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summer 2015

A Midsummer Night Dream with

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Peter Facinelli

And the Femme Fatale


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

Peter: midnight blue-black pin stripe tuxedo with black satin peak lapel, white shirt with black mother of pearl buttons, black silk bowtie and cummerbund, Bellucci Napoli. Heather: cape trench, PORTS 1961; silk satin shirt dress, 5on7.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



The 1st and only Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle

COVER STORY CREDITS (cover, pp. 2-3, 5, 9-21, 99)

Magazine from Italy.

Photographer: Viktorija Juodenaite Lighting: Jon Dee


Styling: Asantí Austin

Peter Facinelli

Styling Assistant: Xinyi Huang Model: Heather Hahn, Trump Models

Editor in Chief

Model’s Hair: Addam Moreno for F.S. Charlie Salon

Francesco Di Maio

Model’s Makeup: Eden Di Bianco Peter Facinelli Hair/Makeup: Jeffrey Paul for

Culture & Travel Editor

Exclusive Artists Management, using Baxter of CA.

Business Development Dafne Perticarini

EVENT CREDITS (pp. 94-98) Art Director/Key Hairstylist: Addam Moreno, F.S.

PR & Communications

Charlie Salon

Federica Fatale

Lead Hairstylist: Emmy Finkeldie Official Hair Sponsor: Oribe Haircare


Official Makeup Sponsor: INGLOT Cosmetics USA

Francesco Cilidonio—Cily Hairstylist

Key Makeup Artist: Sponsor Ahbi Nishman Lead Makeup Artist: Mahasin Phillips

Graphic Design

INGLOT Artist Pro Team

Cecilia Giménez de Paz

Photo Credits

Contact Info

Manonce (pp. 95-96)

Inna Race, Private Paparazzi Production (pp. 97-98)



Uomo Moderno is a quarterly publication

Photographer: Jacopo Manfren, MS Management

of Men’s Fashion by Francesco LLC.

Stylist: Bailee Edgington Makeup: Susan Zeytuntsyan

ISSN 2329-9258

Model: Madeline, Aston Models Los Angeles

© 2015, All Rights Reserved


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

Heather: hat, Wild Horses run Free; trench, TERRA New York; silk satin shirt dress, 5on7; meteor resin necklace, PONO by Joan Goodman.

Did You


In Italy the femme fatale—la donna fatale—was born in the silent film era as the second female actress. She portrayed the dark side as seductive, sensual, authoratative, and anticonfomist— sometimes a vampiress.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


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26 Tiziano Zorzan A Visionary with Style

30 Frank Louis Through the Eyes of a Photographer

32 DueDiLatte


Cover Story Peter Facinelli Dreaming beyond Summer Nights

16 Bellucci Napoli

T-Shirts Made from…Milk?!

36 120% When 100% Is Not Enough

46 Eleventy Casual Formality

When Dreams Come True

52 Conte of Florence A Tribute to the City


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015







Gabry Ponte A DJ with Swag

Davide Giliberti The Other Side of Beauty





Fencing Elisa di Francisca


56 Snobs Shoes But Not Snobby!

RIFRA How Kitchens and Bathrooms Relate


RIFRA Kitchens Conceived for the USA


RIFRA Bathrooms Oases of Relaxation


60 Cily Hairstylist Everyday Looks

Adler Dolomiti

82 Adler Thermae Toscana

84 Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa

86 Helvetia Thermal Spa

88 Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda

90 Nun Assisi Relais & Spa


94 New York Fashion Week PorN.Y. Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Benvenuti! Welcome to the 2015 sUMMER Edition of Uomo Moderno! I’m extremely pleased to present in this issue the renowned actor Peter Facinelli, who has starred in numerous films and TV series, including The Big Kahuna, Nurse Jackie, The Damned, Glee, Fastlane, Six Feet Under, Finding Amanda, Twilight, and The Twilight Saga. Then from the world of film and cinema, we will take a whirlwind tour of the latest summer fashions, winding up in some of the most luxurious spas of Italy. Have you ever wondered where the word spa comes from? It is the acronym for the Latin phrase Salus Per Aquam, which means ‘health through water’. Ironically as I prepare this edition of Uomo Moderno, I have just returned from a brief visit to my family in Italy, at which time I observed that, on the surface, everything appeared as “business as usual.” But underneath, I had the uncanny sensation that the country is all but healthy and no amount of water was going to heal it any time soon. We often hear the phrase think outside the box and many of us “think” that we are “thinking outside the box”; but oftentimes it’s more like monkey see monkey do “inside the box!” I think this is precisely why Italy has dropped the ball and lost its edge on the international scene within the past decade.

We have an incredibly long history of outstanding traditions and such a rich heritage that, for decades, we have begun riding on our stellar reputation. But in the world today tradition and heritage do not suffice, no matter how exceptional they may be. Nowadays what’s important is the ability to adapt, change, and innovate—“think outside the box.” How much more do we need to apply this concept to the fashion industry, wherein much creativity has been channelled into finding the cheapest manufacturer that can produce quickly and at a low cost?! The looks, the shows, the fairs—everything seems as if our industry is stuck in the mud and all we do is spin our wheels from season to season, from one fashion week to another. I think it’s time for some sober reflection—a time to question what we do and why we do it. Personally, I don’t want to do something just because “it’s the way things have always been done.” Therefore I encourage you, whether you dwell amidst a stagnant economy or not, to resist the outside pressure to conform and take a bold leap outside the box. New times require a new medium, a fresh platform to present a novel idea! So enjoy the show! Francesco


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

Peter: midnight blue-black pin stripe tuxedo with black satin peak lapel, white shirt with black mother of pearl buttons, black silk bowtie and cummerbund, Bellucci Napoli. Heather: hat, Wild Horses Run Free; cape trench, PORTS 1961; silk satin shirt dress, 5on7; shell on resin bracelets & meteor resin necklace, PONO by Joan Goodman.

Did You


Both flowers and carnivorous animals like owls abound in the femme fatale movies of Italy. In one film, the femme fatale may wear the feathers on her hat; in another, she eats rose pedals to symbolize her appetite to devour the male protagonist.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

Peter Facinelli Dreaming beyond Summer Nights

peter facinelli

Feature Story

Is it true that your parents are from northern Italy? Yes. My father immigrated to the United States when he was 17 years old. My mother emigrated when she was 18 years old. They both are from Trentino, Italy. My father is from a small town called Revo and my mother, from a small town called Spormaggiore. Even though their towns were only twenty minutes from each other, they met in Canada through relatives. I am first generation American and proud to have Italian citizenship, as well as American. So how was it growing up in an Italian household? I grew up in a home with my mother, my father, my Italian grandmother (who didn’t speak a word of English) and my three sisters. I was the youngest and the only boy. My friends loved coming to my house to have my mother’s home cooked Italian meals. When I was younger, my mom would make polenta and sausages. I loved it, but I was also embarrassed by it. It was so different than anything my friends ate, and no one knew what it was. Now, I smile to myself when I see it on restaurant menus as a delicacy. What led you into acting? When I was younger, I watched a lot of movies and TV. Watching Paul Newman and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are what made me want to be an actor. They looked like they were having so much fun. But when I told my parents I was going to be an actor, they laughed. It was like telling them I was going to be an astronaut and go to Mars. We were so far removed from Hollywood. We knew no one in the business. My father worked on a farm in Italy until he was 16 years old. They just never thought it would be possible.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


How did it become possible? Well, first, I had to convince my parents to allow me to go to college to study acting. I was studying Pre-Law at St. John University. I had given up any ideas of acting, since my parents laughed it off. I told them I was going to be a lawyer, as that seemed to impress them. I also liked the courtroom drama of law. If I couldn’t be an actor, at least I’d have some kind of stage as a lawyer presenting a case. I had never done any theater in high school, as I was very shy. At St. John’s, I took an acting class as an elective. I enjoyed it so much, I transferred out of the school and decided to study Acting at NYU. I told my parents studying acting would make me a better lawyer. Ha-ha! Looking back, what advice can you give to others aspiring actors? Someone once told me, “Anyone can get a job as an actor. But not everyone can have a career as an actor.” I believe that. You might be exactly what the role requires and get lucky and get a job. That job might even make you famous for a minute. But to sustain a career as an actor, you need to have training. A foundation for a craft. So my advice would be to study Acting. Learn a foundation for a craft that you can spend your career refining. I have been working professionally for 20 years now, and I never stop pushing myself to learn and grow. Are there any keys to success? I don’t know. I don’t think there is any recipe for success. I am not in control of whether a project is successful or not. All I can do is try to play my character as truthfully as I can and hope that I take the audience on an emotional journey. If I do, then that is success to me.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

peter facinelli

Feature Story

Do you have any favorite roles that you have ever played? I have a hard time picking one to be a favorite. Each one of my roles becomes like children to me. So asking me to pick a favorite role is like asking me to pick my favorite child (chuckles). I have had fun playing all the roles I’ve done, and they’ve all been so much fun and such a different experience. I like to ask the people who watch my work what they’re favorite role of mine is. That’s for them to decide. Tell us a bit about Odyssey.... I’m very excited about Odyssey. We premiered on April 5th at 10pm. The show explores corruption





conspiracies and the fight of individuals in a democratic government against the government





questions like “Can one person make a difference?” What is your role? My character, Peter Decker, is a lawyer. He gave up on the Justice Department and decided to make money like everyone else doing big corporate mergers. But when he finds out a company he is doing a merger on is using money to fund Al Qaeda for profit and monetary gains on the market, he steps up and courageously tries to take them down. One man against a Goliath Corporation. That story is a universal one, going all the way back to the Bible, and is still relevant today. Even though the characters and story are fictional in Odyssey, we are exploring themes that are happening in today’s world.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


You are also a writer…. Yes. I am a storyteller at heart. I think I got that from my dad. He loved to tell me stories when I was younger. Stories about his father, his village, his life. He still loves to tell stories, only now I know almost all of them and can pretty much finish his sentences. Ha! So writing, acting, and producing are just different forms of storytelling for me. I’ve written four scripts. My production company has produced two of them, and we are working on filming the third one, hopefully this year. We also have a graphic novel called Orphans, which we created for Boom comics; and I’m very excited about a young adult novel that I co-wrote and is being released by the same publishers of Twilight, Little Brown, this August. It is called After the Red Rain. How do you spend your spare time? I have three children. So when I’m not working, I tend to devote most of my time to them. Family is very important to me; but I do find time for myself to travel, read, ride my motorcycle, and cook. I made a cookbook of all of my mother’s recipes. It never tastes as good as when she makes it, but I’m working on it. What music do you enjoy? I like everything from Beethoven to Elvis. Depends on what I’m in the mood for. Favorite teams? NY Yankees. An actor with whom you want to costar…. Robert Redford.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

peter facinelli

Feature Story

Travels? Everywhere. I love traveling. Whether it’s a sunny island, a ski resort, or a road trip cross country. I love experiencing different cultures, architecture, people, food…. Do you return to Italy much? Yes. I went to my mom and dad’s town when I was younger…and Venice and Florence; a few summers ago I went on a cruise. I got to visit all different parts of Italy: Sorrento, Palermo, Naples, and Rome. All beautiful. How do you find modern-day Italy? Beautiful. I can’t believe how much it’s changed since my dad grew up there. He would tell me stories of no one having a car. One bicycle in town. No running water. Now Italy is in a golden age. What do you like best about Italy? The food, the style, the people, the architecture. How would you define Italian style? Cool. Sexy. What were your impressions of the photo shoot for Uomo Moderno? I loved the suits I wore and being surrounded by true Italian artists like Nedo. The whole day was so much fun. The laughter, the smiles, hearing the language.... It was like coming home.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


When Dreams Come True

Bellucci Napoli

“I was born and raised in Naples—pure passion alone. But before landing here, I was fortunate enough to get hands-on experience in the business world, understanding and learning many aspects that are key to building lasting relationships and a solid business. “I love New York. My journey dates back a long way and, certainly, in a very unique way. My first visit was in ‘92 when I had just graduated from high school; I was on vacation to find my childhood friends, Luca and Oscar Blandi. Thanks to them and their continual growing success, I realized how much this city and nation have to offer those who have talent and desire to work. “That summer I decided to transfer to New York; but my parents didn’t take to it so well, especially my father, to whom I was much attached. When he heard the news, he tried to change my mind by investing all his savings in a disco pub of Naples, stating that he had done it for me. “Although the club succeeded and became a hangout in Neapolitan nightlife, I was not very satisfied. Naples, which I adore, was becoming too restrictive because I had known New York. At least once a year I tried to come to New York. After a little over a year, I left the club in the hands of my older brother. He took my place and I took his in the family business of insurance and private fund management. “I would say that I began my first real experience of New York life in 2003. I decided to take a three-month sabbatical, come to New York to learn English, and work as a waiter. I wound up at Serafina on 79th and Madison. It was a wonderful experience and I managed to be adored by the chef—a talented Spanish woman who, realizing that I was selling all the daily sea bass specials, started the day by telling me how many she had and that one was for me if I sold them all. I never ate so much bass in my life.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

peter facinelli

Feature Story

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Peter: Oxford blue light-weight cashmere sport coat with peak lapel, olive chino pants, baby-blue cashmere zippered sweater, Bellucci Napoli. Heather: viscose coat, Suzanne Rae; duchess in satin, Eres; tights, Falke; alchemy wavy bangles & natalia laguna resin necklace, PONO by Joan Goodman; heel, Jerome Rousseau.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

peter facinelli

Feature Story

“During these three months, I was obsessed with researching what my career could be in New York. Obviously, insurance and finance were the first ideas; but I was tired of that world, and also disappointed, despite my awareness of the differences between Naples and New York. So fashion, for which I had always had a huge passion, was the first and only choice. “This entire journey has been an ongoing challenge.






everyone told me that I was a fool and even presumptuous. If I told you that I came here 10 years ago with only 1,000 euros and broken English, you couldn’t imagine how many difficulties I have had. I needed so much strength and willpower. “As for the Bellucci man, he is style conscious or in search of the same, a lover of beauty…. A gentleman! And I would say even with a gentle soul. Maybe because I attract them with mine. He is a mix between old school and modern. The cut and fit are typical of Neapolitan tailoring. “As for Peter, he is really a nice person, very kind and accessible. As they say in these parts, ‘a real brother’. We have a beautiful friendship. It was he who asked ‘How can i help you? Do you want to dress me when I interview or go to the Oscars? Do you want to do a shoot with me?’ A man for a magazine cover, also Italian…who is better than he? He fully corresponds to the Bellucci man.”

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Peter: dark cobalt blue mohair and wool suit with notch lapel and white mother of pearl buttons, grey polo with blue mother of pearl buttons, Bellucci Napoli.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

peter facinelli

Feature Story

Heather: cupro button back shirt dress, Suzanne Rae; duchess in satin, Eres; tights, Falke; looking glass cuff, PONO by Joan Goodman; heels, Jerome Rousseau.

Did You


The Italian femme fatale and subsequent divas were disguised by dressing in white; black was reserved for the good, more descret woman. Eyes were darkened, black underneath; the hair was unkempt while her clothes were light and flowing.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Gabry Ponte A DJ with Swag Millions of people

all around the world have danced to his music. His creativity, energy, style, and talent have made him one of the most famous Italian artists on the international scene. Gabry Ponte is a true example of excellence, one who merits the label “Made in Italy” whereby everything he does—from the club to the radio and onto television— turns to gold.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

gabry ponte


When did you discover your desire to deejay?

What about the first time you went on stage?

The first time I set foot in a discotheque! I was 16 or

Well, as I said before, the stage for deejays came in

so and, at the time, the image of a DJ did not have the

the early years of 2000. Before that, the deejay was

“hype” that it has today. The DJ was not a rock star

confined to a console. However, perhaps the experience

and his place was not under the spotlight or on a stage

with my group, the Eiffel 65, allowed me to get ahead of

before crowds of frenzied teenagers; instead he was no

the times. We were an unusual band because, instead

much more than a “worker” at night in a dark corner

of the drummer, there was a deejay! I remember well

of a club. Nevertheless, the magic and theatricality

that we always had to explain this, and painstakingly

of those gestures, the ability to move people on the

so, each time we had a live show. “Why did we want

dancefloor as a puppeteer, fascinated me and I realized

the console on stage?” They looked at us as if we were

that I wanted to do that when I was older!

blue aliens. (Smiles)

You were born in Turin. Is it true that this city is home

When did things change?

to some of the most alternative Italian music?

I remember one day when I was 26, I found myself

Well, in comparison to the artistic trends in general

behind my console on stage at Dodger Stadium in Los

(and, thus, also musical ones), there are some cities

Angeles before tens of thousands of people and—

that are particularly receptive because they have a

there—after almost wetting myself from emotion, I

very active underground circuit. Turin is certainly one

really realized that my life was changed forever.

of these and, speaking of electronic music, it is true that many artists that have been born in Turin and in

What has been the key to your success?

Piedmont have made a strong impact on the national

The team and Eiffel 65 was just the emblem of this

and international scenes.

model. Three of us made up the group; but in back, there were 4-5 recording studios that worked full-time,

Do you remember the first album that you bought?

even when we were on tour…so many collaborators…

Very well. It was a compilation called Break Hit. I bought


it because inside was Rick Astley’s song Never Gonna

deejays…and each of us brought something, each

Give You, which I loved. I also remember the second

carrying an idea…. And best of all, these were the hits

one: Technotronic’s album. I still have them!

that the world still remembers today.





Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Was there ever a time when you thought about quitting?

than a talent show because I saw the way the youth developed

No never…. I wouldn’t know what to do…. It would be like

inside the school. So now looking back, it’s an experience that


I’m glad to have done. Even if TV is not my world and never will be, I learned so much.

Is there an artist with whom you would like to perform? Sting.

You often appear on TV in different styles. Do you like mixing it up?

What do you miss most about Italy when you are abroad?

Yes, let’s say that I like “mixing” even here…a professional

Well…the cuisine, I must admit.

bias. (Smile)

What prompted you to accept the position as judge at the

What song do you always have in your IPod?

talent show “Amici?”

Wonderful Life by Black. One of my favorite songs ever. Sweet,

I was skeptical when they called me, because Maria wanted to

melancholic, and yet carefree.

meet me. I said to myself: “Ok, let’s go meet her.” But it was more out of curiosity than enthusiasm. Then the enthusiasm

Tell us about your independent label….

came when I was speaking with her, documenting the program,

It’s not just a label. First of all, Danceandlove is a big family

which I had never followed. Not because of the program

made up of creative people that are valid and motivated and “in

itself…. I don’t watch any TV, and I realized that it was more

love with dance.” We produce music, organize events, support


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

gabry ponte


and manage young artists, develop new projects that excite us.

and one for all forms of art. Retouching a photo on the

We grow together and we have fun.

computer in such a way it makes an impact that transmits emotion is art.

What is your relationship with social media? Her name is Silvia. (Smile) She is part of the Danceandlove

Any secret dreams?

family and it is she who, among other things, deals with the

Well, I don’t want to jinx them by stating them, even if I’ve been

management of my social media. I do not have much time

fortunate enough to have realized so many of them. But we

to dedicate, and it has become a job. I’m not speaking about

must have a lot of dreams and always new ones.... I think this

taking a selfie and posting it on Instagram. That’s the fun part;

is essential to be happy.

but beyond that, there is a very important and meticulous job, because social media has become our amplifier and the best

What advice do you have for those who want to enter this

means we have to communicate with our fans. And when I’m


down in the dumps, I go read my “haters’” comments and I do

Do it, because it is wonderful thing. But don’t rush into it;

have a laugh (even two); so let’s say that they combine business

always stay hungry to learn with your head on your shoulders

with pleasure!

and in humility. Talent alone is not enough.

Do you have any other passion besides music?

Interview by Federica Fatale.

Yes, a passion for technology, another for science fiction,

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Entrepreneur and designer— two roles coexisting in perfect harmony and symbiosis—Tiziano Zorzan, who founded his eponymous label just two years ago, is rapidly growing into a New York sensation and outgrowing his current location.

Tiziano Zorzan A Visionary with Style


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

tiziano zorzan


Growing Up “I was born in Monza, a small snobby town near Milan, rich in history and churches. I am convinced that every one of us is what he or she has been able to build over time—so I consider my childhood and upbringing extraordinarily constructive, but certainly not among the most tranquil. “If I think of my childhood, then as now I love to do the exact same things with the same identical enthusiasm. Challenge myself daily, this is what my childhood taught me. “When I was little my father worked with a TV broadcasting service; so, when I was 7, I started visiting many television studios. Now that I think about it, I definitely felt at ease.”

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Success in Business “I never plan to work somewhere. My projects generally belong to a vision, which then becomes an experiment, which in turn becomes a reality. I do not consider myself a designer, but surely someone with style. “Turnaround Management is me, my experience, my visions together with my beliefs. We carry out any activity that is aimed at obtaining success. Daily experimentation and knowledge are essential components in obtaining any result. “I Believe. Perseverance. Rationality. Innovation. Ingenuity. I really observe each and every thing. I am attentive and curious. My mind is nourished by and tries to stay young with young people. We are the present; they are the future.”


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

tiziano zorzan


Choosing New York “Things happen in such a way, sometimes almost by accident. My steps are limited exclusively to the need for new challenges. I consider New York the capital of the world. I arrived, we fell in love, we got married. An ironic synthesis, but obviously it is far from a simple walk.” The Label “I like to think of it as a research brand in which the art of Made in Italy, craftsmanship of processes, and quality of materials are all joined in unison.” The Client “A man and woman that you recognize even before they arrive.” The Focus “My work always has a clear goal: my customers love to receive compliments when wearing one of my garments. We have many regular costumers!”

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Frank Louis Through the Eyes of a Photographer

“I was born on Staten Island, New York and I am 3rd generation Italian. All four of my grandparents were born in Italy. I just recently visited the town in Italy where my great-grandfather was born back in 1864. The town is called Calvello. His birth certificate was found in a ledger-like book. He made the journey from Italy to the United States when he was just 16 years old. I went to Italy for the first time just after graduating from college; from the very second my feet touched Italian land, I felt at home. “My mother bought me my first camera when I was around 8 years old and I haven’t put it down since. At first, I shot family holidays and parties. From there, I progressed to landscapes and exhibits. Today, I exclusively shoot fashion. Sometimes your profession chooses you. “It’s a funny story; I was literally walking home from the gym when I saw his storefront in Chelsea. At first, I saw his name “Tiziano,” which is unquestionably Italian; then I was struck by the window display. I immediately wanted to know who this designer was. Even though I felt completely underdressed to enter, I was compelled to go inside and we clicked immediately. I was like a kid in a candy store. We started speaking in Italian (I’m conversational but not fluent), and within 5 minutes we were hugging each other like long lost amici.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

tiziano zorzan


“I told him I was a photographer and showed him several photographs on my iPhone. My photographic mind started firing immediately. I wanted to photograph everything inside. We decided then and there to collaborate. The first thing you notice upon meeting Tiziano is that he is extremely passionate about his designs. He describes his fabrics, his fit aesthetic, and his collection with such intimacy. It is as if he is introducing you to his family. “His collection is simultaneously bold and classic: modern patterns and colors with the classic Italian fit. Everything I tried on fit like a glove and felt so beautiful on. From his suits to his bags, no detail is left unfinished. “After we made our clothing selection for the shoot, I went home and started obsessing over one pair of pants that we had chosen; I couldn’t sleep. I knew I needed to get that specific color for our backdrop. I literally went and bought that backdrop about an hour before the shoot and it became the central theme. During our shoot, Tiziano fell in love with my dog Belle and he simply had to have her in the shoot. The rest is history and is brilliantly captured in our shoot.”

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



T-Shirts Made from‌Milk?!


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



“In Italy of the 1930s, import bans were imposed by the autocratic fascist regime. Even some fibers and yarns were subject to such prohibitions. Therefore, since wool could not be imported, the Engineer Ferretti invented lanital: wool derived from casein. “Ferretti had arrived at lanital in 1935 after three years of studies conducted at night in the basement of his home. Obtained from milk, casein was purified, dried, and treated with an alkaline agent that transformed it into textile fiber. “Lanital was a huge success. The patent was purchased by Snia Viscosa, which offered Ferretti positions of executive importance. Production increased dramatically, reaching a quota of 14 thousand tons in 1940. Soon lanital spread all over the world, from France to Britain, Germany to Canada, and Japan to the United States. After the war, lanital continued to be produced under the name Merinova, until 1968 when it was retired and superseded by an overwhelming emergence of synthetic fibers. “Today the natural fiber that is obtained from milk’s casein is environmentally friendly and lightweight (weighing 10% less than the silk), with unique sophisticated qualities. It is obtained by using techniques of bioengineering. Skimmed milk is deprived of water and subsequently rendered fluid again for weaving. The fiber and fabric obtained from it have moisturizing properties, since they retain the dairy protein with its eighteen amino acids that are good for the skin, even the most delicate type.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


“Compared to traditional natural fabrics, fabric from milk presents

partially skimmed milk is the micro-modal milk jersey (micro-

really unique specifics. It is light and soft and has characteristics

modal fabric is of natural origins and gives even more softness

of smoothness, permeability, freshness, and brightness. The

to the fabric). Rice milk, however, is also a tissue that is derived

fibers allow for excellent moisture absorption that is typical of

naturally but from processing rice. It is s very bright and light.

natural fibers, resulting in antibacterial properties. The fabric that is obtained from milk pampers the wearer because, in addition to

“DueDiLatte was founded in 2013 out of our passion for fashion

moisturizing, it is hypoallergenic, breathable, soft and light, while

and research of innovative high-performance fabrics, with the

it has a very soft touch and bright look.

desire to create 100% Made in Italy collections that ensure quality and follow the philosophy of craftsmanship and deep

“To maintain the typical properties of fabric from milk, DueDiLatte

know-how of historic Tuscan and Italian manufacturing. Our

prefers the milky color from the fabric that is untreated or uses

constant goal is to create collections, which combine design

only natural colors. As for costs of creating a product that is totally

and fabrics that are created from milk and are soft, caressing,

Made in Italy and availing of a supply chain in the historic Tuscan

nourishing, and hydrating to the skin.

textile sector, the product is placed in a medium high range. “The DueDiLatte man is a dynamic and modern (of course!) “Our experience has allowed us to create different types of

man that does not stop at appearances but is always looking

fabrics from milk. Our whole milk is the 100% milk jersey. Our

for something new that distinguishes him, making him stand


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



out. Attentive to style and innovation, he takes care of himself

young Italian artists, strengthening the link between art and

in a carefree way, without taking himself too seriously, living

fashion in the capsule collection ‘the Dreamers’. The artists in

life with joy. He is a casual urban man who goes from the

alphabetical order are Giusy Anzovino, Gaetano Bruno, Giada

workplace to a happy hour with friends—informal but with

Fedeli, Sara Ligari and Lele Picà who have dedicated some

a touch of elegance. He wears basic but unique clothes that

works to DueDiLatte, giving free interpretation to the concept of

are never taken for granted. He plays with style and loves to

dreams by opening the doors of the imagination and using the

surprise, and why not with a milk t-shirt!

garments as canvases to be shaped under their brushes.

“Summer 2015 draws inspiration from dreams, indefinite

“From a union of style and art, romantic and communicative

images, and soft colors. The softness of the fabrics fits perfectly

images are born, the subject of free interpretation by the observer.

with the imaginative dream world that is recreated on garments

Yes, because it is the will that leads us to distinguish ourselves,

with exclusive artistic graphics that speak the language of

entering the market with a product that is inspired by the trends

dreams. The dreams represent the transposition of our real life,

of the season and offers superior quality as it is created by

the journey that each of us hurries to take and that over time

following the principles of Made in Italy, which is synonymous

acquires increasingly defined contours and real desires.

with process control, quality assurance, and respect for work.”

“Within this collection, DueDiLatte decided to involve some

Interview with Founders Elisa Volpi and Antonella Bellina.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



When 100% Is Not Enough


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



“120% was born out of the Founder Alberto Peretto’s

120% garments owes to a particular dyeing procedure—a

passion for the exploitation of the finest fibers in textiles. It all

technique that consists of dyeing garments after their

started with a white linen jacket, found by chance in Camden

manufacturing, conferring an incredible softness to the

Town. It was a garment from the Forties with a particular texture,

fabric and giving the possibility to choose from a very wide

soft to the touch and made from different superior linen. He

range of shades, tones, and colors.

aimed his research and experimentation at achieving the same effect, which led to the creation of 120%. It was the early 1990s.

“120% was created to give a new look to linen garments and express a new way of enjoying the summer, wherein freedom of

“120% is the ennoblement of a fiber from ancient history,

movement, softness, and elegance are absolute protagonists and

thanks to the exaltation of its natural features through the

create a unique, unmistakable style. How can that be expressed?

use of special treatments and washes. The uniqueness of

120% is exactly this, with a little more.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


“The 120% man loves details and fine materials. He is elegant

“The 2015 summer collection, 120% Lino, is inspired by a

and sophisticated, but in an almost imperceptible way. He’s the

trip from Capri to Saint Tropez. The 1960s are revisited in a

man who loves to identify himself with a unique style—urban,

contemporary way with a touch of dandy and slightly eccentric—

versatile, and a traveler. He’s attentive to detail and finishing,

an “easy-going luxury” style for both leisure and the city. Dotted

a curious man who chooses fine fabrics and garments with a

floral patterns, micro-checks, thin stripes, shades of blue and

distinctive shape. The 120% man loves understated elegance in

red. New prints for completely reinvented shirts. Washes and

all its expressions. He searches out timeless luxury so that he is

vintage overdyeing, blue and white seersucker, and simple clean

always chic but “easy” at the same time.

lines wherein linen is always the protagonist, but with an ever new mix of prints.”


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Did You


Diva films emerged officially in 1913 with Lyda Borelli being accredited the title of first cinematic “diva” for her role in Love Everlasting (‘Ma l’Amor Mio Non Muore’ in Italian). Additional divas in the early silent film period include Pina Menichelli, Eleonora Duse, and Francesca Bertini.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Foiling a Smile behind the Mask

Elisa di Francisca

Age: 32 Hometown: Jesi, Marche Height: 5’ 10� (1.78m) Weight: 143lbs (65kg)

Medals Summer Olympics: 2 gold medals World Championships: 4 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze European Championships: 6 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze World Cup: 1 gold


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



How did it all begin? I started fencing as a child at age 7 after a brief stint of ballet. It was my father who accompanied me the first time to the fencing hall of the legendary Master Triccoli. I liked ballet, and it probably helped me with some basic moves, but my passion for foil fencing was ignited immediately. Love at first sight! Is it true that your sister and brother were fencers? Yes, even my siblings fenced, since there is a famous school in Jesi and it is easy to go for fencing. Why do so many champions come out of Jesi? It’s a question that everyone asks, because Jesi is really the cradle of foil fencing, so the greatest champions have been born in my splendid city. I grew up with their example, trying to emulate them. As a child I studied their workouts and thought to myself: “One day, I want to be like them.” In 2004 you were 22 when you won the World Cup in New York…. What emotion, even though I wasn’t sure what I was going to encounter from then on…. I must say that the 2012 World Cup in Paris and, then, the two 2012 Olympic gold medals in London have been the crown and most beautiful victories ever! What was your greatest victory? The first time: the Italian Championships in Rimini when I was in the seventh grade. My mother and Master Triccoli were at my side.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



And your most difficult moment?

Did your humanitarian work in Kenya affect you?

When I was 18, I decided to leave fencing and my passion for

Yes, after my London 2012 victories, I went with the nonprofit

some time because I needed to find answers and certainties

association “We World Intervita” to Africa where I had a unique

about my future in sports.

and all-encompassing experience with the children and women that are most threatened in those lands. I saw up close all the

What are the requirements for a champion fencer?

work done onsite by this association and I witnessed difficult

Stubbornness: the desire never to give up and the ability to find

situations that really opened my eyes. They taught me the true

new stimuli, balance, strength, and courage.

meaning of things and the power of a smile, which they do not lose even in dire situations.

Do you follow a special diet? Yes, the Zone Diet. I eat healthy and I prefer fruit, fiber, fish, and

When you’re abroad, what do you miss most about Italy?

lots of vegetables.

Good food, because I am someone who loves to eat and drink well. What we eat in Italy, our products, are not found anywhere.

In female fencing, do you find more competition or

I also miss my loved ones and friends.

collaboration? More competition, especially at this year’s Olympic tryouts

How is your training going for Rio 2016?

in which only two of us will be able to go on to the 2016 Rio

In this period I am suffering from an injury, so I’m replacing fencing

Olympic Games.

with long sessions of cycling and swimming. Once recovered, I will return to training at a high pace with pre-competition retreats

You were chosen as judge in the 2012 Miss Italy contest. What

to the World Cup and, then, upcoming events like the European

is beauty to you?

and World Championships. My goal for 2015 is to qualify for the

Beauty is elegance; you want to feel good, first of all, for yourself;

2016 Olympics in Rio, where I will go and defend tooth and nail

you pull off the best smile. But beauty is not just a cosmetic

the two gold medals around my neck.

exterior issue; it is primarily being a nice, happy, and beautiful person inside.

What is the main lesson that you’ve learned from fencing? The continuous search for inner balance and an achieved state of

What about your personal style?

grace, whereby every little thing is in place and you can achieve

When not on stage, I love taking care of my look, choosing high

what you dream most. As related to fencing, victory.

heels and extremely feminine clothing. With the mask removed, I want to feel like a woman in every way.

Any advice to others who practice this sport? Not to give in to the first difficulties that seem insurmountable, such as having to give up going out with friends, having to train constantly, even having to face defeats. It’s all a period of sowing, which, once overcome, will lead to reaping the best rewards.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Did You


Later in the Italian silent film era, the femme fatale emerged as the diva, combining the roles of the “good” first female actress and the “evil” second one into the symbol of the emancipated woman—the embodiment of both good and bad, a grey area of masculine and feminine—the female of the future.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



What is your biggest dream today? My biggest dream is to arrive to Rio 2016 and perform satisfactorily, then, create my own family with the person I love. I wish to become a mother. Interview by Federica Fatale.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Eleventy Casual Formality “The label Eleventy was born 2006 in Milan through an idea by Marco Baldassari, Paolo Zuntini, and Andrea Scuderi who decided to create a brand for the man who is very attentive to style but with a modern taste. The label quickly became synonymous with quality and ‘Made in Italy’. Leaving the last word to style and impeccability of quality, the product Eleventy soon became unique and recognizable.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



“Eleventy is a brand for the contemporary man. The look is that of someone who is always looking for a practical style that fits the needs of every moment throughout the day, whether tending to be more formal than casual occasions or vice versa and without fear of mixing the two trends. We have always tried to favor mixing and matching of the two looks. This aspect, however, was slightly accentuated in the 2015 summer collection by choice. “The Eleventy man ranges from 25 to 54 years old and is of a middle-upper to upper-upper socio-economic class. He is the man who likes to take care of himself and is aware that his way of dressing presents him to the world. He has an eye for new trends and is open to innovation in tradition, as long as the quality is never in doubt.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


“The Eleventy man rises very early in the morning and reads the newspaper, to which he subscribes on his tablet. Black coffee and jogging go before heading to work—the latter absorbing the remaining bulk of the day, leaving a short break for a healthy light lunch. He dedicates the evening to his family, social events, and outings with friends. He prefers cultural events, especially the most prestigious ones. On weekends he practices more challenging sports like sailing, skiing, and trekking, and sometimes he spends pleasant moments outside his country.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



“We decided to focus a lot on anti-conventionality with a connotation of casual chic. Therefore, the core piece is undoubtedly the running shoe combined with formal items and the same vision for camouflage trousers in combination with a suit and tie—the pants being 100% linen with a denim effect of the Platinum Line. The materials are stretch for elegant clothing with the incentive to fit. The vest is constructed of various materials, among which denim stands out. We suggest wearing it as a vest or a substitute jacket.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



“Colors become more sophisticated, setting aside commercial nuances and approaching sand to dark green, brown to burnt earth. To break up the garments’ tones, the new 2015 summer collection proposes the use of different materials, as opposed to different colors, making denim and leather prevalent. Innovating while remaining within national parameters and paying maniacal attention to details—this was our inspiration. “From its origins to today, Eleventy has always carried out its duty of producing true ‘Made in Italy’, sustaining national labor costs and quality, as well as guaranteeing transparency in our processes. But this has not been the only aspect of our focus. Responsibility in trade, for example, has been demonstrated by on-time deliveries, training, and commercial support. The same principle applies to employees, aiming for more sincere involvement in the project. Many of our employees are young resources in whom we firmly believe for their quality and company vision. Environmental sustainability is guaranteed by the use of certified materials and controlled artisanal workmanship. “The Asian market is undoubtedly the most vibrant, especially Korea, Japan, and China. We explain this growth in relation to a high productive and sartorial value, precisely the culture of 100% Made in Italy that we pursue and the precision in business management, which conforms to their expectations.” Interview with Marco Baldassari.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Conte of Florence

A Tribute to the City


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

conte of florence


“We are attached to our birthplace, the Tuscan land. Our company was founded in 1952, a few steps from Ponte Vecchio in the heart of Florence. We could not help but honor our city by borrowing its name, which is known all over the world, thanks to its timeless beauty and art which we seek to transmit through our creations. “But the brand also has an English sound to honor the liaison between our land and the sport that is close to our hearts: golf. The first golf club in Italy was born right here in Florence at Parco delle Cascine in the late 1800s through the initiation of the English community that had lived here for some time.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


“The word ‘Conte’ comes from the abbreviation of Con.T.E., which was used on the opening day of our brand’s first boutique at Via Por Santa Maria way back in 1952, and it stands precisely for

Con fezioni

Tessuti Esclusivi. The boutique offered the maximum

in local craftsmanship, initially featuring only creations for women made exclusively by the hands of the most expert Florentine seamstresses. “In order to strengthen the link between the brand name and the world of Florence, we created the logo with the letter C for Conte and embellished it with a lily, the emblem of the Tuscan capital. The logo is red: the color of the Guelfi, who vanquished the Ghibellini in 1266—two historic factions in Italian politics between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries. “The bond between our brand and Florence continues even today. Florence—its art, history and craftsmanship—are a constant source of inspiration in our collections. March 2014 saw the birth of a line of bags and accessories which were inspired by de’ Medici—a tribute to the female figures of the Florentine family, as well as a tribute to our brand’s historical roots, the city of Florence, and its history, from which we took a lot, starting with the name and ending with a love for beauty and feeling good.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

conte of florence


“The Conte of Florence man is a Tuscan Gentlemen who lives in the city and appreciates the cosmopolitan look— the intersection of various cultures and international art. He’s athletic, with a fondness for golf and skiing. He loves contact with nature and food of a high quality, and he is sensitive to environmental concerns. “For the summer of 2015, Conte of Florence could not help but take its inspiration from the beauty and centuries of history that are jealously preserved on the banks of the Arno River. The collection embodies the essence of the Florentine capital. Within the shapes, colors, and fabrics, there is indeed a constant reminder of glimpses at the sky, the river’s waters, the frescoes, the multicolored decorations, and the Renaissance architecture—real testimonies of that period’s splendor and prosperity which made this place eternal and unique in the world.”

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Snobs Shoes But Not Snobby!


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

snobs shoes


“I launched Snobs the Only Talking Shoes because, beyond

“Snobs are optimistic and definitely comfortable. Women

the obvious play on words today, we express our personality

love them, and this is a must that cannot be underestimated.

with the choice of shoes. Today men wear ugly shoes! We are making a crusade against these cheap shoes.

“Each collection reflects the styles and concepts of the times; but even in these years, Snobs wants to impress the public

“The joke was that Snobs could take a large market part

with good taste and a rightly priced product!

of Tricker’s and Church’s and that these two were perfectly aware of what would happen.

“The man who wears Snobs is an optimist but also sensitive; he gives importance to art and creativity; he wants to please

“‘Snob’ is a word that—in an elegant and witty but always

and considers his shoes a means of communication. He

personal way—defines a style, as well as self-irony.

loves to be in step with the times, but he is careful to what the market has to offer. The Snobs man is often a sportsman

“Our shoes are not excessive, snobby, retro, or revival.

or small business owner and of a good culture.

They’re Snobs, and this says it all. “The summer collection continues the Snobs tradition— “Massimo Reviglio and Enrico Autano are two gentleman

color, color, color. We added some sole neon with laces of

of Turin that are gifted with a high spirit of Snobs; that is,

the same color, extreme models in white deer for both men

performance not as an end in itself but functional for the

and women.

mood of the time.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


“Our core model, the Charlie, is presented in the warm colors of summer—a choice of 18 colors. To the usual suede, we added a limited edition of canvas and suede, which is enjoyed in the Asian markets of Japan and Korea and, moreover, in Russia.” Interview with Charlie Gnocchi.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

snobs shoes


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Cily Hairstylist Everyday Looks


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

cily hairstylist


“It is in everyday life—in the simple smiles, in the

popularize fashion at the bar, in the cinema, at the pizzeria.

small joys—the key to beauty lies.”

Fashion is creation and, as such, it is a gift—a gift for all.

Fashion begins from a fundamental concept: that of creating art,

Cily Hairstylist proposes a fresh look for this summer, one that

style, the characterization of the individual. Fashion designers

is simple for every day. Men will have a clean look, with a glossy

create, shape, invent. Everything starts from above, at the

and opaque texture. Tidy curls will return, while the front tuft

Olympus of runways, red carpets, photo shoots and, then, it

remains but in a new vintage style. Men will keep their beards,

comes to us.

still messy but at a suitable length.

We who are on the other side, the ones who meet at the pizzeria

Women will have a simple style with the light and shade effects

with friends or in a bar, we make ourselves beautiful for an

of chiaroscuro and slight hints of natural hair color. It’s a look

evening at the pub or club, going out with someone we love

for every day, not eccentric but easy to wear.

to take a walk. It is we, simple and beautiful people, who

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

cily hairstylist

Cily Tip


The wet look for men’s curly hair is returning and can be achieved with a simple gel. Cily Hairstylist recommends applying it on the hair right after washing and towel dried. Distribute the product on the lengths and ends, then take a hair dryer with diffuser and begin drying naturally without touching the strands. This way, you have perfect curls with a shiny, wet effect. By Cily Hairstylist, Francesco Cilidonio

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Davide Giliberti The Other Side of Beauty 64

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

davide giliberti


Carved by the Mediterranean sun, his face tells

Who do you see when you look in the mirror now?

the story of a young actor and model that has set his sails to

I’m a continual flux. Every day I feel like a different David. For

explore beyond the confines of his own world of comfort. Gentle

me, there is always work to be done on myself. Success is a

and refined, his gestures speak of innate Italian elegance.

constant discovery day after day. I set a goal and I try to change myself in order to achieve it. But sometimes life suddenly drags

Let’s begin with your relief work….

me elsewhere, despite my initial goals and, then, I realize that

Up to now I have been part of an emergency association in

maybe I’m a suitable individual for something else. Therefore, in

Salerno. When I was there, I was involved in disaster rescue

light of my present plans, my answer is that I have to work a lot;

operations like the Sarno mudslide and the Abruzzo earthquake.

yet, only the future and the results that I can achieve will really determine who I was, am, and will be. I live for very moment.

How would you describe your experience? Well, the mudslide in Sarno was indescribable. It had rained for

Do you live your love life for the moment?

two or three days while I was in Salerno. At first I felt unprepared,

Unfortunately in life there is always more to learn and,

because I didn’t know how I could be useful; but then I worked up

sentimentally, from when I began to travel, it has never gone

the courage and departed to the site—an apocalyptic scenario.

well so far. I have experienced very beautiful moments, but never lasting. I’ve never had a relationship that could cope with my

Half the town had been swallowed up by mud; entire houses

travels. Every time my stay ended in one place, the commitment

had been swept away and the buildings were filled halfway with

to try and keep a long distance relationship dissolved.

mud. The people were on the brink of despair and did everything possible to shovel the mud with whatever means that were

Would you ever abandon your dreams for love?

available... Barehanded…. The mud had swallowed everything,

I don’t know…. I think that, to love someone, you have to be

including people.

satisfied with yourself; currently I don’t feel that I have reached that level.

We tried to speed up rescue operations before the mud could petrify the buried survivors. The hospital had been destroyed, so

Do you fear that the dissatisfaction may be part of your

collection centers were set up in the surrounding municipalities

character and last forever?

for the displaced. I had the task of distributing food among the

That’s something great to reflection on. I never thought about it

tents. Occasionally, I tried giving comfort to those who were in

sincerely. I’m not afraid, no, because I don’t know myself fully.

despair and panicking.

Probably in my constant evolution, I will find confidence in a stable relationship.

The mountain looked like a huge giant that had been gutted by the explosion of a bomb. I remember that I had never felt so small before the force of Mother Nature. At that moment I began to think about how it is often useless to try to dominate life’s events….

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

davide giliberti


Madeline: duchess bikini, Indah ; arm piece, Haati Chai ; 14k white gold earrings with

diamonds and sapphires, Supreme Jewelry .

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


What do you like more, acting or modeling? Surely acting excites me more, because I can communicate better with others. But a photo only captures an instant, like a fashion show, and can be manipulated more easily. The message you can give through acting is much more personal, in depth, intimate, and you share it with the spectator. As for modeling, it is linked to a short time whereby the photographer creates a story around your image. How about fashion? I am a lover of jeans and casual styles for which I would definitely praise Roberto Cavalli. I love the fit and color of his jeans, as well as the afro-exotic patterns of his t-shirts and sweaters. Then I would surely continue on with Vivienne Westwood: a whimsical and brilliant artist with a unique fantasy in designing the classic suit for men. What is the most impressive outfit that you have modelled? The most beautiful outfit that I wore was for the Indian designer Manish Malhotra. It was a typical wedding suit of India. The fabrics, colors, and decorations of those garments require months of work and are produced by hand in every detail. Small masterpieces of craftsmanship‌. Finally, do you have a favorite director or film? The director that I prefer most on the international scene is Tim Burton. I find his imagination brilliant, whereby he is able to communicate and connect fantasy and fable with current events and social protest. But the film that particularly struck me was Waking Life by Richard Linklater. It addresses numerous life issues through different perspectives and philosophies. It affects the mind over the emotions but leaves you with many unanswered questions that are often ignored. Interview by Francesco Cilidonio.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

davide giliberti


Madeline: curacao neoprene swimsuit, Indah ;

necklace, Daniel Gibbings ; double ring, Michael John Jewelry ; Barrington ring, Amarilo Jewelry ;

bangles, Tiffany Chou .

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


RIFRA How Kitchens and Bathrooms Relate


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



“The history of RIFRA intersects with the

2) Kitchen and bathroom are connected to each

main events of the twentieth century; Giovanni Rivolta, my

other in terms of new materials. Our collections are

grandfather, founded his own business as a carpenter in

complementary and perfect. We produce everything

the ‘30s, in the industrious province of Milan. Driven by the

in our Milan factory, order by order, customer by

desire to do business and produce furniture for the market

customer, listening to every single need and providing

in the city of Milan.

our customer with our heritage and experience.

“Since the end of World War II onward, Giovanni Rivolta

3) The design among the kitchen and bathroom

continued his activities, gaining notoriety throughout Italy

collections is unique. In a house with a RIFRA

as a producer of quality furniture that lasts over time.

kitchen and bathroom, the owners and their guests immediately recognize the Italian RIFRA design.

“The specialization in bathrooms was born in the ‘70s after the actual foundation of RIFRA, which was created by

“In 1970 Giovanni Rivolta’s sons founded their company: RIFRA

Giovanni’s sons. They seized opportunities, specializing in a

is actually the acronym of

very specific niche market. Kitchens and Bathrooms go hand

brothers’]. Unfortunately I never met my grandfather Giovanni,

in hand for three reasons:

who passed away in 1974, two years before I was born.

RIvolta FRAtelli

[‘the Rivolta

1) They are the major environments of the house

“After my education at the Catholic University of Milan, I

where people spend more time, even becoming a

worked for several years in the company, first in the technical

real status symbol of the dwelling and defining the

office and then in sales. Currently I am RIFRA’s president

lifestyle of the people who inhabit the house.

and CEO, and my mission is to lead the way in the company’s values, design culture, and values of ‘beautiful well done’— the values of Made in Italy.”

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Conceived for the USA


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



“The first RIFRA kitchens were created 12 years ago for an

“RIFRA exports 85% of its sales, furnishing the finest

American customer in New York who ordered bathroom

houses of Australia, Russia, the European Union, and the

furniture and a kitchen for a skyscraper in Manhattan. This

United States. Exports are divided into equal parts in these

client is still active, and I am pleased to remember this,

continents. Let me say, however, that the relationship

because our working relationship has also become a solid

between RIFRA and the US market is very solid; our

relationship of friendship.

marketing is handled by a famous American agency in Atlanta, and soon we will open a branch with showroom in New York; the showroom will be dedicated to architects and interior designers in search of new trends.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


“The style is contemporary design with Italian heritage.

which are unmistakably RIFRA style like concrete or clay.

The elegance of RIFRA kitchens is unique in the world, as

Thus, our kitchen becomes an icon of contemporary

they are determined by our most demanding customers. We

furniture, which defines the home of those who live there

do not forget, however, function, which fits perfectly with

and adds to its value.

shape. The RIFRA customer can personalize the work flow of interiors and spaces as he or she prefers. Each project is

“We always start from listening to our customers’ needs.

then tailor-made.

Our designers have the task of transforming a technical space like the kitchen into an emotional place that expresses

“The kitchen has become the center of the house, and

the personality of those who live there. So every kitchen is

each of our collections is designed in every detail, from

designed by us from scratch, skipping predefined patterns

the design with corners cut at 30° or 45° to the finishes,

or manufacturers’ ‘habits’.”


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Did You


The femme fatale and later the diva in Italy were surrounded by aristocratic settings, with oriental rugs and tapestries, picture covered walls with gilded frames, rococò furniture and statuettes, and animal skins. Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Oases of Relaxation


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



“We began producing bathrooms after the ‘70s, as we transitioned from being generalists to specialists in furniture. “The RIFRA bathroom is a contemporary bathroom that is stylish and design oriented. It is difficult to find a designoriented offer like RIFRA’s on the market today. “Elegance is in our DNA. In the bathroom, we develop the function of containment with our furniture collections, which can be customized all the way to the interiors, so that we accommodate the customer’s requirements. “The RIFRA bathroom is an oasis of relaxation where one retreats after a day of business, or it can become a private spa to relax in over the weekend. This is our definition of the RIFRA bathroom. “Soft colors, especially material finishes, such as cement and clay. Tiles of large dimensions, even if only on the walls to facilitate the use of resins and cements and obtain a more contemporary finish. “The future of faucets is the steel fitting—a solid material that is hygienic and of great aesthetic impact. We will have presented five collections of RIFRA steel faucets by spring 2015. “The bathtub is always desired, especially as a centerpiece with a contemporary design. In recent years, however, the shower has been enthroned on the scene. The modern shower is large with simple glass walls and large shower heads: a personal spa.”

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Adler Dolomiti Located in Val Gardena, a luscious valley in the Dolomites of South Tyrol, Adler is a 5-star spa hotel that views the human as a unity of body, mind, and spirit. Holistic care for the entire being is provided through saunas, pools, relaxation areas with open fires, and a wide range of award-winning treatments like volcanic mud therapy, thalasso seawater therapy, water zen massages, body styling, salt baths, watsu (warm water shiatsu), and herbal hydro massages.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Adler Thermae Toscana Nestled in the legendary landscape of Siena, Tuscany, Adler is a dream world of wine-therapies, herbal steam saunas with Tuscan herbs, Etruscan salt steam saunas, olive-tree-wood Finnish saunas, guided bike tours, Tuscan cuisine, wine tasting, car rentals, and unique thermal spring bathing.


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Situated in San Casciano dei Bagni—a lovely village in Tuscany’s Val d’Orcia, which is famous for its age-old thermal springs— Fonteverde specializes in dietetics, hydrology, dermatology, and aesthetic medicine, offering 78 bedrooms, healthy gourmet meals, enchanting views from the restaurant’s 17th-century portico, themed evenings, cocktail parties, as well as a winery, an elegant bar with live music, and a pet friendly thermal pool.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Helvetia Thermal Spa


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Formerly a war shelter dug into the rock, Helvetia is a watery paradise in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines that provides relaxation through invigorating showers, Jacuzzis, messages, a Finnish sauna, a thermal pool with waterfall, and the 5,000-yearold Ayurvedic system of natural healing.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Winner of the 2013 Green Good Design Award for sustainable architecture, Lefay is a jewel of relaxation that is situated on the western shore of Italy’s largest lake—Lago di Garda—in the heart of the Riviera of Lemons. Divided into three areas, the spa offers the World of Water and Fire, including swimming pools, saunas, grottos, small lakes; Nature and Fitness, which is equipped with a gym and fitness studio; and In Silence and Among the Stars: Trilogy in the Air, comprised of outdoor areas and trails for relaxing physical activities.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Nun Assisi Relais & Spa


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Restructured from a 13th-century monastery that rests on the ruins of a Roman amphitheater, Nun revives ancient Rome’s thermal cult of body care through the so-called Nun Path, which takes you from the Tepidarium (86-950F), to the Calidarium (1041130F), then to the Sudatorium (1400F), and onto the Frigidarium (50-590F). Additional amenities include 18 prestigious suites, hydro massage swimming pools, Jacuzzi, tea room, and traditional Umbrian cuisine.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Quellenhof Wellness & Spa Resort


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015



Embedded amongst the meadows and forests of South Tyrol, just outside Meran, Quellenhof is a spa utopia that features 22 saunas, 8 tennis courts, 7 pools, horse riding, fitness rooms, biking, cycling, hiking, as well as a salt water pool, salt water grotto, salounge (salt air lounge), hamam, 4-hole golf course, children’s club, and much more.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


New York Fashion Week Por N.Y.

Ads. Ads. Ads. Shop. Shop. Shop. We buy, buy, buy; but it never

PorN.Y., the 2016 winter collection of Malph, which was

seems to be enough. Add more ads and shop some more! But to

designed by Luca Gregorio, who boldly asked “Why not just

purchase more, we need cheaper prices, which forces cheaper

wear your fast food on your fast fashion!” Absurd?

labor, cheaper quality…. Ah, now we can supersize everything and get 2 for 1!

Instead of a traditional runway fashion show or “presentation,” the PorN.Y. collection was enacted by students of the New

Fast food, fast fashion, and the insane power of advertising

York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in a silent skit or “fashion

images took off in the 1950s and haven’t slowed down ever

vignette,” which Francesco has coined a fash-ignette.

since, oftentimes playing on the many weaknesses of society— enticing the public from every angle. Billboards, banner ads,

In a “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” type of setting—namely,

popups—they assail us 24/7, but we love it because we always

a 1950 psychiatric hospital—the patients portrayed consumers;

feel we need more!

while the nurses represented fast food, treating the patients with French fries and hamburgers which merely incited the patients

To some, it’s high time to develop a new sensitivity to the

to increasing madness. In the end, however, the patients rose

assorted types of weaknesses that exist in us and others,

up and forced the nurses to eat their own fast food!

particularly in the world of fast food and fast fashion which seek to force feed our impulsive frenzies, only leading to

PorN.Y.: a whimsical, almost perverted twist on the concepts of

endless exploitation.

fast food, fast fashion, and the power of marketing images—all as a tribute to the great city of New York!

On Friday February 20, 700 New Yorkers crowded into the rooftop lounges of the Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC to witness


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

new york fashion week


Special thanks to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts: (top to bottom, left to right) Reece Long, Rebecca Scamacca, Arthur Strasburger, CJ Holcomb, Jr., Jimmy Crowell, Caleb Alexander, Kourtney Kelly, Felicia Kotter, Jimmy Vidal, Carissa Marston, and Julianna Bearden, as well as hairstylists Addam Moreno (bottom center) and Emmy Finkeldie (bottom).

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


Long-term Event Sponsor: Skygroup Realty VIP gift bags by Addam Moreno, F.S. Charlie Salon, Pureology, Redken, INGLOT Cosmetics, and Oc贸o. Official Hair Sponsor: Oribe Haircare Art Director/Key Hairstylist: Addam Moreno Lead Hairstylist: Emmy Finkeldie Official Makeup Sponsor: INGLOT Cosmetics USA Key Makeup Artist: Ahbi Nishman Lead Makeup Artist: Mahasin Phillips INGLOT Artist Pro Team


Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

new york fashion week


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Eleven actors of the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts created the skit, which was coordinated by the Marketing Director, Samantha Ramia. The institution is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and artistic expression. Their practical, relevant, and rigorous arts education aspires to liberate talent through craft, preparing actors to succeed in today’s professional world and richly participate in the human journey.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


For the event, Francesco created tasty drink specials: Uomo-tinis (Inspired by his island in the Mediterranean Sea) 1 shot of citrus/lemon vodka 1 shot of clear peach schnapps 1 shot of blue curacao Pineapple juice as the mixer Lime garnish Skygroup Manhattan (Inspired by his loyal sponsor) ¾ oz. sweet vermouth 2 ½ oz. bourbon whiskey Dash Angostura® bitters 1 maraschino cherry A twist of orange peel

Francesco, Editor of Uomo Moderno (left) wearing a Malph green African beetle tee; Luca Gregorio, Designer of Malph (right)

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Uomo Moderno Summer 2015

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In Italian films, the femme fatale’s physical proximity to objects, such as a chair, could symbolize transition points throughout the plot. Other objects like mirrors played huge roles, whereby the femme fatale or diva spoke to herself or relfected on her image.

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015


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Uomo Moderno Summer 2015  

In this Summer 2015 edition, you will meet the renowned actor Peter Facinelli, who has starred in numerous films and TV series, including Th...

Uomo Moderno Summer 2015  

In this Summer 2015 edition, you will meet the renowned actor Peter Facinelli, who has starred in numerous films and TV series, including Th...