loving Memory of the Founding Member and Pillar of the Winston County Self Help Cooperative

Omerio Dotson

Omerio Dotson

July 4, 1929 - March 27, 2014

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Greensboro Gazette News Flash 2nd Edition April 2014  

Greensboro Gazette News Flash is a publication of the Winston County Self Help Cooperative

Greensboro Gazette News Flash 2nd Edition April 2014  

Greensboro Gazette News Flash is a publication of the Winston County Self Help Cooperative