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Leake County’s 1st SRAC

(Center) WCSHC Team Leader and Editor Frank Taylor with (Left) Jody Mathney and (Right) Leon Fountain, Jr.

By Frank Taylor Email:

EL Nino wreak havoc in the west, uncertainties in Shanghai Stock Market mired retirement plans, Mississippi River flooded homes, and discourse among perspective presidential voters dominated conversations over the second week of January 2016. However, the Winston County Self Help Cooperative and partners ended the week by kicking-off Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Celebration’s with Leake County’s 1st Saving Rural America Conference (SRAC) in Walnut, Grove, MS. This event foreshadowed the legacy of inequalities and injustices suffered by people of color from grasping tools of economic stability. The small hamlet of Walnut Grove, MS Juxtaposed 26 miles west of Neshoba County where Ku Klux Klansmen murdered Civil Rights Workers James

Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner in the summer of 1964. Therefore, this backdrop set the tenor for conference’s attendees to aggregate needful information with the intent of spurring economic and spiritual growth in rural communities. As darkness relented to daylight on January 15, 2016, it seemed Leake County’s 1st SRAC attendant would be in jeopardy due to impending weather conditions. However, the first attendee arrived before 7:00 a.m. and dispelled this notion. Winston County Self Help Cooperative’s staff gavel the conference to order with Greg Nicks delivering a prayer. Ned Rushing, FSA Adviser and Curtis Johnson, Leake County Supervisor extended words of welcome to partake in Leake County’s southern hospitality. Farm Service Agency Leake County’s 1st SRAC, Continued on page 2

WINSTON COUNTY SELF HELP COOPERATIVE P.O. Box 774 • Louisville, MS 39339 Phone: 601-291-2704 • Email: • Web: “Saving Rural America”

Leake County Elementary School SRAC presentation

January 15, 2016, Latrice Todman and Allen McReynolds departed from the activities being held at True Light Community Center to embrace the presence of forty-eight sixth graders at Leake County Elementary School in Walnut Grove, MS. The goal of the duo’s presentation was to continue to convey the theme of Leake County 1st Saving Rural America Conference “Sustaining the Legacy for Future Generations.” The students entered library in an orderly fashion. As they took their seats, they sent greetings and smiles to Latrice and Allen, who were standing in the front of the library. Latrice presented first. Her topic was: How to Fight Obesity with God’s Natural Resources. The room became ignited with hands being raised to ask questions like, “what are the benefits of eating fruits and veggies”? Answers such as weight loss, a source of calcium, and they make your hair grow, were given. As the presentation continued, students continued to share their thoughts and ideas on how they can fight obesity. Reducing the Leake County Elementary School SRAC, Continued on page 2 CONNECT WITH US

Leake County’s 1st SRAC, Continued from page 1

(FSA), Outreach Specialist, Aaron Robinson Sr. elaborated on programs with an emphasis of risk management’s sign-up deadlines. Patty Roberts and Emund Woods of FSA added supplemental statements concerning County Committee’s Local Administrative Area 2016 election process and Livestock Forage Program’s sign-up deadline. Joshua Coleman, Alcorn State University, Agribusiness Educator emphasized the need for monitoring your credit portfolio. Your credit score determines the cost your of loan, therefore, you should exercise judicial care of your FICO score which helps lenders’ evaluate risk. Bill Kitchings and Orlando Ellerby of Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) lamented on a cadre of services to help individual derive positive income from their woodlots. MFC can develop stewardship plans to help forestland owners achieve their targeted management goals. Stewardship plans identify types of soils, trees, wildlife and other aesthetic values. Walter Jackson, NRCS, State Conservation Agronomist recounted changes in the implementation of Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP). Additionally, Jackson answered questions focused on the Small Ruminant Farmer Initiative (SRFI). Priscilla Williamson, NRCS, Leake County, energetically encouraged attendees to participate in Local Work Group Meetings to determine resource concerns within their counties. She dissected Historic Underserved (HU) categories including Limited Resource Farmer or Rancher, Socially Disadvantaged Producers and Beginning Farmer or Rancher. She stated how these categories impacts rate of cost to implement conservation practices. James Ford of Square O Consulting described opportunities for forest landowners to aggregate services through state and USDA’s programs to create income. Ford said “NRCS’s Conservation Stewardship Program

(CSP) rewards landowners for implementing innovated conservation practices. Other means of deriving income from your forestlands includes hunting leases and pine straw.” Thomas Brewer of Mississippi State Extension Service (Jefferson Davis Co.) concluded presentations with Heir Property. “You can define heir property as undivided interest with no clear title of ownership. This issue plagues most families’ holdings in the south. Heir property inhibits families from selling or obtaining services through USDA to improve the quality of their natural resources.” Brewer encouraged participants to take proactive measures by developing wills, life estates or mechanisms to pass on fee simple ownership. Frank Taylor, WCSHC Team Leader acknowledged Jody Mathney and Leon Fountain, Jr., as tomorrow leaders in rural America. “These two young farmers attended this conference to ascertain more information to make better informed decisions for their families and learned methods to become effective managers of their natural resources.” Leake County’s 1st SRAC ended with a succulent meal managed by Phyllis Caples and WCSHC Staff conducting a lives radio broadcast. WCSHC extends thanks to True Light Church Family, Leake County Elementary School and others for creating Leake County’s 1st SRAC.


Leake County Elementary School SRAC, Continued from page1

WCSHC Community Coordinator, Latrice Todman

amount of sugar intake, exercise more and eat more fruits and veggies were answers offered by the students. A quick overview of how to determine how much sugar and fat are in a Snicker bar by reading the food label was done. The students being able to see how many teaspoons of sugar and fat are in a Snicker bar made them understand the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables. This portion of the presentation ended with Latrice encouraging the students to visit their local farmers market for the best selection of fruits and vegetables. Allen’s presentation tied in well with Latrice’s presentation. He opened with an important question to the students. What are some natural resources? Immediately hands were held all around the room.Students responded with, water, soil, air, trees, grass, wind and etc. Allen was amazed to see how smart these students were. He continued to explain why it is so important to take care of God’s natural resources. He informed the students that due to no access of clean water, there are many cases of lead poisoning in children that live in Flint, Michigan. Lead poisoning can cause delayed mental developmental issues that can severely impact one’s life. This example was an attention grabber for the sixth graders. Allen continued asking questions in regards to agriculture and how it can affect them personally. He concluded his presentation with encouraging the students to get involved with agriculture now so they can do their part in protecting these resources. Allen experiences as retired Extension Agent and Latrice as a license Pharmacist provide an elevated barometer of life lessons for students.


WCSHC’s 48 Hours By Frank Taylor Email:

Perhaps, we borrowed CBS’s legendary Crime-Solving Show “48 Hours” to describe next weekend tall task of conducting three Saving Rural America Conferences on Friday and Saturday in various locations. WCSHC’s 9th Youth Conference will kickoff weekend’s activities on Friday, January 22, 7:30 a.m. at Louisville Coliseum 201 Ivy Ave., Louisville, MS, 39339. Our 2016’s Theme “Passing the Torch, Exalting Agriculture and Cultivating Excellence” according to Jean Harper, WCSHC Youth Director. “This youth conference will provide participants with hands-on experiences and learning by doing educational activities. Students will engage in learning sessions focused on health and nutrition, plant science, forestry, Ag in the classroom and physical activities to promote healthy lifestyles. Seventh Graders from Winston County’s area schools

will participate.” Unlimited Community Agricultural Cooperative’s will host their first Saving Rural America Conference on Friday starting 12:00 pm at BJ3 5226 Old West Point Road, Starkville, MS, 39759.“Brad Spencer said our members will provide an atmosphere for learning to promote camaraderie among rural Americans. United States Department of Agriculture, Alcorn & Mississippi State Extension Service, and community-based organizations will present on how to generate income from farmland and forestland. You will meet veterans and beginning farmers who are using their natural resources to generate positive income. If you need answers to issue(s) related-agriculture, then you should attend this conference to find solution(s).” Mississippi Minority Farmers Alliance’s will hold their second Saving Rural America Conference on Saturday, January 23, 7:30 a.m. at North Mississippi Research & Extension Center 5421 Hwy 145 S., Verona, MS, 38879. MMFA’s conference presenters

WCSHC Youth Director, Jean Harper

will provide invigorating and informative information to help attendees change lives in northeast Mississippi. Natural Resources Conservation Service staff will discuss changes within the Environmental Quality Incentive Program(EQIP) and other pertinent programs. Carolyn Jones, MMFA Director, said, “we look forward to sharing MMFA’s mission and dreams with other rural Americans to protect our forefathers’ legacies.” Mark your calendar and join the caravan on next Friday and Saturday.

WCSHC Saving Rural America Radio Broadcast offers you an opportunity to join the conversation if you cannot attend in person. You can listen to Leake County’s 1st Saving Rural Conference’s Wrap up Session by clicking on the following link :



UNLIMITED COMMUNITY AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE MISSION: “To promote the growth and future well-being of our community” Since 2013 UCAC meets on the 4th Saturday monthly at the American Legion Post 240 Building 3328 Pat Station Rd. Starkville, MS Unlimited Community Agricultural Cooperative is organized for the purpose promoting the growth and future well-being of the community. It will accomplish this goal by assisting its members in all efforts that will better position their enterprises. The Unlimited Community Agricultural Cooperative “UCAC” was established in 2013. The cooperative has developed itself into a growing Agricultural Advancement Organization for the local community of Starkville, Mississippi. With the help of the Winston County Self-Help Cooperative, UCAC has been able to contribute to economic well-being of the community by educating and exposing Small Farmers and Business Owners to opportunities in agriculture, Community Development, and Self-Development. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Orlando Trainer, President Phone: 662-769-0071 Email: Web: OFFICERS: Brad Spencer, Vice President Curtis G. Snell, Treasurer Shayla Jefferson, Secretary

“Sustaining the Legacy for Future Generations” 2016’S WCSHC SAVING RURAL AMERICA CONFERENCE MASS SCHEDULE FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2016, 7:30AM 1ST LEAKE COUNTY SRAC True Light Community Center 1325 School Road Walnut Grove, MS 39189 Contact: Frank Taylor Phone: 601-291-2704 Email:

FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2016, 7:30AM 1ST ATTALA COUNTY SELF-HELP COOPERATIVE SRAC Research and Administration Center 2033 CR 4116 Sallis, MS 39160 Contact: Jessie Fleming Phone: 601-900-9844 Email:

FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2016, 7:30AM 9TH WINSTON COUNTY SELF-HELP YOUTH GROUP SRAC Louisville Coliseum 201 Ivy Avenue Louisville, MS 39339 Contact: Jean Harper Phone: 662-312-8004 Email:

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 2016, 7:30AM 3RD MID-SOUTH PROGRESSIVE AGRICULTURE GROUP’S SRAC David L. Beckley Center (Rust College) 150 Rust Avenue Holly Springs, MS, 38635 Contact: Revelyn Coleman Phone: 901-409-7897 Email:

FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2016, 12:00PM 9TH WINSTON COUNTY SELF-HELP COOPERATIVE SRAC HOSTED BY UNLIMITED COMMUNITY AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE BJs 5226 Old West Point Rd. Starkville, MS 39759 Contact: Orlando Trainer Phone: 662-769-0071 Email:

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2016, 7:30AM 6TH WAYNE COUNTY SELF-HELP ORGANIZATION’S SRAC Wayne County Career and Technical Center 100 Collins St. Waynesboro MS, 39367 Contact: Patrick Busby Phone: 601-740-0463 Email:

SATURDAY, JANUARY 23, 2016, 7:30AM 2ND MISSISSIPPI MINORITY FARMER’S ALLIANCE SRAC North Mississippi Research & Extension Center 5421 Hwy 145 South Verona, MS 38879 Contact: Carolyn Jones Phone: 662-213-2433 Email:

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2016, 7:30AM 5TH COVINGTON COUNTY SELF-HELP GROUP’S SRAC Multipurpose Building- 68 Collins, MS 39428 Contact: Fenton Pope Phone: 601-517-3188 Email:

WINSTON COUNTY SELF HELP COOPERATIVE P.O. Box 774 • Louisville, MS 39339 Phone: 601-291-2704 • Email: • Web:



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Greensboro Gazette News Flash 1st Edition January 2016  

Greensboro Gazette News Flash 1st Edition January 2016

Greensboro Gazette News Flash 1st Edition January 2016  

Greensboro Gazette News Flash 1st Edition January 2016