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Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church

Grace Alive


“Glorifying God through equipping disciples to love and serve our neighbors.”

Volume 58

Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church 9 South 8th Ave Yakima, WA 98902

(509) 248-7940

Our Core Values • Glorifying God with our best • Pioneering and ongoing outreach • Engaging and nurturing relationships • Being a cornerstone in the community • Equipping people for ministry through biblical foundation and service


February Events Sunday, February 2 Communion Sunday All morning Easter Project Meeting 11:00a Monday, February 3 Living Waters Missions Meeting 5:30p Fellowship Ministry Team Meeting 6:00p Tuesday, February 4 Women’s Ministry Meeting 4:30p Adult Education Meeting 7:00p Thursday, February 6 Happy Travelers Meeting 1:30p Senior Adult Ministries Meeting 3:00p Friday, February 7 MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) 9:00a Saturday, February 8 Prayer Shawl Ministry 9:00a Ghormley Work Day/Free Lunch!/RSVP All day Sunday, February 9 Carenet Committee Meeting 12:15p Monday, February 10 Edith Ferry Circle Potluck 12:00p Tuesday, February 11 Worship Ministry Team Meeting 6:00p Discipleship Ministry Team Meeting 6:00p Service Ministry Team Meeting 6:00p Business Ministry Team Meeting 7:00p Sacred Messengers 7:00p Thursday, February 13 Women’s Craft Night 6:30p Friday, February 14 MOPS Leadership Meeting 9:00a S’More Luv Dinner 6:00p Sunday, February 16 Childcare Staff Lunch/Meeting 12:00p Cristo Vive Planning Meeting/Potluck 2:00p Monday, February 17 President’s Day / Church Closed All day Tuesday, February 18 Children’s Ministry Board Meeting 4:00p Session Leadership Team Meeting 7:00p Thursday, February 20 Ghormley Commission 6:30p Friday, February 21 MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) 9:00a Feb 21 and 22, 2014 Student Ministries The Faminie 6p Fri - 7p Sat Saturday, February 22 Prayer Shawl Ministry 1:00p Sunday, February 23 New Member Class Kick Off (4 wks) 9:30a NO PARENTING CLASS TODAY 9:30a Easter Project Meeting 11:00a Deacon’s Meeting 3:30p Tuesday, February 25 Foundation Board 7:00a Session Dinner and Meeting 6:00p Wednesday, February 26 Naomi Circle Meeting 10:00a Friday, February 28 MOPS Creative Moments 9:00a Cristo Vive Family Night 6:30p Sunday, March 2 EP Auction and Dinner (Student Mission Trip) 6:00p-8:00p Chat With the Elders -After 9:30a and 11a Services Monday, March 3 Living Waters Missions Meeting 5:30p Fellowship Ministry Team Meeting 6:00p Tuesday, March 4 Women’s Ministry Meeting 4:30p Adult Education Meeting 7:00p Wednesday, March 5 Ash Wednesday Soup & Bread Meal 5:30p Ash Wednesday Service (Prayer at 6p) 6:30p Thursday, March 6 Happy Travelers Meeting 1:30p Senior Adult Ministries Meeting 3:00p Friday, March 7 MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) 9:00a Preschool Book Fair 8:30a - 12:00p


Sanctuary Mid High Rm Parlor DF Lounge Prayer Room Adult Ed Adult Ed Adult Ed Gym Garden Room Ghormley Meadow Adult Ed Parlor Parlor Room 203 Adult Ed Library DF Lounge Adult Ed DF Lounge Garden Room Adult Ed DF Lounge Entire Church DF Lounge Adult Ed Adult Ed Gym Gym, Youth Room Garden Room Chapel Gym Mid High Rm DF Lounge Library Garden Rm/Mid High Parlor Room 217 DF Lounge Gym Adult Ed Room Parlor DF Lounge Prayer Room Adult Ed Gym Sanctuary Adult Ed Adult Ed Gym Garden Room

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Grace Alive is available in a PDF format on the church web page at For inquiries, submissions, omissions, and corrections, contact Curt Rosenkranz in the church office. 248-7940 x 113

Weekday Events

M-W-F Exercisers 9:30a-10:30a Gym/GR Sr Adults Monday TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) 10:00a Adult Ed Everyone Overeaters Anonymous 12:00p Adult Ed Everyone Trailseekers 2:30p Gym Al-Anon 5:15p Adult Ed Everyone Tuesday Living a Spirit Led Life Women’s Bible Study 9:15a Gym Women Women in the Word Bible Study 9:45a Parlor Women Wednesday Women of Action (2nd and 4th Wednesdays) 9:30a Chapel Women Men’s Noon Bible Study 12:00n Adult Ed Men Contemporary Worship Rehearsal 6:00p - 8:00p Sanctuary SOAR: School of Spiritual Transformation 5:30p Chapel Soar Students Thursday Bible Study Fellowship 9:00a Sanctuary Women Temple Choir 7:00p Choir Rm Cristo Vive Music Rehearsal 5:30p - 7:00p Chapel Cristo Vive Cristo Vive Mid-Week Worship Service 7:00p - 8:30p Chapel Cristo Vive SOZO Prayer 5:45p - 9:15p Lounge, Prayer Rm SOZO Team Friday SOZO Prayer 9:00a - 11:30a Chapel, Prayer Rm SOZO Team

Sunday Mornings Worship - led Contemporary Worship Team Worship - led by Temple Choir & Organ Worship - Cristo Vive (Spanish) Adult Ed Bible Class Parenting Class (through March 16) Golden Circle Youth Sunday School KidZone Sunday School

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Sanctuary Sanctuary Chapel Adult Ed Adults Gym Lounge Youth Room Classrooms

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Everyone Adults Gr 6-12 3yrs thru 5th gr

SERMON SERIES “Family Values” Our congregation is now connected to a larger denomination, or church family, called ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. ECO’s mission is: To build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ. Additionally, ECO has embraced certain core values and these values express how their churches are called to minister and interact with one another and their surrounding communities as they fulfill God’s mission. A wonderful thing about ECO is that our congregation’s mission and core values closely parallel the mission and core values of ECO. Much of what ECO lifts up is consistent with what our church has always valued. In other words, the ECO “DNA” is a match! Join us during this next sermon series as we explore the ECO and Grace of Christ “Family Values.” FEBRUARY 2 FEBRUARY 9

“ACCOUNTABLE COMMUNITY” Sermon Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-15 “MISSIONAL CENTRALITY” Sermon Text: John 20:19-23

FEBRUARY 16 “EGALITARIAN MINISTRY” Sermon Text: 1 Corinthians 12:12-20 FEBRUARY 23 “LEADERSHIP VELOCITY” Sermon Text: Acts 16:1-5


ANNOUNCEMENTS COOKIES & CANS Every Sunday morning we serve cookies, coffee and punch during fellowship hours after each service in the Garden Room. Our church family provides the cookies each week. Please bring cookies on the week beginning with the first letter of your last name. Also consider bringing a donation of non-perishable food items for donation to Calvary Rescue Mission.

February 2 : T-Z February 9 : A-F February 16 : G-M February 23 : N-S


Regional Gathering of the ECO Presbytery of the Northwest: March 7-8 at the First Presbyterian Church Tacoma. See page 18 for details.



Becoming a Covenant Partner (member) Please join your Pastors for this 4 Week Adventure in discovering what it means to be a Covenant Partner with Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church of Yakima. We’ll be exploring: What does it mean to be a Covenant Partner (member) of a congregation? Is this for me? What does it mean to be a Presbyterian? How did we get here? What is unique about ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians? What do we believe? Discipleship and Missional Living. How do we grow together in our faith, become more like Jesus in our character and lives? How do we partner with God and one another to make a difference in our church, community and the world? What is the particular Mission and Vision of Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church of Yakima?

• •

With the name change, we also have a new website. Church email addresses are similar to the old ones. Firstname.Lastname@YakimaGrace. com. Our old website name and email addresses will forward to the new one.

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When: Sundays at 9:30a – 10:30a, Feb. 23 – Mar. 16. Where: The Ward Chapel How: Sign up at the Connection Center or by calling the Church Office (248-7940) Kids: Infants to age 5 – child care; Kindergarten to 5th Grade – Kid Zone If you are already a Covenant Partner (member) of Grace of Christ, but want to join us for this class, we’d love to have you, too!



We get up, go to work, and interact with the world. We strive to live for Christ as He would want us to in our dealing with the world. Do you have a story about a time when God broke through the events of the day to minister to you, your client, or co-workers? We’d love to share your story. Please email or drop off at the office your “God Moment” story. curtis.rosenkranz@Yakimagrace. com


Janet Krieger

Blessing The LORD said to Moses, "Tell Aaron and his sons to bless the people of Israel with this special blessing: May the LORD bless you and protect you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD show you His favor and give you His peace. Whenever Aaron and his sons bless the people of Israel in My name I Myself will bless them.” Numbers 6:22-27 (NLT) The LORD said to Moses, "Tell Aaron and his sons, 'This is how you are to bless the Israelites. Say to them: The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn His face toward you and give you peace. So they will put My name on the Israelites, and I will bless them." Numbers 6:22-27 (NIV) God spoke to Moses: "Tell Aaron and his sons, This is how you are to bless the People of Israel. Say to them, God bless you and keep you, God smile on you and gift you, God look you full in the face and make you prosper. In so doing, they will place my name on the People of Israel - I will confirm it by blessing them." Numbers 6:22-27 (Message) Aaron and his sons were consecrated and set apart to serve as priests, the representatives of God. Under Old Testament law the Israelites could only receive the blessing of God when Aaron or his sons spoke it over them. But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are a kingdom of priests, God's holy nation, His very own possession. This is so you can show others the goodness of God, for He called you out of the darkness into His wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9 Jesus has established a new reign and a new covenant, or new agreement, with God’s people. We are His priests, His representatives, and we are called to speak blessing over ourselves, our households and all people. God desires to bless His people. God desires to bless us and for us to share the blessings that are available in Christ. The blessing Aaron was instructed to speak over the Israelites emphasizes God’s desire to be involved in the lives of His people. May the LORD bless you . . . God desires to provide favor and gifting in our lives. . . . and protect you . . . God promises to watch over,guard and defend His people. May the LORD smile on you . . . God desires we experience the fellowship of His presence. . . . and be gracious to you . . . God gives us the gift of grace; His undeserved favor. May the LORD show you His favor . . . God is the giver of allthings good and no good gift is possible without Him. . . . and give you His peace . . . God desires we find our contentment in Him. The ability to bless others is a powerful prayer tool. When you bless another, the Holy Spirit will move to impart the power and love of the Father in that life. Ask God to open your eyes and ears to whom you might intercede for with a spoken blessing. Listen to Him for a word of influence, hope and encouragement to share. Speak God’s blessings from His Word.

Janet 5


Pastor Jack Peebles

February 2014 Dear Grace of Christ Church Family: Jesus said: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matt. 28:19-20, NIV) These words from Jesus are often referred to as the “Great Commission.” They give the Church her purpose and mission. Largely informed by the Great Commission, our congregation’s mission statement reads as follows: “Glorifying God through equipping disciples to love and serve our neighbors.” At the heart of our mission statement is discipleship. We get so busy doing the ministry of the church that we often neglect this very simple and yet essential directive that comes from our Savior: Make Disciples! A couple of years ago, I read Mike Breen’s “Building A Discipling Culture: How to Release a Missional Movement by Discipling People Like Jesus Did.” It’s become one of my favorite books and I turn to it time and time again. Consider these words: “If you make disciples, you always get the church. But if you make a church, you rarely get disciples. Most of us have become quite good at the church thing. And yet, disciples are the only thing that Jesus cares about, and it’s the only number that Jesus is counting. Not our attendance or budget or buildings. He wants to know if we are ‘making disciples.’ Many of us serve in or lead churches where we have hundreds or even thousands of people showing up on Sunday. But we have to honestly answer this question: Do their lives look like the lives of the people we see in Scripture? Are we just good at getting people together once a week and maybe into a small group, or are we actually good at producing the types of people we read about in the New Testament? Have we shifted our criteria for a good disciple as someone who shows up to our stuff, gives money and occasionally feeds poor people?” (Breen, p. 11-12) Convicting, yes? It sure convicts me! How much time do I spend doing “church” work vs. how much time do I spend making and equipping disciples? My sincere desire for our congregation is that we would collectively grow in terms of our relationship with Jesus. It’s not enough to know about Jesus, we need to know Jesus! The truth is we struggle to follow Jesus as that entails submitting our lives to Him. Following Jesus is tough, but here’s the reality: You’ll never grow as a disciple if you don’t make an effort. Thus, I offer you a question and a challenge: Not counting the time you spend in worship, Sunday school, small group, how much time during your week do you spend pursuing Jesus? If you are like me, there’s room for improvement!




Pastor Cindy Carter

What does it mean to be a Covenant Partner (Member) of Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church? Ephesians 1:5 (NLT) says, “His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into His own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. And this gave Him great pleasure.” Greg Ogden, in his book, Discover the Fullness of Life in Christ for Yourself and Others, says, “The Christian walk is not a solo existence. When we were called to Christ, we were simultaneously called into His family, the church. Fellowship is being responsible for and accountable to those in the body of Christ.” Rick Warren, in his book The Purpose Driven Life, reminds us, “When we place our faith in Christ, God becomes our Father, we become his children, other believers become our brothers and sisters, and the church becomes our spiritual family. Our families on earth are wonderful gifts from God, but they are temporary and fragile, often broken by divorce, distance, growing old, and inevitably, death. On the other hand, our spiritual family – our relationship to other believers – will continue throughout eternity.” The Polity of our new denomination, ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, describes the nature and purpose of church this way: The Church is visible whenever two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name. The congregation is composed of members of the body of Christ who have covenanted together to engage in the mission of God in their particular context, with Jesus Christ as Head. Each congregation should strive to be a tangible demonstration of the Kingdom of God. Congregations exist in a variety of forms yet have these ends in common: Sharing the Good News of reconciliation to God in and through Jesus Christ. Gathering people for divine worship and nurturing relationships for spiritual accountability and mutual ministry, all the while… Preparing disciples to be the sent people of God in the world.

• • •

Being a Covenant Partner (Member) of Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church is important not only to the congregation but even more so for the covenant partner. It provides opportunity to… Receive encouragement, support, and loving correction from one another. Grow in becoming more Christ-like in our character and behavior. Make decisions about the direction of the congregation and its leaders. Participate together in ministry within the congregation. Discover our place in God’s mission in our community and the world.

• • • • •

As we covenant together, both the congregation and the covenant partners (members) are blessed and become a blessing, as we carry out the Lord’s work. How do I become a Covenant Partner (Member) of Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church? Join us for our EXPLORING GRACE OF CHRIST class, to understand what’s involved in becoming a Covenant Partner (member) of our congregation. This is 4-week class, which will be Sunday Mornings at 9:30, starting February 23. (See page 4 for more details and how to sign up.) Hope you will join us in this adventure!



STUDENTS Jeff Murray Two opportunities to financially support this year’s student mission trip.

Student Ministries will be taking preorders for cinnamon rolls in the office and in the Connection Center. They will be available for pickup on 2/23.

Easter Project

Free samples available after church services on 2/16.

San Fransisco

All proceeds go to benefit the Easter Project mission trip to San Fransisco this year.

Come to the

Student Ministries Silent Auction and Dinner!

Take and Bake Cinnamon Rolls Half Dozen for $10 Dozen for $15


Sunday, March 2 from 6p-8p Tickets $10.00

Gustavo Carvajal

2014, a year of Commitment with God and with the Hispanic Community.

By now, new year resolutions have been put to the test of time and many have flunked! That is not our case, though. We have strengthened and sharpened our vision for this year. The second half of January entailed planning meetings by area of ministry to establish goals. These goals are the signs posted along the roadway to help people commit to personal growth and service. This year will be a year to do what we were meant to accomplish (Ephesians 2:10) to believe against any odds rooted in God’s promises (Hebrews 11:1) to commune in such a way that love spills everywhere (Ps. 133, Col. 3:12-14) to share God’s love to the point of reaching a Love Outbreak (Romans 12:9-10) to build bridges within and without to help people take a leap into a New Life in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17-21)

• • • • •

Is God prompting you to join our Commitment? Think about your Hispanic friends, pray for them, and then, take action! Escort them to one or many of our ongoing events. You both will be blessed. Some of our February events are: Worship services on Thursdays at 7p and Sundays at 12:15p. Crafts Night, Thursday, February 13, and Family Night February 28 @ 6:30p



SOAR SOAR School of Spiritual Transformation is hosting an open door screening of “Compelled by Love.”

Compelled by Love (2014) is a powerful, inspiring and definitive portrait of Heidi Baker, a modern day Mother Teresa, whose ministry is based in over 30 nations around the world. Shot on the run over a period of 20 years, in 10 countries and on 4 continents in war zones, brothels, bushes, and Ivy League campuses, from Hollywood to Mozambique, this film transcends all political, religious and social barriers. Follow Rolland and Heidi Baker’s journey into the world’s darkest and most desperate places, as their pursuit of the presence of God has transformed a nation through love in action. The film chronicles the power of one life fully yielded to God and the truth that love wins. Wednesday, February 26, 2014 @ 6:00p. All are invited. No cost. In the Ward Chapel at Grace of Christ Presbyterian church.

CHILDCARE Things are hopping in the Kingdom of God! Bible studies. Parenting classes. Craft nights. MOPS. More Bible studies! So many people drawing close to the Lord. So many children to minister to. It’s wonderful! Childcare here at Grace of Christ really goes above and beyond. The staff is amazingly dedicated in their work. However, with all the new requests from attending parents for childcare, we are needing more help. Will you pray, and ask God if He needs YOU to volunteer? Even if it’s only every now and then? Has God given you the gifts of nurturing? A tender heart? Please consider sharing those gifts here. For more information contact Monnie Miller in the church office.


Rhonda Cardona PRESCHOOL

Nurture your child’s potential and watch your child grow and learn with us. We offer a safe and caring, Christian learning environment, with experienced teachers using a proven curriculum.

2014-15 CLASSES OFFERED: 9:00—11:30 A.M. 3 Year Old Class Tuesday & Thursday 3 Years old by Sept. 1 Tuition: $100 month One-time Snack Fee: $35

4 Year Old Class Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 Years old by Sept. 1 Tuition: $140 month One-time Snack Fee: $45

4 Days a Week Pre-Kindergarten Monday through Thursday 5 Year old by Dec. 31 Tuition: $175 month One-time Snack Fee: $55

5 Days a Week Pre-Kindergarten Monday through Friday

5 Years Old by April 30 Tuition: $200 month One-time Snack Fee: $60

New Student Registration Fee: $80 Returning Student Registration Fee: $60 (Registration fees are non-refundable.)

New student registration fee includes school t-shirt & bag plus supply fee. Returning student registration fee includes a supply fee.

9 So. 8th Ave., Yakima, WA 98902 Questions? Call or email Rhonda Cardona: 509.248.7940 / Check out our web-site:



Habitat for Humanity Apostle Build Participating Churches: Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church, Memorial Bible Church, Yakima Covenant, Central Lutheran Details: Build Times on Saturday: 8a-12, (lunch 12-1) 1-4p. Location: 520 Southern Cross, Union Gap (On the corner of Washington and Cornell behind the condos) Build Days/Times: Tuesdays 9-12, 12:30-4 Wednesday-Saturday 8-12, 12:30-4 No experience necessary – Just bring a willing attitude, a waterbottle, and a lunch if you are staying the full day. Attire: T shirts, jeans, sweatshirts tennis shoes or work boots. Sign up on the sheets available at your church.

• • •

More Info: Although we need help every day, we especially are asking Grace of Christ folk to come on Fridays. So if you can volunteer call or email Sharon Kearby at 509.895.4184 or As we do this build the best way to view progress throughout the upcoming build is to Like us on Facebook at YakimaValleyHabitatforHumanity. We post photos and updates 3-4 times per week. Thank you for your willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity and other churches in Yakima to make Hope a tangible reality for Victor, Laura, and Benjamin. Looking forward to working with you all!

Questions? Email :

Meet Victor Medina(23), Laura Quintana(21) and their son Benjamin(1) who have been selected for the Union Gap Apostle Build Habitat home. They are legally married but Laura decided to keep her maiden name. They are currently living with Laura’s family who are also Habitat homeowners. They live with 5 other family members, which has been challenging since their family is growing. They have strong family values and great support from their family. Victor is currently working for Bill Harris Used Cars as an auto detailer. He has been employed there for approximately 10 months. Laura is a full-time student who plans on becoming a teacher. They are a young couple who have made great strides to prepare to become home owners and partners with Habitat. They have paid off their vehicle since their original application was submitted in December of 2012.



Sheri Rynd & Amae Merrill

Encouraging women to be intentional about their faith. Imagine more than 60 women, all in one place, all hungry for God’s word on how to make a powerful marriage. This is what God brought on together January 11. It was amazing to see women from all walks of life, all ages, and different situations in their marriages, seeking God to have a powerful marriage, a kingdom marriage. God was definitely at work! God was at work long before the class, Pursuing God for a Powerful Marriage, even started. He placed in the hearts of Women’s Ministry months ago to have a one-day class for women on marriage. We asked “God, who should teach this class?” and Jamal Zakhary and Robin Stuber were the names that God brought to our group. These women had touched so many lives through a class a few years ago and through their mentorship that we knew they were the ones. It was amazing how God put Women’s Ministry and these two women in line with each other so that this class would be taught by them. But it didn’t stop there. God made sure that hungry women everywhere could be fed, both spiritually and physically! The day before the class, we had 70 women registered! Just a few days before, there were about 50 women and we were feeling a little anxious about having enough food for everyone, but we put our trust in God, and we had more than enough food with left over! It didn’t stop at the details either. God had some really powerful things to say about marriage to women. No matter where you were in your marriage, God spoke, and it will be exciting to see how women’s lives change! It was amazing to see how God had every detail in place so that this day would be powerful for all the women who came. He provided great teachers, a gracious hostess, more than enough food, and the women who were seeking after a powerful marriage. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for the women this year in 2014!

Sheri & Amae


Mark Washam GHORMLEY

Ghormley 75th Anniversary

Plans are underway to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the camp. We hope to have events planned throughout 2014-2015. Our founding church, Grace of Christ Presbyterian has also designated a year of celebration for the camp starting this spring. An anniversary celebration committee is being formed even now and we would love to have some of you join us. If you would like to help contact Mark Washam, Executive Director (509)-945-4655, mark@ The more the merrier. Hopefully we have had lots of snowfall by the time you read this. The winter so far has been almost snow free. Not since 2005 have we had so little snow. Please pray that we get our fair share in the remaining weeks in order to replenish our groundwater supply and to serve our winter guests. Much is happening at the Meadow this month. Every weekend is booked with winter retreat groups. Our staff will be putting in many long hours to serve these churches as well as begin recruiting summer staff, promote summer camp, and market the camp to other guest groups for summer and fall. We also anticipate the visit of David Black, a Christian Camp consultant, who will be here to assist us in discerning what ways we can improve our ministry and financial standing. “Thank you” to those who participated in the survey we asked all of you to complete. He will be meeting with camp and church staff, Ghormley Commission members and others, as well as bringing his expertise in working with camps all around the world. After 74 plus years of ministry, it’s high time for a thorough physical and fiscal exam for our ministry in the mountains.

East, West, Cabin is Best

The game of musical homes will hopefully be completed by February. To save money, we are not going to be renting homes for staff from the Forest Service. Creative housing arrangements have resulted in two staff living in two 5th wheel trailers at camp, a married couple living in Fir, (our former nurse’s cabin) and our food service assistant living in Ghormley cabin, ( 12x12, no running water or bathroom). Mark Washam, Executive Director and his family will be moving to Yakima and commuting while Kevin Linville, our Food Service Director, and his family will move into Tamarack on camp property. Joel (Program Director) and his wife Trisha will also be living temporarily off camp at least until summer. Whew! That is a whole lot of movin’ goin’ on. Please pray that these moves will go smoothly and that the sacrifices made will not hinder effective ministry. Everyone has been incredibly gracious and patient with these moves and others have been so helpful in making it possible.



April 28, 2013 Cohen Jeffrey Tweedy DOB 4/25/12 Parents: Derek and Stefani

August 18, 2013 Mairin June O’Connor DOB 6/4/13 Parents: Nate and Nicole Baptized: August 18, 2013


May 12, 2013 Harrison Timothy Van Horn DOB 2/1/12 Parents: Tyler & Jessica Dedicated 5/12/13

August 18, 2013 Kayleigh Grace Polage DOB 3/24/12 Parents: Dan & Danielle Dedicated: August 18, 2013

October 27, 2013 Graham Kenneth Reed DOB Aug 26, 2013 Parents: Chris & Linnea Baptized: October 20, 2013

October 27, 2013 Samara and Linda Cardenas DOB January 2, 2013 Parents Samuel and Dulce Baptized: November 26, 2013 Cristo Vive

October 27, 2013 Scarlet Grace McCoy DOB 9/24/12 Parents: Aaron & Andrea Baptized: October 27, 2013

October 27, 2013 Andrew Rule DOB: Sept 25, 2013 Parents: Alex and Aurora Baptized: November 26, 2013 Cristo Vive



Tyler Van Horn

“Becoming a Student of Your Spouse”

There is a song that I hear every once in a while in which the chorus says this simple phrase over and over and over: “find someone who’s easy to love… find someone who’s easy to love…find someone who’s easy to love…” Unfortunately this song has a really catchy melody, making it almost impossible to get out of my brain once it gets in. I find myself whistling the tune or even singing the words to myself just under my breath when moving from one activity to next. I am sure the writers of this song meant the lyrics pretty harmlessly, not intending to either injure my brain or the marriages of those who hear this song. But whether intended or not, I think this chorus sums up pretty well the most popular pursuit amongst people who are struggling in their current relationships. The idea that there is someone out there who is “easy to love” is an illusion, and this illusion is powerful enough to break apart relationships if we don’t take time to remind ourselves what is really true. Here is that sobering truth: all people are hard to love because love requires of us self-sacrifice. This isn’t bad news because when we learn how to love people well, we learn more and more about the love that God has for each of us. In fact, the deepest kind of joy is found when we intentionally lay down our life for another person because this is when we are most like Christ and most like the people we were created to be. So to the married couples of our church community: TAKE COMFORT IN KNOWING THAT YOUR SPOUSE IS NOT THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO IS HARD TO LOVE…ALL HUMANS ARE THIS WAY! Don’t run away from the commitment you have made because the grass looks greener somewhere else. Instead, try this approach: BECOME A STUDENT OF YOUR SPOUSE. Learn the things that make them feel truly loved and as a joyful act of self-sacrifice, live into these loving things for your partner. These could be anything from acts of service, physical touch, gift giving, quality time, or words of affirmation. You will find so much more joy in remembering how to serve your spouse than you ever will in the pointless search of finding “someone who’s easy to love”.


Here these beautiful words from Paul in his letter to the Galatians (chapter 5 verse 13): “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather serve one another humbly in love.” We want to be a community that keeps marriage as a priority. In order to do this well we need married couples of all ages, experience and seasons of life to come and be a part of this 10-week class. We will be eating dinner together in the Garden Room with all of our kids welcome during the meal. During dinner we will practice having intentional family conversations over a meal, and then we will have the kids head off to childcare. The class will be based on the PREPAREENRICH curriculum that we have been using in our church community for pre-marital and post-marital counseling. This curriculum will take us through a 10-week study of the main subject areas for marriage (ie, communication, conflict resolution, sexual intimacy, finances, etc.). We will have times of large group input from a variety of instructors, time for small group conversations, and time for one-on-ones with our spouses. This is a great opportunity to partner with other married couples in order to learn more about what it means to be intentional with the relationships we have been given as a gift from God.



Wednesdays, March 12 through May 14, 6:30p - 7:45p All-Family Dinner: 6:00p to 6:30p (In the Garden Room) Kids: Childcare for ages 0-5 / Grade School program as need arises / Youth Group for 6th to 12th Grades. Childcare reservations need to be made on Fridays by noon. For more information or to reserve your seat in class, please call Shan Trick or Tyler Van Horn at 248-7940. Costs: Prepare & Enrich Online Assessment $35/couple.


Sara Holtzinger

Days before Christmas, the Madison House Community Youth Center hosted their annual Christmas Party along with our local community for the neighborhood surrounding Madison House.....over 2,000 guests were given a wrapped gift and the Gospel message. Guests also had an opportunity to be prayed for... to receive our Lord as their personal Friend, Lord and Savior. Pastors from around the Yakima Valley took turns praying for those who felt led to be prayed for....lines were longer for the prayers for salvation than the lines for desserts and gifts. What a testimony of the Lord's work in and through our community! Blessings and much love to all.

Recycle Bin

The Union Gospel Mission has brought us a special bin for collecting newspa per, bulk paper, cardboar d, aluminum cans, and pla stic bottles. Recycling is a HUGE part of UGM’s inc ome, so please consider bringing your recyclable s for donation. Since it is all transported and sorted by hand, please place yo ur items into bags. Unfortu nately they CANNOT acce pt glass at this time. The bin is located near the garage at the south entrance to the church.


Curt Rosenkranz

New year, new nametags? We have been planning on printing all new nametags, and what better timing than now with our new church name! Many currently in use are sun-weathered, broken, taped together, and in general look pretty shabby. The racks also hold duplicate nametags, people who have moved away, or passed on into the presence of the Lord. So, in order to make things easier on our volunteers when we replace them, here’s how you can help us get ready.


If somehow your nametag gets lost in the process, or you never had one, please indicate on a Connection Card, or When you come in on Sunday morning, or for another event, you may find your nametag along with many others come to the Connection Center to request one. Thanks in on a table in front of the rack where you last left it. Please advance. feel free to use it, and when you are done place it back on the rack on the wall. After a couple weeks, we will remove the unclaimed tags, and move on to another holder.




March 7-8, 2014 F i r s t P r e s by t e r i a n c h u r c h o f Ta c o m a

Re g i on al gath er in g of t he presbyt ery of t he nort hwest

At this regional gathering, we are focusing on accountable community which is the 4th core value in ECO. We believe guidance is a corporate spiritual experience. We want to connect leaders to one another in healthy relationships of accountability, synergy, and care. The 2014 Regional Gathering of the ECO Presbytery of the Northwest will take place in Tacoma, WA, from Friday, March 7th at 9:00AM to Saturday, March 8th at 3:00PM. Gathering hosted at First Presbyterian Church, 20 Tacoma Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98402. Registration is $50. To register, go to A block of hotel rooms are reserved at the Hotel Murano. For reservations, call 866.986.8083 or 253.238.8000 F o r M o r e i n f o r m at i o n , c o n ta c t: F i r s t P r e s by t e r i a n C h u r c h o f Ta c o m a 18 2 5 3 . 2 7 2 . 3 2 8 6

Join the gathering and begin building relationships within our new presbytery. Discuss and experience missional affinity groups. Hear and learn from our speakers:

Reverend Earl Palmer Reverend Anna Kent

ECO Director of Mission Affinity Groups

MISSIONS - PHILIPPINES Relief Operations-In partnership with a Blessings of Hope Ministry (The Johnsons) Emergency willing couple-friend, (Mr. Peter and Mrs. Rosalinda Buckby), Blessings of Hope distributed a Change of Landscape few relief good items to 50 super-typhoon victims in the northern part of Cebu. Michael's dream partial retirement comes true. He now takes his early morning coffee while checking his email on the patio of our rented 3-br beach house in Moalboal, Cebu(southern part). You have a room here to stay :)

“Towel Blessings”-One American couple specified to use their donation for a towel giveaway. We handed 95 towels last Dec. 22, 2013 at Berean Gospel Church, our partner church in San Carlos C. Change of Lifescape We were welcomed by two major calamities that hit the Philippines this year ---the 7.2 magnitude earthquake and the super-typhoon Haiyan. There was no damage in our location. On a personal note, Lani's mom had a mild stroke- left side of her body is not functional. This has taken a toll on us especially because there is no “Doll Blessing”- Michael personally gave a doll to assisted living or nursing home in the Philippines. our neighbor who always greets us “Monin!” We just have to be reminded of what Rick Warren whatever time of day we walk by. once said (when his wife was suffering cancer) that in life there are two paths that we have to walk-one of pure bliss and joy and the other of sufferings. We hope to be encouraged by others who have walked this path before us, yet they continue to offer their lives in full service to God. A Few Baby Steps Visit-Lani with the family of Jesabel Morejon (FPC pre-school scholar)

Prayer Requests: 1. Full recovery for Lani's mom. 2. More ministry partnerships for the coming year. 3. Stamina for Lani as she travels more often. 4. Mike's adjustment to food and culture. Thanks for your partnership! (Mike and Lani J.) December. 31, 2013




v u L e r S’mo

4 1 y r a u r Feb Ghormley is sponsoring a Valentine’s Day Banquet for couples. It will be held at the Garden Room at Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church on Friday, February 14 at 6p. The evening will feature fabulous food, fun music, and a surprise sure to encourage you and the one you love. You can sign up via a Ghormley Commission members, in the church office and Sunday mornings at the Connection Center. Checks must be made out to Ghormley. Come and spend a special evening with the one you love. Who knows, “Cupid” might even show up to help you celebrate. For more information call Serenity Turner at (509) 672-4311 or email at

n o s r e p r e p 0 2 Only $

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