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Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Gavyn: suit, Armani; white tuxedo shirt, Porto Filo; socks, Falke; black cuff line shoes, Testosterone; watch, Malek Farhat. Kyla: yellow dress, Leanne Marshall; red Malikah shoes, Oscar Tiye. Hannah: satin silk organza couture blouse, Francesca Marotta; trousers, Camelia Skikos; black Amira shoes, Oscar Tiye; black sequined chauffeur hat, Stylist’s.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


SPRING 2015 The 1st and only Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine from Italy. Cover Gavyn Rhone Editor in Chief Francesco Di Maio Culture & Travel Editor Business Development Dafne Perticarini PR & Communications Federica Fatale HAIR & GROOMING Francesco Cilidonio—Cily Hairstylist Photo Credits Scott A. Drake (pp. 4-5) E Leon Myers (Cover, pp. 2-3, 10-19) Andrzej 2012, fotolia.com (pp. 22-23) Marc Sadler, fotilia.com (pp. 23-24) Maudanros, fotolia.com (p. 24) Maurizio Falcone (pp. 24-27) Gian Mattia D’Alberto (pp. 28-29) Manuel Scrima (pp. 36-43) Elena Zanutto (pp. 50-53) Poderi Luigi Einaudi, Winery & Relais (pp. 52-53) Sergio Fama (pp. 84-89) Simone Caprifogli (pp. 92-98) Frank Louis (p. 99) SPECIAL CREDITS (Cover, pp. 2-3, 10-19) Creative Director: Francesca Marotta at the Agency Productions Hairstylist: Vahe Barber: Dantae Dupree Celebrity Barber Makeup: Krissy Cole Manicurist: Josephine Le Special thanks to Erika Stas, Model Hub; Jo Myers, One Take Studio; Ayurvedic Masseur; and 2 Focused Management Graphic Design Cecilia Giménez de Paz - cgimenezdepaz@gmail.com Contact Info info@uomo-moderno.com Website: uomo-moderno.com Uomo Moderno is a quarterly publication of Men’s Fashion by Francesco LLC. ISSN 2329-9258 © 2015, All Rights Reserved


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

Uomo Moderno is proud to have been selected out of 832 contestants one of the Top 2014 Hottest Magazine Launches ! Thanks to everyone who has had a role in this award!

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


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San Remo The Festival


San Remo The City


Old Bussana An Artistic Village



Cover Story

30 Raphael Gualazzi A Winner of the Sanremo Festival

The Style of Music

13 The Music of Style

32 Cristiana Pegoraro Keys of Compassion

Francesca Marotta

16 The Music of Love Gavyn Rhone


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


68 Roberto Ruberti In Search of Truth







Angelo Cruciani Happy Dandy

42 Angelo Cruciani Happy Priest Shirt

44 Patrizia Pepe Pacific Memories

54 Black Believe The Black Up Rock Collection

60 Leitmotiv From Emoticon to Leitmoticon


64 Cily Hairstylist Color’s New Frontier

Milano—San Remo The Monument Cycling Race


Volleyball Simone Parodi


Volleyball Matteo Piano

Valentino Cucina Italiana with Ornella Fado

86 Recipe Red Prawns, Melon, Basil & Caviar

88 RAF with Ornella Fado


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AQUAelite Partners in Relaxation


Martini Mobili The San Remo Collection


Marchi Cucine St. Louis


92 The Winter Launch Party

94 Barbara D’Urso Italy’s Top TV Celebrity

96 Lee Curreri Fame’s Beloved Bruno

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Benvenuti! As I come down from the highs of 2014 and begin climbing the hill of 2015’s challenges, I feel electrified with incredible excitement! Over the course of the past seven editions, I have had the privilege of interviewing some of Italy’s finest athletes, musicians, celebrities, and fashion designers. Then barely a year and a half after our launch, Uomo Moderno was awarded out of 832 contestants 2014 Hottest Launch, which was presented by the min awards—what I call the “Magazine Oscars!” I fought back the tears as I was called to the podium to receive the trophy and address the audience of numerous iconic brands like Forbes, Times, Newsweek, and Glamour. This current edition marks a turning point for Uomo Moderno, whereby we have taken a practical hands-on approach to Living in Italian Style by dressing up-and-coming US singer Gavyn Rhone in the latest of Italian fashions. Although a radical concept to some, you don’t have to be Italian or even live in Italy to enjoy the life of Italian style! Je Suis Charlie et Je Suis Ahmed In the aftermath of the horrific terrorist attacks last month, I express my heartfelt condolences to the victims, their loved ones, and the whole of France. With deep humility, I dedicate this edition of Uomo Moderno to these and all those who have lost their lives in exerting their rights to the freedom of expression. As a fellow publisher, I cherish my right to the free use of the pen, which I hold high as a beacon in honor of the enlightened values that we have inherited, such as freedom of speech and freedom of press. We cannot and must not allow fanaticized religion or any act of terror to undermine our modern-day liberties, for which we have fought so long and so hard.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

Welcome to the spring 2015 Edition of Uomo Moderno!

Uomo Moderno Live Print magazines are no longer static. I am pleased to present Uomo Moderno as the first fashion magazine to utilize a new technology that makes images “come alive” when you view them with your mobile device. Experience the excitement right now: 1. Go to the or and search for “UM Live Reader.” 2. You will see this icon mobile device.

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The Malph 2016 Porny Collection at New York Fashion Week with Uomo Moderno—a fun perverted twist on the concepts of 1980s’ fast food, fast fashion, and the enticing power of images—all in tribute to the greatness of New York.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


The Style of Music How to Write the Song


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

the style of music

Feature Story

Attempting to live in Italian style is like learning to sing or play a musical instrument whereby perfection of the art requires moving beyond the initial doe-ray-me. True, living in Italian style can be as rudimentary as humming a nursery rhyme, something that may grow monotonous over time. But full mastery of Italian style can parallel the





orchestra. So why settle for dreary when you can enjoy Donizetti?!

Right. Hannah: silk and lace couture dress, Francesca Marotta; varsity jacket, Supreme Being; shoes, Stylist’s; Alchemia hammered bar ring, Charles Albert; metallic gold snakeskin wrap bracelet with gold pave buckle, Edgy.

Left. Gavyn: vest top, Le Beau; hooded leather jacket, Ritual; sunglasses, Stylist’s.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


For this reason we need to seek the advice of fashion experts, who, with the bravado of a conductor, can direct us each step of the way as we embark on this exciting journey through the music of style. No matter where you find yourself in life, you can block out the surrounding noises with the earplugs of Uomo Moderno,





wherein designer Francesca Marotta styles pop musician Gavyn Rhone.

Gavyn: jacket and trousers, Bravery For All; boots, Fiorentini + Baker; t-shirt, Eleon Clothing; watch, The Garwood. Kyla: camouflage skirt and khaki green top, Bou Jeloud; brown woven drop earrings, Ekaterina Kukhareva; cheetah print heeled boots, Alejandra G; leather bangles, Buddha to Buddha; gold pointed fitter finger ring, Dar Sara.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

the music of style

Feature Story

Kyla: trousers, Domenico Vacca; pink crop top, Leanne Marshall; rose gold, clear and black quartz, pyrite with large marbled circle stone necklace, Charles Albert; gold braided bracelet, Ekaterina Kukhareva; cheetah print heeled boots, Alejandra G. Hannah: gold sequined dress, Single; beige Rawan leather shoes, Oscar Tiye; mauve large circular ring with gold setting and diamond trim, Misahara. Gavyn: red suit, Maison Lvchino;

The Music of Style

With Francesca Marotta

pink shirt, Porto Filo; polka dot socks, Soxfords; cognac finish line brogues, Testosterone; Borselino hat, Stylist’s; silver crystal cane, Pasotti; serenity prayer rings, Surrender; chunky silver rings, Buddha to Buddha; watch, Malek Farhat; glasses, Carrera.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Tells us a little about yourself…. I am Sicilian. I am a fashion designer, a fashion producer, a creative director, a fashion stylist, a brand consultant. I have my eponymous women’s wear line and a kid’s wear line Hey Baby Clothing, soon to launch. I also have my production agency called Agency Productions. In your opinion, does a definite “Italian style” really exist? Italian men and women, we are recognized as (maybe) the best dressed in the world. We do have it in our genes, we have inner style. Our country has style; we just need to look at our history and culture. When you walk down the streets anywhere in Italy, it oozes of creativity: our architecture, our churches, our streets, our food…. We have this acute way of knowing how to present things and make them work visually. Italian style is not eccentric; but we work within these guidelines: fit, cut, and color. How does it differ from other styles? English style is more “everything goes.” West Coast American (LA) is dressed down/boho/surfer; East Coast American (NYC) is more conservative and classic— French (Paris) is classic as well.

Gavyn: black floral sleeves jacket and black motorcycle trousers, Bravery For All; white top, Emporio Armani; hi-tops, Gucci; watch, Malek Farhat; sunglasses, Stylist’s.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

the music of style

Feature Story

What were you aiming at with Gavyn Rhone? I was going for Italian style with a modern twist and a hint of American! How did you choose the non-Italian brands? They had to be either made in Italy, using Italian textiles, or have Italian craftsmanship. What guidelines can you offer for dressing in Italian style? First buy garments that fit properly. Second, choose cuts that complement your body shape and, third, colors and prints that suit you. Did you achieve your goals with Gavyn? Gavyn was a total sweetheart and great to dress as he has inner style and he is up for trying out new things. It was a bit of a challenge to get brands involved, but then it always is on a shoot. I did produce it and managed to get a topclass creative team on board with the amazing E. Leon Myers behind the lens.

Kyla: strapless lace and silk organza evening gown, Leanne Marshall; cobalt quartz necklace, Charles Albert.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


How would you define your musical style? “I’d describe my style of music as modern mainstream pop with classic soul. For lack of a better word, I call my songs ‘sing along songs’—easy to remember and hard to forget. Do your songs carry a specific message? My message is Love. I want to get music back to love again. Letting guys in particular know that it’s ok to be in love. It doesn’t always have to be about sex. Of course that factor comes into play eventually. But love can go a long ways, much further than just the physical aspect of a person. So that’s what my songs lean towards: love. No matter what form it comes in.

Gavyn: suit, Nico Didonna; white tuxedo shirt, Porto Filo; black finish line brogues, Testosterone; sunglasses, Blake Kuwahara; bangles and ring, Buddha to Buddha; watch, Malek Farhat; Eternal serenity prayer rings, Surrender.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

The Music of Love With Gavyn Rhone

the music of love

Feature Story

In what ways has your church upbringing influenced your style? Having a church musical background allows me to sing with emotion. Most artists today are heard but not felt. I’d like to bring the feeling, emotion, and integrity back into music. What artists have influenced you? Many artists have influenced my vocal style: Stevie Wonder’s range and attitude, Whitney Houston’s range and vocal control, Michael Jackson’s passion, Kim Burrell’s vocal control, Brandy’s passion and vocal control, the Beatles’ coolness and ability to have fun and not be so serious, and Marvin Gaye’s swag. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there.

Hannah: strapless pink silk evening gown, Leanne Marshall; white to purple ombre tear drop stone gem with diamond trim necklace, Misahara.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


What was it like to perform with Keyshia Cole? Being featured on Keyshia Coles’ Party Ain’t A Party record was a true pleasure. Me and Keyshia go way back. We have known each other for many years. We’ve been fans of each other since before she’d ever gotten signed to Interscope. She’s always been one of my real friends out here in Hollywood, someone who has a true ear for music and always understood me personally. So proud of her—she’s a true ‘G’. While recording the song, she pretty much wanted me to give her the Gavyn she’s always known. That’s 2nd nature to me. I knew exactly what she wanted and I think I nailed it. What were your impressions of Italy before the shoot? Before the photo shoot, my impression of Italy was always great. I have been fortunate enough to have been there. I love the culture, the art, the food, the fashion, and the language! I have very fond memories of my time in Italy.

Kyla and Hannah: underwear, Emporio Armani


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

the music of love

Feature Story

How did you view Italian fashion? Before now, I had my own idea about Italian fashion. Very sleek and upscale sexy. Thanks to my amazing stylist Francesca, she has totally upgraded my concept of Italian fashion to another level. She’s absolutely genius at what she does. What did you learn from the shoot? What the photo shoot taught me is that Italian fashion is very original and ahead of the fashion game by a long shot, noticing that even a lot of the American ideas have somewhat snatched a few ideas from the Italian culture and compels a great deal of competition from the fashion industry as a whole. Any takeaways? I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a great day with a great team and models. I’ll just say I’ve pocketed a few ideas from Italian fashion. From the socks to the cut of the jackets, to even the kind of jewelry I wear. People are already asking me where I got them from. They always know me as the kid that’s very fashion forward. And thanks to you guys, I’m moving full speed ahead! Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, Gavyn Rhone is a music artist signed with 2 Focused Management.

Gavyn: black shirt, Porto Filo.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


San Remo The Festival The Sanremo Italian Song Festival was launched in 1951 as a means of revitalizing the shattered economy after World War II, with its first edition held in the municipal casino. Constructed 1905 in the Art Nouveau or Modern Style, the Casinò di San Remo hosted the Festival until 1976 when it moved to the Ariston Theater. The Sanremo Music Festival not only inspired the Eurovision Song Contest but it also sparked the careers of world renown singers like Andrea Bocelli, Eros Ramazzotti, Adriano Celentano, Gianni Morandi, Laura Pausini, and many more.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

san remo - the festival


Did You


Volare, also known as Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu, was performed at the 1958 Festival of Sanremo for the first time by Domenico Modugno, who won the contest. Penned by his friend Franco Migliacci, the song is based on a dream about two paintings by Marc Chagall: the floating yellow man in Le Coq Rouge and the painted blue face in Le Peintre et la Modelle.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


San Remo The City

Nicknamed the City of Flowers, San Remo is a radiant resort on the Italian Riviera of Western Liguria that vaunts palm studded promenades, swank villas, belle époque hotels, and two harmonious harbors. Dating back to 1,000AD, Old Sanremo typically goes under the appellative La Pigna for its ascending maze of cramped quarters, winding alleyways, and medieval fortifications which resemble its literal meaning—‘the pinecone’.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

san remo - the city


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



An Artistic Village Once a ghost town but now an open-air museum, the 9th-century hilltop village of Old Bussana is a stone’s throw away from Sanremo. Abandoned after the devastating earthquake of 1887, Bussana Vecchia was repopulated by Southern Italians in the 40s and an international community of artists in the 60s.

Home of painter Peter van Wel, now inhabited by his wife, Ansie van Wel, also a painter and sculptor. 24

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

old bussana


Interior of a home. Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Via Peter van Wel. 26

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

old bussana

Home of painter Guido from Bussana (real name Guido Giordano), now inhabited now by his daughter, Linda Jordan, also a painter.


Via degli Archi Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Milano—San Remo The Monument Cycling Race


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

milano - san remo


Known also as the Spring Classic , Milano—San Remo is the longest one-day professional cyclist race, which extends 294 kilometers (182.7 miles) from Milan to Sanremo. First organized by the Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milano—San Remo was inaugurated in 1907 and has been cancelled only three times on account of the two world wars. The record speed of 45.806 km/hour was set in 1990 by Gianni Bugno. Last year, Norwegian Alexander Kristoff of Team Katusha swept first place at the 105th running.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Raphael Gualazzi

Winner of Sanremo Festival A sweet smile and tender gaze ,

a style that recalls the elegance of times past—meet singer-songwriter, composer, and musician—a charmer of audiences around the world with his eclectic artistry of blues, swing, and jazz.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

raphael gualazzi


Did your father’s involvement in the Seventies’

contemporaneously; in the second and third,

Anonima Sound influence you much?

the music came first, then the texts…. There is

During the development of my artistic experience,

no method.

I came into contact with many influences. My father and family, LPs, my peers at school, my

Why did you write so much in English at first?

friends, my first colleagues, and my first Italian

Because I was inspired by the African-American

and international jazz festivals have all instilled a

tradition of the early 1900s. The blues and ragtime

passion for music in me.

were born in English, or rather Afro-American, and my initial search was focused on the colors that

What about your physical locations, growing up

certain sounds can create. I delved into the Italian

in a small cultural center like Urbino and now

language afterwards.

living in the avant-garde metropolis of London? Urbino is part of my DNA and represents my roots.

In what ways does music affect you?

London is more appropriate for musical tastes

It makes me free. Everyone has their own way to

and lifestyle of frequent travels for work. In fact, it

express their own language. Like many musicians,

represents a cultural-musical crossover between

I have music. I honestly think that music gives me

classical European and modern American traditions.

the greatest buzz ever.

What did winning the Youth Category of the 2011

How does music in Italy compare to that of other

Sanremo Festival signify?


It was definitely a formative experience in professional

Italian musicians have great creativity and can have

terms, and it gave me the possibility to tell my music

much taste. Unfortunately, the infrastructure and

story in front of perhaps 13 million people.

social culture of music are either rare or nonexistent in the educational system. For the most part, music is

You also won second place at the 2011 Eurovision

not considered a real profession in Italy. In America,

Song Contest….

as well as in other European countries, musicians are

What a great thrill, a fantastic experience. Apart

supported and treated as potential promoters of their

from musical tastes, which are always personal, it is

national culture abroad. In Italy, this is not the case.

beautiful to see so many nations united in the name of music. I think this should be the significance of

Any future projects or dreams?

events like the Eurovision Song Contest.

Apart from a tour in Germany and a new album coming out in 2015, I dream that I may continue

What is the creative process of a song being born?

to do my job with dignity, dedication, and

I don’t have a fixed method for writing songs. In

collaboration with many artists and musicians

the first album, the lyrics and music were born

from different genres.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Cristiana Pegoraro Keys of Compassion


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

cristiana pegoraro


Pianist, composer, writer, and ambassador of several humanitarian organizations, Cristiana Pegoraro is an eclectic and creative artist from Umbria who has performed on the most prestigious international stages and the first Italian woman in the world to execute the thirty-two piano sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven.

When was your passion for music born?

Why are most famous classical musicians men?

At about 4 years old. I started playing in kindergarten.

Because women have never enjoyed the same freedom or the same opportunities of men, let alone do a job that takes you around the

How did you feel the first time you sat at the piano?

world! Only in recent times have things changed.

I can’t remember the excitement of the first time, because I was too small. But I clearly remember when the first piano arrived to

Do you see more cooperation or envy among women?

the house. I had a fit of happiness: I began rolling around on the

Unfortunately envy. Only in rare cases is there much complicity

ground and hiding under the bed—I literally went crazy!

among women. When this happens, however, it is for life.

Have your parents always supported you?

What are some of the requisites to succeed in your field?

My parents are two incomparable and irreplaceable treasures.

To be a performer, first you must have good health and great

They have always supported my choices, although I can imagine

adaptability; you must be a stage animal, have great communication

that it has not been easy for them. I always had a very independent

skills and concentration, know how to make many sacrifices, and have

character. I left my family to pursue my dreams when I was only 16

great tenacity and perseverance. You must fundamentally believe in

years old—an only child and, moreover, a female.

yourself, take risks, and not be afraid of obstacles or setbacks. All this, of course, in addition to talent. Without that, you do not go anywhere.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


How many hours a day do you practice?

Do you prefer to play the classics or your own compositions?

I have gotten to the point that I study when I can, not because I’m

They are two different things. When I play pieces by other

a genius but to grow and take on more responsibilities and things

composers, I try to get as close as possible to the idea behind the

to do. I try to study every day but don’t always succeed. When

composition, the inspiration that has moved the composer; but it

I have important commitments, I follow a very steady regime. I

will never be possible to play them exactly as they were designed.

remember when I had to learn the 32 piano sonatas of Beethoven

When I play my compositions instead, I relive every moment of the

that I studied 9 hours a day every day for a whole year.

same emotions when I conceived them. The relationship between creation and execution is much narrower. I love to do both.

What was it like to master Beethoven’s sonatas? Workwise, this project was the most important thing for me so far.

Why have you taken on social causes, such as ambassador of

It was an indescribable amount of work but a journey that made

UNICEF or the fight against violence towards women?

me even closer to whom I consider my favorite composer. It was

I believe that an artist, and generally all those who attract the

an opportunity to dig into his music, personality, and depths—a

attention of an audience through their activities, has a duty to give

galvanizing path that made me discover something new every day.

voice to important messages. I consider myself privileged because

And the beauty of Beethoven’s music is that you never reach the

I can do one thing in life that makes me happy. But many people in

end, you can never arrive at a single truth. Coping with all this as

this world do not have these possibilities. And we are not talking

a woman was also challenging, because Beethoven is perhaps the

about the possibility of doing a job that satisfies; we are talking

more “male” or “man” composer of all.

about basic possibility of existence, like having food or medicine against diseases. It therefore becomes necessary to do our utmost to help others less fortunate.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

cristiana pegoraro


What are the ups and downs of a classical musician?

young people to make them understand that classical music is “cool.”

The most beautiful is definitely able to “live” all the masterpieces

Look at China: there, it is a merit for boys to play an instrument!

that the great musicians have left us. Classical music is good for the soul and I believe that it makes people better. The most difficult

How have you responded to the crisis?

it is to deal with almost a “daily struggle” to make it appreciated

For many years I have been committed to shaking the public’s

by a growing number of people. Unfortunately people are often

attention by proposing the formula of the concert-story: in

indifferent to classical music.

addition to playing, I recount simply and directly the lives of the musicians, their compositional ideas, anecdotes, and trivia

Do you feel classical music is in crisis?

related to the pieces. To bring people to classical music, it is

Unfortunately yes, and more unfortunately in Italy where culture has

important that they catch a glimpse of the man behind each

fallen to alarming levels. We live in an era that is very technological,

composer, so that they may know his weakness, his ideals, his

fast, and full of distractions. It is increasingly difficult to bring

loves, and the historical period in which each composer lived.

people to concerts of classical music; great orchestras are closing

You have to give a complete picture. In this way the public will

for economic reasons.

not be intimidated but intrigued. You must involve and entertain the audience with intelligent programs. Of course to implement

But a bit is also the fault of musicians who overtime have perched

all this you have to have great communication skills, both

themselves in their ivory towers and spoken a language that is too

artistic and verbal (you have to be brilliant orators!), otherwise

selective and aristocratic. To rediscover classical music and bring it

the result is disastrous.

to a level of fruition for all, it is necessary to present it again with freshness and simplicity; it is necessary to encourage particularly

Interview by Federica Fatale.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Angelo Cruciani Happy Dandy


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

angelo cruciani


“I come from Urbino—a city that acted as a mirror to know myself. Urbino is my DNA, pursuing perfection and harmony, my tireless renaissance that devours beauty and utopia. “I was born drawing, and that’s no joke. I studied Art and then yielded to the allurements of Fashion, always trying to escape the limits of definition and respecting my desire for expression. I had a conflictual relationship of dependence and love with Fashion and Art. I started working as a model at age 16, all the while winning national awards. I then chose to study Fashion, but after six months I found myself in a design studio. By the time I was an adult, Street Art arrived with its provocations and performance—hence, my current collection. I am a creative person, but whether I am an artist or a true designer, only time will seal the title.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


“My true person could not be declared anything but a Dandy devoted to art and a search for extreme beauty. Artists, actors, singers, and cultured beings who like to be on top of the trends and beyond the boundaries of every rule are characters that live on feeling, utopia, knowledge, and inspiration. Romantic poets from the mysterious shadows, silent principles of aesthetics without genres. My being is creative; I’m a spiritual animal.

“Happy Dandy emerged out of my need to convey the excitement of being born—something that buds and blossoms in this collection, which describes the joy of being, knowing, and marveling at the cosmos. Happy Dandy represents the utopian man who is inherent to each artist; in fact, it took a long search for a pure testimonial that could fully reflect the fragility of unfashionable poetry. Then came Linfante, like me, in love with grunge and French literature— an artistic style that is typical of those who live by feeling; he will be the testimonial of the next collection, along with other artists. 38

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

angelo cruciani


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


“I live between Milan and Shanghai; I studied in New York and Rome. More and more I feel that all individuals— like me—develop their beings as children of the world and combine their origins with the destinations of their life journey, from which they collect experiences and elements that enrich their style. I also love quotes from other eras: the idea of being able to be present not only in the now. “As an individual Angelo [Cruciani] can go without eating for a week, but it is impossible to survive two hours without art brushing up against him. For me and all my collections, poetry is an essential food for my soul that can become an aesthetic possibility only by moving away from commercializing influences. In fact, most of my creations will always be in a limited series of 7 or even single pieces.”


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

angelo cruciani


Did You


Composed of two words cantante [‘singer’] and autore [‘writer’], the Italian word for singersongwriter is cantautore, which, unlike many artists today, stands for a musician that writes, composes, and performs his or her own music. Domenico Modugno was the first internationally renowned cantautore with his song Volare (1958).

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Angelo Cruciani Happy Priest Shirt


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

angelo cruciani

“The capsule collection is entitled Happy Priest Shirt and is based on the classic design of the Catholic priest’s shirt but interpreted in the pure vivid colors of the rainbow. “ All that is classic is the consolidation of a concept that is accepted by the tastes of the era. I love the absolute aesthetic references where harmony is the apex of balance—a boundary that I would like to surpass by experimenting on my journey with an attempt to revise the rules that now form the basis of our memory.


“It’s a very long history, starting from my name and onwards through a great part of my artistic and spiritual journey: Happy Priest represents to me the ironic possibility that we are all teachers of profound truths. I chose to propose this model because I think the shape of the collar is highly current and stylish, next to the necktie and bowtie…so why not? “We are in a world where the old rules and uniforms are looking for an evolution. I think it is the duty of every creative person to interpret a collective awareness that brings that language into existence. The time has come when love and happiness can be a global religion.” Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Patrizia Pepe Pacific Memories


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

patrizia pepe


When my husband, Claudio Orrea, and I

[Patrizia Bambi] founded the brand, we had been the owners of Tessilform, the company that heads up Patrizia Pepe. We had been producing clothing for several clients already but wanted to experience a project of our own—more complete and innovative—that would combine glamor and quality into original garments that were also extremely comfortable, essential, and perfect for any occasion or time of day. “Claudio has always guided the business of the company as CEO, while I focus on design and creativity. The main reason for our success stems from the natural division of our roles and ongoing synergies between our teams for strategic development, not only of sales but also marketing and communications, which have helped to strengthen the brand in Italy and expand internationally.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


I think another important factor is that we

live out our project as an ongoing challenge—inspired by the desire to focus on excellence, quality, and beauty—building and strengthening our relationship of trust with the consumer day after day and basing it on detailed care and service, which is always available and attentive to the needs of our customers. “We focus on the founding philosophy of the company, leaving great room for listening and analyzing stylish contemporary messages. This allows us constantly to update our vision enough to be able to ride the new trends, succeeding to meet the expectations of the global market. “The Patrizia Pepe man stands out for modernity, wanting to keep up with the times but never with excess: A man who lives an urban lifestyle in an energetic, creative, and decisive way. A bon vivant of the modern times who desires original and refined items, but always with quality and comfort. A man whom I imagine perfectly at ease in the chic fast pace of New York’s avenues, as well as among the dead silence of exotic destinations in the farthest reaches of the world.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

patrizia pepe


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Pacific Memories refers to the memories of

moments about oneself: breaks dedicated to one’s personality and individuality. In a dynamic and frenetic world like the one of this global era in which we constantly live ‘online’, the Patrizia Pepe man finds time to escape from commitments and the speed of daily appointments, carving out a space for himself, his own hobbies, and friends. “The image is that of a sophisticated bohemian dandy who exalts streetwear through luxurious features. A man who wears a blazer over classic shirts enlivened by tropical prints and slim-legged pants over unlaced sneakers or custom-made laced shoes, alternating timeless nuances with explosions of vibrant audacious prints. “Among shirts inspired by traditional tailoring and vintage T-shirts, soft leather jackets, and distressed jeans, the collection features mixes and contrasts of unique flavor whereby the quality, fit, and details are always at the center of my design research.”


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

patrizia pepe


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Simone Parodi Age: 28 Hometown: San Remo Height: 1.95m (6’5”) Weight: 93kg (205lb) Position: Outside hitter Medals Silver: 2011 & 2013 European Championships Bronze: 2012 Olympic Games Bronze: 2013 & 2014 World League

What does volleyball mean to you? Everything—it occupies a large part of my life! It has always surrounded where I live, what I do, the people I hang out with. When did you begin playing? My father was a coach, so at five years old I was already attending the gym and had the ball in my hand.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



With all the sacrifices, have you ever thought about quitting? Quitting—never, never, never….

Lots of difficult

moments, especially after my knee injury; but my reaction was the opposite: I couldn’t wait to get back on the court. Is there any one thing that you would never renounce? A plate of pasta…. Abroad, however, often only rice saves your life! Knowing how to cook pasta is an art, unfortunately often only an Italian one. Do you follow any particular diet? Lots of pasta…. No, kidding aside, nothing special. A balanced diet, perhaps following the dictates of the classical Mediterranean diet, with a good dose of fruits and vegetables. What’s your favorite food? I think you’ve guessed it: pasta, probably with pesto! How about hobbies? I really like engines, especially four wheelers. Then I love design; I especially try my hand at caricatures. What do you dream about? Meeting Valentino Rossi! All kidding aside, living in a villa that overlooks the sea! The link with “my” Italian Riviera is getting stronger. Looking forward, any predictions? Italy…. We are strong, and often the outcome of the game depends only on ourselves. In recent years Russia, Brazil, the US, and Poland have grown much: the world of volleyball has risen to a higher level; no one is unbeatable.

Did You


You have to be afraid of everyone and no one.

The Italian national men’s volleyball team has Any final words to younger players?

won a total of 58 medals, including 5 medals

Forever believe that it is not impossible! You

at the Summer Olympic Games, 4 at the

can reach great goals only if you have dreams or

World Championships, 12 at the European

ambitions: the bigger the dream, the more important the result achieved.

Championships, and 14 at the World League.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Age: 24 Hometown: Asti Height: 2.08m (6’8”) Weight: 102kg (225lb) Position: Middle Blocker Medals Silver: 2013 European Championships Bronze: 2013 & 2014 World League Bronze: 2013 Grand Champions Cup

Matteo Piano When did you begin playing volleyball? I started playing at thirteen, though mom says about eleven. How would you describe the sport? Volleyball for me is what I love to do; it is not easy to describe what it means. Has your success carried a price? When you decide that you have to give your best to one thing, you will have to give up something else. Playing volleyball at the competitive level definitely requires sacrifice. Presently I miss out on most parties, Sundays with family, weekends with old friends….


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



What are volleyball’s specific requisites?

Do you listen to music before a game?

Surely it is important to have a “head” that is level and

Yes, I listen to music, usually a few songs from the current

geared towards what you want to achieve, being determined

hit parade!

and enthusiastic about what you do, even if it is not always easy. I believe that the head is a core value that is important

Who do you fear most?

to perform this sport well and become a champion.

The national team I fear most, perhaps Brazil.

How about dietary requirements?

Strong points versus weak points….

As for diet, we are followed by a medical staff and athletic

One virtue is that I am a person with a lot of enthusiasm; a

trainers who are always very careful to show us the best

defect is that I am stubborn.

solution with regard to nutrition. Is there life outside of volleyball? Do you have any favorite foods?

Lots of passions besides volleyball, but definitely what I

My absolute favorite food is ice cream and, even though my

enjoy most is traveling.

mom and grandmas get chills when I say it—I love sushi! How does volleyball stand up against soccer in Italy? Have you ever wanted to give up?

Fortunately volleyball is always able to hold on and not

It happens sometimes to feel down and think about

be hidden amongst the thousands of pages of newspapers

stopping, taking some time off; but volleyball doesn’t

and television hours that are dedicated to soccer.

wait, so you always have to try to get out of the bad times, which I believe happen to everyone; but strength lies in

Any final words?

overcoming them.

To all those who engage in this sport, I only say: have fun. It’s the most important thing, whether you manage to

Are you much into fashion?

play for the trophy in your district or at a premier league

Fashion is interesting. I don’t believe that I follow it much.

championship: have fun!

I have my own style, I think: I’m colorful, let’s say!

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


The Black up Rock Collection

Black Believe

black believe


Inspired by underground street cultures, Black Believe was launched in 2012, in Milan. So why the name? In Los Angeles, in an unforgettable adventure among the various locations of its street subcultures, coming across a street where a group of kids were breakdancing, there was a mural in the background with the words “Black Believe.” Their unmistakable style, determination, and character became a source of inspiration for the birth of this project, which assumed the name Black Believe. How does that group compare to the man who wears Black Believe? In the world of this brand Black Believe, stereotypes fall away as the various influences co-exist to allow everyone to have his unmistakable style. The concept that animates the brand is characterized by a style, a way of being, the desire to stand out, ambition, determination, grit, passion, and belief in oneself. The Black Believe man does not follow fashion but makes it. He doesn’t dream but rather believes. He’s a man with a spirit of inquiry, sophisticated, rebellious, chic, super intellectual.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


What about the underground street subculture in Italy…. In Italy, the role of a real counterculture is to distance oneself from being recognized through objects and trends, so as to create a school of thought in open opposition that can mindfully reject the established order without making compromises with the world. It becomes timeless, an eternal vanguard that never grows into a closed crystallized form. Do all the collections draw on this underground street subculture? The future collections have taken a more sophisticated direction; we could define them as “intro rock,” with the key words joy and concert, as they are dedicated to lovers of music festivals and outdoor concerts, as well as all forms of musical expression. What does the 2015 spring collection “Black up Rock” refer to? It



Black—black and

summarized sophisticated;





nonconformist, unconventional chic.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

follows: spirited,

black believe


How would you define its inspiration? The DNA of this collection is inspired by the pure rock of the late 70s through 80s glam, all tainted by the world of denim. For us, the launch of each collection is like a new show. Why did you choose “freaks� as your muse? One could say that all freaks are revolutionaries and






collection is aimed at those whose style is extravagant and eccentric. Can you describe the porn rock prints in the collection? These






pornographic images, but with irony as a pure cultural provocation.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Although common in Italy, why isn’t porn rock discussed much abroad? Simply because, in Europe, everyone is constantly looking for new languages and new visions of the existing world, including a new review of porn. So why did you use it in this collection? In Europe the term porn no longer scares anyone; it has become like sexuality, an element of fascination and seduction for fashion. In the Black Believe collection, it is used in an ironic way.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

black believe


Did You


In a Renaissance attempt to revive Greek drama in Florence, Italy, opera originated in the late 16th century with the first known ‘work’ entitled Dafne by Jacopo Peri. First confined to the royal court, opera soon spread throughout the Italic boot and diversified into numerous forms.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Leitmotiv From


Emoticon to Leitmoticon

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



“Emoticons are the widely used digital images of the ‘80s that have revolutionized the way we communicate online in playful ways, replacing words with icons that convey a mood, a thought, an emotion. “We started with this form of iconographic language, which is immediate, direct, friendly, and





reinterpreted the emoticons, creating subjects that are capable of transmitting positivity, joy of life, and love. From this operation a series of icons called Leitmoticons was born.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


“The immediacy and freshness of the message links the emoticons to the mood. The emoticons are icons that are synthetic, dynamic, and colorful, with common features to things that reflect the collection, from the prints to the fabrics. “The fusion of sports and streetwear is an interesting topic because, in our opinion, it fully reflects the spirit of modern man.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



“It is an interesting close link that has been created between the shapes and fabrics which belong to the technical and dynamic world of sports and the decorative style of materials—a recurring trait. “For the 2015 spring collection, we focused particularly on the three-dimensional shape, conducting new research on the materials and presenting color palettes that have never been explored and a pictorial component.”

About the Logo “In various mythological traditions, the deer has always played a significant role: the symbol of life’s continuous renewal. For us it is the joy of living.”

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Cily Hairstylist Color’s New Frontier


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

cily hairstylist


This spring you can forget about ombre. Thanks to a secret

Men’s hair gains more elegance and composure, maintaining

technique invented by Cily Hairstylist, a new color trend has

the same natural style that has been in vogue for the last few

been born, one inspired by the movements of the northern

years, even if I must say that the shiny combed look may

lights: Aurora Borealis. Hair comes to life with ever-changing

just return. The top is not exaggerated but uncombed. The

reflections of the sun’s rays, never seeming the same.

sides are no longer shaved or faded but trimmed to size. Gel is king this season. The beard is shorter and the face,

Shades take on an indefinite, almost surreal 3D effect, starting

cleaner. Gradually we will see the hipster phenomenon that

with two nuances on up. Hair becomes as spectacular as the

conquered the world start to wane. Hair remains high and

rainbow, with natural alternating lights on blond to brown

voluminous, soft and natural.

hair. It’s a new frontier inspired by the sky for those who behold it with the eyes of their heart.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Cily Tip: Voluminous Hair To make your hair more voluminous, you will need a flat

backwards and—voilà—your hair stays high and voluminous!

wooden brush, which will not make static, a blow-dryer, and a hair straightener.

If the ends remain frizzy, finish them off with a straightener without exaggerating or you will burn them.

Begin by drying the wet hair in the opposite direction of how


it is usually combed, pressing it down on the scalp as much

Warning: Do not use products like water-based gels, which

as possible. Then, comb the hair in the reverse direction and

moisten and weigh down the hair, ruining your beautiful work

continue to dry it by repeating the first step. Thirdly, blow-dry the

on top! Use opaque modeling pastes, waxes, pomades or—

hair forward, pressing it onto the forehead. Finally, blow the hair

even better—hairspray.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

cily hairstylist


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Roberto Ruberti In Search of Truth


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

roberto ruberti

Grande Fratello is


the Italian version of the TV

reality series Big Brother, which, hitting the screens in September of 2000, has swept the Italic boot. Last year on the 13th episode, in walked a tall, curly haired bank analyst from Rome, with a dark unkempt beard and a deep thirst for knowledge. As a gladiator of the truth, he may have been evicted from Grande Fratello’s house, but his quest has opened new doors in the fight for human rights.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


How did it all begin? It all started five years ago, thanks to a Radiohead singer whom I respect very much. During his concerts he expressed his disagreement with the situation in Tibet—a subject that started to intrigue me. What prompted me to investigate the matter was that, unfortunately, no one was speaking about it anymore; whereas, perhaps more recently than in the past, the situation has been growing worse, especially as the plan for the disposal of a people’s culture is being executed. What did you experience when you first saw the Dalai Lama? The Dalai Lama greatly impressed me. I realized how the meaning of the phrase “an ocean of wisdom” is more than warranted. He transmits so much wisdom, depth, and points of view on religion and ways of life that are much more alternative than you might think. I was fascinated as I listened to his words and saw his physical movements as he taught, the way he looked at the others. Intrigued by how he interacted with his gaze, I was moved by him. Why did you take on the cause? I didn’t do it to assume a political or religious position. I did it to let more people know of a situation that is no longer spoken about: to spawn their interest through Big Brother in something that is humane and not frivolous. We need to remind everyone that, what is happening there, can happen anywhere. A culture, a different ethnic group, can subjugate a people and kill it slowly. Today that people is deprived of its freedom. The Tibetans are marginalized in their own country, while the Chinese are favored. They cannot even keep a photo of the Dalai Lama in their pocket, because it is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment. Who wants to live like that? Change can be scary, are you afraid of it? Basically I am like everyone else, afraid of change, but I have a substantial hyperactivity of thought. I always try new ideas and I am ready and motivated to express them. Curiosity is what characterized me since childhood…. My desire to discover is much stronger than my fear of change. I’ve made so many changes in life; I’ve even changed sports eight times. Many people have longterm projects; mine is to inquire and know more, never ceasing.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

roberto ruberti


Can you name a happy life moment? A happy moment in the past…I can relay to you the feeling I had in Grand Canyon West, Arizona, when I saw the horizon around me. Those limitless spaces that perhaps my eyes had never seen gave me a feeling of openness and freedom. It is something I will never forget. If you were to walk through Dante’s Inferno, who would you want by your side? In Hell, I would want Mother Teresa of Calcutta near me; perhaps because she is the one person who ever existed that was joined to the suffering of others with clarity and incredible love. How about in Purgatorio? In Purgatory, I would like the guidance of Gandhi because, with his pacifist approach, he was probably the greatest revolutionary after Jesus Christ, showing peace as a daily guideline. And Paradiso? In Heaven, I would want to be led by Bobby Kennedy because, in his life, he carried out a revolutionary approach for his time; and I will never forget his speech on the GDP. It left me speechless. His lateral and free way of seeing everyday things inspires me. How about a personal evaluation, virtues versus defects…. I am always in constant conflict with myself; I always look for the truth. I am always subject to the reevaluation of everything—a fundamental aspect of my character. I think my positive aspects are curiosity and open mindedness. A negative aspect is that sometimes I am not very optimistic. Finally, my usual question: what person do you want to become? I think I am that person, but I would like to have the possibility of planting myself in an environment that affirms the “me” that I see in front of the mirror so that I might share my thoughts with others. Interview by Francesco Cilidonio.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

AQUAelite Partners in Relaxation



“Our company was founded in 1998 by Paolo Civelli in the natural evolution of a traditional family business that had been operating for over 40 years in the plastics industry. Our factories are located in Gavirate [Lombardy], in the beautiful setting of the seven lakes. “In the earlier years, our company specialized in the production of molds and molding of components for faucets, cosmetics, lighting, and autos. Thanks to the high standards of quality and constant demands of customers for specialized bathroom fittings, we achieved enough success to develop a dedicated line of shower products. “AQUAelite specializes in the design and manufacture of elegant and innovative shower systems, including the best Made-in-Italy production of our company: the latest generation of shower systems that combine technology and style with particular attention to issues of water conservation. “Showers have evolved from being a small marginal corner of the bathroom to occupying a leading role, which has been earning increasingly greater dimensions and functions. It is no longer just a place to wash but rather has been transformed into a multisensory experience. The possibility of combining different jets, adding effects with LED lights and sounds, transforms time in the shower into an oasis of relaxation in the bathroom.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


“AQUAelite’s range offers a variety of options that allows you to create a unique shower. Rainfall jets, waterfalls, mist, color therapy and sound are just some of the available options that can be combined for your pleasure. “Our target markets are the Middle East, India, and Europe. Modern design and high technology of products enjoy increasing success among the demanding clientele of these countries, which are always looking for new products that are not only objects but experiences. “Our tailor-made program is dedicated to personalization and customized projects, allowing for the quick production of unique items that are based on customers’ wishes. Another quality of AQUAelite is quick delivery. “The AQUAelite technical team is always searching for solutions to efficiency and water conservation. Aquaring is a water diffusion system that ensures high performance with low water consumption. The particular inner cartridge design of shower heads and showers and the use of flow limiters ensure that products emit only 9 liters/min, all the while maintaining optimum comfort for the user. We are also seeking solutions to mix water and air for ultimate savings. “The use of lighting effects in combination with different water jets accentuates feelings of well-being. Light and water combine to give emotions like energy, relaxation, serenity…. “The AQUAelite controller allows you to match the preferred color to the desired jet, leaving you with the decision to amplify sensations to your liking. “The Aqua Blue sound system adds another level of experience to the shower. In addition to the visual and tactile sensations of water and light, the integration of sound makes showering a unique moment. The ease of connection to modern devices via Bluetooth enables the user to play any sound effects, from the wildest music to the most relaxing sounds of nature.”


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Martini Mobili The San Remo Collection


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



“Martini Mobili was born in Bovolone, a town in the province of Verona, out of the passion of two brothers [Giorgio and Gilberto Martini] who brought forth the first products in 1965. They never abandoned their enthusiasm and courage, allowing them to trace—step by step—a path full of ambitious ventures that aimed at constant growth and the quest for quality. “Faithful devotion to ‘Made in Italy’—the real type—as a fundamental value and symbol of high quality standards has allowed us to be very popular in the countries of the former USSR where we have been present for more than 15 years, having established very solid and satisfactory partnerships.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


“To date, however, we are also working well in Europe and the US. Highly classic items have a strong appeal there because they differ from the local production and allow for a highly customized design according to personal styles and the guarantee of quality and design.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



“This collection is more complete and embraces other design examples (Milano, Firenze, Palermo, Gaiole, Lipari, and Pieve di Cadore), each of which make reference to the concept of Italy, to which we are strongly linked and connected, since we have always been on Italian territory and ‘Made in Italy’ has been our flag.”

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Marchi Cucine St. Louis


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



As part of the Life Stories collection , St. Louis is a retro style kitchen inspired by the rounded edges of the 1950s and available in five colors of cabinet doors: grey, carbon (grey anthracite), beige, pale blue, and a pale pink finish. During the 1950s in St. Louis, Missouri, entertainers were flocking to the hip bohemian nightclubs of the Gaslight District, while local musicians like Chuck Berry and Ike Turner were redefining the sounds of jazz, rhythm, and blues into a new genre known as the St. Louis Blues. Italians love rhythm and blues, so no wonder the forty-year-old Marchi Group drew inspiration from the creative and innovative years of St. Louis, fashioning vintage styles into a new class of customized kitchens. Light shades of lacquered wood, harmoniously flowing lines, and rounded shapes define the simple but functional style, while ribbed aluminum—a hallmark of the line—elegantly clads the kitchen from hood to counters, which are treated with acid proof and non-absorbent finishes.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Valentino Cucina Italiana with Ornella Fado of Brindiamo!


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


I am always proud to introduce my American audience to great Italian restaurants and chefs; from time to time I also have the pleasure of interviewing Italian celebrities, such as in this episode of the Brindiamo! Special Florida Edition, wherein I was the guest of Ursula Avella, president of Great Culinary Minds. Ms. Avella organized a grand culinary event that was hosted by Giovanni Rocchia, chef and owner of Valentino Cucina Italiana in Fort Lauderdale. Another guest of this delightful night was the two-star Michelin Chef Mauro Uliassi, owner of Restaurant Uliassi in Senigallia, a charming town by the sea in the region of Le Marche, Italy. My Italian celebrity was Raffaele Riefoli, better known as RAF, whom I met by the

Two-time Michelin Chef Mauro Uliassi,

beach for a lovely interview.

chef and owner of Restaurant Uliassi.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Ursula Avella, president of Great Culinary Minds (GCM).


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Red Prawns, Melon, Basil and Calvisius White Sturgeon Caviar Ingredients: 3 red raw shrimp 2 cubes of winter melon Lemon juice Pachino sundried tomatoes Baby basil Pistachios of Bronte Cardamom Calvisius white sturgeon caviar Preparation: Spread a spoon of lemon juice on the dish, add two cubes of winter melon, a few leaves of baby basil and two half Pachino sundried cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle a bit of cardamom on both cubes of winter melon, some crumbled pistachio on the dish, three raw shrimp and a full spoon of caviar. Giovanni Rocchia, chef and owner at

The dish is ready!

Valentino Cucina Italiana.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



with Ornella Fado of Brindiamo! Raffaele




much success, as with Infinito, my

September 29, 1959 in a small town

personal favorite, and Si Può Dare di PiÚ,

within the region of Apulia called

which was presented by Gianni Morandi,

Margherita di Savoia. His first single

Enrico Ruggeri, and Umberto Tozzi at the

Self-Control was an immediate success

1987 Sanremo Music Festival where it

and thanks to American pop singer Laura

captured first place.

Branigan, very soon the song became an international hit.

The success that RAF cherishes the most is his beautiful family: his lovely wife

Throughout the years Raf has achieved


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

Gabriella Labate and two children.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



Uomo Moderno Spring 2015



Protect your personal items up to 15 feet underwater or inflate it so that it floats! Ideal for all beach lovers or anyone who loves sailing, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, and more!

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


The Winter Launch Party In celebration of La Dolce Vita and the new partnership with two-time awardwinning TV show Brindiamo!, the Uomo Moderno winter edition was presented in grand style on December 19, 2014 in one of the most suggestive venues of Manhattan—a breathtaking rooftop overlooking the Lincoln Center. Everything was picture perfect from the special guests Chef Raffaele Ronca and Fashion Designer Nedo Bellucci to the guests of honor, including the beautiful and talented Italian TV personality Barbara D’Urso and Leer Curreri, one of the most beloved characters in the successful movie and TV series Fame. Guests were invited to partake of the “sweet life” as they enjoyed a piece of custom-made cake decorated with an edible magazine cover featuring Ornella Fado, creator and hostess of the only TV show about Italian restaurants and Italian lifestyle—Brindiamo! Among the hundreds of guests were Designer of the Stars Domenico Vacca, Howard Thompson of WBIX TV, and many more.


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

the winter launch party


Sponsors We could not celebrate La Dolce Vita without some good espresso and great wines. Miscela D’Oro created a corner to delight our guests throughout the whole night with some aromatic fresh Italian coffee, as well as a goody bag to try a pack at home. A display of prestigious wines from Italian Wine and Style Promotion was waiting for a few lucky winners.

Gifts & Prizes Guests entered a fun raffle at the end of the evening, while winners went home happily with special prizes, including a $500 gift card to Bellucci Napoli, a $500 gift card to Federico Hair salon, a 2-night stay at Hotel Fiesta Americana in Cancun, Woll cookware by Marcello Russodivito, a chef’s table at Ristorante Rafele, and a cooking course at Ribalta Pizzeria.

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


barbara d’urso Italy’s Top TV Celebrity


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

barbara d’urso


Born Maria Carmela D’Urso in Naples, Italy, the twenty-year-old Barbara launched her career first as a fashion model but was soon snatched up by TeleMilano to conduct the program Goal, which catapulted the TV show host into the world of Italian show business, becoming the queen of Channel 5 today. A spicy mix of sex appeal and cheerfulness has propelled Barbara for over the three decades through a whirlwind of films, documentaries, TV series, reality shows, theater, and books. Despite the controversy that surrounds the lovely Barbara, no one can deny the level of success that “Carmelita” has achieved throughout the years. As she weathers the storm, Uomo Moderno—which takes no sides but showcases all aspects of Italy, regardless of viewpoints back home—remains grateful for Barbara’s presence at the Winter Launch Party, which celebrated fifty-five years of La Dolce Vita around the world. Therefore the takeaway is, when life gives you lemons, make limoncello!

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


Lee curreri fame’s beloved bruno


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

lee curreri

I was adopted at 5 weeks old by a man whose parents emigrated


Johnson, Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis,

me to leave the house. I started attending

Stan Levey, Wes Montgomery—I was

the Mannes College of Music on E 74th St

from Sciacca and Agrigento, Sicilia, and

mystified, and I wanted to learn how

in Manhattan and roomed with two other

his wife, who emigrated from Sannicandro

to play these mysterious and beautiful

classmates in a railroad flat on E 83rd St.

di Bari as a baby. In my later years, I met

voicings on the piano—that brought me

Even though I was in the middle room in the

my birth parents, whose families were

to find the music of Herbie Hancock,

railroad, where people were always passing

from San Fratello, Porticello, and Marineo,

Chick Corea, Errol Garner, and Red

through, I had my stereo, and my Wurlitzer

Sicilia, and Montemilone in Basilicata. My

Garland. There was also a great jazz

electric piano, and I was in paradise!

childhood in Yonkers was turbulent—

station at the time in NY, called WRVR.

there was a predominance of anger in

They played a mixture of mainstream

When I first saw the script, it seemed

the household, probably as a result of the

jazz, and then the more jazz-funk fusion

that the role of Bruno was written for me:

tough lives my parents had when they were

sounds of labels, such as CTI. Hanging

a shy, geeky piano player with a love for

growing up. I didn’t experience the warmth

around Manhattan in the 70’s was quite

music and electronics, and a desire to put

that I witnessed in other Italo-American

a magical time for me, spending hours

them together. I identified with Bruno’s

households, except for inside the kitchen

in the Lincoln Center Library to listen to

frustration with the status quo and his

of my Sicilian grandparents in the Bronx—

modern classical music like Stravinsky,

preference for the headier, creative, behind-

they really knew how to keep a big family

Milhaud, Messaien, Steve Reich, and

the-scenes work over flashy showmanship.

full of grievances together.

Elliot Carter, going to the Village Gate, the Blue Note, and the Vanguard to check

I came up with the name Aquabox for

I had a next-door neighbor named Agnes

out jazz, attending the Schaffer free jazz

several reasons—I feel that music is fluid,

Fiorito, who played the organ at Mt. Carmel

concerts in Central Park, free jazz at the

like water, always filling us up where we are

Church in the Bronx. She had a really nice

Atrium in the Citicorp building, and the

empty, always adding to our lives, always

Chickering baby grand in her living room. I

Jazz Vespers at St. Pater’s Church on

circulating and re-circulating and adapting

was obsessed with this piano as a toddler.


whenever it needs to adapt. This musical

Eventually, a household of elderly sisters

backdrop to our lives exists externally in

living nearby donated their player piano to

At the age of 16, I graduated Fordham Prep

the ether and internally in our heads and

us, and that became my childhood refuge

high school in the Bronx. I had already

our hearts, so we are really our own boxes

from all the drama and angst in the house.

decided that the only true calling for me

of fluid music; in a way, we are aquaboxes!

was music, even though I knew there

Plus, my wife was pregnant with our first

My father used to listen to big bands on the

would be drawbacks to my decision, and

son at the time, so there was a new life that

radio all the time. I would constantly hear

the usual lack of security associated with

I was seeing sonograms of: pictures of a

the music of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey,

the life of a free-lance professional. For

tiny baby in a big box of water.

Les Brown, and Benny Goodman. Then,

this, my parents tortured me. They did not

my uncle, who was ten years younger

like my hair getting longer, my staying up

I wanted the songs to bring you to another

than my father, started introducing me to

late to play gigs on weekends. At one point,

place—I think the right combination of

hipper and more modern forms of jazz. I

my mother started to veer the car off the

rhythm, melody, harmony, and soul will

remember being in love with the records

road, saying that it would be better to die

always have transcendental qualities.

he would play on his warm, tube-driven

in a car accident than to lead a life playing

McIntosh stereo system—people like JJ

music in dens of iniquity. It was time for

I’ve been to Italy many times, first, in the

Uomo Moderno Spring 2015


1980’s to shoot an American TV movie in

you have issues, you will see your emotions

I think Italian style starts with the people,

Rome—during that time, I visited cousins

reflecting back to you off the waters of the

those who grew up with an awareness of

in Bari, and friends in Napoli. Years later,

canals in their melancholic beauty. Sicilia

great art, history, culture, and invention. In

I went to Firenze, Venezia, Milano, Pisa,

is a completely different story—I have a

Los Angeles, I see Italian style all around

Modena, and Sicilia 3 times. The last 2

deep attraction to the island—there is a

me: in the Ferraris, the Fiat 500’s, the

summers, I spent August in Modica, Sicilia,

turbulent underlying passion underneath

Armani clothes, the Mediterranean houses,

playing with a band called “Mode.”

the earth that grounds me and calls to me.

the operas of Verdi, the marble work at the

The typical laments of the people there

Getty museum, etc.

I have very different impressions of different

contain some of the reasons why I love it

parts of Italy—Rome to me is like NY, but

so much—the general lack of awareness

1st, the warm, friendly, incredibly hospitable

with an amazing juxtaposition of ancient

of empirical things, such as linear time, the

people. 2nd, you can get amazing, healthy

alongside modern, as in New York; if you

self-policing aspects of family and friends,

food, anywhere, because they are not using

are there, you probably don’t need to leave

good cheese and bread and wine on every

deadly insecticides or gmo in the food

for any reason other than to get away from

table, the arancini, the scacce, the cannoli.

supply. 3rd, you can get amazing coffee

sounds of the Vespas speeding by you or

I could fill a book with the reasons why I

anywhere, whether it be a fancy restaurant

the crazy traffic and the accompanying

love Sicily.

or a gas station. 4th, Beauty. Everywhere

smog. Venezia is a mirror to your soul—if


Uomo Moderno Spring 2015

you look.

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Uomo Moderno Spring 2015  

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Uomo Moderno Spring 2015  

The Spring 2015 Edition of Uomo Moderno features the following exciting topics and articles: Exclusive interview with performing artist Gav...